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Another World Transcript Monday 4/2/07

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John: Ah, you're both here.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: I got the page. I thought something had happened.

Sharlene: Something did happen.

John: What's wrong?

Sharlene: When I got to the house, Jenna showed me a gift that a friend had dropped by for Gregory.

John: Taylor?

Sharlene: She knew we were both here. That's why she went out to the house. No, John, she's trying to intimidate us -- she is -- by showing us, showing us she can get into our house any time she wants to. Jenna said when she left the room one time, she left Taylor holding Gregory. We have to do something. I'm going to call the police.

Carl: If you need to be told, Cass, manners maketh the man.

Cass: Everything ok here, Donna?

Donna: Everything's fine.

Carl: I'm not very fond of surprise visits, Cass.

Cass: Well, now, there's a contradiction.

Donna: Cass --

Cass: Since that's exactly what you gave me last night. You wanted to know where I work at 1:00 in the morning? Let's say I had exactly the same impulse. You mind if I join you? Oh!

Kathleen: How long ago did Cass leave?

Vicky: Not -- not long. Is -- is everything ok?

Frankie: Do you know if he was going home, or to the office, or what he was doing?

Vicky: He didn't tell me.

Bridget: Victoria, it's awful.

Vicky: What, the cable went out again?

Bridget: No, I wasn't watching the telly. It's terrible, dear.

Frankie: What is, Bridget?

Vicky: The police scanner? Ryan is --

Bridget: No, I'm terribly sorry, but there were gunshots at 141 Oxford.

Frankie: Oh, God.

Kathleen: Oh, my God, that's Cass' office.

Carlos: Ryan. Ryan! God. Yes, this is Detective Morales. I'm at141 Oxford. I have a 644. I need a -- an ambulance here immediately, yes. Ryan, Ryan. Damn. You're going to be all right, buddy. You're going to be all right. The ambulance is going to be here any minute. You hear me? Ryan.

Vicky: Did you hear anything else on the scanner?

Bridget: They called 644.

Vicky: A what?

Frankie: Someone is critically injured. We have to get straight to the hospital.

Kathleen: Carl knew Cass was staying at the office alone.

Frankie: Oh, God.

Vicky: Um, I -- I don't think either one of you should drive.

Kathleen: My bodyguard will drive. Come on, Frankie, now.

Frankie: Well, maybe we're wrong. Maybe he's there. Oh, come on, baby, pick up. Pick up!

Kathleen: The stupid government issue car won't start.

Vicky: All right, I'll drive you. Bridget, I'll call.

Frankie: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Bridget: Wait a minute. What are you going to do if they find out it's Cass?

Vicky: I -- I'll figure something out in the car.

Bridget: Well -- well, what if it isn't him?

Vicky: Bridget, who else could it be?

Cass: I've always had a thing for threesomes. You, too, Donna?

Carl: That surprises me, Cass. I would have thought a man with two wives would have very little free time.

Cass: Oh, cute. Sometimes he can be so cute. This is really quite wonderful. What is it?

Carl: The grape that wounds. Now, what exactly do you want?

Cass: The name of this champagne. It has an incredible finish. Carl is into incredible finishes.

Donna: What are you doing here, Cass?

Cass: I'm doing a favor for Michael.

Donna: Michael?

Cass: Yes, he asked me to drop by and see how you two kids are doing. You don't mind, do you?

Donna: I don't even understand.

Carl: Isn't it curious that Michael should know that we opted to dine here tonight, Bella?

Cass: He's a very thorough fellow. I am famished. Got any leftovers?

Donna: Carl, I think I'd better be going home. It's very late, and I have to work tomorrow.

Carl: Yes -- yes, I can only imagine the fatigue. I mean, keeping up with the machinations in your life and then having to get up at the crack of dawn and mop floors in a free hospital. Here.

Donna: Thank you for a very pleasant evening.

Cass: I'll drive you home, Donna.

Carl: Always a pleasure.

Donna: Thank you.

Carl: This has been, uh, very enlightening.

Cass: Oh, thanks for the libation, Carl. I'm sure I'll be seeing you.

Carl: I'm sure you will, too.

Donna: Thank you.

Good night.

Carl: Now, tell me exactly what happened.

John: We can't go to the police yet.

Sharlene: John, she was in our home. She was holding Gregory. How do we fight her on this? We can't just ignore it.

John: Sharlene, what do we tell the police at this point?

Sharlene: We tell them that she's dangerous.

John: And how are we going to prove that?

Sharlene: I don't know.

John: Look, I hate this as much as you do, but nothing we have on Taylor is going to impress the police.

Sharlene: I don't want her near this child.

John: Then we'll have to be more careful, make sure the sitters know that Taylor isn't welcome.

Sharlene: Do you really think that's going to stop her?

John: There's nothing else we can do.

Sharlene: It doesn't matter to her whether he's with a sitter or home with me.

John: Look, what do you want to do? You want to go to court, get a restraining order?

Sharlene: Can we do that?

John: That would be a mistake.

Sharlene: Why?

John: Because we have to stop her cold, Sharlene. A move like that will make her look like the victim.

Sharlene: I -- I just feel like she's got all the cards in these things. We are the victims. She's thought this whole sick thing through, and we have not. We --

John: I know. And we're more vulnerable because of Gregory.

Sharlene: And because of my history. John, we do have proof. We have proof from that reporter, Roger Frank. He would testify that I did not approach him at that dinner and that what Taylor told me was a complete out-and-out lie.

John: And Taylor will say that she never said a thing to you, Sharlene. Look, we cannot jump the gun at this point.

Sharlene: Well, I can't sit back. She's brought Gregory into this now. It's not just you and me anymore, it's not.

John: I know, I know, you're absolutely right. She has thought this whole thing through. That's why you got arrested last night.

Sharlene: Yes, thanks to Taylor.

John: And she also got the charges dropped.

Sharlene: So she'll look like the sane one and I'm the nut job, right?

John: To someone who doesn't have all the facts, yes. Look, this won't last long, but all we can do right now is take care of ourselves and Gregory. She can't keep this up forever, believe me.

[Pager beeps]

John: This is Dr. Hudson.

Yeah, all right. I'll be right there. Can you, uh, stick around for a few minutes?

Sharlene: Yeah, sure.

John: Sharlene, I'm not fighting you on this. I just want to make sure that we handle it very carefully, ok?

Sharlene: I know.

John: I don't want to alert Taylor that we know what she's up to. I don't know what she'll do. Just sit tight.

Sharlene: You stay away from my baby.

Taylor: Well, I'm not anywhere near your child, Sharlene.

Sharlene: You have no right to come out to my home.

Taylor: I go to your house all the time.

Sharlene: Not when I'm not there, not ever. Got it?

Taylor: You feel threatened.

Sharlene: Of course I do. You knew Gregory was alone. That's why you went out to the farm.

Taylor: To bring him some booties.

Sharlene: Bull.

Taylor: So I shouldn't give your child any presents, then.

Sharlene: Taylor, you're pushing it, and I don't think you want to cross me on this one.

Taylor: Do you hear yourself, Sharlene? Because now you are resorting to threats.

Sharlene: How could you do this to me?

Taylor: It's happened, hasn't it?

Sharlene: Oh, well, I don't know. What's happened?

Taylor: I thought there was more time.

Sharlene: Oh, no, Taylor, don’t. I know what you're doing, and I'm not about to fall apart.

Taylor: That's the saddest part of all, Sharlene. Because you already have.

Sharlene: Stop this, huh?

Taylor: And that poor child is suffering because you and John refuse to deal with your problem. You would rather blame it on me.

Sharlene: I am going to catch you, Taylor, and I am going to bring you down, I swear it.

Taylor: I tried to prevent this. I warned John over and over.

Sharlene: I just wish I understood why. Why you would willfully try to destroy our lives, I don't get it. I --

Taylor: Stop this paranoia. If you would have gone to the Morgan Pavilion, all of this could have been avoided. But it's too late now. You're lost, Sharlene, and no one can help you.

John: Taylor.

Taylor: I can't stay. I do hope Gregory enjoys wearing his booties.

John: You ok?

Sharlene: Did you hear any of that?

John: What did she say to you?

Sharlene: She's just too good at this. And I play right into her hands, just --

John: Sharlene, you've got to stay calm. If you start getting emotional about this, she's going to have your hide.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm, and then she's going to say I'm crazy. You should have heard her, John. She's just -- she acts like she's got the white coats right outside the door and they're waiting for their cue to come get me.

John: It's going to be all right.

Sharlene: John, Gregory was right here. I can handle her, but now she's bringing the baby into this. And -- I'm glad you walked in when you did.

John: I answered my page. When I got down to the floor, none of the nurses knew anything about it. Did Taylor know that you were in here waiting for me?

Sharlene: What doesn't she know?

John: She is so clever.

Sharlene: How do we stop her?

Jamie: Hi.

Marley: Dr. Crane, could I borrow you for a minute?

Jamie: And what is this smile about?

Marley: I found it.

Jamie: It? What is it?

Marley: The perfect house.

Jamie: For us?

Marley: Yes, absolutely for us. It's so beautiful. It has five bedrooms.

Jamie: Five?

Marley: Yes, and three fireplaces.

Jamie: The owner's name isn't Trump, is it?

Marley: No, this is an estate sale.

Jamie: Estate? Oh.

Marley: Yes, we can get it for a song.

Jamie: I've never seen you like this.

Marley: Oh, it's so perfect. Can you come and look at it with me tomorrow morning?

Jamie: I -- I think so.

Marley: Jamie, you will just -- you will love it. I was walking through, and I said, "This is it. This is our house. This is where we have to --" oh, you might not like it. And that's fine, I mean, you can tell me.

Jamie: Marley, how could I not like it if you like it?

Marley: Well, I don't know, because it's just perfect.

Jamie: You -- you have an idea.

Marley: Oh, I do. How much longer do you have to be here?

Jamie: Uh --

Marley: Why don't you let somebody else take care of your patients?

Jamie: Hey, I should let you house-hunt more often, definitely.

Nurse: You're being paged by the E.R.

Jamie: Thank you. Excuse me. Dr. Frame. I'll be right there.

Marley: What is it?

Jamie: They need me in emergency.

Vicky: Have you heard anything else?

Frankie: Only that someone was shot at Cass' office, and they're bringing the ambulance. It's on its way.

Vicky: Uh, they didn't tell you anything else?

Frankie: No.

Kathleen: They didn't know anything else.

Vicky: Excuse me; do you know the name of the shooting victim that's being brought in?

Orderly: No, I don't know anything, sorry.

Vicky: Hi, excuse -- are you with the Police Department?

Man: No, hospital security.

Vicky: Have you heard anything on your radio? Who was hurt?

Security guard: What do I look like, huh?

Vicky: No help, all right. Don't -- don't assume anything. We don't know anything yet.

Frankie: I swear, if anything has happened to Cass --

Kathleen: This is exactly the reason I stayed away.

Frankie: This isn't about you, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Isn't it? If Cass is hurt, it's because I came back to town.

Frankie: Cass?

Vicky: Ryan! Ryan! What happened to him, what happened to him? Somebody help him!

Frankie: Vicky --

Vicky: Oh, my God, what happened to you?

Cass: What --

Donna: Oh, no.

Cass: What happened here?

Carlos: Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: I saw the squad cars. Who was in here?

Carlos: Ryan Harrison.

Donna: Is that his blood?

Carlos: Yeah, they just took him to the hospital.

Donna: I've got to find Victoria.

Carlos: No, I just spoke to Bridget and she's already there.

Donna: Good, let's go.

Carlos: I need to speak to you for a minute, Mr. Winthrop.

Donna: But I don't have my car.

Carlos: Corisi, drive this lady to the hospital now.

Donna: Thank you, Carlos.

Cass: I'll be there as soon as I can, Donna.

Donna: All right, bye.

Cass: What was Ryan doing in my office?

Carlos: Well, we knew that you and your wife didn't have FBI protection anymore, so we decided to check in on you ourselves.

Cass: I'm sorry, Carlos.

Carlos: Well, whoever did this slithered out. No one saw anyone leaving.

Cass: Someone was in here waiting for me.

Carlos: I don't know. Ryan came in here on his own, and I was radioing in when he -- anyway, I heard a shot, and we're taking it out of this wall over here.

Cass: I don't believe this.

Carlos: Well, we're going to lift the prints. Anything we find, we're going to run it through the lab tonight.

Cass: Can they do that?

Carlos: A cop was shot, Mr. Winthrop, my partner. We don't take to that too kindly. You have any ideas?

Cass: I don't know who was here, but I know who was behind it.

Carlos: Hutchins?

Cass: Without a doubt.

Carl: My instructions could not have been more clear. I said nothing about shooting a police officer. Is Harrison dead? Thank God. You're sure? Now to turn a negative into a positive.

Vicky: What happened to him?

Kathleen: Vicky -- Vicky, calm down.

Vicky: Somebody do something! What the hell are you standing around for?

Jamie: Let us take care of him. Come on.

Vicky: Jamie, please do something!

Frankie: Vicky, calm down.

Vicky: I can't lose him!

Frankie: Oh, God. If Ryan was at the office, where was Cass?

Kathleen: He must not even know about this.

Marley: Vicky?

Frankie: Excuse me, you were with Detective Harrison when he was brought in?

Paramedic: Yeah, you know him?

Frankie: He's a friend. How is he?

Paramedic: He's lost a lot of blood, I'm sorry.

Kathleen: Was he the only one hurt?

Paramedic: Yeah.

Kathleen: Was anyone else with him?

Frankie: I wonder if Carlos was with Ryan. Uh, do you want to go back to the office with me and see if Cass is there yet?

Kathleen: What about Vicky?

Frankie: Marley will take care of her.

Kathleen: Did you see her face when she saw it was Ryan?

Frankie: Yeah.

Kathleen: Should we say something?

Frankie: Come on. Vicky, we're going to be going back to the office to see what we can find out, ok?

Kathleen: We'll come back and see how he's doing, ok?

Frankie: He's going to be all right, honey.

Vicky: He wasn't breathing.

Marley: Did somebody tell you that?

Vicky: He had an oxygen mask on his face. I don't need anybody to tell me what that means.

Marley: That doesn't mean that he wasn't breathing, it just means that they needed to give him some oxygen. If he wasn't breathing they would have had him on a portable resuscitator.

Vicky: What am I going to do if I lose him?

Marley: You won’t. Jamie's going to take care of him. He's going to be fine.

Vicky: He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Marley: I know.

Vicky: He loves me.

Marley: I know that, too.

Vicky: You should see how he gets along with Steven.

Marley: Oh, they're good buddies now, are they?

Vicky: Yeah. They get along great. What if he -- he's -- he's dying.

Marley: He's not, Vicky. Stop this now. He's not.

Vicky: Grant should be called.

Marley: Ok, do you want me to do that?

Vicky: I don't know, I don't -- I don't know if he's in town. Um, his father --

Marley: They're all going to be contacted.

Vicky: This shouldn't have happened to him. He doesn't deserve this.

Marley: I know it. I know he doesn’t.

Vicky: He's the best man I've ever known. I don't know what I'm going to do if I -- He's all right?

Jamie: He's going to be fine.

Vicky: Oh, thank you!

Jamie: Hey, I didn't do anything.

Vicky: Oh, I don't -- I don't believe this. He's -- he's going to be fine.

Marley: Jamie, Vicky said that he was on oxygen.

Jamie: Precaution. He lost a lot of blood.

Vicky: Well, do you have enough blood? Do you have the right type?

Marley: Yes, we have the right type, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, where was he shot?

Jamie: The bullet went right through his shoulder. No vital organs were involved.

Vicky: Shoulder, right above his heart.

Jamie: He's very lucky.

Vicky: Thank you.

Jamie: Vicky, it looked a lot worse than it was. I stopped the bleeding, I sutured the wound. He's already giving everybody a hard time.

Vicky: So he's awake?

Jamie: And asking for you.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: He seems to like you a little.

Vicky: I'm going to go in and see him.

Jamie: Ok, but just for five minutes.

Vicky: Well, I thought you said he was ok.

Jamie: Yes, but he's weak. So be good, please.

Vicky: Yeah, I'll try.

Jamie: And do most of the talking.

Vicky: That won't be difficult.

Marley: I -- I'm glad he's all right, Vicky.

Vicky: Yeah, this time.

Vicky: Hey, uh, hotshot. Hi.

Ryan: What happened to you?

Vicky: Uh –

Ryan: You look like hell.

Vicky: Thanks.

Ryan: I feel a lot better now.

Sharlene: There's Daddy. Look. All set?

John: Jamie got called down to the E.R. I'm going to have to stay a little bit longer and cover for him.

Sharlene: Oh, well, I don't think we should wait for you any longer.

John: No, no, don't. Take him home and get him fed.

Sharlene: Ok. What's this?

John: I was just skimming this on the way up here. Messenger dropped it off. It's a credit report on Taylor that Frankie ordered for us.

Sharlene: Oh, goody. Anything jump out at you?

John: I don't know. Take a look, see what you think.

Sharlene: I think it looks like a lot of plastic.

John: Mm-hmm. But look at the -- the credit limit on these things is sky-high.

Sharlene: And look at this. Here's a charge to the store where Sharly bought the nightgown.

John: Uh-huh, but look at -- there are two mortgage payments each month.

Sharlene: Oh, this one's to a house.

John: Look at the size of this one.

Sharlene: It just -- wait a second. Payments to Fun Unlimited, Inc.? What -- what on earth would that --

John: You know, as long as I've known Taylor, she never mentioned anything about owning property out of town.

Sharlene: Maybe that's because she didn't want you to know how much money she had.

John: Or how she got it.

Sharlene: Exactly.

John: Well, now we will.

Sharlene: And the more we know, the closer we can get to what it is she wants and why.

Taylor: What's that, Pat?

Pat: The hospital charity bazaar. It's a circus theme this year.

Taylor: Is it?

Pat: It should be a lot of fun, at least for the kids.

[Carnival music playing]

[Woman laughing]

Girl: Mama.

Woman: Get on the ride, Taylor.

Young Taylor: But mama --

Woman: I said get on the ride! Are you deaf?

[Carnival music fades] .

Carlos: All right, thanks a lot. Well, he's going to be fine.

Cass: Oh, that's good news.

Carlos: Vicky's with him now.

Cass: I may have given Carl his alibi tonight.

Carlos: How do you mean?

Cass: I went by his apartment.

Carlos: You saw him?

Cass: Probably around the time Ryan was here taking my bullet.

Carlos: Well, what did Carl say when you walked into his place?

Cass: Well, he wasn't too happy about it at all, I can tell you. At first I thought it was because he was trying to put the moves to Donna Hudson.

Carlos: Oh, for crying out loud, she was there with him, alone?

Cass: Yes.

Carlos: Is she crazy?

Cass: It's worse than that. She's up to something, but I'm not sure what it is yet.

Carlos: How are we supposed to look after you guys if you keep putting yourselves -- finish your statement.

Cass: I realize now that when I walked in on Carl and Donna, he knew immediately that whomever he sent gunning for me was going to turn up empty.

Carlos: And because you were there --

Cass: His posterior is covered.

Carlos: Well, not for long.

Cass: You know something?

Carlos: No -- I'm just sick and tired of this guy Hutchins holding this town hostage. Wait a minute. If he is the guy who put -- ordered the hit on you --

Cass: Maybe he sent someone here to nose around.

Carlos: No, with a gun?

Cass: And he happened to panic when Ryan walked in.

Carlos: No, I doubt that Hutchins is going to bump you off when the entire state is waiting for him to make a move just like that.

Cass: He is a very careful man.

Carlos: Yeah, I'm beginning to find that out.

Cass: And he's got a veritable army of anonymous faces to do his bidding.

Carlos: You know him pretty well, don't you?

Cass: I know him real well. I'll keep an eye out for him.

Carlos: No, you won’t.

Cass: Is that an order?

Carlos: You want to get your head blown off?

Cass: Yeah, Carlos, that's exactly what I want.

Carlos: Well, that's exactly what you're saying.

Cass: I know this guy. I know how he operates, all right?

Carlos: Yeah, and you want to come up against one of his anonymous faces, too?

Cass: I'll be careful.

Carlos: You're not going to make this easy for me, are you?

Cass: Oh, you're getting to know me, Carlos. That's nice, I like that.

Carlos: I'll be in touch, Winthrop.

Cass: I'm sure you will. Hey. How you both doing?

Frankie: We were at Vicky’s, and we heard there was a shooting here.

Kathleen: We went to the hospital.

Cass: You thought it was me. Oh, I'm so sorry. It never occurred to me that you might have heard what went on, or I would have called you to tell you that I was all right.

Frankie: Do you know that it's Ryan?

Cass: Yeah, Carlos just heard on the phone from the hospital that he's apparently doing fine.

Frankie: Oh, that's great.

Cass: Bullet through the shoulder and lodged in my wall. And I'm going to have to do some spackling tomorrow.

Frankie: Very funny, Winthrop. We thought you were dead.

Kathleen: I thought this was my fault.

Cass: Well, I'm not dead, and it's nobody's fault but my own.

Carlos: Excuse me.

Cass: Yeah, Carlos.

Carlos: Uh, I've got to be going. I'm going to go see Ryan.

Cass: Ok.

Kathleen: Carlos, can I talk to you for a second?

Carlos: Yeah.

Kathleen: I'm really glad that Ryan is ok.

Carlos: Yeah, well, that's what cops live with every day. It's not your fault. I mean, first it was Joe, and now this. I'm sick and tired of -- I don't want to see any more guys going down. I -- look, tell Cass and Frankie that I reinstated the guards, at least for tonight.

Kathleen: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Did you guys hear that?

Cass: The return of Igor and company.

Kathleen: Yeah, I'm going to go talk to Igor for a second.

Frankie: She's feeling responsible.

Cass: I knew she would.

Frankie: I planted that seed myself, I'm afraid. I'm sorry, I -- I couldn't help it.

Cass: Does that mean you've changed your mind?

Frankie: I'm angry, but I'm not unreasonable.

Cass: So the two of you were at the hospital together?

Frankie: Oh, yeah, yeah. Real pretty picture, I assure you.

Cass: I'm really sorry that you worried about me.

Frankie: How could you have known?

Cass: It's good to see you.

Frankie: Cass, you see me all the time.

Cass: Not nearly enough, Frankie.

Frankie: Well, that's the way it has to be for now.

Cass: So, what's Kathleen think about it?

Frankie: About us?

Cass: Yeah, have you two talked about it?

Frankie: It's not anything she has a say in.

Cass: Ok. Just wondering. What did you talk about?

Frankie: Cass, I thought you were dead.

Cass: Frankie --

Frankie: And all I could think of was that you would be gone and I would never have a chance to tell you again. I would never -- Cass. I would never have a chance to tell you how much I love you.

Cass: I know, I know.

Marley: You heard.

Donna: Is Victoria here?

Marley: Yes, she's in with Ryan.

Donna: How is he? Is he all right?

Marley: He's fine, he's fine. He was shot, but I think the danger is over.

Donna: Oh.

Marley: Jamie took care of him.

Donna: Thank heavens. How's Victoria?

Marley: Well, she's better now.

Donna: She's been worried that something like this would happen to him.

Marley: She loves him very much.

Donna: Do they know who did it?

Marley: Well, there have been whisperings that it's Carl Hutchins. Surprise, surprise.

Donna: Well, he wouldn't have done it himself.

Marley: Why do you say that?

Donna: I was with him tonight in his suite.

Marley: You were with him tonight?

Donna: Yes.

Marley: Alone?

Donna: Yes. We had plans to go out to dinner, but we stayed in instead. And don't look at me like that. You know what I'm trying to do with him.

Marley: I think you've gone off your rocker. Of course, why should any of this come as a surprise to me?

Donna: I know what I'm doing, Marley.

Marley: Yes, well, I'll try to remember that when I'm standing out here waiting to see if you're ok.

Donna: Will you be here?

Marley: You don't give up, do you?

Donna: I could get closer to him than anybody.

Marley: Yes. You were the one he married. Aren't you proud?

Donna: I could gain his trust. I could find out what he's really up to this time.

Marley: You could get hurt.

Donna: Would you care?

Marley: I don't want anybody to get hurt, Mother.

Donna: You called me Mother.

Marley: Regardless of what you've done or what I think of you, I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Ryan: Still beating?

Jamie: Just a little too fast.

Vicky: Why? What's wrong?

Jamie: Nothing's wrong. It's all your fault, Vicky.

Vicky: [Laughs]

Jamie: Five more minutes, then you're out of here.

Vicky: I -- I want him in a private room.

Ryan: Hey, stop throwing your pocketbook around.

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: Just five more.

Vicky: You're starting to get some of your color back.

Ryan: Bright and bushy-tailed is me.

Vicky: You know, you didn't have to go out and get yourself a purple heart to get my attention.

Ryan: I know you go for the dramatic.

Vicky: Yeah, well, this kind of dramatic I think I could do without.

Ryan: You know, for someone who looks like hell --

Vicky: Yeah?

Ryan: You look great.

Vicky: Well, my hair was standing on end for a few minutes.

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Vicky: You're sorry?

Ryan: Sorry you worried.

Vicky: I'm just glad I was here.

Ryan: You know, the first thing I thought of, um, before I woke up here --

Vicky: Hmm?

Ryan: You'll laugh.

Vicky: Ok, I could do with a laugh.

Ryan: I had this -- this image of you on that -- that horse.

Vicky: Oh, no, baby. The demon horse from hell?

Ryan: When we first met. Yeah. I thought to myself, "There she goes on a runaway horse. I've got to help her." But I couldn't get to you. I tried, and I couldn't get to you, and I wanted to be there for you. I always want to be there for you.

Vicky: And you will be. If I have anything to say about it, you will be.

Bridget: Miss Donna.

Donna: Bridget, hi.

Bridget: Have you seen Victoria?

Donna: No, I haven't, she's been with Ryan the whole time.

Bridget: Oh, I heard on the scanner it was Ryan.

Donna: Well, he's all right. And so is Cass.

Bridget: Thank heavens for that.

Donna: Bridget.

Bridget: Yes?

Donna: I just saw Marley.

Bridget: Did she speak to you?

Donna: She called me Mother.

Bridget: Oh, now, that is good news, isn't it?

Donna: She's worried about me spending so much time with Carl.

Bridget: Oh, well, I knew she always cared for you. Wait a minute. Now, what do you mean that you're spending all this time with Carl?

Donna: Oh, look, sit down. I'm doing a little investigative work.

Bridget: Have you lost your mind?

Donna: No.

Bridget: After all the -- all the terrible things he's done, all the trouble he's caused you?

Donna: I know he's no good.

Bridget: And you're still seeing that man?

Donna: But I'm -- I'm trying to get on his good side.

Bridget: Oh, my, that man doesn't even have a good side.

Donna: Well, you know what I mean, Bridget. It's true that he is ruthless, but he's not going to hurt me. I know that.

Bridget: You know, I really do think that the fumes of the cleaning solvent at that -- that place that you work -- I mean, I really think it's gone right to your head.

Donna: I'm trying to protect my family. And it's also accomplishing several other things.

Bridget: Oh, and what does that mean?

Donna: Michael doesn't like the fact that I'm spending so much time with Carl.

Bridget: And you're using that madman to make your husband jealous?

Donna: Well, it's working, sort of. For instance, tonight I made it a point to see that he knew I was with Carl in his suite.

Bridget: Oh, and Michael came to save you, huh?

Donna: Not exactly. He sent Cass, but he was trying to make a point.

Bridget: Oh, yes, of course he was. He was trying to tell you that you're crazy. And the things that you're doing, they're not going to work, you know.

Donna: We'll see, we'll see.

Bridget: Oh -- there she is. Victoria.

Donna: Oh, how is he?

Vicky: He's fine.

Bridget: Oh, my, I've been so worried about you, dear.

Vicky: Yeah, I -- I don't think I realized how -- how much I love him.

Donna: I know, I know.

Vicky: Uh, I can't live like this.

Donna: He's not in that much danger all the time.

Vicky: He is enough. And I'm not going to lose him. I'm going to make sure that Carl and everybody else never hurt him again.

Bridget: Yes, of course, dear. What did she mean by that?

Donna: Trouble.

Bridget: Yes, well, I guess it's in the genes.

Jamie: Hi.

Marley: Hi.

Jamie: You're still here.

Marley: Well, you said you'd be ready to go home when you checked in on Ryan again.

Jamie: Yeah, I'm just waiting for Mrs. Skolnick's chart.

Marley: Oh.

Jamie: Sit.

Marley: Is Vicky still in with Ryan?

Jamie: Yeah, they may have to cover her in oil to get her out of that room.

Marley: She was very worried about him.

Jamie: I know.

Marley: You're very good with her.

Jamie: Moi?

Marley: Mm-hmm. I like to know that you two get along.

Jamie: Well, I always like Vicky when she's vulnerable. It's the other 23 hours in the day that drive me crazy.

Marley: You do know that if another doctor had been on duty, she would have been on that gurney with Ryan, going into the room until he was ok.

Jamie: I know, I'm glad it was me.

Marley: Me, too.

Jamie: What have you been doing all day?

Marley: Uh, I did a couple of things. I just went up and saw the babies again.

Jamie: Now, honey --

Marley: Oh, they are so cute. I love looking at them.

Jamie: You see any good ones?

Marley: They're all good ones.

Jamie: Yeah, you go up there a lot, don't you?

Marley: Well, I just -- I like to look at them. It's very peaceful.

Jamie: Peaceful? You know, there are a couple of nurses up there. If you said "peaceful" to them, they would laugh you out the door.

Marley: Oh, no, there's something about it. I don't know, I look at -- I look at their little faces and just think of what they're going to be and what they're going to do or not do. It kind of makes me think of new beginnings and challenges. I don't know what Vicky would have done if she'd lost Ryan. But she didn't, thanks to you. You brought him back for her.

Jamie: You're giving me too much credit.

Marley: No, I don't think so. You do it for strangers here every day, and you and I never talk about it.

Jamie: Marley, some of those strangers aren't as lucky as Ryan was tonight.

Marley: I know. People die in this hospital every day, but then new little people are born here every day. It's -- it's wonderful. They just take their place. What? What did I say?

Jamie: Oh, just one of the many crazy things that make me crazy about you. You have a way of doing that, you know.

Marley: I do? I make you crazy?

Jamie: Thank you. Thanks.

Marley: Let's go home.

Jamie: Marley --

Marley: Mm-hmm?

Jamie: I don't need anyone but you. You know that, don't you?

Marley: I know. Let's go.

Jamie: Good.

Frankie: I'm surprised Kathleen’s not back yet.

Cass: Maybe she wants to give us some time to be alone.

Frankie: Why? She has as much at stake as I do.

Cass: She wants to be fair. Hey, here for us?

Man: I'm hers. You've got your own out front.

Cass: Great, would you mind telling Kathleen McKinnon that she can come in now?

Man: She's in here, isn't she?

Cass: No.

Man: Her guard is waiting for her out front.

Frankie: She left over 20 minutes ago.

Cass: Kathleen.

[Classical music plays]

[Knock on door]

Carl: Kathleen. This is indeed a surprise.

Sharlene: Come here. You stay here for Mommy, ok? I'll be right back. Hi, excuse me, I'm Sharlene Hudson, Dr. Hudson's wife.

Nurse: Oh, Mrs. Hudson, he was just called in to assist in a surgery.

Sharlene: I know that, but I just remembered something I would like to tell him, so if I could leave a message with you –

Nurse: Oh, sure.

Sharlene: Thank you.

[Intercom buzzes]

Nurse: Oh, I've got to answer that.

Sharlene: Ok, so I can just leave this here with his name on it?

Nurse: I'll make sure that he gets it.

Sharlene: Thank you, thank you. It's all right. Mom -- listen, honey, Mommy's coming right back, ok? I know you're a hungry fella. You just wait there. I'll be out -- in two minutes we'll be out of here. Gregory!

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