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Another World Transcript Friday 4/6/07

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Cass: Hey. I'm glad you're here. I'm about to drown in all of this stuff.

Kathleen: Maybe I can throw you a rope. We were always a good team. Be like old times.

Vicky: Yes, I know he was supposed to be on sick leave. He was here when I left him. He was resting on the couch. He was talking to Grant. I don't know. I have called every --

[Door opens]

Vicky: Never mind. He's here. Are you all right? I've been worried sick about you.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I thought I was going to be home before you did.

Vicky: Well, I came home and you weren't here. And your gun was gone.

Ryan: Vicky, I'm here.

Vicky: I called everywhere. I called the hospital and I called the station and I -- I called Grantís. Where have you been?

Ryan: I went to go visit Carl.

Vicky: You what?

John: You ok?

Sharlene: Why do I get the feeling that people are talking about me and staring at me?

John: Well, probably because they are.

Sharlene: This is because of what happened yesterday, isn't it? When I accused Taylor of taking Gregory.

John: That and the fact that now everyone knows that Taylor has requested a formal review by the Ethics committee.

Sharlene: Well, they're not going to review her case. They're going to crucify me.

Lucas: All right, already. What's the big news?

Felicia: Hi. Go ahead, honey, tell him.

Jenna: I've -- I've made a decision that affects all of us. If you want -- I mean, if you still want --

Felicia: Go on, say it.

Lucas: Come on, please.

Jenna: I've decided that I would like for you to adopt me. Both of you. After you get married, of course. If it's ok with you.

Lucas: Are you asking me?

Jenna: I haven't always been very nice to you. Or about you.

Lucas: Oh, that's ok. We hit some rocky patches. Don't worry about that. That's fine.

Jenna: Are you sure?

Lucas: If you're sure.

Jenna: I'm not sure about anything. Except that family is really important, and I guess I didn't really know that. Because I didn't have one. I mean, my mother always tried to be there for me.

Felicia: I know.

Jenna: But I didn't know how people who are together are supposed to be.

Lucas: Well, you're doing just fine.

Felicia: Oh, yes.

Jenna: Well, what do we do now?

Lucas: We celebrate.

Felicia: Yes, we definitely celebrate.

Jenna: Ok, I guess.

Felicia: Ok.

Jenna: I mean, I've never been adopted before.

Felicia: Well, then we absolutely must celebrate.

Lucas: Yeah.

Felicia: Now why don't you go into the kitchen and find that red raspberry soda. That bubbly stuff, ok?

Lucas: Yeah, for everybody. The -- the works.

Jenna: Ok.

Felicia: Go on.

Felicia: Well.

Lucas: Well.

Felicia: We wanted a family. And we're now going to get what we want.

Lucas: What did she say? Did she tell you why or anything?

Felicia: She said she talked to a friend. I don't really know. I don't care. I -- I'm just so thrilled that she wants to do this that I don't know what I want to do.

Lucas: Then you're just scared it might not happen?

Felicia: No, honey, I'm not scared.

Lucas: Come on, Fanny.

Felicia: Well, maybe I'm a little scared.

Lucas: What, of being a mom?

Felicia: No. Of not being one. I just don't want anything to get in the way. So that maybe the adoption wouldn't go through.

Lucas: Oh, come on. What could get in the way?

Felicia: Maybe -- maybe you?

Ryan: What the hell was that for?

Vicky: For being stupid. Is this how it's going to be? A man has you shot, so you're going to walk over to his house and just say, "have a conversation with me, please"?

Ryan: We don't know if he tried to have me shot. And even if he did, it was probably meant for Cass.

Vicky: Oh! Well, thank God you gave him another chance to find out.

Ryan: Look, I was never in danger.

Vicky: No! Your shooting arm doesn't work, and you show up there without your partner.

Ryan: Oh? How did you know that?

Vicky: Because that was him on the phone, you jerk. You are supposed to be on sick leave. What in the hell are you trying to prove, Ryan?

Ryan: Ok, stop.

Vicky: Ok, you're a cop. And you put your life on the line every day. But do you have to go over and hand it to a slime ball like him?

Ryan: I know that Carl Hutchins was not going to touch me.

Vicky: How do you know?

Ryan: Because he doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

Vicky: He would if he was mad enough.

Ryan: Well, I'm the one who is mad now.

Vicky: Yes, you're mad. You're insane mad.

Ryan: No, as in "mad as hell." I wanted to talk to him face-to-face.

Vicky: Why?

Ryan: Because I wanted to look him in the eye and tell him that we're on to him.

Vicky: What did he say?

Ryan: It wasn't as much as what he said as what he showed. He just -- he let that veneer crack for just a minute and he showed the real Carl Hutchins. And he's a killer, all right.

Vicky: You know that!

Ryan: I -- not like this.

Vicky: Does it change anything?

Ryan: Yes, it means that from now on you have to watch every single step that you take.

Vicky: Oh, this is great. You're telling me to do this after what you just pulled?

Ryan: Vicky, I mean it. Carl Hutchins knows that the only way to get to me is through you. If anything were to happen to you --

I don't even want to think about that.

Vicky: Ryan. Do you understand that I feel the same way? Do you know what it made me feel like seeing you wheeled in to the emergency room yesterday? What good does it do me if I'm careful and you refuse to be?

Ryan: I've been careful. I always have.

Vicky: Promise me. Promise me.

Ryan: Well, I guess we understand the situation a little bit more now.

Vicky: You are not to go over to Carlís place again unless you are ready to shoot to kill him.

Ryan: And you are not to go over there again ever.

Vicky: God, I would make you take a blood oath but you've already lost too much.

Ryan: Shake hands, but, um, I don't think I can. What are we going to do?

Vicky: Deal.

Ryan: Deal.

Sharlene: I knew it. This is no committee hearing. This is a trial. It's my trial.

John: Technically they're reviewing Taylorís treatment, not your condition.

Sharlene: But Taylor will try to prove that I'm crazy. We both know that.

John: Well, she canít. Because you're not.

Sharlene: John, how can we possibly fight this? Everyone here thinks that I'm a basket case.

John: One thing that we have in our favor is Ben Turner will be testifying. That means he can't chair the committee.

Sharlene: Well, who will then? Do you think Michael?

John: No, Taylorís already had Michael disqualified.

Sharlene: My goodness. She doesn't miss a trick, does she? She just doesnít. But who, then? There's nobody else on the committee that we can call a friend.

John: I hear it's likely to be Iris.

Sharlene: I-- Iris? Can't we have her disqualified? She can't stand me. God, this is just pointless. This is useless. John, how can any kind of truth come from this?

John: We'll just have to make sure that it does.

Sharlene: How? Taylor's holding all the cards. I still don't understand how she's managed to get to such a strong position.

John: We have a few cards of our own.

Sharlene: Like what?

John: I called in a few favor--

[Pager beeps]

John: Look, I'm off duty in 20 minutes. Why don't you just stay here, try to calm down. I'll come back and I'll tell you my idea. All right?

Cass: Ok, for starters we have to reorganize this. They mixed up the old stuff with some of the current cases, unfortunately.

Kathleen: Just this?

Cass: No. Just this, this, this. For now.

Kathleen: You always were a crummy organizer.

Cass: Hey, not so.

Kathleen: Yes, you were.

Cass: No, it was the office staff. I swear. We had one clerk who used to file things according to legal entity.

Kathleen: As in, f for "felony" and t for "tort"?

Cass: Duh, yeah. And we had another guy who used to sort things by the judge that was on the case.

Kathleen: You're kidding me.

Cass: No. Frankie got some of it together at one point, but she stopped and then it all fell apart again.

Kathleen: Poor Cass. Never could control the help. Ok, legal pads, file folders, labels?

Cass: Uh, out on that desk. I think.

Kathleen: Ok if I spread out here? Is that going to bother you too much?

Cass: No, here is fine. Then you won't keep coming in and out for files.

Kathleen: Right.

Cass: If you have any questions...

Kathleen: I'll ask.

Is there anything you wanted?

Cass: Who, me?

Kathleen: Yeah.

Cass: No. I was just thinking.

Kathleen: About?

Cass: This.

Kathleen: Oh, well. Think away.

Vicky: There you go, my baby.

Anything else?

Ryan: Um, chicken soup?

Vicky: Yes, I could order that right up for you. Do you want some wontons in it?

Ryan: No. Forget the soup. I'm not -- not hungry.

Vicky: Are you sure?

Ryan: Well, at least not for soup.

Vicky: Oh.

Ryan: Could go for some of the other comforts of home, though.

Vicky: Honey, honey. The comforts of home make you uncomfortable.

Ryan: Oh, yeah?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. You yelped when that nurse stuck her head in the door last night.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. And then you stuck your head underneath the sheets.

Vicky: Yeah. It's a good thing she didn't take your blood pressure after that.

Ryan: There's no night nurse now.

[Doorbell rings]

Ryan: Uh-uh. Can a guy get a little TLC around here or what?

Vicky: I will send them away, my darling.

Donna: Hi.

Vicky: Oh, hi.

Donna: How's the patient?

Vicky: Uh, ask him yourself.

Donna: Hi. Well, you look better. Your color's back.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: The sap's rising. So to speak. Oh, Ryan really needs his rest.

Ryan: Oh, I'm just exhausted.

Donna: Well, don't let me bother you. I'm just going to chat quietly here with Victoria for a minute.

Vicky: About what?

Donna: Uh, anything. Family matters.

Vicky: Dad.

Donna: Have you spoken to him?

Vicky: No, have you?

Donna: I paid him a visit this morning.

Ryan: Uh, listen, I won't stop you ladies from chatting.

Vicky: I don't think you could.

Ryan: No. I'm just going to go sack out in the bedroom.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: You'd probably be more comfortable on the bed anyway.

Ryan: Yeah.

Vicky: Oh, I will be there in a few minutes to join you for a nap.

Ryan: Anytime.

Donna: He's so cute. You two are really getting along nicely, aren't you?

Vicky: Oh, well, we would be much better off if Carl would stay out of our lives.

Donna: But it was Cass that was meant to be shot.

Vicky: Yeah, it's a funny thing. You get shot by mistake, you bleed just as much.

Donna: I know that, darling. I know that it worries you terribly.

Vicky: Well, you just never know when Carl is going to show up. We don't even know why he's in Bay City.

Donna: I do.

Vicky: What?

Donna: I overheard your father on the phone. Apparently it has to do with the source who first contacted Kathleen.

Lucas: To Jenna.

Jenna: To all of us.

Felicia: Well, kids, we're not exactly the Waltons. But we're going to do this our way, ok?

Lucas: Yeah. The question is when. Did Cass give us any kind of time frame for the adoption?

Felicia: Well, I haven't really talked to him yet. I do know that you have to have an investigation first. But I'm sure that's not a problem. I mean, my life certainly is an open book.

Lucas: Yeah. 23 of them, isn't it?

Felicia: Oh, come on.

Lucas: Look, don't worry. I'm sure that they can tell the difference between your fact and your fiction.

Felicia: Please, God.

Jenna: Um, maybe -- maybe we should wait until you get married before we start the whole thing.

Felicia: She's making a good point, Luke.

Lucas: Let's do it.

Felicia: Yeah, why not? Let's do it.

Jenna: Now?

Felicia: Sure.

Lucas: Sure. Call the preacher.

Felicia: Why don't you go get my desk calendar. All right?

Jenna: Ok.

Felicia: And we'll pick a date. Go ahead, hurry up. I forget that she takes things so literal.

Lucas: Yeah, it's part of her charm.

Felicia: Yeah. She does seem awfully happy, doesn't she?

Lucas: Are you going to tell me now?

Felicia: What?

Lucas: Why you think I'm going to throw a monkey wrench into this adoption.

Felicia: Well, it's -- I just didn't think about it before. I guess because I thought it was just a dream. But then when Jenna said that she really wanted to do it -- I was just worried what they might turn up.

Lucas: Fanny, I only work for Carl Hutchins.

Felicia: I know. But, honey, I'm not even thinking about Carl, and about his past.

Lucas: Well, what, then?

Felicia: I'm thinking about yours.

Taylor: You will simply be asked to describe what happened yesterday, Peg. Sharlene's apparent state of mind. Uh, can you excuse me? Someone's just come in. Can I get back to you? All right, thanks a lot. Bye. Sharlene. Can I help you?

Sharlene: Yes. You can drop this absurd charade.

Taylor: Excuse me?

Sharlene: I know you're out for my blood with this hearing.

Taylor: I'm sorry, but I think it's best we don't talk without a witness present.

Sharlene: Do you really want to discuss John in front of a witness?

Taylor: What about John?

Sharlene: If you care about him, and I think you care plenty, you'll give some thought to what this business could do to his career. I don't think you want to destroy him, too.

Taylor: I don't want to destroy anyone. I'm simply trying to protect myself. And John, for that matter.

Sharlene: By ruining his reputation as a doctor?

Taylor: By making it clear to him how dangerous a course he's following.

Sharlene: Oh, can it, Taylor. We're both on to you.

Taylor: You're both in danger if he allows you to remain untreated. And the hearing is going to help. And once the evidence is put forth, I think it'll be pretty clear to John just how sick you really are.

Sharlene: You are the sick one, damn you. And if you think I'm going to sit back and let you terrorize me and my family, you're wrong. You are so wrong.

Iris: Sharlene? Are you threatening Dr. Benson?

Donna: So I gather from what was said that Carl came here to find out who gave Kathleen her information, and he's not going to stop until he finds out who betrayed him.

Vicky: Incredible. There has got to be some way that we can get all this information together and zap that slime from our lives.

Donna: "We"? "We"? You are not to get involved in this, Victoria.

Vicky: Why not?

Donna: Because he's a dangerous criminal. He just had Ryan shot.

Vicky: Why are you sticking to him like flypaper lately?

Donna: I have my reasons.

Vicky: Planning on making a citizen's arrest?

Donna: Well, you never know. If the opportunity were to present itself.

Vicky: And Dad were with within 10 feet?

Donna: Why must you always impugn my motives?

Vicky: Oh, mother. I don't care if you are trying to make Dad jealous. Couldn't you do it with somebody a little more safe?

Donna: Well, he wouldn't notice if I did, as tied up as he is with his yuppie cupcake.

Vicky: Oh, he is not that tied up.

Donna: He spent the night with her.

Vicky: Oh.

Donna: I walk in there this morning and I caught her standing there in her little, lacy black slip.

Vicky: Oh, I'm sorry.

Donna: So, you see, I do have to do something.

Vicky: Like what?

Donna: Well, for one thing I'm going to contest the divorce on grounds of adultery.

Vicky: Oh, that will win him over.

Donna: It'll buy me some more time.

Vicky: It'll cost you more.

Donna: And what would you suggest, little Miss Muffet?

Vicky: Something bold. Something to redirect his attentions where they're supposed to be.

Donna: On me?

Vicky: Hmm.

Donna: Well, that's why I thought if I could get close to Carl and get something on him -- and now that I know, maybe I can get something about this source person.

Vicky: I'll help you.

Donna: No, I won't allow that. No.

Vicky: Yes, mother. All I did was promise Ryan that I would not see Carl. I said nothing about the source. Now, all we have to do is find out who he or she is. And then we get them to help us put Carl behind bars for good.

Donna: Well, since you put it that way --

Vicky: Now I will sleep much better knowing Ryan is safe, you will get Dad back, hopefully, and Stacey Winthrop -- "cupcake" -- will be out of lives.

Donna: That's very appealing.

Vicky: Yes, now, how dangerous could it be? After all, this source is on our side, right?

Donna: Right.

Vicky: Right.

Donna: So where do we start?

Vicky: Well, we need as much information as we can possibly get about Carl.

Donna: There has to be somebody who's close to him that knows a lot of information about him.

Vicky: Everybody in the world hates Carl. Nobody is tight with him --

Donna: What?

Vicky: Except Lucas.

Vicky and Donna: Lucas.

Donna: Lucas.

Vicky: Yes.

Lucas: Honey, my past is exactly that. My past.

Felicia: I know that.

Lucas: There are no secrets.

Felicia: That's exactly what I mean.

Lucas: Well, if they look at the whole picture, everything will be all right. Ok, I've done some illegal things in the past. Ok. But I cooperated with the state and I paid my debt.

Felicia: I mean, that should count in your favor. Don't you think?

Lucas: I think so. But if it doesn't, show me the social worker and I'll break her legs.

Felicia: You think I'm being silly, don't you?

Lucas: No, I don't think you're being silly. I think you're being overanxious and I understand that.

Felicia: I love you.

Lucas: You'd better. That's what they worry about. Everything is going to be ok. It will work out.

Felicia: I know.

Iris: It sounded remarkably like a threat to me.

Sharlene: Well, it wasn't a threat, Iris. It was a discussion.

Taylor: Sharlene was simply expressing herself a bit vehemently, that's all. No reason to call security.

Sharlene: Was that what you had in mind?

 Iris: What I had in mind was ironing out a few details with Dr. Benson. So, whenever you're available.

Taylor: Sharlene, are you finished?

Sharlene: If these details have to do with the hearing, I -- I'm not. I'd like to know what's going on.

Taylor: There is no cause for suspicion here.

 Iris: Dr. Benson asked for a review by the hospital Ethics committee to clear the air.

Sharlene: To make a case against me.

Taylor: Sharlene, no one is against you.

Sharlene: Stop patronizing me. It's all been arranged, hasn't it? Between you and Taylor.

Taylor: Sharlene, I really have to point out that you are overreacting.

Sharlene: To being railroaded? You bet I am.

Iris: The reputation of this hospital is our responsibility. I will not have a lot of idle gossip circulating about one of our finest staff members.

Sharlene: Well, Iris, you don't need a hearing at all. You've already made up your mind.

Iris: Are you suggesting that I won't be objective?

Sharlene: How can you be? You've never liked me. You have no business chairing this committee.

 Iris: I resent that implication.

Sharlene: All the more reason to disqualify yourself.

Iris: I can assure you I will not do that.

John: Well, Sharlene, they told me I could find you in here.

Iris: I will chair that meeting.

Sharlene: John.

John: I've signed out. Come on, let's go.

Sharlene: They have settled everything in advance.

Taylor: I hope you'll get some rest, Sharlene.

John: Come on. We can both use some rest.

Iris: Phew, quite a show.

Taylor: I'm afraid that Sharly's taken over.

Iris: You mean she did threaten you?

Taylor: Let's just say that I'm glad you showed up when you did.

Iris: So am I.

Taylor: I didn't want to call security. I didn't want to create a scandal for John.

Iris: I must say you've managed this very admirably.

Taylor: Well, thank you very much, Mrs. Wheeler. I'm afraid I've had a lot of practice.

Iris: Well, why don't you fill me in on all the details. Oh, and call me Iris.

Sharlene: Taylor has got this whole thing in her hip pocket.

John: Maybe not.

Sharlene: No?

John: She's banking on appearances. I think we have to do everything in our power to make sure that we don't give her any more ammunition.

Sharlene: She just really knows how to get me going. You're right.

John: We've got to find someone to corroborate our story.

Sharlene: Yes, you're right. You're right. There's got to be somebody who's on my side. Somebody.

John: Yeah, and I was thinking about that hooker, Judy.

Sharlene: Oh, no, John, forget it. I blew my chance with her the night I got arrested.

John: There's got to be a way to get her to talk.

Sharlene: Never. She sees me coming one minute, she'll disappear.

John: Still, she's a businesswoman, right? Hmm? Come on.

Cass: You're a whiz.

Kathleen: Always was. Where do you want this stuff?

Cass: Well, I guess someplace where I can get at it sort of quickly, like right here.

Kathleen: Ok.

Cass: I'm a little clumsy today.

Cass: We can put all of this old stuff in storage.

Kathleen: It won't work, Cass. Stop fighting it.

You can't do this, Cass. Neither can I.

Cass: Oh, yes, we can. We'll buy a couple of trans files and dump all this stuff in them.

Kathleen: It won't go away.

Cass: What the hell am I supposed to do about it?

Kathleen: Admit it.

Cass: Will you stop giving me orders?

Kathleen: Well, at least -- at the very least can we just talk about it, please?

Cass: I am sick of talking about it.

Kathleen: Cass, that's one thing we could always do. No matter what, we could talk.

Cass: Yeah, we never shut up.

Well, rarely.

Kathleen: Even when we were mad at each other, we could talk.

Cass: Which was a lot of the time.

Kathleen: Even when we didn't like each other, we could talk.

Cass: When was that?

Kathleen: You're kidding, right?

[Cass laughs]

Kathleen: Don't you remember when you first hired me to impersonate Cecile? You really didn't like me then.

Cass: You were insubordinate. You talked back.

Kathleen: I didn't appreciate being shot, Cass. I mean, it was one thing catching a chill in the fog, dressed in an evening dress, trying to just look like the woman. But you didn't warn me that I could be killed --

Cass: Ok, it was a strange arrangement.

Kathleen: I didn't even have any blue cross/blue shield, or anything.

Cass: But you did agree to it. Didn't you?

Kathleen: I agreed to it in theory. I did not agree to running around Majorca like a moving target with a mantilla.

Cass: You looked cute in that mantilla. Did I ever tell you that? And you always said you loved Majorca.

Kathleen: I loved it after the fact. I especially loved it after Cecile sailed away in the sunset with her prince.

Cass: Yeah, right. And left me to foot the bill for the entire escapade?

Kathleen: Yes, but, see, Cass, if you had gone to a bank like a regular person, instead of Tony the Tuna --

Cass: You were always great at second-guessing me. Do you know that? My credit rating was just -- it was nonexistent. What?

Kathleen: I just look around these offices, at the reek of success and the good life, and I just wonder where that boy -- that little boy went that was dressing around as Krystal Lake, running around trying to avoid his loan shark. I mean, did I tell you how truly awful you looked in a dress?

Cass: Repeatedly, thank you.

Kathleen: Krystal had such bad taste, too. Her shoes never matched her bags or anything.

Cass: All right. Ok, so Krystal never quite put it together. Leave her alone.

Kathleen: I mean, she couldn't even keep her wig on.

Cass: Don't remind me.

Kathleen: Do you remember that? Yeah, you were --

Cass: Do I remember that?

Kathleen: You were gliding towards Tony, and you were going like this.

Cass: Yoo-hoo.

Kathleen: And you were dressed in that -- the most obnoxious outfit of your whole repertoire. And you were holding a glass of champagne.

Cass: And Wally was over the other side of the room, frantically waving my wig at me.

Kathleen: Oh, God. Wallingford.

Cass: He was such a smart, sensitive, wonderful man. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Kathleen: Me, too.

Cass: He kept trying to get me to see --

Kathleen: What?

Cass: How I felt. How you felt. I mean, after all, you did pawn your mother's heirloom antique cameo brooch in order to try to get me out of that mess.

Kathleen: Yeah, I would have, too, if cornbread would have come in.

Cass: Kathleen, what were you doing putting all of that money on a horse?

Kathleen: It was all I could get. $5,000 was all I could get. And it wasn't enough unless I came in really big. And Wallingford seemed to think that Cornbread would win.

Cass: Yeah, what did he know?

Kathleen: A lot. You just said so.

Cass: At least I got you your brooch back.

Kathleen: Yes, you did. You climbed up my window on Christmas eve and you came in and you gave it to me. And you gave me a really nice kiss and then --

Cass: You can stop gushing now.

Kathleen: And then you climbed out.

Cass: Jeez.

Kathleen: Did I ever thank you for that?

Cass: Yeah, probably.

Kathleen: Well, if I didn't, thank you. Gosh, this is fun. I haven't thought about this stuff in ages.

Cass: Really?

Kathleen: Well, if I did, I -- I couldn't share it.

Cass: Yeah. Those were times, weren't they?

Sharlene: All right, here's the number. John, do you really think this will work?

John: Sure, it will work. I've run a few scams in my life.

[Phone rings]

Man: Ruby's.

John: [Southern accent] Hey, is Judy there?

Man: Judy, it's for you.

Judy: Who is it?

Man: William Morris. Who am I, your service?

Judy: Thank you. Yeah, it's Judy. Who's this?

John: Hey. You look as good as you sound.

Judy: Oh, well, it depends on your point of view. Who is this?

John: Name's Josh. I understand you might be free for a consultation.

Judy: How did you get my name, Josh?

John: Oh, friend of a friend. Came with a real high recommendation. You free tonight?

Judy: Oh, well, I charge extra for hurry call.

John: Well, I got 75 bucks that says that you can be here in under an hour.

Judy: Where's "here"?

John: Empire Hotel. Room 203.

Judy: Ok, I'll be there.

John: Ok, bye. See you.

Sharlene: Just like that?

John: [Normal voice] It's magic when you got the touch. Come on, we better get going.

Sharlene: John, I hate this. I just hate this.

John: Sharlene, I don't want you to worry. I'm not going to lose my innocence.

Sharlene: John, wait. Wait. She's seen your picture. She's been to the house.

John: She's seen lots of guys. Come on, trust me on this.

Felicia: Well?

Jenna: Well, here's a list of all your available dates.

Felicia: Well, good. Now all we have to do is match one of these up with Luke and we're in business.

Jenna: Wish he hadn't had to leave.

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no. It's better he left. Planning weddings is not one of Lukeís fortes.

Jenna: Oh, I got this for you in the lobby.

Felicia: Oh, you're great. You know that? Ok, let's take a look here.

Jenna: Oh, wait. Go back.

Felicia: What, to this?

Jenna: Yeah. "Timetable for a perfect wedding." Oh, it says it takes six months to plan.

Felicia: Well Ė

Iris: Nonsense. Not if you've had so much experience.

Felicia: Hello, Iris.

Jenna: Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: I gather congratulations are in order. You finally talked Lucas into setting a date.

Felicia: Do you have a reservation here?

Iris: How are you, my dear? Are you adjusting to Bay City?

Jenna: Yes. In fact, I'm planning to stay.

Felicia: Stay and also become a family.

Jenna: What Felicia means is that she and Lucas are going to adopt me.

Iris: You can't be serious.

Felicia: Iris.

Jenna: Actually, I was just going to go and let Dean and Matt know the good news.

Felicia: Ok, sweetheart.

Jenna: So I'll see you later, ok?

Felicia: Yes, yes, ok.

Jenna: Bye.

Felicia: That was cruel.

Iris: I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to be. I was just astounded. I mean, you and Lucas, you're hardly --

Felicia: What?

Iris: Well, you're not the parental types.

Felicia: Oh, and you would know about that, huh?

Iris: Better than you. I did raise my child. You know, you're asking for trouble. It's going to be hard enough for Lucas to be a husband, much less a daddy.

Felicia: I really don't need your opinion on any of this. In fact, I would like very much for you to leave.

Iris: It will be a pleasure. You know, you and Lucas, you're using that poor child.

Felicia: How dare you, Iris.

Iris: You're using her to replace the one that you threw away. You think that by getting together a prefab family unit you can hold on to Lucas. Well, don't bet on it.

Cass: I couldn't do anything. It was so fast. I couldn't stop him.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sorry. I got here as quickly as I could.

Cass: It's too late. He shot her. She's gone.

Ryan: Cass, I'm sorry. I know how much Kathleen meant to you.

Ryan: Then who?

Ryan: No.

Ryan: Oh, God.

Ryan: No! No! Vicky! Vicky! Vick--

Vicky: Keep your eye out for Lucas.

Donna: Where did you learn to do this?

Vicky: I'm dating a cop, remember?

Donna: That a child of mine could possibly -- you know, this could be a very useful thing to know. What if I forgot my keys?

Vicky: Remind me to give you a lesson later.

Donna: What do we do now?

Vicky: We snoop around a little.

Donna: What are we looking for?

Vicky: You're asking me?

Donna: This was your idea.

Vicky: This was your idea.

Donna: You're the one who wanted to rush right over here.

Vicky: Only to get you out of trouble.

Donna: You're being totally reckless.

Vicky: And you have never done anything wrong in your life?

Donna: Shh. Just keep your voice down.

Vicky: We're here. Maybe we'll bump into something.

Donna: Just make sure it's not Lucas.

Vicky: Oh, look. He could have won $10 million. This is dumb.

Donna: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Vicky: Anything hot is going to be in a safe. We don't know where his safe is. Even if we did, I don't know how to crack a safe.

Donna: You don't know how to crack a safe yet?

Vicky: Very funny.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

Donna: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'm on probation.

Vicky: It's a little late to think about that.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. It's a big assessment.

Donna: Wait. Hey, psst, psst.

Lucas: So I'll go soon. Fine. I'll -- I'll try and see you there.

Yeah, Lucas here. Right. That's right. You're damn straight, I'm out for good. But I'm calling in an old marker. Right. And it stays buried. You got that? Nobody, but nobody's ever to find out about that.

Lucas: Get back to me.

Donna: Oh.

Vicky: Shh.

Donna: Oh, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Lucas is trying to cover up something.

Vicky: Yes, it seems like it.

Donna: What do you think it could be?

Vicky: I don't know. I'm going to find out.

Taylor: The meeting of the Ethics Committee, concerning the Sharlene Hudson case, will go forward as planned. All the key witnesses have been called. It is my expectation that my handling of this case will be commended, as well as my recommendation that she be committed for inpatient treatment.

Just one more loose end.

[Phone rings]

Man: Ruby's.

Taylor: Hello. Is Judy there, please?

Man: Sorry. Judy's out on a call.

Judy: Hi, there.

John: [Southern accent] Well, come on in. You ready to party?

Judy: Hey, that's what I do best.

John: So I hear.

Judy: Hey, who was your friend, anyway? The one who recommended me?

John: Why? You going to give him a coupon for a freebie?

Judy: I was just wondering. Do I know you?

John: Not yet. I plan to change that.

Judy: You look kind of familiar.

John: Well, I guess I just got one of those faces, you know?

Judy: Well, it's a cute one, anyway. This is going to be fun.

John: Mm-hmm.

Judy: Hey, I hope you brought cash.

John: I didn't think you took plastic.

Judy: I like to be paid upfront.

John: No problem. But there's someone I'd like you to meet first.

Judy: Hey, you didn't say nothing about no threesome. That's expensive.

John: That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Sharlene: Hi, Judy.

Cass: You were in your slip.

Kathleen: Oh.

Cass: You had curlers in your hair, and you were giving that hound a Ė

Kathleen and Cass: Vinegar bath.

Kathleen: Yes.

Cass: And you were crying.

Kathleen: You never came in.

Cass: Well, I couldnít. I knew it would mortify you.

Kathleen: That never stopped you before.

Cass: This is true. And I must tell you I had four or five outstanding opening lines formulated --

Kathleen: I bet you did.

Cass: But I showed great restraint.

Kathleen: But instead you just called me up and apologized for being late, and asked me if I would rather go out to dinner instead. And I was weak with relief.

Cass: Wasn't that thoughtful of me?

Kathleen: Yes, it was.

Cass: Yeah. Called you from the phone down at the corner drugstore.

Kathleen: Took me to the North Woods Inn for our first real date.

Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight? Come out tonight come out tonight? Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight

Kathleen and Cass: And dance by the light of the moon

Kathleen: All the way home.

Kathleen: It's, uh, late. I -- I should go home.

Cass: Yes, it is.

Cass: Hey, listen, thanks. You were really a great help. We got a lot accomplished.

Kathleen: Oh, it's the best fun I've had since I've been back in Bay City. Nothing like a stroll down memory lane.

Cass: We have a lot more than memories, Kathleen.

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