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The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 1/31/02

By Linda
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Massimo: That was quite an evening, mustang Sally.

Sally: Oh. Why, I thank you, kind sir. I hope I managed to conjure up a couple of dreams for you.

Massimo: Actually, I slept much better than I had anticipated.

Sally: Did you? Did you?

Massimo: Oh, yes.

Sally: Well, I'm very jealous. I didn't sleep well at all. Every time I closed my eyes and started to doze off, I had a dream about you and I riding off in to the sunset together -- on a mustang.

Massimo: You outdid yourself, lady.

Sally: Well, I thought so, but when I came back into the living room to take my bows, my audience had vanished.

Massimo: Your performance exhausted me.

Sally: Oh, I don't think so. No, the performance that I had lined up for the grand finale -- that's the one that would've exhausted you.

Massimo: Then I have that to look forward to.

Sally: Do you mean that? Or is it just a game? Don't answer. Don't answer. Don't answer. Because if it is a game, it is very early in it, which means that queen Stephanie hasn't won it all -- not yet. Speaking of that, what did you hear from battleground Forrester?

Massimo: Something's amiss.

Sally: Meaning?

Massimo: Meaning Ridge has been incommunicado.

Sally: Have you tried to contact him?

Massimo: No, but my associate Yves did, and Ridge did not show up for work yesterday.

Sally: Probably trying to recover from the Rick fiasco.

Massimo: Oh, see, he went in last night.

Sally: Oh, that's easily explained. He didn't want to go in and face the day shift and all the snide remarks and innuendo around the water cooler.

Massimo: No, no, no, no. It's more than that.

Sally: Well, your son has suffered a severe kick in the ego. That never sits very well with a Forrester, particularly Ridge.

Massimo: It's just -- he is planning his counterattack.

Sally: Well, it better be a good one if he's going up against you.

Massimo: Me and Rick.

Sally: Yes, that's true. Young Rick is proving to be a very apt pupil.

Massimo: But you see, Ridge is not a Forrester. He's a Marone. Rick is no match for him.

Sally: So what are you going to do?

Massimo: Oh, what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? I'm gonna wait for ridge to make a move.

Sally: That's very risky.

Massimo: Risky, indeed. Because ridge's next move will be designed to cripple his opponent permanently.

Sally: Yikes, I hope you are only speaking metaphorically.

Massimo: Oh, goodness, of course. Ridge would never physically hurt Rick, but he'd certainly would remove him as a threat, and I can't let that happen. Rick has got to rise to the top. He has got to force Ridge out of Forrester. Then, when ridge is in the depths of his misery, suddenly my son's life will open up. He will see his destiny -- his true destiny -- to rule an empire, his father's empire.

Sally: Oh, Massimo -- I'm sorry, I don't want to burst your bubble here, but it's going to take a lot of pieces falling into place before that can happen.

Massimo: I know, I know, I know. And it all depends on ridge leaving Forrester. And even as we speak, he is doing everything to prevent that from happening. He's on the move this morning, sally. I mean, I can feel it. I -- I can sense it. What is his strategy?


Jonathan: You're absolutely right, Ridge. By the parameters Brooke describes in this document, she would be considered incapacitated.

Ridge: Which means the person she designated in this power of attorney controls all voting rights to her stock.

Jonathan: That's right.

Ridge: Then according to this, that person is me.

Jonathan: Indeed, it is. You control Brooke's share of the company as long as she remains incapacitated.

Taylor: So if a decision had to be made requiring a vote --

Jonathan: Well, with 51% of the stock in hand, plus his own shares, Ridge is the deciding factor.

Ridge: With all decisions?

Jonathan: Yes.

Ridge: How about issues regarding the articles of incorporation?

Jonathan: Articles of incorporation? Ridge, you're talking about the document that governs this company, the by-laws. They're nearly 30 years old. In all this time, they've never been changed.

Ridge: What if I wanted to change them?

Jonathan: You'd need board approval.

Ridge: Then let's call an emergency board meeting right now.

Jonathan: Ridge -- just what are you up to?


Rick: Breakfast is served.

Amber: Oh, maybe we should go back to bed.

Rick: Well, maybe we shouldn't.

Amber: Hmm. What if the maid sees us, huh?

Rick: Oh, she's running errands.

Amber: Hmm. And the gardener?

Rick: Gave him the day off. Eric's at nursery school. It's just us.

Amber: Hmm, and what are we waiting for?

[ Doorbell rings ]

Rick: Oh, who the hell is that?

Amber: I don't know. Whoever it is, they better not have a key.

[ Doorbell rings again ]

Rick: Oh, for god's sake! Ah!

Amber: No, no, no.

Rick: Just forget it. Let it go.

[ Pounding at the door ]

Amber: Oh, I'll get it!

Rick: No, no, stay here. You stay here, okay? I'll get it. All right already!

Deacon: Ricky, thank you.

Rick: No, hold on, cowboy.

Deacon: Whoa, whoa, listen, listen. It's important.

Rick: Yeah, well, I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Deacon: Yeah? Well, trust me, you're gonna want to hear this.

Amber: What's going on?

Deacon: Oh, I need to talk to both of you.

Rick: All right, fine, Deacon. What is it?

Deacon: This. Check it out.

Rick: "Brooke Logan, power of attorney"?

Deacon: Look, I'm not exactly sure what this means. But something tells me that this is one hot document.

Rick: Where did you get this?

Deacon: I got it out of Brooke's office over at Forrester.

Rick: You were in mom's office?

Deacon: Well, Ridge was there, and --

Rick: Neither of you should've been in there!

Deacon: Will you listen to me?

Rick: You shouldn't be going through her files!

Deacon: Rick, I wasn't going through her files. Ridge was.

Rick: What?

Deacon: Bridget and I were over there last night. And ridge and Thorne -- they came out. We had some words. Thorne took off, Ridge goes into your mom's office. So I thought it was a little suspicious. I got kind of a weird vibe about it, so I hung around. Sure enough, ridge is in there messing around in her files. He makes a copy of this file, all right? He takes off, and I hung around.

Rick: Did he see you?

Deacon: No, he didn't see me. Look, man, I'm not an attorney or anything. Do you know what this means?

[ Rick sighs ]

Rick: It's a document mom had made, just in case she was ever incapacitated.

Amber: What does it say?

Rick: It names Ridge as her designee. He'd control the voting rights to her stock, if mom couldn't function.

Amber: You know, he's up to something.

Rick: But what?

Amber: I don't know, but I know who can figure it out.

Rick: Look, Deacon, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you, but we got to handle this from here.

Deacon: It's cool. Look, this -- this looks like it could be pretty serious.

Rick: It could be very serious.

Deacon: All right, look, I'm gonna take off. I got some stuff to do. You guys, stay on this, all right?

Rick: We will. But Deacon -- thank you.

Deacon: No problem. See ya.

Rick: Massimo, it's Rick. I need to see you.

Massimo: Of course, Rick. When?

Rick: Now. It's urgent.


Ridge: That's the plan, Jonathan. Will it work?

Jonathan: I -- I think it should, but you need the board to approve it unanimously.

Ridge: Then we'll call a meeting today, right now.

Taylor: Can you call a board meeting on a moment's notice like that?

Ridge: For something this urgent, of course I can.

Jonathan: Ridge is right. There's a lot at stake here. I mean, if Brooke remembers this document, you've got to know that she's gonna move to rescind it.

Taylor: Well, apparently, she hasn't thought about it up to now.

Ridge: Do you realize what this means? It means it'll make it virtually impossible for Rick, or Brooke for that matter, to remove me as CEO.

Jonathan: It's more than that. If your plan works, and it should, the new governing party of this company would be the board of directors, and not the majority shareholder. And if you have a board meeting and they vote to change the articles of incorporation, the fact that Brooke has 51% of the stock would be meaningless.

Ridge: And if I control the board, this company will finally be under my direction.

Taylor: As it should be.

Ridge: Weave to vote on this now, right now, before Rick gets wind of it, because if he does, he and whoever's been counseling him, they could move to stop us. I've got to get this meeting going right away.


Sally: Massimo?

Massimo: Hmm?

Sally: Did Rick say why he needed to see you?

Massimo: No, but he said it was urgent.

Sally: Well, that doesn't mean anything. Everything's urgent to a boy like that, especially when his name is Forrester.

Massimo: Well, Rick is more levelheaded than the rest of them. Sally, Ridge is making his move.

Sally: You have no way of knowing that, Mojo. You haven't spoken to ridge. You haven't seen him since the other night in the restaurant.

Massimo: You see, it's almost as if we're wired together. I can sense his energy flowing. Oh, god. I am so anxious to find out what he is up to.

Sally: You almost sound like you're really enjoying this.

Massimo: Sally, I'm proud of him. He is fighting the honorable fight. It's just too bad he has to lose.

Sally: You sound like you think it's a foregone conclusion.

Massimo: It is. It has to be.

Sally: Remember something, Mojo -- he has your blood running in his veins, and you have never been a man willing to lose gracefully. You don't like to lose at all.

Massimo: Sally, if he doesn't lose, I do. It's the only chance I have to relate to him as my son if he's out of Forrester. If Rick does not succeed in ousting him, ridge is never gonna know that I'm his father. He'll entrench himself in that company, and I'll mean nothing to him. I'll just be a source of irritation. A nuisance! Oh, god. I couldn't live with him feeling that way about me. He must leave Forrester. He must.


[ Phone rings ]

Megan: Forrester creations.

Rick: Megan, it's Rick.

Megan: Rick, where are you?

Rick: I'm in the car with Amber.

Megan: Okay, you need to get down here 'cause something is going on.

Rick: Well, we have to make a stop first. But what's happening?

Megan: Well, Ridge and Taylor have been meeting with Jonathan all morning.

Rick: Any idea what it's about?

Megan: No, but they told me not to disturb them under any circumstance. They don't trust me, Rick. They don't. I can feel it.

Rick: Look, you just hang in there, okay? Call me if anything changes. Something's going down. Something big.


[ Cell phone rings ]

Ridge: Just board members, that's all. We need to get going as soon as possible.

Taylor: Hello?

Ridge: So as soon as you can get here, better.

Taylor: Eric? Oh, good. I'm so glad you got my message. No, it's true. Ridge said it could determine whether or not we get the company back. No, I'm absolutely serious. It's a document that he found, and it gives him Brooke's voting rights. I know, it's absolutely amazing. And Jonathan's here drawing up a resolution right now. So come on over. Okay, we'll see you when you get here. Your dad's on his way.

Ridge: Thorne and Kristen, too.

Jonathan: Well, the resolution's all typed up. It's rough, but it'll work.

Taylor: You're really going to go through with this?

Ridge: You don't think I should?

Taylor: Doesn't it feel a little shifty doing it behind Rick's back?

Ridge: First of all, Rick is not a board member, so we're not doing it behind his back. And secondly, if we tell him, he will try to stop us, and he may succeed.

Jonathan: And if that happens, you might as well rename the company Brooke Logan creations, 'cause trust me, Ridge will no longer be CEO.


Rick: Ridge was in mom's office copying that file.

Massimo: You saw him do it?

Rick: No, Deacon did.

Massimo: Deacon?

Amber: Yeah, he's helping us now.

Massimo: Interesting. Power of attorney.

Rick: It gives Ridge control of mom's stock, if she should be found incapacitated.

Massimo: Dear god. No.

Rick: So is it legit?

Massimo: Yes. Ridge controls your mother's voting rights.

Amber: But only if she's found incapable.

Massimo: Which I'm sure Ridge's attorney has already advised him that she is. This is very good, Ridge. How in the world you ever found this, I'll never know.

Rick: What can he do with it?

Massimo: That is the big question.

Amber: Can he keep Rick from getting a seat on the board?

Massimo: Yes, as long as Brooke is out of commission, but once she's back, Ridge no longer controls her voting rights.

Amber: Oh, so it's really not that big of a deal. He can only block Rick for a couple days.

Rick: Or a few weeks right?

Amber: Well, but your mom's not gonna be gone that long. And even if she is, it's not really --

Massimo: Wait. Ridge doesn't intend to keep Rick off the board.

Rick: He doesn't?

Massimo: No. His plan is much more devastating.

Rick: What are you talking about?

Massimo: He intends to neutralize your mother, you and your sister.

Amber: How? How can he do that?

Massimo: This is ingenious! It can't fail.

Rick: Massimo, what are you saying?

Massimo: Ridge intends to arrange it so that your majority interest in this company will mean nothing. You know what that means, Rick? That means that Ridge will be CEO permanently. Anything he wants to do at this company, from today until the time he retires, will be rubber-stamped by a board of directors controlled by his family. You've got to stop him! Now.


Ridge: Hey, guys, come on in.

Kristen: This couldn't have waited?

Ridge: Trust me on this, Kristen.

Eric: Ridge, did you get in touch with Rick?

Ridge: No, dad.

Eric: He would want to be here.

Ridge: I don't want Rick here for this. Megan, sorry, this one's family only.

Megan: It is a board meeting, isn't it? I take the minutes. So, I mean --

Jonathan: Ridge, I think it's best that she be here. We'll need a witness.

Ridge: All right. Go on, sit down. Keep your mouth closed. All right, let's get started. Today is a monumental day in the history of Forrester creations. Kristen, Thorne, you know how much this company has always meant to our parents. We've spent our entire lives watching them struggle to turn this dream into a reality. They didn't do it for themselves. They did it for us. They wanted to give us a legacy, an environment so creative and fulfilling that we could virtually do anything we wanted -- be it art, science or business -- and it would be ours, if we chose to take advantage. Can you imagine spending your entire adult life in the pursuit of a better life for your children where opportunity surrounded them? That is the vision that our parents had of Forrester Creations. And up until Brooke took over, that vision was a reality. But then something happened. I'm not gonna put all the blame on Brooke, because a lot of mistakes were made by all of us. But the bottom line is this -- our parents' legacy, the product of a lifetime of hard work, was taken from them when someone else took over control of this company. Today, we have the opportunity to regain control of Forrester. That's why I called you here. But make no mistake. If we don't act on this now, that opportunity is not gonna hang around. We may not have this chance again. We have to act immediately. This is a day that we have hoped and prayed for. Well, believe it or not, it's finally here. We can take back Forrester Creations and make it our own again. I say we do it. I say we do it right now.

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