The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/30/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/30/01

By Stephanie
Proofread by Becky

Antonio: Come on, doctor. You gave me the blood test. Now give me the results. Con on -- come on, I know I'm HIV negative.


Eric: You think Brooke should pursue this marriage regardless of the way she feels about you?

Ridge: Brooke doesn't want me.

Eric: She said she does. She said it to Thorne.

Ridge: She was just trying to make a point.

Eric: She drove her point right through your brother's heart.

Ridge: Oh, please! Thorne's heart isn't broken. Maybe it's a little bruised. Brooke loves him, dad. By the end of the day he will realize it. You watch. This marriage isn't over, dad. Not by a long shot.

Brooke: I need you, Thorne. You don't think I have any passion for you but I do.

Brooke: No man has ever loved me the way that you do. And believe it or not, it's more than just physical. What you and I share is on so many different levels. And it's never going to change. I want you to forget about what happened, okay? Because this, you and me, right here, right now, husband and wife. That's what really matters. Let me just show you how much you really matter to me.


Sofia: Hi, Kristen. How are you?

Kristen: Good. Can you join me?

Sofia: Thanks. Sure.

Kristen: I didn't see you when I came in or I would have asked you and your friend to join me.

Sofia: You have, how do you say, an eye on men?

Kristen: I only have my eye on one man. So how about you? Are you seeing anyone?

Sofia: No. It is too soon. I'm happy for you, Kristen. But I do miss Antonio.

Kristen: I've never met anyone who embraces life the way he does.

Sofia: And one day you will embrace life together. A long and happy life filled with nothing but joy.

There are a few things I'd like to go over before I give you the test results.

Antonio: Yeah, I know. I can't stop using condoms just because I'm negative. I got the speech last time i was tested. Come on, doc, I just want the results. Give me the good news. I'm negative. Right?

No, sir. You are not. I'm sorry. But you are HIV-positive.


Antonio: I have AIDS?

No. You are HIV-positive.

Taylor: Tony? AIDS is the late-stage condition of the virus. It takes time for the HIV to reach that stage. We'll get you proper treatment.

Antonio: Treatment?

Being HIV-positive is no longer a death sentence, Tony. With a daily regimen of pro-tees inhibitors, and other anti-viral medications, you can live with this disease.

Antonio: Live with it! And what kind of lime am i going to have? -- And what kind of life am i going to have?

Taylor: People with HIV can live very normal lives.

Antonio: Normal? I'm not normal! I'm sick! I'm sick.

Eric: Ridge, I don't think you really understand what your brother's going through.

Ridge: I know he's hurting.

Eric: Do you blame him?

Ridge: No. I probably would have reacted the same way myself at first. I'm not going to throw away my marriage because of it.

Eric: Well, Ridge, Thorne feels as if he's been betrayed by Brooke.

Ridge: No, he hasn't, and he's not going to be.

Eric: She has feelings for yo she admitted that to him.

Ridge: Maybe. But she's never going to act on them.

Eric: It doesn't matter. Don't you see? It doesn't matter whether she acts on those feelings or not. She's never gotten over you and she never will.

Ridge: Then why is she so determined to save her marriage, then? If she's so hung up on me, why did she fall apart when Thorne left the cabin last night? Dad, she didn't come on to me. She was completely devastated.

Eric: I'm sure she was. But what she's feeling can't even compare to what Thorne's going knew.

Ridge: Dad, how can you say that?

Eric: Because I have been there! I know what it's like to build an entire future on what you think is a solid foundation, to build everything around one belief, one person. The belief that that person loves you, and that you're the only person in the world that can make her happy. But when you lose that belief, you lose your faith in everything. Not just your faith in the marriage and in her, but your faith in everything.

Ridge: It doesn't have to be like that. She just needs to prove her love to him.

Eric: He's always going to wonder. I mean, think about it. If you and Taylor were not married --

Ridge: No, no, no. Don't even go there, dad. That's not an issue. It's not an issue.

Eric: It is an issue with Thorne, and it always will be, Ridge, as long as he's married to Brooke. He doesn't trust her anymore. He doesn't trust her.

Thorne: You're a very sexy woman, Brooke.

Brooke: I want to show you all the passion that you inspire in me.

Thorne: You want to make love?

Brooke: Yes. I want to be with you completely. Totally. Let's just put all of this behind us and move on, okay? Right here, right now!

Thorne: Yeah, Brooke. Yeah, I could have sex with you. But I cannot make love to you. It wouldn't mean a damn thing. It would just be sex! You think that's all I want, huh? Your body? And I thought our marriage went a lot deeper than that.

Brooke: It does, Thorne.

Thorne: Yeah!

Brooke: I'm sorry, it was a mistake. It was too soon.

Thorne: No, Brooke, it's too late. Our marriage is over and there's absolutely nothing that you can do to change it!

Brooke: Thorne, please don't say that. It's not over.

Thorne: Yes, it is, Brooke. And if I didn't know it before, I sure as hell do now.

Brooke: You have to give me another chance.

Thorne: To do what? To try to seduce me? To throw yourself at me? If I can't have your heart, you'll give me your body?

Brooke: That's not true and you know it.

Thorne: No, I don't know it, Brooke. I don't know anything about you. I thought I knew you better than anyone. But obviously I don't. About a lot of things!

Brooke: I know you're angry. I can understand that.

Thorne: Anger does not begin to describe what I feel, Brooke! How dare you insult me with this attempt to show your passion for me. You don't have any passion for me. You never have! You married me because I was safe. Because you wanted somebody who was sweet and innocuous to take care of you. Someone to take my brother's place.

Brooke: It has nothing to do with Ridge. I married you because I loved you. My God, why don't you understand that my feelings for Ridge have nothing to do with my feelings for you?

Thorne: Stop! I don't want to talk about your relation feelings for Ridge, not in this room, especially after what happened here. It's over. You got it? It's over!

Brooke: No, I am not going to let you do this. You are not going to end this marriage just because you're feeling sorry for yourself!

Kristen: Sofia, thank you for saying that.

Sofia: It's true. You and Tony have a very exciting future together.

Kristen: You think so?

Sofia: Don't you?

Kristen: Well, I know it's what I want. But I don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to men.

Sofia: Ah. You are not share if Tony shares your feelings?

Kristen: Well, he says he does, and I want to believe it with all my heart I want to believe it. But how is that possible? We just met. He's already talking about marriage. Children.

Sofia: You have tamed him, Kristen. He is a man in love. A man who is committed to you.

Kristen: Well, I guess that makes me one lucky woman.

Taylor: Dr. Craig left his card for you if you want to talk to him about your test results.

Antonio: There's nothing to talk about.

Taylor: You're going to need some good HIV care right away.

Antonio: Great. That's just what I want, dr. Craig filling out a million prescriptions for me and sending me to a pharmacy. I might as well wear a sign around my neck that says "danger, AIDS!"

Taylor: The sooner you get treatment, the soon you can be sure you're not compromised.

Antonio: Right, because i just am HIV-positive!

Taylor: That's right, you just have the virus, not the syndrome.

Antonio: Do you think my family is going to be relieved about this? Do you think they're going to think I'm not sick?

Taylor: You just got some very upsetting news. You're going to need time to digest all of that.

Antonio: I don't need to digest anything, Taylor. I know what it means. If this gets out, I'm going to lose my career. My reputation. My friends. Everything.

Taylor: I know you feel like you're all alone. But 40,000 people are diagnosed with HIV in this country every year.

Antonio: It's not supposed to happen to me.

Taylor: No, but it does. It happens to people just like you. Every day. It's unfortunate but it does happen.

Antonio: What did I do? Yeah, I've lived my life. I've had fun. Had lots of girlfriends. But it was supposed to be fun. Is that why? Is that why God did this to me?

Taylor: It isn't going to do any good to ask why. There is no "why" to a disease. If you want to get angry, go ahead. Go ahead, get angry. Tear my office apart if you want to. Tony, please, please let me get you through this.

Antonio: What are you doing? Don't touch me.

Thorne: No, Brooke, you are wrong. I am not feeling sorry for myself.

Brooke: What do you want me to do? I'll do anything. I just don't want to lose me.

Thorne: You don't know when to quit. You don't even want me. You just can't stand the idea of being alone. Well, I'd rather be alone than being with someone who settled for me.

Brooke: I didn't settle for you. I love you.

Thorne: Maybe your love is not good enough. Maybe there are plenty of women out there who would be proud to be my wife. A woman who could love me totally and completely. A woman with no history and no hang-ups. A woman with no Ridge!

Brooke: There is no Ridge! Come on, baby. Please don't do this. We can make it work. I know we can.

Thorne: No, Brooke. It's over. And this cheap seduction routine that you just pulled, it might have worked on my brother but it will never work on me! (Sobbing)

Sofia: It is a lucky thing to be loved like this. Tony is such a gentle lover.

Kristen: Sofia!

Sofia: There's no reason to be embarrassed. We both know.

Kristen: No. We don't both know.

Sofia: You have not made love?

Kristen: No! And I'd really rather not discuss it. I like you, Sofia, but it's a little awkward socializing with a woman who has been intimate with my boyfriend.

Sofia: Well, then, I will only say there is no need to worry. It will never happen again for me and Tony. But I do cherish my memories. What Antonio and I shared will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Antonio: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Taylor: Tony... Calm down.

Antonio: How can I calm down? I'm HIV-positive. Sooner or later I'm going to have full-blown AIDS and my life is over.

Taylor: All right, Tony, you need to calm down. You're going to give yourself an anxiety attack.

Antonio: I can't. Now I understand.

Taylor: What?

Antonio: Why Ellen did what she did. She couldn't live with herself. She couldn't live with the guilt.

Taylor: Antonio, I know you want to run away from all of this. But that's not the answer.

Antonio: Then what is?

Taylor: All of the fears and the shame and the guilt you're feeling right now is completely normal. In fact something would be wrong with you if you weren't feeling angry and confused. But you are not the demon here, Tony. HIV is the enemy. You are not. You have nothing to be ashamed of. This is not something you deserved. You're not being punished by God. Yes, you have a virus. But it's not a death sentence. It's not a death sentence!