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Another World Transcript Wednesday 2/28/07

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Jake: "'The Insider' has learned that Marley McKinnon, who stood trial for the shooting of her ex-husband, Jake McKinnon, is about to hear wedding bells again." Damn it. "The lucky fellow is none other than her ex-husbandís attending physician, who also happens to be her sister's ex."

Jake: Damn him. Damn this whole stupid thing, no!

Paulina: Jake, Jake, are you ok?

Sharlene: What's this, Gregory? Look at this. Oh, my goodness. You are a good boy, yes, you are. [Laughing]

John: You know you're going to spoil that child.

Sharlene: I am not.

John: You are, too. You know how I know?

Sharlene: How?

John: I asked him myself. I said, "Son, is your mother spoiling you?" And he looked me right in the eye and he said, "Dad, you're darn right she is, and I am enjoying every minute of it, thank you very much."

Sharlene: Well, he's looking at you now.

John: Yeah, he is, isn't he?

Sharlene: John, I am having such a wonderful time.

John: Well, you should be. You're so good with him.

Sharlene: No doubts?

John: I have never had any doubts that you could take care of this baby.

Sharlene: No, but you did think I might need a little more therapy.

John: Sharlene, it doesn't take a psychiatrist to see how well you're doing. And I've always believed in you.

Sharlene: Did you hear that, did you?

John: It's good to know that you and Taylor are working out your differences.

Sharlene: Listen, you, come on. Let's go take a bath. Let's do, it's bath time.

John: Sharlene, you and Taylor are getting along, aren't you?

Sharlene: I wouldn't call it getting along.

[Telephone rings]

John: I'll get that. Hello. Taylor?

Taylor: John, I need to speak to Sharlene. I want to set up an appointment right away, as soon as possible. It's important.

Frankie: All this started with moving?

Joe: I don't think moving is the real problem, Frankie.

Cass: You cut out on me once before, and now you're going to do it again?

Kathleen: At least this time you will know where I am.

Cass: How could you do this to us? How could you let me think that I'd lost you? We were joined at the hip, Kathleen. There wasn't anything one of us did without the other.

Kathleen: This was different.

Cass: How?

Kathleen: Because I didn't want you to die.

Cass: So you killed our love instead.

Kathleen: I can't believe you're doing this.

Cass: Look at me, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Let go of me.

Cass: You didn't love me enough to trust me.

Kathleen: This is insane.

Cass: Was everything between us a lie?

Kathleen: Damn it, Cass, stop it. Don't you know how much I loved you?

Jamie: Hi.

Marley: Hi.

Jamie: You cold?

Marley: No, it's beautiful.

Jamie: I've been looking for you.

Marley: I took a walk around the studio. It's amazing no one got hurt.

Jamie: I know. I was just talking to the fire marshal, he came to file a report. He said Amanda was very lucky.

Marley: How are you?

Jamie: Me, you kidding?

Marley: Jamie, you can't be everybody's rock all the time.

Jamie: I know. I am taking care of myself.

Marley: Well, I know I said I wanted to go see my Dad, but why don't we just call him and tell him.

Jamie: You're still upset about Jake.

Marley: Jake will stop upsetting me when I stop letting him upset me. I think therapy is going to help that.

Jamie: Your appointment's tomorrow, right?

Marley: Mm‑hmm. I think it will be good for me to talk to somebody who is not involved.

Jamie: I know it will.

Marley: And I think letting go of some of the hurt will help me be able to make a decision about whether or not to press charges.

Jamie: It really is a beautiful afternoon.

Marley: Mm‑hmm. Have you heard how Paulina is doing today?

Jamie: She's fine, apparently.

Marley: Ryan told me that she saved Amandaís life.

Jamie: I know, and I had it in for her for so long.

Marley: How so?

Jamie: I was sure Paulina shot Jake.

Marley: You never told me that.

Jamie: I told her, more than once.

Marley: Why do you think she did it?

Jamie: Well, I knew about her thing with Jake. I didn't trust her after the way she lied when she first came here, and I started believing what Iris said about her.

Marley: What about now, has all of that changed?

Jamie: I was so sure Paulina was out for number one. And then after what she did for Amanda last night, well, how could the same person have shot Jake and let you stand trial for the crime?

Jake: Hi, Paulina.

Paulina: What's going on in there?

Jake: Just reading paper.

Paulina: You sounded upset.

Jake: What brings you to my neck of the woods?

Paulina: I was worried about you.

Jake: Well, I'm still standing.

Paulina: You look a little pale. Are you all right?

Jake: Yeah, I'm fine, thank you for asking.

Paulina: Jake, I can't get involved with you.

Jake: Oh, this is my "dear Jake," right? You are about to tell me that you can't see me anymore.

Paulina: We are not seeing each other.

Jake: Why are you nervous, Paulina?

Paulina: I'm not nervous, Jake. I told you, I'm seeing Grant Harrison now. I like him very much.

Jake: You like his ‑‑ well, you would know better than anyone what you like about him, right?

Paulina: Right. I need to ask you a favor.

Jake: And this is how you don't get involved with someone, right?

Paulina: Grant's reputation can mean the difference in his career.

Jake: Where do I come in?

Paulina: If the reporters talk to you again, I would appreciate it if you left us out of it, our relationship. It would mean a lot to me.

Jake: You've done a lot of good things for a lot of people lately, Paulina.

Paulina: I'm sorry?

Jake: I was just reading about your heroics last night, congratulations.

Paulina: That's no big deal.

Jake: That's not what I hear. I hear you saved Amandaís life.

Paulina: I did what had to be done.

Jake: Good move.

Paulina: How do you mean?

Jake: Smart, too.

Paulina: In what way?

Jake: Well, I'd say that put you right back up on the Corys' "a" list.

Paulina: We'll see.

Jake: Hell, who knows? You might even get your inheritance back.

Paulina: Yeah, right.

Jake: Mm‑hmm.

Paulina: And if I do, I'm going to help you out, Jake. I mean that.

Jake: I think maybe you will.

Paulina: I'm sorry?

Jake: Well, telling me you were going to help me out with money that you don't have, I mean, risking your life to bail me out? That's pretty heavy penance. Then again, they say that the punishment fits the crime, right?

Frankie: I can't stay and listen to this.

Joe: They do sound like an old married couple.

Frankie: Are you trying to tell me something, Joe?

Joe: Yeah, Frankie. They sound like a married couple.

Frankie: Will you do me a favor, please? When Cass comes up for air, would you please tell him that I have gone to see my aunt Sharlene?

Joe: Sure.

Frankie: Thank you.

Kathleen: I thought you had accepted what I'd done?

Cass: Intellectually, sure. But something kept tripping me up.

Kathleen: What?

Cass: I loved you. I loved you so much.

Kathleen: I know you did, Cass, and I loved you. That's why I did what I did.

Cass: That's smooth the way you slipped that in, but it doesn't follow, if "a," then "B." If I love you, I get to do whatever I want. Your logic stinks.

Kathleen: The FBI gave me no choice, Cass. And I didn't have anybody around to bounce the idea off of, ok? They were very clear, very graphic, about what my chances were. And when they threw you and my family into the mix ‑‑

Cass: You panicked.

Kathleen: I didn't see a way out, Cass. I thought I was doing what was best for everyone.

Cass: Don't you see what I am saying? We were a team.

Kathleen: I thought I was doing the right thing. Ok? I thought I was doing the right thing.

Cass: I'm sorry I yelled.

Kathleen: I'm sorry I hurt you.

Cass: We're even, we're both sorry.

Kathleen: Are you really? You've been wanting to let me have it ever since I got back.

Cass: No.

Kathleen: Yes.

Cass: What I wanted was the time back, Kathleen. I wanted the last three years back. I wanted a chance to love you.

Sharlene: I never said a word about going back into therapy.

Taylor: Sharlene, you do understand how important this is for you.

Sharlene: No matter what, I couldn't do it this week anyway, it's very bad for me. John's going out of town.

Taylor: What?

Sharlene: Yeah, he has a medical conference.

Taylor: I thought he decided not to go.

Sharlene: He changed his mind. So, while he's gone, I'd really like to spend as much time with Gregory as possible. You understand that, don't you?

Taylor: Yes, yes, of course.

Sharlene: Ok.

Taylor: I just thought that we had clarified some of these issues over lunch.

Sharlene: I'm sure you did.

Taylor: Sharlene, you haven't changed your mind?

Sharlene: Taylor, I'll do whatever I have to do to stay well.

Taylor: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Sharlene: Ok, so I'll call you when John gets back in town, and we'll talk, all right?

Taylor: Fine.

Sharlene: Ok, so you take care of yourself.

Taylor: Ok, you, too, bye.

Sharlene: Bye. Ok.

John: How did it go?

Sharlene: Taylor and I are working everything out.

John: Listen, Sharlene, I don't have to go to this conference.

Sharlene: John Hudson, you know you want to. Besides that, I have all the time in the world to talk to Taylor.

John: It's not that.

Sharlene: What is it?

John: All Taylor wants to do is to help, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Yes, John, I know. I'm sure she does.

John: You have come so far.

Sharlene: I know.

John: I know how important follow-up care is, regardless of the illness. Just make sure that you don't close yourself off to people who want to help, ok?

I love you.

Kathleen: Joe's waiting for me.

Cass: Joe who?

Kathleen: I should go.

Cass: I know.

Kathleen: Please understand why I can't stay here.


Joe: Are you all right?

Kathleen: Yeah, I'm fine. My bags are packed, so we can go any time.

Joe: Let's go.

Kathleen: I'll call you with the new phone number, ok?

Cass: Yeah, ok.

Joe: Frankie was here.

Cass: Was?

Joe: She said that she would be at Sharlene's.

Cass: Oh, thanks.

Joe: So, let's go.

Cass: I'd like to come with you.

Joe: What?

Cass: Well, I was supposed to meet Frankie here, but since she took off, I'd like to see this place myself.

Joe: Why?

Kathleen: Joe, please.

Cass: I want to make sure the apartment is safe.

Joe: And after we get your seal of approval, then what?

Kathleen: Hi, you two.

Jamie: You're on your way?

Kathleen: Yes, I'll tell Rachel myself when she gets ‑‑

Jamie: Kathleen, you don't have to say it.

Kathleen: If this fire had anything to do with me ‑‑

Marley: The fire was an accident.

Jamie: If you need to come back...

Kathleen: I don't think so, but thank you.

Joe: We do appreciate your family's courage and cooperation.

Kathleen: Do you think you could cooperate enough to help load up the car?

Cass: Sure.

Jamie: I'll help you guys.

Kathleen: Thank you, Jamie. I'm so sorry if I upset you earlier.

Marley: Talking about Jake?

Kathleen: Uh‑huh. I've always have had a soft spot in my heart for that kid.

Marley: I know.

Kathleen: Blood runs thick. Maybe too thick sometimes. But you deserve to start over with Jamie.

Marley: Thank you, Kathleen.

Kathleen: You know, I think he loves you.

Marley: I am so happy I found him.

Kathleen: Then don't let him go, ever.

Cass: Kathleen?

Kathleen: Bye. Jamie.

Jamie: Good‑bye.

Kathleen: Ever.

Paulina: Penance?

Jake: Sure, didn't you say you wanted to do good things for people after you survived your bout with pills?

Paulina: I may have.

Jake: You rescued Amanda from a burning building. I mean, that is very brave, Paulina. I don't know many people in the world who would have done what you've done.

Paulina: Well, she was in trouble. I didn't think about what would happen later.

Jake: I remember that about you. You know, I remember some things.

Paulina: I am running late.

Jake: You know something? We ought to get you a uniform. Something red and blue, with a big yellow "X." I'm sorry, I was just teasing. I didn't mean anything.

Paulina: I meant what I said, Jake. If I ever get the kind of money you need, Iím going to help you out.

Jake: I'll remember that. So, where are you headed off to now?

Paulina: I'm going to the Corys'.

Jake: Yeah?

Paulina: See how they're doing.

Jake: That's nice.

Paulina: I'll see you.

Jake: You know, Marley and Jamie are there.

Paulina: How do you know?

Jake: I went over there today to see my cousin.

Paulina: You went to the Corys'?

Jake: Yeah, to see Kathleen.

Paulina: Then you know.

Jake: About the engagement? Yeah.

Paulina: Are you ok?

Jake: Yeah, I actually think I'm better off.

Paulina: I guess. A lot of time has gone by.

Jake: My misfortune is I spent most of it asleep. But you can't look back.

Paulina: No.

Jake: You know, it's a funny thing. Jamie and I really aren't all that different, you know?

Paulina: How do you mean?

Jake: We both really had a bad time with women. I mean, how many times has that guy been married?

Paulina: Well, I don't think that matters.

Jake: You know what, you're right. I think Marley knows what she's doing. I mean, I think that she usually goes into things with her eyes open.

Paulina: I am glad you're taking this so well, Jake. Things are going to work out for you, too, you know.

Jake: I hope.

Paulina: Take care of yourself.

Jake: No one can do that for me, right?

Paulina: Right.

Sharlene: There ‑‑ get in here.

Frankie: Oh!

Sharlene: How are you holding up?

Frankie: By my fingernails. Is the baby asleep?

Sharlene: Finally.

Frankie: Oh.

Sharlene: Frankie, you didn't come out here alone, did you?

Frankie: Oh, no, my bodyguard is in the driveway.

Sharlene: That guy?

Frankie: Yeah, my shadow. Where's John?

Sharlene: He had a dinner meeting. Ok, you need to talk.

Frankie: I need to hit something.

Sharlene: All right, let's do this. Hit it.

Frankie: This is no good, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Kathleen.

Frankie: Yeah.

Sharlene: Cass must be very sympathetic.

Frankie: Oh, to her.

Sharlene: Not you?

Frankie: She's getting a lot of attention from everybody.

Sharlene: Well, Frankie, what she did was a very brave thing.

Frankie: Oh, I know, I know. She martyred her life for the people she loves. It has been shoved down my throat for weeks.

Sharlene: Have you told Cass about how you feel?

Frankie: I kind of gave him an ultimatum.

Sharlene: That's like kind of being pregnant.

Frankie: Yeah, I know.

Sharlene: What did you say to him?

Frankie: I told him I can't stand this any longer.

Sharlene: Look, Frankie, you knew this issue wasn't going to resolve itself in a couple of days.

Frankie: Yes, but I didn't expect to watch my marriage fall apart in the process.

Sharlene: Is that what you really think is happening?

Frankie: I can't live like this.

Sharlene: I know, I know you canít.

Frankie: I don't have any choice, though, do I? Unless I leave Cass or something.

Sharlene: And you can't do that.

Frankie: No, so, in the meantime, I have the distinct pleasure of living with Cass while he defines his feelings for Kathleen, and then I get mad at him. And then I get mad at myself for being so selfish, and oh, I love him, I love him so much.

Sharlene: And he loves you.

Frankie: I believe that, Sharlene, I do. But Kathleen is ‑‑

Sharlene: Kathleen is not his wife.

Frankie: Yes, she is. They have to get a divorce.

Sharlene: No, she is not his wife in any way that counts, and you know that.

Frankie: I feel him slipping away from me.

Sharlene: I know the last thing you want to do right now is back off, because you feel like if you do, you might lose him.

Frankie: Exactly.

Sharlene: But I'm telling you, it may be the only way to keep him.

Frankie: He's everything to me, Sharlene. He's my partner, my buddy, he's my routine. And he's also the best friend I have ever had.

Sharlene: And now you can't even turn to your best friend for help.

Frankie: Because he's part of the problem.

Sharlene: Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.

Frankie: You do?

Sharlene: Boy, do I ever.

Frankie: You mean from before ‑‑

Sharlene: No.

Frankie: When you were sick?

Sharlene: No, I mean right now.

Frankie: Sharlene, I thought you two had worked everything out?

Sharlene: We have.

Frankie: Then what are you talking about?

Sharlene: Taylor Benson. I think she is trying to take John away from me.

Taylor: Ed?

Ed: Taylor how are you?

Taylor: I'm fine, thank you.

Ed: I'm waiting here for Hudson, but he seems to be late. Sit down, have a drink.

Taylor: I'd love to, thanks. Could I have a club soda with a twist, please? Thanks. It's such a coincidence running into you here.

Ed: Is it?

Taylor: I just left a message on your service.

Ed: Well, this is my lucky day.

Taylor: I would like to take you up on your offer to sit on the panel at the medical conference.

Ed: I thought your case load was too heavy or something?

Taylor: I have a colleague helping me out.

Ed: But didn't you have one patient that you thought you might need to hospitalize?

Taylor: Yes, I did, and she's receiving excellent care, so I feel I can afford a few days off.

Ed: I wish you'd just told me a little sooner, is all.

Taylor: Well, it's not too late, is it?

Ed: Well, I asked Dr. Cunningham over at St. Vincent's to take your place.

Taylor: Ed, I have some remarkable new research to present, and if you'd like, I could maybe stop over at your office tomorrow and show you what I've got.

Ed: Taylor, it ‑‑

Taylor: Ed, I know you can create room for me. You won't regret it.

John: Taylor, what are you doing here?

Jake: Double scotch up. Great. I'll run a tab on this, all right?

Woman: Could you pass the peanuts, please?

Jake: Again.

Woman: Thirsty?

Jake: Yeah.

Woman: May I ask you a personal question?

Jake: What?

Woman: How is the food in this place? Well, hello.

Jake: Well, hello.

Woman: I was wondering what I had to do to get you to look at me.

Jake: I'm a little cranky today.

Woman: So, do I get an answer?

Jake: About the food?

Woman: Uh‑huh.

Jake: Beautifully presented, measly portions, and very overpriced.

Woman: Sounds good to me. Look, I'm from out of town, and ‑‑

Jake: I know.

Woman: How do you know?

Jake: The accent.

Woman: What accent?

Jake: I like it.

Woman: I don't know why I'm doing this, but why don't you let me buy you some of this pretty food?

Jake: Your treat?

Woman: Sure.

Jake: Sure.

Woman: Sure.

Jake: Very bold, young lady.

Woman: Family trait, young man. What do you say?

Jake: I say that's the best offer I've had in months.

Kathleen: You've found us a real palace, Joe.

Joe: Well, it reminds me of the place in Akron, you remember it?

Kathleen: Didn't think you could top that one. You should have seen it, Cass, there were clown paintings over the bed.

Cass: Black velvet?

Kathleen: Not quite, but we did have a place in Nashville that had an Elvis shrine in the dining room.

Joe: Kathleen, I need to go up and talk with the surveillance guys on four. You be all right?

Cass: We got it covered, Joey.

Joe: I'll see you in 10 minutes.

Cass: Can't wait. This guy is really showing you the good life, huh?

Kathleen: He's doing the best he can.

Cass: All right, all right, I'm sorry if I'm snippy, but he bothers me.

Kathleen: No, I never could have guessed.

Cass: If you need anything ‑‑

Kathleen: I'll call you at home tonight, ok?

Cass: Ok.

Isn't this unbelievable?

Kathleen: What? We say good‑bye to each other and go to our homes separately.

Kathleen: That's not how I pictured our life together.

Cass: Me either.

Kathleen: There's nothing we can do about that now.

Cass: Are you and Joe happy?

Kathleen: He's kept me alive and sane all these years.

Cass: Couldn't have done it without him, huh?

Kathleen: No.

Cass: Well, he's a good‑looking guy. I mean, if you like rock granite jaws, Nordic coloring, and sculpted physiques.

Kathleen: Cass.

Cass: How long before the two of you hooked up?

Kathleen: It's not the same. I don't know if it will ever be the same with anyone.

Cass: I know that feeling.

Kathleen: How can you say that? What about Frankie?

Cass: I waited a long time for Frankie. I made a few bad mistakes before I found Frankie.

Kathleen: Then you did.

Cass: Is that that tone again?

Kathleen: What tone?

Cass: The tone that says you're suffering more than me because you couldn't really let me go?

Kathleen: Knowing that you were out there, yes.

Cass: And that it was easy on me, it was easy for me to face the fact that my wife died in a plane crash?

Kathleen: Here we go again.

Cass: No, it's not again, we never resolved this.

Kathleen: What do you want from me, Cass? You found the best thing that ever happened in your life. What more could you want?

Cass: I can't just let go, Kathleen.

Kathleen: What are you saying? Are you saying you want to try again?

Marley: Well, I'll ask him if you just give me a second, ok? My Dad wants to take us to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate.

Jamie: I think I'm free.

Marley: All right, he's free. Well, we'll see you tomorrow night. Ok, yeah, I'll call you in the morning. Oh, Dad, I love you, too. Thanks. Well, he was thrilled.

Jamie: He knew it was coming.

Marley: He didn't know you were going to take the waterfront hostage to propose.

Jamie: I was trying to save the surprise.

[Doorbell chiming]

Marley: Who's at the door?

Jamie: Don't worry, it's not Jake. I told the guards to keep him away.

Marley: I know, I know.

[Chiming continues]

Jamie: Paulina, come in.

Paulina: Hi, Jamie. I just came by to see if there was anything I could do.

Marley: You already did the hard part.

Paulina: Marley, congratulations.

Marley: You've heard?

Paulina: Yeah, Matt told me this morning.

Jamie: How are you feeling? Have you seen a doctor?

Paulina: I wasn't hurt.

Jamie: I heard you swallowed a lot of smoke.

Paulina: I really wasn't in there for very long.

Jamie: Look, I want to thank you for everything you did for this family.

Paulina: I just did what anybody would have done, Jamie.

Jamie: I'm sorry I was so hard on you. I'm sorry I thought I couldn't trust you.

Paulina: Look, Jamie, I know how worried you were about Marley. I'd like to just put all that in the past, if you don't mind.

Marley: Yes, I'm trying to do the same thing.

Paulina: I know he hurt you, Marley.

Marley: He didn't treat you very well, either.

Paulina: I'm sorry I never told you.

Marley: You didn't know me, I wasn't married to him.

Paulina: But I knew you were trying to work things out with him. If I had told you we had an affair, maybe none of this would have happened.

Marley: Maybe not.

Paulina: I'm not very proud of a lot of the things that I've done, and I'm trying hard to make up for some of my mistakes.

Marley: It's over. Jake's out of both of our lives now.

Woman: You know, every woman in this restaurant has been watching you eat for the past half hour.

Jake: I know.

Woman: Well, what are you? Some kind of local celebrity or something?

Jake: So to speak. I was in the hospital for a long time, and it was in the papers, and a lot of these people read about it.

Woman: Oh.

Jake: Uh‑huh.

Woman: In the hospital.

Jake: Uh‑huh.

Woman: Yeah, you look about as sick as a mountain lion.

Jake: I have nine lives.

Woman: How many did you use up?

Jake: Can we talk about something else?

Woman: Ok. Thank you.

Jake: Thanks.

Woman: What do you do?

Jake: I have a video production company. I do industrial reels, fashion layouts, stuff like that.

Woman: Mm. You just broke up with somebody, didn't you?

Jake: What makes you say that?

Woman: I am familiar with the symptoms.

Jake: I don't want to talk about that either.

Woman: Fair enough.

Jake: But if I had, would that change the way you feel about me?

Woman: How do you think I feel about you?

Jake: I think you know what you want, right?

Ed: I was just giving her a hard time, John. Actually, I'm delighted that Taylor has changed her mind about the medical conference.

Taylor: You said you replaced me.

Ed: Well, I did, but I could hardly say no to my first choice, could I?

John: Well, I think it's great. I'm glad you're going with us, Taylor.

Taylor: Me, too.

Frankie: Taylor is trying to make you believe Sharly is back?

Sharlene: Frankie, I don't have any proof. I don't, but yeah, I think that's what she's trying to do.

Frankie: And what does John think?

Sharlene: See, that's just it. That's what's making me crazy. Excuse the choice of words. Taylor is making it look like my resistance is a part of my problem. She's got John believing that my hesitancy is a symptom of a

Frankie: Oh, for crying out loud.

Sharlene: Look, Frankie, I bought into it myself for a while.

Frankie: Ok, so when you found that nightgown that you never bought ‑‑

Sharlene: Taylor had just been here. Now, it was charged to a new account in the name of Sharly Watts.

Frankie: And you never did that?

Sharlene: I'm sure of it.

Frankie: And when you cancelled the baby nurse?

Sharlene: Taylor took the call. I had no reason not to believe her, Frankie.

Frankie: And this woman is a professional?

Sharlene: She has some problems.

Frankie: She is going to have a lot more problems when I am through with her.

Sharlene: Oh, jeez, I am so glad you believe in me, I ‑‑

Frankie: Believe in you? Sharlene, I know you. You have not been sick in that way since before you were pregnant.

Sharlene: Frankie, I know that in my heart, I do.

Frankie: Ok, ok, I am going to handle this.

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: I am going to rattle the skeletons in your shrink's closet. Damn it.

Sharlene: Well, they're not even in the closet.

Frankie: All right, tell me what you know.

Sharlene: Ok, apparently there's a rumor going around that she lost her last job because of a scandal with a former patient that came out.

Frankie: A man, a woman?

Sharlene: A man, he fell in love with her.

Frankie: And where is this guy now?

Sharlene: This guy's dead.

Frankie: What?

Sharlene: A car accident.

Frankie: And that's when Taylor was fired?

Sharlene: Yeah, but it didn't matter, because this guy left her his estate.

Frankie: Really.

Sharlene: He had a lot of money.

Frankie: You know, whenever anything fishy happens, Cass always asks, cui bono, who benefits? Sounds like Taylor did.

Sharlene: You don't think that ‑‑

Frankie: I don't think anything yet, but give me time.

Sharlene: I don't know how to thank you, I donít.

Frankie: Hey, you don't have a P.I. in the family for nothing, kiddo.

Sharlene: You kiddo! All right, how about you and Cass? Come clean.

Frankie: I don't know what to do about that except keep on loving him. I can't dig or ask any questions or do anything to make that problem go away.

Sharlene: No?

Frankie: No, so I need a project. We are going to nail this woman.

Sharlene: Don't give up on Cass.

Frankie: I wouldn't know how to. Love him too much.

Cass: You made your choice about going back the day you decided to let me think you were dead. We could never go back after that.

Kathleen: I know.

Cass: I guess we have some things to work out.

Kathleen: Well, I guess we will work them out on our own.

Cass: Terrific, guess so.

Joe: We're all set here.

Kathleen: Great.

Cass: See you.

I know I don't have to tell you this, but take good care of her, all right?

Joe: You don't have to tell me, but I will.

Cass: Good night.

Kathleen: Cass?

Joe: Do you need some time alone?

Kathleen: No.

Joe: Need anything?

Kathleen: I need you.

Taylor: John, I'm sorry I crashed your business dinner.

John: You didn't crash anything. Ed was thrilled that you're going to the conference with us.

Taylor: I am looking forward to it, too, although it means I'm going to have to delay Sharlene's sessions for a while.

John: She's not sure about that.

Taylor: I know.

John: But she is determined to get well, and I believe her.

Taylor: I can help her, John.

John: It's going to be her decision, Taylor.

Taylor: What are her reservations, has she told you?

John: I don't think I should be discussing this with you. That's between you and Sharlene.

Taylor: Well, we'll work it out. We've come too far to give up on it now.

Frankie: Thank you. All of Taylorís files are sealed.

Sharlene: Is that normal?

Frankie: No, and you know this guy, Brian James, the one that died ‑‑

Sharlene: Yes?

Frankie: His family left Philadelphia and there is no forwarding address on record.

Sharlene: What's going on?

Frankie: Sounds like a big-time cover up to me ‑‑ payoffs, probably.

Sharlene: But why, why?

Frankie: I don't know yet, but have faith.

Sharlene: Ok, I was thinking about the episode in the warehouse.

Frankie: Right, a phone call got you there?

Sharlene: Yes, from a woman named Judy who is a prostitute. She said she knew something about Donna.

Frankie: Donna Hudson? Did she?

Sharlene: No, no, she also said she'd seen me recently as Sharly.

Frankie: I hope you didn't believe that.

Sharlene: Frankie, Taylor is the one who found me at the warehouse.

Frankie: That's right, I completely forgot. How would Taylor know where to find you?

Sharlene: I don't know, I don't know, but ‑‑

Frankie: Sounds to me like we have to find this Judy. I have to find Judy anyway ‑‑

Sharlene: She won't talk to you, Frankie, she wouldnít.

Frankie: How do you know that?

Sharlene: Because she would smell a cop or a P.I a mile away, she would. I'll find her.

Frankie: Sharlene, is that safe?

Sharlene: I won't do anything unless I talk to you.

Frankie: Please don't, ok? I don't want any repeat warehouse performances.

Sharlene: Frankie, thank you. You have no idea how important it is for me to have someone believe in me.

Frankie: Sharlene, I love you. No one is going to take advantage of you while I'm around, ok?

Sharlene: Ok.

Frankie: All right, look, I have to get out of here.

Sharlene: All right, take care of yourself.

Frankie: Will do.

Sharlene: Be careful.

Frankie: Ok, you, too, all right?

Sharlene: All right.

Frankie: I'm coming.

Sharlene: Ok, Judy might not talk to just anyone, but she might, just might talk to Sharly. Oh, boy, time for one more try, girl. I hope I can cut it.

Jake: I am sorry that I don't have much of a selection, but this place is kind of temporary, you know.

Woman: I can't believe I'm doing this.

Jake: You seem to be doing a pretty good job.

Woman: I never go home with a guy I've just met. You want to kiss me?

Jake: Mm‑hmm.

Woman: Mm‑hmm.

Jake: Mm.

Woman: More?

Jake: Listen to me!

Marley: No, no! Oh, no!

Jake: You have to leave.

Woman: Well, what did I do?

Jake: Please.

Woman: What just happened to you?

Jake: I canít.

Woman: Why the hell not?

Jake: This is wrong. Now will you ‑‑

Woman: What the hell is going on here?

Jake: Just get out! Get out!

Kathleen: It's been a long time. I'm glad we did it.

Joe: I've got a question for you, though.

Kathleen: What?

Joe: Who was it you were making love to? Me?

Kathleen: Who else?

Joe: Cass Winthrop.

Cass: So, how come you didn't wait for me at the Corys'?

Frankie: You were really having it out with Kathleen on the terrace.

Cass: You heard us?

Frankie: I wasn't eavesdropping. I didn't stay to listen.

Cass: We really worked through some stuff today.

Frankie: How do you feel?

Cass: Oh, a little more settled, I guess.

Frankie: Good.

Cass: Things are going to be a lot easier for us now, Frankie, I swear it.

Frankie: I'm really sorry if I've pressured you.

Cass: I'm sorry, too. I know I've been pretty distant.

Frankie: I don't see how we could be this close. As close as I'm used to being with you.

Cass: Don't give up on me, Mary Frances.

Frankie: I wouldn't know how to begin to do that, Cass.

Marley: Is it possible that he didn't understand?

Jamie: What?

Marley: Is it possible that Jake was just too crazy to understand how strongly I felt about ‑‑

Jamie: Marley, you said no, that's all it takes.

Marley: I know, I know. I think talking to Kathleen upset me more than I thought.

Jamie: It didn't happen to Kathleen. It happened to you. Marley, he raped you. Don't back off of that.

Marley: Jamie, I thought you wanted me to forget.

Jamie: I want you to go on, but that doesn't mean letting Jake off the hook.

Marley: I know.

Jamie: What brought this on?

Marley: I guess talking to Kathleen made me think about what Jake and I used to be, and I can't seem to make it blend with how we ended.

Jamie: He's changed.

Marley: I know, but why?

Jamie: Everything's going to be all right, I promise you.

Jake: Just leave me alone.

Paulina: Not until you tell me what happened here.

Jake: Nothing happened.

Paulina: Who was that girl, Jake? What did you do to her?

Jake: You think I tried to rape her?

Paulina: I didn't say that.

Jake: That girl was all over me. She practically begged me to be here. I sent her away. Jake McKinnon sent her away. I can't get over this, man. I cannot stop, I cannot let this go.

Paulina: You were thinking about what happened with Marley?

Jake: Get out, get out! Get out, Paulina! Damn! What's happening? What's happening to me?

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