B&B Transcript Thursday 5/31/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/31/01


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Deacon: It's time that they realize that we're not fooling around. Hey, don't let Amber get you down.

Bridget: I just don't understand why everybody's acting so crazy. The things they're saying--

Deacon: Bridget, your family will do anything to tear us apart.

Bridget: Well, they can't. It's too late. We're married.

Deacon: I think that they're probably gonna come around once the idea sinks in.

Bridget: You really think so?

Deacon: I'm counting on it.

Bridget: But it must bother you, the way my family's treating us and the things Amber said?

Deacon: I guess it would if I let it, but I'm not going to and neither are you.

Bridget: I'm trying. I just can't stop wondering why. Why would my parents send Amber over here?

Deacon: Maybe they didn't send her over. Maybe she still has some feelings for me, and she just can't admit it.

Bridget: How do you feel about that?

Deacon: If that's the case, I just hope she deals with it -- the sooner, the better. The bottom line is that that's her issue, not mine, 'cause the only thing I've got on my mind right now, it's you. Come here. Do you know how important you are to me? There is nothing more that I want than to be a part of your family, just to get close to you. I need you, Bridget. I need you more than I've ever needed anyone.

Bridget: I need you, too, Deacon.

Deacon: Then what are we doin' sitting here?

Bridget: Well, where should we be?

Deacon: It's our wedding night -- the bedroom. Unless you're not ready yet?

Bridget: No, I am. I'll be there in a second.

Deacon: I'll be waiting.

Amber: Brooke, I'm sorry.

Brooke: You're sorry? You're sorry?! This man intends to rob my daughter of her virginity, and you're sorry?! How could you leave her over there with him, Amber? How could you be so selfish? This is all your damn fault. He doesn't care about Bridget. He just wants you -- you, you, you!

Eric: Brooke, don't. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Rick: Mom, why did you do that? Amber didn't want this to happen! She is just as worried about Bridget as we are!

Brooke: She is not going to do anything to help. So now, it's up to you. Look, I know you love Amber, but you have to end this marriage. You have to let her go, and go over there and bring your sister home. I mean it. Right now. Do it now, before it's too late!

Sally: You see, Antonio, I'm afraid the Forrester people are not really the sort of people you think they are. I know there's a lot of word going around the industry about what a fine family unit they are and how the integrity of the family means everything to them. Well, that's about 95% hype, you know. And then there's Spectra Fashions, and we, of course, are known as the upstart company, the vagabonds, and we are capable of doing anything for a buck. I guess that's about 90% true, but we are a real family business, and every single one of my employees means as much to me as these two people here mean to me.

Clarke: Sally and I used to be married. We have a son.

Sally: That boy apprenticed with our company. And this beautiful girl here, she means as much to me as my daughter, Macy. She worked here, too.

Sofia: She left the company?

Sally: No, honey. She died.

Sofia: Oh, I'm sorry.

Tony: I read about that. Tragic accident. Car accident?

Sally: Well, it was tragic, all right, but it wasn't as simple as a car accident. You see, my daughter Macy was driving half blind with tears and despair when she had that accident because she had just had a confrontation with a couple of members of the family who owned the business that you are so anxious to work for.

Clarke: Sally, don't, okay?

Sally: I'm sorry.

Clarke: Don't go there.

Sally: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I like this man, and I think he ought to know what the Forresters are capable of. On the night my daughter Macy died, she was up at a mountain cabin, desperately trying to save her marriage to Thorne Forrester, who had become infatuated with Brooke Logan Forrester. Macy thought that if she could meet with him and talk with him, maybe she could save her marriage, but even if she couldn't, maybe she could find a way so that they could part and still be friends, and Thorne Forrester left.

[Sally sighs]

Sally: A short while later, Brooke Logan Forrester showed up. She was waving divorce papers in her hands, and she was demanding that my poor girl sign them, right there, right then.

Tony: No.

Sally: Antonio, my daughter would be alive today if it weren't for Brooke Logan Forrester and her selfishness. That is the way she conducts her life, and I am warning you, that is the way she conducts her business. Now, for years, I thought that was the way you had to do business. I tried to be like them. I tried to compete with them. Well, I don't want to do that anymore. With this wonderful, new Latino market that we're going into, I want to do something different. I want it to be something for people who need a little joy and a little beauty in their lives. I want to dedicate this line to the memory of my daughter Macy. See, I don't want people like the Forresters to just ignore what happened to her. I don't want them to just forget her. I don't. I won't let them forget her! I just can't.

[Sally sobbing]

Clarke: Sally -- Sally, Sally. It's okay. Sit down.

[Sally crying]

Clarke: Sorry, I think -- I think that's enough for today, okay?

Tony: Sally, you're a good woman, and you're right. Your company does have heart -- your heart -- and though it may be broken, I would like to help you fix it. I would like to try to.

Sally: Did you mean that?

Tony: What is a man's work if it doesn't mean something, if it only brings you fame and fortune? I want more than that. I want to help you honor your daughter's memory.

Sally: Oh, God, Antonio. Thank you. I thank God for you.

Deacon: I'm doing this for you, Amber. I don't want to hurt Bridget, but I got to make you understand that I will -- I will do anything I have to, no matter what it takes, to get my family back.

[Phone rings]

Deacon: Hello.

Rick: Deacon, it's Rick. My family and I would like to talk to you.

Deacon: Oh, hey, Rick, this is kind of interesting timing. I hope you guys are calling to make a deal.

Eric: Look, you bring Bridget home, and maybe we'll talk about some kind of an arrangement.

Deacon: No, I don't think so, Eric. You know my terms. Now, are you gonna meet them?

Brooke: Deacon, listen to me. I understand that you miss your son, and you want your family back. But this has nothing to do with Bridget.

Eric: Look, whatever it is you're hoping to accomplish, it won't work.

Rick: You're not gonna tear apart my family, Deacon, you hear me? You're not gonna do it. Amber and Eric stay with me!

Bridget: Deacon? I'm ready.

Deacon: All right, fine, you have it your way. But you remember this -- I gave you people a chance. This is not how I wanted this to go down.

Brooke: What does that mean?

Eric: Deacon?

Brooke: Deacon, what, what are you talking about?

Eric: Deacon? Deacon?

Brooke: Deacon, what, what are you talking about?

Deacon: God, you look so beautiful. Come here. Come give your husband a kiss.

Brooke: Deacon?

Eric: Deacon?!

Brooke: Put Bridget on the phone.

Bridget: Deacon, it feels so good in your arms.

Eric: Deacon! Bridget?

Bridget: I can't believe we got married. You're my husband.

Deacon: My wife. We're married. You nervous, baby?

Bridget: A little.

Deacon: Yeah? It's okay. It's okay. You can trust me.

Eric: Deacon!

Rick: No, no, Dad, Dad, they can't hear us.

Brooke: Bridget, stop this right now. Get --

Bridget: I waited so long for this. I just want it to be perfect.

Deacon: It will be. It will be.

Brooke: Eric, you have to do something.

Deacon: Everything's gonna be --

Eric: Deacon!

Deacon: You like that?

Bridget: Oh, yes!

Deacon: Let me hear it.

[Heavy breathing]

Deacon: I like that.

Deacon: Baby, you have such a gorgeous body.

Brooke: No! No! Stop!

Eric: Bridget! Deacon, Deacon!

[Brooke crying]

Deacon: You like that?

Bridget: Yes.

[Brooke crying]

Deacon: That's it. Right there. Right there. God, you look so beautiful. Give your husband a kiss.

Bridget: Deacon, it feels so good in your arms.

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