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The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 2/28/02

By Linda
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Brooke: Maybe that's  what I should do.  What if he tells Bridget the truth?

Deacon: No.


Whip: They're still in there.


Deacon: If we start giving in, it will never end.


Whip: Which means, they're scared. If I'm right, and Deacon is the father of that baby, then they ought to be.


Brooke: Why'd you have to come up here?

Deacon: Brooke, Megan came in my office and told me that this guy was pawing at you!

Brooke: It's better that than have him figure out the truth! Deacon, the minute you went after me, he knew you were more than just my son-in-law!

Deacon: Look, this guy doesn't know a Damn thing. He's bluffing, Brooke. Look, he doesn't have a shred of evidence unless we give it to him, and we're not going to do that!

Brooke: He was making threats. Didn't you hear?

Deacon: Yes, I heard him. I heard him. He's trying to rattle your cage, all right? He's trying to test you, and if you give in, if you look scared for one second, this guy's got you!

Brooke: He's got me? What are you talking about? He's got my daughter in the palm of his hand, Deacon. He's probably talking to her right now, telling her that her husband and her mother slept together!

Deacon: Oh, come on! He's not going to do that

Brooke: Oh, how can you be so sure?

Deacon: Because, even if he does, who the Hell is going to believe him? I mean, would you?

Brooke: Amber would. She knows that you've been hiding something, and she's going to tell Bridget that you were lying.

Deacon: Brooke, please. Brooke, you got to calm down, all right? All this stress is not good for the baby.

Brooke: You know, this is just spinning out of control.

Deacon: Oh, no it's not. No, it's not. Now, look, just follow my lead. You let me take care of Whip. And as for Amber, she's not a threat.

Brooke: Yes, she will be. After all the bad things that I said about her, I'm sure she'd love to get me back.

Deacon: Let me make a suggestion here, and it's not just because we may need her later. I think it's time that you and Amber bury the hatchet.


Stephanie: It's just a pipedream.

Ridge: Not according to Amber. She fully expects to see her work on the runway, and why not? If a frat boy can be vice president and a bartender head of promotions, why don't we just start running commercials on late-night TV? "Bored? Unemployed? Come to Forrester. We'll put you in charge."

Stephanie: Do you suppose that Amber has any talent?

Ridge: Oh, please.

Stephanie: Answer me, please. Do you think she might be able to design?

Ridge: That's totally irrelevant. Even if she does, it would take years of training to get her to know how to use it, what to do with it. What she wants to do with it now is just way too trendy. That's not what we're about.

Stephanie: Then just say no.

Ridge: I have, Mother. In no uncertain terms, I have. But she's still taking her designs to Brooke.

Stephanie: Why would she go to Brooke? She's not going to get any support there. There's no love lost between those two.

Ridge: Well, she seems fairly confident.

Stephanie: Brooke's in the middle of a media circus. She's not -- not going to take on the design staff. She can't afford to.

Ridge: If she did, she'd lose, right? I mean, Dad would back me up on this, right?

Stephanie: Well, of course he would. That's the one area that he will never give over control in. Design is too important to him. This is not going to be an issue.


Eric: Wait. Amber brought you some designs to look at?

Kristen: Yeah.

Eric: And, what did you think?

Kristen: Well, I didn't think they were very "Forrester."

Thorne: Oh, let me guess. Studs and spandex?

Kristen: Well, you're not that far off.

Eric: Which is exactly the opposite of what Ridge and I are trying to accomplish here.

Kristen: Well, I mean, obviously, they weren't meant to be part of Haute Coutre. She would have to have her own line.

Thorne: Are you kidding? Her own line?

Kristen: Now, come on, let's just not get into this right now. Rick isn't going to bring it up at the board meeting -- at least I hope not. I just thought you should be aware.

Thorne: Yeah, well, if he does bring it up, Ridge is going to explode.

Eric: Yes. Yes, he will.

Thorne: Well, so how do we handle it?


Amber: So -- what do you think?

Rick: I love it. It's good.

Amber: Really?

Rick: Yeah, Amber, this is -- this is awesome. I want to put it into production.

Amber: Oh, Rick! Thank you! I'm so excited!  So you really like it?

Rick: You want to hear it again?

Amber: Ooh, and again and again and again.

Rick: I think it's great, and I can't wait to tap into the youth market, you know? People who really spend money on style.

Amber: Yeah, which is the majority of the population.

Rick: Exactly. This is a wonderful opportunity, a whole new era for Forrester.

Amber: So when do you want to ask your mom, huh?

Rick: How 'bout right now?

Amber: You serious?

Rick: Yeah. You know. If she gives it the green light, we can present it at the board meeting.

Amber: Oh, Rick -- whoa. I -- I don't know if you want to go about it that way.

Rick: Why not?

Amber: Well, because Ridge would lose it. You know, maybe we should just hold it under wraps for a little while.

Rick: You know what? Forget it, Amber. I am sick and tired of tip-toeing around my brother. He's not in charge anymore. If this is what it takes to open his eyes to that fact, then so be it.

Amber: All right.

Rick: Hey, Mom. We were just talking about you.

Brooke: Hi, sweetheart.

Rick: How are you feeling?

Brooke: I'm okay. Just a little tired. How are you feeling, Amber?

Amber: Huh? Oh, great.

Brooke: Are you getting enough rest? I know that the doctor said that that was very important for you.

Amber: Yeah. I mean, I've been taking really good care of myself, but thank you for asking.

Brooke: You're welcome.

Rick: Listen, mom -- Amber and I have been working on something. We have an idea for a new line.

Brooke: A new line?

Rick: Yeah. We want to tap into the youth market. You know, there's tons of disposable income out there up for grabs. Now, listen, I've really done my homework on this. But I can show you the figures later. Right now, I want to show you this.

Brooke: Is this your design, Amber?

Amber: Uh-huh.

Brooke: Oh. I like it.

Amber: What?

Brooke: Yeah. You've been holding out on us, Amber. You're really talented.


Eric: Well, hopefully you're right, Kristen. The topic of Amber's design ambitions won't even come up.

Kristen: But, if it does?

Eric: It's -- it's Brooke's call.

Thorne: Brooke's call? Dad, Ridge is going to have a fit. He's head designer. He's supposed to have final say.

Eric: Look, Brooke is no fan of Amber's. She'll probably just turn her down flat.

Kristen: Well, I hope so, but what if she doesn't? What if Brooke decides to use this to teach Ridge a lesson?

Eric: Well, maybe it's a lesson that Ridge needs to learn.


Stephanie: I know you're disillusioned with your father.

Ridge: I just don't get it. I mean, this is what I'm fighting for -- everything that he taught me, all the values that he taught me! Elegance, quality, sophistication -- isn't that what Forrester should stand for? Isn't that what we were? I mean, did I get something wrong here?

Stephanie: No, honey.

Ridge: Well, then what the hell happened? Why has he left me hanging like this?

Stephanie: He thinks he's being realistic.

Ridge: He thinks he's being realistic?

Stephanie: Look, Brooke controls 51% of the company, doesn't she? She can dump him any time that she wants. She can just erase everything that he's built.

Ridge: She's already doing that. Bit by bit, she's selling off the name, and that's all we have left, isn't it?

Stephanie: I understand that.

Ridge: Well, why doesn't Dad understand it?

Stephanie: Because he believes his designs will speak for themselves. He believes that in spite of Brooke's shenanigans -- he's convinced that the public will be able separate those two issues. I don't agree with him, but artistic integrity is everything to your father. He doesn't care what Brooke does in her personal life as long as she stays out of the design area. That's his domain and yours. If Brooke tried to interfere in the design area, I think your father would really blow his top. I almost hope she tries it.


Amber: Oh, my gosh! I'm so glad you like it.

Brooke: Yeah, I really do.

Rick: It's great, isn't it? Innovative and fresh. I think it could be huge.

Brooke: Well, you're more tapped into that market than I am.

Rick: We want to do a test run.

Brooke: What?

Rick: We want to put it in production and see how it does. Well, I'm sure it's going to do well

Brooke: Wait, wait, wait, slow down. You're getting a little ahead of yourself.

Rick: Mom, it's just one design.

Brooke: Have you shown it to Ridge?

Amber: Yes.

Brooke: And?

Amber: He hated it.

Rick: Yeah, but he didn't even really look at it. He's just bitter.

Brooke: Well, he is our head designer.

Rick: And you are the majority stockholder. You can override his decision.

Brooke: Oh, sweetheart, this is the worst possible time for me to be challenging Ridge to a duel.

Rick: I disagree. There is never a good time for that.

Brooke: My life is so chaotic right now.

Rick: And what does Ridge do when you're vulnerable? He takes advantage. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to show everyone that you are in charge here.

Brooke: I should've put you in sales.

Rick: Is that a "yes?"

Brooke: This would make you happy, wouldn't it, Amber?

Amber: Yeah. Of course it would.

Brooke: All right, then let's do it.

Rick: Great! Can we announce it at the board meeting?

Brooke: Sure, why not? I'll see you there. Here you go, Amber.

Amber: Oh, Brooke -- thank you so much.

Brooke: You're welcome. Thank you for taking such good care of my son.

Rick: You did it. You're a designer.

Amber: I am, aren't I? Oh, and you know what this means? This means I proved everyone wrong.

Rick: Who?

Amber: Everyone who ever called me "trailer trash," you know? I have been called that my entire life -- trailer trash. And the truth is, some of the finest people I know live in trailers. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just -- it's just that word "trash," you know? It's just -- so damn arrogant.

Rick: Well, no one will ever call you "trash" again. You've made something of yourself, Amber. I'm so proud of you.

Amber: Oh, honey, this is so great.


Thorne: You would let Brooke put Amber's design in the collection?

Eric: What would you have me do, Thorne?

Thorne: Well, it's not me you need to worry about. Design is the one area that Ridge feels he still has control over, and personally, I think --

Eric: Control. Control and power, that's what this is all about. He's had a taste of it, and it's all gone to his head now. I can't tell you how disappointed I am.

Kristen: You know what's ironic? If Ridge hadn't tried to stage this whole coup in the first place, he would still be CEO. I realize it wasn't just him. We all went along with it.

Eric: But Ridge is the only one who hasn't accepted that it failed.

Thorne: Well, him and Mother.

Eric: You know, I could deal with this the way they want to. I could throw a fit, cause a scene, you know? Alienate Rick and Amber and just tear a hole in this family that could never be repaired. And for what? Because Amber has a new hobby, and she'll be sick if it in a week? Better yet, just let her have her own line and let it fail. We'll be done with this silliness forever.

Thorne: So if this comes up, we support Brooke?

Kristen: I think it's the best move.

Eric: I think it is too, honey. I think it's the only move we can make and keep peace in this family. We have to go along with Brooke.

Thorne: Well, who wants to tell Ridge?

Ridge: Hey.

Thorne: Hey.

Eric: Ridge, hi.

Ridge: Hey, Dad.

Eric: Hello, sweetheart.

Stephanie: Well, our first board meeting with Brooke back in charge is not exactly something I'm looking forward to.

Thorne: Well, none of us are, Mother.

Eric: Megan, we won't need you today. We're not going to take notes.

Stephanie: Why don't you want Megan here?

Ridge: Are you expecting trouble?

Eric: No, not really, but there is a rumor going around that Amber wants to start designing.

Ridge: Well, it's not a rumor. It's a fact. I heard it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. I had a feeling you'd have a problem with that, too.

Eric: I do, actually, but the fact of the matter remains that Brooke is --

Brooke: Hello, everyone.

Eric: Hi.

Ridge: What is she doing here?

Brooke: Amber is my guest. Do you have an objection?

Ridge: No. Your meeting, your call. Whatever.

Eric: Well, let's get started.

Brooke: Amber, go ahead and pull up this chair.

Amber: Okay.

Rick: Before we get started on the official agenda today, Amber and I have something that we'd like to share with you. Now, some of you guys have seen this before. For those of you who haven't, Amber has been working on this design for a while now.

Stephanie: Well, Amber, I'm really delighted that you have taken such an interest in what we do here, but I think we have a lot of other company business to take care of right now.

Rick: Actually, this is business, Stephanie. Our CEO just approved this design for production.

Ridge: Is that a fact?

Rick: Yeah. You got something to say about that, Ridge?

Ridge: No, but I bet our father does.

Eric: Congratulations, Amber. You must be very excited.

Amber: Thank you. I am.

Ridge: What is this?

Eric: Sit down, Ridge.

Ridge: What are you doing? What the Hell are you doing here?

Eric: We will discuss this in private. We have more important things to take care of.

Ridge: This was your dream, Dad, and you're trashing all of it.

Kristen: Oh, for god's sake, Ridge.

Thorne: Yeah. Come on, man. It's one stupid design.

Amber: Hey --

Stephanie: You can't be serious.

Eric: We have to restore family unity. We will not survive without it.

Ridge: Family unity at any cost, huh?

Brooke: All right. Let's get back to business.

Ridge: But there is no business, Brooke. There's no mission. There isn't even any point. Look, if all of you respect the design department, you know we don't put the name "Forrester" on just anything.

Brooke: You're still head designer, Ridge.

Ridge: Well, as long as I do what you want, play by your rules?

Rick: It's her company!

Brooke: Rick, please.

Rick: No! Mom, I am so sick and tired of him whining. You are not the CEO. You're not in charge.

Ridge: Is this what you want for this company, hmm? Is this your vision for Forrester? Because if it is, I'm not going to be a part of it.

Rick: What, is that some kind of threat?

Ridge: No, Rick. It's a reality.

Brooke: So what are you saying, Ridge? It's either Amber or you?

Ridge: I'm saying a Hell of a lot more than that. I'm saying put me back in charge.

Rick: What?

Ridge: I'm the only one qualified to steer this ship, and all of you damn well know it. Make me CEO again, or I'm walking out of here.

Brooke: You're not going to leave your father's company.

Ridge: This isn't his company anymore, Brooke. Every day, you chip away at his dream. You just chip, chip away.

Eric: My dream, Ridge?! You think this is my dream to see my children at each other's throats like this?

Stephanie: Stop it, Eric! Don't you see he's fighting to keep what you've built.

Eric: No, he's not. He's fighting for himself -- for himself and for his own ego. You don't get your way, you're going to pick up your toys, and you're going to go home? Is that right? Well, that's not the way you run a business. You have a lot to learn before you're ready to run this company or any other. Now sit down and shut up.

Ridge: My offer still stands. Make me CEO, or I walk.

Eric: All those in favor of accepting Ridge's resignation, say aye.

Brooke: Aye.

Eric: Kristen?

Kristen: Aye.

Eric: Thorne?

Thorne: Aye.

Stephanie: Excuse me. I think I have a vote here. No.

Eric: Aye.

Ridge: You? You vote me out?

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