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Another World Transcript Tuesday 3/13/07

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Knock on door]


Dean: What, what?


Lindsey: Dean, what are you doing here?

Dean: Lindsey, nice outfit. What time is it?

Lindsey: It's just 8:00.

Dean: 8:00, and you're already this hyper?

Lindsey: Shouldn't you be home in bed?

Dean: Yeah, I should. I just -- I crashed here last night.

Lindsey: Where's Matthew?

Dean: I haven't seen him since last night.

Lindsey: But I -- but I just called the Corys. Hilda said he was over here.

Dean: Well, Hilda was wrong. What's in the basket?

Lindsey: Breakfast.

Dean: Breakfast!

Lindsey: Some sticky buns and --

Dean: Sticky buns, those are my favorite.

Lindsey: Uh-uh-uh, they're for Matthew.

Dean: Oh.

Lindsey: This is really weird though. I mean, I thought -- he doesn't have a class this morning or anything, right? I can't --

Dean: Lindsey, Lindsey, you don't get it, do you? You just don't get it.

Lindsey: What, get what?

Dean: Matt stayed out all night with Jenna.

Matt: Hmm.

Jenna: Look, there's a butterfly.

Matt: Hey, you know, it has been so long since I've watched the sun rise over the lake.

Jenna: Yeah.

Matt: Those colors were fantastic.

Jenna: Hmm.

Matt: Hmm.

Jenna: Ahh, the sun feels so good.

Matt: Tired?

Jenna: No, no, I feel wonderful. How about you?

Matt: I feel great and full.

Jenna: Natalie's parents had that whole breakfast catered.

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Jenna: You know, she only asked me at the last minute.

Matt: Well, she realized no one else would come if the life of the party wasn't there.

Jenna: Me?

Matt: You stole the show.

Jenna: [Laughs]

Matt: Nobody could keep their eyes off of you.

Jenna: Oh, thanks, Matt.

Matt: Everybody saw you in a completely new light.

Jenna: Including you?

Matt: Especially me.

Sharlene: I didn't expect you home until tonight. Oh, God.

John: Well, I decided to skip the last session at the convention and Dr. McAllister's closing remarks.

Sharlene: You're not missing anything important?

John: You guys are important.

Sharlene: Oh, boy, this baby has made you very sentimental.

John: Well, it's about time, isn't it?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: Where is he?

Sharlene: He's upstairs, down for the morning nap.

John: Ahh, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Yeah --

John: Has he gotten any bigger?

Sharlene: John, you were only gone two days.

John: Really, it seems like longer than that.

Sharlene: Uh, no, hey, how did you get that -- home so fast? Did you --

John: Taylor and I grabbed an early train.

Sharlene: Oh, Taylor came back with you?

John: Yeah, she just dropped me off. Is something wrong?

Sharlene: I wasn't gonna hit you with this as soon as you walked in the door, but, yes, John, there is.

John: Tell me.

Sharlene: It's Taylor. I don't want her in this house again, ever.

Mark: [Grunts]

Amanda: Are we finished yet?

Mark: Nope.

Amanda: How much longer is this going to take?

Mark: Well, that depends on you. If you just want an update of your old portrait, we can stop now. But I say that that is a bad idea.

Amanda: Why?

Mark: Well, because your readers, they have no sense of who you are. You know, all they have is this department store headshot.

Amanda: Mark, I'm a publisher. I'm supposed to look corporate.

Mark: Yeah, well, I thought that "Sophisticate" was supposed to break new ground here.

Amanda: It does.

Mark: Well, that eighties look there, it's -- it's totally yuppie. You know what I'm saying?

Amanda: Mm-hmm, right. What should I wear, spandex?

Mark: Well, at least it wouldn't look like every other managing editor's shot, now would it? Hey, hey, hey, hey, what -- what are you doing?

Amanda: I'm getting ready.

Mark: Ok, ok, um, why don't we try something a little more spontaneous here? Why don't you show me a little bit more of the Amanda who lives outside of Cory Publishing? What do you say?

Amanda: I really don't think that's necessary. This is just a corporate shot, you know?

Mark: Come on, come on, come on, you're a woman who takes risks, aren't you? Now, why not? Are you afraid your mother will mind?

Amanda: Baiting me is not going to get you results.

Mark: You know, there's a wild woman inside you. I can see it. You can see it. Now, why don't you just let the camera see it, ok?

Amanda: No.

Mark: Ok, you want to look like a stiff -- who am I to argue? We're finished.

Amanda: Hi, I'd like to reschedule the rest of my morning meetings. Thanks. Um, not really sure, this is just taking a little longer than I thought.

 Ok, so what did you have in mind?

Mark: Come on, I'll show you.

John: I thought you and Taylor had worked everything out. You were going back into therapy.

Sharlene: I was going to try to, John, for your sake, but I can't play into her games anymore.

John: What games?

Sharlene: Taylor wants us both to think that I'm losing it again.

John: Why?

Sharlene: She wants to put me away, John, permanently.

John: Sharlene, what would she stand to gain by that?

Sharlene: You, she has romantic feelings for you. She wants me out of the picture.

John: I can understand why you would think that.

Sharlene: This doesn't surprise you?

John: Not completely, no. I told you we had adjoining rooms.

Sharlene: What did she do?

John: She came into my room dressed in a nightgown.

Sharlene: Oh, John.

John: She let herself in while I was taking a nap. I woke up, and she was standing over me staring.

Sharlene: She was?

John: She said she needed to use my shower.

Sharlene: [Sighs]

John: Hers really was broken. I heard the maintenance guy --

Sharlene: Oh, John, she probably wrecked her own shower just so she could come in and parade around in front of you.

John: I asked her if she had any feelings for me.

Sharlene: And she denied it, right?

John: Up and down. She said that she's -- only wanted to be my friend.

Sharlene: She's lying, John. I can prove it.

Taylor: Uh, damn it!

John: Taylor?

Taylor: I'm sorry. I -- I guess I made too much noise.

John: What the hell is going on?

Taylor: I -- my shower is broken, and I thought maybe I could just sneak in here and use yours.

John: Is that what you really wanted, Taylor? I think we've become too close.

Taylor: Us?

John: Yes.

Taylor: I'm not sure that I'm following you.

John: It's -- it's just that it's become too familiar between us, and I think that we should be careful.

Taylor: Are you saying you have feelings for me?

John: No, no, I'm not saying that at all.

Taylor: Was that what Sharlene said when she spoke to you on the phone?

John: Would you just listen? This -- this isn't easy. I like you. I care very much about our friendship, and I'm eternally grateful for your helping Sharlene through her illness, but this just has to stop.

Taylor: Damn her!

[Phone rings]

Judy: Hello.

Taylor: Hello, Judy --

Judy: Who is this?

Taylor: Judy, it's Taylor Benson.

Judy: Oh.

Taylor: Are you -- are you busy?

Judy: No, no, I just had a late one last night. What do you want?

Taylor: I have another assignment for you.

Judy: Oh, for crying out loud.

Taylor: Judy, I'm gonna pay you double what I paid you last time, and I know you can use the cash.

Judy: No, I told you, I'm not into it. I don't want to scare no housewife.

Taylor: Look, this is entirely different. You just come over to my place, and I'll explain everything to you when you get here.

Judy: Uh, I don't know, Dr. Benson --

Taylor: As soon as you can. This can't wait.

Lindsey: Do you honestly think that Matt would let Jenna drag him around all night?

Dean: Well, he missed half the dance to begin with, right? I wonder how that happened. Oh, Lindsey, strawberries, oh.

Lindsey: Are you going to leave something for Matt, please?

Dean: Oh, why, he's probably had three breakfasts already.

Lindsey: How would you know?

Dean: Because that's tradition. That's what you do after these big dances, see.

Lindsey: Oh, like you have ever been to a school dance in your life.

Dean: Nobody goes home after these things. They stay out all night. They bounce from one house to another grubbing food because they're all -- they got the munchies.

Lindsey: Matt would be bored to tears. Come on, he didn't even want to go to this in the first place.

Dean: That's not what I heard.

Lindsey: From who, from Jenna? Oh, right. Matt and I were studying together yesterday, and he was not in the least bit enthusiastic about going.

Dean: Well, maybe he got psyched on the way over there, ok, because when I saw him in his tux, he was ready.

Lindsey: I find that very difficult to believe.

Dean: Well, Lindsey, you didn't see what I saw, did you?

Lindsey: Wait -- wait a minute, you were there?

Dean: I dropped by, and when Matt got a load of Jenna for the first time, he was quite impressed, very impressed.

Lindsey: He got there late, didn't he?

Dean: Yes, he did, and how did you know that?

Lindsey: You told me before that he missed half the dance.

Dean: Yeah, well, he made it up to her very quickly.

Lindsey: So.

Dean: Yeah, he got her some thing, and then he said he was very, very sorry for standing her up -- that stuff.

Lindsey: I bet she was really mad, huh?

Dean: She didn't seem to be. They were dancing very close, and they were really getting into it by the time I'd left. Want any coffee?

Lindsey: No.

You're just trying to make me feel rotten, aren't you?

Dean: I'm just telling you the way it was, honey.

Lindsey: No, because -- because you hate it that Matt and I are together, and you always have.

Dean: Huh, I don't think so.

Lindsey: Uh-huh --

Dean: You might think so.

Lindsey: Uh-huh, because you were always hitting on me, and Matt is your best friend.

Dean: Listen, Lindsey, I was put on this planet, whether you know it or not, to be your main man.

Lindsey: Why were you there anyway? What -- wasn't one date enough for her?

Dean: I wasn't her date. I was sort of, you know, standing in for Matt. Jenna turned a lot of heads when she had two manly men like us hanging around her.

Lindsey: Matt is way, way out of Jenna's league.

Dean: Yeah, well, she doesn't think so. What are you --

Lindsey: Well, she better wise up then. Come on, Matt, seriously interested in a high school kid? No way.

[Music playing]

Matt: You know, I remember the first time you...

Jenna: You do?

Matt: Uh-huh, you were so shy.

Jenna: I'm still shy.

Matt: Well, don't tell Natalie. You have her fooled.

Jenna: Hmm, everything felt so safe at Sacred Heart. I was a senior. I had the whole thing figured out.

Matt: I know what you mean. I switched to public school my senior year.

Jenna: Yeah, you told me.

Matt: It's hard, too. It's such a drag. I mean, you really have to work at fitting in.

Jenna: I can't possibly imagine that being a problem for you.

Matt: Well, imagine it, it was. But, I don't know, it forced me to face a lot of things in myself.

Jenna: Me, too. After my mother died, I couldn't imagine anything making me happy, but I'm happy.

Matt: You deserve to be. Your mother would want that.

Jenna: I know she'd be happy I met you and that I just had the most perfect night of my life.

Matt: [Sighs] It could have started out a little smoother.

Jenna: Hmm.

Matt: I thought Felicia was gonna take my head off.

Jenna: She was upset.

Matt: Oh, I owe her an apology. I don't do things like that.

Jenna: Hmm, that's what she kept telling me.

Matt: I'm so sorry.

Jenna: We just figured that something important must have come up.

Matt: Not really, I mean, I was studying, and I fell asleep. And I thought I set the alarm, and the alarm didn't go off, and it was a disaster.

Jenna: Well, the important thing is that you came

Matt: I -- I just don't want you to think, not even for a minute, that I didn't want to be there last night.

Jenna: I was hoping that you'd say that.

Matt: Are you kidding me? We were the best looking couple in that place.

Jenna: [Laughs] And now we're the best looking couple in the park.

Matt: That's true.

Jenna: Only I'm starting to feel a little funny walking around in this dress.

Matt: You look beautiful.

Jenna: I might turn into a pumpkin any second.

Matt: I doubt it.

Jenna: [Laughs] I, um, I really should be getting home.

Matt: Sleepy?

Jenna: No, I'm not even tired.

Matt: Why don't you go to the studio with me?

Jenna: Are you sure I won't get in the way?

Matt: Maybe you can help.

Jenna: Then let’s go.

Matt: Let’s go.

Jenna: Ok. [Giggling]

John: You sound angry.

Sharlene: I -- I am. Ohn, she's trying to pull the carpet out from under me -- creating all these episodes that make it look like I'm about to fall apart. I've told you that I feel well, stronger than ever, but Taylor will not accept that. She questions every move I make.

John: She tells me she's only worried about you.

Sharlene: She wants you to lose faith in me, to believe that Sharly's back.

John: That's quite an accusation, Sharlene.

Sharlene: John, the -- the things I've told you -- the things I've told you that made me believe that Sharly might be trying to come out, Taylor was involved every time.

John: Give me a "for instance."

Sharlene: Ok, ok, Taylor was in the kitchen right before I found that nightgown that had been charged to Sharly Watts. And, John, the baby nurse, I did not cancel her. Taylor took the message, then told me that the girl had called to say that she had taken another job.

John: Why didn't you tell me these things before?

Sharlene: Because I -- John, I couldn't believe it myself at first, and because Taylor urged me not to tell you about it. She -- not to upset you.

John: Oh, brother.

Sharlene: John, I think she's been doing a lot of things like this. This is not a first for her. I did some checking into her background.

John: What kind of checking?

Sharlene: Frankie and I went to the hospital where she used to work.

John: Is that what you two were doing in Philadelphia?

Sharlene: I had to -- I had to do it because, John, we -- we've been through so much with Taylor. I knew you'd need more than my word.

John: Who did you talk to there?

Sharlene: I talked to Dr. Jefferson, the head of psychiatry.

John: And he spoke with you about Taylor?

Sharlene: He was very reluctant, but, yes, indirectly, he did.

John: [Sighs] Do go on.

Sharlene: I asked him about the rumors that she had been dismissed for unprofessional conduct.

John: Well, we knew that she was pressured to resign because of all the gossip.

Sharlene: No, no, no, John, it was a lot more than that. Her file had been sealed.

John: Sealed, why?

Sharlene: The -- it was just a part of the deal she made with the hospital before she left, and that is not all. She appeared before the ethics committee.

John: Well, yes, she told me about that. It had to do with a -- a death of a patient who died in an accident.

Sharlene: Well, John, I did not get the feeling that doctor -- that Dr. Jefferson felt that she had been victimized --

John: No?

Sharlene: By rumors, no. No, it was quite obvious the hospital wanted her gone. I think Dr. Jefferson was surprised she was still practicing.

John: Why?

Sharlene: John, I could tell he wanted to be more helpful. I took these notes so that I wouldn't forget anything he said. Now, here, you read these. You read everything, and then you tell me if you think you can still believe in Taylor.

Mark: Hey, we got some light over here.

Amanda: Do you want me to stand?

Mark: Oh, boy, come on, would you please relax? This isn't a police line-up, ok? Why don't you try standing next to the statue here, all right?

Amanda: Better?

Mark: Well, the backdrop is better.

Amanda: Oh, but I'm not? Thanks a lot.

Mark: Listen, are you gonna keep fighting me, or are you gonna work with me?

Amanda: I thought I was.

Mark: Here -- no -- shake this out, ok.

Amanda: Hey, hey, hey.

Mark: Just go ahead, go ahead, shake it out. Now lose the jacket, too. Give it to me.

Amanda: I'm not a model, you know? I'm a businesswoman.

Mark: Woman, right, precisely. Now just remember that.

Amanda: Here.

Mark: And unbutton a couple of buttons, and roll up your sleeves.

Amanda: I assume you're going for some kind of look.

Mark: Yeah, I'm looking for the Amanda Cory that I know, you know, the one through legend and firsthand. You know who I'm talking about?

Amanda: Legend?

Mark: Well, we all here stories, Amanda.

Amanda: What stories?

Mark: Well, I mean, you didn't lose your husband sitting behind a desk.

Amanda: How dare you.

Mark: Well, so you do have some fight. No wonder Evan threw everything away for you.

Amanda: Well, if you know my life story, you know that my life didn't turn out the way I planned it.

Mark: Yes, I know. So what? Does it ever? You kept going, didn't you? Look at you. I admire you, but how long are you going to hide out here?

Amanda: That's what you think I'm doing?

Mark: Yeah, that's what I think you're doing. I think you're hiding out. I mean, you certainly dress the part, but, you know, you could try again.

Amanda: Oh, you think so?

Mark: Yeah, I think so. You're still a reporter, aren't you? You're still willing to scrounge for a story. Why do you want to dress like an investment banker?

Amanda: I don't.

Mark: Ok, then loosen up.

Amanda: [Sighs]

Mark: Give me that.

Amanda: Ok, is this better?

Mark: Yeah, you're getting warmer. That's it.

[Keyboard music playing]

Dean: Hey, you -- can you do me a favor, just a little favor? Can you sit down or read a newspaper or something? I can't get anything done with you stomping around like an elephant.

Lindsey: Look, I am trying to figure out what to do here, ok?

Dean: You're giving off bad vibes, ok?

Lindsey: Uh.

Dean: You're giving off -- can I make a little suggestion, just a little –

Lindsey: What, what?

Dean: Leave, ok?

Lindsey: Excuse me? How –

Dean: You're just such a stress kitty. I can't stand it.

Lindsey: Don't you dare call me that. I am not.

Dean: Lindsey, Lindsey, your little romantic breakfast thing for two people just didn't happen to work out this morning, so why don't you just -- you try it another time, ok?

Lindsey: You have been so mean to me since I got here, you know

Dean: Mean, I'm not mean.

Lindsey: Yes, you are.

Dean: I am not mean to you.

Matt: Hey.

Jenna: [Laughs] Hey.

Lindsey: Hi.

Matt: Hi, guys.

Lindsey: Matt, you look great.

Dean: How's it going? How's it going?

Lindsey: You, too, Jenna.

Dean: Tell me, on a scale from one to 10, how was it?

Jenna: 11.

Dean: 11?

Matt: Definitely, yeah.

Dean: Well, that's swell, but in the real world, Matt, we've got a potential client. He's waiting on a little copy, a little music.

Matt: Make any progress?

Dean: Oh, not yet, not quite, no, but the account with the -- what's it called? The face cream, love silk, it's status quo. It's -- the jingles, man, I'm not -- it's not -- it's not my thing, you know, like --

Matt: Hey, hey, hey, I want that client. They could launch us.

Dean: Well, if you want it, why don't you help me out a little bit? Take off your dancing duds and help me, man.

Matt: Hey, I am on it. I already wrote the proposal. It needs to be typed.

Jenna: I can do that.

Matt: Great.

Lindsey: I guess I better go. I have a class. Um, Matthew, would you mind just walking me to my car? It's just gonna take a second.

Matt: Uh, yeah, I'll be right back.

Dean: Right.

Don't you want to go with them, maybe keep an eye on Matt?

Jenna: It's not necessary. Besides, I want to talk to you.

Dean: You do?

Lindsey: So it sounds like you made all of Jenna’s dreams come true last night.

Matt: Well, I don't know about that.

Lindsey: You know, I was worried that I had messed things up for you. I mean, it really was my fault you were late.

Matt: Forget about it. Everything worked out.

Lindsey: So you're not mad at me then?

Matt: No, no.

Lindsey: Great, except that does mean that we don't get a chance to make up. I was really looking forward to that.

Matt: Oh, you were, were you?

Lindsey: Can't you tell?

Matt: Well, I thought maybe you were mad at me for taking Jenna to the dance.

Lindsey: No, not at all. I thought that was so sweet of you. It's one of the things I like about you so much.

Matt: I like a lot of things about you, too.

Lindsey: Well, I'm glad.

Taylor: Judy, come on in.

Judy: Wow, got a nice house here, doc. It's real classy.

Taylor: Thank you for coming over so soon. Would you like some tea?

Judy: Yeah, sure. Hey, this thing an antique?

Taylor: Excuse me?

Judy: It looks like it cost a bundle.

Taylor: Oh, that belonged to my husband.

Judy: Yeah, you got a rich husband?

Taylor: I'm a widow.

Judy: Oh, sorry.

Taylor: So, Judy, the fact that you're here leads me to believe that you would like to do some work for me.

Judy: Maybe, I want to know what it is first before I say yes. I got principles.

Taylor: Oh, I know.

Judy: You mentioned something the other day about setting up another episode with Sharlene.

Taylor: That's right.

Judy: Count me out of that one.

Taylor: I'll pay you double what I paid you before.

Judy: I told you, I'm not -- I don't want to go after Sharlene no more. What if she starts to crack up?

Taylor: Judy, she's not gonna hurt you.

Judy: I'm not afraid of her. I just don't want to hurt her. She's got a little baby. He's a cute little thing.

Taylor: Well, it's good of you to be so concerned, but I'm her doctor. She's my patient.

Judy: Yeah, so what?

Taylor: So what I'm doing is for her benefit.

Judy: Is it some kind of treatment or something?

Taylor: Exactly, she's become very unreachable, dangerous to herself, to her child.

Judy: She seemed all right when I spoke to her at Ruby's the other day.

Taylor: Tell me about that. You say she seemed ok. Was she nervous?

Judy: Maybe a little bit.

Taylor: Like she was up to something?

Judy: But she was very friendly.

Taylor: Yeah, well, she can fool people pretty easily.

Judy: Huh, not me.

Taylor: Tell me more about this. Uh, how was she acting? Was she -- how was she dressed?

Judy: That was weird. I thought she had gotten out of the business, but she was all dolled up just like one of us girls.

Taylor: Sharly.

Sharlene: Well?

John: Whenever Taylor talked about her work in Philadelphia, she always kept it very general.

Sharlene: Nothing about the ethics committee?

John: No, not really. I knew she had a bad experience with a patient, but, um --

Sharlene: Brian James.

John: Right, she told me about the accident, that he had become too close to her. She had asked him to find a new therapist.

Sharlene: He drove his car into a wall instead and left her all his money.

John: It's hardly her fault, but –

Sharlene: But what?

John: Well, she had described the situation differently.

Sharlene: Hmm.

John: She said the family couldn't accept the boy's death. They came looking for someone to blame.

Sharlene: Maybe they had good reason to blame Taylor.

John: She told me she was cleared of all wrong doing. Maybe she wasn't kosher about that either.

Sharlene: John, I think the hospital wanted to get rid of her.

John: Still, it doesn't mean that she did anything wrong.

Sharlene: Then why keep his money? And did she tell you about this before or after Grant started those rumors in the hospital grapevine, because you two were already pretty good friends by then.

John: I guess we were, but Taylor's never been obligated to tell me anything.

Sharlene: Well, I can see why she wouldn't want to bring this up. Did she, by any chance, happen to mention that her co-workers called her "the black widow"?

John: "The black widow," kind of vicious, isn't it?

Sharlene: The receptionist Frankie talked to said that nobody liked her.

John: Come on, Sharlene, we can't go by that.

Sharlene: Well, then what do we go by, John? The woman is after me. This is -- this is not just some ordinary person who -- who's had a run of bad, this woman makes these things happen. She makes bad things happen. I'm sure of it.

John: Then we'll have to stay away from her.

Sharlene: And what if she can't accept that, John? I tell you, every time she touches Gregory I want to scream.

John: What do you want to do?

Sharlene: John, she shows you her good side. I want to know if you believe me -- are you with me on this. Because I'm afraid to fight her alone.

Judy: Sharlene and Sharly, they're the same person, right?

Taylor: No, Sharly is another personality who shares Sharlene's body.

Judy: Wow, I saw a mini-series about something like that once.

Taylor: Sharly can be very destructive which is why I need your help. So let’s start with what she was wearing.

Judy: She looked good, real cute.

Taylor: Make-up?

Judy: The works.

Taylor: Mm-hmm, um, was she working?

Judy: I don't know.

Taylor: Was she talking to any Johns?

Judy: I didn't see her do that. Listen, this information ain't for free, you know.

Taylor: You'll be well paid, Judy.

Judy: I like to see my money upfront.

Taylor: Satisfied?

Judy: You can do better, doc.

Taylor: You'll get more later.

Judy: How about now?

Taylor: So the fact that she was at Ruby's should be enough. Sharlene usually stays clear of Sharly’s territory.

Judy: You mean, her being there was bad?

Taylor: Very, clear sign of another relapse.

Judy: Her head isn't gonna start spinning around, is it?

Taylor: No, nothing like that, but we have to move fast.

Judy: We? I didn't say yes. This is way too creepy. I don't like the way you talk about Sharlene.

Taylor: Judy, you wouldn't be stealing anything from me, now, would you?

Judy: You're hurting me.

Taylor: Judy.

Judy: I was just looking at it.

Taylor: You know, I don't think I'm going to be needing your services after all. I think maybe you should be going.

Judy: But what about Sharlene?

Taylor: She's gonna be getting help.

Judy: Well, what's gonna happen to her?

Taylor: She'll get the help that she needs.

Judy: From you?

Taylor: From a lot of people. Don't worry, Judy. Soon she's gonna be back in the Morgan Pavilion.

Judy: You're gonna lock her in the nut house?

Taylor: It's a hospital. She'll be happy there. It's for the best. Really, it is.

John: For the first time, I think I understand what you've been fighting.

Sharlene: I'm scared of her, John.

John: I learned a lot about Taylor today that I just don't like, and I'm not sure what to do about it yet.

Sharlene: Are you on my side?

John: You have to ask?

I love you, Sharlene. Taylor cannot touch that.

Sharlene: You don't think I'm crazy?

John: No, I don’t.

Sharlene: John, I have been so worried about telling you about this because I was sure you'd think it was Sharly.

John: [Sighs] I know who you are, Sharlene. I know who I'm holding.

Sharlene: Can we keep her away from us, John?

John: I'll keep Taylor away from you and the baby.

Sharlene: What about you? You work together.

John: I'll try to find some substantiation. I'll bring professional action against her.

Sharlene: You'll bring charges against her?

John: I can't do it without proof, but I will talk to the head of her department. From everything that you've said, it seems quite apparent to me that she's abused her position as a therapist and maybe even worse.

Sharlene: In the beginning, she helped me. It was just once she focused on you that everything changed.

John: I really don't care when or why things changed. The fact is she tortured you.

Sharlene: Yes, she did.

John: I can't let that go by.

Sharlene: What are you gonna do?

John: From now on, I want you to leave Taylor to me. She won't hurt you again. I promise you.

Dean: Ah, come on, I'm on overload here, Jenna. What, what's up? Tell me what's up.

Jenna: Don't you want to know what happened last night?

Dean: Well, you can skip all the details because I got a very vivid imagination.

Jenna: So do I, but this is better than anything I ever dreamed of.

[Keyboard music starts]

Dean: All right, don't tell me all the high school girls wanted to rip your hair out. Is that it?

Jenna: Hmm, that was nice, but being with Matt was the best part.

Dean: Hmm, magical evening.

Jenna: Best night of my life, and I owe it to you. I was about to turn around and walk out when I saw you standing there.

Dean: Well, like I say, timing is everything, you know?

Jenna: And if you hadn't showed up when you did, I probably would have missed Matt completely.

Dean: Well, I'm glad I could help you, honey.

Jenna: And I would have never had the nerve to invite him if you hadn't showed me how to act around him.

Dean: You used it all, huh?

Jenna: It wasn't just that. You made me feel good about myself.

Dean: Well, good. It was really not big deal, really.

Jenna: I don't know how to thank you.

Dean: All right, don't get all sloppy on me, ok. I'm trying to get something done here,

Jenna, ok, please.

Did you finish that song?

Dean: No, not quite, I didn't finish it.

Jenna: Play it for me.

Dean: It needs a lot of work. No, just stop being a pest.

Jenna: Please, please --

Dean: Please, Jenna, leave, please, no, get -- get out of here, would you?

Jenna: [Laughs]

Lindsey: I have class.

Matt: Ok, what time does it get out?

Lindsey: Well, today's my heaviest day. I mean, I have a paper and finals coming up, so...

Matt: Ok, when can I see you?

Lindsey: That is up to you. Uh, I know you're very swamped lately. Maybe one night next week.

Matt: Ok, um, I'll give you a call, and we'll set something up.

Jenna: Matt -- oh, you're still here.

Lindsey: Matt and I had a few things to discuss. I could give you a ride home, Jenna.

Jenna: Uh, if you don't need me.

Matt: I can give you a ride home. It's no big deal.

Jenna: No, no, it's fine. You've got to get back to work.

Lindsey: That's right, he does. And at some point, he's got to get out of that tuxedo.

Matt: I already have a mother. Thank you, Lindsey.

Jenna: Thank you so much for last night, Matt. I'll never forget it.

Matt: Neither will I.

Jenna: Bye.

Matt: Bye.

Lindsey: Well, Jenna, you know, that dress makes you look so grown-up. You really treat yourself very well.

Jenna: I didn't buy it. Lucas did.

Lindsey: You accepted a gift like that from a hood?

Jenna: Lucas is not a hood. He's engaged to Felicia.

Lindsey: Oh, and that makes him ok. I see.

Jenna: He's very good to her.

Lindsey: Oh, I'll --

Jenna: And to me.

Lindsey: I'll bet he is.

Jenna: And what is that supposed to mean?

Lindsey: I just think you ought to be a little careful around him. I mean, convent or no

convent, a man like that can ruin your reputation.

Jenna: As usual, you don't know what you're talking about.

Lindsey: If, um, if you're referring to Matthew, I'm not taking anything back.

Jenna: You still think you did me a favor.

Lindsey: I think that Matt is a very nice man.

Jenna: He wanted to take me to the dance, Lindsey. He told me he did.

Lindsey: Oh, Jenna, you look at Matt, and you only see what you want to see. I mean, of course, he told you that. He wouldn't -- he wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

Jenna: It's not like that.

Lindsey: I think there's something I better explain to you.

Amanda: [Laughs]

Mark: Ooh, jeez, look at this. This film is hot. It's so hot.

Amanda: So you're pleased, huh?

Mark: Yes, you were sensational. I didn't want to stop, but I ran out of film.

Amanda: Well, as long as I get a picture I can use.

Mark: Boy, you really switch gears fast.

Amanda: I didn't mean to be rude.

Mark: Hey, hey, you know, I'm no clot. I get the message. I'll just forget about asking you to have lunch with me.

Amanda: Oh, no, no, we can do that.

Mark: No, no, no, this was strictly a professional encounter.

Amanda: Now, wait a second, you asked me out the other night, sort of.

Mark: Are you ready to get specific?

Amanda: Try me.

Mark: I will. I know you expect the best.

Amanda: What's this, another part of the legend?

Mark: Yeah, and this will be better and unlike anything that has come your way.

Amanda: Oh, well, I'm waiting.

Mark: Good, do you like surprises?

Amanda: Good ones.

Mark: This will be a good one. I promise.

Lindsey: I think you're making this dance thing a little more than it is.

Jenna: No, I'm not. Matt wanted to take me.

Lindsey: Then why was he late, Jenna?

Jenna: You knew about that?

Lindsey: Matt was asleep in my room.

Jenna: What?

Lindsey: He didn't tell you that part, did he? I didn't think so. Um, just so you know the way things are, Matt and I have a date next week.

Jenna: From before?

Lindsey: We made it 10 minutes ago. Look, I'm really glad you had such a good time last night, um, and I remember how important high school dances seemed when I was your age, too.

Dean: All right, this is what I got, all right?

[Keyboard music starts]

Dean: Love silk.

Matt: Hmm --

Dean: What, is it too upbeat, too upbeat for a face cream?

Matt: Well, no, you see, it's the wrong mood. I mean, something low key, romantic.

Dean: Low key, romantic, I --

Matt: Think romantic.

Dean: Sorry, I'm not -- all right, well, I'll change it. We'll change it. I'll work on it right now.

Matt: Yeah, brainstorm.

Dean: I'll change it. All right, changing it, so I take it you survived last night, huh?

Matt: Yeah, it was actually kind of fun. I can't believe the time went by so quickly.

Dean: Yeah, Jenna said the same thing.

Matt: I want to see her again.

Dean: As in date her?

Matt: Yeah, why not?

Dean: First of all, she's -- she's high school, man, you know? She's high school.

Matt: Yeah, I know, I know, but she's pretty grown up.

Dean: And I -- I thought you had a little something going with what's her face, Lindsey.

Matt: I can't go out with two girls?

Dean: At the same time -- I -- I --

Matt: Sure, why not?

Dean: I just -- I don't think it's so cool, Matt. I don't think it's right.

Matt: What is your problem? You know, last time I checked, I was single.

Dean: I just don't -- don't play with her head, all right, man, because she's just a kid.

Matt: Ok, what, you think I'm gonna hurt her?

Dean: No, but if you don't hurt Jenna, Lindsey will end up hurting her, man. Lindsey's got big plans for you, man. I don't know if you're aware of that.

Matt: Well, I'm gonna have to set her straight. I don't want to be part of anybody's plans.

Dean: You really want to do that?

Matt: Yeah, why do you care, Dean?

Dean: You know what, man? I don’t. I don't really care, ok?

Matt: Can we drop it and get this love silk thing over with?

Dean: It's dropped. Love silk all the way, face cream.

Matt: Thank you very much.

Dean: [Sighs] Upbeat.

Taylor: I still stay in touch with Jerry's family. They're the only ones who can really understand just how much I miss him.

John: Do you see them often?

Taylor: No, not so much anymore. When we were married, we used to spend a lot of time with his sister, Alice. She lives in Chicago.

John: Yes, in Chicago, please, the number of an Alice Benson. That's right.

Taylor: [Laughs] Now does it -- does anyone ever really miss the hospital when they're away? Yeah, the conference was great, Jenny. Mm-hmm, you know, there is one thing you could do. I need to get in touch with Dr. Hudson. I know he's due back today. He called in? What time? No, I'll just skip the message. That's just a few hours. I'll call back, ok? Right, thanks a lot, bye. Perfect. Soon John is going to be at work, and Sharlene is going to be home alone.

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