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The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 2/5/02

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Brooke: You people are shameless. Did you really think you'd get away with this? I leave town for a couple weeks, and you stage a coup?

Ridge: I made a legitimate business decision, Brooke.

Brooke: No, you didn't, Ridge. You made a mistake -- a very big mistake.

Ridge: No, I didn't. Jonathan, tell her. What I did was completely legitimate. We voted. It's was recorded. There's no way she can challenge it now. Jonathan, tell her. Tell her!


Tony: Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi, Tony.

Tony: Kind of deserted around here.

Bridget: Yeah, there's a big meeting in my dad's office.

Tony: Yeah, I know. Kristen's in there.

Bridget: Has she told you what's going on?

Tony: Well, Ridge called. He just said it was an emergency.

Bridget: An emergency?

[ Bridget scoffs ] yeah, more like a disaster.

Tony: Disaster, what are you talking about? Bridget, come on. It's just you and me. This isn't gonna get back to Sally.

Bridget: Ridge is trying to take over control of the company. And if what Rick said is true, there's nobody in the world who can stop him.


Massimo: I can't believe it. My son's future is being decided right now -- right this minute. And there's nothing I can do about it. Why? Why didn't I see this coming?

Sally: Massimo, you cannot blame yourself. You got one of the best espionage set-ups in the business. But even the great James bond himself couldn't penetrate all of those inner workings over at Forrester Creations.

Massimo: Yes. But I knew that Ridge was not going to let Rick drive him out of the company. I knew Ridge was going to put up a fight. Now, he's positioned himself to take over permanently. This cannot happen. It can't happen.

Sally: It may not happen, all right. Not if Brooke gets there in time to stop it.

Massimo: That meeting should be over by now. I don't understand why I haven't heard a damn thing, Rick should have called me. What the hell is going on over there?


Ridge: Jonathan, this motion's been passed. The report Brooke ordered doesn't mean anything. It's a trick.

Jonathan: It does seem very convenient.

Eric: Are you sure of that, Greg? That Brooke's call to you was before noon?

Greg: Yes, sir. No doubt in my mind.

Jonathan: This phone call, ms. Logan asked you to report on the bedroom line?

Ridge: It doesn't matter what she asked him to do! I'm the CEO and according to this resolution, Brooke is no longer in control of Forrester.

Rick: But she wasn't incapacitated when that resolution was passed, Ridge. She was on the phone with Greg conducting official business.

Ridge: It's over, Rick. The votes have been recorded. The bylaws are changed,

Connor: Has it been witnessed?

Megan: I witnessed it.

Connor: And was it notarized?

Megan: No, not yet.

Ridge: All right, well, Jonathan's a notary. He can do it right now. Jonathan, go ahead, and just stamp the damn thing.

Jonathan: I can't. I mean, what's the use?

Ridge: You saw the vote. We have a witness.

Jonathan: Sorry, Ridge. It was a good plan. It should have worked.

Jonathan: But in light of Brooke's actions, we have to reconsider the vote. I'm sorry, I don't know how it happened, but she made it here just in time.


Tony: Ridge is taking over the company?

Bridget: He's trying to.

Tony: Can he do that? I mean, I thought that your mom owned most of the stock.

Bridget: Well, apparently, Ridge found some kind of loophole. It's a power of attorney document my mom signed years ago. If he can convince the board that she's incapacitated, they can take control.

Tony: That's intense.

Bridget: That's a joke. My mom is not incapacitated. I mean, she's on temporary leave.

Tony: Wait a minute, but your mom made Ridge CEO.

Bridget: Yeah, but he knew she was coming back.

Tony: So what? You think that he took advantage of the situation?

Bridget: She trusted him, Tony. My mom left town cause she needed to rest, and she asked Ridge for help. This is what he does?! It's despicable. You know what? I feel sorry for anyone greedy enough to go along with him.


Ridge: You're not going to notarize the vote?

Jonathan: Can't, not in good faith. Brooke is obviously not incapacitated.

Ridge: But she was. She wasn't here when we changed the bylaws.

Jonathan: She was acting as an executive of this company when she made that call, proving her competent and capable.

Connor: Couldn't have said it better myself, counselor. Which means, Ridge, your right to cast a vote on her behalf ended the moment she gave Greg that directive -- ten minutes before the change was ratified.

Ridge: You called Greg before you came over here?

Brooke: Yes, I did.

Ridge: Why, Brooke? You've known about the bedroom line for weeks. You didn't call me. You didn't complain. You didn't say anything.

Connor: Well, she's saying something now. And you better listen. 'Cause if you try and force her out of this company, she will fight you. And trust me on this, this is a fight you will not win. What you did here today was not only immoral. It was criminal.

Taylor: Criminal?

Eric: He thought Brooke was incapable of running the company.

Thorne: We all did.

Connor: Did you? Well, take a good look at her does this woman look incapable?

Jonathan: Connor, I assure you. There was no criminal intent here.

Connor: I want to believe that, Jonathan. Really I do. But if you continue to pursue this, you might have a hard time selling that to a judge.

Jonathan: No reason to get the court involved in this.

Connor: Well, if you think I'm going to stand here and allow you to defraud my client out of what is rightfully hers, you've got another think coming to you.

Ridge: Connor, there's nothing fraudulent about this. Come on, Jonathan, help me here. We did nothing wrong.

Jonathan: No, we didn't. This resolution should have gone off without a hitch. We were on very firm legal ground until Brooke made that call and walked in this room.

Taylor: And that's quite a coincidence. Don't you think?

Ridge: You did this. Didn't you?

Rick: I was the one who called her.

Ridge: You told her exactly what I was going to do?

Rick: Yes.

Ridge: How did you know, Rick?

Deacon: It wasn't him, Ridge. It was me. Surprise. I saw you sneaking into Brooke's office making a copy of that power of attorney document. I don't know about anybody else, but to me that -- that doesn't seem very nice. So I gave Rick a copy. I guess it is true what they say about payback, isn't it Ridge? It's a real bitch.

Ridge: So, that was it? You see this piece of paper and put it all together?

Rick: Well, that's how you came up with this plan, isn't it?

Ridge: Oh, please! You didn't figure this out on your own.

Connor: It doesn't matter how he figured it out. The fact is he did. And we're here to stop it.

Ridge: No. No, you're not. This isn't over.

Jonathan:  Ridge, wait. Look, we can go on with this if you wish, but I can't advise it.

Ridge: Jonathan, you can't be serious now.

Jonathan: I'm afraid I am. If Brooke contests this in court, I cannot guarantee the outcome.

Eric: Greg, would you excuse us, please?

Greg: Yes, sir.

Ridge: Who put you up to this?

Rick: Nobody.

Ridge: You're lying. Somebody helped you. You didn't do this on your own, Rick. You're working with somebody, somebody that wants to destroy me. But who? Huh? Tell me. Who the hell was it?


Sally: Massimo, you've got to give it more time. We really don't know what's happened yet.

Massimo: Ridge is not gonna let this go. He believes he's a Forrester. That company is his birthright. That's what he believes. And if he has a chance to take it over, he's not gonna let anything stand in his way.

Sally: He may not have any choice. If Brooke makes it to that meeting.

Massimo: Even if she makes it on time, that does not mean that Ridge will acquiesce.

Sally: He'll have to. Eric Forrester is not going to let another family scandal hit the press.

Massimo: You think that Eric would withdraw his support if Ridge wanted to fight?

Sally: Massimo, I know he would. Image is everything in this game. Eric Forrester knows that too. Do you think he'd allow anything to damage Forrester Creations' reputation, not even Ridge.

Massimo: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Maybe there's still a chance. Yes! If Ridge's plan fails and the family turns on him, Ridge will be finally free -- finally. His years with Forrester behind him. And he'll spend his future with me. Me.


Tony: Look, Bridget you have to understand something. For a designer, this isn't just business. This is very personal. When you put every once of your creative energy into something that you're doing and someone just takes that away from you --

Bridget: My mother didn't steal this company, Tony. Look, I know that's what everyone says, but it's not true they tried to steal the belief formula from her. That's why she sued. That's how she got control. Because she gave Forrester Creations something more valuable than half of its stock and they had to pay her for it.

Tony: You just said that they stole the formula from her.

Bridget: Yes, I know. Can we just stop talking about this?

Tony: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Bridget: No, no, Tony, it's not you. It's just this whole situation. All this fighting between Rick and Ridge and my mother -- it's getting out of control. I just want to stop it.


Ridge: I know you're working with somebody, Rick. And I'm going to find out who it is.

Brooke: That's enough, Ridge.

Amber: You know, she's right. Why don't you just leave my husband alone?

Eric: All right, look, let's just clam down here. Let's all just try to relax and talk about this.

Ridge: I'm just trying to do what's best for this company. And now I'm being accused of starting a mutiny? Come on, Brooke. You made me CEO for a reason -- because no one can do this job better than me and you know that. Under my leadership, this company would be more successful than ever before. We'd one of the most profitable -- most respected houses in the business. And you know that!

Brooke: Stop it, Ridge. I've heard all I want to hear from you. Now, you listen to me. You all betrayed me today. You crossed the line. And there's no going back. There is no undoing this. I saw a side of you that I never knew existed. And I still can't believe that you could stoop that low. I'll never be able to forgive any of you. Especially you, Ridge. You failed me. You failed me as a man. As a friend. As my CEO. You let me down and now I have to let you go.

Ridge: What?

Brooke: You heard me. As CEO of this company, you are fired.


Massimo: Of course, you're right. I should have realized it. Eric is not going to let Ridge drag Forrester into a lawsuit with Brooke.

Sally: Of course not. He knows what the backlash would be. The tabloids would have a field day with it.

[ Phone rings ]

Massimo: Marone.

Greg: It's Greg, sir.

Massimo: Oh, good, Greg. I was just going to call you. There's a meeting going on right now at Eric's office.

Greg: I know. I just left the meeting, sir.

Massimo: Was Brooke there?

Greg: Yes, which is why I'm calling. That vote you mentioned -- it didn't work out the way Mr. Forrester wanted it to.

Massimo: What happened?

Greg: Well, from what I understand, Mr. Forrester was trying to declare ms. Logan incompetent, right? But he couldn't do that because she called me and gave me an assignment to work on just before the board members took their vote. According to the lawyer, that was enough proof that ms. Lon was acting as a competent and capable CEO. The resolution that the board passed should be null and void.

Massimo: So Brooke pulled it off. She stopped the takeover.

Greg: Well, I can't be sure about that. Ridge is furious. He could fight it.

Massimo: He may oppose a return.

Greg: His attorney advised him not to. The woman's obviously not incapacitated. Apparently, they don't have a legal leg to stand on.

Massimo: Excellent. Excellent. Thank you, Greg. Good work.

Sally: Then it's actually happened? Brooke got there in time to stop everything, and now Ridge is no longer in control.

Massimo: That's right. That's right. Brooke was acting as CEO before the resolution was passed. Yes! This is the end of Ridge at Forrester Creations. And once he leaves there, being hurt, angry, completely disheartened, he's going to come to me. And I'm going to take him and I am going to show him a life so far more rewarding than anything he's ever known. Sally, it's happening. It's happening. My son and I are going to be united.


Ridge: You can't fire me.

Brooke: I just did.

Eric: Brooke, you're angry. Think about what you're doing.

Brooke: Eric, this isn't my doing, this is your doing. You all taught me a valuable lesson today. This is business. There's no friendly alliances here. There's no loyalties. You find a way to better your position and you take it. You don't think about who you can hurt. You don't weigh your personal consequences. Friends, family, brothers, sisters -- it really doesn't matter. Because this is all about power and how you can stack the deck in your favor -- no integrity, no honesty. You find out who you can trust and get rid of everybody else. So thank you. Thank you for bringing me back to reality. As of today, I am reclaiming my position as CEO. Ridge, you can stay on as head designer, but you will never run this company again. Thorne, you can keep your position. And Eric -- against my better judgment -- you may stay on as president. But to ensure my interest in this company, I am going to name my son, Rick, Forrester's new vice president.

Ridge: What? He's still in college.

Thorne: That's absolutely ridiculous, Brooke.

Brooke: Is it? Is it as ridiculous as putting Taylor on the board and canceling our most productive product line -- both of those decisions I will be reviewing.

Ridge: Oh, come on, this is crazy. This is crazy. We're not gonna let her do this, Dad? Come on, this is our company. We can still fight for it.

Eric: No, no, Ridge, there's been enough fighting. It's over.

Brooke: No, it isn't, Eric. There's one more change I'd like to make. I want to appoint somebody new to the head of promotions. Deacon?

Deacon: Yeah? What, me? Brooke, are you kidding me? Yeah, yes, yeah!

Ridge: Oh, for god's sakes. This man knows nothing about our business. He's a bartender!

Brooke: Well, that's not true, Ridge. Along with my son, he's responsible for saving Forrester Creations.

Deacon: It's true, Ridge. If you think about it, I mean, without me, you probably would have succeeded. Not too bad for a bartender.

Brooke: But you didn't, did you? So consider yourselves warned. You tried to cross me and my family once. Don't do it again. And if I see you even thinking about it, I promise you, you will regret it. The lines have been drawn. You wanted Forrester Creations to become a family business. Well, you've succeeded. Here we are. Take a good look at us -- the future of Forrester Creations.

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