B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/3/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/3/01


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Elderkin: Tony, I have to ask you a very important question. Were you and Ellen using protection?

Tony: She was on birth control pills.

Elderkin: So you weren't using condoms?

Tony: No.

Elderkin: Then you need to get tested. I can draw the blood right now.

Tony: Wait a minute, doc. I'm not HIV positive. You already tested me.

Elderkin: But that was two years ago, before you started dating Ellen, before you slept with her. I only wish that I had tested her. [Monitor beeping]

Brooke: How is she?

Nurse: She's a fighter.

Brooke: Yes, she always has been.

Nurse: Are you her mother?

Brooke: Yes. She's going to be okay, isn't she?

Nurse: We'll know more in the next day or so. The doctor will be in soon.

Brooke: Oh, honey, I'm not gonna lose you this way. Do you hear me, Bridget? You're going to get well. And I swear -- oh, I swear that I will never let Deacon Sharpe near you again.

Rick: Hey, dad. Where's Thorne?

Eric: He's -- he's covering for me at a meeting.

Rick: Look, why don't you sit down and get some rest?

Eric: No, no. I'm okay. How's Bridget?

Brooke: Well, she's unconscious.

Eric: I want to go in and see her.

Dr. Paxson: Right after I check on her, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: Okay. Look, I'm really sorry about -- is there anything else you can tell us about what happened to Bridget?

Dr. Paxson: She was bleeding internally, which we took care of, but out main concern now is head trauma. She suffered a pretty severe concussion.

Brooke: So when are you gonna know more?

Dr. Paxson: When she regains consciousness. I want to go look in on her now.

Brooke: What happened out here?

Rick: Dad and Deacon kind of got into it.

Brooke: Oh, Eric.

Eric: I just -- I just -- I just need him to stay away from me.

Brooke: Where is he?

Rick: He's gone.

Deacon: I'm not gonna leave, not till I know she's okay. I don't care what they say. Oh, man, she's my wife. My wife -- Bridget, I'm so sorry about this.

Tony: Doc, this is crazy. Look at me. I'm healthier than ever.

Elderkin: And hopefully Ellen didn't infect you, Tony, but we've got to find out. Now, let's go to the examination room and draw some blood.

Tony: Wait a minute, doc. Give me all the facts.

Elderkin: Facts?

Tony: Yeah, what are the possibilities of catching HIV from an infected woman? I mean, really?

Elderkin: Well, there are a lot of different factors involved. I can't give you a blanket statement.

Tony: Sure you can. Give me the statistics.

Elderkin: Statistics? You want to risk your life on the basis of a statistic?

Tony: You know, maybe I'm not risking anything at all because it never happens. I mean, hardly ever.

Elderkin: Why are you doing this? Don't you want to know if you're carrying this virus?

Tony: I don't want to get worked up over nothing, okay? It's a long shot, doc.

Elderkin: It's a responsibility, Antonio.

Tony: It's a responsibility, and it's my responsibility. I'll handle it.

Elderkin: Will you?

Tony: Don't worry about me, doc.

Elderkin: And what about your friend, Kristen? Should I worry about her?

Eric: Dear God -- dear heavenly father -- you can't do that. You can't take this girl. She's my little girl. This is my little girl, and she needs me now. She was coming to me in that car. I know she was. She's been hurt very badly by this man in her life, and she was coming to me. I can take the hurt away. And I know how to do that, I do. I've done it before lots of times. I need to be able to take her into my arms, and I need to hold her close, and I need to say that she's smart, she's pretty, and she's funny and that it's all right. You don't have to be a big girl all the time. You can cry, it's okay. Dads can almost always make everything better. So you can't take her. You have to give me a chance to do that again. I know I don't get to decide these things, but you have to hear me. Bridget, you know how much I love you. Is it even possible you could -- oh, you need to come back, honey. You have to come back to us.

Bridget: Daddy -- hi.

Eric: Hi, baby.

Kristen: Hey, thanks for picking me up at the airport. It was a nice surprise.

Ridge: What, do you think I was gonna send a car for you?

Kristen: Well, traffic must have been a nightmare.

Ridge: Kristen, I would walk through broken glass for my little sister, okay?

Kristen: Right, yeah, especially when I've been away with a new man?

Ridge: Is that what you were doing, huh? So how'd it go?

Kristen: We went to a funeral, Ridge.

Ridge: Where did you stay?

Kristen: At a hotel.

Ridge: A hotel?

Kristen: Yes. Go ahead. Ask.

Ridge: Well, I would hope that you had separate rooms. You did, didn't you? [Kristen laughs]

Kristen: It must have killed you.

Ridge: What?

Kristen: All the time I was living in New York, and you couldn't keep an eye on me.

Ridge: Oh, Kristen, I had my spies.

Kristen: You know, anybody else, I would know they were kidding, but not my big brother.

Ridge: You love it, too. So tell me about Miami.

Kristen: I miss him.

Ridge: Oh, please. You just saw him five -- what, five hours ago, and you're probably gonna see him again tonight!

Kristen: I know, but I already miss him so much.

Ridge: You east coast girls are so easy, I swear. [Kristen sighs] easy, easy, easy. I'm gonna pay the Bill.

Tony: This has nothing to do with Kristen, doc.

Elderkin: Well, you're obviously not that involved with her.

Tony: What makes you say that?

Elderkin: Because if you were, you would know that this has everything to do with Kristen. Now, you've been intimate with this woman?

Tony: No.

Elderkin: Good, and you're not going to be until you get tested.

Tony: I don't need to get tested, doc!

Elderkin: You are in denial, Tony. Look, I have always been straight with you, and I'm being straight with you now. You've got no choice. The responsible thing to do is to have this blood test to find out if you're HIV positive.

Tony: I already know! I feel fine!

Elderkin: Tony, you can have HIV and feel terrific until it turns into full- blown AIDS. But even then, it can be delayed and possibly prevented with the right kind of medicines and lifestyle changes. Now, don't you see what you're doing here? You're rolling the dice. You are gambling with your life, and you don't have to. With early detection, there's a lot of things that can be done to help you, if in fact you are HIV positive.

Tony: This isn't what's supposed to happen to me, doc.

Elderkin: I know, Tony. Believe me, I do. But we have to know for sure.

Tony: Well, I do know. Doc, God wouldn't have given me this disease and Kristen. He wouldn't have blessed me with her presence for me to find out that I'm HIV positive! Now, who else knows about this?

Elderkin: Well, Ellen's family, of course. They wanted to keep this quiet --

Tony: Good.

Elderkin: -- But they asked me to talk to you.

Tony: Well, I want this quiet, too, doc.

Elderkin: But, Tony --

Tony: No, listen, doc. Kristen comes from a very close-knit family. If they hear a word about this, they won't allow us to continue our relationship, okay? Now, that's not gonna happen. Not a word to anybody. Look, doc, Ellen and I have not been together for over a year. If I would have picked up the disease, I would have felt something by now.

Elderkin: Not necessarily.

Tony: Now, this discussion's over!

Elderkin: Tony, you can't run from this. You've got to know the truth. You may not be positive. More than likely, you're not positive. But you want to know, and you want to know now, because early diagnosis, it's crucial. If you won't do this for yourself, then do it for Kristen.

Brooke: I still don't get it. What did this to Bridget? What sent her over the edge?

Amber: We already told you, Brooke. Bridget overheard me and Deacon talking.

Brooke: Right. He told you he was feeling guilty about using Bridget.

Amber: Right.

Brooke: And that he didn't love her, and the only reason he married her was to force us to give you and little Eric back to him.

Amber: That wasn't exactly the way he said it.

Brooke: Well, it must have been pretty close, Amber. Bridget heard enough to know that he was using her.

Amber: True, but what's your point?

Rick: Yeah, mom, what is your point?

Brooke: Well, don't you think it's kind of strange that Deacon and Amber are having a conversation like that? It's pretty intimate, don't you think? Deacon's telling her that he doesn't love his wife and that he's using her, and he's really in love with her. I mean, that doesn't bother you at all, Rick?

Amber: Okay. It wasn't that kind of conversation.

Brooke: Well then, what kind of conversation was it? Obviously, Deacon was confiding in you about his feelings. And I have to ask myself, Amber. What exactly did my daughter overhear, or more importantly, what did she oversee?

Amber: What are you implying?

Brooke: That my daughter didn't get that upset over a few lines from Deacon. It had to have been a lot more than that.

Amber: Well, you're wrong, Brooke, okay?! And I am not gonna fight with you in the middle of a hospital. [Elevator opens] Deacon, what are you still doing here?

Deacon: Look, just take it easy.

Amber: No, you have to get out of here. These people are completely out of control, and especially Brooke.

Deacon: Yeah, I heard. I'm not going anywhere.

Amber: Deacon --

Deacon: That's my wife in there, Amber. And I'm not leaving till I can talk to her.

Amber: Till you can talk to her? What do you have to talk to her about, Deacon?

Deacon: Just -- everything. Just everything. [Monitor beeping]

Bridget: Where am I?

Eric: You're in the hospital, honey. You were in a car accident.

Bridget: Why were you crying?

Eric: Why was I crying? Well -- I was so -- I was so, so worried about you.

Bridget: Don't worry, Daddy. Don't cry. I don't want you to cry.

Eric: Okay. Okay, I won't cry.

Tony: I got a plane to catch, doc.

Elderkin: Please, Tony, let me draw some blood.

[Phone rings]

Tony: Excuse me. Hello?

Kristen: Hi.

Tony: Kristen?

Kristen: How's it going?

Tony: Well, it's -- it's going just fine.

Kristen: Great. So you got the answer you were looking for?

Tony: Not exactly.

Kristen: Well, tell me  that you are on your way  back home to see me, because  I have a super romantic  evening planned for us. Tony?

Tony: Yeah, I'm on my way to the airport right now.

Kristen: Excellent, because I cannot wait to see you.  I miss you.  It sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Tony: I miss you, too.

Kristen: Well, good. So, get your butt on the next plane. I love you.

Elderkin: Tony --

Tony: You are not gonna ruin this for me, doc. I am perfectly healthy!

Elderkin: Tony, you slept with a woman who had AIDS. You need to get tested, for yourself and for Kristen. You have a responsibility here.

Tony: No, don't you --

Elderkin: You must get tested!

Tony: Don't you tell me about responsibility! I will handle this! Don't say a word to anybody. You hear me, doctor? Not a word.

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