B&B Transcript Monday 10/29/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 10/29/2001

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Kristen: Just say it, Tony. Tell me you'll marry me, and make me the happiest woman in this room, on the planet. I want you to make me your wife.

Clarke: Eric, we've gotta make a move.

Eric: Tony won't do it. He won't say yes.

Clarke: Yes, he will. No matter what, he loves her, and he just can't help himself.

Eric: He promised me he wouldn't hurt her.

Clarke: Antonio may be a decent fellow, but he is vulnerable. And your beautiful daughter is throwing herself at him, and he's gonna need someone. He just can't resist her.


[Phone rings]

Stephanie: Hello?

Sally: Hello, Stephanie. Caught you at home I see -- alone, I presume?

Stephanie: Hello, Sally. What do you want?

Sally: Nothing. I have everything my heart desires.

Stephanie: Well, then why in the world would you be calling me?

Sally: Oh, I don't know, an impulse? I just wanted to share a moment with you -- share the love, if you know what I mean. Do you know where I am?

Stephanie: No, and I'm not particularly interested.

Sally: Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway. I am at a beautiful Mexican restaurant, and I am with two of the most attractive, sexy men on the planet. Do you know Arturo Sandoval?

Stephanie: The jazz musician?

Sally: That's right. His niece, Sophia, works for me over at Spectra. Boy, that man blows a mean trumpet. Oh, and by the way, the other man is Mojo Marone.

Stephanie: Mass? What's he doing there?

Sally: Well, he's my date for the evening, and we're having the time of our lives.

Stephanie: Right.

Sally: Well, if you don't believe me, you can ask him the next time you see him. Though I wouldn't bother trying to reach him tonight, because from the looks of things, I have no idea what time that man is going to get home. Well, Stephanie, I've really got to run now, so I will talk to you sometime later. Bye-bye. And oh, please, give Eric my love. Bye.

Stephanie: What would mass be doing there with her? Amber?

[Amber cries] honey, what's the matter?

Amber: Stephanie --

Stephanie: Honey, it's not the baby, is it?

Amber: No. It's Rick. He's furious.

Stephanie: What happened?!

Amber: He saw something, and he took it all wrong.

Stephanie: What did he see?

Amber: I was at the lair with Deacon, and he had these thoughts in his head. And I was trying to tell him for the last time I'm not gonna leave my husband.

Stephanie: Now, wait a minute. I thought this wasn't an issue.

Amber: Well, it's not for me.

Stephanie: Oh, but it was for Deacon?

Amber: I had to straighten him out, you know, and -- and he was hurting, and it was really hard for him, and -- I don't know. I don't know. When I left, I -- I kissed him.

Stephanie: Oh.

Amber: But it was totally innocent, Stephanie. It was. It was just good-bye forever. And then, Rick -- Rick, he just walked in, and he saw it. And now, he's just -- he thinks that there's something going on with me and Deacon, but there isn't, I swear. I love Rick, and I only love him. I don't know what to do.


Darla: Hey, you think he's gonna give her the big yes, hmm?

Sofia: I hope so.

Darla: Just look at them. They are so in love. You know something? I think they can really make it.

Sofia: It will not be easy, Darla. They will have the world against them. Still, if anyone can make it, those two can.

Kristen: You're not answering me.

Tony: Oh, Kristen. I want to fulfill you in every way.

Kristen: And you do. You do, more than any man ever has. I could never want more from a relationship than you have given me, I swear it. I swear it from my heart.


Sally: Senor Sandoval.

Arturo: Yeah. How are the lovebirds?

Sally: Well, look for yourself. Your music has cast a spell on them.

Arturo: Hmm-mm. I'm talking about the other two lovebirds.

Sally: Well, as a matter of fact, yes. Mojo and I have managed to make our kind of music, haven't we?

Arturo: And do you have a request?

Sally: I certainly do. You know what they say. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing."

Arturo: I got it. Okay.


Tony: You seem so certain of yourself.

Kristen: I guess it's easy for me.

Tony: I don't know how you can say that. I mean, I would be the one getting the prize here. You -- you, at best, would be getting a man with an uncertain future.

Kristen: Believe me when I tell you, Tony, I don't think of this as a sacrifice. You are a gift -- a gift from God. You are not a liability. And nothing about the future scares me, except the thought of living it without you. If you tell me no tonight, please, let it be because we don't share the same love. That I could live with. But if you tell me no out of fear, that I could not live with, because nothing in my heart is scared of a future with you.

Tony: Well, I have fear for you, Kristen. You are the only thing that I find precious in this world to me, and I don't wanna bring anything into your life except happiness and joy.

Kristen: But don't you see? There is more than happiness and joy. There is pain, and there is sorrow for all of us. You can't protect me from that. I want to share your joy, but I also want to share your pain. Isn't that what marriage is all about? For better or for worse?

Tony: For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

Kristen: Till death do us part.

Tony: Till death do us part.

Kristen: Well, you said the words. Do you mean them?

Tony: Kristen, I love you. Yes. I want you to be my wife.

[Kristen laughs]


Clarke: Eric, if you were Tony, facing a dark, hopeless future --

Eric: And there was a woman, a beautiful woman like Kristen, who wanted to help me through it and who proposed marriage --

Clarke: What would you do?

Eric: Oh, God, you're right, Clarke. There's no way he's gonna turn her down.

Clarke: Eric, where are going?

Eric: I'm gonna need your help on this, Clarke.

Clarke: Sure. Anything.

Eric: Come on. I'll fill you in on the way to the car.


Sofia: Oh, Tony, you make me so happy!

Sally: Darla, it looks like we might have something to celebrate, hmm?

Darla: Perhaps a little champagne?

Tony: No. No alcohol for us. We're gonna be driving.

Sally: Well, does that mean this is not what it seems to be?

Tony: No. This is exactly what it seems to be. Me and Kristen are getting married.

Darla: Oh, congratulations!

Tony: I don't know about you. You all can celebrate whichever way you'd like, but I'm gonna take my fiancée dancing.


Sally: Oh, attention! Attention, everybody! I have an important announcement to make. I want everybody up on the dance floor. It is time to move and groove in honor of Antonio and Kristen. All right, come on, everybody.

[Cheers and applause] senor Sandoval!

Arturo: Yes?

Sally: Hit it, baby. Hey!


Stephanie: Calm down. Come on, come on, come on. Calm down. Sit here with me.

Amber: What am I gonna do? I've never seen him this upset.

Stephanie: If you're telling the truth, you don't have anything to worry about.

Amber: What do you mean, "if"? You don't believe me?

Stephanie: Well, what the hell did you kiss him for? And don't tell me that it's some little good-bye peck. Rick had to have seen something more, or he wouldn't be angry.

Amber: I needed to.

Stephanie: You needed to?

Amber: Yeah. Yeah, to prove something to myself, something that I've just been thinking about for weeks now. That those feelings that I had for deacon, that chemistry, all of that was just gone. I didn't have it anymore. I know. It sounds completely unbelievable, Stephanie, but the closer Rick and I have gotten, when we were talking about the baby and family, the less I cared about Deacon. And when I kissed him at the lair, I knew that it was over. I knew that he wasn't what I wanted.

Stephanie: You shouldn't have kissed him.

Amber: I know, I know. I just -- I just do things without thinking.

Stephanie: Well, you can't do that anymore. You're a mother. You're gonna have a new baby. You've got to be more responsible.

Amber: I know. I know. And I've changed, Stephanie. I'm not that person anymore, really. All I care about is my marriage. Please, you've gotta help me. I can't lose Rick. I can't. How do I win back his trust?


[Cheers and applause]

Tony: Ladies and gentlemen, Arturo Sandoval! Arturo!

[Cheers and applause] ladies and gentlemen, I don't know most of you, and most of you don't know me. But you all helped me celebrate one of the happiest nights of my life. The happiest night of my life. And I would like to thank you for that. A few months ago, when I met this extraordinary woman, I knew I was blessed. I mean, from the day I met her, I knew my life had changed forever. I thanked God every day from that day forward, because I felt like the luckiest man on the planet. Now, suddenly, shortly after that, I received some of the most horrible news that any human being could receive about themselves. Suddenly I didn't feel so blessed. I felt cursed, and I didn't see a reason why my life would ever get better after that. But it did. Because this extraordinary woman didn't see me as cursed. She saw me as Antonio Dominguez, the man I was before I learned that I was ill. And she taught me about the essence of our spirit, and that is what we're celebrating tonight. The spirit of Antonio Dominguez and the spirit of Kristen Forrester coming together as one, because we are now one, and we always will be in our heart and in our souls. Forever and a day.

[Speaking Spanish]



Amber: It gets worse, Stephanie. Rick and Deacon, they got in a fight. He's so angry. He's just acting crazy.

Stephanie: Rick has every reason in the world to be angry with deacon. You know, Rick's mother and Deacon are a lot alike. They both just -- they don't know when to quit.

Amber: Yeah, but he's just as angry at me.

Stephanie: No, I don't think so. I think he's disappointed and he's hurt. But that's because he loves you. Honey, you're carrying his baby. He is not going to do anything drastic. Just give him some time. He'll cool off.

Amber: Well, but what if when he cools off, he just decides I'm a liar and a cheat? I can't blow this now, Stephanie. I have a baby inside of me. But even more than that, I want my marriage to work. You know, I've gotten over everything that's been holding me back. Deacon, my past, my childhood. I'm finally just over it. For once in my life, I finally feel free. You know, I feel -- I feel powerful, and I feel capable of being a really good wife. Of being a Forrester wife. You know, I know can make Rick happy. I can. I just have to get him to put this behind us. 'Cause I can't lose him now. Not now. Not when I am just so close to being everything that I wanted to be for him. I wanna be a good person, Stephanie. I do. And I wanna be a good mother. And I wanna be a really good wife.


Kristen: That was the greatest night of my life.

Tony: Gracias, amigo.

Martin: Your night isn't over yet.

Tony: What? That's for us?

Martin: The driver called, said that he was here to pick up the two of you.

Tony: Sally.

Kristen: Sally.

Tony: Well, might as well not disappoint her.

Martin: I'll make sure your cars get home.

Tony: Well, there's lots of room in here. Might as well make ourselves comfortable. Driver? Home, please. You did get an address?

Eric: Yes, sir.