B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/14/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/14/01


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Kristen: That is not funny.

Tony: I'm not joking.

Kristen: Stop it! You really -- you really have HIV?

Deacon: Oh, look at you! You see how he came right to me?

Bridget: Yeah, I saw.

Deacon: Wait a second, wait a minute. What -- what is this? What, is this a present? I got a little squirt gun. Look at this thing. I bet -- if I look in my -- hold on, you got to take that, pal. And I bet if I look in this pocket, I got another one! What do you think about that? Should we go fill these up? Yeah? Let's go fill 'em up? All right, we're gonna go fill 'em up. We'll be back. Come on.

Rick: Now he's bribing the kid.

Amber: Oh, come on, honey. It's just a cheap toy.

Rick: You know, I thought we agreed that we weren't gonna allow him to play with guns.

Amber: Well, what, you want me to go take it away from him?

Rick: No.

Amber: Come on, Rick. Eric adores you. Deacon is just --

Rick: His father.

Amber: You are the father who's raising him. Deacon is just a big kid he gets to play with. You know, someone who lets him jump on the bed and eat ice cream before dinner. When Eric needs someone who is strong and wise and who's gonna give him good advice, he's gonna come to you.

Rick: Thanks.

Deacon: Come on, come on. Hey! All right, Shorty. Say your prayers, 'cause this town ain't big enough for the two of us. I'm gonna get you!

Amber: Come here, come here. Oh, good for you.

Deacon: Oh, man, he is having a ball.

Bridget: Yeah. Hey, you might want to let Rick in on some of the fun.

Deacon: What?

Bridget: Well, I think it kind of hurt his feelings when Eric ran to you.

Deacon: So?

Bridget: Deacon, come on.

Deacon: What do you want from me? The kid -- it's my kid. I mean, he should be excited to see me.

Bridget: Yeah, but Rick is the one who raised him from birth. I mean, how would you feel?

Deacon: How would you feel seeing -- seeing someone else raise your kid from birth, and you get to see him once a week? Pretty lousy, huh?

Bridget: Yeah, I just -- you know, I wanted us all to get along.

Deacon: Hey, tax. Let's say you give it a shot. You guys have some fun.

Amber: Uh-oh, skinny pachew. Come right behind me.

Deacon: Uh-oh, you're in trouble now, mister.

Amber: Come right behind me. Get him, get him!

Rick: I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you.

Deacon: That was for you.

Bridget: Thank you.

Rick: Oh, you got me. Oh, no. Oh, you got me. You got me. Oh, no.

Taylor: Oh, Carlos, thank you for waiting up here with me and staying here so late. Oh, I don't know why they're not here yet.

Carlos: Suppose they don't show up at all.

Taylor: Well, I told Kristen to meet me up here as soon as they were through talking.

Carlos: What if he just can't bring himself to tell her?

Taylor: No, no, no, he wouldn't do that. It's already gone too far.

Carlos: No, excuse me, Taylor. It took him weeks to even get tested for HIV, right?

Taylor: Yeah, but that was because it was about him. He didn't want to face it. But now that he's been diagnosed, and he's accepted it, his whole focus has been on Kristen and doing what's right for her. He really does love her, Carlos. Which is what makes it even sadder.

Kristen: I don't understand. I mean -- when? When did you --

Tony: In Miami, Ellen's death. She killed herself because she had aids.

Kristen: Oh, my God. You gave it to Ellen?

Tony: No, she gave it to me.

Kristen: This can't be real.!

Tony: That's how I felt. That's why I kept putting off getting tested. I didn't want to believe that anything could change the way our lives were going. We were over before we began.

Kristen: Oh, God. Tony --

Tony: Look, everything's gonna be fine, okay? Everything's gonna be all right.

Kristen: How can you say that?

Tony: I've been telling myself that over and over just so I'd feel sane. Look, I know that I haven't infected you with the virus, but I still want you to get tested, okay?

Kristen: Why?

Tony: Just do it, okay? Just do it for me.

Kristen: Tony, we never even made love.

Tony: I know, I know. I just -- just having proof that you're all right, okay? I just -- just do it for me, okay?

Kristen: Okay, of course. I'll do anything for you, you know that.

Tony: Okay, well, this is what I want you to do. You're gonna go on living your life to its fullest, okay? Everything that we talked about -- marriage, children. Everything that we wanted when I thought that -- when I thought that I was gonna be the lucky man.

Kristen: Please don't say that.

Tony: Look, this disease has ended my life, but it hasn't ended yours.

Kristen: Don't talk that way, Tony. Your life isn't over.

Tony: Isn't it?

Kristen: No! I've had friends with HIV, and they have very full lives.

Tony: Maybe my life will be like that. But the part that stuck out most in my dreams, what I wanted to build my future on, it's passed me by.

Kristen: I haven't even had time to think.

Tony: You don't need time to think, okay? What happens with you, it's obvious. You're gonna find another man.

Kristen: It is not that simple.

Tony: It is that simple, okay? Your dreams haven't been shattered.

Kristen: The dream wasn't just marriage and children. It was marriage to you. Having children with you. I've waited my entire life to feel this way about someone. And now you're telling me that it's over? "Oh, but everything will be fine. Don't worry about it." Everything is not fine, Tony, and it never will be!

Carlos: Taylor, I'm a little confused. Why was it that they were coming by here?

Taylor: Uh, Dr. Craig is going to test Kristen.

Carlos: What? I thought you said Tony and Kristen had not had any sex.

Taylor: Well, that's what he tells me. But then again, everyone has their own definition about what "not having sex" is.

Carlos: Right. All right, he wanted to be on the safe side. That's good.

Taylor: Well, I'd be concerned whoever it was. But Kristen is my sister-in- law.

Carlos: And Tony was well on his way to becoming your brother-in-law.

Taylor: I know. She had her heart set on a future with him. You know, you hear the statistics that there's 40,000 people that are diagnosed with HIV every year, but you just never really think about all the people in their lives that love them. Their family, their friends, the person they're in love with. HIV affects all of them.

Amber: Hm, is that a good cookie? Yeah? Yes.

Bridget: You know, this is such a great house for raising kids. You guys ever think about having more?

Amber: Oh, um -- well, sure, yeah. I mean -- I mean, I want to wait until Rick's out of school, and I want Eric to have a lot of attention.

Bridget: I don't think you have to worry about that. He's got two sets of parents. It's so weird thinking of myself as a stepmom.

Amber: Yeah. It's weird. Well, you know what, guys?  I'm sorry. I am so fried. I think I'm gonna say good-night.

Bridget: Oh, yeah? Go ahead. We'll bring Eric up soon.

Amber: Okay. Okay, here you go.

Rick: Have a seat, buddy.

Amber: Hey, don't be too long.

Little Eric: I'm tired.

Rick: Oh, you're tired? All right, man. Here, you look tired. Let's go get you ready for bed, okay?

Bridget: Why don't you let Deacon take him?

Rick: Huh?

Bridget: I want to talk to you for a second. Please? Deacon's gonna get you ready for bed, okay?

Deacon: Okay, buddy. Come on. It's nap time. All right.

Bridget: Listen, I'm sorry about before, when Eric ran to Deacon.

Rick: You mean little d.?

Bridget: Rick, it's been really hard for him. I mean, think about it. You and Amber get to see Eric every single day. I mean, you're the first people he sees in the morning and the last people he sees at night. Deacon's lucky if he even gets a few hours a week or a couple of phone calls. You know, maybe instead of being bitter about what Deacon has with Eric, you could feel a little compassion for the things he doesn't have. He's not a threat to you.

Deacon: Okay, pal, I'll tell you what. We're gonna sit you down right here. I'll get your bed ready for you, okay? You lay down in there. You like this couch.

[Amber sings in shower] the plot thickens.

Amber: Hi, Rick. Want to come join me?

Kristen: I -- I can't deal with this.

Tony: Look, talk to Taylor. She can help.

Kristen: Taylor?

Tony: She knows. Look, before I knew that she was your sister-in-law, I went to her for counseling.

Kristen: She's known all this time?

Tony: Yeah. But she couldn't say anything to you. I warned her not to.

Kristen: Well, why didn't you tell me, huh? I asked you. I asked you what was going on. That night -- that night that you wouldn't make love to me, why weren't you honest with me?

Tony: I didn't want to believe it, Kristen. I didn't want to bring this into your life. I thought that I would get tested, and I would come out negative.

Kristen: You let me fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

Tony: I was wrong. I know. And I wish that I could say that I'm sorry, but I can't. Look, those past few weeks with you -- these past few weeks with you are the closest that I'm ever gonna get to having the life that I wanted. Now all I have is those memories.

Amber: Don't leave me in here all alone. Playing hard to get, huh? Okay, fine. We'll do it your way. Deacon!

Deacon: Hi.

Amber: I thought you were Rick.

Deacon: You know, I gotta tell you. For once in my life, I'm actually starting to wish I was.

Amber: Hand me a towel.

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, sure. Here.

Amber: Yeah, you could at least turn around.

Deacon: Hey, honey, I'm married, I'm not dead. Here. Why don't you try this one?

Amber: Trouble at home?

Deacon: Now what gives you that idea?

Amber: Well, the way you were looking at me, I got the impression it had been awhile.

Deacon: Well, actually, Amber, I gotta tell you that Bridget's got herself a pretty healthy appetite in that department.

Amber: Well, good for you.

Deacon: You know, to tell the truth, she's actually wearing me out.

Amber: You know, I really don't want to hear about it.

Deacon: See, the most important thing is you gotta keep 'em happy, 'cause I wouldn't want her to wind up being one of those bored, desperate Beverly Hills wives, the kind who invite strange men into the shower. You know the type?

Amber: You are such a jerk.

Deacon: Yeah?

Amber: Yeah!

Deacon: Well, then, let me ask you something. Why are you -- why are you still wearing my brand?

Amber: It is not a brand. It's a tattoo, and I hate it.

Deacon: Really? 'Cause you were just telling me the other day how much you liked it.

Amber: Well, I was just being polite.

Deacon: Oh. Well, tell you what. Why don't you get it removed? I did.

Amber: You did? Well, good. Good, I'm glad.

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah, sure you are.

Amber: I am. I am. I only got the stupid thing to remind me of Rick, and now every time I look at it, all I can think about is --

Deacon: All you can think about is what?

Amber: Is how close I came to losing him.

Deacon: Amber, you and I both know that I still have the other half of your heart.

Amber: You should go. I mean it. I mean it, because Bridget's probably wondering where you are.

Deacon: Yeah, okay. See ya.

Bridget: Hey, there you are.

Deacon: Hey.

Bridget: What took you so long?

Deacon: He was -- just being a little temperamental. Just like his old man. You ready?

Bridget: Yeah.

Deacon: Okay.

Carlos: Taylor, let me ask you something. How do you think Kristen's gonna take this news?

Taylor: It's going to be very hard for her. From what I understand, she's been let down over and over again, so for the last few years, she's just been playing it safe.

Carlos: Yeah, but she's the one who opened her heart to Tony.

Taylor: I know. That's why I know it will be devastating for her. You know what? Inside of her, I can -- I can see behind all the cynicism and all the sophistication. Inside there's this little girl that still believes in fairy tales and true love and happily ever after.

Carlos: Well, sometimes, when the fairy tale is ended, the love story is just beginning.

Kristen: What are you going to do?

Tony: You know, I'm just gonna be taking a lot of drugs. You should see my schedule. I mean, minute to minute. Turns out you were right. Sooner or later, everyone has to end up playing by the rules. Kristen, go home. Go, go to your family.

Kristen: I wanted you to be my family.

Tony: No, I can't be.

Kristen: Tony, just let me be there for you. Let me help you through this. I love you!

Tony: Just pretend I don't exist anymore, okay? I'm gone. The man that you loved is gone.

Kristen: You can't go through this alone.

Tony: Look, as long as I know that you'll go on living your life, I'll be fine. Just no more excuses, though, okay? No more hiding from the world. Everything that I wanted for me, I want for you. When you love again and you're rocking your little babies to sleep, I want you to be twice as happy. Twice as grateful. You're gonna be living the dream for the both of us.

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