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Another World Transcript Thursday 3/1/07

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Grant: Andy, are you sure you know where you're going?

Andy: Yes, congressman.

Grant: Well, let me ‑‑ it looks like we've been going past these buildings about three or four times already. Isn't Ms. Cory's building right around here?

Andy: I have everything under control, sir.

Grant: Tonight of all nights, he'd stick to the speed limit.

Joe. Congressman Harrison here. Any noise on Carl Hutchins? Listen, don't ‑‑ don't trust anything that guy does, all right? He is up to something. Good. Good. No, I'll just ‑‑ I'll check in. What? Joe, I've got to go. Andy, don't tell me that we have a flat tire. Because I will be very, very upset.

Andy: Lady in distress, sir.

Grant: What? What lady?

Paulina: April Foolís.

Grant: You're a little late.

Paulina: I didn't think you'd mind.

Grant: No.

Paulina: We're gonna meet that big shot at Tops tonight, right?

Grant: You mean Kevin Atherson, yeah. The, uh, party chairman? Mm‑hmm.

Paulina: So, I want to give you something, for luck. Andy?

Andy: Yes ma'am?

Paulina: The park, please. Slow as you like.

Grant: I feel lucky all ready.

Felicia: So when are you going to ask him?

Jenna: Oh, well, I'm not sure.

Lucas: Felicia.

Felicia: Hi, honey, where have you been?

Lucas: I think you should come with me.

Felicia: Oh, you've been in the kitchen.

Lucas: What's left of the kitchen.

Felicia: It's that crazy pastry chef, isn't it?

Lucas: He's drunk as a skunk.

Felicia: It's that bad?

Lucas: Yeah, whipped cream in the bouillabaisse.

Felicia: Oh, my Lord.

Lucas: Um, could you ‑‑ could you mind the store, Jenna?

Felicia: Oh, honey, she's never done this before.

Lucas: Oh, Jennaís a smart girl. Here. Here.

Jenna: Um, I guess I could say good evening and pass out menus.

Felicia: Yes, yes, that's good.

Lucas: That's it. Come on.

Felicia: All right, I'm coming. Um, I won't be gone long. You'll be wonderful.

Jenna: Ok, bye.

Oh, hello.

Carl: Good evening.

Jenna: Good evening. Do you have a reservation?

Carl: No, I enjoy being spontaneous.

Jenna: I'm sorry.

Carl: The name is Hutchins. Carl Hutchins. I'd like a table for one, please. For now.

["Dangerous" by Roxette plays]

Sharlene: Here goes nothing.

Man: How much, babe?

Sharlene: Uh, no, no, not ‑‑ not tonight. My friend, no.

Man: Why not?

Sharlene: Because I already have a date, inside. Ok? But if you come back, uh, tomorrow night, I'll take care of you.

Man: Yeah, right. You're all the same.

Sharlene: Can I have a ginger ale? In a champagne glass?

Bartender: Gee, the cut crystal's at the cleaners.

Sharlene: Uh, scotch and soda, ok?

Bartender: 20% cut of your take at my bar.

Sharlene: I'm not here on business. Ok? Look, I'm looking for a friend of mine. Name is Judy. Do you know her?

Jenna: Is this something of what you had in mind?

Carl: It's lovely. Quite perfect.

Jenna: Great. Please. There's a really wonderful view from over here. Except you can't let people watch.

Carl: Oh, I'll have my fill of that, I'm sure. You're new here, aren't you?

[Silverware falls]

Carl: Oops.

Jenna: It shows?

Carl: No, dear, no. Just a feeling.

Jenna: Actually, yeah. I'm helping out. There's a problem in the kitchen.

Carl: Lucky kitchen, and lucky for me. I can't tell you how much I've looked forward to dining here. What's your name?

Jenna: Jenna.

Carl: Jenna. Lovely Jenna.

Jenna: Well, um, I hope you enjoy your meal, and your waiter will be over in a minute, ok?

Carl: Thank you.

Dean: Yo. Yo, yo.

Jenna: What are you doing here?

Dean: Well, that's a very nice how‑do‑you‑do.

Jenna: That's not what I meant.

Dean: Ah‑ha. What are you doing with those?

Jenna: I'm helping Felicia.

Dean: Well, you canít. Opportunity is knocking, right now.

Jenna: What are you talking about, Dean?

Dean: Matt is over at the studio, waiting on some phone calls, alone.

Jenna: So?

Dean: So? So? So get your adolescent behind in a cab and get on over there.

Jenna: Dean.

Dean: What? I ‑‑ I gotta wait here for some promoter guy anyway, have a drink.

Jenna: Dressed like that?

Dean: What? I didn't come here for a fashion consultation. Jenna, this is the best chance for you to get over there, and do a little time with Matt.

Jenna: He's gonna know it's a set‑up.

Dean: No he is not, he's not.

Jenna: What if Lindsey shows up?

Dean: I checked that out. She's got a sorority thing or something tonight. She is out of the picture.

Jenna: Well, why am I gonna say I'm there?

Dean: You'll think of something, come on. You'll think of something. Just, whatever you do, don't bring cookies with you, all right?

Jenna: I canít.

Dean: Why?

Jenna: Because, I've got to work, remember?

Dean: I'll cover for you, I can do this.

Jenna: Felicia's gonna kill me after she kills you.

Dean: I will explain it to her. I'll explain everything to her. Jenna itís gonna work out.

Are you kidding me? Come on. I've got ‑‑ I've got it all under control.

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: And don't forget what I told you about eye contact and all that stuff, ok?

Jenna: Right, right. Do I look all right?

Dean: Beautiful. You look beautiful. You ‑‑

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: Just get out of here.

Jenna: Oh ‑‑

Dean: Get out of here. Hi, everybody, how's it going? Um ‑‑ what do we have here, four? Uh, four. Table for four. I can do that.

Iris: These people are not with me.

Dean: All right. Ok.

Felicia: Where is Jenna? Dean, where is Jenna?

Dean: I ‑‑ I sent her to her destiny.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Dean: Well ‑‑

Iris: Doesn't anybody work here?

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: Keep your shirt on, Iris.

Iris: Pleasure.

Felicia: Where is Jenna?

Dean: Don't ‑‑ I just sent her on a little errand. Don't be mad at her, ok?

Felicia: I'm mad at you. Something new and different, I might add.

Dean: Felicia, I can handle this. Just watch. You can watch. Hey, didn't I try to seat you guys? Didn't I do that, huh?

Lucas: Excuse me. I'll take care of this. Right this way, please. Um ‑‑

Iris: Am I going to be ignored all evening?

Felicia: No.

Dean: I know who you are. You came by the studio once, and Matt knew ‑‑ knew you, too.

Felicia: What, are you looking to cut a record, Iris?

Iris: Is that the ring?

Felicia: Yes. Like it?

Iris: Oh yes. I saw one just like it on the home shopping network.

Felicia: Probably the same place you got your dress.

Dean: Ooh.

Lucas: Ah, how's everything going?

Dean: I don't know, Luke. I would wear my bulletproof vest if I were you.

Grant: I bet you had every bit of that planned, didn't you?

Paulina: Uh‑huh.

Grant: So what did Andy take you for?

Paulina: A smile.

Grant: Yeah. How come ‑‑ how come you want to just drive around the park?

Paulina: I like driving around in a limo, going nowhere. Don't you?

Grant: I got a better idea.

Paulina: Don't you like it?

Grant: Paulina. Andy is 18 inches away.

Paulina: Behind a sound‑proof barrier.

Grant: How do you ‑‑ how do you know it's soundproof?

Paulina: I asked.

Grant: Ok, but look. We're going to my place, now.


Grant: Problems, Andy?

Andy: Phone call for Ms. Cory.

Grant: Got it. Hello?

Jake: Paulina Cory, please.

Grant: Who is this?

Jake: I know she's there. I need to speak to her. It's urgent.

Grant: It's for you.

Paulina: Hello?

Jake: Hi, it's Jake.

Paulina: Yes?

Jake: Listen, I really hate to do this to you, but it's a matter of life and death. I need to see you now.

Paulina: How did you get this number?

Jake: I told some dweeb in Grant's office that I was your brother and there was an emergency in the family.

Paulina: So, what's going on?

Jake: Listen, Paulina, I would have never pulled a stunt like this unless it was really important.

Paulina: This is not, uh, a very good time.

Grant: Paulina, is everything all right?

Jake: Paulina, I need to talk to you.

Paulina: Uh, that's not possible. I'll ‑‑ I'll call you in the morning, all right?

Jake: Would I be on the phone with you now if this could wait until morning?

Paulina: I don't really care.

Jake: I want to see you in a couple of minutes.

Paulina: Wait, I didn't say ‑‑

Grant: Paulina, is everything ‑‑ who was that?

Paulina: I have to take care of something, Grant.

Grant: Yeah, I got that impression.

Paulina: Will you ask Andy to, um, let me off at the corner of Maple and West River?

Grant: What do you want us to do? Let you off on a street in the middle of nowhere?

Paulina: I'll meet you at Tops in half an hour.

Grant: Paulina. When are you going to be straight with me?

Paulina: Grant, just ‑‑ just let me do this one thing. I'm going to take care of something once and for all. No questions, please. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Ok.

Matt: David, I cannot meet that price. I told you my budget, and you deliberately offer me recording equipment that costs twice as much as I'm willing to spend. Come on. I don't feel very charitable to a guy who's trying to rip me off. Yeah, hold on a sec. I got a call on the other line. I'll sleep on it. Thanks. Hello? Lindsey. Why would I be mad? You only called me eight times in the last hour. Mm‑hmm.

[Knock on door]

Listen, I ordered a pizza, the guy's here. Listen, I know you have to go to your rush committee meeting. Yeah, I'll call you later. Right, right. Bye. Right there, I'm coming. Hey. You're not the pizza guy.

Jenna: Did you want me to be?

Matt: Nah, I'm only kidding you. Come on in.

Jenna: Am I interrupting?

Matt: No, no, no. This just looks like I'm busy. Actually, the one file I need in all this mess, I can't find it.

[Phone rings]

Matt: Oh, excuse me. But I'm happy for the company. D&M Productions. Lindsey. Yeah. No, that was not the pizza. Why are you doing this to me? Lindsey, listen to me. Go to your meeting. I will call you later, ok? Bye.

Jenna: Maybe I should get out of your way.

Matt: No, don't move.

Jenna: Ok.

Matt: You know, I'm waiting for these phone calls. But people won't be able to get through unless Lindsey backs off. She's driving me nuts. Hold on. D&M Productions. Yeah. Yeah. I was expecting you to come by tonight and check the system. I've been waiting here for you myself. What do you mean you ‑‑ we can't wait until next week. All right. All right, I'll see you tomorrow or I'll take my business elsewhere. You got it? You got any plans?

Jenna: No, why?

Matt: Let's go for a ride.

Jenna: What about your calls? And the pizza?

Matt: Well, that's what answering machines are for. Besides, I think I know where I left that file. My jeep's out front, Top's down, let's go.

Jenna: Ok.

Matt: Make sure this door's locked here. Leave this ten bucks. Let's go.

John: Hi. Come on in.

Taylor: Hi. Ooh, you don't look so good.

John: Thank you very much. Just got Gregory to sleep.

Taylor: Oh, he was fussy?

John: Well, you might say that. I fed him and changed him and rocked him, and he screamed bloody murder for over an hour.

Taylor: Well, sometimes babies, they just have to express themselves.

John: Is that what that is?

Taylor: You look completely exhausted.

John: I'm fine. What brings you here?

Taylor: Ah, my notes in my presentation. You said you wanted to look them over.

John: Oh yeah, yeah. Great, yeah. I'll take a look at it tonight.

Taylor: Ok. I ‑‑ I gather Sharlene's not around?

John: No, she had a few errands to do.

Taylor: She called me this morning to set up an appointment.

John: Yeah, she told me she was gonna do that.

Taylor: She ‑‑ she'd been so hesitant with me yesterday, and she's put it off for so long, I ‑‑ I made this commitment to go to the conference. I'm afraid it's going to have to wait until I get back.

John: Well, that will be fine.

Taylor: I hope so.

John: Taylor, Sharlene is doing great.

Taylor: John, don't let the bravado fool you.

John: Bravado?

Taylor: Look, if she's doing what I'm reasonably sure she's doing, telling you she's fine and putting on a performance of good health ‑‑

John: Oh, you're ‑‑ just wait a second, Taylor, come on.

Taylor: John, it's pretense. She called me to set up an appointment this morning because she knows I'm going out of town. So you see her taking steps to help herself, but in fact, it's really just a ruse.

John: Now hold it. Hold it right there. Sharlene would never do something like that. It's completely out of character.

Taylor: Listen to me. It's completely out of character for Sharlene. It's completely in character for Sharly.

["The Way You Want It" by Lisa Stansfield plays]

Sharlene: Hey, did ‑‑ did you find Judy? I really have got ‑‑ good to see you.

Judy: You shouldn't be here.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Judy: Don't tell me.

Sharlene: Look, can we talk at a table or something?

Judy: Does your husband know that you're here? You're acting like you don't want anybody to see you.

Sharlene: I donít.

Judy: Are you in trouble?

Sharlene: Um, maybe.

Judy: We gonna talk in code, or are you gonna cut to the chase and tell me what this is about?

Sharlene: Ok. I'm not out on the streets again. Not the way you think.

Judy: Sure. Mickey put the word out that I had a visitor. And now everybody in the joint thinks you're a cop.

Sharlene: I'm not.

Judy: I know. As soon as I saw you, I knew it was safe to talk. So how's your kid?

Sharlene: Just fine.

Judy: Sharly, what's going on?

Sharlene: Look, Judy, I'm trying to figure something out.

Judy: I'm not usually the person that people come to for answers, hon.

Sharlene: Remember the night you called me at the hospital? And you asked me to come down to that warehouse.

Judy: I thought we worked all of that out when I came over.

Sharlene: No, no, that's not true. That's not true. I don't think we worked anything out.

Judy: Look, I told you that I had nothing to do with having you locked in there.

Sharlene: I know that, I know that. I'm just trying to figure out who did. Ok? Do me a favor. Just tell me, do you know this woman? Judy?

Taylor: I'm sorry if this hurts you.

John: Look, I don't need this, Taylor.

Taylor: John, it's frustrating. But the signs are there. They've been there for weeks. You've known that as well as me.

John: Look, psychiatry may not be my specialty, but I'm not an idiot. I know my wife.

Taylor: You've seen no signs? Nothing at all?

John: Nothing.

Taylor: All right, then I am preparing you for the possibility.

John: When I see a problem, I'll acknowledge it. She's healing, Taylor. Look, come on. If there's a little behavior that seems a little off base ‑‑ she's been through so much.

Taylor: I know that.

John: You can't expect there not to be any lingering ‑‑ I'm not going to talk about this anymore.

Taylor: I understand. Look, I'm sorry if I've upset you.

John: It's all right. Forget it.

Taylor: Um, listen, could ‑‑ could you maybe listen to my presentation?

John: Now?

Taylor: If it's all right.

John: Yeah. Yeah, sure, I guess.

Taylor: All right. Presentations in front of a group are not my favorite event.

John: A little nervous?

Taylor: Terrified. But that's the subject for another paper. Besides, you might be on the internal medicine panel. You'll miss the whole thing.

John: Well, let's hear it then.

Taylor: Ok. The subject of this presentation is the Correlation between sexual obsession and the drive to dominate one's sexual partners. My research indicates that such a drive is rooted in early childhood trauma. Furthermore ‑‑

Jake: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 ‑‑

[Knock at door]

Two. Hi.

Paulina: You're working out.

Jake: Oh, man. Trying to get back my strength.

Paulina: Jake, you cannot do this.

Jake: So what did Congressman Harrison say when you told him you were gonna come see me?

Paulina: You donít really think I told him, do you?

Jake: I ruined your plans.

Paulina: You're ruining my life.

Jake: Yeah.

Paulina: I'm sorry. I don't like to lie.

Jake: I remember that about you.

Paulina: Jake, just tell me what ‑‑

Jake: Oh. It's pretty gruesome, isn't it? I'm sorry. I am sorry. I ‑‑ I ‑‑ sometimes I even forget it's there. The doctors tell me that it'll go away in seven or eight years. Every time I get in the shower, I remember how much I lost that night.

Paulina: Does it still hurt?

Jake: Nah. Nope. Doesn't hurt, but it still costs me. You know, it's funny. Oh, man. I am flat broke. Everybody in this town wants money from me.

Paulina: Can't pay this?

Jake: I don't even remember what $248 looks like. These people got wind of who I was, and they gave me that.

Paulina: When do they want it?

Jake: By the morning, or I'm out of here.

Paulina: I could give you some of this.

Jake: I've got a better idea. That's why I called you.

Paulina: What idea?

Jake: I need a job.

Paulina: I know the feeling.

Jake: No one will hire me.

Paulina: Oh, I'm sure you could get something.

Jake: You know something? Paulina, I have always been interested in politics.

Paulina: Politics?

Jake: Yeah, and I was thinking, since you're so close with the congressman now, that you might, you know ‑‑

Paulina: I can't do it, Jake.

Jake: Well, I'm not asking to be his press secretary. I mean, I'll drive his limo.

Paulina: He's got a driver.

Jake: He must need a valet, or ‑‑ or a gopher, or something. Come on, Paulina. I can't get a job sacking groceries. I'll do anything. Please, you gotta help me.

Paulina: You want me to get you an interview with Grant?

Jake: That's what I've been trying to say.

Paulina: Are you out of your mind?

Iris: There's no need to hold him so tight, dear. Believe me, he's all yours.

Felicia: Iris, what is it you want?

Iris: A waiter. Or are you planning to turn this place into a cafeteria? I know you've always been fond of them.

Lucas: Iris. If you don't like it here, why don't you go somewhere else?

Iris: What? And lose the opportunity to revel in my good fortune?

Felicia: I am not going to be your straight man, no matter how much you want that.

Iris: You know, when I see you two, I feel really lucky. It's almost worth the mediocre food and the nonexistent service.

Felicia: Is this gonna go on a lot longer, or why don't I just send you a waiter, how's that?

Iris: Why don't you just do that? Thank you. Now you can go back to drooling each other.

Felicia: Who wound her up, Luke?

Lucas: I have no idea.

Felicia: Think she's right? Do you think we drool on each other?

Lucas: No, not in public. I'll go check the kitchen.

Felicia: Good.

Carl: I think it's the filet mignon.

Waiter: Thanks.

Felicia: What are you doing here, Carl?

Carl: Felicia. It's been a very long time.

Felicia: How the hell did you get into my restaurant?

Carl: Well, I came in the elevator, just like other mortals.

Felicia: You're not welcome here, and you know that.

Carl: Well, after Jenna went to such trouble to give me the best table in the house?

Felicia: Who did you just say?

Carl: Jenna. She's a lovely girl.

Felicia: Get out of here.

Carl: There's no need to use that tone with me, Fanny.

Felicia: Why? You gonna try and kill me? The way you tried to kill Kathleen?

Carl: Oh, Felicia.

I watched your program on the telly the other day.

Felicia: Did you?

Carl: Very good, yes. And speaking of Kathleen McKinnon, well, she seemed quite chipper, didn't she? The camera loves you, of course, but you know that.

Felicia: Why would you just come waltzing in here, like nothing is wrong?

Carl: But nothing is wrong. I mean, I have this ‑‑ this dreadful image problem. But give me time. I'm working on it.

Felicia: I guess you forgot, didn't you? That you ruined Kathleenís life.

Carl: I did nothing to Kathleen.

Felicia: Oh, come on, Carl.

Carl: Kathleen doesn't even know the truth. She's mistaken.

Felicia: Mistaken, is she?

Carl: Yes, that's right.

Felicia: Why did you come back here?

Carl: To clear my name.

Felicia: Not possible.

Carl: Felicia, you're a very bright woman. Why would I return to Bay City if any of the things Kathleen said about me were true?

Felicia: I think it's time I get security.

Carl: Felicia. You were once secure enough, and trusting enough, to invite me into your bed.

Felicia: That was ancient history.

Carl: Afraid so.

Felicia: You know, you're not going to pull this off. You know that. I mean, too many people know about you. Even the Federal Government's involved.

Carl: Why do you think they released me from prison, Felicia?

Felicia: I don't know. In fact, I've been meaning to write my congressman about that very thing.

Carl: I wish you would. I'd welcome it. I've done nothing. The federal authorities know I've done nothing. This may seem strange to you, but ‑‑ but I think I am being used as some ‑‑ well, as a kind of scapegoat. That's a lovely outfit on you. Oh, come on, Felicia. Give an old friend a second chance.

Felicia: No thank you.

Carl: I hear you're divorced now. Well, Mitch Blake. Eh. Lucas, Lucas. Now, Lucas, I understand. Yes, I like Lucas. He reminds me of me.

Felicia: Oh, Carl. He is nothing like you. No.

Carl: You always did like the rough types, didn't you? You were just a little too coy to admit it.

Felicia: Well, Carl, Carl. Have a lovely dinner.

Carl: Ha!

Matt: Ah, the fresh air will definitely revive me before I go back to that studio.

Jenna: You know when I stayed with you when Felicia went away?

Matt: Uh‑huh?

Jenna: I used to come out here every day.

Matt: It was winter.

Jenna: So? I didn't care.

Matt: Oh. It's a good place to be alone.

Jenna: Yeah, it is.

Matt: Surprised I didn't run into you out here.

Jenna: Why do you say that?

Matt: Well, I used to hide out here when I was a kid. That's right. Whenever it was time for school, or a bath, or anything.

Jenna: Wow. I didn't think you were the type.

Matt: What type?

Jenna: I don't know. I just figured that you enjoy being with people all the time.

Matt: Not all the time. But I was going a little stir‑crazy at the studio. Ah, boy. Mm.

Jenna: So, things are going to work out really well for you guys, aren't they?

Matt: With the company?

Jenna: Mm‑hmm.

Matt: I am having such a good time getting this thing off the ground, I gotta tell you. It's fun.

Jenna: What are you working on now?

Matt: Well, actually, I think Dean has to get together with a band so we don't sound like a couple of stupid kids mouthing off.

Jenna: You don't sound that way.

Matt: Yeah, but we do to people in the business. Anyway, Dean has to concentrate on his music. He's too involved with my side of it now. He has to ‑‑ he has to get together with a band and start working.

Jenna: Wow. It sounds so exciting.

Matt: Yeah, I hope we pull it off.

Jenna: Of course you will.

Matt: You sound so sure.

Jenna: Well, I mean, why not? You're very organized. You're very professional. You understand Dean's moods. And you're just going to do it, Matt. I mean, everything you touch, you make it come alive. I really mean that, you know.

Jake: You were the one person that I thought I could count on.

Paulina: I couldn't ask Grant to hire you, Jake.

Jake: Why not?

Paulina: He knows we were dating before.

Jake: Before I was shot? Congressman Harrison knows that he has nothing to worry about with me.

Paulina: I just couldnít.

Jake: Come on. Paulina, I am hurting here. I am a freaking outcast in this town. I mean, I can't buy myself a job. All I have is this room here. All I am asking you to do is give me a recommendation. He will do anything for you. I can tell.

Paulina: Ok. I'll help you.

Jake: Thank you. I knew I could count on you.

Paulina: But we don't involve Grant in this.

Jake: What?

Paulina: I'll help you out, Jake. Let's just keep it between you and me, all right?

Jake: Wait a minute, Paulina. I ‑‑ how can you help me out when you said you were tapped yourself?

Paulina: Things are changing.

Jake: No kidding.

Paulina: I might be back in with the Corys.

Jake: That's right. The fire. You rescued Amanda. This is great news, Paulina.

Paulina: So I'll get back to you later in the week, all right?

Jake: You know, it's funny that you didn't mention this when you first came in here.

Paulina: Tomorrow, tomorrow. I've really got to get back to Grant right now.

Jake: When did you say I would ‑‑ I'd talk to you again?

Paulina: Tomorrow. I will call you tomorrow. And don't worry about the bill, all right?

Jake: Thanks. All right.

["Just The Way You Want It" by Lisa Stansfield plays]

Judy: She's a shrink with a tape deck.

Sharlene: You do know her.

Judy: Iíve seen her. She comes around here, asks a lot of questions. Talks into a tape recorder. Everyone knows who she is. We had her checked out, made sure she wasn't from vice.

Sharlene: Did she ever talk to you?

Judy: She talks to all the girls.

Sharlene: All right. What does she say?

Judy: She asks questions about guys who pay for it. Says she's doing a study.

Sharlene: Judy, has she ever asked you about me?

Judy: You?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Judy: Why would she ask me about you?

Sharlene: Judy. You came to my house. You called me on the phone. I told you I've never been to this place before. Now how else would you know those things?

Judy: Now you sound like a cop.

Sharlene: I wouldn't ask you these questions unless it was important.

Judy: I don't know what you want from me.

Sharlene: I want nothing from you. Just tell me what you think of that woman.

Judy: Ok, I will. That shrink is the type of person who would do anything, step on anyone, to get what she wants. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. That's what I think of her. Now, Sharly, please.

Taylor: Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee you like it when Mommy sings to you, ok? You like that? Huh? Huh?

John: How's he doing?

Taylor: He's great.

John: I can't believe he woke up again.

Taylor: I think he likes me.

John: Well, he should. You're good with him.

Taylor: Mm. My whole staff, they think I'm this rabid career woman who's totally immersed in her patients and her books. Who runs screaming from the room at the mere mention of childbirth.

John: Would you like to have a family some day?

Taylor: I'd like to have a lot of things that might surprise you. John, he looks just like you.

John: You think so? I donít. I think he's a Frame, through and through. From his head, all the way down to his enormous feet.

Taylor: No, no, no, no, no. I think he's Daddy's little boy. Just come back up here. There you go.

John: Hey, listen. He likes this.

Taylor: Look at this, Gregory.

[Music box plays]

John: This is great. Sharlene's sister sent it to her.

[Music distorts]

Taylor: I think he wants to go back to his crib now.

John: Taylor?

Matt: It's a little cold out here, huh? Here, you want this?

Jenna: What about you?

Matt: Ah, I'm fine, are you kidding me? Hey. There you go.

Jenna: Thanks, that's great.

Matt: Good.

Jenna: Matt? I, uh, I have a really dumb question to ask you.

Matt: Fire away.

Jenna: Ok. You see, I was wondering if, uh, well, what I wanted to talk to you about was ‑‑ actually, you see, uh, well, there's this spring dance at my high school. And even though it's just a high school dance, well, I was thinking that, since you've been such a really good friend, that maybe you would ‑‑

Matt: You would ‑‑

Jenna: Want to take me?

Matt: You would like me to take you?

Jenna: Yeah.

Matt: I'd love to take you.

Jenna: Really? I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to.

Matt: No, no, no, no. I do, I do.

Jenna: You do?

Matt: Really, yeah.

Jenna: Oh, ha. I've never done this before.

Matt: I know. I'd be honored.

Jenna: You're really nice to me.

Matt: Well, it isn't hard.

Jenna: Thank you.

Matt: Thank you for asking.

Lucas: Um, what's going on?

Felicia: Nothing. Meet Carl Hutchins, Luke.

Carl: Your fiancťe has misinterpreted something I've said. It's an effect I have on certain women. Especially those that I've been intimate with. It's beginning to get in the way now. I wonder if you could somehow work this into your presentation.

Felicia: What?

Carl: Oh yes, he's taken the king's shilling. He works for me. I had to have the best.

Lucas: I don't know what you said to Felicia, but this is her restaurant. And it's off limits.

Felicia: Are you working for him?

Dean: "Dear Matt. Nice way to run a business. Where the hell are you?"

Jenna: Dean! Dean, you did it.

Dean: What'd I do?

Jenna: You did it.

Dean: What'd I do?

Jenna: I knew you'd still be here, so I raced back from the Corys'.

Dean: You went to the Corys'?

Jenna: Yeah, with Matt.

Dean: No, really? I thought aliens beamed you over, honey.

Jenna: He said yes.

Dean: He who?

Jenna: Matt!

Dean: He said yes?

Jenna: Yeah, to the dance. He's gonna take me to the dance.

Dean: Oh, he is, he is. Oh.

Jenna: I'm so excited. It was better than I could have ever imagined.

Dean: Yeah.

Jenna: I feel like I won the lottery.

Dean: Ah, you're acting like it. You're acting like it.

Jenna: He said, "I would be honored." Isn't that beautiful?

Dean: Yeah, if you're a Victorian dude, sure. Yeah.

Jenna: Well, I don't know. It was great. He was so romantic. So gallant.

Dean: Did he ride off on a white horse afterwards?

Jenna: Hey, I thought you'd be happy for me.

Dean: No, I am, I am. I really am. You done good. Yeah. You'll have a great time. You'll do a little dancing, which I taught you. Wear a little fancy makeup, I also taught you. Ah, you'll be great.

Jenna: You know, I really owe you. I mean, I couldn't have done it without you. You gave me the courage to do this. I'll never forget it.

Dean: Eh, I'll sing at your wedding.

Jenna: You're the best.

Dean: Yeah. That's me. The best.

Jenna: So, I'll talk to you tomorrow?

Dean: I would be honored.

Jenna: Oh, by the way, Matt said that he was going to come back over here after he picked up some file that he left at home.

Dean: Beautiful. Beautiful.

Jenna: See? Everything's going to work out for everybody.

Dean: Everything for everybody. Hooray.

Lucas: I tried to tell you before.

Felicia: Yeah, sure you did.

Lucas: Fanny, I'm doing what has to be done.

Felicia: You know, sometimes I wonder if I know who you are.

Grant: Yes, I'm thinking about it.

Iris: That Senate seat has been held by the wrong party for three consecutive terms.

Grant: Well, maybe it's time we changed things.

Iris: And you think you're the man to do it.

Grant: Like I said, I am considering it.

Iris: Well, that might mean overhauling your lifestyle, congressman.

Grant: Meaning?

Iris: Meaning, a man who takes out married women and phony heiresses really isn't always successful politically.

Iris: For instance, if you escorted that person, wearing that postage stamp, to a political function? What do you think the headlines would read the following morning?

Grant: Probably that I was the luckiest man on the hill. Wonderful to see you again. Iris, take care.

Iris: Grant... has she explained to you about her and Jake McKinnon?

Don't think that seamy little liaison is severed.

Sharlene: John? John, I'm home.

John, hi. Hi.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: How's everything going?

John: Ok, ok. Gregory had a little bout with gas, but I managed to survive it.

Sharlene: Good. Good. I guess I better watch what I'm eating.

John: I guess you'd better.

Sharlene: Oh.

John: Sharlene.

Sharlene: Oh, John, look what happened.

John: Sharlene ‑‑ well, how did that happen? I just played this for Gregory earlier, it was fine.

Sharlene: It must have fallen.

John: I'm sorry, I ‑‑ I didn't see it.

Sharlene: Oh, this is his favorite thing. It puts him right to sleep when he hears it.

John: I should have been more careful. I'm really sorry.

Sharlene: Don't worry about it. Don't worry. It's just a music box. Oh. Oh.

[Distorted Calliope music plays]

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