B&B Transcript Thursday 12/13/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/13/01


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Megan: Brooke, why are you going along with this?

Brooke: What could I say?

Megan: Say no! Just tell Rick that you don't want him and his family moving in here.

Brooke: I've always wanted Rick back here, and he knows that.

Megan: But Brooke, you are under so much pressure right now. You have a lot of decisions to make, and I just think that if Rick and amber move in here, it's just not gonna help. Please, Brooke. Come on. Just call them and tell them not to come.

Eric: Why don't you give me that?

Stephanie: It's just such a sudden decision. I just don't feel that you've taken the time to really think it through.

Amber: Yeah, but Rick's worried about his mom, you know? She's been so depressed. You should have seen her at dinner. She just burst into tears.

Stephanie: Really?

Amber: Yeah. I guess it's all been too much for her -- you know, her marriage ending, then Ridge rejecting her.

Stephanie: Rick wants to be there for his mother, and I think that's wonderful, but he has a family of his own now. You're not supposed to have any stress during this pregnancy. Living with Brooke is gonna be very stressful. Believe me, I know. I've done it.

Amber: I can handle Brooke. I mean, after Rick and I talked everything out, I feel like I can handle almost anything.

Stephanie: I'm being selfish. I love you, and I'm gonna miss you.

Amber: I'm gonna miss you, too.

[Drums play]

Kristen: Thank you, Bakari, for bringing us. I know that orphanages aren't usually part of the tour.

Bakari: Maybe they should be. People come to Africa to see the wildlife, the Serengeti. But this -- this is the most precious gift we have to offer the world -- our children.

Kristen: And what's this?

Bakari: That's how many of the children arrive at the orphanage. People can drop off their babies here 24 hours a day. A sensor alerts the people inside the house when a newcomer has arrived. They'll come out, get the baby and begin caring for it.

Kristen: That is so sad.

Bakari: Right this way, please.

Tony: Hey, there's Zende.

Kristen: Hey! Hi, Zende.

Bakari: Is this the boy you were telling me about?

Kristen: Yes. Yes, it is.

Zende: Welcome please, come in.

Kristen: Thank you.

Zende: This is my home.

[Babies crying]

Kristen: Wow. You've got full house.

Zende: These are just the babies. The older ones are outside.

Tisha: Zende? Would you introduce me to your guests?

Zende: Yes, sorry. This is Momma Tisha.

Tony: Hi. I'm Tony Dominguez. This is my wife, Kristen.

Tisha: Hello.

Kristen: Hi.

Tisha: Nice to meet you.

Kristen: How long have you worked here?

Tisha: Actually, I live here.

Tony: With the children?

Tisha: Yes. We want it to feel as much like a real home as possible.

Kristen: Well, how many children are there?

Tisha: In this house, there are 12. The orphanage has five houses just like this one.

Tony: So about 60 children?

Tisha: I know what you are thinking. It's not many compared to the need, but we do what we must. This is the newest addition to our family. She just arrived this morning.

Kristen: She's beautiful. Look at her.

Tisha: Would you like to hold her?

Kristen: Could I?

Tisha: Yes.

[Babies crying]

Brooke: No, Megan. I already told them that they could move in. If I back out now, Rick will definitely think something's wrong.

Megan: He'll definitely think something's wrong the first week he's here. Brooke, you're emotional, and you're queasy. You're tired. You don't think that amber will recognize those symptoms? She's pregnant, too.

Brooke: All right, all right. Let me just think. I can make up a story. I could say that I was seeing some guy and that we broke up, and the baby's his.

Megan: No, I already thought about that. That's not gonna work.

Brooke: Why not?

Megan: Because the minute Deacon finds out you're pregnant, he'll know it's his baby. And then, the truth will come out, unless you can keep him quiet.

Brooke: I don't know. I mean, I've seen the way he is with little Eric. I just can't imagine Deacon having a child and then pretending that it's not his. Oh, my God! What am I gonna do?

Megan: There's still an option that you haven't considered.

Brooke: You mean an abortion?

Megan: All I'm saying is it's an option. You're still early enough along. I could go with you. No one would ever have to know -- not Deacon, not Bridget, not the foresters. Brooke, it would be like it never happened.

Tisha: Zende --

Zende: I'll get him.

Tisha: Thank you, sweetheart. He's a big help to us.

Tony: I bet. He's a great kid.

Kristen: Tony, will you hold the baby?

Tony: Sure.

[Baby crying]

Kristen: Hi. That's pretty coloring. That's nice. You did that all yourself?

Tisha: She's very affectionate. Aren't you, blessing?

Kristen: Blessing? That's her name?

Tisha: Her mother named her. She knew she was dying. She'd never have a chance to tell her daughter how much she was loved. I think she wanted us to remember, too, that at least once in her life, someone thanked God for this little girl.

Kristen: I can't imagine -- knowing that you're gonna leave your child alone in the world.

Tisha: It's very hard. Parents who are sick see their children in the streets begging, starving. They know that someday, it could be their own children, and so they bring them here to us. And they ask us to take care of them. And they ask us to love them. And we do. Ooh, ooh, look. We're on TV.

Amber: Okay. I think we're ready.

Rick: Can we come back later and pick up the rest of the stuff?

Stephanie: No.

[Stephanie laughs] of course. Only, though, if you bring him.

Amber: Of course we will. We're gonna be back all the time. Eric loves you guys. He does. You know, this is the only real home he's ever known.

Rick: Okay, Amber. Don't start crying.

Amber: I just can't help it, you know? I just keep thinking about the first time when I moved in with you guys. I was just pregnant, and I was scared.

Stephanie: Well, here you are, pregnant all over again and all grown up and leaving the nest.

Amber: Thank you. You've been more of a mother to me than my own mom.

Stephanie: Oh, now you're going to make me cry. Stop.

Rick: Okay, guys. Come on. You'll see each other again.

Stephanie: I love you.

Amber: I love you.

Stephanie: You'd better go.

Amber: Okay.

Stephanie: Here you are.

Rick: All right. Come here, big guy. Let's go, huh? Bye, guys.

Eric: See you later.

Amber: Good-bye.

Stephanie: Go on, go on. I've got lipstick all over you. Take care.

[Babies crying]

Tony: All of these kids were orphaned by AIDS?

Bakari: And millions more.

Tisha: But they might not be willing to tell you that.

Kristen: Zende told us his parents were in a car crash.

Tisha: You have to understand the fear. These children have dealt with so much rejection in their short lives.

Kristen: So what really happened to him?

Tisha: He watched his mother die. He had been taking care of her and his little brother himself, going from door to door, begging for food.

Kristen: His little brother? He had AIDS, too?

Tisha: Yes. He carried him all the way here. Of course, at that point, he weighed almost nothing at all. He died a few months later. He's buried here.

Kristen: The orphanage has its own cemetery?

Tisha: Yes.

Tony: How many of your children are HIV positive?

Tisha: I couldn't tell you. We don't test the children here.

Tony: You don't even test the children?

Tisha: What would be the point? We have almost no medication. We can't afford it.

Tony: Well, how long can a child survive without treatment?

Tisha: This little one here, if she's HIV positive, she has a 50-50 chance of making it to her first birthday and almost no chance of surviving till her fifth.

Kristen: What about the healthy ones? What happens to them?

Tisha: We try to find them homes, foster parents, but everyone is overwhelmed.

Tony: You're talking about millions of kids -- an entire generation being raised without parents? What are they gonna be like?

Bakari: What will our country be like when they're running things?

Kristen: What kind of future is there for a child like Zende?

Brooke: Did I ever tell you about when I was pregnant with Rick?

Megan: I just know that Eric was still married to Stephanie.

Brooke: When I found out that I was going to have a baby, there was a miscommunication. I thought that Eric and Stephanie were going to work things out, so I scheduled an abortion.

Megan: I didn't realize.

Brooke: I didn't go through with it, obviously. It just frightens me to think how close I came, 'cause that little baby -- that precious, little baby was Rick, the light of my life. No. No, I can't get an abortion. I know what that means and what I'm gonna have to go through, but I'm going to have to find some other way to deal with this.

Eric: Well, you're in big trouble now.

Stephanie: Why's that?

Eric: Well, we're all alone, just you and me. I've got you all to myself.

Stephanie: God, Kristen and Rick gone. How many years has it been since we've actually been alone, the two of us in this big house?

Eric: I don't know. But I am looking forward to it.

Stephanie: Why don't you make us a really delicious martini, and we'll talk about love and life tonight?

Eric: Excellent suggestion.

Stephanie: You know, there's a good side to this, too.

Eric: And what's that?

Stephanie: Well, they'll be someone over there keeping an eye on Brooke.

Eric: I don't think she's gonna give us any trouble anymore.

Stephanie: How many times have you heard me say that Brooke is out of our lives forever? And she pops back up every time.

Eric: Well, I think that particular cycle is broken.

Stephanie: Well, I don't think so. No, I wouldn't bet my life on it. She'll do something. She'll cause some kind of trouble somewhere. You can count on it.

[Doorbell rings]

Megan: Are you ready for this?

Brooke: I'm going to have to be.

Rick: Here we are.

Brooke: Hi, sweetheart.

Amber: Hi, Megan.

Megan: Hi, Amber.

Rick: Wow. It is really good to be home again.

Amber: You know, honey, I'm tired. I think I'm gonna go lay down.

Rick: Yeah, okay. You want me to bring you a glass of water or something?

Amber: No, no. I'm fine.

Rick: Okay.

Amber: Come on, sweetie.

Megan: Is she okay?

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, she's just pregnant, you know? I mean, you remember what that's like. You know what? Mom, I know that you're worried about living here with amber and all, but I really think it's gonna be great. I have a good feeling about this. You're not gonna regret it, I promise.

Zende: Do you have a nine?

Bakari: Go fish.

Tony: Zende, do you have a nine?

Zende: Hey, those are mine!

Cassie: Hey, come on. Let Zende play with his friends.

Zende: Sometimes, I just want to be by myself.

Tony: Yeah, I know where you're coming from. I grew up in a big family, too.

Zende: How did you handle it?

Tony: Well, I guess sometimes I just took long walks just to get out of the house. Why? What do you do?

Zende: Last month, I prayed to God for patience.

Kristen: Did it work?

Zende: Yes and no. The baby you were holding earlier, her name is patience. God has a sense of humor.

Kristen: Yes, he does, and so do you.

Blessing: I'm tired.

Kristen: Aw. Here. I'll put you down. I can't believe it. That little boy has dealt with so much tragedy in his life, and here he is, cheering me up. He's making me laugh.

Tisha: Just like all children, they laugh, they play, and they tease each other. And just like all children, they need to know that they're special -- more than special -- precious. That's not the message the world is sending them.

Zende:  I win, I win! Yes, I win!

Tony: Yeah. You won, buddy. You won.

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