The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/28/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 8/28/2001

By Stephanie
Proofread by Becky

 [Thermometer beeps]

Rick: 98.6 -- perfectly normal.

Bridget: Aw.

Deacon: That is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Bridget: He sure got over that fast, huh?

Amber: Yeah. The doctor said it was probably a 24-hour flu, but I'm gonna take him in for a checkup anyway.

Deacon: That's a good idea, 'cause I do not want to go through that again.

Rick: God, I wish I could have been here.

Amber: Oh, so do I, baby.

Deacon: Well, I got some doughnuts if anyone's hungry. I picked them up on the way. What do you say we eat these?

Bridget: Yeah. Let me put them on a plate.

Deacon: All right.

Bridget: Hey, Rick, you want to make some coffee?

Rick: Sure.

Deacon: A little sugar rush, that ought to be good, huh? I was awake all night long thinking about you. You tell me that you didn't do the same thing.


[Kristen remembering]

Kristen: Tony, what was the test for?

Tony: HIV.  I'm HIV-positive.

Kristen: You can't go through this alone.

Tony: Everything that I wanted for me, I want for you. When you love again, when you're rocking your little babies to sleep, I want you to be twice as happy, twice as grateful. You're going to be living the dream for the both of us.

Eric: Honey, I'm taking the day off.

Kristen: Why?

Eric: So you and I can spend it together.

Kristen: Oh, not today, Dad.

Eric: You shouldn't be by yourself. Honey, we can get through this together.

Kristen: Dad, I appreciate what you're doing. I do. I love you for it, but I'm gonna be fine.

Eric: Tony -- has he called?

Kristen: No, he hasn't, and he won't.

Eric: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


[Knock at door]

Sally: Hello, handsome.

Tony: What do you want, Sally?

Sally: A couple minutes of your time, that's all. I know about your condition. Clarke told me.

Tony: Look, I'll be moving out at the end of the week.

Sally: No, you won't.

Tony: You don't want me living in here.

Sally: Why? You figure that now I know you tested positive for HIV, I'm going to be concerned that maybe it's rubbing off on the furniture?

Tony: Look, please, I want you to leave.

Sally: Not until we've had a chance to talk, so you might just as well climb up out of those dumps you're in and listen up. I've got a few words of wisdom I'm going to impart to you, and you, my friend, are going to hear every single one of them. Comprende?


Clarke: The Forrester home. Some of the best moments of my life were spent here with you, Kristen, the only woman I ever really loved. Now, you're free again. No more Tony. I have a second chance.

[Knock at door]

Kristen: Tony? Tony?

Clarke: Hi, Kristen.

Kristen: Clarke? Hi. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not in the mood for a visit. 

Clarke: I brought you a latte.

Kristen: A latte?

Clarke: With caramel and vanilla, just how you like it.

Kristen: Thank you.

Clarke: So are you still swimming those laps every morning?

Kristen: No.

Clarke: You know, that personal trainer you used to have, he's with Julia Roberts now.

Kristen: Look, Clarke, I really appreciate what you're trying to do, but I'm not in the mood for chit-chat.

Clarke: Chit-chat? This is a meaningful conversation.

Kristen: Okay. I'm not in the mood for a meaningful conversation, either.

Clarke: Okay. How about something a little more superficial?

Kristen: Like what?

Clarke: Like the empty place in my heart ever since the day our marriage ended.

Kristen: And that's superficial?

Clarke: You know me. I don't take pain too seriously.

Kristen: No. No, you didn't. I used to think it was a character flaw. Now, I wish I felt the same way.

Clarke: The secret is not to feel anything, because once you start feeling, you start hurting. And when there's nothing you can do for the hurt, it remains, and you spend every day of your life waking up alone wondering what could have been, like I do.

Kristen: You're serious?

Clarke: Clarke Garrison? When is he ever serious, right?


Tony: Look, I don't know what this is all about, but I'm not coming back to work, Sally.

Sally: This has got nothing to do with work. I've got that covered. I've got Darla. I've got the whole Spectra team. I've got Clarke.

Tony: Clarke isn't taking over my designs, is he?

Sally: What's it to you?

Tony: Let me give you a piece of advice, Sally --

Sally: Oh, that's rich. That's really rich. You are gonna give me some advice? It's obvious that you haven't got a clue how to run your own life, and now you're gonna tell me how to run mine?

Tony: My life has been turned upside down, Sally!

Sally: Yeah. You have suffered a little setback, and now all you can think of doing is bailing out.

Tony: "A little setback"? I'm dying, or I will be when I get AIDS.

Sally: Right, and I'm gonna be dying when my heart gives out. And let me tell you something, senior, my little heart is just breaking right now because of the sorry state you got yourself in.

Tony: You know, you would do anything to save your precious little company. Reverse psychology? I like that.

Sally: The only thing in reverse around here is you, Antonio, turning tail, heading for the hills. Shall we cue up the violin music?

Tony: You know what? You really do have a mean streak, Sally.

Sally: What do you want from me, Antonio? Just tell me what you want from me, huh? You want me to wear sackcloth and ashes? You want me to break out the crying towel? You want me to beat myself up here? Why? What for? A young, strapping man has just discovered that he's gonna have to start taking care of himself, and he's all overcome with the pain of it all! Let me tell you about pain, okay? I know all about it. I wrote the book on it.


Amber: I did. You were right. I couldn't sleep all night long.

Deacon: Amber, this has got to stop.

Amber: I know. It's awful.

Deacon: I know, but it just feels so damn good. What the hell are we gonna do?

Deacon: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to touch you last night.

Amber: I don't even know what happened. We were both so scared.

Deacon: That's what it was. It was a reaction. You know, his temperature went down --

Amber: -- Yeah, and we were both so relieved.

Deacon: And I was just looking at you, and --

Amber: Don't, Deacon.

Deacon: What? What?

Amber: Don't look at me.

Deacon: What the hell is going on with us?

Amber: Nothing. Nothing is going on with us. We are both married, we love our spouses, and we are gonna stay strong.

Bridget: Hey.

Deacon: Hey.

Bridget: Guys, don't look so worried. He's okay.

Deacon: No, he's gonna be fine.

Rick: You know, Deacon, I'm glad you were here. 

Deacon: You are, huh?

Rick: Yeah. I mean, if Amber would have been here by herself, she would have freaked out. I know her.

Amber: I wish that you were here, though.

Rick: At least somebody was here.

Deacon: I appreciate that, Rick.

Rick: Well, you know, Deacon, you and I haven't exactly been on the friendliest of terms lately.

Deacon: It's no big deal.

Bridget: It is to me. You know, guys, I just -- I want us to get along. Hey, you know? Why don't we go out tonight? Let's go out, the four of us. Let's go dancing.

Amber: You know, I think that Rick is really too tired from his trip.

Rick: Oh, no. No, I'm not. I'm -- you know what? It's up to you, Deacon.


Kristen: Maybe you could teach me your secret.

Clarke: How not to feel pain? I just did. You don't feel anything, period.

Kristen: You're able to do that?

Clarke: Well, not at first, but I learned.

Kristen: When?

Clarke: The lesson started the day I got our divorce papers.

Kristen: Wow. I didn't realized it had such an effect on you.

Clarke: I'm pretty good at hiding it.

Kristen: But you got over it. Didn't you?

Clarke: No, Kristen. I never did.

Kristen: That is not what I needed to hear right now.

Clarke: Maybe it is.

Kristen: No. In other words, I'll never get over Tony.

Clarke: Not until you move in a different direction, with a different man.


Sally: You want me to tell you what real pain is, Antonio? Real pain means standing by and watching the people you love suffer, and not being able to help them. Real pain comes when your doorbell rings at night, and you open it, and there's a policeman standing there, and he's telling you that the daughter you adore has just been killed in a senseless automobile accident -- burned beyond recognition. And you're left with nothing, not even a body to bury. That's what pain is, my friend.

Tony: I'm sorry, Sally. I didn't mean to diminish your loss.

Sally: Antonio, you haven't lost anything. You have a medical condition, one that can be dealt with, and you're doing that. You're taking care of it. You're taking medication, just like so many others who are successfully battling against this disease. It doesn't have to be the end of anything, Antonio. As a matter of fact, it could be the beginning of the most challenging period of your life. And I know you. I know you are up to this kind of challenge, just like you were up to the challenge of coming in to Spectra Fashions and breathing new life and vitality into it. Your talent did that, Antonio. You did it without a hitch, and you did it better than I ever could have done myself, and I have been at it for years. And I know you can go on succeeding in so many other ways, with Spectra Fashions, with HIV and even with Kristen Forrester if that is truly what you want. You've got no other choice. You've got to go on. Otherwise, all you can do is fade away and wallow in self-pity, and I know you won't do that, because that's not the way you were brought up, not at all. That's not the kind of man you are. You are a man who stands and fights for what he wants. And I'll tell you something else. I want to stand right beside you when you're doing it. Antonio, I want to be beside you, on the battlefield of every war you ever fight, right down to the finish, right down until they allow us to retire from the field with honor. And I'll tell you something, pal. I am likely to retire from that field long before you ever do. 


Rick: Oh!

Bridget: Oh! Look at you.

Rick: Look at that face.

Bridget: You've got more sugar on your face than in your mouth.

Rick: Man, sugar doughnuts. They were my favorite.

Bridget: Yeah. Little d loves them, don't you, honey?

Rick: You know, we try not to give him too much of this stuff, but I guess, every once in a while --

Bridget: Yeah. I seem to remember you living on doughnuts.

Rick: Yeah. Yeah, and look at how I turned out.  We don't want you turning out like your dad, now do we?

Bridget: You know what? I've got to go. I'm supposed to meet Betsy. But we're still on for tonight, right?

Rick: Yeah, yeah. I'm totally game to go dancing. It's -- it's up to Deacon. He still hasn't given us an answer.

Deacon: Well, gosh, it sounds like fun to me, as long as it's cool with your wife.

Rick: Well, Amber loves to dance.

Bridget: Maybe she'll do a special one for you after we leave, huh? Come here. Let me give my little buddy a kiss.

Rick: Yeah, give your Aunt Bridget a big kiss.

Bridget: Ooh.

Rick: Yeah, he likes it, doesn't he? Little buddy, yeah.


Sally: So what do you say, compadre? Are we in agreement? Good. Then go get cleaned up. Change your clothes. I want to take you over to Spectra. I've got something to show you. Forget about that, too. Drop all the glooms. Save that for the competition.

Tony: You know, I was just thinking about someone.

Sally: Oh, yeah? Well, I would lighten up on that, too, if I were you, because I've got a feeling, by the end of the week, you and Kristen Forrester are going to be gazing soulfully into each other's eyes again.

Tony: Yeah. The truth is, the thought of her with another man is something that I can't deal with.


Kristen: I am not ready for another man. I don't know if I ever will be.

Clarke: Kris, I know you're down, but you've got to start over. And I can't let you sink any further, because you've got too much to live for. You've got too much to give. You're young, and you're beautiful, and you're bright, and I can't go to work every day thinking about you over here crying in your vanilla and caramel latte. That just doesn't work for me.

Kristen: That's sweet.

Clarke: You know, Kristen, you're the only woman I've ever really loved, and if I wasn't such an idiot all those years ago, we'd still be together. But I've changed, and I know what I want now. I know how to share. I know what it means to put someone else first, and I want to put you first, Kristen. I want to share a life with you, Kristen Forrester. I want you to marry me.