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Another World Transcript Tuesday 2/6/07

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Rachel: Hi, we're here to help.

Matt: Hey, great.

Rachel: Look, it looks great.

Matt: How are you doing?

Amanda: Hi.

Matt: Hey. Amanda, you could have worn something a little less corporate, but hey, no problem. Hilda ‑‑ where is she? I thought she was going to join us.

Rachel: Oh, she was dying to come but, um, Walter, um, abducted her for a special birthday [Indistinct], So ‑‑

Matt: Oh well, great. How do I look? Wasn't sure you'd recognize me.

Rachel: Oh, I almost didn’t.

Amanda: How did you get your hair to do that?

Matt: Don't touch it. Do you think that ‑‑ that it just happens?

Amanda: [Chuckles]

Rachel: Oh, um, how many people are you expecting?

Matt: Well, I mean we had, uh ‑‑

Lindsey: Matt? I love your limo. It is so much better than Daddy's. [Giggles]

Matt: Uh, Lindsey, you know my mother and, uh, my sister Amanda.

Lindsey: Oh, nice to see you both again. [Giggles] Do you know this man sent a limo to pick me up?

Matt: Well ‑‑

Rachel: Ah, interesting.

Lindsey: He's very generous.

Matt: Mm.

Rachel: Yeah, well, that would be one word for it.

Lindsey: [Giggles]

Matt: I don't want D&M Productions to get a rep as being cheap.

Amanda: Have I told you how happy I am you didn't go into business with a guy named Scott?

Matt: [Chuckles]

Rachel: Amanda.

Amanda: [Chuckles]

Rachel: Where is Dean anyway?

Matt: Late as usual. But that's ok. He's an artist ‑‑ you know he's supposed to be late. I don't know. He's bringing a date. He's probably spending two hours in front of the mirror ‑‑

Dean: Hey!

Matt: There he is.

Dean: Are we late for the punch or what?

Lindsey: I thought you were bringing someone.

Dean: Ah, I did. [Clears throat]

Jenna: Hi.

Rachel: Wow, Jenna.

Matt: Jenna, is that you?


Marley: No, I won't. Because it's about 220 degrees colder than it was the last time we were here ‑‑

Jamie: Oh, come on. For old time's sake. I'll bring the life preserver and ‑‑ and the champagne.

Marley: You're teasing me.

Jamie: Yes, I am. Kiss me.

[Telephone rings]

Jamie: I don't believe this. Stay there, stay there.

Marley: We're going to wake the Germans next door.

Jamie: Probably. Shh. You're ‑‑ you're going to get us kicked out of here.

Marley: I am?

Jamie: You are ‑‑ shh. Hello.

Jake: Hello, Jamie. It's Jake.

Jamie: Jake.

Ada: There you go, Michael.

Michael: Thanks, Ada.

Ada: You holding up ok?

Michael: You know me. Like a rock.

Ada: Uh‑huh. Rocks can crumble, you know?

Michael: Well, I got this feeling that if I haven't crumbled by now, I don't think it's going to happen.

Ada: [Chuckles] Good. Uh, did you say you're waiting for Stacey?

Michael: Mm‑hmm. Is she here?

Ada: Front and center.

Stacey: Hi, Ada. How are you doing?

Ada: Hi, Stacey ‑ good. Good to see you.

Stacey: Hi, Michael. Good to see you. I just got out of court. I came over as soon as I can. Something happened?

Michael: Something big.

Stacey: Did Jake talk?

Michael: Better than that. I found out who the guy was who was whispering to Donna at the sentencing last week.

Stacey: No kidding.

Michael: Yeah. Wait till you hear this. You won't believe it.

Cass: I mean it, Kathleen. I want to know what's going on. I want to know why you're here. I want to know where you've been for the past few years. I want to know who this clown is, and I want to know how you go around pretending to be dead. I thought you loved me, Kathleen.

Kathleen: Joe, this is Cass and his wife Frankie.

Cass: Joe? Joe who?

Kathleen: Joe and I are together. I don't know how to make that any clearer to you, Cass.

Frankie: You told me you were on your own.

Joe: Let's get out of here.

Kathleen: I came to see Jake.

Joe: This is not the time.

Kathleen: I am not leaving until I see Jake.

Cass: Why do you want to see Jake?

Kathleen: He's my family.

Cass: And then what? Do we swear him to secrecy, too?

Kathleen: Visiting hours are over, but I have to see Jake tonight. Now, can you help me, Cass?

Cass: I'm not doing anything until I get some answers.

Joe: We ‑‑ we have to get out of here ‑‑

Cass: Is this guy hurting you, Kathleen? Don't be afraid. Just tell me.

Joe: No one ‑‑ no one is hurting anyone yet.

Cass: I know you, Kathleen. You wouldn't be doing any of this unless someone was threatening you or forcing you ‑‑

Kathleen: Cass, would you just stop it. Now, Joe is my life now, ok? Joe is the one that found me. He believed in me. And he gave me back my life.

Cass: Do you hear yourself? Don't you see who you're talking to?

Kathleen: Cass, you are not the only man in the world. And I am not the same person that you knew before. Now, I used to love you. But I don't anymore. And I'm sorry if that hurts you. But it's over.

Cass: This isn't over. You're not being straight with me.

Kathleen: Yes, I am, and the sooner that you accept it, the better off we will all be. I have to see Jake.

Kathleen: Cass, help me to get in to see Jake, and I will get out of your life forever.

Please, Cass. Help me.

Jamie: When?

Jake: I need to speak to Marley.

Jamie: How long have you been conscious, Jake?

Jake: I'm not really that ‑‑ that good with time, Jamie. Please put Marley on the phone.

Jamie: No.

Jake: The nurses say you saved my life. I suppose I owe you one.

Jamie: No, Jake, you don't owe me ‑‑

Jake: They said you could've let me die, but you never gave up.

Jamie: Yeah, well I'm starting to think I made the wrong decision.

Jake: Please put Marley on the phone.

Jamie: She doesn't want to talk to you, Jake ‑‑

Jake: Just let her tell me that, Jamie.

Jamie: Marley. She doesn't want to talk to you. Now forget about her and forget about us. It's over.

Jake: I have to explain things to her, Jamie. I have to tell her I'm sorry about ‑‑

Jamie: Look, it's over. Drop it ‑‑

Jake: No!

Jamie: Don't call here again, Jake, ok?

Jake: Jamie. Damn it, Jamie.

Jamie: I'm sorry.

Marley: How does he sound?

Jamie: We knew he was getting better. We knew that he could come out of the coma at any time.

Marley: The sea is so peaceful tonight. Almost like it was a year ago. I thought I had everything worked out that night.

Jamie: Had what worked out, honey?

Marley: I told myself there will be no more fear, there will be no more safe roads. And everything I've done since that night has just blown up in my face.

Jamie: No, that's not true. We're here.

Marley: And look what it cost us to get here.

Jamie: We should have stayed together that night. Every night.

Marley: I was such a fool.

Jamie: Marley, you did what you thought was right.

Marley: I have to take responsibility for this. If I don't, I haven't learned a thing.

Matt: You look great. I mean really great.

Jenna: Thanks. I, um, thought I'd try something different.

Matt: It works.

Lindsey: You know what? Matt, honey, I'd like to have that private tour of the upstairs now.

Matt: Now?

Lindsey: Mm‑hmm. Before anyone else gets here.

Matt: Hmm, well, I still have a little setting up to do down here ‑‑

Lindsey: Well ‑‑

Amanda: [Clears throat] Mom. Mom.

Rachel: What? Oh, right! Oh, it's ok. We're here. Uh, you take care of your friends.

Lindsey: Alone.

Matt: We'll be right back.

Dean: All right. [Sighs]

Jenna: I didn't do anything.

Dean: Exactly. I ‑‑ "I wanted to try something different"? What ‑‑

[Glasses clink]

Dean: What was that, an 8 1/2 on the lame scale, sweetheart? I ‑‑ I ‑‑

Jenna: Dean, this is hard enough for me as it is, ok?

Dean: Hard? Why? Why is it hard, Jenna? I ‑‑ I ‑‑ I picked out your clothes for you. I told you what to do with your hair and your makeup, right? I told you, all you have to do is smile and wiggle your hips, ok? That's it. Why can't you even just get that straight ‑‑

Jenna: Ok, ok, ok. Just tell me what to do now, ok?

Dean: Are you gonna listen?

Jenna: Yeah, I'm gonna listen. You started this. You're gonna help me finish it.

Dean: [Chuckles]

Rachel: Sam's gonna be here, you know.

Amanda: I know.

Rachel: You gonna be all right?

Amanda: Sure. Matt wants Sam as his art director. And he's the best. We know that.

Rachel: Yes, but are you going to be all right?

Amanda: I'm going to be fine, Mom. Sam doesn't bother me like that anymore. I don't break into a sweat every time he walks in the room. I'm ‑‑ I'm over that. Duty calls.

Ryan: Hi.

Amanda: Hi. Thanks for coming.

Ryan: This place sure is a lot different than the last time I was here.

Amanda: Oh, thankfully.

Ryan: Right.

Amanda: You're not going to be thinking about business while you're here, are you?

Ryan: No.

Amanda: Good. You're off duty?

Ryan: As of 10 minutes ago.

Amanda: Great. Come on. Let's get some champagne and celebrate my brother's new business. Here.

Ryan: Champagne.

Amanda: To the present.

Ryan: The present.

This evening turned out to be an awful lot better than I expected.

Vicky: For me, too.

Amanda: You don't want to toast to the present? Ryan, you ok?

Ryan: Perfect.

Rachel: Hi.

Felicia: What, no leather?

Rachel: [Laughs] Please. How are you?

Felicia: I'm fine. How are you?

Rachel: Hi, Luke.

Lucas: Hi. I hear big things about Matt's project.

Rachel: Well, he spared no expense with this party.

Felicia: Yeah, I can see that.

Lucas: Yes, yes.

Felicia: So, is Jenna here yet?

Rachel: Ah, yeah ‑‑ yeah, she's here.

Felicia: Is she?

Rachel: Uh‑huh.

Felicia: Well, you know, we came straight from Luke’s place, so I haven't really seen her yet.

Rachel: Well, I want to be there when you do.

Felicia: Really? Oh, listen, I also want you to know, you know, I wasn't so hot on Matthew and Dean getting together, but you know, the more I thought about it ‑‑

Lucas: Your son is a risk taker. I think that's a good thing.

Rachel: Don't say that.

Felicia: Yeah, if anybody can reign in Dean, I'm sure it's Matthew.

Lucas: Absolutely.

Rachel: Well, I wish he was here to host his party.

Felicia: He's not here?

Rachel: Oh, yes he's here. He's just, uh, distracted.

Matt: Hey, how are you doing? Ah, Lucas, Felicia. How are you?

Felicia: Hi, honey.

Matt: Thank you for coming.

Felicia: How are you? This is wonderful space.

Matt: Isn't it great? It's great. Dean! Dean! Come on over here for a second.

Dean: Hey. Hey, guys. Thanks for coming to our party.

Felicia: Yeah, you're welcome.

Dean: Thank you very much. What happened ‑‑

Lucas: Jenna?

Felicia: Where?

Jenna: Hi, Felicia.

Lucas: Felicia, meet Jenna.

Jenna: I, uh, borrowed one of your earrings. I hope you don't mind.

Felicia: Uh, no. It looks nice.

Jenna: Yeah?

Felicia: Where's the other one?

Jenna: Um...

Dean: I was gonna wear it, but it didn't go with my look.

Felicia: [Laughs]

Jenna: I'm, um, I'm sorry I didn't wear the dress that you bought me.

Felicia: Oh, honey, no. I mean, why should you? Look how well you did all on your own.

Jenna: Yeah?

Felicia: Yeah.

Jenna: You like?

Felicia: Oh, and those jeans ‑‑ maybe I can borrow them sometime. I can wrap them around my arm.

Jenna: [Laughs]

Felicia: You look great, honey. So...

Vicky: Bridget! Steven: [Screams]

Where are you?

Bridget: I'm right here.

Vicky: Oh, look at everything we bought.

Bridget: Oh, look.

Vicky: [Breathless] We went to the Brookfield zoo. We went to Wrigley field. Got ‑‑

[Laughs] Got my baby a hat. We had the greatest day. Didn't we?

Bridget: Oh, my.

Vicky: What? What are you disapproving of?

Bridget: I never had a disapproving look.

Vicky: [Imitates animal noise] You know what? I was doing my son a disservice raising him in that hick town.

Bridget: Why do you say that?

Vicky: Because there was nothing there to stimulate his imagination. Here, there's a hundred things. You should have seen him. He was pointing and looking and ‑‑ and gazing and ‑‑ we were talking ‑‑

Bridget: Yes, and gagging on the smog that's here.

Vicky: What smog?

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, I don't like the ‑‑ the air that's here.

Vicky: [Laughs] What is the matter with the air?

Bridget: Oh, never mind. Never mind.

Vicky: You know what else?

Bridget: What?

Vicky: My son is going to have the best education that money can buy.

Bridget: Bay City has a wonderful public education system.

Vicky: Public shmublic. He is going to private school and then right on to the Ivy League.

Bridget: He has a wonderful back yard in Bay City.

Vicky: And he's got Lincoln Park here. I got him on nine waiting lists today.

Bridget: For what?

Vicky: Preschool.

Bridget: Oh, I give up.

Vicky: Bridget, I am only trying to do what's best for him.

Bridget: Well, then take him back home. Give him back his ‑‑ his back yard in Bay City.

Vicky: You're not listening to me.

Bridget: Oh, yes I am. It's you that's not listening to yourself. Come on, Steven. Let's go make some scotch shortbread.

Vicky: [Laughs] What?

Bridget: I think we can make it there just as well as we can here. Come on, laddie, let's go. I really need some help. I don't think I can do it alone. Oh, by the way ‑‑ oh, my ‑‑ you had a phone call while you were gone.

Vicky: Oh?

Bridget: Well, it was your father. He wants you to call him. He says it's urgent. Come on. Let's go, shall we? Here we go now.

Vicky: [Sighs]

Michael: I pulled a few strings with a connection of mine over at the Motor Vehicles. They gave me the guy's address. I went over there. The guy is a mechanic.

Stacey: A mechanic?

Michael: A mechanic. And the night Jake was shot, at exactly the time the D.A. says he was shot, he was fixing Donna’s car.

Stacey: So, was Donna there?

Michael: [Whispering] Come here. Come here.

Donna was there the whole time. It took hours.

Stacey: So then ‑‑

Michael: There's no way she could have pulled the trigger.

Stacey: I can't believe it.

Michael: Yeah.

Stacey: You were right all along.

Michael: It means that Donna’s covering for someone.

Stacey: Well, you have to talk to the D.A.

Michael: No, no.

Stacey: She'll drop the charges immediately ‑‑

Michael: Yeah, but then she might try to institute charges against Marley or Victoria.

Stacey: But you don't think that Victoria shot Jake, do you?

Michael: No. But the D.A. might. Look, I know now, more than ever, that neither of my daughters could have been involved in what happened to Jake. They would have come forward. They would never let Donna take the blame.

Stacey: But you still have to come forward with this information. And now that you told me, I've got to come forward with it, too.

Michael: No, Stacey. After what my family has been through, I ‑‑ I'm not going to do anything ‑‑

Stacey: But, Michael ‑‑

Michael: Until I can prove who shot Jake. I'm telling you, I am not going to risk one of my daughters going to jail.

Dean: [Whispering] This time, when he comes over here, just ‑‑ I don't ‑‑ just go for it, ok?

Jenna: Go for what?

Dean: The whole ‑‑ the whole thing, Jenna. Just pay attention to me.

Matt: Jenna, would you like to dance?

Jenna: Um...

Dean: Go ahead. Go ahead, Jenna. Great song to dance to. Easy, easy song to dance to.

Matt: Come on.

Dean: Know what I mean? Go ‑‑ go ahead.

Jenna: I'm sorry. I ‑‑ I ‑‑ I don't know how to dance.

Matt: Wha ‑‑

Lindsey: I love this song. Come on. Let's dance.

Dean: [Sighs] Honey, you are hopeless, all right?

Felicia: Hey, honey.

Sam: Hi, Felicia.

Felicia: Hi.

Sam: How are you?

Felicia: Is Olivia here?

Sam: Hmm?

Felicia: Olivia. I ‑‑ I ‑‑ haven't seen her.

Sam: No, no, no. She's in New York with a ballet company, practicing.

Felicia: Oh, really. I didn't know that.

Sam: I miss her like crazy.

Felicia: Yeah, I can see that.

Ryan: Your ex‑husband can't keep his eyes off you.

Amanda: I don't care.

Ryan: Do you like making him jealous?

Amanda: I like dancing.

Ryan: Oh.

Amanda: And this is much better, don't you think?

Ryan: Mm.

Vicky: Are you sure you want to do this?

Ryan: Very sure.

Amanda: Who's not over whom?

Ryan: What?

Amanda: You keep telling me I'm not over Sam, but I get the feeling everything that we do reminds you of Vicky.

Ryan: Oh, um, no, not ‑‑ not everything. Every other thing ‑‑ but what difference does it make? It's over.

Michael: Uh, excuse me, Ryan, can I talk to you for a minute?

Ryan: What, now?

Michael: Yeah, now. Amanda, would you mind? Would you excuse us please? Come on.

Ryan: What is this about?

Michael: Ryan, Donna didn't shoot Jake. And I need your help to make sure Victoria doesn't get prosecuted for it. Will you help me?

Bridget: Did you call your Dad?

Vicky: I left a message.

Bridget: Did you call anybody else while I was gone?

Vicky: Nope.

Bridget: Victoria.

Vicky: No, I did not call Ryan.

Bridget: Oh, fine.

Vicky: Actually, I ‑‑ I haven't even thought about Ryan since I left Bay City.

Bridget: You better watch out. Your nose is going to grow.

Vicky: No, it isn’t.

Bridget: No, wait a minute. I'm not through with you.

Vicky: Yes you are.

Bridget: No, wait a minute. Wait a minute, now.

Vicky: Hmm?

Bridget: What are you going to do?

Vicky: With the rest of my life or just the next 10 minutes?

Bridget: Victoria.

Vicky: I promised I would read my son a story. Is that ok with you?

Bridget: Is that going to be enough for you? I mean living here with me and Steven. Is that going to be enough to make you happy?

Vicky: For now.

Marley: I'm sorry I got so upset about Jake calling.

Jamie: Hearing his voice after all this time ‑‑ after what he did ‑‑ no wonder you're upset.

Marley: I keep seeing his face, Donna just leaving him there.

Jamie: Those images will fade.

Marley: I hope so.

Jamie: Why don't you close your eyes and think about something that makes you happy.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: Think about how lucky we are to have each other.

Marley: Mm‑hmm.

Jamie: And how beautiful it is here.

Marley: Mm‑hmm.

Jamie: And how much I love you.

Marley: [Giggles]

Jamie: What do you see?

Marley: You.

Kathleen: Hi, Jake.

Jake: What the hell?

Kathleen: I know ‑‑ I ‑‑ I pulled a fast one on everybody. I'm alive.

Jake: The plane crash.

Kathleen: It's ‑‑ I can't explain it, honey. I don't have enough time. I came because I have to ask you a few questions. Do you feel like you're up to it?

Jake: Me? What about you? Everybody thought you were dead.

Kathleen: It's very complicated.

Jake: Oh, I know ‑‑ this is the coma. I'm still dreaming.

Kathleen: No, it's real.

Jake: Ow!

Kathleen: See? I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Jake: Me, too.

Kathleen: I visited you a couple of times when you were in the coma. Do you remember?

Jake: [Whispers] No.

[Normal voice] This is incredible. You look great.

Kathleen: I've been very worried about you.

Jake: Vince was here. He didn't say anything about this.

Kathleen: Pops doesn't know that I'm alive.

Jake: [Whispers] What?

Kathleen: You can't tell him. Listen to me, please. I have to know ‑‑

Jake: Does Cass know?

Kathleen: No ‑‑ I have to know ‑‑

Jake: Does Cass know you're here?

Kathleen: I have to know who did this to you, sweetheart. I have to know. Now, I want you to focus on this a minute. I ‑‑ I understand that ‑‑ that you don't remember things very well.

Jake: No, I don't ‑‑

Kathleen: Think ‑‑ think very hard about this, ok? It's very important, for you and for me. Do you understand?

Jake: No.

Kathleen: Jake, who shot you?

Frankie: Cass, don't you think we should talk about ‑‑

Cass: Look, if I'm going to find out anything, I have to win Kathleen’s trust. Do you understand?

Frankie: What are you saying?

Cass: She doesn't know you. She doesn't have any reason to trust you. I know how to get to her. So let me do this my way. Baby, it isn't something that you can do for me, ok?

Frankie: No, Cass. It's not ok.

Dean: All right. Well, are you ready for the Dean Frame plan on how to snag a man? Huh?

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: All right, good.

Jenna: Shoot.

Dean: Good. Now, first of all, you have gotten past what I might add is the most difficult hump in what we're dealing with here, ok?

Jenna: What's that?

Dean: Well, you've absolutely got Matt's attention. It's mostly my doing, but that's ok. You're ‑‑ you're ready for step number two. [Sighs]

Jenna: Which is?

Dean: Eye contact.

Jenna: Eye contact?

Dean: Eye contact. Rips guys' hearts out every single time.

Jenna: Show me.

Dean: Ok. All right. [Clears throat] You spot Matt from across the room, ok? You look at him until he eventually turns around and sees that you're staring at him. He stares back.

Jenna: Well, I'd look away.

Dean: No ‑‑ no, you wouldn’t. No, you wouldn’t. See, that's the secret. No matter what, you keep your eyes there. Lock in. Like this, Jenna. Lock in.

Jenna: [Sighs]

Dean: Ok. Jenna, come on. Come on.

Jenna: [Sighs] I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Ok, let's try it again.

Dean: Ok.

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: Lock in.

Jenna: Better?

Dean: Better. Bet ‑‑ better. Just do it longer, ok? And do not, under any circumstances, look away.

Jenna: [Sighs] Ok, what's next?

Dean: Ok. Now, uh, a little, sweet smile. Show me. No, I said sweet, Jenna. Sweet. Not ‑‑ not sick. Just try it again.

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: You got it. That's perfect. That's perfect. That's perfect.

Jenna: Oh, I'm almost afraid of what's probably next ‑‑

Dean: Don't be.

Jenna: Go ahead. Now, this is ‑‑ this is what's probably going to happen next.

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: He's gonna ‑‑ he's gonna walk over to you. Ok?

Jenna: Oh, boy.

Dean: Now, he's gonna hang around you. He's gonna hang near you. And he's gonna ‑‑ he's gonna ‑‑ um, well, he ‑‑ he's nervous, too, ok? Don't forget that. He's nervous. But, uh, he's wondering "is she interested in me?" "Is this very hot woman looking at me?" So, 'cause he's nervous, he's ‑‑ he's not gonna talk right away.

Jenna: Uh‑huh.

Dean: Ok?

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: Ok. So, that's when you touch him.

Jenna: I what?

Dean: Now, relax. I didn't say you have to maul the guy or anything. But when you want his attention, you ‑‑ say you're talking to him or something, ok? You sort of reach out your hand and brush it against his like this. No, what's better ‑‑ take ‑‑ take his hand. Take it. Just lightly sort of take it. But don't hold it. No ‑‑ just ‑‑ just brush ‑‑ just take. Don't give him the Vulcan death grip, Jenna, ok? All right. Just take it. Sort of ‑‑ when you're talking, take it like this. Yeah. That's perfect. Perfect, ok, so let's take this from the top. I'm gonna be Matt. You're obviously Jenna, ok? All right. So I'm Matt. I'm just hanging out. I'm Matt.

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: I'm Matt. [Sighs] [Whispers] Hi.

Jenna: Hi.

Dean: That's perfect.

Matt: Hey, guys, I was look ‑‑ sorry.

Dean: [Sighs]

Jenna: Oh, that's just great. Now he's gonna think I'm interested in you. How disgusting.

[Door slams]

Dean: Disgusting? [Whispers] Disgusting. That's the thanks you get.

Amanda: Hey, kid. Buy me a club soda.

Lucas: Sure.

Amanda: [Laughs]

Lucas: How are you doing?

Amanda: Oh, I'm coping. How are you?

Lucas: I've had better weeks.

Amanda: Did you make up with Felicia? Thanks.

Lucas: Uh, no, not yet.

Amanda: Did you ask her to marry you ‑‑

Lucas: No, not yet.

[Both chuckle]

Lucas: I mean, every time we talk, I ‑‑ I get into a fight with her. I don't know.

Amanda: Well, maybe if you were to ask her, you wouldn't be fighting.

Lucas: Well, I keep carrying the ring around. I mean, I'm afraid I'm gonna get mugged.

[Both chuckle]

Felicia: Hey, you two.

Lucas and Amanda: Hi.

Felicia: What are you whispering about over here?

Amanda: Oh, it's a great party. Right?

Felicia: Well, yeah. The music is a little loud for me, but yes, it's great ‑‑

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Having a good time?

Amanda: Yes. You?

Sam: Yeah, great.

Felicia: Luke, uh, why don't we go get something to eat.

Lucas: Great idea.

Felicia: Great idea, yeah. See you, kids.

Lucas: So long.

Amanda: So, um, where's Olivia?

Sam: New York.

Amanda: Oh.

Sam: Yeah. And where's Ryan?

Amanda: Oh, he's off talking to Michael or something.

Sam: Oh. Well, your brother's flowing a ‑‑ throwing a first‑class operation here tonight.

Amanda: Yeah, he is. I just hope he, uh, doesn't empty out his trust fund before he has his first record deal.

Sam: Yeah, he's really excited about his work.

Amanda: As long as the excitement doesn't get him too wrapped up. This can be a very complicated business. And very expensive.

Sam: And creative.

Amanda: Yes.

Sam: But, uh, we both know what that's like. Getting too involved with our work, I guess.

Amanda: Yes, but we had each other. We looked out for each other, didn't we?

Michael: Come on, now. I need your help on this. Marley and Victoria are going to come back into town in the middle of this unless I find out who shot Jake.

Ryan: Why are you telling me this?

Michael: Because I can't make an official report for obvious reasons.

Ryan: So you want me to risk my badge again for your family.

Michael: I thought you cared about my family.

Ryan: You can count me out. I've had this headache before.

Michael: Wait a minute, pal. Look, I know you're in love with Victoria. Your pride is hurt and you won't admit it. But you can't stay out of this. And you know that. And I know that. So you know where I am, all right? You know how to get in touch with me.

Ryan: [Whispers] Damn it.

Hey, Carlos, it's Harrison. Listen, can you, uh, can you requisition a PD chopper? Um, 20 minutes? Of course it's police business. Don't know ‑‑ you're a creative guy. You'll find a reason.

Jake: I'm sorry. I don't remember ‑‑ I don't remember anything about the A.V. What does it matter anyway?

Kathleen: Like I said, it's complicated ‑‑

Jake: Does this have something to do with why you're back here?

Kathleen: I'm not back for very long. And I'm still dead as far as you know, ok? Nobody can know that I'm alive.

Jake: You're in trouble, aren't you?

Kathleen: Don't ask me questions I can't answer.

Jake: Let me help.

Kathleen: Jake, some good you'd be.

Jake: [Groans]

Kathleen: Listen. In time, when you get better, you may remember some things about that night. Now, if you remember anything that is remotely confusing to you ‑‑

Jake: Wait ‑‑ what do you mean confusing?

Kathleen: If you remember anyone that ‑‑ that you don't know, you have to let me know right away. Do you promise me that?

Jake: How ‑‑ how will I reach you?

Kathleen: I'll be in touch. I'll let you know how to get in touch with me, ok?

Jake: Kathleen... he's married, you know.

Kathleen: I know.

Jake: You two guys are ‑‑

Kathleen: Things change, Jake. Things change. You should know better than anyone. It's good seeing you.

Jake: Can you stay a while?

Kathleen: No, honey, I can’t.

Jake: Kathleen. It's really good to see you.

Frankie: [Whispering] Don't want you to talk to her alone.

Cass: She'll talk to me, but you can't be here.

Frankie: Why not?

Cass: Because you're the reason she's not talking.

Frankie: I am?

Cass: Yes. She doesn't want to cause any trouble for us, so she's keeping quiet.

Frankie: [Sighs] If she didn't want to cause any trouble for us, why the hell did she come back to town in the first place?

Cass: You know, if you had come to me from the start and told me she was alive, we could have found out a lot more.

Frankie: Excuse me?

Cass: Once she knew she was spotted, she closed up. We could have tailed her together. We could have been finding out a lot more.

Frankie: Oh, I see. This is all my fault.

Cass: Did I say that?

Frankie: Yes, you did.

Cass: Why don't you go make yourself useful. Find Joe or something.

Frankie: Oh, terrific, Cass. Fine, I'm out of here.

Cass: Frankie, it's for the best.

Frankie: Whose best? Mine or your other wife's?

Sam: You remember what today is?

Amanda: I'm surprised that you do.

Sam: I never forgot our anniversary while we were married.

Amanda: But we're not married anymore.

Sam: Yeah, well, happy non‑anniversary, Amanda.

Amanda: Thanks. Same to you.

Rachel: Sam, um, it's Olivia on the phone.

Sam: Thanks. Excuse me.

Rachel: You ok?

Amanda: Peachy.

Matt: Well, that's true. But we figure if we have our own label, we eliminate the middle man, the corporate hoo‑ha, and we can get his tapes out to the people, where they can be heard. In fact, I was just about to play one of your tapes right now, Dean.

Felicia: Oh, good. I would like to hear your music in a friendlier setting.

Dean: [Laughs] Right.

Felicia: Oh, hi, honey.

Jenna: Hi.

Matt: Hey.

Jenna: Hi, Matt. I, um, thought that maybe you could play one of my favorite songs of Dean's. I, um, think I could maybe even dance to it.

Felicia: Are you listening to this?

Lucas: Very carefully.

Lindsey: Matt, sweetie?

Matt: Yeah?

Lindsey: Everyone wants to hear Dean's music. Come on.

Dean: [Sighs] You were fine. Fine.

Jenna: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Felicia: You ok?

Jenna: Yeah. I think I just need some air.

Felicia: Ok.

Jenna: Ok.

Felicia: Ok. You'll be fine.

Jenna: Ok. See you.

Lucas: She'll be ok. Listen, I ‑‑ I want to talk to you later.

Felicia: Well, I want to talk to you later, too. But right now let's just pretend we like this music, all right? And hope that Jenna doesn't have her heart broken.

Lucas: Ok.

Felicia: Want to dance? Yeah, ok.

Jenna: Your song's on.

Dean: Yeah, I know.

Jenna: That's why you're out here, isn't it?

Dean: Yup.

Jenna: Well, I can't compete with Lindsey, Dean.

Dean: Well, she's tough. I'll give you that. She is. But you were terrific. I'm really proud of you, Jenna. You did good. You did.

Jenna: Mm, this is my favorite part of your song.

Dean: Hmm. Nobody's come running out with their hands over their ears yet, so ‑‑

Jenna: Good sign.

Dean: Yeah.

Jenna: I, um, I know things are gonna go really well for you guys. I can tell.

Dean: [Sighs] I'm just waiting for the old ax to fall. You know?

Jenna: Yeah. I do that, too.

Dean: You do?

Jenna: Anytime something goes good for me, I just expect the roof to cave right in.

Dean: Yeah. Mine usually does. So...

Jenna: Well, maybe this time we'll both get lucky. Huh?

Dean: Yup.

Ada: Hey, Stacey, eat.

Stacey: Ada, these chips are burned.

Ada: No, they're blue chip nachos. They're the new chef's very favorite stuff.

Stacey: Look, I know that you know that I like to eat a lot, but I already had three courses.

Ada: And I'm gonna keep on feeding you till Michael gets back.

Stacey: And then he'll have to roll me home.

Ada: Well, we've got a forklift out back, ok?

Stacey: Thank you. Michael.

Michael: Ryan balked.

Stacey: I thought he would.

Michael: Well, don't worry. I didn't tell him that you knew.

Stacey: Well, that's good for now anyway. Hey, listen, I thought about something while you were gone.

Michael: Oh.

Stacey: Well, you must be kind of relieved now because at least you know that Donna didn't let Marley take the stand for something that she didn't do.

Michael: Unfort ‑‑

Stacey: I mean Donna actually saved her daughter.

Michael: Stacey, Stacey, Donna’s way, unfortunately, is to try to solve one lie with another.

Stacey: I'm sorry.

Michael: For what?

Stacey: I just, um, hate to see you hurting like this. That's all.

Michael: Stacey, I could never have gotten through this without you. I mean that.

Marley: [Gasps]

Jamie: It was only a dream.

Marley: Oh. I'm not going to stop having these until I see him.

Jamie: Marley, it's too soon.

Marley: No, it's not. I ‑‑ I have to see him. He's conscious. I have to see him.

Jamie: Yes, you do, someday, but not ‑‑

Marley: Now. I have to see ‑‑ see him now.

Jamie: Marley.

Marley: Jamie, just tell me you're with me on this. I don't ‑‑ I don't think I can go on until I talk to Jake. Will you just call the airport and ‑‑ and see if there are any flights back tonight?

[Music playing]

Felicia: You sure that Jenna’s gonna be all right?

Lucas: Oh, sure. She's with ‑‑ she's with Matt and all those kids at Sassy's. She's having a great time.

Felicia: It's just that she's so shy and so naive.

Lucas: Can we talk about something else?

Felicia: Yes. What would you like to talk about?

Lucas: Well, um...

Felicia: What?

Lucas: It's ‑‑ it's important, as topics go.

Felicia: Well, you know, I have an important one, too. You want me to go first?

Lucas: Good idea. Then I'll have your undivided attention.

Felicia: Luke, I want to adopt Jenna.

Cass: Maybe he's gone for good.

Kathleen: Don't be ridiculous.

Cass: Then where is he? You've been waiting for him for a long, long time now.

[Elevator door dings]

Kathleen: Joe, where have you been?

Joe: Are you ready?

Kathleen: Yes. Good‑bye, Cass.

Cass: "Good‑bye, Cass"?

Kathleen: Yes. This is it. Will you just forget me, Cass? Just go back to the way things were.

[Elevator door dings]

Cass: How am I supposed to do that?

Kathleen: Joe, will you just give me five minutes and then we'll go, ok?

Kathleen: Don't follow me. I thought you went home.

Frankie: No such luck.

Kathleen: Well, I was just leaving.

Frankie: Not until I have your word.

Kathleen: On what?

Frankie: I want you to swear to me that once you leave this room, you will never come near me or Cass again. I'm waiting, Kathleen.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: Victoria? Victoria? Victoria, that's the doorbell.

Vicky: It's the Chinese food we ordered.

Bridget: Well, would you mind turning it down a bit so I can hear the man?

Well, it's about time. Victoria, it's not your dinner.

Vicky: Hmm?

Bridget: It's not your dinner.

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