B&B Transcript Monday 5/28/01

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/28/01


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Eric: What'd you say?

Deacon: I said, "get your hands off my wife."

Brooke: Your wife?

Deacon: You heard me. Bridget and I got married.

Clarke: You can't be serious. You're closing down Spectra?

Sally: We had a good, long run, Clarke, but the show is over.

Clarke: Sally, with you, the show is never over. Go home, get some rest. You'll feel better tomorrow.

Sally: I am not gonna feel any better about trying to beat the odds again tomorrow or the next day. Clarke, I'm sorry. All the fight's gone out of me. I lost the taste for it.

Clarke: Things aren't that bad.

Sally: Well, obviously, you haven't been studying the sales figures from our for last quarterly report.

Clarke: Sally, everybody's sales are down. That's seasonal.

Sally: Nice try, Clarke, and I appreciate it. But it's not gonna work. I just can't see it anymore. I'm not gonna be able to compete like I used to. The fire's gone out in me, you know? And when a fast-talkin', fast-walkin' dame like Sally Spectra slows down to a crawl, it is time to close the door.

Clarke: Sally -- Sally, you're a dame with a big heart, too. What are the workers gonna do?

Sally: People have been trying to steal our workers away from us for years. They'll find other jobs.

Clarke: They don't want other jobs. They like it here.

Sally: You don't think I know how loyal they've been? Next month, I can't even pay 'em!

Clarke: Things are that bad?

Sally: Of course I could let you go over to the bank and try and float another loan over there, or maybe I could put a second mortgage on the condominium, maybe sell a couple of pieces of jewelry, the only ones that aren't made of paste. But it would just be a temporary fix, Clarke. For things to really get better, we need a whole new angle.

Clarke: Yeah, we can go high-end.

Sally: We have never made a killing in haute couture. It's just not our style. Now you, that's a different story. As a designer, you can go anywhere. What you need is a big, solid company behind you, somebody like Calvin or Ralph.

Clarke: Or Eric Forrester?

Sally: Don't even say that as a joke. Don't go near those people, Clarke. They are poison to us. They always have been. The reason this company is in the trouble it's in today is because we tried to compete on their level. And to get involved with them personally is even worse. You know that. And look what they did to Macy. Enough's enough. So what do you say, laddie buck, huh? Why don't you and I share a wee dram of the good stuff?

Clarke: The good stuff, huh?

Sally: The best.

Clarke: Okay.

Rick: Get some sunscreen on you. We don't want you to get sunburn, do we? Hey, there's Mommy.

Amber: You guys almost ready?

Rick: Yes, we are. Let me see the bikini I bought you.

Amber: You know what, Rick? I changed my mind. I decided that I'm not gonna swim with you guys. I'm just gonna watch.

Rick: Why?

Amber: Well, because I -- you know, I don't want to mess up my hair and get it all wet.

Rick: Okay. Well, let me see the bikini anyway. What's the matter?

Amber: Not in front of Eric. It's pretty skimpy.

Rick: Amber, you're his mother.

Amber: I'm just not comfortable.

Rick: What's going on, Amber? Why don't you want to take off your robe?

Eric: You're lying. He's lying, isn't he?

Bridget: No, Dad.

Deacon: We went to Las Vegas last night, Mr. Forrester, and we were married.

Brooke: Well, this marriage is going to be annulled! You're coming home right now, Bridget!

Deacon: No, Mrs. Forrester, this marriage is not gonna be annulled. This is what we want. We just hope that, after awhile, when you see how happy we are, you'll want this for us, too.

Thorne: You know what, Deacon? You shut up, or so help me God --!

Bridget: Thorne, that's enough!

Eric: You're not his wife! Now you get the hell over here. We're going home right now.

Bridget: You don't take me seriously. None of you do.

Thorne: Damn right! Not when you're acting like this, Bridget!

Deacon: She's not acting, Thorne! Please, all right, just calm down. She's a woman. She's made a decision, and I'd like you all to respect it. Look, I'm not gonna have my wife treated this way.

Eric: Your wife? She's not your wife. She's not your wife!

Bridget: Dad! Dad!


Rick: Tell me what the problem is.

Amber: There isn't any problem. I just don't want to expose myself in front of Eric.

Rick: Honey, it's a swimsuit.

Amber: I know, but --

Rick: Hey. I know when you're hiding something from me. Now, please, don't do that. What's that?

Amber: Uh, that -- that's a tattoo.

Rick: Is that what you're hiding from me?

Amber: Yeah. There's a story behind it, Rick.

Brooke: Eric.

Eric: -- My daughter. All right, all right. Thorne, all right.

Thorne: Are you sure?

Eric: Yes, let go of me.

Bridget: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Deacon: It's okay. Dad just wasn't prepared for this, that's all.

Brooke: You really want to play this game, don't you?!

Deacon: Not playing a game here. I love your daughter. I'm gonna make her the best darn husband.

Thorne: You know what, Deacon? Knock this crap off, okay, 'cause nobody's buying it.

Bridget: You want proof, Thorne? Is that what you're saying? Okay, my marriage license is in here. I don't have my birth certificate on me, but, trust me, it says I'm 18. You know what that means? It means I'm legal. I'm old enough to get married, even if I'm not old enough to have your respect.

Brooke: Honey, this isn't about respect.

Bridget: Yes, it is, Mom! Look how you've -- look at the way you treat Deacon. Does it matter to you? Does it matter one bit to you how I feel about him? Obviously not, because every time you see him with me, you physically attack him.

Eric: Because we know he doesn't love you. He's just using you!

Bridget: What, he's gonna tie himself down to someone he doesn't love for the rest of his life just to get back at you guys?

Brooke: If you think you're going to be with him for the rest of your life, you're dreaming. He's gonna drop you as soon as he has Amber back!

Bridget: How can you say that to me? Do you find it so hard to believe that this man could love me? I'm not a child anymore. Why can't you trust me?

[Bridget sighs]

Eric: What do you want us to do, honey? You want us to just leave you alone? You want us to just leave you to be taken care of by this man, this so- called husband of yours? You're my daughter. You're my youngest daughter, and what I want for you -- I can't accept this for you. I won't accept this!

Sally: We had our day, didn't we?

Clarke: We were the best, Sal.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, I can remember a couple of months there when we were the best.

Clarke: You, me, Macy, Darla, Saul.

Sally: I can still hear Saul, can't you?

Clarke: Yeah. "Oye!"

Brooke: "Oye! Sally, what? What's with the fabric manufacturers? We pay those people a good dollar, and what do they send us? They send us velvet that's so rough you could file your nails on it. Azoy!"

Clarke: "Azoy!"

Sally: Oh, Saul. Oh, God, what a character, huh? I will always remember him. Just two fingers.

Clarke: Here's the second.

Sally: So here's to Saul. Here's to Macy and Spectra, that tough little company. We really gave them one hell of a run for their money. Isn't it rich isn't it queer losing my timing this late in my career but where are the clowns m there ought to be clowns m

Saul: Azoy. Well, maybe next year

Sally: It's hard to let go of, isn't it? But, hey, you know, nothing in this life is permanent. Not even Spectra Fashions.

Deacon: Mr. Forrester, you're gonna have to try and accept this. Bridget is a mature and responsible woman. I'm a mature man. We know what we want, and it's to be together.

Eric: I know what you're doing. I know what you're doing, Deacon.

Deacon: Well then, I hope we can expect your support.

Eric: The only support you're gonna get from me is a call from my lawyer tomorrow morning.

Deacon: What do I have to do to convince you that I love your daughter?

Eric: You're mocking me, Deacon. Don't do that. Don't mock me.

Deacon: I'm trying my darndest here. Bridget -- we need you, so that we can be a part of this family.

Eric: Honey, look -- honey, I know -- I know you must have a lot of anger inside. And I think maybe it's because -- because I wasn't around enough.

Bridget: Dad -- don't do this, okay? This has nothing to do with you.

Eric: Well, it just has to, because this isn't like you at all.

Bridget: Daddy, I'm in love.

Eric: Yeah. Okay, you're in love. But even if I approved of this man, I wouldn't approve of marriage now. It's too soon. You haven't graduated from high school yet.

Deacon: Excuse me, sir --

Eric: Don't, don't, don't!

Bridget: Dad!

Deacon: I was just gonna say that I know Bridget hasn't finished high school. And no wife of mine is gonna be a dropout.

Thorne: You gonna take her to her prom, Deacon?

Deacon: Gosh, Thorne, I hadn't really thought about it, but you know what? Come to think of it, I'd be honor to pin a corsage on that beautiful lady.

Eric: He's not gonna take you to the prom, honey. He's just gonna take you and he's gonna abuse you. He's abusing you now. You can't just leave the family like this. You can't leave the family for this man. You can't do that. If you do that, I don't think I'd be able to survive it. It would break my heart.

Bridget: [Crying] I'm telling you -- don't do that to me. Don't do that to yourself. Now, I'm asking you to trust me here. I'm begging you to trust me this one last time, okay? Just one more time. I'm begging you to trust your dad. Trust Daddy one more time, okay? You trust Daddy just this one time?

Rick: So you went to a tattoo parlor in Vegas and you got yourself done. I think it's kind of sexy. It was Deacon's idea, wasn't it?

Amber: Yeah.

Rick: That's -- that's okay. I mean, it's not like he was there holding your hand, right?

[Amber remembering]

Deacon: Come on, give me your hand.

Rick: And then look at the tattoo you got, a broken heart. You know, that's how you were feeling at the time. And that's how I was feeling, too. It must have driven Deacon up a wall.

Amber: He -- he handled it.

Rick: Really? How so? Amber, is there more to this story than you're telling me?

Amber: No. No, I -- it's just -- you know, I don't like to think about that, because it was a very confusing time for me.

Rick: I know. I know. It was for me, too. But that's behind us now. Deacon is out of the picture for good.

Amber: I hope so.

Rick: Look, if you're worried about Bridget, don't be. Mom and Dad have probably already taken care of it. And Deacon won't be able to lay a finger on her.

Thorne: Bridget -- honey, you've always been very levelheaded. And marrying Deacon, marrying anyone for that matter, it would be foolish. Okay? Because you're just not ready.

Deacon: I'm not so sure about that, Thorne.

Thorne: I'm talking to my sister, not you.

Deacon: Rick's young, right, and he's been ready to marry Amber for years.

Brooke: Not in my opinion!

Deacon: Well, maybe not. Look, the point I'm trying to make here is that it seems to me as if all Forresters tend to get married pretty young. Mr. Forrester, you and Stephanie, Rick. And now, Bridget. Those are all good, stable marriages that are gonna last.

Brooke: Why are you doing this to us? Don't you have any morals, any decency? You're hurting this young girl and why?! For revenge?!

Bridget: Mom, it's not about revenge.

Brooke: Yes, it is, Bridget.

Bridget: Why do you keep insulting me like this?

Brooke: Honey, I -- I don't mean to insult you. It's just -- just stand back, okay? Take a couple of days and look at this. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make in your life. And it deserves some thought. You haven't given it any. Please, your father and I are asking you for one favor. One request to put this idea of marriage on hold for a while, okay? Just a couple of days. Just two days to weigh the biggest decision you will ever to make. Now, is that asking too much? From two people who love you more than anything in this world, who would give their lives for you? No. No, it's not. We love you, you know that. So, we're just asking you for this one thing. We're begging you, honey, please, just come home. Please just come home with us now. Please.

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