B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02



The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02

By Linda

>> Deacon: Did Ridge call?

>> Brooke: No, and I don't expect him to.

>> Deacon: He's out of the hospital, though, isn't he?

>> Brooke: Yes, they took him home last night.

>> Deacon: What do you mean "they"?

>> Brooke: Massimo and Stephanie. That's what I heard, anyway.

>> Deacon: He's still upset with Eric, isn't he?

>> Brooke: I think he's upset with everybody.

>> Deacon: Brooke, I feel terrible about this. I really do.

>> Brooke: Deacon, you were just defending Rick.

>> Deacon: Ridge was out of control. I didn't mean to hurt the guy.

>> Brooke: I know. It wasn't your fault. Besides, we have bigger problems to worry about than ridge.

>> Deacon: You didn't talk to whip this morning, did you?

>> Brooke: No, not yet, but I'm sure I will. I've been having nightmares about that guy.

>> Deacon: Yeah, well, you let me deal with him.

>> Brooke: No! I don't want you anywhere near him. He's on to you.

>> Deacon: Brooke, he's got no proof.

>> Brooke: Every time you defend me, that's proof to him. Deacon, he already sees me as more than just your mother-in-law.

>> Deacon: He doesn't know anything. He's just got suspicions.

>> Brooke: Look, let's assume that he knows and deal with it.

>> Deacon: How do you propose to deal with it? If this guy finds out that I'm the father of your child, we're both screwed.

>> Brooke: I know. Oh, deacon, what are we going to do?

>> Deacon: No. No, no, we're not doing that. We are not going down that path. We have two choices here -- either we tell this guy everything and we let the chips fall where they may, or we stick to the story. I say we hang tough, otherwise --

>> Brooke: Otherwise he'll blackmail us.

>> Deacon: And then we're going to be forced to go public.

>> Brooke: No, no, we are not going public. That is not an option.

>> Deacon: Have you thought about this? He may decide to tell Bridget no matter what we do.

>> Brooke: Well, then we'll just have to figure out something to tell him, some way to make him happy.

>> Deacon: That could wind up getting real expensive.

>> Brooke: Oh, deacon, I don't care. We have to protect Bridget at any cost.

>> Deacon: For how long, Brooke? What, for the rest of her life?

>> Brooke: I don't know what else to do, deacon.

>> Deacon: Come here, come here. It's going to be all right. Come here.

>> Brooke: There's got to be something that I can say to whip. Some way to get through to him.

>> Deacon: You listen to me. If you show this guy weakness, if you show him you're scared, he'll take advantage of it. That's who he is.

>> Brooke: Well, doesn't he care about anybody but himself? Doesn't he have a family of his own? We can't let him destroy my daughter.

>> Joy: Quite an appetite this morning.

>> Whip: Big day ahead of me, mother.

>> Joy: A project at work?

>> Whip: Only the biggest in my career.

>> Joy: Whipple, that's wonderful. What exactly is it?

>> Whip: Something that's going to net me a fortune.

>> Joy: Talk like that makes me nervous.

>> Whip: There's nothing to be nervous about, mother.

>> Joy: I hope that you've straightened out that mess with Brooke Logan.

>> Whip: Oh, you bet I did.

>> Joy: You're not pretending to be the father of that baby anymore?

>> Whip: Well, let's just say I'm doing what the boss wants me to do.

>> Joy: Meaning what?

>> Whip: Meaning I'm protecting her interests, mother.

>> Joy: And what exactly are her interests?

>> Whip: A life free from scandal -- horrible scandal.

>> Joy: Whipple, the father of her child should be doing that. Not you.

>> Whip: Well, you're right, but unfortunately he can't.

>> Joy: Why not?

>> Whip: Because he's married to her daughter. That's right.

>> Amber: Look, I have to go downstairs. Josh is starting to cut my designs.

>> Rick: Later.

>> Amber: Look, let me just call him and see if they're ready, okay? It will just take me a minute.

>> Rick: There are more important things than designs.

>> Amber: Well, Rick, this is my first collection.

>> Rick: Yeah, but it's not that important.

>> Amber: It's very important.

>> Rick: Oh, come on, amber, you're can't be serious about this.

>> Amber: Maybe you don't take it seriously, but I do.

>> Rick: Baby, I'm not denying that you're talented -- in the bedroom. Now show me your stuff.

>> Amber: Mm. Naughty, naughty boy, there will be plenty of time for that later.

[ Knock at door ]

>> Rick: I'll get it.

>> Josh: We're ready, Rick.

>> Rick: Good.

>> Amber: Ready for what, huh?

>> Rick: I think you better sit down before you fall down.

>> Amber: Okay.

>> Rick: Show them in.

>> Amber: Oh, my god!

>> Bridget: What's going on? Mom, are you okay?

>> Deacon: Your mother's just upset about ridge.

>> Bridget: There's nothing you could have done about that. Mom, he gave you an ultimatum.

>> Deacon: That's exactly what I've been telling her.

>> Bridget: And you have to stop worrying about forester, okay? You have a baby to think about. Deacon and Rick will take care of everything. And I'm going to take care of you.

>> Brooke: Oh, honey.

>> Deacon: I'm going to go check on things downstairs.

>> Bridget: Okay. I'll be down later. He is so worried about you.

>> Brooke: No one has to worry about me. Why aren't you in school?

>> Bridget: It's spring break, mom. And I'm going to be spending all of it with you.

>> Brooke: Honey, you shouldn't be coming around here.

>> Bridget: Mom, you need me. You're a mess. I mean, look at how stressed you are.

>> Brooke: I am not stressed. There's just a lot going on.

>> Bridget: Yeah, and if you're not careful, you're going to end up back at Ojai.

>> Brooke: Honey, I'm not falling apart.

>> Bridget: Yes, you are. And I know why. It's this pregnancy.

>> Brooke: That has nothing to do with the baby.

>> Bridget: Of course it does. And where's whip?

>> Brooke: I have no idea.

>> Bridget: You see, that's what I mean. What kind of man is he? I'm going to talk to this guy.

>> Brooke: No. No, you're not going anywhere near him.

>> Bridget: Mom, he's not coming through for you. He needs to take some responsibility.

>> Brooke: He's doing the best that he can.

>> Bridget: What does that mean?

>> Brooke: Look, I told you, he's not going to be a part of my life.

>> Bridget: He is the father of your baby. And I know he cares about you, mom. I've seen it. Look, I hope you don't mind, but I made reservations for tonight at cafe Russe.

>> Bridget: Why?

>> Ridge: So I can get to know him better. So we're going to have dinner -- you, whip, me and deacon.

>> Brooke: No! No, we can't do that.

>> Bridget: Why not?

>> Brooke: Because, whip is very busy. He's with his family.

>> Bridget: Mom, you are his family.

>> Brooke: Honey, I appreciate everything that you're trying to do, but this is my problem. So please let me deal with it, okay?

>> Bridget: Is that what he is to you, mom? A problem? Why?

>> Brooke: Will you please just let it go?

>> Bridget: No, I can't. Mom, I love you. I love you so much. How am I supposed to let this go?

>> Joy: The father of Brooke Logan's child is married to Brooke Logan's daughter?

>> Whip: Pretty sleazy, eh, mom?

>> Joy: You've got to free yourself from these people. That's horrible.

>> Whip: All depends on your perspective.

>> Joy: Why would you want to have anything to do with that woman?

>> Whip: Mom, where's all that milk of human kindness? I mean, the woman obviously needs a friend.

>> Joy: A friend? She needs a shrink!

>> Whip: Let's not be too quick to judge here, okay? Brooke needs some help, and I'm going to give it to her.

>> Joy: Why? Why would you do that?

>> Whip: Because I'm my mother's son! You know, champion of the underdog, a man of service. And a man who recognizes an opportunity when it kicks him in the butt.

>> Joy: What are you planning to do, Whipple Jones?

>> Whip: I am planning to give and to receive. I help save Brooke's precious reputation, and she helps us out with our lifestyle. Hmm? Mother, we have lived at the bottom for too long. I cannot stand to watch you peddling fruit like some apple Annie. All right? This is the chance for us to make something of ourselves here.

>> Joy: Not like this.

>> Whip: Yes, like this! Look, I have dreams, and Brooke's going to make those dreams come true. If I pass it up, I am a fool. And I am no fool. Mom, all the things that we've ever wanted -- you know, a nice house, a new car, you know? I can taste it, mother. Can't you taste it? All right, I got to go to work. There's some things I still got to take care of. It's finally happening for us, mom.

>> Rick: Here they are, amber -- your first three designs.

>> Amber: Oh, wow! This is -- I -- I don't even have words. This is amazing. Look at the back. The cut is perfect. And the skirt, it's -- this is exactly how I drew it!

>> Rick: Hot, hotter and sizzling. Congratulations.

[ Amber laughs ]

>> amber: Oh, wow! Wow.

>> Rick: Well, what do you think?

>> Amber: What do you think?

>> Rick: You're not going to see yourself coming and going in these.

>> Amber: Josh?

>> Josh: We've never done anything like it.

>> Amber: Well, that doesn't mean they're good. Ladies, how do you feel?

>> Model #1: I love it, amber. I mean, I really love it.

>> Amber: Well, it looks good on you.

>> Model #2: Well, don't think I don't know it.

>> Amber: Gigi?

>> Gigi: Well, I feel like I'm wearing a piece of fashion history.

>> Amber: Yeah, there's nothing yesterday about it, is there?

>> Gigi: Huh-uh.

>> Amber: I think we got a hit here. And I want this line to be so innovative and different from anything out there -- totally out of control. You know, nothing uptight or stale about it. You know, the suits can stay at home. We are young and we are free and we're going to flaunt it! Whoa! Take 'em home, ladies. When you go out and party tonight, show 'em off!

>> Model #1: Good job, amber!

>> Model #2: Thanks.

>> Amber: Josh, I will have another design by the end of the day.

>> Josh: All right, great. Just let me know.

>> Amber: Okay.

>> Rick: Don't forget our date tonight.

>> Amber: How could I forget? You are my inspiration.

>> Whip: How's my hot little mama?

>> Brooke: Don't you know how to knock?

>> Whip: Yeah, sure. I knocked you up, didn't I?

>> Brooke: You're really going to have to learn some respect.

>> Whip: Oh, come on. How can you say that, Brooke? For years, it's been, "yes, ma'am, no, ma'am."

>> Brooke: I'm not going to tolerate this.

>> Whip: Oh, what are you going to do? You going to run to lover boy?

>> Brooke: There is no lover boy.

>> Whip: Oh, right, right. He's just the dutiful son-in-law.

>> Brooke: You know, I could fire you just like that. No job, no paycheck. You'd never be heard from again.

>> Whip: Yeah, until I put out a press release.

>> Brooke: Nobody with half an ounce of respect would even listen to you, whip.

>> Whip: No, maybe not. But there's loads of reporters out there with absolutely no respect. They'd listen.

>> Brooke: Until I started throwing around lawsuits. And then they'd run and hide. And you'd be all alone.

>> Whip: And where would you be, Brooke, huh? Pleading with your daughter? Begging her not to believe me? Hey, maybe she wouldn't. Do you really want to take that chance?

>> Brooke: You know, I don't understand why you want to ruin my life.

>> Whip: I'm not. That's exactly what I'm trying not to do.

>> Brooke: You're threatening me, whip!

>> Whip: No, you are threatening me, Brooke. All I did was stand up in front of that press conference and bail you out. I put my reputation on the line. I didn't have to do that. There wasn't even a plan involved. I saw you were in trouble, and without thinking, I stood up and I took the heat. Why? Because you needed me. I felt your embarrassment. I hated that Stephanie forester did that to you.

>> Brooke: All right, yes. You did help me. And I appreciate that. So where do you want to go from here?

>> Whip: Let's talk about that.

>> Bridget: What are we going to do about mom, deacon?

>> Deacon: I don't know, Bridget.

>> Bridget: We have to get more aggressive. I know my mother. She doesn't want to raise this baby alone. She wants the father to be with her, deacon. And we have to make sure that he is.

>> Bridget: We have to get through to Whip Jones.

>> Deacon: Bridget, please, don't even go there.

>> Bridget: Honey, he's our only hope.

>> Deacon: Well, guess what then. There's no hope. This guy is an opportunist.

>> Bridget: Well, yeah, as far as I'm concerned, any jerk who gets someone pregnant and then bails on her is slime. Pure and simple. The problem is, we don't know if he actually abandoned her. I mean, from everything we've seen, it looks like just the opposite.

>> Deacon: Maybe she wants nothing to do with him. We got to respect that.

>> Bridget: We don't know that either. We don't know how she feels about whip.

>> Deacon: Oh, no, I know exactly how your mother feels about this guy. She hates him.

>> Bridget: Come on, Deacon, she has to have some feelings towards him. Mom is not the type of woman who would just have a one-night stand.

>> Deacon: Bridget, you got to stay out of this. We both do.

>> Bridget: I can't. If there's any chance for those two, now is the time to make it happen. Because, Deacon, once that baby is born, it's just going to be a mess.

>> Deacon: What do you want to do?

>> Bridget: I want to talk to whip.

>> Deacon: No. No, absolutely not.

>> Bridget: Why not?

>> Deacon: Because I don't trust this guy. All right? I don't want you anywhere near him.

>> Bridget: He's not a threat to me.

>> Deacon: You don't know that.

>> Bridget: What is he going to do?

>> Deacon: Bridget, I don't want you anywhere near him. He's a bad guy.

>> Bridget: He's the father of my youngest brother or sister. And you know what? Maybe he's not all that bad. I mean, mom obviously thought he was good enough to get involved with. And maybe he's just scared. I mean, deacon, you know what it's like to break into this family. It's intimidating as hell.

>> Deacon: Bridget, listen to me. This guy is not intimidated. This guy is not scared. He's taken advantage of your mother, and if we give him the chance, he'll do it again.

>> Bridget: Wow. It's almost like you're threatened by him.

>> Deacon: I don't want you near him. I mean it.

>> Bridget: Yeah. Okay, I get the message.

>> Deacon: Good.

>> Brooke: All right, what do you want from me, whip?

>> Whip: Well, for starters, you could be a little bit friendlier.

>> Brooke: I could do that.

>> Whip: Prove it. Take my hand. There you go. That wasn't so hard now, was it?

>> Brooke: No.

>> Whip: Now come sit on my lap.

>> Brooke: Whip.

>> Whip: Brooke, we're supposed to have made a baby. Now, if we're going to pull this whole thing off, you've got to stop behaving like the ice princess. Come on now. Come on, I won't bite. There you go. That's it. Now, in order for us to fool the entire world, you're going to have to start making our relationship a little bit more believable. And in order to do that, we're going to have make some changes.

>> Brooke: Meaning?

>> Whip: Well, meaning, how about giving me a raise?

>> Brooke: What kind of a raise?

>> Whip: I don't know. Double my salary. And I'm going to need a company car. You know, something befitting a man who would be involved with Brooke Logan. And I'm going to need a new house. Because the current digs that I live in -- they're atrocious. I can't possibly live in them.

>> Brooke: You're blackmailing me.

>> Whip: Brooke, I'm just trying to make this whole thing work.

>> Brooke: Look, you want to talk dollars and cents? How much would it cost to keep your big mouth shut?

>> Whip: You know, I really don't like putting it that way.

>> Brooke: How much, whip?

>> Whip: No, I don't have a figure for it. And besides, it's not just about money. You and I are going to have to project an image of a very, very intimate couple.

>> Brooke: I knew it. You really are a bastard.

>> Whip: No, Brooke. See, this is the bastard. I'm just trying to keep him from being one, you know? Ah, ah, ah. I want to get along with you, Brooke. But if we're going to make this thing work, you've got to start showing me a little respect. Okay? Now, can you do that or not? <



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