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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday March 18th, 2002

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Ridge: My office a week ago. It sure didn't take them long.

Josh: Amber, wait 'till you see how it turned out.

Ridge: Hey, josh.

Josh: I'm sorry, Ridge. I thought Amber was in here.

Ridge: Whose name is on the door?

Josh: Yours, but --

Ridge: Look, don't worry about it. I'm just picking up a few of my things, then I'll get the hell out of here.

Amber: Oh, Josh, great! How did that dress turn out? Ridge?

Ridge: Hello, Amber.

Amber: Oh, my gosh. Um, do -- do you want us to clear this stuff out of here? I just needed some workspace.

Ridge: Uh -- I'm leaving pretty soon. You seem to be pretty settled in, so why should you leave?

Amber: Josh, I'd like to talk to ridge alone. Thank you. Look, I mean no disrespect, but you really have to change your attitude.

Eric: Amber's designs are unlike anything we've ever done.

Rick: Well, that's the point, Dad. See, mom and Kristen both agree that this is going to open up a whole new market for us -- young people who want to buy something wild and different.

Brooke: But at an affordable price.

Eric: As long as you don't turn us into Spectra Fashions.


Brooke: No, Eric. I'm not Sally Spectra. Don't worry. That won't happen.

Thorne: How is Sally these days?

Eric: I have no idea.

Kristen: I do. According to Tony, she is obsessed with winning the heart of one Massimo Marone.

Massimo: Sally?

Sally: Massimo, thank goodness you're here. Come in, come in.

Massimo: Are you all right?

Sally: Well, now that you're here, I am. Oh, I'm sorry. Did my phone call alarm you?

Massimo: Well, you sounded so desperate.

Sally: Did I? Well, considering my state of mind, "desperate" is a pretty good description.

Massimo: What happened? I mean, what's the matter?

Sally: Nothing -- and that's the problem. Nothing is the problem. But I am sure that we can deal with that right now, can't we?

Massimo: Sally --

Sally: What? Oh, listen, don't let my wardrobe frighten you. It's just professional, you know. I am a woman who likes to keep abreast of the latest fashion, and I have thought for sometime that a lingerie line for Spectra was long overdue.

Massimo: Someone could walk in on this.

Sally: Oh, I don't think so. In case you haven't noticed, there's nobody else in this part of the building since I sent the entire staff down to the production department to check out a few designs, leaving me free to check out a few designs of my own. So what do you say? Shall we get down to business, hmm?

Massimo: I can't.


Eric: Sally is still interested in Massimo?

Kristen: That's what Tony tells me.

Eric: Hmm, that's interesting.

Thorne: Look, Dad, I wouldn't write mother off just yet, okay?

Brooke: Or Ridge.

Eric: Yeah. I just wish I could get through to them, just one of them.

[ Knock at door ]

Brooke: Excuse me. What is it, Megan?

Megan: I thought you should know that Ridge is in his office.

Rick: Oh, no. Amber is down there working.

Eric: Let's go down there.

Thorne: Yeah.

Brooke: What's he doing here?

Megan: Getting the rest of his things.

Brooke: So he's really leaving?

Megan: Yeah. Brooke, this time it's for real.

Brooke: We'll see about that.


Ridge: That isn't ego talking, Amber. And even if it was, so what? I've earned that. I made this company into what it is, and that isn't pride talking. That's fact.

Amber: Well, if that's how you feel, then why not be a part of the team, you know, make a contribution?

Ridge: You call this a team? You're just a bunch of kids playing at business. Why would I want to be a part of that, huh? So i can come in off the bench and save you in the final minute? No, thank you.

Amber: Well, what about your father, hmm? He hasn't given up on Forrester.

Ridge: Don't you dare throw that at me. What happens between my father and me has nothing to do with you, you hear me? Nothing at all. Why don't you just stay out of my way and let me pack my stuff up, and I'll be the hell out of here. I take it you guys are here to see amber's latest creation?

Eric: No, Ridge. We came here to see you.

Ridge: Well, then you came to see me leave -- for good this time.

Brooke: We don't want you to leave, Ridge.

Ridge: Yes, you do, Brooke. Because if I stay, I'm going to want your job, and I'm going to fight you for it. There's nothing more to be said here. I'm sorry it had to end this way. Actually, it didn't have to end this way. You all could have prevented it when you took that vote, but you chose not to.

Kristen: Come on, Ridge. Isn't there some way we can compromise?

Ridge: You want me to compromise, hmm? I have a standard, Kristen. This doesn't meet that standard. The company I worked for was quality and class through and through. I don't believe you Iíve much of that here anymore. I'm certainly not going to accept less. Now it's time for me to leave. Your vision of Forrester is different from mine. We could never work together, not anymore. So good luck to all of you, and good luck to me.


Sally: What do you mean you can't, Mojo? You can't what? You can't make love to me?

Massimo: No. Look, I just would not be comfortable, not in here.

Sally: Oh, really? I don't believe that excuse. I don't think the location has anything to do with it. You can't and you don't feel comfortable because you don't want to -- not with me anyway -- and you don't want to because you are still totally obsessed with Stephanie Forrester. I don't know what it's going to take to get you over that, Massimo. How long are you going to go on carrying that torch? Does Eric Forrester have to die of old age before you put it out? She's never going to leave him. Surely you know that by now. What? You know something you haven't told me?

Massimo: She's already left him.

Sally: When?

Massimo: Recently, when Ridge left Forrester Creations.

Sally: I see. And perchance, did you have something to do with that decision?

Massimo: It was their own decision.

Sally: Was it? But you were there, weren't you? You were there in the room when the decision was made. I find it difficult to believe that you didn't play some part in it. Don't lie to me, Massimo.

Massimo: Yes. I was there when they told Eric. We were all at the hospital with ridge.

Sally: Oh, my, what a -- what a dramatic setting that must have been, hmm -- you, the woman you love, your son, all together in a hospital room. How very dramatic. Tell me something. Since Stephanie decided to run away from home, where was she planning to live?

Massimo: At Ridge and Taylor's place.

Sally: Oh, well, that makes sense, of course. One mustn't be too indiscrete too fast. But you do intend to have Stephanie move in with you, don't you?

Massimo: Sally --

Sally: What? Why can't you admit it? It's what you've been hoping for, scheming for, planning for, so just admit it -- or at least tell me something and tell me the truth -- when Stephanie and Ridge left that hospital room, did they leave alone?

Massimo: No. They left with me.

Sally: That's for the insult. That's for lying to me, cheating me, pretending that you cared about me when all you wanted was to keep me quiet.

Massimo: That is not true.

Sally: Of course it's true! Why can't you admit it? I don't understand why. You never cared anything about me. You used me to keep my mouth shut. When you found out that I knew that Ridge was your son, you were willing to do anything to keep me quiet, to protect Stephanie. Look at me. I must seem like quite a fool to you. It must have been very easy to put one over on me. It was easy to use me, wasn't it? Because I cared for you so much. Well, that's all over now, my friend. The game is over, too. No more, no more -- except but for one thing. You and Stephanie are going to have to pay for the insult. And you are going to have to pay very dearly for that.


[ Knock at door ]

Megan: Ridge?

Ridge: Hey, Megan. Would you have these boxes delivered to my place?

Megan: Yeah, of course. Look, there's someone out here who wants to see you.

Ridge: I wish I could put into words what all of you have meant to me over the years. But I can't, so I'll just wish all of you the very best of luck and tell you how much I've loved and cherished every minute of the time I spent working with you. You've been my family, my Forrester Creations family. And I love all of you.

Carol: Mr. Forrester -- this is the first design I patterned for you. You signed it and gave it to me so many years ago. I'm giving it back to you now as a gift from the patterning department.

Ridge: Thank you, carol. Thank you. You're very sweet.

Luigi: You remember these, ridge? You gave them to me when I first started working here 14 years ago. I had no money, and you bought me my first pair of scissors. A gift to you, my friend -- from the cutting room.

Ridge: Thank you, Luigi.

Megan: Ridge, there are many other gifts. There's pictures and mementos, the first fabrics you used. But we'd rather not have to give them to you just yet.

Ridge: Listen to me, all of you. There's a passage from the bible that says, "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven." Well, my season at Forrester is over. It's time for me to leave. I've had a good, long run here. You guys have been great. You've been the best. You made it so easy. Now it's time for me to say good-bye. And god bless all of you.

Ridge: It was the end. I'd never be back. Still, I couldn't believe it. All the years I'd spent in this building. So many memories. The fashion shows. The dozens of collections. This was my life.

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ crowd cheering ]

and now that life is over.


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