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Another World Transcript Friday 3/9/07

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Cass: There's something I wanted to talk to you about.

Kathleen: My line's not being tapped. Carl's not listening in on my conversations.

Cass: No, no, it's not Carl. I just needed to do this in person.

Kathleen: Sounds important.

Cass: Yes, it is.

Kathleen: Would you like something to drink?

Cass: I can't stay.

Kathleen: Ooh, Frankie must be keeping dinner for you, or something equally heartwarming.

Cass: Actually, Frankie won't be home until late tonight. But it is about her.

Kathleen: Ok.

Cass: We're getting remarried.

Kathleen: When?

Cass: As soon as we can. I asked her to set a date.

Taylor: [Laughs] Did you see how Dr. McAlister kissed my hand? I thought I was going to die.

John: It was quite an endorsement.

Taylor: Are you sure no one fell asleep? When I heard I had to give my speech after lunch, I was terrified that everybody was going to be nodding off.

John: Taylor, no one even yawned. Your paper was a knockout.

Taylor: I don't know about that.

John: Am I going to have to convince you that it's ok to feel this good, doctor?

Taylor: No, but you're going to one of the programs because I was riding so high I didn't hear a word of it.

John: Here, you can use my notes, but, believe me, after your presentation everything was downhill.

Taylor: Go ahead, keep flattering me. The best part of our convention trip is still to come.

John: What do you mean?

Taylor: Your speech at the cocktail reception tonight. You are going to be brilliant.

John: It's just a few words, Taylor. It's not a formal presentation.

Taylor: John, stop downplaying this. You pioneered a treatment in the United States. You saved the life of a congressman.

John: It's not even my research.

Taylor: Now who's being modest?

John: No, it wasn't. All I did was help get the word out.

Taylor: Something that nobody in this country knew about if it hadn't been for you. You are a brilliant doctor. And a wonderful man.

John: It's good to know that there will be a friendly face in the crowd.

Taylor: I'm glad I could be there, make sure you get the credit that you deserve.

John: How did you swing it anyway? I thought you weren't going to be able to get away.

Taylor: Well, I had to rearrange a few appointments, but it was worth it.

John: I'm glad you did.

Taylor: I also -- I was resisting making this presentation.

John: Why? Were you a little scared?

Taylor: Discussing sexuality after lunch? Even in a scientific setting it doesn't make a lot of people comfortable to hear what I have to say.

John: Sounds as though you were expecting some snickering and heckling.

Taylor: It could've happened.

John: Come on, from this group? Taylor, as long as I've known them I haven't seen one of these doctors throw a spit wad.

Taylor: Oh, doctors can be a lot more subtle. They hold me at arm's length socially. They relate to me as if I had a purely clinical view of sex.

John: Aren't you exaggerating?

Taylor: Some people can't separate me from my work.

John: Well, that's their loss.

Taylor: It's all right. I've gotten used to being an outsider.

John: This really bothers you, doesn't it?

Taylor: It bothers me to be misperceived, that people think that I'm as cold as my research.

John: You know, it's funny, I just can't imagine anyone thinking of you as a robot in a lab coat.

Taylor: It's good to have somebody who can see me as a living, breathing person with feelings. Like you do.

Frankie: Well, we'll be in Philadelphia in less than an hour.

Sharlene: I wonder what Gregory is doing right now.

Frankie: Sleeping.

Sharlene: Unless he's crying.

Frankie: Sharlene, you know Mrs. Cassidy will rock him and cuddle him and walk a groove in the floor before she lets that happen.

Sharlene: I know that, I know. This is just the longest I've been away from him, and never ever this far, Frankie. I hate it. I just hate it.

Frankie: Yeah, well, just keep reminding yourself that you're doing this for Gregory, too.

Sharlene: I am, I am. But, Frankie, all of a sudden this is seeming very crazy.

Frankie: It'll make sense real fast when we get the lowdown on Taylor from her old pal, Dr. Jefferson.

Sharlene: What lowdown? What lowdown? He wrote her a letter of recommendation.

Frankie: You know, I've been thinking about that. Grant told you that Taylor was forced to resign, right?

Sharlene: Right.

Frankie: So why would the head of the department go out on a limb to write her a letter of recommendation?

Sharlene: Well, it seems that our Taylor is very, very persuasive when it comes to members of the opposite sex.

Frankie: Hmm.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Like John.

Sharlene: Oh, he absolutely believes in her. That's part of the problem.

Frankie: Does he know you're doing this?

Sharlene: Frankie, I wanted to have proof. I wanted to be able to hand him proof that she is not as rock solid as he thinks.

Frankie: Well, let's just hope we get it.

Sharlene: He's with her at that conference right now.

Frankie: She is?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. She's probably filling his ear with all kinds of theories on what kind of crazy I am.

Frankie: Oh, I can just imagine.

Sharlene: You should just hear her interpreting my behavior.

Frankie: Yeah, right, she's always the expert and you're always the patient, right?

Sharlene: Absolutely. According to her, I'm about to switch into Sharly any second. To hear her describe it, it's like it actually could be true.

Frankie: Sharlene --

Sharlene: I know.

Frankie: I know you and you are fine. Taylor is the one who's whack.

Sharlene: If I could just get some proof that other people have seen this, too.

Frankie: Your word's good enough for me.

Sharlene: I wish John felt that way.

Frankie: He'll come around.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: He loves you, Sharlene. Unlike Taylor, John really does want what's best for you.

Sharlene: Thanks for helping me with all this mess, and thanks for coming with me. I know this is a hard time for you, too.

Frankie: Hey, it just got a whole lot better this afternoon.

Sharlene: Oh, it did?

Frankie: Yeah, I gave Cass my wedding ring back. I told him he was free to choose between me and Kathleen.

Sharlene: What did he say?

Frankie: He asked me to marry him all over again.

Sharlene: That's wonderful.

Frankie: Yeah, it is. You know, in some weird way it was almost more romantic than the first time. He put that ring back on my finger and I have to admit it was the last thing I expected.

Sharlene: So, everything's turning around for you.

Frankie: We're setting a date. So whatever happens with Kathleen, I now know that Cass and I will stay together.

Kathleen: Congratulations. Well, this is nifty. I always knew there'd be a happy ending.

Cass: Kathleen.

Kathleen: So, when's the bachelor party?

Cass: You don't have to put on an act for me.

Kathleen: Hey, I'm completely on the level here, Cass. Actually, I'm quite relieved. I was beginning to feel like I was in the middle of an eerie production of "Blithe spirit" -- you know, when the dead wife comes back to drive the --

Cass: Come on, this is me you're talking to!

Kathleen: What do you want me to say? You'll have a wonderful life together. You make a great husband.

Cass: Oh, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Cass, I was actually in the middle of a great Stephen King novel, so if there's nothing else, maybe we should just say good night.

Cass: I'm not going to leave you like this.

Kathleen: You made your choice. How I am is up to me.

[Knock on door]

Joe: Winthrop.

Cass: Joe.

Joe: Is there a problem?

Kathleen: No, Cass was just leaving.

Joe: Everything quiet on your end, Cass?

Cass: Yeah, so far, Joe.

Kathleen: Joe, guess what. Cass just told me that he and Frankie are getting remarried.

Joe: That's good news. That's real good news. Uh, congratulations. Best to both of you.

Cass: Thank you.

I got to get going. I'll be in touch.

Kathleen: Great, bye.

Joe: Well. I got an update on Carl. He went to visit Amanda and Iris.

Kathleen: Ah, yes, his exclusive interview with "Brava."

Joe: I guess. That's just a ploy. He won't say anything.

Joe: True, but he is setting something up because on my way over here, I'm certain someone was following me. I want you to be extra careful tonight.

Kathleen: Hey, I'm not the one gallivanting around like I'm bulletproof or something.

Joe: You're not in such a good mood.

Kathleen: Oh, I'm just peachy.

Joe: Um, this have something to do with Frankie and Cass getting married?

Kathleen: Golly, I wonder if Frankie’s picked out her silver pattern yet.

Joe: Kathleen, is Cass finally out of your life?

Kathleen: So it seems.

Joe: What about me? Am I in or out?

Lindsey: Yeah, it's Lindsey. Um, I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. I'm, uh, studying. Yeah, really hard. Ok, bye.

Felicia: You saw Matt? Uh-huh, I see. Well, Hilda, thanks very much. I really appreciate it. Uh-huh. Yes, yes, would you? The moment that you see him, ask him to call me. Right, thanks again. Bye-bye.

Jenna: He's not there?

Felicia: No, she hasn't seen him since early this afternoon. And his tux is still hanging in his closet.

Dean: That is not a good sign.

Jenna: Well, maybe something important came up.

Dean: Not at work. I would've known about it, you know?

Lucas: Well, maybe, maybe not.

Dean: Of course, yeah, I mean, uh, I don't know everything, right? I mean, I do know that he wouldn't stand you up, not on a big night like this.

Felicia: Well, for the first time I do agree with Dean.

Jenna: Well, what are you all looking at? It's not the end of the world.

Lucas: Well, why don't you let her deal with it?

Felicia: Jenna, Luke and I are going to go in the other room. We'll make some calls. Let me see if I can find out what happened to Matt, ok?

Dean: That's a good plan. That's a good one.

Jenna: I can't believe this.

Dean: Yeah. It stinks. This whole prom thing stinks.

Want a chocolate?

Jenna: Oh, no, thanks.

Dean: It stinks. It just stinks, Matt not showing up, you know? Maybe in the long run it's saved yourself a lot of grief, though.

Jenna: What are you talking about?

Dean: This whole dance thing, Jenna. It's highly overrated, you know? Everybody waits all year for this big moment, and then, boom, it's over in a flash. Everybody's disappointed. You know? It's probably better that you don't go. Jenna? Hello?

Jenna: Oh -- I'm listening.

Dean: And if you ask me -- forget it, you'd never be able to catch me at one of those things. What are you doing?

Jenna: Going to the dance.

Dean: By yourself, without Matt?

Jenna: I told a lot of kids he was taking me. If I don't show, they're going to think I'm a liar.

Dean: That is a little drastic, isn't it?

Jenna: I don't fit in, Dean. I came from a boarding school where we stood up when the sisters walked into class. The kids at school call me "the nun." I don't need this, too.

Dean: Yeah, I hear you. I -- I hear you.

Jenna: I was so happy when Matt said he wanted to go. When people found out that I had such a cool date, they started being nicer to me, including me in things. I have to face them. If I don't, it's back to walking alone to class. Felicia, Lucas, I'm leaving.

Felicia: Where are you going?

Dean: She's -- she's going to go to the dance alone, without Matt.

Felicia: Alone?

Jenna: Yeah.

Felicia: Well, honey, do you think this is a very good idea?

Jenna: No. But I have to do it.

Lucas: Can I drive you?

Jenna: No, no, thanks. I'll take a taxi. And don't worry, I'll find somebody to give me a ride home.

Felicia: Ok. Honey, have a good time.

Kathleen: Joe, please, can we not discuss this right now?

Joe: With you it is never a good time to talk about us, and this has been going on for months. Ever since you got it in your head to come check on your old life you've been pushing me away.

Kathleen: That's not true.

Joe: It is, and I'm sick of it. I love you, and suddenly that's not good enough.

Kathleen: Joe, you just -- you just want me to feel things I don't feel.

Joe: Since when? I mean, it wasn't always like we were good together.

Kathleen: It's not just you and me against the world anymore, Joe. We're not running anymore.

Joe: That doesn't mean that things have to change. I don't care how you came into my life. You are the most important thing that's ever happened to me.

Kathleen: Joe --

Joe: And I feel you drifting away and I can't do a damn thing about it. Kathleen, why can't it just be like it was in the beginning?

Kathleen: Are you serious? Joe, we didn't exactly have a whirlwind romance. You were assigned to my case.

Joe: You never complained.

Kathleen: How could I complain? You were the only person in the world that I was allowed to trust. I mean, from the moment that we met we were together 48 hours a day. It was inevitable that we would go to bed together.

Joe: You wanted that as much as I did.

Kathleen: Joe, I was lonely.

Joe: You were a mess, but that didn't stop me from falling in love with you.

Kathleen: I was scared to death.

So, it was different for that I didn't think about Cass and my family.

Joe: I accept that, but Cass just came in here and told you that he is staying with his wife. He is gone, Kathleen. And I'm still here. So you either want me or you don't.

Kathleen: What does that mean?

Joe: I want a commitment.

Kathleen: You want to marry me? This is a proposal?

Joe: If you don't want me in your life, fine. Hey, I'm history. I can be out of here in a day.

Kathleen: Joe.

Joe: Ryan can take care of all the official things.

Kathleen: Please don't give me ultimatums now. I loved Cass. I'm not going to pretend that I didn’t. This hurts.

Joe: All I'm asking you to do is put your relationship with Cass in the past where it belongs. Now, he's done it. We can, too.

Kathleen: I'm just not sure if what we have is enough for me.

Joe: I can't breathe without thinking about you. But you can't let go, can you? I guess I have my answer.

Taylor: This is excellent, John.

John: I won't actually be saying it word for word. I just want to keep it with me. I get lost.

Taylor: Would you like to improvise this right now? Sort of do the whole thing as a warm-up for me?

John: No, thanks, Taylor. You don't have to coach me.

Taylor: Well, I really don't mind.

John: Really, I would like to talk about something else, actually, something -- something personal.

Taylor: Like what?

John: I'd like to talk about Sharlene.

Taylor: Sharlene. What about her?

John: Well, I want you to know that I'm relieved that she's gone back into therapy. I feel certain she'll be able to put Sharly behind her forever.

Taylor: I certainly hope that that's the result.

John: I think that she's doing this to ease my mind. And I want to thank you for all the help you've been in the past.

Taylor: But I'd like to help you right now, if you'd let me.

John: Uh, no. Actually, what I need is a nap before we go to the cocktail reception tonight. Taking care of Gregory has taught me to grab some sleep wherever I can get it.

Taylor: Oh, of course. You have the baby at night and rotation and now this conference. You must be exhausted.

John: It hasn't been that bad.

Taylor: Why don't you rest a while, and I'll be in the adjoining room.

John: Thanks.

Taylor: Mm-hmm, bye.

Woman: Dr. Hoffman was engaged to Martha O’Brien. Yeah, the O.B. night nurse. Two years ago. Yeah, I'm not lying. It was this big secret. It had to be. He was still married.

Sharlene: Excuse me.

Woman: Call me later. I'm going on my break and I've got people here. Yes?

Sharlene: Uh, I am here to see Dr. Jefferson.

Woman: Your name?

Sharlene: Sharlene Hudson.

Woman: Hmm. You have an appointment?

Sharlene: Actually, no, I don't, but I did talk to his secretary.

Woman: Not to me, you didn't.

Sharlene: Well, I talked to someone, and they said that he had evening hours.

Woman: Honey, the man is a shrink. He never does that.

Sharlene: Please, I just flew here from Bay City.

Woman: These stupid temps, they never get anything right. And they never show up on time. I'm supposed to be on my dinner break. You need an appointment, too?

Frankie: No, uh, Personnel sent me. I'm new. I've got my papers here somewhere.

Woman: You're supposed to cover my break?

Frankie: Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late. I got lost.

Woman: Well, where is your I.D. Badge?

Frankie: Badge? I -- I didn't know that I was supposed to have a badge. Tell me where to go. I'll go get it.

Woman: That's all right. Forget the badge. Just take messages, will you?

Frankie: Sure.

Woman: And I'll fill you in when I get back.

Frankie: Right.

Woman: Ok, I'm still taking my full half-hour.

Frankie: Oh, please, take your time.

Woman: This place is so disorganized.

Frankie: Psst.

Sharlene: You want me to leave?

Woman: That's up to you. Dr. Jefferson won't be here for a while.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

Woman: But I'm telling you, I don't think he'll see you without an appointment.

Sharlene: Hmm.

What are you doing?

Frankie: I did not come all the way down here to take no for an answer. Now --

Sharlene: Frankie, no!

Frankie: There have got to be files on Taylor somewhere in this office. Sharlene! Come on.

Sharlene: I don't believe this.

Lindsey: Wow. Gosh, you must've really overloaded.

Matt: I must've been really beat. Wait a minute, what's the time? Oh, Jenna.

Girl: Hi, Jenna. Cute dress.

Jenna: Hi. Thanks. You look beautiful, Natalie. You, too, Kay.

Kay: Thanks. Natalie: So, where's the guy from PCU you told us all about?

Jenna: Oh, uh, he may not be able to make it after all.

Natalie: You must be so disappointed. I know I am.

Kay: I think there are a few guys who came stag. Hopefully, not too many of them are dorks.

Jenna: How's the punch?

Kay: Ugh, terrible as usual.

Kay: There he is, yes.

Jenna: I probably won't stay long.


Kay: Who's he with?

Jenna: I don't know. I'll see you later.

Kay: He's headed this way.

Dean: Hey.

Jenna: Dean.

Dean: Do you, uh, want to dance?

Felicia: I guess I'm going to have to get used to this, huh? Watching her get hurt.

Lucas: Oh, come on, it's called growing up. She doesn't want you to protect her from that.

Felicia: You know, I just think that her life hasn't given her any chance to be happy. I just want her to be happy.

Lucas: Well, that's still up to her, her happiness. This is -- this is going to kind of ruin your night, too, isn't it?

Felicia: Absolutely.

Lucas: Hmm.

Lucas: Is there anything I can do to change that?

Felicia: I don't know. You could try.

[Phone rings]

Lucas: Oh, that's Matt.

Felicia: Hello?

Matt: Hi, Felicia, it's Matt. Is Jenna there?

Felicia: Where have you been? Do you know that she went to the dance alone?

Matt: Oh, no.

Felicia: Yes. Now, what happened to you?

Matt: Long story. I'll explain later, ok?

Felicia: You had better, Matthew.

Matt: I will, I will. I got to go, bye. Oh, great. She went to the dance alone.

Lindsey: Oh, no, are you serious?

Matt: Well, yeah, that's what Felicia said.

Lindsey: I am so sorry that I fell asleep, really. I was only going to shut my eyes for a second.

Matt: That wasn't your fault.

Lindsey: I guess my alarm clock must be broken.

Matt: I don't care how it happened. It happened. I stood her up. I feel terrible.

Lindsey: Matt, you had to study.

Matt: You tell her that. She's at the dance without a date.

Lindsey: Listen, I don't think there's anything you can do about it now, ok? I mean, even if you left right away and you went, before you get there, the dance would be over. Jenna's just going to have to understand.

Jenna: What are you doing here?

Dean: I am so sorry that I'm late. I'm sorry.

Jenna: Late?

Dean: And you have every reason in the world to hit me if you want to, but maybe we could have one little dance before you do that?

Jenna: I guess so.

Dean: Great. Not only are you beautiful -- not only is she beautiful, but she has got the biggest darn heart in the world. This girl -- come on. That should take their noses out of the air for a little while, huh?

Jenna: I can't believe you're doing this.

Dean: Oh, it's no big deal. I didn't have much cooking for tonight anyway.

Jenna: This has got to be one of your own creations.

Dean: Ah, but of course. You can't get something like this on the rack.

Jenna: [Whispers] People are watching us.

Dean: [Whispers] That's because we don't dance half bad.

Jenna: Dean?

Dean: Yes?

Jenna: Why'd you go through all this trouble?

Dean: Who said it was any trouble?

Jenna: Well, at Felicia’s you went on and on about how dumb dances like this are.

Dean: Yeah, they're dumb. They are dumb. I just figured I could make it a little less dumb with my glorious presence, so let's just have a little fun, all right?

Jenna: So, how is it so far?

Dean: It's all right. It's not the -- the corp-fest that I was expecting.

Jenna: You've never been to one of these before, have you?

Dean: Who had the time or the money?

Jenna: You weren't big on school activities?

Dean: I wasn't big on school, period.

Jenna: Too busy playing the piano?

Dean: Well, not really. I was just never in any one school for more than a couple of months, you know, so I guess I was kind of a risky date.

Jenna: Well, you're the greatest date tonight.

Dean: Yeah?

Jenna: Yeah, I'm having a wonderful time. How about you?

Dean: I'm working on it.

[Twigs crunching]

Cass: Now, don't do anything rash. It's just me.

Kathleen: I thought I could be alone here.

Cass: I guess you were wrong.

Kathleen: Don't tell me you figured this all out by yourself.

Cass: One of the security guys over at your place told me you were out here.

Kathleen: It's the nicest stone here, Cass. It's amazing. Your taste is always impeccable.

Cass: Would you cut it out?

Kathleen: What do you want me to say?

Cass: If you only knew how many times I came out here. Why did you come out here?

Kathleen: Well, maybe I was beginning to think that the real Kathleen did die in that plane crash. I just came out to see if I could find out who I really am.

Cass: And did you?

Kathleen: All I can think about is the grief that I caused you. And Mama and Pops and M.J. and everyone that I loved. And I just don't know if what I did was worth that.

Cass: Hey, you're alive.

Kathleen: So to speak. And you're ok. You and Frankie.

Cass: And you have Joe, right? The two of you are in it for the long haul, aren't you? You'll never want

Kathleen: What difference does it make what Joe and I do?

Cass: I will always be concerned about you.

Kathleen: Well, stop, ok? It just causes problems.

Cass: You will always be a part of who I am. Is that so difficult for you to understand, that I want you to be happy, too?

Kathleen: With Joe?

Cass: If that's what you want.

Kathleen: Give it up, Cass. You hate the idea of me marrying Joe.

Cass: I never said that.

Kathleen: No, you didn't say it. You didn't say anything about Joe. That's how I know it's the truth. And even though you and Frankie are going back to the altar, you really don't want me to do the same, do you?

Cass: No, I don't.

Frankie: There have got to be files on colleagues somewhere in this office.

Sharlene: They're probably locked up in that file cabinet, and who cares?

Frankie: Fine, let's see if I can pick it.

Sharlene: No. Frankie, no.

Frankie: Sharlene, it will take one minute.

Sharlene: I wish you would not do this.

Frankie: Would you just relax? We have to get this information, don't we?

Sharlene: But not to this extreme. We don't need –

Man: What's going on here? What are you doing in my office?

Sharlene: Dr. Jefferson.

Dr. Jefferson: That is confidential material.

Sharlene: Uh --

Frankie: Um, I'm the new temp and I was trying to reorganize your files.

Dr. Jefferson: Don't lie to me, young woman. You were trying to break into that file. Who are you?

Frankie: Personnel sent me up and --

Sharlene: No, Frankie, this is not going to work.

Dr. Jefferson: I am going to go get security.

Sharlene: No please -- Dr. Jefferson, please, please, you are absolutely right. We were snooping and I apologize for that, but I was desperate.

Dr. Jefferson: Apparently you were.

Sharlene: I was told that you would not see me and I have to have some information from you about a colleague of yours, a former colleague.

Dr. Jefferson: What colleague?

Sharlene: Taylor Benson.

Dr. Jefferson: So you decided to steal it?

Sharlene: I can't tell you how sorry I am for all of this. Please, Dr. Jefferson, if you could give me five minutes. I'm sure I could explain all this.

Dr. Jefferson: This had better be good.

Sharlene: Frankie?

Frankie: Sure, I'll wait in the hall. I'm very sorry, doctor.

Woman: Don't argue with me. I heard it from David in x-ray, and he saw her chart. She's 46.

Second Woman: Really? First

Woman: She told personnel she was 34. I mean, she can get away with it, but so what?

Frankie: Excuse me. Uh, the doctor said that you can take an extra 15 minutes because he doesn't want to be disturbed.

Woman: Is he alone?

Frankie: Uh, no, no, he's with

Woman: Oh, well, can you get my jacket, please?

Frankie: Sure, sure. You know, it sounds like you really know a lot about this hospital.

Woman: And the people in it. Why?

Frankie: Well, there is this woman that used to work here. Never mind, you probably don't even know her.

Woman: Honey, if I didn't know her, I knew about her. Now, who are you talking about?

Frankie: Um, Taylor Benson.

Woman: Her? Sure, I remember her real well.

Frankie: What was she like?

Woman: Honey, there are stories to tell about that one.

Dr. Jefferson: This is very upsetting. Dr. Benson can be a very good therapist.

Sharlene: Can be? You said "can be." You mean sometimes but not always?

Dr. Jefferson: Well, it's not up to me to pass judgment on her. I shouldn't even be discussing a colleague with a patient of hers. It's not right.

Sharlene: Then you tell me what is right -- for her to do this to me? Where do I go? And don't tell me I'm only the patient. I know I have rights.

Dr. Jefferson: Well, of course.

Sharlene: Doctor, we put our lives in your hands. Who protects us? My husband is a doctor. I know you have to stick together, but couldn't you make an exception just this once?

Dr. Jefferson: Mrs. Hudson --

Sharlene: I'm begging you, all right? I am begging you. I'm doing this on my own. I'm doing it on my own. I have an infant son I stand to lose. I am not -- I am not going to cause a scene here because then you'll believe what Dr. Benson says and you'll think that I'm crazy, and I'm not.

Dr. Jefferson: I'm sorry, Mrs. Hudson.

Sharlene: Doctor, you're covering something. You're covering something. Otherwise, you'd be happy to talk to me about her. I'm trapped, I don't know. I simply don't know where else to turn.

Dr. Jefferson: I certainly hope I'm doing the right thing.

Dean: I don't know if you're aware of this, but we almost got run over by Debbie Gibson. Did you notice that?

Jenna: That was Kay.

Dean: Oh, that was Kay.

Jenna: Uh-huh.

Dean: Oh. Is she one of the ones that gave you a hard time?

Jenna: Um -- those girls don't seem to matter anymore.

Dean: Hmm.

Dean: Your hair smells like wildflowers, you know that?

Jenna: Is that good?

Dean: Who doesn't like flowers, right?

Jenna: Yeah.

Dean: You want a little punch?

Jenna: Yeah, yeah. Ok.

Dean: Careful, it's dripping.

Jenna: Thank you.

Jenna: Suppose you tell me what you were really going to do tonight.

Dean: Uh, off the record? Nothing.

Jenna: You always have plans, Dean.

Dean: Yeah, yeah, but this is the deal, all right? I've been working on a new song and it was completely in my head, you know what I'm saying? I couldn't get it out.

Jenna: You were blocked.

Dean: Totally blocked, completely blocked.

Jenna: Hmm.

Dean: This is probably the little break that I needed, you know?

Jenna: You were the break I needed.

Matt: Jenna.

Jenna: Matt!

Cass: I'm sorry. I know I have no right to say that or even feel it.

Kathleen: You feel what you feel.

Cass: I should've kept my mouth shut. Whatever you and Joe have, you certainly don't need any baggage from me.

Kathleen: Are you telling me that you have no second thoughts about remarrying Frankie?

Cass: That's different. Frankie and me, we're -- well, we were already married.

Kathleen: Why is that different?

Cass: I don't know, it just is. It is.

Kathleen: Cass, you don't know anything about me and Joe.

Cass: I know he's more than your bodyguard.

Kathleen: He saved my life. Let's just leave it at that.

Cass: The thought of you with another man makes me just --

But I'm going to try and get over it. Ok? And then maybe we can be friends.

Kathleen: Bridge nights Thursdays? Hmm? You and Frankie, me and Joe?

Cass: You don't have to make a joke.

Kathleen: I don't want to be friends! And I don't want to marry Joe, either. What I do want is for that plane crash never to have happened. I want back everything and everyone that I lost. I want my old life back.

Sharlene: "Reason for departure, personal"? What does that mean? Was it her choice to leave?

Dr. Jefferson: I can't elaborate.

Sharlene: But, doctor, this doesn't say anything. There are no details here.

Dr. Jefferson: When Dr. Benson left, she had her files sealed. It was an agreement that she had made with the hospital. I won't violate that.

Sharlene: Ok, she appeared before the ethics committee.

Dr. Jefferson: She did. She wasn't censured. In fact, no action was ever taken against her.

Sharlene: Then she was brought up on charges? I see, I see.

Dr. Jefferson: I'm afraid you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

Sharlene: Don't worry, I am. All right, I have one more question, doctor. You wrote her a letter of recommendation. Was that part of her arrangement with the hospital?

Dr. Jefferson: Mrs. Hudson, I appreciate your frustrations, but I've told you everything I can legally.

I will say this. I admire your determination.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Frankie: Did you get anything?

Sharlene: Nothing much, just a bunch of bureaucratic double-talk.

Frankie: But nothing on paper?

Sharlene: No, no, Taylor’s file is sealed. Apparently she left of her own accord, but it was pretty clear, Frankie, that they wanted her out. She was brought up before the ethics committee.

Frankie: Mm-hmm. You know, this is all giving me an idea.

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: Maybe we have enough to get Taylor to back off. I got an earful from Jefferson’s secretary.

Sharlene: Oh, she knew Taylor?

Frankie: Oh, yeah. Do you know what the staff here called her?

Sharlene: Uh-uh.

Frankie: The black widow.

John: Taylor. What the hell are you doing in here? What's going on?

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