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The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 3/7/02

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Deacon: Who the hell is this guy? What are you after, whip? "To Whip -- love, Carrie." "To Whip -- love, Jenny." Very nice. "To whip -- love, Cindy." What a loser. "Long-term goals -- beach house in Malibu, Italian sports car, yacht." Aren't we a little "material girl"? These aren't goals. It's friggin' "lifestyles of the rich and famous."

[ Deacon laughs ] What is this? "Whipple Jones III." Did your parents hate you? I don't care what your name is. You try and scam Brooke, and you're going to be sorry, pal. You're going to be very, very sorry.


Brooke: If you think you can blackmail me --

Whip: Blackmail? Now, now. Brooke, you're far too pretty a woman to be using such an ugly word.

Brooke: This isn't funny, Whip.

Whip: Do I look like I'm joking? I put myself out for you, Brooke. I made a huge sacrifice getting up in front of that press conference, telling the world that I am the father of your baby. I didn't have to say anything. I could have left you hanging in the wind, but I didn't.

Brooke: And now, you want compensation for that.

Whip: It's not like I'm asking for a handout here.

Brooke: You think you've earned it?

Whip: Well, if I haven't, I soon will, 'cause this project is just getting started.

Brooke: Is that another threat?

Whip: No, Brooke. That's reality. You're pregnant. You don't want your daughter to find out who the real father is. I've already told the press that I'm the daddy, so there's no turning back. Like it or not, we're in this together.


Amber: Rick, I told you. I'm really, really, really not tired.

Rick: You have been working all day. Now it's time to rest.

Amber: Aw. No, I think it's sweet that you're concerned about me and the baby, but I really don't feel like taking a nap.

Rick: "Nap"?

[ Amber laughs ]

Amber: What are you doing?

Rick: I'm taking the rest of the day off, too.

Amber: You can't cut out of work today. You have meetings.

Rick: They're postponed. Dad's still AWOL.

Amber: Well, your mother's going to find out you played hooky today. I don't want to tick her off. She just started being nice to me.

Rick: I will tell her that it is my duty as a husband that my wife needed my moral support.

Amber: Your wife needs a lot more than that.

Rick: Well, your wish is my command.

Amber: Whatever I want?

Rick: Absolutely.

Amber: All afternoon, and you won't stop until I'm completely satisfied?

Rick: You got it.

Amber: Well, I hope you took your vitamins today, Mr. Forrester, because you are in for a workout.


Bridget: A-ha. There's my sexy husband.

Deacon: Hey.

Bridget: What are you doing? Were you going through Whip's desk.

Deacon: Oh. Oh, you mean Whipple?

Bridget: What?

Deacon: "Whipple Jones III."

Bridget: Oh, no. No!

[ Bridget laughs ] are you kidding?

Deacon: No. This gets even better. This guy's actually got a wish list of things that he wants. I think it starts with an Italian sports car. Then, of course, there's the beach house, and it's followed up by a yacht.

Bridget: Okay, so he appreciates nice things. What's wrong with that?

Deacon: Bridget, a yacht. Are you listening to me? This guy's got dollar signs in his eyes, and sooner or later, he's going to start making demands.

Bridget: Making demands? My mom is pregnant with his baby. If anyone's going to make demands, it should be her.

Deacon: This guy is like a wildcard. We don't know anything about him.

Bridget: Yeah, well, that's why I invited them out to dinner.

Deacon: You what?

Bridget: Well, look, I know you don't like him, but maybe Whip's different outside of the office.

Deacon: Bridget, this is --

Bridget: You know, I just thought we could get together, maybe go to Cafe Russe.

Deacon: What, the four of us?

Bridget: Well, it's just going to be the two of us now. Whip can't make it, and mom doesn't feel up to it.

Deacon: You know what? I don't know, to tell you the truth, I'm not really up to it myself.

Bridget: Deacon, we haven't gone out in ages.

Deacon: Look, we'll do it -- we'll do it another night, all right? We'll go this weekend.

Bridget: This weekend? Yeah, right. Where have I heard that before? You know, Deacon, I've got to tell you, I'm getting a little tired of being put off.

Deacon: Bridget, change the reservations. We'll go.

Bridget: It's not just dinner or going out. There are a lot of things we haven't been doing lately.

Deacon: I know, I know. I've been working a lot lately. I mean, Bridget, it's this new job. It's taking a lot out of me.

Bridget: The job? I see. So there's nothing wrong, you're just too busy to make love to your wife? Maybe I should make an appointment, huh? You think you can schedule me in?

Deacon: Look, I know that I have not been very attentive lately. Bridget, it hasn't been that long.

Bridget: It's been almost a month.

Deacon: No, come on.

Bridget: Yes, Deacon. 27 days to be exact! 27 days, and you haven't so much as touched me. But, I guess, obviously that doesn't mean anything to you, because you haven't even noticed! It didn't even cross your mind!

[ Door slams ]


Whip: I want this to work out for us, Brooke.

Brooke: There is no "us," Whip. Now, if you don't mind --

Whip: But see, the press thinks that there is. Look, I don't want this to get ugly. I've been working here a long time. You know me. That's not my style. I'm just trying to establish a little equality here. I mean, you don't want people to think that you're dating beneath yourself. That won't look good. I'm a Forrester executive. Brooke Logan's gentleman companion. The father of her child. I have an image to polish. I have needs, Brooke. And so do you.

Brooke: What do you want, Whip?

Whip: I already told you what I want. What I would also like is some gratitude. I just want you to understand that we have a long road ahead. But you could make this a whole lot easier.

Brooke: Oh, right. The company car and a big raise.

Whip: You won't regret it. I'll take good care of you and this baby, Brooke. All you got to do is give me the tools. I'll treat you like a lady. Why wouldn't I? You are an incredible woman.

Bridget: Mom? Oh! Excuse me. Don't let me interrupt.

Brooke: No, honey, you're not interrupting. Come on in. Whip was just leaving.

Bridget: Hey, I'm sorry you can't make it to dinner tonight. I was really looking forward to getting to know you.

Whip: Dinner?

Bridget: At the Cafe Russe. Mom said you were busy.

Whip: Oh, she did?

Brooke: Yes, Whip. We'll have to do it some other time.

Whip: Oh, oh, that -- that thing that I was supposed to do tonight. Well, that got canceled. I'm free.

Bridget: So then, you can come?

Whip: I wouldn't miss it for the world. Thank you so much, Bridget.

Bridget: Sure.

Whip: Oh, honey, what a surprise this is, huh? You're gonna have a great time tonight. Now, I want you to put on that sexy little number that I like so much, all right? I'm gonna get a limo for all of us. It's gonna be great, a really wonderful evening. Thank you so much for thinking about this. Bye, hon.


Brooke: Bridget, I don't think this dinner's going to be such a good idea.

Bridget: What's the matter with everybody? Deacon doesn't want to go, either.

Brooke: Well, it's just been such a difficult week.

Bridget: Yeah. Try a difficult month.

Brooke: What is it, Bridget?

Bridget: Oh, I feel funny even talking about this. I'm sure nothing's wrong. And I don't want to overreact, but --

Brooke: But what?

Bridget: It's Deacon. There's been no intimacy between us. It's been almost a month since we've had sex. I mean, I know things tend to cool down after the honeymoon, but our love life has come to a complete standstill. Anyway, I know you're good with men, so, you know, I thought maybe you could give me some advice. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

Brooke: No, no, Bridget, you're just fine.

Bridget: I hope you don't think it's weird that I'm talking to you about this. I just -- I thought, you know, you are my mom, and I trust you more than anyone, so --

Brooke: You know, Bridget, I really can't get into this right now. I am so busy. I have so much work to do. I just --

Bridget: Wow, I'm really making you nervous right now.

Brooke: No, I'm not nervous.

Brooke: I just don't think -- I -- okay. I know that you're my daughter. But Deacon is my employee, and --

Bridget: Mom, are you too embarrassed to talk to me about sex? You are the expert.

Brooke: Bridget, don't.

Bridget: Okay. I'll see you at dinner. I love you, Mom.

[ Brooke sighs ]


Amber: Oh, god, you have no idea just how amazing this feels.

Rick: Are you sure this is all you want?

Amber: You carry around all this extra weight and tell me if you wouldn't sell your soul to have your feet rubbed. Oh, more -- more in the arch. Uh, yeah, yes. Oh, thank you.

Rick: It's my pleasure, honey.

[ Amber sighs ] are you tired? Hmm? You've been at this a long time.

Rick: I told you, I'm not going to stop until you are completely satisfied.

[ Amber laughs ]

Amber: Well, I've been completely satisfied for months.

Rick: We are on kind of a roll, aren't we?

Amber: Oh, Rick. Come here.

Amber: I've never been this happy. And I just keep wondering if it's gonna change.

Rick: Yes, it's going to change.

Amber: A new baby. A new job for both of us at Forrester. Everything's happening so fast. Who would have ever thought a girl like me would end up in a fairy tale like this? You know, when I was younger, my biggest fear was that I would end up like my mom. And I could have, after all the mistakes I made. But you always forgave me. And I will always be grateful for that. You're an incredible man, Mr. Rick Forrester. You stuck by me. And I love you so much.


 Deacon: Hey, Brooke. Hell of a day, huh? Of course, I guess it could have been worse. Thank god we're not having dinner with whip.

Deacon: I mean, can you imagine that? The four of us at Cafe Russe. Must be glad we got out of that.

Brooke: We didn't.

Deacon: What?

Brooke: Bridget came in while Whip and I were talking and she brought up the dinner, and he accepted the invitation.

Deacon: But you told her that he can't go, right?

Brooke: He cleared his schedule.

Deacon: Brooke, I don't care. Call this guy up. We can't do this!

Brooke: Deacon, it's too late. Everything's been arranged.

Deacon: It doesn't matter. Don't you understand, this guy is a loose cannon. What if -- all right, what if he starts asking Bridget a bunch of questions? He already suspects that I'm the father.

Brooke: He knows.

Deacon: Brooke, you didn't tell him, did you?

Brooke: No. It's the way that he looks at me. The things that he says, how he talks to me. Deacon, he knows!

Deacon: Brooke, what did he say to you? Did he threaten you?

Brooke: He wants a house, a car, a raise --

Deacon: Don't you give the son of a bitch a damn thing! If you start doing that, he's gonna come back again and again, and he's gonna come back for more each time.

Brooke: And I'll just deal with that then. Right now, I just want him off my back.

Deacon: Brooke, baby, this is getting out of control. We got to stop this guy. I want him out of your life. I want him out of our lives. Please, I just want to be with you. I just want to be with our child. This is wrong. This is wrong!

Brooke: Deacon, I know this is wrong. And this is really hard! But what choice do we have? What do I do? Do I tell Bridget that I am pregnant with her husband's child? She'd be devastated. She would never speak to me again, and I would lose her for sure. I can't do that. I don't want that. I don't want that for Bridget.

Deacon: What about me? Am I supposed to live my life without you? Are we going to spend the rest of our lives being blackmailed by this idiot, whip? Is that what you want for us? Come here. Come here. I am not gonna let this guy blackmail you. I'm gonna do something about this bastard right now. Right now.

Brooke: Deacon, wait! Deacon!


Rick: Hey, you can't give me all the credit. But you know what they say -- I could be CEO at Forrester, and it wouldn't mean a thing without you and the kids. I love you, Amber.

Amber: I love you, too.


Whip: You know, this whole thing can work out pretty damn well for both of us, Brooke. Just give me a chance. It's either that or I sit here day after day on a slow boat to nowhere, and that just isn't in the life plan. That's not right. Somebody's been playing in my backyard.

Deacon: You and I got a problem!

Whip: Yes, we do, Deacon.

Deacon: I warned you, Whipple! I told you not to cross the line with Brooke, and you did it anyway, didn't you? Huh? Well, it's not going to work. Because you just screwed with the wrong guy, son. And now it's time to pay!

[ Glass breaking ]


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