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Another World Transcript Friday 2/9/07

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Ryan: You know, three and a half miles in 52 minutes is not a good showing, Victoria.

Vicky: Where did you come from?

Ryan: Originally? A small town in South Carolina. My father really never ‑‑

Vicky: Ryan.

Ryan: I've been following you the entire way.

Vicky: No way.

Ryan: Yeah. Let me tell you, the view ain't bad.

Vicky: What is it gonna take for you to get the message?

Ryan: Do you know you have no rhythm in your pacing?

Vicky: Oh, really?

Ryan: Yeah, that's why you're standing here looking like you need an oxygen tank to walk home. You gotta stop rushing.

Vicky: I'm not rushing. I am burning calories.

Ryan: No, what you're doing is you're burning yourself out in the first half ‑‑ half mile. I mean, running doesn't have to be a painful experience. Look at me.

Vicky: Go away. You're making me sick.

Ryan: You have no endurance.

Vicky: Excuse me?

Ryan: Yeah, you're way out of shape.

Vicky: You call this out of shape?

Ryan: Well, yeah ‑‑ aerobically, yeah.

Vicky: I will give you aerobic.

Ryan: Mm‑hmm. You can run, but you can't hide.

[Phone rings]

Paulina: Hello?

Jake: Hi.

Paulina: Jake?

Jake: The one and only.

Paulina: Uh, something going on?

Jake: Well, I'm just ‑‑ you know, I'm just kind of feeling bad.

Paulina: Are you in pain?

Jake: I'm always in pain.

Paulina: I'm sorry. Is there something they can give you?

Jake: I need to see you.

Paulina: I'll come by tomorrow then.

Jake: You need to come by now.

Paulina: Jake, I have a date tonight. Um, I was just on my way out the door ‑‑

Jake: A date?

Paulina: Yes.

Jake: With Grant Harrison?

Paulina: Yeah, so I'll come by tomorrow.

Jake: Look, Paulina, I need to see you now. Can I make myself more clear?

Paulina: Did you remember something, Jake, something about the shooting?

Jake: You coming?

Paulina: I'll be there in 20 minutes.

Kathleen: What are you saying?

Cass: That we might still be married.

Kathleen: We're not. I'm legally dead, remember?

Cass: I'm still tied to you. I still feel a responsibility to you.

Kathleen: Well, don’t. The federal government took you off the hook.

Cass: I don't care about the federal government.

Kathleen: Look, Cass, I agreed to terms ‑‑ legal, unbreakable terms. Kathleen McKinnon Winthrop died in a plane crash in Alaska, period, end of story.

Cass: You're in jeopardy. I can't just walk away from you.

Kathleen: You have no choice.

Cass: Yes, I do and so do you.

Kathleen: And Frankie? What about your wife? Are you telling me that you want to leave her for me?

Man: Waiter, we'd like our check, please.

Jamie: How you doing?

Marley: I'm ok.

Jamie: Are you ready to tell me about it?

Marley: Jake admitted he raped me.

Jamie: Then he does remember.

Marley: I made him remember.

Jamie: Good.

Marley: I look at him and I can't believe everything that's happened.

Jamie: What do you mean, Marley?

Marley: I used to love him. I used to love him a lot.

Jamie: I understand.

Marley: Jamie, we planned a life together. We planned to have children together. And after what he's done and thinking of him with Donna, it ‑‑ it's like the life we had happened a million years ago.

Jamie: Then that's where you should leave it, ok?

Marley: But I can't even think of the good times that we had anymore.

Jamie: I can't believe there were any.

Marley: He's ‑‑ he's changed so much.

Jamie: Yeah, I guess.

Marley: He has, Jamie. He used to be the most caring and wonderful man.

Jamie: Marley ‑‑ Marley, it's too soon.

Marley: For what?

Jamie: No one's telling you to forget your past. But right now after everything that's happened, it's just too painful. Now, I know I've said it many times, but you have to give it some time.

Marley: Thank you.

Man: I can't believe it. You and old Molly?

Jamie: I'll get the check.

Man: Could you imagine?

Second man: What comes naturally I guess.


Man: She froze up for awhile there.

Second man: Yeah, but you wore her down, right?

Man: Her lips were saying no, but she meant yes, yes. [Laughs]

Marley: Who do you think you are? You think it's romantic to take a woman to bed out of force?

Jamie: Marley, please.

Marley: I was raped by a man like you, do you know that? I was raped by a man like you! It is not romantic!

Man: I'm sorry.

Marley: Don't ‑‑

Jamie: Honey, it's ok. Come here, come here.

Marley: God, what is happening to me?

Jamie: Just take it easy. Come here, sit down.

Marley: Is this what I'm going to be like for the rest of my life? Is this what Jake’s left me?

Marley: You heard me begging. You heard me screaming no. You heard that, didn't you?

Jake: I didn't mean it.

Marley: It was not love. It was not even lust. It was an act of violence. You, Jake, violated me! I was dead inside and you were acting like nothing had happened. Oh, but something happened...to me. And I'm going to make you pay.

Paulina: Cass said I'd be able to draw from my own money in a few days, three at the most.

Jake: I don't have a couple of days. If I don't have the money on Monday, I lose Visions.

Paulina: I'm sure you'll be able to make your creditors understand.

Jake: We are not talking first federal of Bay City. I could wind up on the bottom of a river.

Paulina: Well, that will be just fine with me.

Jake: Let me tell you something, Paulina. If you know what's good for you, you'll get your inheritance and you will cut me a check fast.

Vicky: Who did you say was out of shape?

Ryan: [Exhales] Do you know that you run flatfooted? I mean, don't you have anymore arch in your feet?

Vicky: Don't you have a job?

Ryan: No, this is my number one priority right now.

Vicky: What, following me like some kind of pervert?

Ryan: Nope, showing you how stubborn I am.

Vicky: I already knew that.

Ryan: Besides, it's a little bit too late to be running by yourself. I mean, you should know better than that.

Vicky: I can take care of myself.

Ryan: Oh ‑‑ oh, yeah, and look at how far it got you.

Vicky: Now, what kind of crack is that?

Ryan: Well, someone's got to give you a reality check.

Vicky: I have Bridget to do that.

Ryan: Oh, you listen to her just about as much as you listen to me.

Vicky: Exactly, but she ‑‑ at least she has the decency to know when to buzz off, unlike some other people that I know.

Ryan: She'd be out here hassling you, too, if she could just keep up with you.

Vicky: Ryan, I came to Chicago to start over again. I want to be anonymous. And I don't want my son to grow up having his family be the lead story on the 6:00 news. Can you understand that?

Ryan: Oh, come on. Don't lay this on ‑‑ on Steven. You ran away because you wanted to.

Vicky: No, I did not run away. I am living my life the way that I want to live my life.

Ryan: Uh‑huh.

Vicky: I just had to get away from everything.

Ryan: Including me.

Vicky: Especially including you.

Ryan: You know, this is a classic approach avoidance ‑‑

Vicky: Thank you, Sigmund.

Ryan: You are so in love with me, it just scares the stuffing out of you.

Vicky: Wrong.

Ryan: Right.

Vicky: You are an egomaniac.

Ryan: Yeah? Stubborn, sexy, passionate ‑‑

Vicky: Finely tuned long‑distance runner.

Ryan: One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, go.

Cass: I love Frankie.

Kathleen: I noticed.

Cass: But I can't just walk away from this and keep pretending that you're dead.

Kathleen: You have to.

Cass: You're in danger, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Not if I keep living the way I am.

Cass: You call this living?

Kathleen: Beats the heck out of the alternative.

Cass: I hate it.

Kathleen: I'm sorry I ever went back to Bay City.

Cass: No, you're not. You're just sorry you got caught.

Kathleen: Now everyone is in danger, Cass ‑‑ you, me, Jake, my whole family. He could use every single one of you to get to me.

Cass: Who is this guy?

Kathleen: I can't tell you that, Cass.

Cass: This is crazy, Kathleen.

Kathleen: You know too much already, Cass. I can't put you in that kind of danger.

Cass: So you're just gonna walk away from me again.

Kathleen: Yep. Just me and Joe on the road again

Cass: Don't you be glib with me, Kathleen. You love me.

Kathleen: And you have to forget all of this happened. You have to go back to Frankie and get on with your life.

Cass: Yeah? Ok, fine. Then you come back to Bay City with me and sign some divorce papers, and we'll have done with it.

Kathleen: Are you out of your mind?

Cass: If you're gonna walk away from me, we have to, uh, settle accounts, don't we? Divorce me so that I can be absolutely, positively sure that my marriage to Frankie is valid.

Kathleen: I can't do that.

Cass: Can't, or won't?

Kathleen: Can't, ok?

Cass: Well, why not? Why don't you dig out the glasses, the wig, and the hat, and, uh, we'll wipe the slate clean.

Kathleen: Do I need ‑‑ do I need to go over this again with pictures? I'm dead, Cass. Dead people don't file for divorce. Look it up.

Cass: You're bluffing.

Kathleen: And you need to brush up on your federal law, Mr. Attorney. I entered the witness relocation program. I gave up all my rights to my identity. Everything about Kathleen McKinnon Winthrop ceased to exist the day that plane went down.

Cass: Not everything.

Kathleen: Yes, Cass, everything! My social security number was declared inactive because when people die, that's what happens. My will was filed and executed because I am dead. My life insurance policy was cashed in and paid to you, I might add, and to my parents because I am dead. And all of this was done with the approval and the blessing of the boys in Washington. Have I made myself clear here?

Cass: That was a lovely display, Kathleen, but I'm not buying it.

Kathleen: You are making this so hard for me.

Cass: I don't mean to do that.

Kathleen: Do you have any idea what this has been like for me?

Cass: Oh, honey, I can only imagine.

Kathleen: Louisiana is the 13th state I have lived in since the accident. I guess this is where my luck ran out.

Cass: But it doesn't have to be. It could be where it begins.

Kathleen: My knight in shining armor. There are no fairy tale endings here, Cass, not for me. I chose to live my life like this and I can't go back on it now. I let go of all my emotional ties a long time ago.

Cass: Yeah, right.

Kathleen: I had to.

Cass: Why should you have to live like a fugitive, when the guy who tried to kill you is about to go out on parole?

Kathleen: Nobody said life was fair, Cass. I can't go back. I cut myself off from missing you and my family. I did.

Cass: Yeah, well...surprise, it stopped working.

Kathleen: Do you know how hard this is for me?

Cass: Yes, and there has to be some way out. I can't go through every day wondering if you're alive or dead. I can't grieve for you again.

Kathleen: At least you could let go.

Cass: I'll never let go. And neither will you, or you never would have gotten this close.

Kathleen: That's not true.

Cass: There is no way, Kathleen, that I am going to lose you twice in one lifetime ‑‑ none.

Marley: Are they still staring?

Jamie: I think the novelty has worn off.

Marley: Are those guys gone?

Jamie: Yeah, awhile ago.

Marley: I feel pretty foolish.

Jamie: Your Dad and Stacey are here. Hi.

Michael: Hey, welcome home.

Jamie: Oh, sorry.

Stacey: It's all right. How are you doing? Good to see you.

Michael: Good to see you.

Marley: Mm‑hmm.

Michael: Come on, sit down.

Stacey: Are you guys all right?

Jamie: Yeah, just a little excitement.

Michael: What, reporters?

Marley: No, no, it was nothing.

Michael: Look, uh, we took some time to track you down, because we have to talk to you.

Marley: Has something happened?

Stacey: I might be able to get your mother out by tomorrow morning.

Jamie: Is there new evidence?

Michael: Honey, Stacey has some questions to ask you, and I need you to tell me that you will answer honestly.

Marley: Of course I will. I wouldn't lie to you.

Stacey: Ok, your father saw Donna talking to a man before her sentencing. He had the guy followed, and they traced him to a car repair garage downtown.

Marley: Well, who is he?

Stacey: He's a mechanic.

Marley: And ‑‑

Stacey: And he says that your mother was waiting for the car to be repaired at the exact time Jake was shot.

Jamie: He was her alibi.

Michael: She paid him off to keep quiet.

Jamie: She lied.

Marley: What?

Michael: She gave herself up for Marley’s sake.

Marley: Oh, I ‑‑ I don't believe this.

Michael: Honey, she was so convinced that you were gonna be found guilty, she confessed to save you.

Jamie: This isn't over yet. As soon as the D.A. hears about this ‑‑

Michael: Oh, Morgan is gonna be out for blood. There's no question about it. And she's going to go for a conviction. She's going to make damn sure she gets one this time, so I need you to answer me the most important question.

Marley: What?

Michael: Is it possible that Victoria shot Jake?

Marley: No, I mean, after ‑‑ after Donna confessed, she and I talked about it. If she was evasive, she was just covering for me. She thought I did it.

Michael: You're absolutely sure?

Marley: I'm positive.

Michael: Ok, let's go.

Stacey: All right, maybe if we hurry, we can catch someone down at the D.A.'s office and we can get her out by tonight.

Michael: Great.

Stacey: See you later.

Jamie: Ok.

Michael: Hang in there.

Marley: I ‑‑ I want to go with them. I want to talk to my mother.

Jamie: Ok, let's go.

[Knock on door]

Jake: Hey, thanks for coming.

Paulina: You said you had to see me. Sounded important.

Jake: Whoa! You never dressed like that when we were together. Guess I wasn't exactly the model boyfriend, huh?

Paulina: How are you feeling?

Jake: Well, Marley just left here. It wasn't easy.

Paulina: I'm sorry. Oh, wait, I'll do that. You're still weak, Jake. You have to take it easy.

Jake: I'm feeling better, feeling stronger. You know, it's funny.

Paulina: What did you want, Jake?

Jake: Some advice.

Paulina: You want advice from me?

Jake: Why not? There's nothing wrong with that, right? I don't have anyone anymore, Paulina. I have a big problem.

Paulina: I'm sorry, Jake.

Jake: I ‑‑ I didn't know anyone else that I could talk to. It's embarrassing. It could affect me for the rest of my life. I mean, I didn't know anyone else in the world that I could trust with this.

Paulina: What is it?

This is some bill, Jake.

Jake: It's over six figures ‑‑ way over.

Paulina: Emergency care, four months maintenance in a private room, anesthesia, drug therapy, surgeon fees ‑‑ how are you going to pay for this?

Jake: I don't know.

Paulina: Well, what does your insurance cover?

Jake: What insurance? I was self-employed.

Paulina: Oh, Jake.

Jake: Whoever shot me may not have killed me, but they definitely left me in debt for the rest of my life.

Paulina: There should be a guarantor on here somewhere. I worked in a hospital. I know a little bit about this.

Jake: That would be my uncle Vince.

Paulina: Can't he help you?

Jake: If he sold his house three times over, he wouldn't have enough to pay those bills.

Paulina: What about a loan?

Jake: That's what I was hoping for.

Paulina: Do you have something in mind?

Jake: Look, Paulina, I know I haven't exactly been nice to you. I don't remember a whole lot of the things I did, but knowing me, I know it must not have been nice.

Paulina: Jake.

Jake: If you could just loan me the money ‑‑ now, hear me out for a second.

Paulina: You don't understand something.

Jake: When I get out of this hospital, I'm going to have a steady income. I'm gonna go for bigger clients. I mean, I'll do a video for some top 40 heavy metal and that will clear the air.

Paulina: I can't loan you the money, Jake.

Jake: I'll sign legal documents.

Paulina: I can't loan ‑‑

Jake: I'll even give you 15 per cent interest, all right?

Paulina: $635, that's it. That's all I have in my account.

Jake: What about the money you got from the Cory’s?

Paulina: What money? I don't have it.

Jake: Paulina, look at the dress you're wearing.

Paulina: Rachel bought it for me before she cut me out of Mac’s will.

Jake: What?

Paulina: I'm living at the Commodore Hotel. I don't have a job. And in three weeks, when I pay my rent, I'll be flat broke.

Donna: I don't know why you won't tell me who it is, Mabel.

Mabel: Because I don't know, Donna.

Donna: Well, hi. If I'd known you were coming, I would have put on my gown.

Michael: You look well.

Donna: Thank you, I am well. I've been exercising a lot and reading a lot of good books.

Michael: Good. Why don't we sit down?

Donna: Thanks, I'll just stand.

Michael: You're holding up a lot better than I figured you would in this situation.

Donna: Well, you've always underestimated me.

Michael: Well, that's not true, Donna. You just always insisted on doing things the hard way.

Donna: Why are you here?

Michael: We have a few loose ends to clear up.

Donna: What? What could we possibly have left?

Michael: Your car. I was very surprised to find out about your car.

Donna: My car?

Michael: Mm‑hmm. You know, the car that I had thought was trouble‑free since we bought it last year, only to find out that it had broken down.

Donna: What are you doing?

Michael: Donna, the night Jake was shot, you were with your car in a repair shop, stuck there for two hours.

Donna: No, no, I ‑‑ I was not.

Michael: Donna, I talked to the guy that fixed the car ‑‑ the guy you've been paying off since last October to keep his mouth shut.

Donna: Well, he's lying. He just wants money from you.

Michael: Donna, you were nowhere near Jake’s loft that night.

Donna: I certainly was. I certainly was. I shot Jake.

Michael: No, Donna, you lied to protect Marley and Victoria. I've got a sworn statement. Stacey is down at the D.A.'s right now arranging the terms of your release.

Donna: Michael, for the love of heaven, one of our girls could go to prison for this.

Michael: No, no, no, neither one of our girls shot Jake.

Donna: Morgan Graves doesn't care about that. She just wants our family. She's wanted us for a long time.

Michael: Donna, it's over. You understand? Listen to me. It's over. You are going to be released and neither of our daughters is going to trial for anything. I promise you that.

Donna: I'm going home.

Michael: [Sighs] Obstruction of justice usually carries a jail term, but Stacey’s confident that she can get you off with time served and a very stiff fine.

Donna: I can't believe this is happening.

Michael: You want to sit down? You look a little pale.

Donna: What does this mean for us?

Marley: Dad told me what you did. I guess we should talk.

Cass: I always felt responsible for what happened to you.

Kathleen: Well, now you don't have to.

Cass: I kept feeling like I should have done something to save you. Do you see, that's how I feel right now.

Kathleen: Cass ‑‑

Cass: I missed you so much.

Kathleen: And I missed you.

But I gave you up for a reason.

Cass: We could have done this together.

Kathleen: It would have been impossible.

Cass: Why?

Kathleen: It was easier this way.

Cass: For whom?

Kathleen: For both of us.

Cass: Speak for yourself.

Kathleen: Come on, Cass. Can you imagine changing your name to Chester or something, living your life in the shadows, being a nobody?

Cass: So you can do this, but I can't, is that it?

Kathleen: No, Cass, that was not it. I couldn't do this to you, too. I couldn't risk your life. I couldn't kill you off that way.

Cass: You still don't get it, Kathleen.

Kathleen: I know you loved me and I know you grieved for me, but you found a new life for yourself. You found somebody new to love.

Cass: Thanks to you playing the martyr, cutting me out.

Kathleen: Do you love Frankie?

Cass: Yes, I love Frankie.

Kathleen: Then you have to go to her, because if you don't, you will put all of us in danger.

Cass: There has to be some way to stop this.

Kathleen: Oh, God. Cass, I have thought about this for all of these years, and believe me, there is no way out of this.

Cass: So where are you gonna go?

Kathleen: I can't tell you that because you will come after me.

Joe: Kathleen, I thought you were supposed to meet me. What is he doing here?

Cass: Just stay out of this, ok?

Kathleen: He knows everything, Joe.

Joe: Then you know the kind of danger she is in.

Kathleen: Cass was just leaving.

Cass: The hell I was.

Joe: The hell you're not. Look, before you leave, a little information neither of you know ‑‑ he's out of prison.

Kathleen: I guess I knew this could happen.

Joe: Well, you just get your stuff together. We're out of this country tonight. Forget about the bags.

Cass: No.

Joe: What did you say?

Cass: I said no.

Joe: Let me make this simple for you.

Cass: I can't let Kathleen walk away again.

Joe: If you get in our way, if you follow us, if you even continue acting like she is alive, she will die, absolutely guaranteed.

Kathleen: Please, Cass.

Joe: I thought you told him the whole story.

Kathleen: I did.

Joe: And he's still here. You don't care for this woman.

Cass: She's doing this to protect me. I can take care of myself, and we'll get guards to take care of the rest of the family.

Joe: I don't believe what I'm hearing.

Kathleen: Cass, this is all my fault. Now, Joe’s right. I should have stayed away. Now whether this man and his organization think that I'm alive or dead, I'm still in danger and so is the rest of my family.

Cass: That's it.

Joe: Oh, God.

Cass: I know how to fix this. But, Kathleen, you're gonna have to take the biggest risk of your entire life.

Bridget: Oh, there you are. Here, dear, here's your water. There, now. Did you have a nice run?

Vicky: Was intense.

Bridget: Oh, well, it's a lovely night, a bit warm for this time of year. Is that why you look like you're almost going to pass out?

Vicky: I'm not gonna pass out.

Bridget: Oh, well, I'll draw you a nice bath.

Vicky: Please, put ice cubes in it. How's Steven?

Bridget: Oh, he's fine.

Vicky: Oh, good.

Bridget: Did any ‑‑ anything interesting happen while you were out on your run?

Vicky: No.

Bridget: Oh. Well, I'll make us a cup of tea then.

Vicky: Bridget, dear.

Bridget: Hmm?

Vicky: Has Ryan called today?

Bridget: Ryan?

Vicky: Yes, Ryan.

Bridget: Oh, well, now, was it yesterday? Oh, I get ‑‑

Vicky: He was running in the park.

Bridget: Oh, isn't that nice?

Vicky: How do you suppose he knew that I was there?

Bridget: Well, maybe he just followed you.

Vicky: I went out the service entrance. He wouldn't have known that I was running unless somebody told him.

Bridget: Ah, yes, would you like your tea, your bath ‑‑

Vicky: Bridget. Bridget!

Bridget: You are so stubborn.

Vicky: How am I ever supposed to shake him if you give him the itinerary for the rest of my life?

Bridget: You're not going to shake him because you're in love with him. Stick your head in the bath water. Maybe it will give you some sense. [Gasps]

Ryan: Sorry.

Bridget: Shh. She knows that I've been talking to you.

Ryan: Well, don't worry about it. She'll get over it. What are her plans for dinner?

Bridget: I don't know. She never told me.

Ryan: Hmm.

Bridget: Can I call you?

Ryan: You're one of a kind, Bridget Connell.

Bridget: Oh, I'm losing patience with her.

Ryan: Oh, that's impossible. So where is she now, hmm?

Bridget: Oh, she's taking a bath.

Ryan: Oh, good.

Bridget: I told her ‑‑ I told her to soak her head in the tub.


Vicky: Traitor.

Ryan: Uh ‑‑

Michael: I'm going down to the D.A.'s to check on your release.

Donna: It's wonderful to see you, darling.

Marley: What you did, uh ‑‑

Donna: I couldn't let you go to prison for something you didn't do.

Marley: So you went instead?

Donna: I'd do it again in a second.

Marley: It was a very generous act. I'm surprised you did it.

Donna: I finally did the right thing.

Marley: You knew that you would go to jail if you said you shot Jake. You knew that the only way the Judge would believe you was if you admitted the truth about your affair with Jake.

Donna: I didn't think I had a choice.

Marley: You knew you would lose Michael, me, even Vicky.

You had already lost Mikey. I ‑‑ I guess you gave up your life for me.

Donna: I'm your mother.

Your father thinks I'm going to be released.

Marley: Yes, I know.

Donna: Marley, what I would like is if we could just try again. I won't push you. I won't rush you. We can talk about everything very slowly. I ‑‑ would you please let me be your mother again?

Vicky: Well, if it isn't Ryan and Farrah.

Bridget: Well, now, if you don't take your bath pretty soon, it's going to be quite brisk.

Vicky: I should throw you both in my bath headfirst.

Bridget: I'm game.

Vicky: Bridget, if I can't trust you, who can I trust?

Bridget: Oh, you ‑‑ you never know what's best for you. That's the trouble.

Vicky: Oh, but you and Bruce Jenner here do.

Ryan: Now, wait a second. I am way cuter than Bruce Jenner.

Vicky: Shut up.

Ryan: Do you want to have dinner?

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Neither one of you move. Hello?

Bridget: I think we've got her on the run.

Vicky: Oh, hi. What?

Ryan: I think something happened.

Vicky: Yeah, I'm on my way. It's Mom ‑‑ she's been released. Uh, Bridget, I'll fill you in on the way. Go get Steven ready, please. We've got to go home and see Mom.

Bridget: Yes, of course, dear. Right away.

Vicky: Did you know about this?

Ryan: The release? I figured something like this would happen after what your father told me.

Vicky: Morgan's gonna come after you like gangbusters, you know.

Ryan: Me?

Vicky: She wants someone to blame. She lost her conviction again.

Ryan: Oh, I didn't think you cared.

Vicky: About what?

Ryan: Me.

Vicky: I don’t. I just don't want my family being responsible for you being unemployed again.

Ryan: Yeah, right, right.

Vicky: I have to get dressed.

Ryan: You coming back home for good?

Vicky: Forget it. I'm not interested.

Ryan: See you in Bay City.

Vicky: Don't you even think for one second that you are off the hook.

Ryan: For what?

Vicky: For sweet‑talking Bridget into collusion.

Ryan: That's a really big word for you, Vicky. That's good.

Vicky: Get out.

Ryan: I'm going. I'm going.

Vicky: And quit following me. It's very unbecoming.

Ryan: For you or me?

Vicky: Out. Out ‑‑ get out!

Ryan: I love you, sweetheart.

Donna: I know we have a long way to go.

Marley: I just ‑‑ I don't think I can do it.

Donna: Marley, I love you so much. I hated having you think that I would let you stand trial just so I could protect myself.

Marley: No matter what you did, no matter how good your intentions were, you still lied to me.

Donna: But it's the only way I could be sure you wouldn't go to prison.

Marley: You had sex with my husband.

Donna: I know, I know. Believe me, I know.

Marley: If you had told me, if you had ‑‑ [Sighs] I can't talk about this.

Donna: Don't shut me out now, Marley, please.

Marley: I don't know what I'm doing. All I know is that my life turned upside down that night and nothing has been the same since. By some miracle, I haven't lost Jamie.

Donna: He loves you very much.

Marley: But I didn't trust that because I thought I owed something to Jake, which I wouldn't have owed ‑‑

Donna: I know you want me to be punished. I am being punished. I've lost everyone I ever loved.

Marley: You sold out your son to save your reputation and your marriage. Why didn't you keep on lying? Why ‑‑ why did you change your mind in the end?

Donna: Because I lost my son, and I wasn't gonna let you spend the next 15 years in jail.

Marley: But you knew the stakes. You must have known that I would never forgive you for sleeping with Jake.

Donna: But you have your life back. At least I have some peace of mind with that.

Marley: I cannot put this on a shelf and forget about it.

Donna: I'm not asking you to do that. I'm just asking to try, just a chance to try.

Marley: No, I can’t.

Donna: Well, maybe in time, you can.

Marley: You had sex with my husband. You lied to me. No matter what happens between us, that's not going to change.

Donna: Marley, I wanted you to escape the pain. I still do.

Marley: That's not possible. No one is paying for this more than I am ‑‑ no one.

Joe: Kathleen, now.

Cass: You used to trust me.

Kathleen: I still do.

Cass: Are you sure?

Kathleen: Yes.

Cass: You trust that my idea could possibly save us?

Joe: All we're missing is violin music ‑‑

Cass: Look at me, Kathleen.

Joe: Stop doing this to her.

Cass: Put a sock in it, Joe. You taught yourself to walk again. You can beat this, too.

Joe: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Cass: You followed me to St. Thomas. You risked everything to bring me home. Do you remember that?

Kathleen: Yes.

Cass: Then don't stop now. Fight these people. Get your life back. Trust me. Trust yourself, Kathleen.

Joe: I, for one, am not going to forget this touching moment, even after this guy's hit man has picked off her family one by one. If I destroyed the mood here, I'm sorry. He will kill them. He will kill you. He will kill me. He will kill him. And then everything you've fought to protect, Kathleen, will be taken away. We will all die. And about that, you can trust me.

Jamie: You had a pretty full day.

Marley: I know.

Jamie: But you're glad Donna isn't the one, aren't you?

Marley: Yes.

Jamie: But you're not ready to take her back yet?

Marley: I don't think I could ever do that.

Jamie: And Jake?

Marley: What about him?

Jamie: You think you'll be able to let go of him?

Marley: What do you mean?

Jamie: While you were with Donna, I did some thinking.

Marley: Jamie, I love you. I'm not going to go ‑‑

Jamie: Marley, I know you love me.

But everything that's happened is unsettled. Jake lingered in a coma for months and ‑‑ and now he's awake, but he doesn't remember anything.

Marley: And?

Jamie: And Donna says that she shot Jake and she spent some time in jail, but now she's going free because she's not guilty in the first place.

Marley: Jamie, I'm not sure what you're saying.

Jamie: I'm saying I think you need to find a place to lay blame, and you can't find one. You blame Jake for what he did to you, but you feel like he's been paying for it.

Marley: No, that's not true.

Jamie: Yes, it is, Marley.

Marley: All right, what are you suggesting I do?

Jamie: End it.

Marley: End it, how?

Jamie: Free yourself. Let go of all the anger and the hurt, and make Jake pay for what he's done. Press charges. Make Jake pay for what he's done. He raped you, now send him to prison.

Jake: Rachel's still gonna check on it, right?

Paulina: She's trying.

Jake: You still think you're Mac Cory’s daughter?

Paulina: I know that I am. But after everything that's happened, she's not about to let me back into their lives unless she has solid proof.

Jake: She might get it.

Paulina: She might. But if she doesn't, life goes on. I know who my father was. I don't care if anybody else believes it. I used to, but I don't anymore.

Jake: Still leaves me with a big problem. I don't know how I'm gonna pay this.

Paulina: I'm sure you'll figure out a way, Jake.

Jake: You were my last hope.

Paulina: I'm sorry. I wish I could help.

Jake: Well, don't worry. It's not your fault.

Paulina: Uh, I should get going. I should at least see if Grant's waiting for me. He's supposed to pick me up here.

Jake: Where are you guys going?

Paulina: Oh, I don't know. He likes to surprise me.

Jake: You really like this guy, don't you?

Paulina: Yes, I do.

Jake: Paulina ‑‑ don't go yet.

Stacey: So the Judge will make her decision in the morning.

Michael: So what do you think?

Stacey: Well, I can't say for sure, but I think that Donna might be out of here by tomorrow night.

Michael: Great. Stacey, you've been so ‑‑ thank you. Just, thanks. I'll go tell Donna.

Stacey: All right. I'll meet you back here.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Have I really lost you?

Kathleen: I can't take the chance.

Cass: You won't even listen?

Kathleen: I can’t. I told you.

Cass: What if I told you that you could come back to Bay City and tell everyone what's happened?

Joe: I'd say we need your straightjacket size.

Cass: Don't you see? If you stand up to these people, they can't touch you. They can't touch any of us if we go public.

Kathleen: You sound like you've worked all of this out.

Joe: Kathleen, don't listen to him.

Cass: Worked it out? Nay, I'm gonna give you your life back. Now, what do you have to say about that?

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