B&B Transcript Friday 10/12/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/12/01


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Taylor: Look, I'm sorry. I know it was wrong. I never should have gotten involved in this hair-brained scheme of theirs, but listen when I tell you --

Ridge: "A hair-brained scheme"? That's how you see this? Brooke will never trust her father again. She's been devastated. Her family is in shambles. But to you, this is just a hair-brained scheme?!

Amber: I mean, you wouldn't believe it, Ginger. I bought out the entire store! My baby has the best wardrobe in town, and he isn't even born yet -- or she. You know, it could be a girl. I'm kind of hoping it's a girl. Oh, sorry, sorry. I know, I know -- I just can't talk about anything but the baby. Must seem kind of weird, huh?

Ginger: Yeah, it is kinda weird. We've been sitting here for almost an hour, and all you've been talking about is this baby.

Amber: Sorry. I guess I could talk about Rick. He's expecting a little something-something from me tonight, and he's definitely gonna get it, so --

Ginger: Or we could talk about Deacon. You haven't said a word about lover boy.

Thorne: Look, Rick, are you sure about Deacon and Amber?

Rick: I told you, I saw them kissing. She's in love with him, Thorne. She said that, too.

Thorne: Really?

Rick: Just like Mom and Ridge. Now I know how you felt when you heard Mom saying all those things to Deacon.

Thorne: That was different, Rick.

Rick: No, it wasn't. Mom said that she and Ridge are soul mates. That's the exact same thing with Deacon and Amber.

Thorne: Yeah, except for one thing.

Rick: Yeah? And what's that?

Thorne: You and Amber are about to become parents.

Brooke: Good, you're still here. How about a glass of wine?

Megan: We still haven't talked about work.

Brooke: [Groans] I can't even think about work right now. Cabernet or chardonnay?

Megan: Cabernet. You know, for somebody who's been on a plane for 11 hours, you sure have a lot of energy.

Brooke: Well, there's something to look forward to for a change.

Megan: And what's that?

Brooke: Ridge. He's finally coming back

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