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The Bold & The Beautiful  Transcript Monday 3/4/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Rick: Oh my god, he's bleeding!

Deacon: Rick, you got to put pressure on his hand right now.

Rick: Whip, Whip, just get me some fabric! Hurry up!

Ridge: Get out of here. All of you just get out of here!

Rick: No, Ridge, we've got to get you to the hospital.

Amber: I'm going to -- I'm going to get the car.

Ridge: I'm not going anywhere.

Rick: Look, Ridge, you can either go with me or you can go in the ambulance. But you're going to the hospital right now.

Ridge: I can't feel it. I can't feel my hand.

Rick: Come on, get him up. Get him out of here. Come on, let's go. Let's go!


Sally: Hello, genius. What are you doing? Still trying to achieve perfection with all those corrections, eh?

Tony: I just got too much on my mind, Sal.

Sally: It's not the family, is it? Kristen and Zende are all right --

Tony: No, no, no, they're fine. It's the Forresters.

Sally: Oh, I see. Well, that goes with the territory over there. Haven't I told you before -- you marry a Forrester, you marry their problems. And believe me, they've got a million of them.

Tony: It's just that I don't want to take sides, Sally.

Sally: Take sides? You mean between queen Stephanie and Brooke? That's like having a choice between catastrophe and disaster.

Tony: Well, it's not just that. I mean, it's ridge against his brothers, Stephanie against Eric.

Sally: And Kristen? Where does your wife stand in all of this?

Tony: She's not going up against anyone. She's not taking sides. No, she's trying to be a peacemaker, like Eric.

Sally: Oh, honey, that's impossible. I don't think anyone could make peace, not with that family split right down the middle the way it is. Though, I do think that if anyone can do it at all, it's you and Kristen.

Tony: I used to think so,


Massimo: So -- they voted Ridge out of the company?

Stephanie: I'm just so angry and so disappointed with Eric.

Massimo: Does that really surprise you, Stephanie? Eric hasn't supported Ridge once -- not once -- during this whole crisis.

Stephanie: Of course it surprises me that he would actually vote against his son and force him to leave the company.

[ Massimo sighs ]

Massimo: Because in reality, he is not his son. And the sooner you and Ridge realize that, the better off you're going to be.

Massimo: Darling, look -- I know how difficult it must be to just walk away when you've spent most of your adult life with Eric and that company. But, listen to me -- Eric has made a choice. Ridge has made a choice. Now it's time for you to make a choice. You and your son can start over again with me. Come with me, Stephanie. Leave Eric with Brooke. They're going to end up destroying each another, anyway. Don't let them bring you and Ridge down as well.

Massimo: Where is Ridge?

Stephanie: Oh, at the office, I suppose.

Massimo: Shouldn't somebody be with him?

Stephanie: Why?

Massimo: Well, you don't think he's going to leave that building quietly?

Stephanie: Well, I hadn't really thought about that.

Massimo: Well, maybe we should give him a call, hmm?


Amber: Good. Just put it down right there.

[ Phone rings ] hello?

Stephanie: Amber? What are -- what are you doing answering Ridge's phone?

Amber: Stephanie, Rick took him over to Cedar's.

Stephanie: Why?

Amber: Well, there was an accident and ridge fell and cut his hand.

Stephanie: How badly?

Amber: It -- it didn't look good. Stephanie?

Stephanie: We've got to get to the hospital right now.

Massimo: Come on.


Rick: How's my brother?

Doctor: He's out of surgery and hopefully I'll be releasing him tonight.

Rick: Is he going to be okay?

Doctor: There was considerable bone and nerve damage.

Rick: Are you saying his hand might not heal?

Doctor: It's too soon to make any predictions.

Rick: Look, doctor -- my brother is a designer. He creates with that hand. He has got to have use of it.

Doctor: And I'm hoping that he will. But the damage was quite severe. Your brother is going to need a lot of support. You can see him now. I'll be right in.

Ridge: What are you doing here?

Rick: I want to know how you're doing.

Ridge: How does it look like I'm doing?

Rick: Look, Ridge, I feel horrible about this.

Ridge: Just go.

Rick: Not until I know that you're going to be okay.

Ridge: I cut my hand, Rick. I'm not going to die. Just get lost. Hey, doctor, what's the good word?

Doctor: Do you feel any tingling in your fingers?

Ridge: No. Is that bad?

Doctor: Well, the radial nerve was badly severed, Ridge. And the fifth metacarpal bone damage was extensive.

Ridge: Great. So, what are you saying?

Doctor: I'm saying it's too early to tell.

Rick: Well, that could be good, Ridge. You know, just give it some time.

Ridge: You get the hell out of here! Go! I said get out of here!

Doctor: You better go, Rick.


Sally: So, Antonio, according to what you've just told me, Eric's showed his true colors at that board meeting today by siding with Brooke and his children.

Tony: Well, he's stuck in the middle, Sally, just like the rest of us.

Sally: Well, what about Ridge? Where does that leave him?

Tony: Well, if he lives up to his ultimatum, he'll be leaving Forrester.

Sally: Impossible. Ridge is the heart and soul of that company. It's in is blood. He'd never leave.

Tony: I don't know, Sally. I mean, he might have painted himself into a corner -- he and his mother.

Sally: Well, what will they do? Where would they go?

Tony: Well, Ridge could find a job practically anywhere. Stephanie, I don't know about. She's married to Eric. She's not about to leave him.

Sally: Not unless she has another option.

Tony: What? Besides her husband?

Sally: Possible. Could happen. Even after all these years, a mother wants to unite her son with his -- I wonder. Is that how this thing is going to play out?


Eric: Ridge, we need to talk. What happened in here? Where's ridge?

Amber: He's at the hospital.

Eric: What?

Amber: Yeah, but he's going to be okay.

Eric: He's going to be okay, but he's at the hospital? What happened here?

Amber: He and Deacon got in a fight.

Eric: Deacon?

Amber: Yeah, but he was defending Rick. It wasn't his fault. And he kicked Ridge and Ridge went flying and his left hand got sliced by this vase and -- it was a really bad cut.

Eric: Wait -- his left hand? That's the hand he draws with.


Doctor: Can you feel that?

Ridge: No.

Doctor: Try and move your fingers.

Ridge: I can't.

Stephanie: Are you all right?


Sally: Listen to me, Antonio. I want you to promise me you will use all of your influence on Kristen, keep her as far away from the trouble at Forrester as you possibly can, all right?

Tony: Why, Sally? What do you know?

Sally: Forrester Creations is about to go down -- something so devastating you can't even imagine, worse than anything that Brooke's scandals have caused, worse than anything they have ever had to face before. Forrester Creations is about to lose its greatest asset, and they are going to lose it forever.

Doctor: Let's see how this feels. All right.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have left you alone at the office.

Ridge: Mother, there's nothing you could have done. I was on a collision course with those fools.

Massimo: Doctor, would you mind if we had a few moments alone, please?

Doctor: Oh, certainly.

Stephanie: Thank you so much. Amber said you had an accident.

Ridge: Yeah. Sure. That's the way they see it.

Massimo: What happened, Ridge?

Ridge: I got into it with Rick and Deacon.

Stephanie: So that's how you hurt your hand?

Ridge: It doesn't matter, mother. It's over. I'm through with all of them.

Massimo: Well, in that case, it's something to celebrate.

Ridge: No, Massimo, there is nothing to celebrate, so don't even start with that.

Massimo: I beg to differ, Ridge. I think you'll agree this has been a long time coming. It's inevitable.

Ridge: It didn't have to be like this.

Massimo: If Eric had supported you, it wouldn't be. But he hasn't had the inclination to do that in -- how long now? Months.

Ridge: Still, I thought ultimately he would side with me.

Massimo: Of course, you want to believe that. A man is supposed to support his son.

Ridge: I guess that's what I was counting on.

Massimo: I'm so sorry you had to learn the hard way. I'm deeply sorry -- for you and your mother.

Ridge: What did I do wrong here anyway? Tell me.

Stephanie: You didn't do anything wrong, Ridge.

Ridge: Then what the hell is wrong with dad? Why would he turn on us like that?

Massimo: Eric did not turn on you, Ridge. He had to make a choice -- you or his other children and their mother. I know how painful and bitter this has to be for you, but it's time to look elsewhere. I can offer you and your mother something positive. All I ask is that you look at this objectively, all right? I mean, what does the future hold if you stay? I mean, I don't even want to describe it to you -- you know.



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