The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/25/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday July 25 2001

By Stephanie
Proofread by Becky

Taylor: It's Kristen! She's the one he's been seeing. She's his girlfriend. Oh, my God! He might have HIV! He needs to get tested!

Ridge: Doc? Why don't we just go over there?

Taylor: Oh, honey, no.

Ridge: You seem so interested in them.

Taylor: Has she told you very much about her relationship?

Ridge: Well, you remember that family dinner we had that you couldn't make it to? They couldn't keep their eyes off each other. That was just a couple of days after they met. You can imagine how close they are now.

Taylor: Yeah.

Ridge: But I'm sure you know more about that than me.

Taylor: Why?

Ridge: She's been over to the house quite a bit recently, borrowing your clothes actually, so I'm sure she's given you the whole lowdown. But I don't want to know anything about it, okay? Taylor, what's the matter?


Antonio: So your father approves?

Kristen: Of course he does. Why wouldn't he? He sees how happy I am. Guess who else I talked to?

Antonio: Who?

Kristen: Sofia.

Antonio: Sofia! Where did you run into her?

Kristen: I didn't. She came by the house.

Antonio: You invited her?

Kristen: No. She invited herself. Tony, it was fine!

Antonio: Well, you are in one piece!

Kristen: She wasn't even upset. She was very sweet. She obviously really still cares about you.

Antonio: You talked about me?

Kristen: What else do we have in common? She was very sincere. She said she just wanted to wish us the best.

Antonio: Passing along the torch, so to speak.

Kristen: Yeah, so to speak. From one lover to the other. Or one former lover to a wannabe lover. It was kind of significant, though. You know, my father's acceptance and Sofia's resignation. Kind of like the stage is clear now. It's just you and me.

Antonio: And our future.

Kristen: The ladies just can't resist you, can they?

Antonio: She's a little cutie pie, isn't she?

Kristen: Yes. That's something else I've been thinking about a lot... Children.

Antonio: Wouldn't that be nice? Having one like her.

Kristen: We're going to have all that.

Kristen: Oh, wow! There is my brother and his wife.

Antonio: Do you want to go over and say hello?

Kristen: Yeah. You haven't met her yet. Come on!


 (Phone ringing)

Brooke: Come on, Thorne! Come an, answer the phone! Don't do this. Don't do this to us! (Phone ringing)

Thorne: Damn! What a fool I've been! Damn! It never even crossed my mind! All this time -- all this time I thought I had a marriage. And all this time it's been Ridge. It's always been Ridge! And she couldn't even tell me. No, she had to tell a stranger, someone she despises.

Brooke: Deacon, once you connect with someone on this level, you need them in your life. No one will ever take their place in your heart. I know this is true because it's the way I feel about Ridge.

Ridge: Tell me what's going on here. You're acting so strange.

Taylor: Ridge, it's just that --

Ridge: Save it. We're about to have visitors. Well, they'll just let anybody into this place, won't they?

Kristen: Obviously. They let you in.

Ridge: Tony, good to see you.

Antonio: Likewise.

Kristen: I want you to meet someone. Tony, this is my beautiful sister-in-law, Taylor.

Taylor: Hello. Nice to see you again, Antonio.

Kristen: You know each other?

Taylor: Yes, we've met, briefly.

Kristen: When?

Ridge: Tony, you're looking a little peaked there. You feeling okay?

Antonio: Yeah. It's just that --

Kristen: It's all right. My sister-in-law has that effect on men.

Ridge: Come on, you guys, sit down. Sit down!

Antonio: Are you sure we're not intruding?

Ridge: Oh, an old married couple like us? Besides, you're practically family.

Here's another chair. Are you moving over here now?

Antonio: No. We're just going to have one drink. Scotch on the rocks.

Ridge: We'll have our usual.

Kristen: I should be mad at you. You met Taylor, and you didn't even mention it to me.

Antonio: It was just very brief.

Kristen: So what do you think of them?

Ridge: We're just letting it hang out tonight, aren't we?

Kristen: Well, yes. It's called flaunting. And we're in love.


(Cell phone rings)

Ridge: Sorry, you guys. Hello?

Brooke: Ridge, it's me! I need your help.

Ridge: Brooke, what is it?

Brooke: He just walked out on me. I don't know. He left. And I'm up here. You've got to come up right away, okay? I'm up at the cabin!

Ridge: Okay, we'll be there soon. We'll be there soon. Sweetheart, we have to go.

Taylor: Is everything okay with Brooke?

Ridge: No. Not really, but I'll tell you about it later.

Taylor: Honey, is this something you can handle by yourself? I'd really like to stay for a little while.

Ridge: Yeah, okay. All right. All right. Tony, it's good to see you.

Antonio: Same here, Ridge.

Ridge: You guys have a great time.

Kristen: Oh, we will.


Brooke: Oh, God! Don't do this to us, Thorne. Please! Don't do this. He'll come back. He has to come back.

Thorne: God! How could I have been so stupid in everybody warned me... Mom, dad, Ridge. And Macy. Macy! You came all the way to Italy to warn me about Brooke?

Macy: I want you to be happy. But, Thorne, if I thought Brooke could do that for you, I swear right now that I'd accept it, but I can't! All the way over here on the plane, I kept thinking to myself, maybe -- maybe I should give Brooke the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this it's time it's different. But it's not different, Thorne. It's the same thing she's done with every man she's ever been with. Every man who isn't Ridge. I know you don't see Brooke the same way that I do, the way that your mother and father do. But some day you will. And when that day comes, I just hope that you remember that there were people who tried to help you. People who love you. What is this going to do, keep away

Thorne: Everything that we have been through, all the battles that we fought, it's come to this? You know, I would have done anything for you. I would have loved you for the rest of your life, Brooke. And I would have given you something that no one has ever given you, something that you have always wanted. And that was my heart and that was my soul. But I will not play second fiddle to my brother, or to anyone else.

Brooke: Thorne! It's you that I want. How can you even think anything else? Don't let them get to you like this! You know what we have is real. Just think back. Think back to the Rialto Ridge.

Thorne: Stop!

Brooke: No, I am not going to stop. I need you to remember. I need you to remember the things that you said, the way that you felt when you gave me this ring. I am still wearing this because I know that you can never turn your back on the way you felt that day. And you told me that you want to feel that way forever. Well, you can. You can! Just look at this ring and remember. Look at it!

Thorne: What am thinking? This is crazy. She doesn't love Ridge. She loves me. She loves me.


Taylor: My sister-in-law? The woman you're seeing is my husband's sister?

Antonio: And how was I supposed to know?

Taylor: Well, you know now. And it ends now.

Antonio: No, wait a minute.

Taylor: No, wait a minute. What are you trying to do? How many drinks have you had? You're trying to relinquish all sense of responsibility?

Antonio: Who are you, your mother?

Taylor: I'm trying to be some sense of sanity ringing in your ear. I may be the only thing standing between Kristen and disaster. Now, what are your plans for the rest of this evening? You are not going home with her!

Antonio: You're diagnosing me, doctor. Do you know what the possibility of me carrying the virus of HIV is?

Taylor: It's called insurance, responsible behavior.

Antonio: Thank you for the lecture, doctor. Send me the bill! Excuse me, I'm going back to my date.

Taylor: Listen, I am not going to let you threaten her. She is going to know the truth about her.

Antonio: No, you listen to me. You are my psychiatrist. We have a doctor-patient confidentiality agreement. You say one word to Kristen, and I will make sure you never practice again. Understood, Dr. Hayes?

Taylor: Kristen is part of my family. Her life is at stake. And my family comes before my career. Any day.

Taylor: Kristen? I need a ride home.

Kristen: Oh. Well, I'm sure we could work that into the agenda.

Taylor: No, I really need to go right now.

Antonio: Well, we could call you a tab.

Taylor: I don't like cabs. Besides, I have to talk to Kristen about a family matter.

Kristen: Now?

Taylor: I really do hate to interrupt your evening, but --

Kristen: Well, is it that serious?

Taylor: Yes. It could be very serious.

Kristen: Well, I guess, if you really need me?

Taylor: I do.

Kristen: Okay. Well, I will give the valet my ticket. I'll call you when I'm finished.

Antonio: Not one word to Kristen about HIV.

Taylor: Somebody has to tell her.


Thorne: Of course she's -- she's still up at the cabin.

Brooke: Oh, Ridge!

Ridge: Is he back yet?

Brooke: No. No. He's probably on his way to L.A. by now.

Ridge: I can't believe he just left you up here alone.

Brooke: No, he was furious.

Ridge: He needs to chill out. He needs to cool off.

Brooke: Yeah, yeah, I hoped so.

Ridge: I talked to Megan. She told me what happened.

Brooke: About Thorne and me? How did Megan know?

Ridge: Thorne, I guess, told her. Logan, what in the world were you thinking?

Brooke: I don't know. God, I'm so stupid! I could just kill myself!

Ridge: What exactly did you say to deacon?

Brooke: I told him that -- I was trying to make a point, that he ought to be with Amber and not with Bridget.

Ridge: Okay. And...?

Brooke: And I used myself as an example. But I never meant to imply that I didn't love Thorne and that I wasn't happily married.

Ridge: So you just exaggerated to Deacon to make a point, then?

Brooke: Yeah. I guess so.

Ridge: And Thorne heard it?

Brooke: God, Ridge, it wasn't meant for his ears! It wasn't meant for anybody's ears. It just kind of slipped out.

Ridge: What exactly slipped out?

Brooke: I told him that there was a place in my heart that only one person could fill and that there was only one person for him, and that was Amber, and that he should be with her because she's not totally committed to Rick.

Ridge: Unlike your situation?

Brooke: Right. And I didn't intend to mention your name. That was an accident.

Ridge: What else did you say to Deacon?

Brooke: I told him that I still had passion for this person, and that we would always be soul mates. Even if we couldn't be together. And that every night when I go to bed, I think about him. And every morning when I wake up I think about him. And I just told him that because I wanted him to know that he could still have all of that, and he didn't have to give up.

Ridge: Like you did? Logan, you've got to know what this did to Thorne, to hear all of this.

Brooke: Oh, I know. I know. I just keep telling myself that it's not serious, and it was a mistake and a misunderstanding. But Ridge, I really think it's more. I mean, he heard me say something that I've never admitted to anybody. Not even to myself. It was just one of those rare, unexpected moments of truth. My God! I never meant for anybody to hear this, especially my husband! I'm scared, Ridge. I am so scared. I really think I may have lost him!