B&B Transcript Monday 6/25/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/25/01


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Amber: No. No, no, no, Deacon. Stop, stop, stop.

Stephanie: Hi, honey.

Ridge: Hey, Mother. Taylor couldn't make it. She's setting up her office.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah, so she's gonna go back working, huh?

Ridge: Yeah, just part-time. So, we meet Kristen's new man.

Eric: Yes, her very new man.

Ridge: Yeah, that's my sister -- dive right in, check the depth of the water later. Are you in favor of this?

Stephanie: I'm in favor of her just being happy.

Brooke: Well, don't you think she's moving kind of fast? She talks about this guy like she's in love.

Stephanie: Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know, but she's been strained from the family for so long. I just want to really change that.

Eric: I'd like for that to change, too, but remember, she's made it very clear this trip back to L.A. Is just a visit.

Stephanie: I understand that. Believe me, I do, but for the first time in such a long time, she and I are really communicating with one another, and I want to try and keep that going. So, I don't you and your brother teasing her tonight. You understand?

Kristen: Hey, they're gonna love you.

Tony: Yeah, well, that's a biased opinion.

Kristen: Well, what's not to love?

Tony: The place of my employment for starters.

Kristen: Come on, I told you not to worry about that.

Tony: I thought you said you didn't get along with your family.

Kristen: No, just Mother. Okay, Ridge once in a while and sometimes Thorne.

Tony: Is that all?

Kristen: You know, none of that seems to matter anymore.

Tony: Well, good, 'cause family is everything, Kristen.

Kristen: Well, not everything.

Tony: Yes, everything.

Kristen: All right. So, does that mean that you're ready to meet mine?

Tony: No. Just promise me you won't leave my side if a food fight breaks out.

Thorne: Hey, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi, Thorne.

Thorne: How is -- how is everything?

Bridget: Good. Everything's good.

Thorne: Good. I'm glad to hear it. You here by yourself?

Bridget: No. Actually, I'm just meeting some friends.

Thorne: Is everything okay?

Bridget: Yeah, everything's fine. Why do you ask?

Thorne: Look, Bridget, I hope you know that you can talk to me, okay, in confidence.

Bridget: Thanks, Thorne.

Thorne: Okay. Look, I'm late for a dinner thing at Mom's house, but call me, will you?

Bridget: Sure.

Thorne: Okay.

Bridget: See ya.

Thorne: See ya.

Amber: Oh, yes! Yeah, don't -- oh, don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. Mmm, yes! Mmm, yes! Mmm, yes, yes! Oh, oh, oh! Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop! Hey.

Deacon: Yeah, hey.

Amber: What's going on?

Deacon: Looks like maybe you dozed off a little there.

Amber: I guess, yeah.

Deacon: Want to tell me about it?

Amber: What?

Deacon: That dream you just had.

Amber: I was not having any dream. Mmm, cold lemonade.

Deacon: You sure maybe you don't need a cold shower instead, or if you want, we can -- we can make that dream come true.

Kristen: Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Tony Dominguez.

Stephanie: Hello, Tony. How are you?

Tony: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Eric: It's pleasure to meet you, Tony.

Tony: The pleasure's all mine, Mr. Forrester.

Kristen: And this is my beautiful sister-in-law, Brooke and my brother Ridge. Hey, where's Thorne?

Stephanie: Oh, don't worry. He'll be here.

Tony: It's a pleasure to meet you, Brooke.

Brooke: Hello.

Tony: Ridge.

Ridge: Her overly protective brother. Just kidding. How are you doing, Tony?

Tony: Pleasure to meet you, Ridge. 

Thorne: You know, my father is was very impressed with your work.

Stephanie: Yes, he saw you on television the night you won the award, which by the way, I meant to say earlier. Congratulations.

Tony: Why, thank you, Ms. Forrester.

Kristen: Yeah, Dad was so impressed with your work that he sent me to talk to you. Best decision he ever made.

Eric: Not for the company, unfortunately.

Kristen: Oh, you sent me over there to talk about Forrester Creations?

Maid: A glass of wine, Mr. Dominguez?

Tony: Oh, why thank you.

Maid: You're welcome.

Eric: It's a montrachet, one of my favorites.

Tony: Well, thank you. It's delicious.

Ridge: You like good wine?

Tony: Well, we used to have a glass with dinner every night, but it never came from France.

Ridge: Was it from California?

Tony: No, actually, it was grown in the village nearby. They put it on a mule and some containers, ship it over.

Brooke: Well, now that is interesting.

Tony: Yeah, it was actually pretty good, except that you had to pick grape seeds out of your teeth for a little while. Come on, guys, I'm kidding. You guys will fall for anything, huh?

Amber: Look, I really have to get going.

Deacon: How long are you gonna keep running from me?

Amber: I am not running from you.

Deacon: Sure you are. Come on. It is getting harder and harder for us to keep our hands off each other every time we're in the same room together. And you having dreams, fantasies? I know. Me, too.

Amber: Look, we -- we just better stop this, or I can't keep coming over here.

Deacon: How are we gonna do that Amber, huh? How? What are we gonna do, use willpower? I mean, come on, that doesn't work for people like you and me. We can't fake it, which is why I think Bridget's starting to sense something. I mean, she's smart, and I don't like lying to her.

Amber: Then divorce her, give her back to her parents where she belongs.

Deacon: If I do that, I lose all my leverage, all right? I'll have no chance of ever being with you, and I can't live with that thought, and I don't think you can, either. But something's got to give. She's catching on. It's only a matter of time.

Betsy: Hey. Sorry I'm late. I took off as soon as I got your call.

Bridget: Thanks.

Betsy: What's going on, Bridget?

Bridget: I am so messed up.

Betsy: Why?

Bridget: I'm starting to have suspicions, Betsy.

Betsy: Okay. About?

Bridget: About my husband and my brother's wife.

Betsy: What? No way!

Bridget: Yeah, that's what I kept telling myself, but then, last night, I talked to Stephanie, and she's always been totally straight with me.

Betsy: What did she say?

Bridget: She said that Deacon -- that Deacon has been using me to force my parents to hand over Amber. I don't know what to believe. I mean, I do. I should believe Stephanie, but, God, I don't want to.

Betsy: Hold on. Bridget, this is crazy. Your brother and Amber have been hot for each other for years.

Bridget: I know, I know. But before they were married, she lived with Deacon for a couple of months, and they share a child. See, I don't know what to do. Amber's over at the house with Deacon right now, and it's killing me to think about what could be going on.

Betsy: I have the answer.

Bridget: I don't know, Betsy.

Betsy: Bridget, you have to get these thoughts out of your mind.

Bridget: Yeah, but to sit down at dinner with Amber and my husband?

Betsy: If he's got a thing for Amber, believe me, you'll know it. I'll tell you what. I'll be there, too.

Bridget: Really?

Betsy: Yes. So set it up right now and don't take no for an answer.

Bridget: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Amber: Hello?

Bridget: Amber, hi, it's Bridget. Are you still at the house?

Amber: Yeah.

Bridget: Good. I want you to stay for dinner.

Amber: Me?

Bridget: Yeah. I spoke to Rick, and he's gonna be late, so you and little D can stay and have dinner with us.

Amber: Bridget, I don't think that's a really good idea. I mean, I've got so much going on.

Bridget: Amber, I insist. I mean, there's no reason you wouldn't want to have dinner with me and my husband, is there?

Amber: Of course not.

Bridget: Good, then it's settled. I'm bringing a friend. We'll be there soon.

Amber: Wait a minute. Bridget? Bri -- oh.

Deacon: What?

Amber: You're right. She does suspect something. She wants me to stay for dinner.

Stephanie: So, tell us about your family, Tony.

Tony: Well, I have three brothers and two sisters.

Ridge: Big family.

Tony: Yeah, it's very common to have a large family in South America.

Thorne: Where in South America?

Tony: Well, I was born in a small town in Columbia and moved around for awhile, eventually ended up in Miami.

Stephanie: How did that come about?

Tony: Well, my father thought there was more opportunity in Miami, and we also had a lot of family there -- extended relatives, cousins, aunts, uncles. There was around 20 of us, and we used to spend every weekend together. We'd hang out playing board games, horseback riding. The women would always be in the kitchen, of course, laughing, having a good time. Never was there a table empty without food. It was very nice. We were all very close.

Stephanie: Sounds like a very close-knit family.

Tony: Yeah. Now, we were very close, and we still are, but it was funny. Our aunts and uncles would leave town, and our cousins would just come over, just be part of the family. We were all one big family. Were you close with your cousins at all?

Kristen: No. No, not really.

Eric: Actually, our business is more like our extended family. Kristen and her brothers were practically raised at Forrester.

Tony: Well, that's worked very well for you. I'm sure you're very proud.

Stephanie: Well, we are, but it seems to me that you've been very fortunate as well.

Kristen: So am I ever gonna meet all these cousins?

Tony: Yes, you will.

Kristen: Well, I hope I measure up.

Tony: You will. If you don't, they'll let you know.

Amber: Deacon, I don't want to stay for dinner.

Deacon: Amber, if you leave, she's gonna know something's going on.

Amber: That's your problem.

Deacon: I'm just gonna deny it, and she's gonna come straight to you.

Amber: Then I will tell her the truth. I'll tell her you're using her.

Deacon: Don't do that to me, please.

Amber: Deacon, this can't go on!

Deacon: Look, just -- just hear me out, all right?

Bridget: Hi. Where's the little guy?

Amber: He's taking a nap.

Bridget: Betsy, this is my sister-in-law, Amber. Amber, this is Betsy.

Betsy: Hi.

Amber: Hi.

Bridget: And this is my handsome husband, and tonight I'm fixing you some real food.

Deacon: Ooh.

Bridget: Burgers. Come on, bets. Help me in the kitchen.

Thorne: It's great, yeah.

Eric: Well, he's a charmer, I'll tell you that.

Stephanie: I can't remember when she's been so animated.

Ridge: Well, I bet you he's definitely responsible for that.

Stephanie: If only.

Eric: Well, we can hope for that, but I think it needs a little more time.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't mean just that. Well, I mean, if it sort of all worked out between, then she might, you know, want to stay here in Los Angeles. It's possible, you know?

Eric: Yeah, it's possible.

Ridge: I wouldn't get my hopes up. She loves that penthouse in New York.

Kristen: Hey, gang, you wanna join us over here? So, what were you guys talking about over there?

Stephanie: Oh, well --

Ridge: Actually, I was wondering where my little sister was.

Kristen: Your little sister?

Ridge: Yeah, you know, the one the one that used to wear too much jewelry and never left the house without full makeup and hair?

[Kristen laughs]

Brooke: Do you know who he's talking about?

Tony: No, I don't?

Ridge: So where is she? Where's my little sister? Where is Kristen, huh? Where is she?

Kristen: Well, all right, if you want to know, she's right where she wants to be, and she's gonna be staying for awhile. So if it's all right with you, Mother?

Stephanie: Well, of course it is. You can have your old room back. I'm thrilled.

Kristen: Great! I guess I'm staying.

Stephanie: That's great, sweetheart.

Deacon: So you're gonna stay for dinner?

Amber: I don't like it, Deacon.

Deacon: I don't like it, either, but honey, I don't think we got --

Amber: No, no. No "honey" please.

Deacon: Look, if Bridget finds out about this, this might just send her right over the edge, all right? Please, do this for me. Do it for Bridget, too.

Amber: All right, but you don't touch me, and you don't give me one of those looks.

Deacon: No, no. Tonight, you're just my sister-in-law.

Amber: That's right. That's right, Deacon. That's strictly what I am.

Betsy: Bridget, I think you're wrong about this.

Bridget: I hope I am.

Betsy: As soon as we walked through the door, I could see it in his eyes, okay? The guy loves you.

Bridget: That's not what my family thinks.

Betsy: Well, you're 18. I mean, what do you expect them to think?

Bridget: Yeah, but Stephanie --

Betsy: Stephanie is married to your father, okay? She's going to take his side.

Bridget: I just have to know for sure. If I see him coming on to her tonight, even a little, everything my parents said to me is true. Deacon's been using me. He's made a fool of me. Do you know how mortifying that would be?! I mean, could I be that naive?

Betsy: Hey, take it easy, okay? He's your husband.

Bridget: Yes, but does he love me?

Betsy: Well, don't you feel it?

Bridget: You know, I thought I did. I thought I did, and then last night, I make him this wonderful dinner, and he barely ate any of it, and it was like he didn't even care. If everything my parents said is true, then Deacon is using me to get Amber back. I honestly don't know what that would do to me. I don't think I could handle it. So, tonight we watch them, okay? And if Deacon makes any kind of a move on Amber --

Betsy: He won't, Bridget. Trust me, he won't.

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