B&B Transcript Monday 6/4/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/4/01


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Alexandra: Oh, Deacon!

Deacon: Oh, God!

Taylor: Kristen?

Kristen: Taylor, hi.

Taylor: Oh, my God, when did you get back?

Kristen: Just this morning.

Taylor: You look beautiful.

Kristen: Oh, thanks.

Ridge: So how long you staying for?

Kristen: A couple of days. I'm staying at a hotel.

Taylor: You're staying in a hotel? Why aren't you staying at your parents' house? They have plenty of guest rooms.

Kristen: No, I don't think that would be a good idea.

Taylor: Why?

Bridget: I don't believe this. You follow me to my friend's house when we're trying to study. You chase her out of her own room.

Brooke: Betsy's mother understands.

Bridget: Well, I don't. I don't understand why you insist on treating me like a child.

Brooke: Because you're acting like one, like a naive little girl who doesn't want to face the truth.

Bridget: Just because I'm not doing what you want me to do?

Brooke: No, it's not just my opinion or your father's. Everybody can see what Deacon's doing.

Bridget: Well, everyone is wrong.

Brooke: See? Don't you see how immature that is?

Bridget: It's called loyalty, Mother, to my husband.

Brooke: He is not your husband. If he really cared about you, he would have waited.

Bridget: Well, if the family had treated him with some shred of decency, maybe we would have. But no, I bring him to the wedding, and my brothers and my dad attack him and beat him to a pulp.

Brooke: And why do you think they reacted that way? Deacon's been hassling our family for months. Did you ask him why?

Bridget: I know why. It's because of Little D.

Brooke: Little D?

Bridget: Little Eric. That's just what Deacon calls him.

Brooke: Oh, believe me, it's a lot more than Little D. Deacon's in love with Amber.

Bridget: Mom --

Brooke: Okay. What are you gonna do about college next year?

Bridget: I'll go to UCLA or Marymount. I don't know, someplace local.

Brooke: You didn't apply to UCLA or Marymount. You said you wanted to go back east.

Bridget: Well, I don't anymore.

Brooke: Don't you see what this man is doing to your life?!

Bridget: Mom, I'm married! What am I gonna do? I'm gonna leave my husband so I can go to school? Not that he wouldn't be supportive. He does care about my education, believe it or not. He wants me to graduate. He wants me to be the best person I can be.

Brooke: Really? Well, then he wouldn't have married you. My God, Bridget, you're 18 years old. There is something wrong with that.

Bridget: There is nothing wrong with that!

Brooke: And the way you two just ran off to Las Vegas to get --

Bridget: Well, that wasn't my idea!

Brooke: No. No, of course it wasn't. It was Deacon's. He seized the opportunity, and you fell right into his little plan.

Bridget: Why do you have to be like this? I mean, just for once, can you please have faith in me? I am not a child, and I am not your little girl anymore. I'm a woman.

Brooke: How did he treat you?

Bridget: How do you think he treated me? He was wonderful. Mother, he was very loving.

Brooke: I know. We heard you making love over the telephone.

Alexandra: It's okay! It's okay, it's okay! Help is on the way. It's okay.

Deacon: Oh, God. Oh, God. What happened? What happened?

Alexandra: You were hit by a car.

Deacon: Where's the idiot who did this? Where is he?

Eric: I'm right here, Deacon. I'm right here.

Deacon: You -- you did this to me!

Eric: Now, calm down. You're lucky to be alive.

Alexandra: Why don't you just go?!

Deacon: No! No, I want him arrested.

Eric: For what?! You're an animal, Deacon! You're an animal! Get your hands all over a sweet, innocent, young girl? You feel this pain! This is just the beginning.

[Sirens whirring]

Alexandra: It's okay.

Deacon: Wait, wait, don't let him get away. I want to know why he did this to me.

Officer: Sir, can I see your driver's license?

Eric: Yeah, sure.

Officer #1: Mr. Forrester?

Eric: Yes.

Officer #1: This is your car, sir?

Eric: Yeah.

Officer #1: You want to tell us what happened?

Alexandra: I'll tell you what happened. He tried to kill Deacon. He hates him for marrying his daughter. How could you do this?!

Officer #2: Hey, ma'am, calm down. Calm down, calm down. Calm down, ma'am.

Officer #1: Calm down.

Alexandra: Get off of me!

Officer #1: I'm gonna have to take you in.

Alexandra: Take me in.

Officer #2: Calm down.

Alexandra: How could you do this to him?!

Bridget: You what?

Brooke: Apparently, your loving husband left the phone off the hook by the bed. You couldn't hear anything, but we could hear everything clearly.

Bridget: And you listened?

Brooke: Honey, that's not the point. The point is Deacon is a cruel person, and he did this to get in our face.

Bridget: No, no -- no, he would never do that.

Brooke: Oh, my God. How many times can you defend him?

Bridget: Mom, this is so disgusting.

Brooke: Yes, it is, and it is typical of Deacon.

Bridget: No, what's disgusting is that you think he's capable of that, and that you just sat there, and you listened to it. My God, how could you do that?

Brooke: Bridget, you are getting angry at the wrong person.

Bridget: Mom, who was there? Who was in the room?

Brooke: Your father and your brother.

Bridget: My God. Dad -- Dad was there? Dad heard that?

Brooke: Yes, and it nearly killed him.

Bridget: You should have hung up the damn phone!

Brooke: Honey, don't you dare put this on us. It's Deacon's fault. He's at fault here, and don't you forget it.

Bridget: How could you do this to me on my wedding night?

Brooke: Oh, please, please stop talking about that. Bridget, honey -- baby, we love you, okay? We love you so much, and we're trying to stop you from making this terrible mistake. Now, Deacon is using you to force us to give back Amber and little Eric, and I swear, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would, but Rick doesn't want us to do it. Honey, the only thing I can do is hope and pray I can get through to you myself. I swear -- I swear to you I am not lying. Deacon Sharpe does not love you. He's using you as a bargaining chip. Honey, I swear to you, I am telling you the truth!

Ridge: So, I take it you haven't talked to Mother yet.

Kristen: No, and I don't intend to.

Taylor: Are you two still having problems?

Kristen: Oh, yeah.

Ridge: Look, Kristen, I don't really want to get in the middle of that, but --

Kristen: You think it's my fault?

Ridge: I just feel like you've given up on our family.

Kristen: There's a reason for that, Ridge. You don't understand. You wouldn't. You were always her favorite. She's very different with me, Ridge.

Ridge: She loves you, Kristen.

Kristen: If she loved me, I'd feel it, and I don't. To be honest with you, I don't even think she likes me.

Officer #2: We're ready to take your statement, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: I have nothing to say. If you have any questions, you ask Mr. Sharpe. He's the one responsible for this.

Officer #2: I'm afraid we can't do that, sir.

Officer #1: We have to question you, right now. What happened, Mr. Forrester?

Eric: Look, I got in my car, and I started to drive.

Officer #2: Are you saying that's when you lost control?

Eric: If you have any further questions, I think I should wait until my attorney is present.

Officer #1: You feel you have a need for an attorney, Mr. Forrester?

Eric: Look, officer --

Officer #2: Are you sure the car is the only thing you lost control of, sir?

Eric: What do you mean?

Officer #2: The victim's friend seems to think you had it out for the man. We can easily check to see if that's true.

Eric: Do either one of you have any children?

Officer #2: We'll ask the questions, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: I have an 18-year-old daughter who's being used in the vilest way by that man!

Officer #1: So you decided to do something about it.

Eric: I have nothing else to say.

Officer #1: I wonder if Mr. Sharpe has something he'd like to tell us.

Ridge: Kristen, I know that Mother has issues with you.

Kristen: She has always had issues with me, Ridge. That's the problem.

Ridge: You don't call. You don't write. What do you expect?

Kristen: God, if you got the kind of letters that I get from her, you wouldn't call or write either.

Ridge: Oh, come on, Kristen. She -- she's angry because she feels like you've just bailed on the rest of us.

Kristen: You know, I am so tired of having a mother who rags at me about -- everything.

Ridge: Especially men?

Kristen: Yes, especially men.

Taylor: Is there somebody special in your life right now?

Kristen: No, Taylor, there isn't, and there hasn't been.

Ridge: So you're just up there in big old New York with your mother that worries about you.

Kristen: No, I have a mother who nags at me. She acts like -- like there's something wrong with me.

Ridge: Oh, you don't think you're exaggerating just a little bit here?

Kristen: Ridge, you don't know. You don't understand. It has been like this forever. She has had trouble with every guy I have ever dated.

Taylor: Have you been dating a lot?

Kristen: I'm too busy.

Ridge: Too busy to date, huh?

Kristen: I'm a freelance designer, Ridge. I don't have a paycheck coming in every week like you do. You know, I have to get out there and hustle. What? What, you don't believe me? Great, you guys think I'm weird, too.

Ridge: No, no, no, no, no, no. I think you're my sister that I haven't seen in far too long, and I'm glad you're back.

Brooke: Honey, we can get you out of this. You won't even have to get a divorce. We can get this annulled.

Bridget: You really do think I'm a fool, don't you?

Brooke: No. Deacon took advantage of you. He's a very clever man. He took advantage of all of us.

Bridget: Just to get Amber back?

Brooke: And his son.

Bridget: I know he wants Little D.

Brooke: Oh, honey, just give this a cooling-off period, okay, before you go back to that apartment?

[Phone rings]

Bridget: Hello?

Alexandra: Bridget, it's Alexandra, Deacon's friend.

Bridget: Hi.

Alexandra: Look, you'd better get to the hospital.

Bridget: The hospital?

Alexandra: Deacon's been run down by a car. He's at Cedar's.

Bridget: Oh, my God.

Brooke: Bridget? Where are you going?

Bridget: Deacon's in the hospital.

Intercom: Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis, please.

Doctor: How did this happen?

Deacon: Some idiot ran me over and tried to kill me.

Doctor: Really?

Deacon: Ow! He messed up. That's too bad for him, 'cause now it's my turn.

Kristen: I'm glad I'm back, too.

Ridge: So what do you say? You'll stay a few weeks?

Kristen: No promises, big brother.

Taylor: But you are going to see your father and Thorne, aren't you?

Kristen: Of course.

Ridge: Kristen, sooner or later, you know you're gonna --

Kristen: No, Ridge. I am not going to see your mother.

Ridge: Excuse me, "your mother"? You mean, "our mother"?

Kristen: If you say so, but I don't feel like her daughter. I feel more like the invading enemy.

Ridge: Kristen, you're not the enemy, and you're gonna have to somehow get over all of this.

Kristen: I can't. There is too much history. I don't even know what I would say to her. My stomach churns just thinking about it, and that's why I can't stay. I don't want to take a chance of running into Mother. None of us needs that bomb going off.

Doctor: I'll be back to check on you later.

Deacon: Okay. Hey, thanks for the painkillers, doc.

Bridget: Deacon, honey, what happened?

Deacon: I got hit by a car.

Bridget: Oh, my God. Where?

Deacon: Outside Insomnia.

Bridget: Let me look at you.

Deacon: It's not that bad. It's just -- it's just a busted leg. It could have been worse.

Brooke: I'm sorry to hear about that.

Deacon: Are you?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, I am.

Bridget: What did the doctor say?

Deacon: Oh, they checked internal injuries, but it was just the leg and some bruises.

Bridget: Oh, thank God.

Deacon: Yeah, I guess I got lucky.

Brooke: Why are you looking at me like that, like it's my fault or something?

Bridget: Whose fault was it, Deacon? Do they know who did this?

Deacon: Yeah. It was intentional.

Bridget: What?

[Knock at door]

Officer #1: Excuse me, Mr. Sharpe?

Deacon: Hey, come on in. Join the party, Officer.

Officer: We have the driver of the vehicle that hit you. He pretty much told us everything.

Deacon: Is that so?

Bridget: Dad?

Officer #1: Do you recognize this man?

Deacon: Oh, yeah.

Bridget: Dad, what are you doing here?

Officer #1: Now, who's this?

Deacon: Well, this is my wife, his daughter.

Bridget: Dad? You did this? Dad, you did this to Deacon?

Officer #1: Mr. Sharpe, this is a very serious offense. At this point, it could be considered and accident or an attempted homicide. Normally, we would arrest this man and charge him. Due to the nature of your domestic situation, we're gonna leave that up to you. Do you want us to press charges, Mr. Sharpe? Because if you do, just say the word. You have the power to put this man behind bars.

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