B&B Transcript Friday 1/11/02



The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/11/02

By Linda
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Brooke: I have to stop having thoughts like this about my son-in-law. But then, he's not just my son-in-law, is he? He's the father of my child.


Bridget: To Los Vegas, huh?

Deacon: Yeah.

Bridget: How long will you be gone?

Deacon: Probably just overnight.

Bridget: Kind of short notice.

Deacon: Bridget, this is a really good opportunity. I mean, I could tell Hank, I can't go if it's --

Bridget: No, no, no, no. Don't be silly. Wow. My husband gets sent on a business trip. To meet with venture capitalists, no less.

Deacon: Yeah, how 'bout that, huh?

Bridget: So what, are these guys are going to put up money for a new club?

Deacon: Yeah, that's the idea. But these things, they fall through all the time, so I'll just go check it out.

Bridget: You know, maybe one day, I'll invest in one of your clubs.

Deacon: No way.

Bridget: Why not?

Deacon: Because I don't mix business with pleasure.

Bridget: Oh, good answer. Just tell me one thing.

Deacon: What?

Bridget: Tell me that this is not breakfast.

Deacon: Bridget, I got to catch a flight

Bridget: Honey, I'm going to make you a yogurt smoothie, okay? You can drink it on the way to the airport.

Deacon: Okay.


Brooke: Thank you for coming by, Dr. Isabel.

Dr. Isabel: No problem. I had a feeling that you might need to talk.

Brooke: My son stopped by her yesterday. And he was very upset.

Dr. Isabel: With you?

Brooke: Well, yes, partly. And I really don't blame him. I've let him down -- once again.

Dr. Isabel: Why do you say that?

Brooke: Because when I left town, I left all my responsibilities there -- my family, my work -- and it's all laying on Rick's shoulders. I'm just really worried that maybe he won't be able to handle it.


Ridge: You're totally out of line, baby brother.

Rick: You call me "baby brother" one more time, and --

Eric: All right, that's enough. Now, come on. This is a family business.

Rick: And my side of the family deserves representation.

Eric: We don't have sides here, Rick. We don't have sides.

Rick: All right, then. I guess I'm just as welcome here as anyone else.

Ridge: This is a board meeting for board members.

Rick: Funny. I don't recall Taylor ever being on the board.

Ridge: Actually, she is.

Rick: Since when?

Ridge: Since five minutes ago. We voted her on.

Rick: Well, that's about as transparent as you can get. What are you going to do next, nominate the family gardener?

Taylor: I beg your pardon.

Rick: You want a bunch of yes-men in here rubber-stamping your ideas!

Thorne: All right, Rick, calm down.

Rick: I will be heard.

Stephanie: Yes, you will be heard. And you have every right to be heard. But, honey, this is not the time or the place.

Rick: Why not?

Ridge: Because you don't belong here, that's why!

Rick: Because I'm not a board member.

Ridge: Exactly.

Rick: So vote me in.

Ridge: What?

Rick: Give me a seat on the board.

Ridge: Oh, for god's sakes. This is ridiculous. You're a junior in college.

Rick: With more business training than you ever got in design school.

Ridge: You may have a point there, Rick. I'm sure there's a lot you could teach us. Have a seat.

Stephanie: Ridge --

Ridge: I know exactly what I'm doing.


Deacon: What Bridget doesn't know won't hurt her. Which is exactly why I can't tell her I'm going to see her mother. Why the hell am I doing this? Brooke, it's like I'm drawn to you. I know I shouldn't be, but I just cannot stay away from you, can I?


Dr. Isabel: Perhaps it's easier for you to worry about your son's problems than your own.

Brooke: You want me to talk about Deacon, don't you?

Dr. Isabel: I would like you to address the problem, yes.

Brooke: Well, there is no solution for this problem! I am pregnant by my daughter's husband, and she can't find out.

Dr. Isabel: But she will.

Brooke: No. No! She would never forgive me. Never.


[ Knock at the door ]

Bridget: Come in. Oh, hey, Amber.

Amber: Hi.

Bridget: If you're looking for Deacon, you just missed him.

Amber: Oh, do you think he'd mind picking Eric up from preschool?

Bridget: Oh, normally he'd love to, but he's out of town.

Amber: He is?

Bridget: Yeah, his boss flew him to Vegas for a business meeting.

Amber: Really?

Bridget: Pretty cool, huh?

Amber: Oh, Vegas. Yeah.

Bridget: Did you need someone to go get Eric?

Amber: Oh, no, Rick and I can pick him up. It's just -- we're gonna have a lot to talk about today, 'cause he went to the board meeting.

Bridget: Oh, at Forrester?

Amber: Uh-huh.

Bridget: Those things always sound so boring.

Amber: Oh, no. No, not this one.


Megan: Ridge, Mr. Durand is here.

Ridge: Great, show him in. If that's all right with you, Rick. Yves, good to see you.

Yves: Hello, Ridge.

Ridge: Welcome.

Yves: Eric.

Eric: Yves, hello, how are you?

Yves: Never better.

Eric: Good.

Ridge: Well, we have a couple of new faces for you here. This is my sister, Kristen. She's been living in New York up till now, but she's here to stay.

Yves: Delighted.

Kristen: Nice to meet you.

Ridge: And my brother, Rick.

Yves: Oh, yes, we've met before.

Rick: Have we?

Yves: Well, you might not remember. You were much younger then. You were visiting Paris with your mother. You had one of those motorized scooters, driving up and down the hall, making us all crazy.

Ridge: He was, was he? Oh, how sweet.

Eric: Ridge, let's continue.

Ridge: Right. Messieur Durand, as you know, is the vice president of finance for our international division.

Rick: Yes, thank you, Ridge, I did know that.

Ridge: Oh, good for you. Rick's just getting started here at Forrester. He's hit the ground running. He's already had two years of business classes at UCLA .

Yves: Well, that's a very good school.

Ridge: Yes, it is. Well, let's have a seat.

Eric: Take mine.

Yves: Thank you.

Ridge: All right, let's hear your update on international.

Rick: Specifically, we'd be interested in hearing about international's reaction to the cancellation of Brooke's bedroom line.

Yves: Well, in a word -- panic.

Rick: Really?

Yves: Well, it turned things upside down. But we did accomplish your objectives. The marketing campaign was scrapped. The advertising contracts canceled, and of course, the line was pulled out of the stores.

Rick: Well, what's the customer reaction been?

Yves: I understand that there were a number of complaints.

Rick: Customers are upset.

Yves: Well, more in a word, disappointed.

Rick: Okay, let me just -- let me get this straight. We have customers coming into our stores, wanting to spend their money, and we're turning them away?

Ridge: Yves, how's couture doing?

Yves: Well, until a week ago, it was trending down.

Ridge: Hmm, and what happened a week ago?

Yves: A sudden spike in orders.

Ridge: Really? A spike? How large a spike?

Yves: 17% over projections.

Rick: Well, still, you can't prove there's any connections. And even if there were --

Ridge: Rick, Rick, Rick. There's no point in attacking Messieur Durand. He's providing us with information. That's his job. So let's get on with your presentation. Shall we? You might want to pay close attention to this. This is where the fun starts.

Yves: At the beginning of the year, the trend in couture, as I said, was definitely down. Unfortunately, people just weren't buying it. Then we decided to activate a very strong campaign


Deacon: I've got to stop thinking about that. But I can't. I can't.

Dr. Isabel: So, in your mind, the problem is the pregnancy?

Brooke: Yes. No. No, the baby is not the problem. It's the result of the problem, which is --

Dr. Isabel: Which is?

Brooke: My betrayal of my daughter.

Dr. Isabel: Why did you betray your daughter, Brooke?

Brooke: Because I'm weak.

Dr. Isabel: Is it that you're weak, or that your feelings are very strong?

Brooke: My feelings are sick!

Dr. Isabel: Sick?

Brooke: Yes, don't you think so?

Dr. Isabel: Feelings aren't right or wrong. They just exist -- even though sometimes we wish they didn't.

Brooke: Well, now you know why I can't face Deacon.

Dr. Isabel: Because the feelings still exist, and you're afraid of what might happen?


Bridget: So Rick went to the board meeting to challenge Ridge?

Amber: No, he went to stand up for your mother's rights. She is the majority stockholder, and she should have a say in what's going on. And he is going to make sure that she does. I thought you'd be happy.

Bridget: I just wonder if maybe Connor shouldn't be handling this. I mean, he is mom's lawyer.

Amber: Yeah, but Connor doesn't have a vested interest in it, not like Rick does. You know, he stayed up all night last night, memorizing every little last detail about the company -- everything, going back to when your dad first started it. You'll see. He'll make us all proud.


Yves: As of December 31st, the company has sold 94.2 million of outstanding trade accounts receivable. It has received proceeds of 33.5 million, and has a subordinated interest in the remaining outstanding receivables of 60.7 million.

Stephanie: Wonderful.

Ridge: Okay so far, Rick?

Rick: Fine.

Thorne: What was the effective interest rate?

Yves: 6.5%.

Eric: And the cap?

Yves: 66 million, but we will terminate that facility this quarter.

Ridge: Moving on to financial instruments. Oh, you may want to explain how all this works to my brother, Rick.

Rick: It's not necessary.

Kristen: You know, I could use a refresher.

Yves: Why certainly. Forrester is a global operation. As such, we are exposed to changes in interest rate and to foreign currency exchange fluctuation. We try to minimize those risks through the use of derivative financial instruments.

Ridge: Got it?

Rick: What -- what -- what kind of financial instruments?

Yves: Forward, option and swap agreements.

Rick: Okay.

Yves: At the end of the quarter, the company had outstanding two fixed-to-floating interest rate swaps with an aggregate notional principal in the amount of 100 million.

Ridge: So what do you think, Rick?

Rick: About what?

Ridge: What Yves just told you -- about interest rate swaps. Good idea? Thumbs up, thumbs down? What kind of impact do you think they'll have on the weighted average interest rate of our long-term debt, huh?

Thorne: Ridge, come on, man. Knock it off.

Ridge: No, I'm interested. I really want to know his opinion. I only went to design school. Rick here's a business major.

Stephanie: Ridge, you've made your point.

Ridge: Have I?

Rick: You know what? This isn't what I came here to talk about.

Ridge: But, Rick, I thought you wanted input into how the company works.

Rick: Yeah, that's fine, but I don't see what any of this has to do with --

Ridge: No, you don't, do you? You don't get the connection at all. You don't see how interest rate swaps could affect Brooke's bedroom, or Brooke's bedroom and couture could be related. Well, I do, Rick. I see the connection because that's my job. Now you think you can help me with that, Rick, huh? Why don't you go back to the playground, Ricky? Let the grown-ups do the business here.


Amber: Hi, sweetie, it's me. I'm just calling to tell you that I'm at Bridget's, and we're both really excited to hear how the meeting went. So give us a call when you get done, okay? Love you, bye.

Bridget: I hope things are going okay.

Amber: Well, of course they are. I keep telling you --

Bridget: I know, I know. It's really important for him to do well, for mom's sake. But, amber, I know ridge. He's super competitive, and he hates being told what to do.

Amber: Well, all Rick is looking for is a little respect. I'm sure Ridge can give him that much.


Rick: This is not over.

Stephanie: Rick, let it go.

Ridge: It's all right. I'll be glad to teach you this lesson as often as you need to learn it.

Taylor: Please stop.

Ridge: He was begging for it, doc, and you know it.

Eric: All right, this meeting is adjourned.

Kristen: Thank god.

Eric: Ridge, Rick, you stay here.

Ridge: Sorry, Dad. Business call to Munich. I'm sure Rick has a lot of homework to do.

Rick: That is it!

Ridge: No, Rick, it isn't it! You pull a stunt like this ever again, and I will roll over you, do you hear me? You come in here waving mommy's shares in my face, well, I don't give a damn! You may be part owner someday, but you did not build this company, and you couldn't run it if your life depended on it. So my advice to you is to sit down and shut up and enjoy the ride while the rest of us work our tails off to make you rich. That goes double for your wife. Both of you -- you just stay the hell out of my way.


 [ Brooke remembering ]

Brooke: Well, now you know why I can't face Deacon.

Dr. Isabel: Because the feelings still exist, and you're afraid of what might happen?

Deacon: Brooke.

Brooke: Deacon! What are you doing here? Where's Bridget?

Deacon: She's home.

Brooke: No, this is not good. You shouldn't be here.

Deacon: Wait, wait, wait.

Brooke: Stop it! Let go of me!

Deacon: Wait! Why are you afraid of me?!

Brooke: I'm not.

Deacon: Good. That's good, Brooke. 'Cause I'm not leaving here till I get what I came for.

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