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Another World Transcript Friday 2/23/07

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Amanda: Face really made a difference. We can go with this.

Sam: All right! You know, you can be a real taskmaster. You know that?

Amanda: I just know I expect the best from you. I always have, and I've always gotten it. Maybe that's because I know how good you can be.

[Knock at door]

Felicia: Sam, how ‑‑ hi, you two. Uh, I'm sorry. I really should have called. I'll talk to you later, honey.

Sam: Felicia, come on in.

Felicia: Well, I was in the building and, uh, then I wanted to say good‑bye to Rachel.

Sam: You going somewhere?

Felicia: Oh, no, no, no, she is.

Amanda: Uh, business.

Felicia: Anyway, I couldn't pass your door without saying hi. So...hi.

Sam: Hello.

Felicia: I've missed you. How you doing? Everything all right?

Sam: I'm fine and working hard.

Amanda: Yes, I'm keeping him very busy.

Felicia: Yes, I can see that.

Kathleen: This is driving me crazy. Where is Carl?

Joe: Stay calm. That's what he wants ‑‑ us wondering where he is.

Cass: He's being tailed. We'll find out soon.

Frankie: Maybe Hutchins doesn't know Kathleen is here after all.

Kathleen: He knows, trust me.

Cass: Carl wouldn't be coming back to Bay City if he didn't know exactly what he was doing.

Kathleen: And he wouldn't take a commercial flight unless he wanted us all to know that he was on his way.

Frankie: He's that deliberate?

Cass: Oh, everything he does has a purpose, everything.

Ryan: You guys better get going. Check out the premises.

Cass: Where's Carl?

Ryan: Visiting an old friend.

Cass: Who?

Ryan: Donna Hudson.

Carl: It's been a long time, hasn't it?

Donna: Carl.

Carl: In the flesh...in case you're wondering. Nine lives, remember? You look exceptional. Lovely. Incarceration must agree with you.

Donna: I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

Carl: It's astonishing, isn't it? You gonna invite me in?

Donna: No, go away.

Carl: What? No cucumber sandwiches? No poison tea and biscuits?

Donna: No, no, no, nothing. I don't want you anywhere near me or my family.

Carl: You know, I love it when you do the mother courage bit.

Donna: You get out of here or I'm going to call the police.

Carl: I can't leave. Not yet. You and I have a little unfinished business.

Waiter: How is this?

Michael: That's fine, thank you.

Stacey: Thanks.

Michael: Well...

Stacey: This feels so different.

Michael: Really? How?

Stacey: Well, this place I mean. I've been here a hundred times before and ‑‑ birthdays, celebrations, weddings, you name it. Even by myself.

Michael: So it's got a lot of memories.

Stacey: Well, yeah, and not all of them particularly good either. I remember one time sitting at this table. I was by myself and I spilled coffee all over a brief. It was very embarrassing.

Michael: That sounds terrible. Would you like to go someplace else?

Stacey: No, no, not at all. I just ‑‑

Michael: Are you sure?

Stacey: I don't know ‑‑ it feels different tonight.

Michael: How?

Stacey: It's like... well, the flowers, for instance, look fresher. Everybody looks happy and alive. And I don't know, maybe it's, um, being here with you. It just feels different.

Michael: Well, good. I mean, you know, it's different. I mean, it's not strictly business. We're just sitting here.

Stacey: Mm‑hmm, I know.

Woman: Michael?

Michael: Joanna.

Joanna: I thought that was you.

Michael: I ‑‑ I thought you'd be spending the winter in, uh, Buenos Aires.

Joanna: I never miss spring in Bay City. Itís...too romantic.

Michael: Oh, uh, Stacey, this is Joanna Brooks. Joanna, this is Stacey Winthrop.

Stacey: Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Michaelís lawyer.

Joanna: Oh, an attorney who is so lovely...and Donna permits it?

Michael: Uh, Donna and I are getting a divorce, Joanna.

Joanna: Oh, Michael. I didn't know.

Michael: Well, there's no reason you should know.

Joanna: Well, I'm sorry. I've got to run. There's Larken.

Michael: Say hi to Larken for me. I hope that wasn't difficult for you. It didn't make you feel uncomfortable, did it?

Stacey: Oh, no, no, not at all. I'm fine. How about you?

Michael: What about me?

Stacey: Well, I know that you and Donna have been together for a long time. There's probably going to be a lot of things that remind you of that.

Michael: There probably will be, but my life with Donna is over. I'm on my own right now. And, uh, I think I'd just like to concentrate on you.

Donna: Get away from me. Don't take another step towards me.

Carl: How times change. I can remember when you, vixen that you are, used to take delight in every advance.

Donna: I'm going to scream, Carl. And then my maid is going to come in this room.

Carl: Angela? It's her evening off.

Donna: I'll call the police.

Carl: Yes, yes, you must know most of them ‑‑ first‑name basis, I imagine.

Donna: Yes, and I can have you arrested. You've already forced your way in here.

Carl: Let me explain, Donna.

Donna: Nothing you could say could ever make me forgive you for what you did to me and to Marley. I despise you.

Carl: Well, I realize that my last sojourn here in Bay City, I...I may have left a sour taste in a few people's mouths.

Donna: Then why did you come back? Nobody wants you here.

Carl: I came back to make amends.

Donna: Carl, please.

Carl: I, too, have been in prison. I, too, have had time to think and to reflect on what I've done with my life.

Donna: What you've done with your life should have been enough for them to put you away forever.

Carl: Oh, but then, you see, I was a model prisoner. Yes, I turned out those license plates with great flair and abandon. I organized a cricket league, held tea parties. You know, the warden was weeping as he wished me Godspeed.

Donna: Well, you can tell him to stop weeping. Because I'm going to do everything I can to send you back to him.

Carl: Oh, dear, adversity has made you bitter. Well, I knew that no words of mine could convince you that I've had a genuine change of heart. So, I brought along proof.

Donna: No tricks. No tricks!

Carl: Take a look.

Frankie: Is Donna alone with this guy or what?

Ryan: No, I sent a detail over there to make sure that she's ok. I'm gonna go over there myself to see what this guy's after. Listen, we don't want to play our hand just yet. Let him wonder what we know. In the meantime, I want you both to stay with Kathleen. This might be just a diversion.

Joe: We're ready for Hutchins or any of his hired guns.

Ryan: Good. Listen, once I get over to Donnaís, I'll give you a call and tell you what's going on. In the meantime, just try and stay cool...as much as you can.

Kathleen: Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am going absolutely stir‑crazy. I've got to get out of this house.

Joe: Whoa, whoa, you must have a death wish.

Kathleen: Joe, Carl is ‑‑ I don't want him to come to the Cory house. And he's not going to gun me down in the middle of a restaurant.

Joe: You are protected here, baby.

Kathleen: Well, what's all that stuff about a moving target being hard to hit?

Joe: Not funny.

Kathleen: Joe, I can't just sit around.

Joe: Where do you want to go?

Kathleen: I want to go to Tops. I want to see Felicia.

Joe: Felicia ‑‑ she was involved with Carl, wasn't she?

Kathleen: Joe, we know where Carl is. Why do we have to just sit around and wait?

Cass: It might be best if we do keep him guessing.

Joe: I suppose we can take some men with us.

Cass: Sure, we'll all go, if that's what Kathleen wants.

Kathleen: Ok, why not... unless you two would rather be alone?

Frankie: Hey, no way. You know me. I never miss a party, especially one with armed guards. Let's, uh, rock and roll.

Felicia: It's good. I like it a lot.

Sam: It took awhile to get there.

Amanda: We were on the same wavelength. I just couldn't get my ideas across.

Sam: It helps a lot when we talk during mock‑up like that.

Amanda: Let's do that from now on, on a regular basis.

Sam: Good idea.

Felicia: Well, you know, it usually does help to talk, no matter what the problem is.

Amanda: It's getting late, so I want to say good‑bye to Mom before she leaves. I'll talk to you later, right?

Sam: All right, I'll get this cleaned up for you, and I'll leave it on your desk.

Amanda: Great, thanks.

Sam: You bet.

Amanda: Bye, Felicia.

Felicia: Good‑bye, honey.

Well, you seem to be working very well together.

Sam: Yeah, sometimes we manage.

Felicia: How is Olivia?

Sam: She's good, thanks.

Felicia: That's it, uh, that's all you're going to say?

Sam: Well, we've both been pretty busy lately, so...

Felicia: Is there a problem in that?

Sam: No, not really.

Felicia: It's just, honey, that you seem a little down in the dumps. That's all. And I can mind my own business. Why don't you just tell me to?

Sam: It shows, huh?

Felicia: Only to the very trained eye.

Sam: Sometimes I wonder if I handled things in the right way with Olivia.

Felicia: Why?

Sam: Because I don't know whether I'm with her because I'm in love with her or because I'm grateful to her.

Felicia: Grateful how?

Sam: Olivia is my biggest fan. She is incredibly loyal, too.

Felicia: Honey, you know, I make it a practice never to ask a fan to move in with me.

Sam: Yeah, well, don't get me wrong. I care a lot about Olivia. I mean, I really care about her.

Felicia: If there's a "but" in there, I think you better be talking to her, not me.

Sam: I have tried. But she gets so hurt if I even suggest things aren't perfect.

Felicia: Honey, if you're not really honest with her, and really tell her how you feel, you're gonna have a problem.

Sam: That's just it. I don't know how I feel. I don't know.

Felicia: Cramped? You know what? Maybe you and Olivia started living together before you were really ready to ‑‑ to make that step.

Sam: What are you, a mind reader or something? Oh, Felicia.

Felicia: If you're not really honest about this, it's going to come up in all kinds of other ways. You're not doing her any favors by not letting her know how you really feel.

Sam: When Amanda and I split up, I ‑‑ I didn't want to be alone, so I just ‑‑ I don't know.

Felicia: And now you do, right? Sam, come on. You're going to have to tell her.

Sam: You're right. I'll talk to her tonight.

Rachel: I want a copy of this sent to all department heads, along with the latest circulation figures.

Rachel: Hello, Paulina.

Paulina: May I come in?

Rachel: I'm surprised to see you.

Paulina: I heard you were going away for a few days.

Rachel: Yes, I am. I'm trying to clean everything up here.

Paulina: Do you have a few minutes?

Rachel: I'm afraid I donít. I'm very busy.

Paulina: Well, I thought that we should talk after ‑‑ after we left things so unsettled last night.

Rachel: Well, I thought that's the way you wanted it.

Paulina: I'm sorry, Rachel. I ‑‑ I wish we didn't disagree on Grant.

Rachel: I just thought you should know the way I see it.

Paulina: You don't have to be so negative about him.

Rachel: I'm not going to pretty things up for you, Paulina. I think Grant is a womanizer.

Paulina: Well, even so, I don't think we should be fighting. We should be celebrating your accepting me back into the family again.

Rachel: Sometimes families disagree. That's ok.

Paulina: Right.

Rachel: Anything else?

Paulina: Oh, yes. I, uh, wanted you to have my new address. I've changed hotels. I'm not at the Commodore anymore.

Rachel: Well, you should, uh, should be more comfortable there and more secure.

Paulina: Well, the only reason I was there was because I couldn't afford anything else. You've changed that.

Rachel: I'm glad I could help.

Paulina: And I don't think it's the right time to move back in, under the circumstances.

Rachel: Well, things are pretty hectic over at the house. I think you are better off at the hotel.

Paulina: Anything happen with that? I noticed that there were more security guards.

Rachel: Oh, nothing I can go into just now, thanks.

[Telephone rings]

Rachel: Excuse me. Yeah? Yeah. Yes, Cass. You're kidding. Hutchins is back here already?

Donna: There must be $100,000 here.

Carl: A few. It's for you.

Donna: For me?

Carl: Mm‑hmm, think of it as the first installment.

Donna: For what?

Carl: I've paid my debt to society. And now I'm repaying you.

Donna: You're giving me that money?

Carl: Have you forgotten? I had to borrow a substantial sum from you.

Donna: Borrow? Carl, you stole it from me!

Carl: Semantics, Bella, semantics.

Donna: You ruined me financially and emotionally. You left me penniless. You terrorized my daughter.

Carl: I was desperate. But look, I'm paying you back with interest.

Donna: This is a trick. You made this up with those license plates, right?

Carl: Oh, that little acid tongue.

Donna: Then you're hiding it from somebody. There's going to be a criminal that is going to come into this place and tear it apart.

Carl: No, no, Donna, no.

Donna: Well, it can't be legitimate. What are you up to?

Carl: My God, it's ironic, isn't it? I mean, here I make an honest gesture. And this is the thanks I get.

Donna: Carl, you haven't made an honest gesture since you were in nappies. Now I don't want the money. Take it. Go away. There's the door.

Carl: You wound me, Bella.

Donna: Good, perhaps this time it will be fatal. The door.

Carl: Well, you know better than most what it feels like to be misjudged by everyone. I mean, you yourself ‑‑ you've had a pretty busy season, haven't you? You lost your son. You lost your daughters... and now your husband because of this unfortunate liaison with your son‑in‑law? With Jake?

Donna: Out! Out!

Carl: Don't turn your back on me, Bella. Don't turn your back. We could help each other. We could help each other.

Donna: Why would I help you?

Rachel: He moves quickly.

Paulina: Are you all right?

Amanda: Mom, who was that on the phone?

Rachel: Cass. Carl Hutchins is back.

Amanda: Already?

Rachel: I'm afraid so.

Paulina: I read about him after you talked to me. He's after that ‑‑ that woman who used to be married to Cass.

Amanda: He hates this family. He tried to kill my father. And he had kidnapped Mom.

Paulina: What?

Rachel: He's extremely dangerous. You're all to be very careful.

Paulina: Does Kathleen know that he's back?

Rachel: They seem to be prepared.

Amanda: Kathleen is staying with us at the house for awhile. Mom thought she'd be safer.

Paulina: That's why all the security.

Rachel: I don't feel comfortable going away with all this going on. I'm going to go see if I can rearrange some of my meetings. I'll be in with Iris if anyone needs me.

Paulina: Do you think this Carl guy would try and hurt her again?

Amanda: I wouldn't put anything past him.

Paulina: I'm sorry this is happening.

Amanda: Well, there's nothing you can do about it.

Paulina: Amanda, you're still mad at me?

Amanda: Oh, yes, I am. Mom told me what you did.

Donna: Ryan, thank goodness.

Ryan: Hello, Donna. I see you have company.

Donna: I could hardly call him that.

Carl: How do you do? I'm Carl Hutch ‑‑

Ryan: I know who you are, Mr. Hutchins. Ryan Harrison, Bay City Police Department.

Carl: One of Bay Cityís finest? Always a pleasure.

Ryan: Not from what I hear.

Carl: Well, rumor can be so destructive.

Ryan: What are you doing here?

Carl: Well, Donna and I were, uh, catching up.

Ryan: Are you all right, Donna?

Donna: So far.

Ryan: You know, my department is real curious to find out why you've come back to Bay City, Mr. Hutchins.

Carl: Well, I love it here. I love it. I have so many ties here.

Ryan: Could you be more specific?

Carl: I don't think so.

Donna: Carl was just leaving.

Carl: Yes.

Ryan: Well, you heard the lady.

Carl: Yes. You're terribly protective.

Ryan: Oh, well, that's my job.

Carl: Is Donna a regular stop on your beat? I mean, since Michael abandoned you, I thought, well, possibly you might have turned to a younger man for comfort, once again.

Donna: Carl!

Carl: It's all right, Donna. It's all right. It only makes you more attractive to me.

Donna: Ryan happens to be involved with Vic ‑‑

Ryan: Donna.

Carl: Victoria? You must have your hands full.

Ryan: Mrs. Hudson asked you to leave. Now I suggest you do that before I'm forced to arrest you for trespassing.

Carl: Yes. Well, I might as well take this myself. I'll keep it until you're ready to accept my apology.

Carl: Please say hello to the girls. Officer. I'll be in touch.

Ryan: Well, that was quite a performance.

Donna: I despise him.

Ryan: Are you all right, Donna?

Donna: Yes, I'm fine.

Ryan: Listen, I have to make a few phone calls to coordinate the tail that we have on him.

Donna: Well, why don't you do it here? You're not going to leave yet, are you?

Ryan: No, not right now. Is there anyone that I could call for you? Um, I don't think you should be alone right now. Vicky would come.

Donna: No, I don't want to upset her.

Ryan: Well, what about Michael?

Donna: No, no, um...well, actually this is still his home. Maybe you should call him.

Ryan: Well, I think so.

Donna: Good. Would you do that?

Ryan: I'll do it right away.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: You think, uh, I could convince you to drop that salad for a second? Just give it up? Just throw it to the wind?

Stacey: Yeah, sure, if you have a good reason.

Michael: You want to dance? Come with me. Come here.

Stacey: Ok.

Michael: Ok.

[Instrumental music playing]

Michael: Let's see here. Find a...

Stacey: I haven't done this in awhile.

Michael: Yeah, I got a feeling you didn't do this too often. You know, I ‑‑ I just haven't had this much fun in a long time.

Stacey: Well, you had a rough couple of months.

Michael: Well, the truth is I couldn't see much of a future for myself.

Stacey: I know what that feels like.

Michael: At the moment, I'm feeling very optimistic, however.

Stacey: You are?

Michael: Mm‑hmm. Yeah, I got this feeling way down deep that the best is yet to come.

Stacey: You sound kind of mysterious.

Michael: Good.

Stacey: What are you up to?

Michael: What am I up to?

Stacey: Mm‑hmm.

Michael: Well, why don't you just wait and see what I'm up to?

Stacey: Michael.

Michael: I don't know.

Waiter: I'm sorry to interrupt.

Michael: Yeah?

Waiter: Mr. Hudson, you're wanted on the phone.

Michael: Uh, who is it?

Waiter: It's Detective Harrison.

Michael: Excuse me, please.

Stacey: Oh, sure.

Michael: Ryan, hi. This is Michael Hudson.

Ryan: Michael, I'm glad I got in touch with you. Look, we've got a problem.

Michael: What is it?

Ryan: It's Carl Hutchins. He just paid Donna a visit.

Michael: Is she all right?

Ryan: No, um, she's frightened. I can't stay here for very long, but, uh, I don't think she should be alone.

Michael: Look, Ryan, she's gonna have to deal with this herself. No, wait. I tell you what, I am ‑‑ I am gonna be there. Uh, thanks for calling. I'll see you soon.

Stacey: Michael, is it trouble?

Michael: Stacey, uh, Carl Hutchins just paid a visit to Donna.

Stacey: Oh, no. He didn't do anything to ‑‑

Michael: No, he didnít. She's all right. But I'm gonna go over there.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I understand.

Michael: Will you wait here for me? I'll come back.

Stacey: This is kind of serious. I think it will take you awhile.

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. Trust me. Believe me, I will be back. I've just gotta go over there and take care of this quickly. I'll be here, please.

Stacey: Do you really want me to wait?

Michael: Come on, yeah, I want you to wait.

Stacey: Ok, all right.

Michael: Thank you. Bye.

Stacey: See you.

Kathleen: Things can't be that bad.

Stacey: Kathleen!

Kathleen: Yes! Hey!

Stacey: Hey, how are you?

Kathleen: Good. Oh, I've missed you.

Stacey: You, too. You look great.

Kathleen: Thank you. Stacey, Stacey, this is Joe Barren.

Stacey: Hi, Joe.

Joe: Hi, Stacey.

Kathleen: And these guys are my backup singers.

Stacey: Oh, tough assignment, huh, fellas?

Joe: Actually it is.

Kathleen: Yeah, well, they're not complaining.

Joe: All right, let's fade into the woodwork. No reason to advertise she's here.

Stacey: Come on, can you sit down?

Kathleen: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Stacey: Great.

Kathleen: So Cass tells me that you've started your own office.

Stacey: Oh, yeah. He even sends a client or two my way.

Kathleen: I know. I heard that. He's so proud of you.

Cass: Hey, there they are. Hi.

Stacey: Cass, Frankie.

Cass: Got room for two more?

Stacey: We sure do. Pull up a seat.

Cass: So where's, uh, Moe and Schmoe?

Kathleen: Oh, they're over there holding up the walls.

Cass: All right. Well, be nice. We may need them.

Kathleen: I hope not. Are you hungry?

Stacey: Yeah.

Kathleen: I'm starved.

Cass: Well, let's order.

Frankie: I'll go get us some drinks first. Um...

Cass: Great.

Frankie: The usual?

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: Kathleen?

Kathleen: Vodka tonic, please.

Frankie: Stace?

Stacey: No, thanks. I'm fine.

Kathleen: Uh‑uh, this is a party. Get her another one.

Frankie: Ok. Uh, Joe?

Joe: Seltzer for me, thanks.

Frankie: That's fine.

Kathleen: So, uh, whose is this?

Joe: I think I'll, uh, help Frankie.

Stacey: Do you have to know everything?

Kathleen: You have a date?

Joe: Is this as hard on you as it is on me?

Frankie: He's my husband, Joe.

Joe: Yeah, stupid question.

Amanda: So how many more secrets do you have, Paulina? We brought you into our home. We shared our lives with you. We shared stories of Daddy. The whole time, you were lying to us.

Paulina: Ken wouldn't let me say anything.

Amanda: Oh, forget Ken. Ken has nothing to do with you and me. I treated you like a sister.

Paulina: I am your sister.

Amanda: I don't feel that way.

Paulina: Well, even so, it's settled. Rachel has accepted me back.

Amanda: Well, legally it's settled, maybe. But emotionally, I'm having a difficult time accepting you.

Paulina: You know, I thought of all people, you would be the most understanding ‑‑ especially after what you went through with Evan.

Amanda: What does Evan have to do with this?

Paulina: You know what it's like to have someone twist things around so you don't know which way is straight. I was scared, Amanda. I didn't want to lose you all.

Amanda: So you lied?

Paulina: You have always had your family around you. You don't know what it's like to feel like one false move and you'll be back on the street again. I tried to be a sister to you.

Amanda: Could you postpone?

Rachel: No, I can't postpone my most important meeting. So I'm going to have to go.

Amanda: Well, please, don't worry about us.

Rachel: Look, we're going to follow through with our plan, all right? You and Alli are to get out of the house until this business with Kathleen is over with.

Amanda: Hilda is packing already. I'll be out by tonight.

Rachel: No one is to take any chances.

Amanda: We wonít. I'm gonna go home and pick up Alli.

Rachel: All right.

Paulina: Sounds like you're going to need some help. I'm going with you.

Olivia: Surprise.

Sam: Olivia.

Olivia: I thought maybe you'd like to come home to something special.

Sam: Well, this is special all right.

Olivia: Something that would make you forget all about the rough day you had.

Sam: And I was supposed to take you out to dinner, wasn't I?

Olivia: Well, how did it go? Did you finish the cover?

Sam: Yeah, yeah, it's all done.

Olivia: So I hope Amanda wasn't too much of a witch after I left.

Sam: No, she calmed down.

Olivia: Good.

So... then we can forget all about her and concentrate on us.

What's the matter? Are you tired?

Sam: No, that's not it.

Olivia: Sam?

What is it? What's wrong?

Sam: I can't do this.

Olivia: Do what?

Sam: Living together ‑‑ it isn't working, Olivia.

Ryan: Donna was just resting.

Michael: Thank you. How are you?

Donna: Michael, Carl was in this room. He was actually here.

Michael: So I heard.

Donna: My skin is still crawling.

Michael: Donna, I told you to get some bodyguards.

Donna: I know you did. And I should have. Thank God Ryan showed up.

Ryan: Excuse me, I've got to make some phone calls.

Michael: Thanks, Ryan. So...you want to tell me what Carl said?

Donna: He said he wanted to make some amends of some kind. But I know he's up to something. I can feel it.

Michael: Don't worry, Donna. He won't lay a finger on you. I promise you that.

Donna: You ‑‑ somebody has to call Marley.

Michael: No, I've already called the girls. They are taken care of.

Donna: Good. I know he's coming back.

Michael: Donna, if he steps foot in this place again, I guarantee he will not find you alone.

Donna: He won't?

Michael: No, I made a decision.

Donna: You did?

Michael: I called my security company. From now on, you and the girls are their number‑one priority.

Donna: I don't need security guards, Michael. If I did, I would have hired them. What I need is you.

Michael: I won't do that.

Donna: Michael, please.

Michael: Donna, don't be ridiculous.

Donna: Fine. Let's forget the whole thing then. I don't need your help.

Michael: You are making a big mistake.

Donna: What do you care?

Michael: Donna, I've given you a choice, all right? Now you either take it or leave it. It's your decision.

Donna: You're just going to walk out?

Michael: I don't live here anymore. And I'm certainly not going to tell you what to do. Fine. Tell Ryan I'll give him a call, all right?

Donna: Michael, wait.

Your security company is the best one, and I am frightened.

Michael: You'll let me help you?

Donna: Yes, if you would.

Michael: Yes, I'd be glad to.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: But let's be clear here, Donna. That's all I'm going to give you.

Donna: You've made that very clear.

Felicia: Well, I've heard of coming‑out parties.

Kathleen: Oh, Felicia, this place is fabulous.

Felicia: Thank you.

Kathleen: It's very upscale.

Felicia: Yeah, I see you brought your own bouncers.

Cass: Carl has landed.

Felicia: Really? Are we expecting him?

Frankie: Maybe. He's already been to see Donna.

Felicia: Oh, she must be beside herself.

Stacey: Apparently she was pretty shaken up.

Cass: Michael's with her now.

Felicia: Doing some major hand‑holding, I would guess.

Frankie: Ryan is with her, too.

Stacey: Excuse me. I have to check my messages. Pardon, thanks.

Kathleen: Ok.

Stacey: Thanks.

Felicia: Did I say something?

Frankie: Well, um, Stacey and Michael were having dinner when he got the call about Donna.

Felicia: I see. Um, I'll be right back.

Kathleen: Busy sailor, would you like to dance?

Joe: Why not?

Kathleen: Good.

You're awfully quiet.

Joe: Don't have much to say.

Kathleen: You've been preoccupied all night. Tell me what you're thinking.

Joe: I think that you've got a lot of people supporting you now, and you might feel as if there's not room for me in your life anymore.

Kathleen: How can you say that?

Joe: I love you, Kathleen. I've enjoyed having you in my life. I was kind of hoping you felt the same way.

Kathleen: Joe ‑‑

Joe: It's just been the two of us against the world for a little while. I'm used to fighting your battles.

Cass has started over. Isn't it time you do the same thing?

Frankie: Looks like Kathleen has found happiness after all.

Cass: Yeah, it seems that way from here.

Frankie: I'll be right back. I'm gonna go see Stacey.

Cass: So did you mend fences?

Felicia: I hope so.

Cass: Good.

Felicia: Let's talk about you and not Stacey.

Cass: Oh, boring.

Felicia: Really? Then why can't you keep your eyes off Kathleen?

Cass: Oh.

Felicia: Honey, I think it's time you asked yourself some serious questions.

Cass: Like what?

Felicia: Are you still in love with Kathleen?

Olivia: What are you saying? Have I ‑‑ have I done something wrong?

Sam: No, no, no, no, it's not you.

Olivia: Then what is it?

Sam: I feel like you want things from me that I can't give you.

Olivia: Like what?

Sam: Like a real commitment.

Olivia: I'm not complaining. I ‑‑

Sam: I know you aren't, Olivia. You never do. But I feel like ‑‑ I feel like you're waiting. You're watching. And it just...

Olivia: You make me sound like I have a perch up in the corner or something.

Sam: I don't know how to say this. Uh, I feel pressure. I don't know.

Olivia: Sam, I love you. I had no idea that you were so unhappy.

Sam: I'm not. I ‑‑ I wasnít. I mean...things are just going too fast for me. That's all.

Olivia: How can you say that? I ‑‑ I'm never here. I'm in New York all the time.

Sam: I know you are now, but what about when you get back?

Olivia: What about it? What do you want to happen?

Sam: I just need some space, all right? I just need some space.

Olivia: Do you want to see other women?

Sam: No, I don't want to see other women. That has nothing to do with it.

Olivia: Well, I don't understand. This was your idea. I thought that ‑‑ I thought that you wanted me here.

Sam: I know, I know.

Olivia: Oh, I guess just not all of the time. Is that it?

Sam: I'm trying to be honest. I'm just trying to be honest. I ‑‑ I don't want to lose you.

Olivia: Ok, um, that's fine. I understand. I get it. Uh, listen, the last thing that I want to be is a burden. So I'll just get dressed and go home. And I'll get the rest of my things tomorrow.

Sam: Then you're not angry?

Olivia: Well, no. You're not throwing me out, are you?

Sam: I want us to keep seeing each other. Come on.

Olivia: Fine. That's what I want, too. I guess it will just have to be on your terms for awhile.

Sam: Can you live with that?

Olivia: We'll find out. Uh, my clothes are in the bathroom.

I should go.

Sam: I didn't even tell you how beautiful you look tonight.

Olivia: Oh, this? It's ‑‑ I guess I had really kind of stupid timing.

Sam: I'm sorry about this.

Olivia: Don't be. I'll look ‑‑ I'll look beautiful on other nights.

Sam: I know you will. You always will.

Olivia: I ‑‑ I should go.

Sam: Olivia, you don't have to leave now. I mean, we're ‑‑ we're not breaking up.

Olivia: I thought you wanted to be alone.

Sam: Stay with me tonight?

Olivia: Whatever you want.

Sam: I want you.

Amanda: Hilda, is Alli ready?

Hilda: She's still napping. I'll go get her.

Amanda: Ok, thanks. As soon as she's ready, we can leave.

Paulina: You know, Amanda, when you have some time, I would like to explain some things to you.

Amanda: Paulina, it never ends. You took drugs from my brother's clinic.

Paulina: I was pretty desperate that night.

Amanda: Well, that doesn't make me want to trust you.

Paulina: I didn't mean to scare anyone.

Amanda: Well, you did. Can we talk about this some other time, please?

Paulina: Sure, of course. When would you like to talk about it?

Amanda: I have a lot of things on my mind. Carl is bad news, ok? I have to get my list of things that Alli Ė

Hilda: Alli is not in her room.

Amanda: Not again?

Hilda: I just checked on her a little while ago.

Amanda: I'm sure you did. Alli? Alli, Mommy's home. Alli? This is her new game ‑‑ hiding.

Paulina: And you have to find her?

Amanda: Yeah, that's usually how it works.

Paulina: I'll go look for her.

Amanda: Try the studio. It's her favorite place.

Paulina: I'll check there first.

Amanda: Hilda, I had a list somewhere in here of the toys that I wanted to bring. Did you find Snuffalupagus?

Hilda: Yes.

Amanda: Oh, good. She'd be very upset if I ‑‑ I smell smoke. Do you?

Paulina: Amanda?

Amanda: Huh?

Paulina: Amanda, there's a fire in the studio. There are flames coming out of the windows.

Amanda: Oh, my God, Alli!

Felicia: I know I'm a pest, but I'm waiting.

Cass: Waiting for what?

Felicia: For that question we talked about. Are you still in love with Kathleen?

Cass: Honey, you know me better than anybody. I think you can answer that one all by yourself.

Felicia: I thought so. Oh, Cass, I'm so sorry.

Cass: If I knew what the right thing was, I'd do it.

Felicia: I know you would.

Cass: But God help me, I haven't a clue.

Joe: Our dinner is ready.

Stacey: Well, I want to make plans to see you again.

Kathleen: You will, if I'm lucky.

Stacey: Come on, you're Irish. It's a given. Take care of her, Joe.

Joe: I will do that.

Stacey: Good‑bye, good to see you.

Kathleen: Bye. See you soon.

Stacey: I'll see you later. Bye, nice to meet you.

Frankie: How you holding up?

Kathleen: Oh, I'm fine. It's not easy being a target.

Frankie: Well, I think you're handling things really well. Don't you, Cass?

Cass: Oh, yeah, very well.

Michael: Hi.

Stacey: Hi.

Michael: Surprised?

Stacey: Uh, yeah, because I was just, uh, I was ‑‑

Michael: Really? Well, I ‑‑ look, I ‑‑ I hope you still have time to finish our date.

Stacey: Is that what you want?

Michael: Well, to tell you the truth, what I really want is to be with you.

Ryan: Donna, I've got to get going. Are you sure you're feeling better now?

Donna: Yes, I'm fine. I'm just not going to sleep until I know Marley and Victoria are prepared for a visit from Carl.

Ryan: Well, I'll make sure that they are.

Donna: Thank you. Would you give Victoria a kiss, please? From me.

Ryan: I will. I wish there was something more that I could do.

Donna: Thank you. Nobody can fix this situation between me and Michael.

[Telephone rings]

Donna: Would you be a dear and get that, please?

Ryan: Certainly.

Donna: Thank you.

Ryan: Yeah? This is Harrison. When? Yeah ‑‑ no, I'll be right over.

Donna: What is it?

Ryan: It's the Cory place. It's on fire!

Amanda: Alli! Oh, God. Alli, where are you? Alli? Baby? Baby, where are you? It's ok. Itís...[Coughing] Alli! Alli, it's Mommy! [Coughing] Alli! Alli! Alli!

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