B&B Transcript Monday 12/17/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 12/17/01


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Massimo: You can't shut me out, Stephanie. You can't cut me off from my son and his mother. I can't stand it. I need -- I want one of you in my life. You or Ridge? I mean, which is it going to be?

Stephanie: You ask the impossible. I wish there was some way I could make this easier for you. I do. You can't have Ridge, Eric will provide for him. You said you'd stay away from him. Now, I expect you to keep your word.

Massimo: So that's it? I'm not allowed to do anything for him?

Stephanie: What positive effect could this revelation have on his life?

Massimo: He is my heir. He could become president of Marone Industries. There's no limit to what he could accomplish.

Stephanie: He has his own company.

Massimo: Forrester Creations is not his company. Brooke Logan is CEO. He is an employee.

Stephanie: He is going to succeed Eric.

Massimo: Ah, so when Eric retires, he's going to give up the majority of his stock to Ridge, hmm?

Stephanie: Well, the stock is for all of our children.

Massimo: Ah, I see. So you're satisfied with Ridge getting a piece of a company instead of an entire fortune from me?

Eric: Oh, there we are.

Thorne: "There's no doubt Ridge is the future of Forrester Creations, and Forrester is the future of fashion."

Ridge: Will you stop? This is no big deal.

Thorne: Yes, it is a big deal, Ridge. This is big news, man. Look at this.

Eric: Ridge, I cannot remember a more flattering article in that magazine about anybody. You're the toast of the fashion industry. And in fact, everybody take your glass. I want to make a toast. Here we go.

Megan: Here, girls.

Eric: To Ridge, the creative force behind Forrester's continued success.

Ridge: Thank you, Dad.

Thorne: Hear hear.

All: Cheers.

Amber: Hi, sweetie.

Rick: Hey. What are you doing here?

Amber: Well, I figured since you couldn't make it home for lunch, I brought lunch to you.

Rick: Amber, you're pregnant. The doctor said that you have to take it easy.

Amber: Don't worry. I feel fine. If you're too busy, I can just leave it and go.

Rick: No. Stay. I can take a break.

Amber: Well, I made it just the way you like it -- extra lettuce, no tomato.

Rick: Thank you.

Amber: You're welcome.

 Amber: So what are you doing down here?

Rick: Thorne asked me to go over last month's purchase orders.

Amber: But the new line's not even out yet. People already placing orders?

Rick: No, material orders. You know, the stuff that we use to make the designs. That's Thorne's department.

Amber: Oh, is that what you want to do?

Rick: You know, I'm not sure. I really liked it up in marketing, but this stuff is pretty interesting, too.

Amber: Yeah? It all looks like a bunch of numbers to me.

Rick: No. It's actually really cool. 'Cause first, we have to look at the sales projections to determine how many reams of fabric we'll need for each gown. And then, we have to find a supplier who has the best product for the lowest cost. Then we have to arrange the shipping.

Amber: Okay. You already lost me.

Rick: Well, it probably all seems pretty boring, huh?

Amber: No. Actually, I think what your family does is quite fascinating.

Rick: I had no idea you had any interest in it.

Amber: Well, of course I do. It's your family business.

Rick: Well, have you ever thought about getting involved?

Amber: Thought about it.

Rick: Really? Well, if you did work at Forrester, what would you want to do?

Amber: Hm-mmm, Hm-mmm. It's too embarrassing.

Rick: Oh, come on. Come on, Amber, tell me.

Amber: No, no. Okay, fine. When I was kid, we didn't have any money for nice clothes. So I couldn't go in the mall and buy anything. But my Aunt Tillie, she had a sewing machine. So I --

Rick: So you made your own?

Amber: Oh, yeah. I mean, some of it was really outrageous. I mean, you know me. I can go a little over the top sometimes, but -- but some of it was pretty cool.

Rick: I'll bet it was, Amber. You have a really terrific sense of style.

Amber: Thanks.

Rick: No, no, I'm serious. You would make a great designer.

[Intercom buzzes] hang on for a second. Yeah, this is Rick. Okay. Sure. I'll be up there in a second. That was shipping. I have to go upstairs and sign for something. But you hang tight, and I'll be back in a second.

Stephanie: When Eric retires, Ridge is going to take over the company.

Massimo: I see. So Brooke has acquiesced to stepping down and turning over the majority of her stock?

Stephanie: No.

Massimo: Then how is Ridge gonna take over since Brooke Logan owns 51% of your stock?

Stephanie: He's the head designer, Massimo. Look, this is a family business. And it is none of your business.

Massimo: If it affects my son, it most certainly is my business.

Stephanie: Don't you worry about Ridge's future. It's quite secure, believe me.

Massimo: Well, that's good to hear. Which means that you and Eric have completed your estate planning, and you've begun to distribution your assets? You haven't. My God! You and Eric haven't even discussed this, have you? He has amassed a huge fortune, and he hasn't done a damn thing to protect his children's inheritance? Why should I be surprised? I mean, he's given half of it to Brooke Logan. Why not leave the rest of it to the government?

Stephanie: The future of my children will be taken care of. Eric has built this company for them.

Massimo: Does that include Rick and Bridget, hmm? Because Ridge is only gonna get a fraction. He's gonna get a slight sliver of the Forrester pie. You realize that, don't you? Is that the future you want for him? En I have a cold sore,

Eric: "No longer the rebellious upstart, Ridge Forrester has mastered the art of moderation. The simplicity and precision of his designs make them at once both classic and modern."

Ridge: Will you put that away?

Megan: Come on, Ridge. It's a great review.

Thorne: Yeah. And since when do you have trouble accepting a compliment?

Ridge: It's just misleading, that's all. I mean, Dad hasn't retired yet. I'm not running the show.

Eric: No, not yet. Not officially. But look at what you've accomplished already. We've created our most successful collections yet. You're responsible for our best-selling designs. I mean, you're taking this company right where it needs to go. You don't understand. This -- this is a father's dream. To have children who will follow in his footsteps and assure him that h company will go on forever. I'm proud of you, son. And I'm -- I'm proud for you.

Massimo: You do understand that this financial plan of Eric's is pure folly? Stephanie, you've seen it hundreds of times. The founder of a successful family business dies, leaves the corporation to his heirs and it falls apart, destroyed by family conflict.

Stephanie: That's not going to happen at Forrester. Everyone understands, mass, that Ridge is in charge.

Massimo: Oh, I see. So no one is going to be involved? I mean, Thorne is not gonna want to have a say in the company? Kristen and Felicia, they're not gonna have any input?

Stephanie: No. Well, I mean, they might. But that's never been a problem before.

Massimo: Of course it hasn't been a problem before, because you and Eric have always had the last word. But believe me, once the children all have equal shares, there's no leader. They won't be able to make the smallest decision without a vote. And the only thing that's gonna keep that company from absolute chaos is Brooke Logan.

Stephanie: Well --

Massimo: She is going to have absolute power.

Stephanie: Brooke is not a stupid woman. She won't do anything to jeopardize the stability of the company.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. You trust her that much, huh? Well, I'll tell you what I would do. I would give credit where credit is due. This is a business. Forget about equality. I would give the majority of the shares to the person who did the most for the company. I would give it to Ridge.

Stephanie: What about my other children?

Massimo: Well, I mean, they would get a smaller share. But Ridge would be running the company, so their shares would be more valuable.

Stephanie: So it would all even out in the end you're saying?

Massimo: Uh-huh. Everybody profits and Ridge gets what he deserves. Because without him, there would be no Forrester Creations. And I think he should be compensated for that.

Stephanie: So do I.

Massimo: So, then we have to do something.

Stephanie: We have to do something?

We aren't going to do anything. This is my family, Mass. I don't want you to interfere. I don't want you involved. I want you to stay out of this.

Massimo: I'll keep my distance -- for now. But if Eric doesn't show my son the respect that he deserves, I will.

Stephanie: I'll take care of my son's future.

Rick: That's really good.

Amber: You scared me.

Rick: Sorry.

Amber: Yeah. Well, I guess all this talk about designing got me a little nostalgic. You know?

Rick: You used to do this a lot?

Amber: Yeah. Back in furnace creek, that's all I did was sing or draw. You know, one year for my birthday, aunt Tillie bought me a Coco Chanel book and I just wore the covers off of it.

Rick: You know, I had no idea that you were so interested. I mean, why didn't you say anything? Amber, you're a Forrester. If you really want to work here, you just have to ask.

Amber: Yeah. But the way your mom feels about me, I'd have a better chance getting a job with Spectra. Besides, I already have a job -- taking care of you and two beautiful little babies.

Rick: Which you are a pro at, but you're also pretty good at this.

Amber: You think so? It's not too wild?

Rick: No. It's original and daring. Just like you.

[Door closes]

Stephanie: Eric, I have to talk to you.

Massimo: Heidi? Have you arranged it? Yes, yes, I know it's out of the ordinary. But that's what I want. Fine. Thank you. I may not be near you, my son, but I am still your father. And you're gonna damn well hear what I have to say.

[Amber thinking]

Amber: This is pretty good. Maybe Rick is right. I am a Forrester. I could be a designer.

[Amber daydreaming]


Rick: Ladies and gentleman, Forrester Creations is proud to present our latest sensation, the genius behind this collection, the woman who has the entire fashion industry buzzing. Please welcome -- the one, the only -- Ambrosia Forrester!

[Cheers and applause]

Amber: Thank you!


Amber: Thank you, everyone! Thank you!

[Cheers and applause]

Later, Stephanie approaches Eric about the shares in the company and wanting to compensate Ridge for all his work. Eric sticks to their former plans and says he will give all the children 1/6 of the shares each, including Rick and Bridgette, who are not Stephanie's children. She is not too happy with that decision, but he is adamant.  

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