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The Bold & The Beautiful  Transcript Monday 3/11/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Whip: So you want to know more about me?

Bridget: Well, you are gonna be part of the family.

Whip: Hmm. Well, I don't know how much more I could tell you.

Bridget: Ha. For starters, how did this happen?

Whip: Well, uh --

Bridget: Oh, I mean --

[ Bridget laughing ] I know how it -- how it happened. I just mean you and mom. Nobody had any idea.

Whip: Oh, well, it was more exciting that way, I think. Hmm?

Bridget: Oh, I get it. Hidden romance. Little secret rendezvous. Yeah, it was like that for me and Deacon in the beginning.

Whip: Really? Well -- you and your mom have a lot in common.


Taylor: It has to be strange being away from your home. You've practically lived there your whole life.

Stephanie: I can't go back.

Taylor: I don't blame you for being angry with Eric. I mean, I'm disappointed in him, too. But certainly you can see his point of view.

Stephanie: Oh, I understand his point of view completely. I just don't accept it. All the years that we were together, even when we were divorced, even when he broke my heart, I still respected him, Taylor. I've lost that respect, and I don't quite know how I'm going to live with that.

Taylor: Can I ask you a question?

Stephanie: Thank you.

Taylor: How much does Massimo have to do with all of this?

Stephanie: I wish I could say nothing, but I don't think you would believe me.

Taylor: No. It does amaze me, though, that the two of you seem to have such strong feelings for each other, especially after being apart for so many years.

Stephanie: I guess I could say that a part of Massimo has always been with me.

Ridge: Hey, you two.

Stephanie: Ridge.

Ridge: Mother. How are you feeling?

Ridge: Have you talked to dad?

Stephanie: No. If I did, I would probably --

Taylor: What?

Stephanie: Probably go running back.

Taylor: And you don't want to do that?

Stephanie: Of course I want to do that, Taylor. But how many times am I supposed to close my eyes and not see what Eric has done to the family and the company?

Ridge: Dad doesn't seem to think there's anything worth fighting for except family unity. That's a codeword for "just take it and shut up." He's the one with the most to lose. I don't understand why he doesn't see that.

Stephanie: Oh, I think it's just easier for him this way, honey. It's just peace at any price, no matter what it costs him in reality.

Taylor: Yeah, but he's not happy. Stephanie, he absolutely adores you. I don't know why you're questioning that.

Stephanie: Why wouldn't I question that?

Thomas: Mom! Mom!

Taylor: Just a minute. What? What?

Thomas: They're fighting, and they're making me crazy!

Taylor: What is going on?

Steffy: Phoebe won't share!

Taylor: Honey, that's her toy. Please let her have it. Come over here, and let's read. Come on.

Steffy: I don't want to read.

Stephanie: Well, hey! How about you come over here and sit with me, and we'll do the puzzle?

Phoebe: I want to do the puzzle.

Stephanie: See? That's good. Come on, let's do the puzzle together and have a lot of fun. Thomas, come on.

Thomas: When's grandpa coming?

Ridge: Oh, I don't think he's gonna show up tonight, sport.

Thomas: Why not? Why is grandma staying with us?

Stephanie: Well, I'm staying with you because you're three of my most favorite people in the world. Don't we all have fun and games and good times together? Makes me feel better.

Thomas: Is it working?

Stephanie: Absolutely 100%. Sit down here and give me a big hug.

[ Knock at door ]

Taylor: I'll get it.

Stephanie: Let's do this.

Ridge: Okay.

Taylor: Massimo.

Massimo: Hello, Taylor.

Taylor: Come in.

Massimo: Thank you.


Bridget: So, come on. Give me the scoop. You guys got together in Paris, right?

Whip: Your mother hasn't told you anything about us?

Bridget: No, just that you're the father of the baby and that she loves you.

Brooke: When did I say that?

Bridget: The day of the announcement. Remember?

Whip: She said that she -- Brooke!

Bridget: Oh. Oh, my gosh. I didn't mean to -- I -- mom, you never told him?

Whip: No, no, that's all right, Bridget. She was probably waiting for me to say something, and I should have. I should have. But -- she knows how much she means to me.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, of course I do.

Bridget: Oh, well, come on. Don't wimp out. Say the words.

Whip: Okay. I -- Brooke, honey, I -- I love you.

Bridget: Oh! That's so sweet!

Brooke: Oh, Whip. Not now.

Whip: Ah, this is turning out to be a wonderful evening. You know what? I have you to thank for it.

Bridget: Oh, happy to help. But you're not off the hook yet. I want to hear about Paris.

Whip: Ah, Paris. Well, Paris was unbelievable.

Deacon: That's the word.

Bridget: What?

Deacon: Hmm? Oh. I just hear it's great. I've never been there.

Whip: Well, I wouldn't know. I've been there so many times with Forrester. You know, it's just a city most of the time. But when your mother was there -- I don't know. It was -- it was magic. There's really no other way to put it. I know it sounds corny, but --

Bridget: No! It doesn't sound corny. No. But what changed? I mean, you guys have been working together for a while, haven't you?

Whip: Well, I have to tell you, Bridget, that I've always been very attracted to your mother. Very, very attracted. Guess that's why I love my job so much. I'm constantly surrounded by pictures of this beautiful woman in sexy teddies all day long. Huh? Make any man a workaholic, huh?

Bridget: Ah, so that's why you've been working such long hours, huh?

Deacon: Bridget, come on.

Bridget: Sweetie, I'm kidding.

Whip: Ooh, ooh. Hadn't thought about it from your point of view, huh? To think of your mother-in-law that way. Ooh. Anyway, you asked me what changed. Simply, I -- I noticed her as a woman, you know? Not as a CEO. Not as a model. I got to know her. I got deep inside Brooke Logan, and I --

Brooke: Whip --

Whip: I meant to say that a different way.

[ Bridget laughing ]

Bridget: Mom, come on, it's funny. You guys are having a baby together. I mean, I think we know you did a little more than hold hands.

Whip: No, no, no. Now, what I meant to say is that I got to know her, you know? And the things that I know about your mother, they would just shock the hell out of you.

Bridget: Really? Please, tell me.

Whip: Well -- should I? No, no, I don't think so. I think I might get in trouble.

Bridget: Oh, hmm, end up sleeping on the couch.

Whip: Yeah, wouldn't want that now, would we? Ooh, gosh! She's just so scrumptious, isn't she? Ah, so many men would kill to be in my position right now, hmm?


Rick: Doughnuts? Um, any particular kind? Pork rinds, too? Okay. Yeah, yeah, don't worry. I won't forget. All right. Yeah, I'll see you later.

Eric: Pork rinds now?

Rick: Amber's latest craving.

Eric: Ooh. You better get down to the store.

Rick: No, no, Dad. I can hang out.

Eric: No, it's okay, son. I'm all right.

Rick: It's awful quiet around here.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, it is, isn't it? Makes me realize what it must have been like for Stephanie all that time on her own here. Well, go on! Go take care of your wife.

Rick: All right. Good night, Dad.

Eric: Mm-hmm, good night, son.

Rick: Look, I'm here if you need me, okay?

Eric: Okay. Thanks.

Rick: I'll talk to you soon.


Stephanie: I'm so sorry that mommy says you have to go to bed. Could I have a kiss and a hug, anyway? Please?

Ridge: Thomas, tell Mr. Marone good night.

Thomas: Good night, Mr. Marone.

Massimo: Good night, Thomas. It really has been a pleasure to meet you.

Ridge: Come on, everybody. Into bed. Here we go.

Stephanie: Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Massimo: What a beautiful family.

[ Massimo sighs ] our family.

Stephanie: Don't say that.

Massimo: What?

Stephanie: Don't say that. Someone could hear you.

Massimo: So what if they do?

Stephanie: What do you mean, "so what if they do?" Please, I have enough turmoil in my life. And Ridge's.

Massimo: So, you think this is going to upset him when he realizes that Eric is not his father? As a matter of fact, when he comes back down those stairs, I'm gonna tell him.

Stephanie: You what?


Whip: Oh, I can't believe it.

Bridget: What?

Whip: Well, how damned lucky I am. I mean, look at where I am and who I'm with. You know, for years, I thought I had it all figured out, that I knew what was gonna make me happy. Kept my nose to the grindstone. I scrimped. I saved.

Deacon: I'd hate to think that money's the only thing you're after in this life.

Bridget: Deacon, let him finish.

Whip: Oh, no, it's not about money. It's about success.

Bridget: And everybody has a different definition.

Whip: That's right. You know what? It took your mother here to show me that there was a different way, a different path that I could take.

Deacon: You better be careful. People might start thinking you're a gold digger.

Whip: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm gonna have to ask your advice about that one, deacon. But I'm sure you're used to it by now, all the things that people must have said about you and Bridget.

Bridget: It's so sad. I mean, I guess it's human nature to judge. But those people don't know us. They don't know what we have.

Whip: That's right. And you don't know me. I mean, not yet. But I promise you, Bridget -- my relationship with your mother is just as solid and as real as what you share with your husband. Cheers.

Deacon: Whipple, let me ask you something. When you started out --

Brooke: Whipple?

Deacon: Yeah, that's his name. You didn't know? I'm sorry, I --

Brooke: Whipple?

Deacon: I apologize. I thought that, you know, with you two being so close, that you would've shared that.

Bridget: I assume it's a family name, right?

Deacon: Is your dad that guy that squeezes the toilet paper on the commercial?

Whip: No, no. Actually, it's my grandfather's name. He worked as a carpenter on the railroads.

Bridget: Really?

Whip: Yeah, he used to fix the bridges when they went out. Very tough work. You know what? I'm very proud to carry his name. As a matter of fact, nothing would make me happier than to pass that name on to my son.

Deacon: Please. Tell me that you're not seriously contemplating naming this child Whipple.

Bridget: Deacon --

Whip: No, no, it's okay. I can understand the reaction. Actually, Whip's a pretty cool name. You know? Think about it. Smart as a Whip. Crack the Whip. There's all the sexual subtext.

[ Bridget laughs ] you know what? I think I'm gonna name all of my kids whip. You know, like Whipple, whippersnapper, whiplash. That's the girl.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: You didn't tell me he was so funny. I'm telling you -- this is exactly what she needs. All of her relationships have always been so serious and traumatic.

Whip: Well, the fact is, your mother and I need each other. And this baby is the glue that's gonna hold us together. And it always will be. Hmm?


Eric: How did you stand it? When I left you here -- all that time, with nothing but memories. A lifetime's worth.

In a world of glitter and glow in a world of tinsel and show

the unreal from the real thing it's hard to know

I discovered somebody who could be truly worthy and true

yes, I met my ideal thing when I met you

I see your face before me crowding my every dream

there is your face before me you are my only thing

it doesn't matter where you are I can see how fair you are

I close my eyes and there you are always

Eric: Always. You were always there for me. I'm not about to lose you. I promise you that.


Stephanie: Ridge is not ready.

Massimo: I think you're not ready.

Stephanie: You may be absolutely right.

Massimo: Why not? Hmm? What's holding you back? Stephanie, do you realize the difference this will make to us, to all of us? Ridge will finally realize why he's so different than Eric and why he and I have this connection. And the opportunities that are gonna open up to him and his children, not to mention what they will inherit.

Stephanie: Oh, Mass! Don't cloud the issue with that.

Massimo: What issue? What could possibly hold you back?

Stephanie: My marriage.

Massimo: Eric? Eric doesn't deserve to be Ridge's father.

Stephanie: Shh! I am not talking about Eric and Ridge. I'm talking about myself and Eric. If this comes out, mass, my marriage is over.

Massimo: Stephanie, your marriage is already over. You walked out on him.

Stephanie: Mass, I have invested my entire adult life in this marriage.

Massimo: Invested? Wasted, you mean.

[ Phone ringing ]

Stephanie: It's Eric.

Massimo: Don't answer it.

[ Phone ringing ]

Stephanie: Hello?

Eric: Stephanie. Thanks for taking the call. I needed to hear your voice. I miss you.

Stephanie: I miss you, too.

Eric: Come home.

Stephanie: I can't.

Eric: You and I can get through anything. We've proven that to each other 100 times. But I need you here. I need you here with me. I need to know that this marriage is as important to you as it is to me.

Stephanie: I think it's more important to me than it is to you, Eric.

Eric: I know you think I take you for granted. That I put you last. But I have two families. I have competing loyalties. I know it's hard for you to understand that.

Stephanie: Oh, I understand. More than you realize.

Eric: It's a balancing act. It's one that I admit I haven't done a very good job of lately. But -- look, I have two families, but I only have one love of my life, and that's you. Now, please. Please come home.


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