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The Bold & The Beautiful  Transcript Monday 2/25/02

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Amber: Your mother already told us everything. What more could you possibly want?

Bridget: How about the truth?

Amber: You think she's lying?

Bridget: Not lying, just covering up.

Amber: But what could she be covering up? She already told you she's pregnant.

Rick: Bridget thinks that there's more to this story.

Bridget: There's got to be. Whip Jones is not mom's type. And now she's telling us she loves him?

Brooke: What's going on?

Bridget: Mom, we need to talk to you.

Brooke: Oh, honey, you have no idea how completely exhausted I am.

Rick: We just need a little bit of help here, Mom.

Brooke: Help with what?

Rick: We need you to help us understand what you did -- and why.

Brooke: I got pregnant. There's not really much to understand.

Bridget: Pregnant by a virtual stranger? That isn't you, mom.

Brooke: Honey, Whip and I have known each other for a very long time.

Bridget: Not like that, you haven't.

Brooke: How do you know? You're not around me at work.

Bridget: Are you listening to yourself? 'Cause if you were, you would see how ridiculous this sounds. You want us to believe that you and whip have some serious relationship going on. You have never once mentioned him. And you're sure not acting like someone who's in love. Mom, you've never been out on dates. You've never had him over to dinner. And, for god's sake, Rick and amber, who live here, didn't even know he existed. There's something weird going on here. Mom, you have to come clean with us.

Brooke: I don't know what more I can say.

Bridget: You can tell us what's scaring you.

Brooke: Scaring me?

Bridget: You're frightened to death about something.

Brooke: Oh, god, that's ridiculous.

Rick: No, mom, I don't think it is.

Brooke: Oh, don't you start on me, too.

Bridget: Why can't you just be open with us? I mean, what is so threatening that you can't even tell your kids? What is it, mom? Please, look, we're not going to judge you, okay? We love you. Tell us what you're hiding.


Deacon: I tell you, Megan, if there's one thing I can smell, it's an opportunist. And this guy freaking reeks of it. What the hell kind of name is Whip, anyway? Probably not even his real name.

Megan: Probably not. Well, wait, here's something.

Deacon: Well, what do you got?

Megan: Look at this. Look where he lives.

Deacon: Oh, that's not a nice neighborhood at all, is it?

Megan: I'll say. And it looks like he's lived there ever since he's been at Forrester. Deacon, I thought this guy came from money.

Deacon: Yeah, he likes to give that impression, doesn't he?

Megan: Yep, the way he acts, the way he dresses. He is just all about image.

Deacon: Yeah, a very well-heeled image. This guy definitely wants the good life, doesn't he?

Megan: And you think he's using Brooke to get it?

Deacon: Yeah, I'm certain of it. Brooke and my baby.

Megan: Has he asked for anything yet?

Deacon: No, not yet. But he's alluded to it. I think it's only a matter of time.

Megan: Money?

Deacon: Probably.

Megan: And if she doesn't pay up?

Deacon: I don't know, Megan. I don't know, which is why I have to find out. Who is Whip Jones, exactly? And just how much larceny is this guy capable of?


Joy (Whip's Mom): Did you have a good day, Whipple?

Whip: I really wish you wouldn't call me that.

Joy: But, honey, it's your name. It was your father's name and your grandfather's. It's something you should be proud of. Whipple Jones III.

Whip: You want to know how my day was, Mom? How long have I worked at that company, huh?

Joy: 12 years.

Whip: Hmm-mm, that's right. 12 long years. Well, guess what happened?

Joy: What?

Whip: You know that position that I've had my eye on?

Joy: Head of the promotions department.

Whip: Yeah, that's the one. Well, it came up again.

Joy: Honey, that's wonderful. Did you get it?

Whip: Nope. They gave it to a bartender -- a complete incompetent.

Joy: What?

Whip: That's right. Brooke Logan gave my job to her idiot son-in-law. How do you like that?

Joy: I don't. It isn't right.

Whip: No, it isn't. But you know how you're always giving me that drivel about things working out for the best?

Joy: Honey, it isn't drivel.

Whip: Oh, no. I know, I know. I'm just starting to agree with you lately, because I just got a much better job. Yeah, the big score, ma. The best position I could have ever hoped for.

Joy: What do you mean, Whipple?

Whip: I'm going to have me a baby, mama. A very rich, little baby.

Joy: A baby? You're having a baby?

Whip: Yep, that's right.

Joy: Whipple, what have you gotten yourself into?

Whip: That's the best part, mom. It just fell right into my lap. Now, listen, we had a press conference today -- this big, splashy affair. Well, guess who shows up? None other than Stephanie Forrester. She shakes her evil little finger at Brooke and accuses her of being pregnant. Turns out that the old lady's right, but nobody knew. So Brooke -- Brooke's on the hot seat. Reporters are peppering her with questions, you know? "Brooke, who's the lucky man?" "Why didn't you tell us in the first place?" Well, that's when yours truly steps into the fray.

Joy: The baby is yours?

Whip: No, mother, the baby is not mine, but I couldn't help noticing, lady Logan was turning cartwheels trying to keep the paternity of this kid a secret. I mean, you should have seen her, mom. She was really on the hot seat. I mean, the reporters were clamoring for information. Stephanie Forrester was just egging them on. And that's when it hit me. I can save this woman. I can make myself look really important in her eyes.

Joy: What did you do?

Whip: Well, I got up in front of those people and I said, "I am the father of this baby."

Joy: Oh, my god. Why would you do it?

Whip: Well, you know, like Rhett Butler said to scarlet O'Hara -- "there are fortunes to be made when the mighty fall." And, Mom, I'm gonna get me a big one.

Joy: How?

Whip: Use your noggin, mother dear. Brooke Logan owns most of Forrester.

Joy: So what?

Whip: Well, I'm gonna own half of her baby. The father of a Forrester child can't really live in an apartment like this with his dear mother.

Joy: Whipple, you're living here to save money for a down payment on a house.

Whip: Yeah, well, I'm gonna have more than a down payment, mom. I'm gonna be able to pay for the whole thing -- in cash.

Joy: This is wrong, son. No good can come from it.

Whip: Yeah, well, what good can come from all my hard work, huh? You want to tell me that? What good is coming from you working in the farmer's market in some tiny fruit stand? What have you got to show for it, ma? Some cracker jack apartment in the wrong side of town? That may be okay for you, but it sucks for me. I need more, a lot more. And Brooke Logan is gonna dish it up to me.


Brooke: I am not hiding anything!

Bridget: Mom, you're at least four months pregnant, and we only found out today. How can you tell us you're not hiding anything?

Brooke: I didn't know how to tell you.

Rick: Mom, you have never had a hard time telling us anything.

Brooke: Well, this is different.

Bridget: Obviously.

Amber: Are you going to marry this guy?

Brooke: No. Of course not.

Bridget: Why not? If you love him?

Brooke: Marriage is just not in the picture, okay?

Rick: Well, then you're not that in love with him.

Brooke: All right, maybe I'm not.

Bridget: What about the baby? Have you considered giving it up for adoption?

Brooke: No.

Bridget: You're going to keep it.

Brooke: Yes. Definitely. Listen to me, all of you. This baby is very important to me, and I want you all to feel the same way. He or she is going to be a blessing to all of us. There is nothing negative about this. You have to believe me.

Bridget: How can you feel this way about a baby conceived by a man you don't really love? That's what I don't understand, Mom.

Amber: When you think about this child, you don't really connect it to Whip, do you?

Brooke: No. No, I truly don't.

Rick: Isn't that a little weird, considering he's the father?

Brooke: Whip is not going to be a part of this child's life. He's not gonna be coming around here. You won't really see him very much.

Rick: How can you say that, Mom? From everything I've seen, he is very attached to you. He publicly acknowledged that he is the father of this child and that you would be raising this baby together. He wouldn't have done that if this baby wasn't important to him. I have a feeling that this kid means more to whip than you realize.


Deacon: You've got to be kidding me.

Megan: What?

Deacon: Jones -- you know what he was hired as originally?

Megan: What?

Deacon: A trucker's helper out on the shipping docks.

Megan: Really?

Deacon: 12 years ago. He's there for three months, then suddenly, he gets transferred.

Megan: Where?

Deacon: Guess. The executive wing. Suddenly, this guy becomes Eric's assistant.

Megan: Yes. Yes, you're right. Of course. I remember this. He used to give Eric promotional ideas.

Deacon: Were they any good?

Megan: Actually, they were. That's why he got transferred down here.

Deacon: Where he's been for the last ten years. You know that this guy actually worked on the original bedroom campaign?

Megan: Yep. And he did a really great job. He worked on it day and night.

Deacon: Is that so?

Megan: Yeah. Deacon, the guy is really driven. I mean, I just can't see it. A man like whip does not want to be strapped with a baby.

Deacon: Unless he can parlay that baby into money -- a lot of money.

Megan: Do you think he would really blackmail Brooke?

Deacon: If he finds out I'm the father, there's no telling what he's gonna do. Megan, I've known guys like this all my life. He's a gold digger. They want two things. They want money, and they want possessions.

Megan: Well, he could gold dig his way all the way to prison. Blackmail is a felony.

Deacon: It's only a felony if you get caught.

Megan: Oh, he'd get caught. I'd make sure of it.

Deacon: Not if Brooke has anything to say about it. Look, she'll sacrifice anything to keep this baby's paternity a secret. She'd die for this. There is no way that she is gonna let Bridget know who the father is. If whip finds out, this guy's sitting on a blank check.

Megan: Yeah, you're right. Brooke would give him whatever he wanted.

Deacon: Whip can never find out the truth. Because if he does, he owns us. All of us.


Joy: Brooke Logan has agreed to this plan of yours?

Whip: Well, that's the beauty of the whole thing, Mother. She has no choice.

Joy: Whipple, she's your boss.

Whip: Well, that relationship is changing by the minute. I saved her pretty little hide. She owes me.

Joy: Why on earth did she go along with it?

Whip: Yeah, that is the big question. The only thing I can guess is that she needs me pretty desperately.

Joy: But why?

Whip: Probably because the thought of somebody finding out who the real father of this baby is -- it's freaking her out of her mind, which puts me in a pretty sweet spot, you know?

Joy: You better not take advantage of her, son. You could put yourself in serious trouble.

Whip: Yeah, well. She's the one in trouble. I'm just bailing her out. Bailouts don't come cheap.

Joy: What are you talking about?

Whip: I'm talking about the opportunity of a lifetime. Look, opportunity knocks but once. It's knocking on my door right now. This is my chance to score and score big. I would be an idiot to ignore it.

Joy: You're going to extort money from this woman?

Whip: Hey, hey, hey, now. Let's watch the language, okay? I'm just helping her keep a secret. She's going to show me proper appreciation, that's all.

Joy: And if she refuses?

Whip: She won't. But I'm working on an insurance policy, just in case.

Joy: And what's that?

Whip: Never mind. All you need to know is that I'm taking care of business. Mom, look. Look at how hard we've worked for this. Huh? You know? You at the fruit stand. Me at Forrester. I'll bet I have put in more hours at that place than all of the Forresters combined. And what have I got to show for it, huh? Who gets the money? Who gets the good times? Us? No, they do. All right? We deserve more than this, mom. We've put in our time. We have paid our dues. It's called justice. Everything is happening because it was meant to happen. Nothing is gonna take that away from us. Nothing.


Brooke: I wish you would all stop worrying about whip. He's really a very minor part of this.

Bridget: He's the father of your child.

Brooke: He's a career professional. He's not as interested in this child as you might think. Now, I'm sorry, but I'm really tired. I need to get some rest.

Bridget: All right. I should get home. I'm sure deacon's waiting for me. I can only imagine what he thinks about all this.

Brooke: Honey, do me a favor and don't discuss this with Deacon. All of you, you have your lives to lead. I don't want you obsessing over this. This baby is a source of joy for me. It's the last child that I intend to have. It's personal. It has very little to do with anyone but me. So just put it out of your minds, okay? Just forget about it. Can you do that?

Bridget: No, Mom. I'm sorry, but I can't, not until I know the whole story.

Rick: You know what, Mom? I have to agree with her. Now, you get some rest, and we'll talk to you later.


[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Hello?

Deacon: So how did it go with Rick and Bridget?

Brooke: They put me through the wringer.

Deacon: Well, they're concerned for you.

Brooke: Well, I wish they wouldn't be.

Deacon: Well, you know what? You're going to have to wish for something else, because they've got a reason to be worried.

Brooke: Why do you say that?

Deacon: I'm doing some checking into this guy's background.

Brooke: He's probably harmless.

Deacon: Come on, Brooke. Even you don't believe that.

Brooke: I so desperately want to believe that.

Deacon: Brooke, we've got to be realistic about this. Whip Jones is in this for a reason. He wants something, and if he finds out the truth, well, I'm afraid he's going to want a hell of a lot more.


Brooke: Well, he can't. We can't let him, Deacon. If our secret gets back to Bridget -- oh, wait a minute. That's my call waiting. Hang on, okay? Hello?

Whip: Hi, beautiful. How's your night going?

Brooke: It's going good, Whip.

Whip: You talk to your kids?

Brooke: Yes.

Whip: And did you tell them I'm the good guy?

Brooke: We didn't really talk about you.

Whip: Oh, I find that a little hard to believe.

Brooke: Look, as you know, I've had a really long day, and I'm exhausted.

Whip: Yeah. Yeah, I'll bet. Do you want me to come over and give you a nice little back rub?

Brooke: Tell me you're joking.

Whip: No, I'm serious.

Brooke: I don't really want any uninvited visits for any reason.

Whip: Brooke, I'm not the enemy here, okay? Please don't treat me like I'm one.

Brooke: You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just kind of strung out.

Whip: That's understandable. I'll let you go, okay? But listen, if you need me, I mean, for any reason at all, do not hesitate to call, day or night -- especially at night. Good night, hon.


Brooke: Oh. Are you still there?

Deacon: Yeah. Who was that?

Brooke: Whip. You're right. He's going to be trouble.

Deacon: What did he say to you, Brooke?

Brooke: He said don't hesitate to call if I need him for any reason, day or night -- especially night.

Deacon: Damn it. That's it. That bastard. I'm going over there!

[ Crashing noise ]

Brooke: Deacon, wait! Don't go off on him. Do you hear me. Because if you do, he's going to realize that you're the father of the baby. So stay clear of him. Do you understand me? If you don't, he's going to see how much you really love me. And we don't want that, do we? We have to keep the truth from him.


Whip: Oh, man. You are beautiful -- beautiful and filthy rich. And here I am, guarding your darkest secret. Now, if I could just find out what that secret is -- who's the real father of the baby -- man, that would be worth my weight in gold. And I would own you, Brooke Logan, and you would give me anything just to keep me quiet. So all I've got to do is find out the truth.

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