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Donna: Do you remember the last time you brought me to this place?

Dirk: A fund‑raising party last summer.

Donna: I thought it was bad at nighttime.

Dirk: It is rather run down.

Donna: Now, Dirk, I'm going to be finished here at 5:00. Please make sure that you're waiting for me.

Dirk: I find community service rather rewarding, ma'am.

Donna: Working at the clinic may bring its own rewards.

Marley: Now, even if you're feeling better in the next day or two, I want you to take all the pills that Dr. Frame gave you, ok? And this is very important. We'll see you next week. All right, bye‑bye.

Marley: Oh. Hey.

Jamie: How's it going?

Marley: Looks like we're going to get a little bit of a break.

Jamie: There's supposed to be another volunteer coming to help you today.

Marley: I did not realize how much I missed working here.

Jamie: You're great. You make people feel so at ease.

Marley: Well, I hear the doc has a pretty good bedside manner himself.

Jamie: I love working with you again.

Marley: I thought everybody would be staring at me.

Jamie: Because of the trial?

Marley: Mm‑hmm. But Kathleen McKinnon and Carl Hutchins seem to have knocked me right off of the front‑page news.

Jamie: Marley, I'm going to hire an extra security guard.

Marley: No, no, he would just be bumping into the one my father already hired. Besides, we don't even know where Carl is.

Jamie: If anything happened to you ‑‑

Marley: Jamie, my life is back to normal. Or as normal as it can be. I'm not going to go around looking over my shoulder.

Donna: Thank you, Dirk. Hi, Jamie, Marley.

Jamie: Donna.

Marley: You have no right to be here.

Donna: I'm afraid I have no choice.

Marley: Why?

Donna: The court has ordered me to work here. I'm your new volunteer.

Frankie: Cass? Are you sure you want to sign that?

[Doorbell chiming]

Joe: I'll answer that, Hilda.

Hilda: I'll be in the kitchen.

Joe: You stay back a way, please. Who is it?

Ryan: Harrison.

Joe: Any news?

Ryan: Yeah. Hutchins is on his way to Bay City.

Jamie: You're doing community service?

Donna: The Judge thought it wouldn't serve any purpose to send me to prison, so ‑‑

Jamie: And you've been assigned here?

Donna: The clinic is woefully understaffed.

Jamie: I didn't know anything about this, Donna.

Donna: I just assumed that they would have called.

Jamie: Well, actually, there was an emergency when I walked in. The place has been pretty busy. I haven't had a chance to check my messages.

Donna: Well, I'm to serve 500 hours and the schedule is pretty much up to you.

Jamie: Let me see if there was a call about this.

Donna: I thought you'd be at the sentencing this morning.

Marley: Well, I knew you would get off easy. You always do. But how did you manage this?

Donna: What?

Marley: Working here.

Donna: It was on a list of places that were in need of help.

Marley: So it wasn't a coincidence?

Donna: I did have some input into the Judge's decision, yes.

Marley: As manipulative as ever.

Donna: If I'd left it up to the D.A., I would be up on the courtroom stairs, scrubbing them with a toothbrush.

Marley: And we couldn't have that, now, could we?

Donna: Well, I wanted to be at someplace that I knew, and the clinic does need help.

Marley: Oh, quit it, Donna. You are here to force yourself back into my life.

Donna: I was hoping that, in time, we could rebuild our relationship.

Marley: There is nothing to rebuild. It will never be the same as it was.

Donna: All I want is a chance, Marley.

Marley: I am going to ask Jamie to call the court and get you assigned someplace else.

Donna: You don't even want to try?

Marley: I am doing what is best for me. You, of all people, should understand that.

Donna: Marley, don't shut me out, especially now.

Marley: Why especially now?

Donna: You've heard about Carl.

Marley: Yes. Another ray of sunshine you brought into my life.

Donna: I just want to pay for what I've done and get on with my life. If I can do some good here, what harm is it?

Marley: It is harm to me. I can't be in the same room with you.

Donna: Marley, you've always had a very strong sense of what is fair.

Marley: And look what it got me.

Donna: Do you think what you're doing is fair?

Jamie: Well, Judge Woods' clerk confirmed that Donna has been assigned here.

Donna: I'll do a good job for you.

Jamie: Donna, my first concern is Marley. If she has a problem with you being here, then other arrangements have to be made.

Marley: No. There's no need if you're willing to work here.

Jamie: Marley, are you ‑‑

Marley: The clinic could always use an extra pair of hands.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Marley: Yes, I'm sure.

Donna: Thank you. Thank you, darling.

Jamie: Well then, are you ready to work, Donna?

Donna: Yes. Show me a telephone and I'll start a fundraising campaign for you that you won't believe.

Marley: Oh, no, no.

Donna: Well, what then?

Marley: If you are really interested in working, then you will work.

Donna: And what would you like me to do?

Marley: Dishes.

Donna: Dishes?

Marley: Or, more accurately, specimen bottles.

Donna: You're joking.

Marley: I'd lose the fur. You, um, wouldn't want to get anything on it.

Cass: Of course I'm sure I want to sign this.

Frankie: You were pretty funny about it last night.

Cass: Oh, that was last night. If you had walked in five seconds later, it would have been a done deal.

Frankie: If you need more time, I understand.

Cass: I can't tell you how much I love you for asking.

Frankie: Whatever makes you happy, Cass. That's what I want.

Cass: You make me happy, Mary Frances.

Frankie: Yeah?

Cass: Yes.

Frankie: Does that mean we have a wedding to plan?

Cass: What's the matter? You don't like living in sin?

Frankie: I do, actually. But don't tell Mama, ok?

Cass: No, no, no. I know how hard this has been for you.

Frankie: I'm ok.

Cass: You're more than ok. I'll never forget what you're doing for me. And for Kathleen.

Frankie: Oh, hey, if Kathleen hadn't gone into hiding, you might have been rubbed out and I never would have met you.

Cass: An interesting way of looking at it.

Frankie: Cass, I know you love me.

Cass: More and more every day.

Frankie: But I also know you still have strong feelings for Kathleen.

Cass: My marriage to Kathleen ended years ago.

Frankie: But this is not the usual divorce where two people can't stand the sight of each other.

Cass: No, there is nothing ordinary about any of this.

Frankie: So is this something that you want to do or something you feel you have to do?

Cass: Baby, it's the next logical move.

Frankie: I don't want to hear about logic. Tell me what's in your heart.

Cass: I loved Kathleen.

Frankie: And she loved you.

Cass: But years ago, she made a unilateral decision and I can't just erase the last several years of my life because she's decided to suddenly reverse that decision.

Frankie: It can't be easy for you.

Cass: No, it's not easy. She sacrificed everything for me and her family.

Frankie: How does that make you feel?

Cass: I'm angry. I wish she'd told me.

Frankie: So you could have been with her?

Cass: But she didn't tell me. Losing Kathleen was the most painful thing that I'd experienced in my entire life. It's like something died inside of me. Life didn't really mean much of anything. I just went through the motions. And then I met this stubborn redhead with the initials M.F.F.

Frankie: Your lucky day.

Cass: Yes, it was. Your love made me believe I could love again. Frankie, you gave me back my life.

[Phone rings]

Cass: Timing is everything. Hello? Kathleen?

Kathleen: Guess who's here to see the old U.S.A.?

Cass: Hutchins.

Kathleen: Ryan just found out he's on his way to Bay City.

Cass: I'll be right there.

Kathleen: He's on his way.

Joe: Is your contact sure Hutchins is headed to Bay City?

Ryan: He flew into OíHare this morning.

Kathleen: And he didn't stop at the John Hancock building to take the view?

Joe: Well, things are more interesting here now that he's been dared on television to come get you.

Ryan: Hey, ease up. It's done.

Kathleen: What happens now?

Joe: We wait.

Ryan: House and grounds are secure.

Joe: As long as you're here, you'll be safe.

Kathleen: Can't be here forever.

Joe: As soon as this cools down, I'll find us a nice, safe place.

Kathleen: What about Rachel and her family? They have lives.

Ryan: The men that are assigned to the Corys are going to stay here until we're sure they're out of danger.

Joe: How does your team plan to handle Hutchins?

Ryan: There's not that much we can do. There are no outstanding warrants against him right now.

Kathleen: He didn't come here to take the waters.

Ryan: We can't arrest him just because we think he might do something.

Joe: He'll make a move fairly quickly.

Kathleen: It would be nice if you arrested him before I become the really late Kathleen McKinnon.

Joe: Nothing is going to happen to you, baby.

Ryan: We'll have a tail on him as soon as he leaves the airport. If he tries anything funny, we're gonna be all over him.

Joe: But he is careful and smart. He won't slip up easily.

Ryan: Neither will we.

[Doorbell chiming]

Ryan: I'll get it. It might be something about Hutchins. Who is it?

Jake: Jake McKinnon.

Sam: How were rehearsals?

Olivia: They were exhausting, but the production is coming together.

Sam: How long are you here for?

Olivia: Couple of days.

Sam: Yeah?

Olivia: Mm‑hmm.

Sam: Must have been hard to leave New York, it's great this time of year.

Olivia: Oh, no. I want to be exactly where you are.

Sam: Mm.

Olivia: Are you ready to go?

Sam: Yes, pretty soon. I just sent the new "Sophisticate" cover over for approval. As soon as we get our ok on that, we're out of here.

Olivia: Great. Where are we going to eat?

Sam: I thought we'd go to the little French restaurant we went to on our first date.

Olivia: Oh, how nice.

Sam: And then, we will take in the new exhibit at the art museum, and then we'll head over to Tops to catch the sunset over a couple of glasses of champagne.

Olivia: Wow, I should come home more often.

Sam: True.

Olivia: Can we afford all that?

Sam: You're talking about a very famous art director here, remember?

Olivia: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. Is this what you're working on?

Sam: Yeah, this is it.

Olivia: I really love the colors.

Sam: Yeah, it came together pretty well.

Olivia: You know, your eye just keeps getting better and better and better.

Sam: Yeah? Actually, I didn't have as much time as usual to put this together, so ‑‑

Olivia: Could have fooled me.

Sam: You really like it?

Olivia: I happen to love it.

Amanda: Excuse me.

Olivia: Hello, Amanda.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Your door was open.

Sam: Yeah, it's ok. Come on in. What's up?

Amanda: Olivia, you're back?

Sam: Wha ‑‑ what's up? You usually don't come in to sign off the new cover. What's going on?

Amanda: I'm not signing it off. The cover has to be redone. You've got to stay and finish it if we're going to make the deadline.

Jake: Would you tell this guy I'm ok?

Ryan: We'll watch him. Oh, feeling better, are we?

Jake: Stronger every day.

Ryan: Lucky guy.

Jake: How's Vicky?

Ryan: You care?

Jake: I guess I'll have to stop by her place and catch up.

Ryan: If you do that, you're gonna go right back to the hospital.

Jake: This hasn't been a day in the park for me.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, you came to the wrong place for some sympathy.

Jake: Why don't you back off? I'm not here to hurt anyone.

Ryan: So, what are you here for?

Kathleen: Jake, hi.

Jake: Hey, it's good to see you.

Kathleen: Color's back. You still need to gain a little weight ‑‑ maybe not. Yeah, you look good.

Jake: You, too.

Kathleen: Well, for a dead woman.

Jake: That, uh, disappearing act was something else.

Kathleen: I'm just happy to be back.

Jake: So, what's all the security for? Carl Hutchins?

Kathleen: I'm afraid so.

Jake: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Kathleen: Sure.

Jake: It's kind of private.

Kathleen: Oh, yeah. We can use the library, ok?

Jake: Great.

Kathleen: Oh, Joe, Jake. Jake, Joe.

Jake: Good to meet you, man.

Joe: Yeah, well, we kind of met already. But you were ‑‑

Jake: Must have been out of it or something, right?

Joe: Right.

Jake: Friend?

Kathleen: Yeah, good friend.

Jake: Joe, thanks for taking care of my cousin. All right.

Ryan: So they are cousins.

Joe: Right.

Ryan: Why else would she spend time with that jerk?

Joe: Kathleen always puts the people she loves first. That's how she is.

Kathleen: I know it's here somewhere. Ah, here it is. Ok, speedy storage. You know where that is?

Jake: I'll find it.

Kathleen: Whatever wasn't sold to pay for the rent is there.

Jake: You're the only one that gave a damn.

Kathleen: Hey, we're family. If we don't take care of each other, who will?

Jake: I'm not gonna forget this.

Kathleen: It was nothing. A chance to see old Bay City again.

Jake: The last couple of years must have been hell, huh?

Kathleen: Oh, it wasn't that bad. I saved a bundle on Christmas cards.

Jake: Have you seen Vince or Mary?

Kathleen: Yeah, I saw pops. I can't wait to see everybody else.

Jake: Letting them think you're dead must have torn you up, huh?

Kathleen: You should have seen pops' face when he saw me.

Jake: I'd like to have seen Cass'. Frankieís.

Kathleen: You know, I go to all this trouble to keep you safe and you go ahead and get yourself shot anyway.

Jake: [Laughs] With my own gun. It's kind of embarrassing.

Kathleen: You're sure that Carl didn't have anything to do with it?

Jake: I'm sure.

Kathleen: How do you know?

Jake: I didn't need Carl Hutchins to try to blow me away; I had plenty of people around here who wanted to do that.

Kathleen: You still don't remember anything about that night?

Jake: No, that part is kind of hazy.

Kathleen: You know, you better start cleaning up your act.

Jake: I know.

Kathleen: Jake, Carl Hutchins is probably coming back to Bay City.

Jake: I gotta hand it to him. The guy's got a lot of guts.

Kathleen: You know what he's capable of.

Jake: Yes, I know.

Kathleen: I've gone through too much to have anything happen to any of you now, so be careful, ok?

Jake: You still care about me. You are one in a million, you know that?

Kathleen: What's with the snow job?

Jake: One line and then you're telling me it's a snow job.

Kathleen: You want something, Jake.

Jake: Right, I do.

Kathleen: Money?

Jake: I need to help Marley.

Kathleen: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

Jake: I want you to talk to her for me.

Kathleen: Did you rape her?

Jake: Whatever you heard is wrong. I love her too much for that.

Kathleen: Jake, Marley testified under oath.

Jake: She was confused. There are people going at her at the trial. I ‑‑ Kathleen, I swear to you, I never forced anything on Marley.

Kathleen: I don't know what to believe anymore.

Jake: I never intentionally hurt her, I swear it. Believe that. It's the truth and I want you to make her see that.

Donna: This is the last of them.

Jamie: Oh, great. You can just leave them right there, Donna.

Donna: Did you ever think of getting a dishwasher?

Jamie: Rubber gloves are about all we can afford here.

Donna: Well, I would be happy to make a donation.

Jamie: How'd your first day go?

Donna: Well, it's very rewarding.

Jamie: Good, good.

Donna: So, what's next?

Jamie: What's next? Um...

Marley: What did we say was next?

Jamie: Oh, yeah, um, maybe ‑‑ hey, see if you can find a mop.

Marley: Yes.

Jamie: A mop. You know, I really think this waiting area could use just a little touch‑up.

Donna: I'll get right on it.

Jamie: Thank you.

Marley: Here you go. I think you will find this very rewarding as well.

Donna: I wish Jamie would let me do something a little more challenging, you know?

Marley: You probably won't be ready for brain surgery until next week.

Donna: Do you think he'd let me take a coffee break?

Marley: Why don't you forget this?

Donna: Why?

Marley: Because you're obviously not cut out for this kind of work.

Donna: Just because I don't normally do housework doesn't mean that I am not capable of doing it.

Marley: Call the court. Find another community service.

Donna: This waiting room floor is going to be spotless, you wait and see. I don't quit that easily.

Marley: Suit yourself. Please tell Jamie I went to run some errands.

Donna: Are you going next door to see Stacey by any chance?

Marley: Why?

Donna: Well, she does handle the clinic's gal affairs, doesn't she?

Marley: I get it.

Donna: What?

Marley: In addition to trying to force me to see you, you are using this job to keep an eye on Stacey.

Donna: She's trying to get her hooks into your father.

Marley: What she and Michael do is their business.

Donna: Well, I'm not going to sit back and let her steal him away from me.

Marley: He's already gone. You did that to yourself.

Donna: Yes, I did. I lied and I manipulated because that's the only way I thought I could get what I wanted.

Marley: Thank goodness it's not hereditary.

Donna: There's something else about my personality that I don't want you to forget.

Marley: What?

Donna: I will always love you and I will never stop being your mother, and everything I've done over the past few months is because I love you more than life itself.

Marley: Oh, stop!

Donna: And whether you believe this or not, you and Victoria always come first.

Marley: You're absolutely right. I don't believe it.

Donna: Well, it's true. And nobody can take that away from me.

Donna: Go!

Sam: What's the problem, you pull out an article or something?

Amanda: No, the lineup is set.

Sam: What then, did you raise the newsstand price?

Amanda: No, it's the cover itself. It just doesn't work for me.

Sam: Well, why not?

Amanda: Because it's not up to your usual standard, Sam.

Sam: Ok, what, is art critic part of your job description now?

Amanda: Sam, come on. Look at it.

Sam: I don't need to look at it. The cover is fine.

Amanda: For somebody else, maybe, but not for you.

Sam: Oh, there's a nice left‑handed compliment.

Amanda: Sam, I hired you because you're the best. I pay you like you're the best. And I expect every effort to be the best.

Sam: Fine, and I worked very hard on the damn cover.

Amanda: It doesn't look like it. It looks like you slapped it together.

Sam: Well, you want to take a crack at it then?

Amanda: No, I donít. It's your job, not mine. The cover has to be redone.

Sam: Well, I happen to have plans for this evening.

Amanda: You also happen to have a deadline.

Sam: Yes, ma'am.

Olivia: Well, I guess that's my cue to leave.

Sam: I am sorry about this.

Olivia: It's all right, you have to work. I understand that.

Sam: I don't know how long I'm going to be stuck here now either.

Olivia: Well, the museum isn't going anywhere.

Sam: I feel like I ruined our day together.

Olivia: You didn't ruin anything. Besides, we can still have our romantic dinner. I can just make something at home.

Sam: You're the best.

Sam: All right, would you like to show me the changes you would like?

Amanda: I made you a list.

Sam: A list. Well, isn't that nice?

Amanda: I'm sorry if I ruined your plans.

Kathleen: What happened that night?

Jake: It didn't happen the way she said.

Kathleen: She said she was going to leave you, right?

Jake: Do you know what that did to me?

Kathleen: Yes, I have a pretty good idea.

Jake: I lost it.

Kathleen: Could you be more specific?

Jake: I yelled, pleaded, I guess I pushed too hard.

Kathleen: Jake, Marley would not confuse yelling with rape. Something must have happened.

Jake: I didn't ‑‑ I didn't hurt her like that. I couldnít.

Kathleen: Then what happened?

Jake: Kathleen, we were fighting and crying. And the next thing I remember, we were making love. But I swear to you, I thought that's what she wanted, too.

Kathleen: Marley is one of the most truthful people that I know. And she's not vindictive. Why would she lie on the stand?

Jake: I don't know what Marley made herself believe, but I did not rape her. I love her. I don't have it in me to do that.

Kathleen: Well, that's what you keep saying.

Jake: I have to make this right.

Kathleen: What do you mean by that? Maybe Marley ‑‑ maybe she needs some time.

Jake: I don't have time.

Kathleen: What? What do you mean?

Jake: Knowing that she hates me is tearing me up.

Kathleen: Jake, if Marley is not ready, there's nothing that you can do about it.

Jake: She's the only woman that I've ever loved in my life.

Kathleen: You're going to have to face the fact that it's over.

Jake: If I lose her, I lose everything.

Kathleen: What makes you think she'll listen to me?

Jake: She's always trusted you.

Kathleen: I've been away for years.

Jake: Please, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Well, it would be good to see her again.

Jake: Thank you.

Kathleen: No promises.

Jake: I knew I could count on you.

Kathleen: If I find out that you have lied to me...

Jake: Talk about dťja vu.

Kathleen: What?

Jake: Talking to you like this, it's like nothing's changed, like you never left.

Kathleen: Everything's changed.

Frankie: He just hired a limo, just like that?

Joe: Just like that.

Frankie: He's got to know you guys have got an eye on him.

Ryan: Oh, I'm sure he does.

Frankie: Then why would he tip his hand like that?

Cass: Carl Hutchins has a brilliant mind, twisted but brilliant. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Frankie: At least we've drawn him out into the open.

Joe: But he knows he can't get within 100 yards of Kathleen.

Cass: He's got something up his sleeve, and whatever it is, it doesn't bode well for Kathleen.

Joe: How about that? Something we finally agree on.

Cass: Hey, hey, hey.

Jake: Hey, Cass, Frankie.

Cass: Jake.

Jake: Guess I better get going.

Kathleen: You take care.

Jake: All right. Let me know what happens.

Kathleen: I will. Be careful.

Ryan: I'm going to check in, see what's up with Hutchins.

Kathleen: Well, as long as you're here, I have something for you.

Cass: And what's that?

Kathleen: You draw up a mean divorce petition.

Cass: You didn't waste any time.

Kathleen: I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Cass: Sorry, canít.

Kathleen: You don't have it with you?

Cass: No, actually, I haven't signed it yet.

Frankie: Cass was just about to sign when you called.

Joe: Uh, can I see you a minute, please?

Kathleen: Uh‑oh, I know that tone. That was rude.

Joe: Yeah, well, Kathleen, a lot's been coming at you.

Kathleen: Is that why you called me in here?

Joe: So, why is Cass playing games?

Kathleen: He's not.

Joe: He's dangling the fact that he hasn't signed those divorce papers and I think it's kind of thrown you.

Kathleen: Do I look thrown to you?

Joe: He's playing you against Frankie.

Kathleen: He wouldn't do that.

Joe: The sooner this divorce comes through, the better it will be for all of us.

Frankie: What sort of surveillance should we use?

Cass: That's Ryanís department.

Frankie: You know, I think it might be a good idea if we keep an eye on all of Hutchins' known associates, too.

Cass: Uh‑huh, definitely.

Frankie: And then I figure we ought to call the mayor and see about Carlís ticker tape parade.

Cass: Mm‑hmm. What?

Frankie: I'm trying to save Kathleenís life here, I thought it might be nice if I had a little help.

Cass: I'm sorry, I just had the feeling that Joe was hassling Kathleen.

Frankie: Kathleen can handle Joe.

Cass: Yeah, any news?

Ryan: Yeah. Carl has entered Bay City.

Donna: Ah. Oh, dear.

Oh, good, you're back.

Marley: Did someone need me?

Donna: No, I was just hoping to talk to you before I left.

Marley: Your limo driver is outside; I wouldn't keep him waiting.

Donna: Then I will see you when I come back the next time.

Jamie: Donna, finished for the day?

Donna: Yes, unless you need me.

Jamie: I think we're doing ok. I'll decide on your hours and I will give you a call.

Donna: Fine. Good night.

Jamie: Donna. Thanks for your help. You did all right.

Donna: Thank you. It was nothing. [Sighs] Oh, my back. My feet. My nails. It would have been easier if they put me in jail.

Dirk: A good first day, ma'am?

Donna: Just get me home fast, Dirk.

Jamie: You were pretty hard on Donna.

Marley: Unless it has to do with the clinic, I have nothing to say to her.

Jamie: Marley, are you sure this is going to work out?

Marley: It'll be ok.

Jamie: Just say the word, and I'll have her re‑assigned.

Marley: I am trying to be fair. She worked very hard today.

Jamie: She was holding that mop like she wanted to strangle it.

Marley: It'll be ok. The clinic needs her help.

Jamie: You're sure?

Marley: Yes. You just tell me when she's going to be here, I'll make sure I'm not.

Jamie: Well, I think you're being very sensible.

Marley: If I am, it's all due to you.

Jamie: Yeah? What did I do?

Marley: You're just here whenever I need you.

Jamie: I always will be.

Marley: I hope you know how much I love you.

Jamie: I wish I could do more for you, Marley.

Marley: I don't think that's possible.

Jamie: I know you're still hurting.

Marley: Well, if I decide to press charges against Jake, things could get pretty messy.

Jamie: I wish I had the power to just take that night back and make it go away.

Marley: Well, you donít. So now, I just have to deal with it myself.

Jake: Hey, Ada. Long time, no see.

Ada: All the single tables are booked, Jake.

Jake: I'm not here to eat.

Ada: The bar is closed.

Jake: I need a job.

Ada: You what?

Jake: When I was in that coma, I lost more than time. My business is history, I owe the hospital a bundle, and after I go through the money I have in my pockets, I'm tapped.

Ada: And you came to me?

Jake: You always said I was the best bartender you ever had.

Ada: Forget about it.

Jake: The sign out front says you need help.

Ada: Not that bad, I donít.

Jake: What's the problem?

Ada: I'll close this place before I'd let you work here.

Jake: What?

Ada: I'd have to close it. If people knew you were here, they wouldn't come in.

Jake: So, you believe what everybody's been telling you, huh?

Ada: I believe Marley.

Jake: Don't you want to hear my side?

Ada: You haven't got a side.

Jake: All I want is a chance.

Ada: I know Marley. She wouldn't lie. And if you thought I'd forgive and forget, that coma did more to you than you think it did.

Jake: You used to believe in me.

Ada: You used to be a different person.

Jake: Getting shot tends to change a person.

Ada: I saw you in here, throwing money around, playing the big shot.

Jake: Is that a crime?

Ada: It's a crime when you do it to a woman. Especially when she says "no."

Jake: I wasn't like that. Listen, I know I'm going to have to pay for what I did.

Ada: Do your penance someplace else.

Jake: Ada, I will sweep floors, I will empty the garbage, I'm not leaving Bay City.

Ada: Jake, nobody wants you here, and the sooner you get that picture, the better.

Ada: If you don't mind, I have a paying customer. Hello, Olivia.

Olivia: Hi. Jake, it's nice to see you out of the hospital.

Jake: Thank you.

Ada: Well, I thought you were in New York, dancing up a storm.

Olivia: Yeah, I was, but I had a couple of days off, so I came back to be with Sam.

Ada: Ah, is he meeting you here?

Olivia: No, I'm taking out, so two of the usual.

Ada: Coming up.

Olivia: Thanks.

Ada: Be out of here by the time I get back.

Olivia: Gee, what was that about?

Jake: Oh, Ada's on her high horse, like everyone else in this town.

Olivia: You look upset.

Jake: She used to be like family. That hurts.

Olivia: How did you expect people to treat you, Jake?

Jake: All I want is a fair shake.

Olivia: A lot of people don't think you gave Marley a fair shake.

Jake: You know, all my life, I've been on the outside. I gotta tell you, that's gonna change.

Olivia: Oh yeah? What are you thinking?

Jake: Nothing. So, I understand everything is going well with you and Sam.

Olivia: Mm‑hmm. He had to work late, so I promised he would come home to a romantic dinner.

Jake: Mm, with a little help from Ada.

Olivia: Yeah, well, I cater better than I cook.

Jake: Don't kill the kid with kindness.

Olivia: What is that supposed to mean?

Jake: When I saw you guys at the hospital, you were all over him.

Olivia: I was not, I was only being ‑‑

Jake: Pushy. Sam's still not over Amanda.

Olivia: I can make him forget.

Jake: Just don't push too hard.

Olivia: Sam appreciates everything that I do for him.

Jake: I tried to do the same thing with Marley. Look what happened.

Olivia: That's a horrible comparison.

Jake: Olivia, you and Sam stuck with me. I'm just trying to be a friend.

Olivia: I know what I'm doing with Sam.

Jake: If you say so.

Olivia: And as for the way he feels about Amanda, you couldn't be more wrong.

Jake: Ok.

Olivia: You should have seen them earlier today. They couldn't stand the sight of each other.

Jake: Hey, I'm on your side.

Olivia: Well, believe me, Sam and Amanda are a thing of the past.

Amanda: How's it going?

Sam: You checking up on me now?

Amanda: We ordered some food upstairs. I thought you might be hungry, so I got you something.

Sam: Smells like Sam Wu's.

Amanda: We have hot and sour soup, we have 10‑flavored chicken, extra spicy, spare ribs and specially ordered brown rice.

Sam: Brown rice. Thank you.

Amanda: I'll just leave it there, ok?

Sam: Ok. Amanda?

Amanda: Yes.

Sam: I owe you an apology.

Amanda: For what?

Sam: I've been re‑working the cover and, um, you were right. It could have been better, a lot better.

Amanda: Creative differences, it happens all the time.

Sam: I had no business blowing up at you the way I did.

Amanda: Don't worry about it.

Sam: Want to come over and take a look at what I've been doing?

Amanda: Sure.

Sam: Ok, now, the concept is basically the same, but I've used a whole new set of images, so it's ‑‑ and I ‑‑ I took your advice here about the ad, which I completely agree with, and it really looks a lot better, I think.

Amanda: Yeah, yeah.

Ryan: Yeah, right. Yeah, well, keep me posted.

Joe: So, where is he?

Ryan: He went down parkway west and got off on Martin lane.

Frankie: That's the exit for this part of town.

Cass: Looks like he's on his way over here.

Joe: I'm impressed. He already knows where she is.

Kathleen: Well, this is a high income district. Carl always travels first class. Maybe he's staying at a hotel in the area.

Frankie: Yeah, right.

Kathleen: Well, as long as we're under surveillance, there's nothing to worry about, right?

Cass: How could he possibly think he could get to Kathleen?

Joe: I'm gonna go double check security.

Ryan: I'll go with you.

Joe: While we're gone, stay in this room.

Ryan: If anybody rings the bell, let one of my men answer it.

Kathleen: What if he knocks?

Frankie: Kathleen? How you holding up?

Kathleen: I'm fine.

Cass: Everything's gonna be ok.

Kathleen: I know.

Cass: Nothing is going to happen to you. Not now.

Kathleen: When you say that, I believe you.

Marley: I will send the insurance forms to the proper agency. You just need to make sure your brother gets here tomorrow morning for his x-rays. I'll see you in the morning. I'm calling it a day.

Jamie: [Laughs] You had a rough afternoon?

Marley: Non‑stop.

Jamie: I meant dealing with Donna.

Marley: Oh, she just wants to start over and act like none of this ever happened.

Jamie: She is persistent.

Marley: Tell me.

Jamie: But maybe I can help you put the day behind you.

Marley: Oh, good. Rub my neck.

Jamie: Actually, I was thinking of something a little more romantic.

Marley: Oh, good. I like the sound of that.

Jamie: I want you to meet me back here at eight sharp.

Marley: Are you asking me on a date?

Jamie: One you will never forget.

Marley: Oh, really? What are we going to do?

Jamie: Something I have always wanted to do.

Marley: What? Tell me.

Jamie: Now, dress is formal.

Marley: Yes, what is this for?

Jamie: I will see you at eight. Eight.

Ryan: The place is sealed tight.

Joe: We're as ready as possible for Hutchins.

Cass: He should be here by now.

Frankie: Maybe he's not coming here.

Ryan: Listen, I'm going to check with dispatch and see where they place him now.

Kathleen: Carl was always full of surprises. What now?

Donna: Angela? Angela? Oh, dammit. She's not here. I need food. I need sustenance. I hope she's left me something in the kitchen.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Oh. Coming! One moment please.

Carl: Hello, Bella. It's been far too long.

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