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The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/1/02

By Linda
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Ridge: I don't believe this.

Brooke: The board has made its decision.

Ridge: My brother and sister are voting me out of the company? My father? How can you do this to me?


Tina: Don't be coy with me, Massimo. Come on, I've been stalking you for days.

Massimo: I apologize, Tina. I've been meaning to call you.

Tina: Apparently, I just must be losing my touch.

Massimo: Absolutely not! Tina, you are as lovely as ever.

Tina: But not as enchanting as Stephanie Forrester? Never mind, you don't have to say anything. I sensed something last time I was in town. And, well, obviously, the situation hasn't improved.

Massimo: Actually, it's really very complicated.

Tina: I know. And I know you like a challenge. But, fortunately for me and for you, so do I. You know what? If have a flight to catch, so, if you'll excuse me.

Massimo: Okey-dokey.

Tina: I'm just a little sad because I was hoping that you'd be on it with me. See you next time, okay. Au revoir.

Massimo: Ciao.

[ Massimo sighs ] hello, Taylor. Mind if I join you?

Ridge: I just can't believe this -- dad, Kristen, Thorne, voting me out? What? Are you out of your minds? I'm head designer! You're going to destroy this company!

Brooke: We're trying to save the company, Ridge.

Thorne: Ridge, this is not personal.

Stephanie: It's not personal? You fire your brother, and you say it's not personal?

Eric: He gave us no choice.

Ridge: Yes, I did, Dad! And you chose to side with Brooke instead of me!

Eric: Ridge, Brooke is our CEO. Are you ever going to accept that? Forrester creations cannot continue to exist under this cloud of hostility and dissent. Now, we have to put our differences aside and we have to deal with the task at hand. If you were at all willing to do that --

Ridge: You want me to just roll over, Dad? Is that what you want? Well, no way! No way!

Brooke: Ridge, your father has a valid point. If you would just stop and think --

Ridge: No, Brooke, you're the one that needs to stop and think. All of you do! You need to think about your families -- our employees. Our clients, suppliers. Because hundreds and hundreds of people are going to pay for this mistake -- your mistake. Probably the biggest mistake of your lives! You say this isn't personal? Forrester can't function when I'm around? Well, I've got news for all of you. This company can't survive without me! I'm the lifeblood of this company. My hands are what keep it functioning. You get rid of me, your company, your dream, and your legacy -- it all dies.

Rick: No one is denying your importance here, Ridge.

Kristen: We do need you.

Eric: We also need peace, which you don't give a damn about.

Brooke: All we're asking for is your cooperation. You can't keep giving us ultimatums.

Ridge: Well, don't worry, Brooke. I'm not giving you a thing! Nothing! You make me sick! Every one of you make me sick!

Brooke: All right. I think you're too upset to discuss this rationally. So, why don't we adjourn, and we'll come back when you cool off.

Rick: Yeah, we're done here.

Ridge: Just a minute, Dad. We're not finished here.


Taylor: Ridge told me the two of you had an interesting conversation the other day.

Massimo: I enjoyed it very much. Will he be joining you?

Taylor: No, he's in a board meeting.

Massimo: Oh. Sad, isn't it? A man of his talent and abilities to be subjected to this kind of humiliation. Do you think that Brooke will step down?

Taylor: Who? The queen of the tabloids? No, I think it would take a lot more than a little scandal to end her reign at Forrester creations.

Massimo: Perhaps that's for the best.

Taylor: For whom? A month ago, ridge was running the company. He was going to turn it around.

Massimo: Well, you take heart, Taylor. Because I believe that your husband has a far more exciting future ahead of him.

Taylor: I know. He told me about your job offer.

Massimo: Oh, it's much more than a job offer.

Taylor: Well, I don't think he wants to leave Forrester right now.

Massimo: Well, don't be too sure about that. When ridge was CEO of that company, he finally got his first taste of power. He finally realized what his true potential is. He's not going to let anyone hinder that -- not Brooke, her children, no one. Not even Eric.

Taylor: Eric would never do anything to hold Ridge back. His father would never let him down.


Eric: You don't understand this, do you, Ridge?

Ridge: No, dad, I don't understand this.

Stephanie: Neither do I, Eric. What were you thinking, siding with Brooke?

Eric: I wasn't siding with anyone.

Ridge: You voted me out of this company.

Eric: I voted for peace, Ridge, for the stability of this company.

Ridge: You voted for Brooke.

Eric: That's a very simplistic analysis. Why do you always have to see everything in black and white?

Ridge: Oh, and like you don't? Come on, dad, you had your mind made up before you even walked into this meeting. You never talked with Jonathan. You didn't ask him if this scandal would help us gain control. You just threw in the towel. Then you threw me to the wolves.

Eric: And you think this is what I wanted? You think I want -- you think I want to lose you? You think it was easy for me to cast my vote that way? Well, it wasn't, Ridge. I voted for the stability of this company! I thought that you would see the logic in that.

Stephanie: I don't.

Eric: Well, Thorne and Kristen do.

Ridge: Thorne and Kristen would vote any way you did!

Eric: You know, it doesn't matter how I vote. Brooke would still be in charge. And no scandal is ever gonna change that! These are the facts, ridge. That's the situation that we're dealing with.

Ridge: So that's it? Brooke's gonna destroy our reputation, everything this family stands for. And that's okay with you?

Eric: No, it's not okay with me. I think her -- her behavior is incredibly irresponsible.

Ridge: But you're gonna side with her over me, aren't you? Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? Any idea at all? After all the years I've put in, everything I've done for this company. Working my way up through the ranks, I had one goal, Dad, one dream. You know what that was? It was to follow in your footsteps. Do you remember that summer? I was working down in the cutting room, you called me up to this office, right here. I was probably 18, just going to college. You remember what you said to me? You said, "stay focused, ridge. Be dedicated. Learn everything you can, and someday -- someday, your name will be on the door." Well, what happened to your focus, Dad? Where's your dedication now? I thought I could depend on you. You stabbed me in the back!


Massimo: So, you don't think Eric would let Ridge down? Hmm?

Taylor: Look, I know they don't always see eye-to-eye, but I don't think Eric would just set out to disappoint Ridge, no.

Massimo: He already has. Over and over and over again. Taylor, you're a psychiatrist. You may be fond of Eric, but you cannot deny the fact that he has burdened his family with more than their share of disgrace. You know what kind of effect that has on a child, even an adult child -- a father who behaves with no honor, abandons his family and publicly humiliates his wife. Oh, come on. Now, you've got to admit, the man is certainly not a saint.

Taylor: You shouldn't be casting stones.

Massimo: Well, yes. But, you see, we're not talking about me here, are we?

Taylor: Maybe we should be. Didn't you just give my husband a little controversial advice?

Massimo: I just want to see him fulfill his potential, Taylor.

Taylor: Or maybe you want to drive a wedge into the family.

Massimo: Why would I do that?

Taylor: I don't know. I'm still trying to decide. Maybe -- I don't know. Maybe it's jealousy or some kind of bitterness from the past. Either way, you don't seem like you're a very happy person. You have all this wealth and power, and you still seem to be searching for some kind of fulfillment.

Massimo: And I suppose, well, you have found it.

Taylor: Yes. Yes, I have. In my marriage and my children.

Massimo: Well, then, perhaps you're right. I am a bit jealous.

Taylor: Of Eric?

Massimo: No, no, no -- of you.

Taylor: Okay. All right, that's a good one.

Massimo: No, no, no, no -- Taylor, I mean it. I would love to know that kind of satisfaction. A beautiful wife. A son of my own. Perhaps even a daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Taylor: Forgive me, but don't you think it's a little late for all of that?

Massimo: Oh, no, no, no, no. Taylor, it's never too late. See, a man's whole life can change in an instant. Everything that he knows can all change --

[ snaps fingers ] like that.


Eric: I didn't want this to happen. I warned Ridge about his attitude. I gave him every opportunity to change his position.

Stephanie: He wanted you in his corner, Eric. He wanted you to support him. And instead, you supported that tramp.

Eric: Look, I know you're upset. But let's not make this about Brooke and her personal life.

Stephanie: Oh, please! Of course. Let's not disparage Brooke -- she who is sleeping with an employee of the company, carrying his illegitimate child and tearing the company apart. Let's not talk about Brooke. Let's just blame the whole thing on Ridge and his bad attitude. I don't know you. I don't know who you are. I've been married to you all these years, and I don't know who you are. I've always treated you with honor and respect. I made my commitment to you, and I stuck to it. Through all the damn infidelities, through all of the disappointments. Through all the years I spent living in this house, waiting for you to come to your senses, I treated you with nothing but honor and respect. What Brooke has done is unconscionable. But what you've done -- voting Ridge out of this company -- I have never been so ashamed of you in my entire life.

Eric: You're ashamed of me?

Stephanie: You should be ashamed of yourself.

Eric: I'm not. I did what was best for this company and for our family.

Stephanie: No, Eric. You did what's best for your family, not our family -- Rick and Bridget.

Eric: We're all Forresters here. And starting a war is not going to benefit anyone.

Stephanie: And who does it benefit if we don't fight, if we allow Brooke just to fire Ridge. I mean, what's to stop her from firing Thorne or me or you?

Eric: That's not going to happen.

Stephanie: Oh, why? Because you sided with her? Because you handed Brooke and Rick my son's head on a platter?

Eric: I didn't vote against our son. I voted against chaos and discord. Stephanie, I don't want to lose Ridge. We need him, but not if he's going to stay here and cause -- cause more crisis in this company. Look, I'm sorry. I know you don't agree with this decision, but I cannot allow anyone to threaten the well-being of this company. As a founder of Forrester creations, I have a duty to protect our legacy.

Stephanie: You don't have a legacy. There's no legacy. What legacy are you talking about?! By allowing Ridge to be removed as the head designer of this company, you have set this company up to public ridicule and scandal. Are you so delusion that you think some stupid 22-year-old wet-behind-the-ears kid is going to run the finances of this company?! Some waitress from furnace creek, California, is going to lead you to the top of the design world?! And some bum -- bum bartender is going to promote it?! You've turned this company over to amateurs! You didn't fight for your damn family! You fought -- you fought for inexperience. You didn't stand up for peace and principle, Eric. Don't fool yourself for one minute! You didn't stand up! Ridge put his career on the line to restore your reputation, your dreams -- your dreams. Not his -- yours. And you betrayed him. You spit in his face. You betrayed him, and in the end, you will have betrayed yourself.


Ridge: Get out!

Rick: Ridge, can't we just talk about this?

Ridge: No!

Amber: Come on, Ridge. Why don't we sit down, just you, me and Rick, and we can clear the air. We'll cut through the tension and come to some sort of understanding.

Ridge: You want to offer me a second chance?

Rick: Look, we all want the same thing here, man. If we can just pull together, I am sure we can work this out.

Ridge: That is rich. This is perfect. You want me to work with you? Is this what Forrester Creations has become, huh? You have a bartender running promotions. Our most visible employee just got the boss pregnant. And our vice president is still in college and his trashy wife is our new designer.

Amber: What did you call me?

Ridge: Trash, as in trailer trash.

Amber: Trash, huh?

Ridge: Yeah. Why not? That's what you are. That's what you've always been -- an opportunist, a liar and a manipulator. And you know what? Now that I think about it, you're going to fit right in here, 'cause it doesn't matter if it's in a trailer park or Beverly Hills. Trash still stinks.

Amber: You!

Deacon: Whoa, whoa, Amber, Amber.

Rick: You're going to shut your mouth.

Ridge: Don't tell me to do anything. Who the hell do you think you are?!

Amber: Ridge, don't!

Deacon: Ridge, let the kid go.

Ridge: Get out of here!

Deacon: I will, all right? Just back off!

Ridge: No, you back off.

Amber: Ridge! Oh, my god!

[ Screams ]

[ shattering glass ]

Ridge: Oh, my hand. My hand! My hand! <

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