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The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 2/19/02

By Linda
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Reporter #1: Who is it, Brooke?

Reporter #2: Who's the father?

Reporter #3: Why have you kept it a secret, Ms. Logan?

Reporter #4: When are you due, Brooke? Give us the details.

Bridget: Mom? Is this true?

Rick: You're pregnant?

Stephanie: Ladies and gentlemen, please, let's give ms. Logan a chance to answer this question. Who is the father?

Reporter #1: Why won't you tell us, Brooke?

Reporter #3: What's the big secret?

Reporter #2: Ridge, is there anything you want to say?

Ridge: No. This has got nothing to do with me.

Stephanie: Don't address your questions to us, please. Just to Ms. Logan. After all, this is her fiasco, not ours.

Reporter #2: Rick, Bridget, did you know about this?

Reporter #4: Who's your mother been seeing?

Rick: No comment. We have no comment.

Bridget: You have to do something. Stop this.

Reporter #2: Give us a name. Tell us. Who's the father?

Whip: I am.

[ Audience gasps ] my name is Whip Jones. And I am the father of this baby.


Sally: Massimo? Massimo?

Massimo: Oh, Sally, I'm sorry. I didn't hear you come in.

Sally: Well, that's obvious. That must have been some daydream you were having.

Massimo: I was thinking.

Sally: Really? Well, isn't that a coincidence? I was thinking, too. I was thinking it would be a wonderful idea if you came out come on.

Massimo: I would love it. I would, but I just simply --

Sally: No, I will not accept any negatives here. I do not want you to spend the evening moping around here, waiting to get a summons from queen Stephanie. That summons is not going to come, dear. The entire Forrester clan is busily engaged in a press conference tonight.

Massimo: Brooke's announcing her return as CEO.

Sally: Mm-hmm. And not only that, she is announcing the return of the infamous bedroom line.

Massimo: Ridge must be furious. It's not bad enough that she demotes him, takes away his life's work. Now she's got to publicly humiliate him.

Sally: Isn't that what you want?

Massimo: What I want is my son to be free of those people -- free of that company. Because the more disrespectful Brooke's behavior becomes, the more disenchanted Ridge becomes.

Sally: Well, Massimo, she is going to disenchant him all right. Because the moment Brooke starts talking at that press conference, she's going to have the rest of his family behind her.

[ Phone rings ]

Massimo: Excuse me. Marone.

Greg: Mr. Marone. It's Greg. I'm at the Forrester press conference. All hell is breaking loose over here.

Massimo: What's happening?

Greg: Brooke's pregnant.

Massimo: What did you say?

Greg: Brooke's having a baby.

Massimo: With whom?

Greg: An employee. Whip Jones. He works in promotions. The press is going crazy with this. It's a huge scandal. I'll call you when I get more details.

Massimo: Oh.

Sally: Mojo? What's wrong?

Massimo: Brooke. She is going to ruin everything.


Bridget: Whip?

Amber: Wait, you're the father?

Stephanie: You slept with an employee? You are such a slut!

Reporter #1: Is that true? You work at Forrester?

Whip: I am a senior executive in the promotions department.

Reporter #2: What's your relationship to Brooke? Are you married?

Brooke: No. No, we're not married.

Reporter #3: How long have you been dating?

Reporter #4: Do you have plans to get married? Are you going to raise this baby together?

Deacon: Hey, ladies and gentlemen, this press conference is over. Thank you.

Reporter #4: Just a few more questions.

Reporter #3: Whip, Brooke, over here, please! Look over here.

Whip: Smile, Brooke. Come on, be happy. We're having a baby.


Sally: Massimo, what is it? What do you mean Brooke is going to destroy everything? What has she done?

Massimo: She's pregnant.

Sally: Oh, no. Not pregnant.

Massimo: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Pregnant? Who's the father?

Massimo: Some guy in promotions.

Sally: Some guy? Some ordinary guy in promotions? Who told you this?

Massimo: Greg. He is over at the press conference right now.

Sally: Brooke made an announcement at the press conference?

Massimo: They are having a field day. I couldn't hear him with the commotion.

Sally: This doesn't make any sense. I mean, Brooke is having a baby with some low-level spymaster? That doesn't sound like Brooke.

Massimo: It sounds exactly like Brooke. That woman doesn't have any sense of decorum. No dignity. My god! She is trying to convince the world that Forrester is in good hands, that everything is under control, and that bitch can't even control her own libido!

Sally: All right, take it easy. All right, just take it easy now. I will grant you that Brooke shows very little restraint when it comes to seducing the Forrester men. This time, it's different. Okay. What was this man's name?

Massimo: Whip Jones.

Sally: Whip Jones. Never heard of him.

Massimo: You will. First thing in the morning, he and Brooke will be on the front page of every tabloid in the country. What an irresponsible, unconscionable -- my god. Poor Stephanie must be going out of her mind.

Sally: You know something, Massimo? Maybe I should go over there.

Massimo: Why?

Sally: Because maybe your spy got it wrong. We are talking about a woman who has made a specialty to seducing Forrester men. And now, she's supposedly having a child with some low-level clerk? That doesn't make any sense!

Massimo: Do you think she's lying?

Sally: No. No, she couldn't be, because she announced it to the press. I mean, why? Why would she be lying to them about who the father of her child is?


Reporter #1: Brooke, how far along are you? Are you and Whip in love?

Reporter #3: Are you having a boy or a girl?

Whip: Hold on. One question at a time, please.

Deacon: No. No more questions.

Reporter #4: Come on. This is a major story.

Reporter #3: Is this why you put ridge in charge?

Rick: Brooke is in charge of this company. She is the CEO of Forrester creations.

Reporter #4: But you have been on the move. A few months ago, you were running the company from Paris.

Whip: Ah, yes, Paris.

Reporter #4: Is that where it happened?

Whip: Well, I'm not at liberty to discuss the intimate details of our relationship. That is private. But I will say that we're both very happy about having this baby.

Reporter #4: Is that true, Brooke?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, it is.

Reporter #1: Bridget, Rick, how does it feel to have another baby in the family?

Reporter #4: Eric, what's your response to all this? Forrester has been through so many changes lately. Can you handle another scandal?

Reporter #3: Brooke, turn around. Give us a shot of the baby.

Deacon: Ms. Logan doesn't have anything else to say.

Rick: All right, everybody. Thank you for coming this evening, but this press conference is over! Dad, Thorne, could you please escort everybody out?

Eric: That's an idea. Everyone, please, right this way. Thank you, good night.

Amber: Rick, what are we gonna do?

Rick: I don't know.

Ridge: So what the hell was that, huh?

Stephanie: Does your mother really want to destroy this company?

Rick: Hey, you know what? You asked the question, Stephanie!

Amber: Look, okay, let's -- let's all just calm down here.

Ridge: Calm down, amber? The press is gonna crucify us! This isn't just about Brooke. It's gonna affect all of us!

Bridget: I don't believe this. You and my mother? She's having your baby?

Whip: Look, I know it's a little difficult to explain --

Stephanie: That's the understatement of the year. I think it's safer to say this is a disaster! And this scandal is going to bring this company down, if we're not careful. We've got to do something about it right now. I'm not gonna let that happen. For red...

Rick: Now everybody, just hold on. I agree that this isn't great news. But why should we overreact?

Ridge: Isn't great news, Rick? The CEO of Forrester creations just announced she's having an illegitimate child.

Eric: Did you two know about this?

Bridget: No.

Stephanie: Honey, I'm sorry. I know she's your mother, but this behavior is absolutely appalling. I mean, what kind of an example is she gonna set?

Ridge: What's this gonna do to our reputation, Rick, huh? You heard her up there, going on about family values, propriety, the wholesome image of Forrester. God, what a farce. Your mother's a hypocrite.

Stephanie: The press is just gonna have a field day with this.

Rick: Wait, Mm is pregnant. That has nothing to do with this business.

Thorne: Oh, Rick, she's C.E.O.! Everything she does affects this business!

Whip: Excuse me, can I say something?

All: No.

Whip: Listen, I realize that this comes as a shock. Nobody expected for this to happen today. But, Mrs.. Forrester, Rick is right. You could've confronted Brooke in private.

Stephanie: Thank you. After the way she has humiliated my husband and my sons in public, I don't think so. And you should be mortified as well.

Bridget: Are you in love? I mean, are you getting married?

Whip: Well, we haven't discussed that.

Stephanie: You usually don't on one-night stands, do you?

Bridget: I don't understand. She's never even talked about you.

Rick: How long has this been going on?

Whip: Look, these are questions you need to ask your mother. But I will remind all of you that Brooke still is our C.E.O. And controversial or not, she's done one hell of a job for this company.

Stephanie: You may be the father of this baby, but you're not a member of this family. I'd like you to leave the room right now. Now! All right, we're going to take care of this problem once and for all.


Brooke: Oh, god, Deacon! What are we going to do?

Deacon: Shh. It's okay. It's all right. It's all right. Relax, just give me a second to think about this.

Brooke: It all happened so fast. First there was Stephanie and then reporters and then Whip --

Deacon: What the hell --

Brooke: -- Saying he's the father of the baby.

Deacon: What was he doing there? What was he thinking?

Brooke: I don't know.

Deacon: Brooke, you went along with it. You confirmed it.

Brooke: What was I going to do?!

Deacon: So this is it? This is gonna be the story?

Brooke: You want me to take it back?

Deacon: Brooke, I don't trust this guy. I don't trust him one bit. He's up to something.

Brooke: Deacon, we have to keep our priorities straight here. Bridget cannot find out that you're the father of this child. Oh, god, this is so impossible. How could this get out of control like this?

Deacon: Hey, hey. We're gonna figure this out. It's gonna be okay. Brooke, I love you.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Deacon: And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let anyone hurt you or our child. Come here.

Brooke: How could this happen? How could everything get so complicated?

Deacon: I don't know. I don't know, but I do know this -- I'm gonna be here for you. I will always be here for you.

Brooke: I know. I know.

[ Knock at the door ]

Brooke: Come in.

Bridget: Mom, what is going on?


Sally: Try not to be so upset about this, Mojo. So Brooke is an unwed mother, and the father is a low-level employee. I know the whole thing looks bad, but believe me, she's done worse.

Massimo: Mm-hmm, indeed she has. The things that woman has done to Stephanie are despicable. And it could all have been avoided -- all the pain, the disgrace, the humiliation. Now, this?

Sally: This is another bump in the road.

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no. This is the last straw, Sally. Stephanie has got to realize there's no end to this. There's no getting rid of Brooke. There's no getting rid of degradation because she is married to it.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Massimo: I'm talking about Eric! He's the one who has put Stephanie into this position. Brooke's behavior wouldn't reflect on anyone if he didn't let her steal the company!

Sally: So now this whole thing is Eric's fault?

Massimo: Look, Stephanie is a woman of integrity. She has enormous honor and pride. But there's no pride in being a Forrester anymore -- not anymore. Why? Ever since Brooke has taken over control of the company she has disgraced that family and their name! And, yes, yes -- I blame Eric for that.


Eric: We need to talk to Brooke right away.

Stephanie: Well, I think we need to do more than that, Eric.

Rick: Like what? You say that we have to solve this problem. Well, this isn't our problem to solve. It's obvious that mom didn't want anybody to know that she was pregnant.

Stephanie: Well, I guess not, Rick! It's embarrassing. And now it's embarrassing for all of us.

Thorne: Rick, your mother's a celebrity. And this is a big story. Now she knows that.

Stephanie: She has no business running this company. She's damaged our reputation. If we don't get her out of here now, she's going to ruin it.

Rick: No way. We may have to do a little damage control, but nobody is gonna be ruined.

Stephanie: Rick, she has slept with an employee. She's pregnant by him. We don't even know what their relationship is. C.E.O.S don't run companies this way. She has to accept the consequences of what she's done. So I suggest that we go upstairs and see you mother and get her resignation right now.


[ Bridget sighs ]

Bridget: Mom.

Brooke: I'm sorry, honey.

Bridget: Why didn't you tell me?

Brooke: I didn't know how.

Bridget: So it's true -- you and Whip? This baby?

Brooke: I really didn't want you to find out this way.

Bridget: How long have you known? Is this why you went out of town? I mean, how long did you think you could hide it?

Brooke: Bridget, I wasn't really trying to hide it. I was just confused, and I needed to think.

Bridget: Rick and I begged you to tell us what was wrong. You knew how concerned we were.

Deacon: Bridget, please cut your mom some slack. She's been under a lot of pressure.

Bridget: I'm not trying to be judgmental, okay? I just want to understand, which is more than I can say for Ridge and Stephanie. They're furious.

Brooke: Well, don't worry about them. I'll handle that.

Bridget: Well, I am worried. This is not like you. I thought we were closer than this. I mean, I didn't even know you were seeing anyone.

Brooke: Honey, don't take it personally. It's just not something that I wanted to discuss.

Bridget: Please, just tell me it wasn't a one-night stand.

Brooke: No, no, it was much more than that.

Bridget: So it's serious? You and whip have talked about what's gonna happen when this child is born?

Brooke: No, not yet.

Bridget: Have you talked about it at all?

Brooke: There's still a lot that we have to work out.

Bridget: He told the press you were happy about this pregnancy. Mom, you don't seem happy to me at all. It looks like you've been crying.

Brooke: Honey, I was caught off guard. I really didn't know how to respond. But this baby is a blessing to me. I really don't regret having this child.

Bridget: And your relationship with Whip? Mom?

Brooke: I'm going to love this baby every bit as much as I love you and your brother.

Bridget: Of course you will, that's not what I'm asking. Please mom, just be honest with me. I need to know. Are you in love with this baby's father?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, I love the father of this baby very much.

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