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The Bold & The Beautiful  Transcript Monday 1/7/02

By Linda
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Brooke: Oh, Deacon. Deacon. I have to stop thinking about you.

[ Remembering ]

Dr. Isabel: You obviously have very strong feelings for this man, your baby's father. But maybe what you're feeling isn't hate at all.

[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Hello?

Deacon: Brooke. It's Deacon. Look, I don't have a lot of time to talk.

Brooke: What do you want?

Deacon: I'm concerned about you.

Brooke: Well, don't be.

Deacon: Brooke, it's because of what we did, isn't it? That's why you ran away. What happened between us -- I'm never gonna forget it. We connected. We understand each other. I don't want to lose that.

Brooke: What about Bridget?

Deacon: Bridget -- Bridget's fine. I don't want you to worry. This is not gonna affect our marriage. Brooke, I just want to talk to you. Please, tell me what's going on. Brooke, is this something that I did? Please, I want to know. Brooke? Brooke?

Brooke: I can't tell you, Deacon. That I'm pregnant with your baby and you can never know.

Deacon: Oh, Brooke. What the hell is going on with you?


Bridget: Hey, honey, no smoking in the house.

Deacon: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know, I know.

Bridget: What's that? Mom's picture?

Deacon: Yeah. Look, I'm worried about her.

Bridget: Me, too.

Deacon: I mean, look at her. You know, she's so confident-looking, so strong in that picture.

Bridget: Yeah, she was back then. You know, she made that company a fortune. With belief, the men's line, the bedroom collection -- she'd be furious if she knew what was going on over there.

Deacon: What is going on over there?

Bridget: It's Ridge. You know, I don't want to believe this, but I think he's pulling the bedroom line.


Ridge: Come on, Rick. This is not worth getting upset over.

Rick: You cut mom's line.

Ridge: Yes, I did.

Rick: Why? It's not losing money.

Ridge: No.

Thorne: No, it's doing pretty well.

Rick: Yeah, and it's going to do even better. Brooke's bedroom is just hitting it's stride. The numbers keep improving.

Ridge: Rick, in this business, sometimes you have to look beyond the numbers.

Rick: What does that mean?

Ridge: It means there are other factors to consider.

Rick: Like what?

Ridge: This line hasn't been without it's share of problems, Rick. It's caused quite a scandal.

Rick: That's what sells. It's daring. It's out there.

Ridge: You're right. Exactly, it's out there. It's Forrester's most visible line. When people think of Forrester, they now think Brooke's bedroom.

Rick: What's wrong with that, Ridge? I mean, tell me, because I'd really like to know.

Ridge: You really want an explanation? All right, I'll give you an explanation. But you're not going to like it.


Brooke: Dr. Isabel. Thank you for coming back. Come on in.

Dr. Isabel: Do you want to continue your session?

Brooke: Yes, if it's not too much trouble.

Dr. Isabel: Oh, not at all.

Brooke: I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier.

Dr. Isabel: Don't be sorry. You're in a time of need and I want to help you.

Brooke: Well, I was thinking about what you said -- about Deacon.

Dr. Isabel: The father of your baby?

Brooke: I told you that I hate him. And you said maybe I didn't.

Dr. Isabel: Don't get me wrong. I'm not discounting your feelings. You had very strong emotions for this man. I'm not sure that hate accurately describes them.

Brooke: Well, neither am I. I wish I could hate him. That would certainly make things easier. But the truth is -- I don't. I don't hate him at all.

Brooke: It's all so complicated and confusing. I don't know what to feel.

Dr. Isabel: Well, you have expressed anger and shame.

Brooke: Yes. But it's more than that.

Dr. Isabel: You mentioned chemistry.

Brooke: It wasn't just sex, doctor. It went deeper than that.

Dr. Isabel: Was it an enjoyable experience for you?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, it was amazing. And not just physically, but emotionally, as well. We connected on so many different levels.

Dr. Isabel: And that surprises you?

Brooke: I think it surprised both of us.

[ Remembering ] you don't find this unbelievable -- that you and I are here together in the same bed with our arms around each other?

Deacon: Well, it's not exactly what I would have expected --

Brooke: Well, forget about expecting it. If anybody even suggested it, I would have told them they were crazy.

Deacon: Why? Why, because I run a bar and you run some international company? I mean, do you think that's -- that's a basis for attraction? Compatible lifestyles? Because it's not. I'll tell you what is -- war. And, baby, you and I have been at war our entire lives. Last night, today -- I felt this incredible sense of stillness, of calm, like I've been living in some kind of hurricane and I finally made it to the eye of the storm. And it's raging outside. And now all there is peace and quiet. And you.

Dr. Isabel: And you felt the same way about him?

Brooke: Yeah, yes. God help me. Yes, I did.


Ridge: Rick, as CEO of Forrester, I have an obligation to think about the future of this company. Brooke's bedroom just doesn't have a place in that future.

Rick: What does that mean?

Ridge: The key to haute couture is image, reputation. That's always been our greatest strength. This lingerie line has damaged at reputation, Rick, and as a result, we've lost a lot of our more prestigious clientele.

Rick: So what? So we lost a few clients. We're still making money.

Ridge: You know, there was a time when Forrester was considered one of the most exclusive fashion houses in the world. We didn't have a big advertising department because we didn't really need it. Everyone knew what Forrester stood for -- impeccable quality, elegance, refinement. In other words, Rick, we didn't sell underwear in department stores.

Rick: You think mom ruined our reputation?

Ridge: I think it's time we get back to the values that made this company great to begin with, Rick. This isn't personal. I did what I felt was best for the company.

Rick: And who else thought it was best, Ridge? Taylor? Stephanie?

Ridge: This has nothing to do with them.

Rick: Okay, so then this was just a coincidence. First, they tried to get rid of the bed in mom's office? And now you cut her line completely. Come on, Ridge, admit it. They put you up to this, didn't they? Grease can't stop it.


Deacon: Does your mom know about this?

Bridget: I don't think so.

Deacon: Bridget, this is not good.

Bridget: Well, hopefully, Rick can talk some sense into Ridge before she finds out.

Deacon: Yeah, well, even if he can't, I don't know that I'd say anything about this.

Bridget: Why not?

Deacon: From what you said, your mother's not doing that well.

Bridget: Maybe this is exactly what she needs. It could help bring her around.

Deacon: But this could also be the thing that pushes her completely over the edge. I mean, if she's not doing well, this might just make things worse.

Bridget: Wow.

Deacon: "Wow"? What, "wow"?

Bridget: Nothing. I've just never heard you talk this way before. I wish my mom could see this side of you. Maybe if she did, things would be different between you two.


Brooke: I hate to admit this, doctor, but I felt something with Deacon -- a passion I haven't felt in years.

Dr. Isabel: Sexual attraction can be a very powerful thing.

Brooke: No. If that's all it was, I could have fought it. But it was more than lust. The way he looked at me -- and the things he said to me -- he understood.

Dr. Isabel: That's important to you, isn't it -- to be understood?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, it is. In the last few years I've made so many mistakes. I'm just constantly defending myself and making excuses, but not to him. He admired me for who I was and the way I lived my life.

Dr. Isabel: That's very positive.

Brooke: I thought it was. And I thought I could trust him.

Dr. Isabel: He wasn't true?

Brooke: I don't know. I really don't know what to believe anymore. You know, he called me. He was concerned about me.

Dr. Isabel: He knows that you're here.

Brooke: Yes, he does. But he doesn't know why, and I don't want him to know.

Dr. Isabel: You didn't tell him anything?

Brooke: I hung up on him. He was asking too many questions. And I just got paranoid. See, doctor, see what this is doing to me?

Dr. Isabel: Let's back up a bit. Why don't you tell me how all of this started.

Brooke: It doesn't matter how it started. I just want it to end. All of the stress, all of the confusion -- it's not good for me, and it's not good for my baby. I just want to forget about Deacon and what we did.

Dr. Isabel: But Brooke, you are an attractive single woman. If you are drawn to this man --

Brooke: No, it was just an affair.

Dr. Isabel: But the two of you have a lot in common.

Brooke: It's impossible.

Dr. Isabel: Why is it that you can't say anything? Is he married?


Bridget: Hey, come here. Honey, don't let this get to you, okay?

Deacon: No, it's not. I just -- I'm worried about her, that's all.

Bridget: Mom may be down, but never count her out. She's a fighter.

Deacon: Like mother like daughter, huh?

Bridget: Oh, no. That's Rick's department.

Deacon: Oh, so if little Ricky's the fighter, then what does that make you?

Bridget: Me? I'm a lover.

[ Deacon laughs ]

Deacon: Is that so?

Bridget: Did you need a reminder?

Deacon: I guess it has been awhile. Hasn't it?

Bridget: Yeah, well, we've both had a lot on our minds.

Deacon: Right now you're the only thing on my mind. Come here. Hey, what do you say we take this in the bedroom, huh?

Bridget: Mmm, that's a good idea.

Deacon: Okay.


Dr. Isabel: Is that why you're so upset, Brooke? Is that what it is? Is Deacon married?

Brooke: Yes.

Dr. Isabel: I see.

Brooke: No, no, you don't.

Dr. Isabel: You respect his marriage?

Brooke: I have to.

Dr. Isabel: But you still have feelings for him?

Brooke: Doctor, you don't understand. I really thought that this marriage was over. He told me he was going to leave her. But he didn't. And now I'm pregnant. And -- none of this should've happened.

Dr. Isabel: All right. Calm down. Calm down. Sit here. Calm down.

Brooke: I don't know what to do. Please just tell me what to do.

Dr. Isabel: You're still involved with him?

Brooke: Not physically.

Dr. Isabel: But he's still calling you.

Brooke: Well, he's concerned about me.

Dr. Isabel: Well, then this is very clear. You must cut all ties with him.

Brooke: I wish I could.

Dr. Isabel: Brooke, you say that you can't have a relationship with this man. And you don't want to tell any one about this pregnancy -- that he is the father. So this man has no place in your life. You must separate from him -- totally.

Brooke: I can't.

Dr. Isabel: Why not? What is stopping you, Brooke?

Brooke: His wife. I can't stop seeing Deacon because -- because he's married to my daughter.


Ridge: Rick, my job is to look after the best interest of this company. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

Rick: I disagree.

Ridge: Well, that's your right. That doesn't affect my decision.

Rick: You're not even gonna discuss it? I don't believe this.

Thorne: Ridge, why don't you show him the orders.

Ridge: No, Thorne. I don't feel like I have to justify myself to him or anyone else. I'm CEO of this company, and if I think the line needs to be cut, it's cut.

Rick: Even if it hurts the business?

Ridge: It won't.

Rick: Prove it. Show me your research. Give me the numbers. Do you have any research?

Ridge: No. What I do have is decades of experience in this business. I have a keen instinct, and I have the support of our most prestigious clients.

Rick: What about the support of my mother? She didn't have to make you the CEO. She did you a favor. And this is how you repay her?

Ridge: No, Rick, it wasn't a favor. I earned this job. And I don't really need a wet-behind-the-ears business major telling me how to run it.

Rick: Hey, I ain't telling you how to do your job. I'm just looking for and explanation.

Ridge: I already gave you one.

Rick: What "because you said so?" What kind of answer is that?

Ridge: Given the way you're acting, it's the only one you deserve.

Rick: You think I'm acting like a kid?

Ridge: Frankly, yes, I do. I'm a little disappointed. I thought you and I had an understanding.

Rick: So did I. I used to look up to you, rRidge. I thought that you were the coolest guy. But you're not. This really isn't cool.

Amber: No, it's not. It's not cool at all.

Ridge: What are you even doing here, amber? Considering this is absolutely none of your business.

Rick: Do not talk to my wife like that.

Thorne: Okay, you know what? Hey -- everybody just relax here a little bit, okay?

Ridge: Thank you, little brother. He's right. This isn't really worth getting upset about. Rick, I realize you're concerned about your mother, which is why I'm gonna cut you some slack. But I'm not going to debate this issue with you anymore. I run this company, and if I say something's to happen, it's gonna happen whether you like it or not. Do you understand me? So just run on back to school, and we'll forget about the whole thing, okay? Good. Go on, get out of here. I've got work to do. Go.

Amber: Come on, Rick. Let's go.

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