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Carl: Well, it looks to me like your other ex-husband has joined us. It's all very civilized, isn't it?

Donna: Would you like something, Michael?

Carl: Yes, of course, would you like a drink?

Michael: I would like to talk to you alone.

Donna: Would you excuse us?

Carl: Certainly. There is a call or two I could make.

Michael: You want to tell me just what the hell you think you're doing?

Donna: Does that mean you care?

Frankie: What are we doing?

Sharlene: Research.

Frankie: Research?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Couldn't wait -- you said it was urgent, Sharlene.

Sharlene: It is urgent. We have to get something on Taylor Benson and I'm hoping it's in here. Do you really have time?

Frankie: Nothing but.

Sharlene: Ok.

Frankie: So what is all of this stuff?

Sharlene: This is everything she's ever written, and she seems to specialize in sexual deviation.

Frankie: Well, whatever turns you on I guess.

Sharlene: [Sighs]

Frankie: Ew. Kinky.

Sharlene: You know, she's read this stuff at medical conferences all over the country.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I bet it kept them awake at any rate. So, what -- what is it we're looking for?

Sharlene: [Sighs] I'm not even sure. Maybe some kind of pattern. Maybe some kind of personal reference -- just anything that proves that Taylor Benson is the one who needs help and not me, ok?

Frankie: I'll give her one thing, she's very prolific, isn't she?

Sharlene: That's why I needed you -- unless I'm taking you away from Cass. If I am, I don't wanna do it.

Frankie: He's at the office, working late.

Sharlene: What's going on?

Frankie: A messy divorce, which, compared to our lives, is probably simple.

Cass: Kathleen. You didn't come here alone, did you?

Kathleen: You kidding? My keeper's outside.

Cass: Are you ok?

Kathleen: Oh, yeah. I'm much better, actually.

Cass: Yes?

Kathleen: I wanted you to know I got a note from Joe. He's alive and well.

Cass: Oh, well, good. That's good.

Kathleen: Yeah.

Cass: Where was he?

Kathleen: Well, he didn't say.

Cass: Is he coming back?

Kathleen: I don't know.

Cass: I don't believe it.

Kathleen: What?

Cass: Joe. He doesn't tell you where he's going. He doesn't even inform his organization. You're scared to death that he's been eliminated, and he writes you a note?

Kathleen: Maybe he wasn't near a fax machine.

Cass: So what did he say -- "having a wonderful time, don't wish you were here"?

Kathleen: No, he said not to worry, he's fine, things like that. But the point is --

Cass: No, the point is he had you on the rack, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Cass --

Cass: Wait a minute. Are you sure it was from him?

Kathleen: Yeah, I'm sure. It was his writing. Chicken scratches.

Cass: What's he -- what's he trying to do, scare you into marrying him?

Kathleen: I don't know, and I don't care. I'm -- I'm just glad he's safe.

Cass: Well, you seem happy.

Kathleen: I am.

Cass: So does this mean Joe is back in your life, he's back in the picture?

Kathleen: Don't you think that's a little glib?

Cass: Glib?

Kathleen: Whether Joe, or anyone else for that matter, is back in my life is more or less up to you, isn't it?


Man: So I said, Mrs. OíLeary, you didn't need me for this. We have perfectly qualified nurses.

Woman: Ah, but they don't have your touch.


Michael: If any of this is true, I mean, any of this at all --

John: I know.

Michael: Now, who was it you talked to, her sister?

John: No, no, Taylorís sister-in-law. She didn't make any direct accusations, but I suspect she wanted to.

Michael: All right, I will initiate a board inquiry first thing in the morning.

John: You might run into trouble.

Michael: Like hell I will.

John: Taylor has already written the Ethics board, warning them about Sharleneís suspicions.

Michael: Well, she's really covered her behind, hasn't she?

John: She's thought it all out very carefully.

John: Taylor. [Clears throat] I -- I think we should talk.

Taylor: So do I. Because I hate what's happening.

John: Me, too. And I think I owe you an apology.

Taylor: John --

John: We both want the same thing -- for Sharlene to get well. It just seems that we differ as to how that's supposed to happen.

Taylor: Her well being has always been my first concern.

John: I know. And I'm very sorry if I suggested otherwise.

Taylor: Well, I'm sorry if I did anything that appeared unprofessional.

John: Well, maybe you didnít. Maybe I was just a little strung out.

Taylor: Look, it's tough. We get ourselves so invested, and then things don't work out the way we want them to.

John: I know. You know, the thing is, is that every -- everyone, the whole world, expects doctors to be perfect.

Taylor: [Laughs] I know.

John: Sometimes we start expecting that from each other. And the truth is, we're only human.

Taylor: Well, it's human to care deeply, and maybe that's something that doctors can't afford to do.

John: I think it was a good thing that you wrote the Ethics committee.

Taylor: I just want to get all of this straightened out.

John: And to do what's right for Sharlene.

Taylor: Absolutely. I'm -- I know that I am guilty of being emotionally invested in the both of you.

John: Well, there are worse things in this world, aren't there?

Taylor: But even if she doesn't want to see me again, I want us to work well together. I want you to have faith in me.

John: You know, I can certainly understand why you'd be cautious about this. I mean, that whole Brian James business. It's enough to have made anyone gun-shy.

Taylor: Oh, Brian was -- it was a long time ago.

John: You know, there were some things that happened to me in Vietnam that I just couldn't put to rest until I was able to really talk about them.

Taylor: Do you think I should see a shrink?

John: No, not necessarily. Maybe all you need is to talk to a good friend.

Cass: What goes on between you and Joe, or you and anybody else, doesn't have anything to do with me.

Kathleen: After this afternoon, I'd say it does.

Cass: This afternoon was --

Kathleen: What?

Cass: Confusing, to say the least.

Kathleen: I wouldn't call it confusing, Cass. I would call it cut and dry. I told you that I loved you and that I wanted you back.

Cass: I had the confusing part, Kathleen -- me.

Kathleen: Whether you marry Frankie or not.

Cass: I'm gonna marry Frankie as soon as possible.

Kathleen: You were going to marry her yesterday, but you didnít.

Cass: You were sick. I thought Carl might be poisoning you.

Kathleen: Right. So you and Frankie are standing up to be married, I get sick, and you come rushing over to me without giving Frankie a second thought.

Cass: You fainted in our front room. What the hell were we supposed to do? Step over your inert body to the strains of "the wedding march" and say "I do"?

[Slams drawer]

Kathleen: Why do I get the feeling that we're on the same merry-go-round, but we've just changed horses here.

Cass: What do you mean?

Kathleen: When you came back to New Orleans and you told me that you didn't buy my story, do you remember how you pulled the truth out of me? You told me, and I quote, "Kathleen, you love me. You wouldn't do this. There's more to it." And I knew then that I -- I owed you the truth, and so I told you the whole story. But then I told you to go back to Frankie and to forget about me --

Cass: I remember. I remember --

Kathleen: Because I didn't see why it should be any harder for me than it had been before. I mean, I had cut you off. I had managed fine on my own.

Cass: So what are you getting at?

Kathleen: That all of that worked until you got too close.

Cass: I got too close? Who was the one that was haunting the hospital wearing a Mata Hari outfit?

Kathleen: Cass, would you just stop the head trip for a minute and just savor the moment? I'm trying to tell you you were right.

Cass: All that stuff doesn't matter anymore.

Kathleen: Cass, you know me better than anybody in the world. But you see, I know you too --

Cass: Kathleen, don't --

Kathleen: And I will not allow you to rush into anything because you're afraid of the alternative.

Cass: What alternative?

Kathleen: What it will do to Frankie if you come back to me.

Cass: That isn't going to happen.

Kathleen: Cass. You can do anything you want, but I'm not leaving here until you face the truth. You love me.

Taylor: I know that I went into psychiatry because there seemed to be so much pain everywhere that I looked.

John: When you were growing up?

Taylor: Mm-hmm. I -- I don't remember a time when I wasn't conscious of the way people could hurt inside.

John: You must have been very precocious.

Taylor: Maybe. I just know I -- I wanted to unlock some of those secrets, find ways of helping people.

John: Obviously, you have.

Taylor: What I didn't know was that sometimes people, they don't want to be healed. They want to hang onto their defenses, fight to stay in their sickness because that's all they know.

John: Yeah. Is that what Brain James did?

Taylor: I knew him so well.

John: Were you close to his family, too?

Taylor: They didn't have a clue as to what he was about, what he was capable of. He was brilliant. He could have done anything.

John: But he was ill.

Taylor: He was getting better. He was responding.

John: He was responding to your treatment?

Taylor: I could reach him. Honestly, it was like I understood him, like I'd lived in his skin.

John: His death must have been such a blow to you.

Taylor: It didn't have to happen. And then they blame me -- it was them.

John: Well, how did it ever -- Woman's voice: Dr. Hudson, Dr. John Hudson, report to emergency stat.

John: I'm -- I'm sorry, Taylor.

Taylor: Oh, please.

John: Let's talk again, ok?

Taylor: Yeah, we will.

Taylor: Excuse me, Mr. Turner, isn't it?

Man: That's right. I'm Ben Turner. And you're Dr. Benson.

Taylor: Oh, how nice of you to remember.

Ben: Well, I try to know the medical staff. Not that you'd be easy to forget.

Taylor: [Laughs] Well, thank you very much. Uh, I hope I'm not out of line, but I need some help at the board level.

Ben: Look, if it's about the recent budget cuts, I'm afraid Ė

Taylor: Oh, no, no, no. It's nothing -- it's something personal. Although, it -- it does involve the hospital.

Ben: Oh?

Taylor: Please.

I'm sure that you're aware of the Sharlene Hudson case? Dr. Hudson's wife? There was a lot of publicity about it.

Ben: Oh, yes, I'm aware of her. I've run into her several times. She's a very sick woman. She tried to pick me up once, and then she denied the whole thing.

Taylor: Really? I had no idea. Well, unfortunately she's not much better, and she's starting to hurt people around her.

Ben: Like whom?

Taylor: Well, like her husband, for one. And -- and myself, I'm afraid.

Ben: Are you her doctor?

Taylor: I was. But she's refusing treatment right now. She's so ill. She's accusing me of ethical violations.

Ben: Has she brought a suit?

Taylor: No, and I don't think she will if I allow it all to rest.

Ben: But you don't think you should.

Taylor: That would be a breach of ethics. She is ill, and she needs help.

Ben: What about Dr. Hudson?

Taylor: Well, he's too close to make a judgment.

Ben: So what can I do to help?

Taylor: I need someone on the board to observe her as I have. And possibly convince the family that they Ė

Ben: Should have her committed.

Taylor: I want to see her get the treatment that she needs. It would be for the best.

Ben: I appreciate that. I'll, um, do everything that I can.

Taylor: Well, thank you very much. We'll be in touch.

Ben: [Chuckles]

Michael: Donna, if you are hanging out with Carl Hutchins just to get my attention, you are making two big mistakes.

Donna: I don't know what you're talking about.

Michael: Ah, I see. You're just so bored with your own life that you're hanging out with a known criminal to jazz things up, is that it?

Donna: And if you don't care, why are you questioning me?

Michael: Curiosity. I wonder whether you're being self-destructive or just plain idiotic.

Donna: And if you don't care, why are you being so hurtful?

Michael: Donna, you hang out with him, you are gonna get hurt.

Donna: It's possible he's changed.

Michael: No, it's not.

Donna: Why not?

Michael: Donna, we're talking about Carl Hutchins here.

Donna: People can do terrible things, and they can change. I have.

Michael: Yeah, right.

Donna: You don't spend time in prison and lose the love of everyone who ever meant anything to you, and not have some fundamental change take place.

Michael: Donna, Carl Hutchins came to town to kill Kathleen McKinnon.

Donna: Michael, you don't know that.

Michael: No, what I don't know is why you are eating pate with the guy who terrorized your family.

Donna: All right. You know me too well.

Michael: No, I donít. I don't know you at all anymore. So why don't you tell me what the hell you think you're doing?

Donna: It's a way to make restitution.

Michael: It's a way to get yourself killed.

Donna: I'm not going to get killed.

Michael: Donna, you think you yourself are gonna psych out Carl Hutchins?

Donna: Michael, Carl trusts me. We have a long history, and in his own odd way, he's very fond of me. And if anybody can be privy to Carlís secrets, I can.

Michael: He'll eat you alive. Don't be ridiculous.

Donna: At least I can be of some use. I can help the authorities.

Michael: Oh -- oh, I see.

Donna: At least I won't just be a pathetic creature that's lost her husband and her children.

Michael: Ah, ah. Donna Hudson -- pathetic creature by day and spy woman by night, hmm?

Donna: Don't laugh at me, Michael.

Michael: I'm not laughing, Donna. I don't think it's funny. I just wish you'd get your head on straight. What do you care? [Sighs] Just keep your eye out for her, would you?

Lucas: Sure.

Michael: Thanks.

Carl: No problems, I trust?

Donna: No, just some silly question about disposition of property.

Carl: That's the ugly side to divorce, isn't it? Property becomes a metaphor for all the pain that lingers.

Donna: Why, Carl, I didn't know you'd become a philosopher.

Carl: Oh, hardly. But I did have quite a bit of time to think.

Donna: [Sighs] Nights -- nights were the worst for me.

Carl: May I say, it would have been for you, my dear. But prison for me -- well, I must confess, I hated the wardrobe.

Donna: And the sheets. The sheets you'd -- they could have used contour sheets.

Carl: Bella, Bella, you never change.

Donna: So tell me now that you're back in circulation, how do you spend your time -- other than spying on Kathleen.

Cass: I can't discuss this now.

Kathleen: You don't have to discuss it, Cass, you just have to own up to it.

Cass: I can't even think about it. I mean, this court date for the divorce is two days off, and it's a major mess --

Kathleen: Unlike ours?

Cass: Don't do that, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Why? Because it's unbecoming, because I'm humiliating myself?

Cass: No.

Kathleen: See, I get to call your bluff now. So you look me in the eye, Cass Winthrop, and you tell me that you don't love me. Because if you don't, I'm out of here right now.

Cass: I love Frankie.

Kathleen: See you.

Cass: No!

Kathleen: I knew you couldn't lie to me.

Cass: I didn't lie to you. I do love Frankie. We've built a good life together.

Kathleen: Better than ours?

Cass: How am I supposed to answer that?

Kathleen: You have to.

Cass: How?

Kathleen: With your heart. Like -- like Pops always used to say, "if you had your druthers, where would you be?"

Cass: It's not that simple.

Kathleen: I know that.

Cass: Of course I love you, you idiot. I've hardly kept that a secret. I love you and I want you. And yeah, some part of me wants our old life back so badly I can taste it.

Kathleen: And you think you can just bury those feelings?

Cass: I have to.

Kathleen: Why?

Cass: Because I love Frankie and I want Frankie and I'm not gonna do to her what you did to me.

Kathleen: I had no choice.

Cass: Well, I have a choice, and I'm choosing to stay with Frankie. And whatever you and I feel for each other, we're just gonna have to let go.

Kathleen: And what if I won't?

Frankie: This stuff makes you want to brush your teeth.

Sharlene: These are real people she's writing about. Sick, sick people. I still didn't find a single thing to indicate that Taylor Bensonís one of them. Did you?

Frankie: No, no. She keeps this stuff very academic. Still...

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: Don't you have to wonder about someone who spends her life studying this stuff?

Sharlene: Sociologists do it.

Frankie: But -- but there's something about making the underbelly of society your special thing.

Sharlene: Oh, Frankie, I get you. I get you, but it's just way too vague to go to the Ethics committee.

Frankie: Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't know though, Sharlene. I mean, you look at Taylor, right? And then you look at her stuff and something is very off.

Sharlene: Ok, how do you mean?

Frankie: I mean, there's this oh-so-professional cucumber with her necklines up to her ears and she's doing all of this x-rated research.

Sharlene: Maybe she dresses that way just to -- to make sure she doesn't give people the wrong idea.

Frankie: Or the right one.

Sharlene: Which is what?

Frankie: I would be willing to bet she has a hell of a fantasy life.

Sharlene: Starring my husband.

Frankie: Yeah. And that makes her dangerous.

Sharlene: I'm in the way. She wants me out of the way.

Frankie: Yeah, but how are we gonna prove that, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Well, Cass should be through by now. I think you ought to get home.

Frankie: What's the rush?

Sharlene: Nothing, I just think that I've led you on a wild goose chase, and it's just -- I'm sorry.

Frankie: What are you up to, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Nothing.

Frankie: I'm a P.I., remember?

Sharlene: Oh, ok. All right, ok. The hooker I told you about, Judy? The one who almost talked to me about Taylor?

Frankie: Yeah, but the one who didn't tell you anything?

Sharlene: I think she's the link. She could be the link.

Frankie: To what?

Sharlene: To Taylor Benson the doctor and Taylor Benson the voyeur, or what have you, the person who wanted me locked in that warehouse.

Frankie: But you -- but didn't Judy clam up when you mentioned that?

Sharlene: Yeah, because she was scared to death of something.

Frankie: Of what, the police? Her pimp, what?

Sharlene: Or Taylor?

Frankie: You're not going to do something stupid, are you?

Sharlene: Nothing you wouldn't do.

Frankie: Sharlene, I really don't like the sound of that.

Sharlene: Go home to Cass.

Frankie: Sharlene --

Sharlene: Frankie, I'm fine. Get. Thank you. Go on.

Frankie: Ok.

Carl: So, Bella, you've become a grandmother.

Donna: Yes, yes, yes. Victoria has a beautiful little boy.

Carl: I wish my dear old granny had been like you. I might have turned out so differently.

Donna: I dare say you would have. Now tell me. Why are you here? Everybody's wondering.

Carl: Yes, aren't they just. You know, it's amazing how the public will take hold of a fiction, a fantasy.

Donna: So you're still denying Kathleenís story?

Carl: Yes, I -- Bella, I can't say it enough. On my life, it's the most patent load of nonsense.

Donna: And it's just coincidence that you turned up here right after Kathleen.

Carl: No, not in the least. I came back here to defend myself with lawyers, accountants, and I even hired a public relations expert.

Donna: Well, he certainly has his work cut out for him, doesn't he?

Carl: Would, uh, would a little fondling add to the effect?

Donna: I beg your pardon?

Carl: Come on, don't stop now, dear. He's putty in your hands.

Donna: He is?

Carl: Well, isn't this what you had in mind? You know, Donna, your coquetry is so shameless.

Donna: And what did you have in mind?

Carl: Me?

Donna: You don't think I took your glowing welcome at face value, do you?

Carl: Were you always so mistrustful? Yes, yes, I suppose you were.

Donna: Darling, a man doesn't waste all that lovely charm on a woman unless he wants something from her.

Carl: You're right, I do.

Donna: I thought so.

Carl: I want to enjoy your company. I want to enjoy your beauty. Your body, of course, is out of the question. Bella, you're as elegant and as luminous as ever, and I enjoy being seen with you.

Donna: Why?

Carl: Because it implies forgiveness and that's good for my image. Now, give us a kiss. [Laughs]

Michael: Look, you want dessert or something?

Stacey: I've got an idea. Why don't we just say uncle and get out of here.

Michael: Stacey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. She's just playing right into his hands.

Stacey: I know, and you can't stop her. Lucas is on it, and there's nothing else to do.

Michael: You're right. I mean, you're right. I know that.

Stacey: Yeah. So why don't we just go back to my place and have a nightcap?

Michael: That's a great idea. Let me out of here.

Carl: I think you overplayed your hand, love.

Donna: Nonsense.

Carl: May I now have your undivided attention?

Donna: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.

Carl: Yes, of course. Now, what say we have a bottle of champagne?

Donna: Why not? I think that's a lovely idea.

Kathleen: I guess there's nothing else to do then.

Cass: No.

Kathleen: Frankie and I will just have to duke it out -- 10 rounds, no hitting below the belt, winner takes Cass.

Cass: What does the loser take?

Kathleen: How about a pair of earrings that match for a change? See, it's still there, Cass. And it's not gonna go away.

Cass: It has to.

Kathleen: Because you and Frankie took some vows?

Cass: I don't intend to swear or take an oath to anything that I don't mean.

Kathleen: Well, good. That's good, Cass, but I seem to remember that you and I took some vows, too. How fast do you think you're going to be able to forget about those?

Kathleen: You know, I first discovered that I was in love with you when I pushed you into that stupid swimming pool in Mallorca. You remember the first time we made love? We never did get to the ballet that night. We could have that again.

Cass: This isn't fair -- you're not playing fair.

Kathleen: This is truth time here, Cass. And the truth is, if you marry Frankie and you push all of this aside, do you honestly think you're going to be able to live happily ever after?

Cass: I don't know. I don't know what I think. I don't know what I feel. I don't know.

Kathleen: Yes -- yes, you do. You just can't accept what it means.

Cass: We both have to.

Kathleen: Noble didn't work for me, Cass, and it's not going to work for you. If you deny what you're feeling right here, right now, how fair do you think that is to Frankie?

Cass: I didn't mean to be in this situation.

Kathleen: I didn't, either. I mean, you convinced me to come back here. You offered me my life back --

Cass: Not this. Not us.

Kathleen: Maybe that's not up to us, maybe that's just what is.

Cass: I have a responsibility to Frankie, and I love her.

Kathleen: You know something, I don't doubt that. I donít. This is a real mess.

Cass: Oh, you're not kidding.

Kathleen: Cass, just listen to me. I am not asking you to throw her over.

Cass: You're not?

Kathleen: Well, that would be my preference of course, but realistically --

Cass: Not funny.

Kathleen: I'm sorry. But this just can't be solved overnight. Cass, if you decide to run from us, you'll be running through your whole marriage.

Cass: So what should I do?

Kathleen: I only know what you shouldn't do, and that's rush into marrying her.

You need some time. Take time to think about things, feel things.

Cass: I'll try.

Kathleen: I'll wait.

Sharlene: Ok, girl. One more time.

Donna: Carl, I think it's time for us to put our cards on the table.

Carl: And then what? Will you tell us our fortunes?

Donna: No, we're the kind of people that make our own fortunes.

Carl: Well, that must be a bit depressing for you considering your present status.

Donna: Let's talk about you.

Carl: And what would we say?

Donna: We'll start by asking you what you do with your time.

Carl: It's business mostly.

Donna: What kind?

Carl: The usual -- real estate, investments --

Donna: Retribution for the person that sent you to prison.

Lucas: Carl, while I think of it, I set up that meeting with the real estate board for you. You can tell them your plans.

Carl: Lucas, for a P.R. man, you have extraordinarily bad manners.

Lucas: I'm sorry, Donna, how are you?

Donna: Hello, Lucas.

Carl: So you sent the material?

Lucas: Express.

Carl: Excuse me.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Carl: Now, if you'll allow me, Donna, to make one brief phone call, the banks in Zurich are just opening.

Donna: Of course.

Lucas: Donna, didn't your mother tell you not to play with matches?

Donna: What are you talking about?

Lucas: You know exactly what I'm talking about. You ought to be spanked.

Donna: I'd love it.

Lucas: If you're smart, you'll stay away from him.

Carl: Kathleen. How are you?

Kathleen: Still kicking.

Carl: Delighted to hear it. Though I heard you, uh, you had a bit of a spell.

Kathleen: Where'd you hear that from?

Carl: Can't think offhand. Well, everyone's talking about you these days. Ta-ta.

Lucas: Kathleen.

Kathleen: Hi, Lucas. I need to see Felicia.

Lucas: She's at some fan club function. Can I do anything?

Kathleen: No, thank you. It's a little close in here, if you know what I mean. I'll see you later.

Lucas: Ok.

Michael: So have you turned up anything new on Taylor?

John: No -- no, I had to mend a few fences, first. She was just about to open up about Brian James and I got called away.

Michael: Oh, man, I'm so sorry.

John: Yeah. Listen, uh, there'll be other chances. You sound uptight. Are you all right?

Michael: Yeah -- yeah, I mean, I'm fine. Look, you stay in touch, all right? Oh, hi Ė

Stacey: Hi.

Michael: Thank you, that's great. Look, no more phone calls. I promise.

Stacey: No, that's all right.

Michael: Well, you deserve some decent conversation. Come on, sit down.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, that's right. Where is that written -- if you wanna talk, fine, and if you don't want to, that's fine, too.

Michael: I don't know, but I'll drink to that. Cheers.

Stacey: Cheers.

Michael: You're wonderful, you know that?

Stacey: No, I don't, but thank you.

Michael: Oh, boy. You always seem to sense what's going on with me.

Stacey: Well, I don't think you make it too difficult.

Michael: Am I that transparent?

Stacey: No, you're just, you know, who you are.

Michael: Well, thank you for not wanting me to be anybody else.

Stacey: Why would I? [Laughs] Drink up.

Michael: Ok. Mm. You ever want to just throw a switch and shut your brain off completely? You ever wish you could do that?

Stacey: Oh, almost every night, I think.

Michael: [Laughs] I mean to be -- no memories, no past. No way, I guess.

Stacey: Wait a second. Maybe we could do that. You know, we could just act as if that's the way it is.

Michael: Act as if. I like "act as if," that's nice.

Stacey: Yeah.

Michael: I could do that. I could do that.

Stacey: Maybe we could pretend that nothing else exists except just this room and us in it.

Michael: You mean nothing out there?

Stacey: Yeah. Just kind of a soft, black space.

Michael: Ooh, I like that.

Stacey: You do?

Michael: Oh, yes, I like that a lot. I think I could give myself to that completely. No past, no nothing.

Stacey: I can't promise you it'll last long.

Michael: Who cares?

Stacey: Maybe long enough.

[Rock music playing]

Judy: Thanks. What's it, uh, pull of the good life got you back here?

Sharlene: More like my own life. It's kind of a mess right now.

Judy: Pretty nice last time I looked.

Sharlene: Just goes to show, you never know.

Judy: How's the kid? Getting big? Does he, like, sit up yet?

Sharlene: Yeah, he's a genius.

Judy: What do I know about babies?

Sharlene: I didn't come here to chit-chat, Judy.

Judy: Swell.

Sharlene: I need some help.

Judy: I told you before --

Sharlene: And I think you may have what I need. I can pay.

Judy: Ain't my number.

Sharlene: For information about the shrink -- the one with the tape recorder.

Judy: Look, I don't want to get involved.

Sharlene: Oh, come on. You came to my house, we talked. You like me. I know you do.

Judy: I don't even know you.

Sharlene: Do you know Dr. Benson? The one who studies us like we were bugs? I think you know more than you're saying. I do, Judy.

Judy: What's this "us"? You setting up shop here?

Sharlene: All I want is whatever you know about Dr. Benson, the whole story.

Judy: What, now I owe you information?

Sharlene: You said you had some for me once before. When you came down to the warehouse?

Judy: I told you everything that I know.

Sharlene: I don't think so. I think Dr. Benson was involved.

Judy: And I think you got a hell of a nerve leaning on me.

Michael: Wait a minute. I thought you said you wanted to wait until my past was behind me.

Stacey: Well, I know I said that, but there isn't any past tonight, remember?

Cass: And it must therefore be concluded that because of irreconcilable differences between John and Norma Russell, their marriage is rendered untenable.

Cass's voice: For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

[Instrumental music playing]

Frankie: All this feels so right it scares me.

Cass: I love you so much Mary Frances. There's nothing to be afraid of anymore.

Frankie: Hey, baby. Are you all right? You look awful.

Sharlene: So, Judy, how often does she come here?

Judy: I don't know. I never counted.

Sharlene: She knows you all by name.

Judy: Pretty much, I guess so.

Sharlene: Yeah? How about me? What does she -- does she ever ask about me?

Judy: I told you the last time.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, I forgot. What did you say?

Judy: You did? So did I.

Sharlene: This is important.

Judy: What do you want me to do, make things up? Listen, I got a friend that she talked to more than me.

Sharlene: Yeah, who is that? Do I know the girl, what?

Judy: I thought you didn't know any of us.

Sharlene: Just tell me what her name is.

Judy: Maybe I should call her. The doc spent a lot of time with her. You got a quarter?

Sharlene: Hold this. Frankie, you'd be proud of me.

Judy: I don't care what she's doing. You get Dr. Benson paged, pronto.

Taylor: Taylor Benson.

Judy: She's here, the fruitcake, asking all kinds of questions.

Taylor: What about?

Judy: About you, doc. What do you want me to do?

Taylor: Who is it, Sharly or Sharlene? Can you tell?

Judy: It's Sharly, just like you said. She's giving me the willies.

Taylor: Look, you can handle it. Just keep her there.

Judy: I don't know. I found out she can get pretty nasty. She's really wacko.

Taylor: You did the right thing. Now remember, I'm coming there and she needs help and I'm bringing it.

Judy: You better.

Taylor: I will. Just don't let on, and don't let her go.

Cass: Do I have a fever?

Frankie: You're like ice.

Cass: Must be the subject matter.

Frankie: Divorce.

Cass: After 28 years, this couple is packing it in.

Frankie: Couldn't work it out, huh?

Cass: He says he didn't love her, that it was a lie.

Cass: I guess sometimes that's the way it is.

Frankie: You know what? You're a real softie. It's better them than us, right? I -- could you imagine living a 28-year lie?

Cass: No, I canít.

Frankie: Speaking of marriage, how does Tuesday grab you? You and me tie the knot? Re-tie the knot. Cass?

Cass: What?

Frankie: Check it out. Are -- are you free to marry me on Tuesday?

You scared me. I thought your huge silence had something to do with Kathleen.

Cass: It does.

Carl: I'm sorry about your evening, Donna.

Donna: It's all right. I'm just a little tired.

Carl: Champagne won't raise your spirits.

Donna: No, I think I should be getting home.

Man: Ah, excuse me. Mr. Hutchins, you have a phone call.

Carl: Thank you. I'm sorry about these interruptions.

Donna: Well, it certainly has been a business dinner.

Carl: And I apologize. But you know what it's like. You've got to keep on top of these projects, even when it's most inconvenient.

Carl: Hutchins. It's taken care of? Good. Excellent.

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