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Dean: Makes it hard to live without somebody else.. someone ‑‑

Jenna: I won't do it.

Dean: What is the matter with you? How can you not do it, Jenna? How?

Jenna: I have to be true to myself.

Dean: True to yourself? That is very touching. Very touching. Did the nuns teach you that?

Jenna: I will not stoop to flirting with Matt just to win him over.

Dean: How else are you going to win him over? By being Mary Poppins? I don't think so.

Jenna: I'm going to be myself, Dean, ok? And if that isn't good enough, then ‑‑ then I don't know.

Dean: All right.

So do you want to be true to yourself, or do you want Matt?

Michael: Frankie. Look, have you talked to Cass yet?

Frankie: No, and he hasn't left word anywhere, either. I'm beginning to get really worried.

Michael: Well, don't worry. Look, I'm sure he's just hung up somewhere, you know? He'll be ok.

Frankie: Right. And how about you? Have you spoken to Vicky or Marley?

Michael: No, I haven't, and I really want to keep it that way. They have no idea what's going on here, and that's the way I like it.

Frankie: I think that's probably a good idea.

Michael: And let me tell you. If he wakes up and messes with any member of my family, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Frankie: Well, don't ‑‑ I think people just want to know exactly what happened.

Michael: Well, he does have the answers, doesn't he?

Grant: I still don't understand why you would get out of a sickbed to come over here.

Iris: Yes, Paulina. We're all curious about that.

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Yeah? Ah, yeah, hi. Hold on. He's right here. It's for you ‑‑ it's Stacey.

Michael: Stacey?

Stacey: Hi.

Michael: Hi.

Stacey: Donna's demanding to see Jake as soon as he wakes up.

Michael: Why?

Stacey: We better do something right away.

Michael: Well, what does Donna think Jake’s going to say?

Ryan: Who shot you, Jake?

Morgan: Go ahead, ask him again.

Ryan: Jake, tell us who shot you.

Jake: Why am I here? Why am I here?

Morgan: What's going on, doctor?

John: Disoriented.

Ryan: How long is he going to be like this, John?

John: No way to tell. Could be days.

Morgan: I can't wait for this.

John: I'm afraid you're going to have to, Ms. Graves. There's no way I'm going to let you accelerate this.

Morgan: I mean that I have a hearing to prepare for. I want you both to meet me outside.

I want us all to meet here first thing tomorrow morning. Understood?

John: She can really light up a room, can't she?

Ryan: Listen, John. I can't wait days to find out exactly what happened. I can't even wait hours.

John: There's not much else you can do.

Ryan: Like hell there isn’t. I'm going to jog his memory. I'm going to make Jake tell me exactly what happened that night.

Felicia: Hi.

Lucas: I was going to come looking for you.

Felicia: Oh, I'm sorry. I really should have left you a note.

Lucas: I thought you were going to stay home and work on your new novel.

Felicia: I tried. It just didn't go very well.

Lucas: Oh, well, come on. Sit down and I'll get you a drink.

Felicia: I was thinking maybe I would just give up on it.

Lucas: Fanny ‑‑

Felicia: Thought I would start something new. No, I ‑‑ it probably wouldn't have been that good anyway.

Lucas: Come on. You're too much into this to start all over again.

Felicia: Thank you. Oh, that feels so good.

Lucas: How could you say it's not going to be that good? Yesterday you told me it was going to be the best thing you've ever written.

Felicia: I know. Well, I changed my mind.

Lucas: Why?

Felicia: Because it hurts too much.

Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll be gentler.

Felicia: No, I'm talking about writing the book. Keep going.

Lucas: Is that because it's too close to you and Jenna?

Felicia: Well, it's about a woman who lost her child in infancy, and then to fill her emptiness she took on a young woman. So what do you think?

Lucas: Well, shouldn't that make it easier to write?

Felicia: Every time I start to create this character, all I do is feel Jenna’s pain. Just ‑‑ something about her father that would just give her a sense of her past in some way.

Lucas: I have a feeling.

Felicia: Oh, no. You and your feelings.

Lucas: No, look, let me finish.

Felicia: Ok, go on.

Lucas: Where there's a heroine, there's usually a hero hanging around, right?

Felicia: What does that mean?

Lucas: Me. Let me help you.

Felicia: Honey, what can you do? What?

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Hold that thought.

Yes? Yeah, I know, ok. No, no, I'll ‑‑ I will, I'll come up. Yeah, in a minute. Apparently somebody made a reservation for 10 people, and of course somebody didn't record it, so now I don't have a table for 10 people. So I've got to go up and try to work this out. I don't know how long it's going to take. Can you wait for me?

Lucas: After waiting all these years?

Felicia: I'll be back. I love you.

Lucas: Angelo, hi, it's Lucas. Yeah, it's been a long time. I want you to handle a very special favor for me. For a friend.

Lindsey: And now you two are on your way to becoming an incredible force in the record business.

Matt: Yeah, with our ‑‑ with our three ‑‑ count 'em, one, two, three ‑‑ fax machines.

Dean: Hold it, Matt. Three fax machines? What for, man?

Matt: Come on, man, you know. We're going to have to be able to exchange contracts, lyrics, production ideas, in any time of the night or day. See, two of them stay here, one for me and one for you. Third one goes back to my house in case we have to do a little after‑hours work.

Dean: Ok.

Matt: If London calls up, they need something in the morning. Well, that's midnight here. I get up and I fax it from home.

Dean: That's great. I was just ‑‑ I mean ‑‑ I was just under the impression that we couldn't afford this stuff.

Matt: Hey, hey, hey. It's my trust fund we're dipping into, not yours. Besides, I got a great deal on these babies.

Lindsey: Thanks to Daddy.

Dean: Daddy?

Matt: Yeah, Lindsey’s Dad was, you know, getting new machines and practically gave these to us.

Lindsey: With a little coaxing from his daughter.

Matt: She's an incredible coaxer, let me tell you.

Dean: [Laughing] Coaxer.

Jenna: Dean? Um, you know those lessons that you were talking about? I could really use them now.

Matt: What lessons?

Dean: Uh, I ‑‑ I was going to give Jenna some lessons in keyboard theory.

Jenna: Right.

Dean: Yeah, right.

Matt: I thought you already knew how to play keyboard?

Dean: Oh, she does. She ‑‑ she does. I was just going to, you know, turn her on to some more contemporary stuff.

Ryan: Come on. You can be there, you can supervise, but you have to let me work with him.

John: No, I don't have to do anything. Jake is my patient. It is my job to make sure he gets the best treatment possible.

Ryan: And it is my job to make sure that we find out exactly what happened there that night. Come on, John, I just don't want to see the wrong person go to prison. I know you feel the same way.

John: Of course I do.

Ryan: Look, I'm just after justice, that's all.

John: All right, all right. You start pushing him ‑‑

Ryan: You set up the guidelines, and I'll follow them. I promise.

Michael: Did Jake say something?

Iris: Did he recognize someone?

Ryan: No ‑‑ no, not really.

Iris: What does "no, not really" mean?

John: It means he can't focus. He's having trouble remembering certain things. It's to be expected.

Paulina: Does that mean that there's a chance that he might never get his memory back?

John: Maybe not, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Ryan: In the meantime, John's going to help me work with him.

John: But only an hour. You got that? One hour.

Ryan: That's all I should need.

Iris: And then we'll know something?

John: Possibly.

Amanda: Paulina? Paulina. I have to go back to the magazine. I really want to save a space for this article on Jake. Will you call me if anything happens?

Paulina: Yeah, sure.

Amanda: Ok, thanks.

Michael: Ryan. Donna wants to see Jake.

Ryan: Really?

Michael: Yeah, I don't get it. She called from jail and she's raising hell about it.

Ryan: Actually, I think that's a great idea.

Michael: What?

Ryan: Yeah, I'll give the captain a call, and I'll have her released under police custody as a material witness.

Michael: You serious?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. The more ways that we can jog Jake’s memory, the better.

Frankie: Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah.

Frankie: I can't hang around here anymore.

Ryan: That's ok. As soon as I get off the phone, I'm going to go back and talk to Jake.

Frankie: I know, and I've been thinking about Jake and where his lying got him. If my marriage is going to survive, I've got to do something fast.

Ryan: Well, what else can you do but tell Cass?

Frankie: Nothing. The minute Cass walks in that door, I want to tell him Kathleen is alive.

Flight attendant: [Clears throat] We'll be landing in a few minutes.

Cass: Oh, thank you.

Flight attendant: I've never been to Bay City before.

Cass: No? Well, it's a ‑‑ it's a good town.

Flight attendant: It just so happens I have a layover tonight.

Cass: Well, try Tops. It's an excellent restaurant.

Flight attendant: I hate to dine alone.

Cass: Well, thank you, but I'm sorry.

Flight attendant: Married?

Cass: Oh, yeah.

Lucas: This is all the information you're going to need, Angelo.

Angelo: You're not going to call it back, are you?

Lucas: Would I do that to you?

Angelo: Because once we start this thing ‑‑

Lucas: Listen ‑‑ you do whatever you have to do. Get in touch with me as soon as you have some information.

Angelo: Will do. Hi.

Felicia: Hi. Will do what? And who was that guy?

Lucas: Ah, he's a friend. He's doing a little work for me.

Felicia: That's too vague, Luke.

Lucas: Research.

Felicia: People who do research don't wear $600 handmade shoes.

Lucas: I'm impressed.

Felicia: Yeah, so was I.

Lucas: You barely said hello to him, and you actually noticed the shoes?

Felicia: I'm a writer, remember? I'm paid to notice things. I'm also paid to have deductive reasoning. And I deduce that this guy is part of your old friends.

Lucas: All right. All right.

Felicia: "All right," what?

Lucas: Angelo is an expert in recovery.

Felicia: Recoveries? What is that?

Lucas: Things, people ‑‑ whatever!

Felicia: If you needed a P.I., why didn't you contact Frankie?

Lucas: Because conventional methods aren't always as effective.

Felicia: I'm really not going to like the sound of this one.

Lucas: Fanny, what is so wrong with cutting a few corners for a good cause? Why should I stand around and watch you be unhappy when I can help?

Felicia: I don't want that kind of help.

Lucas: All I'm having him do is look and see how or where we can find Jenna’s father. Is that so terrible?

Felicia: Yes, that's so terrible.

Lucas: Felicia, I just want your book to have a happy ending. If her father is trouble, we'll deal with it. If he's dead, we'll deal with that, too.

Felicia: No, I think we have to deal with you first. And a promise that you made me which you've obviously broken. You promised me that you would never be involved with those kind of people again.

Lucas: This is the only way I can help you.

Felicia: I don't want help! Especially from a guy who wears $600 handmade shoes!

Lucas: What are you so angry about?

Felicia: Because I don't want them in my life, Luke. I don't want them around me, and I certainly don't want them around Jenna with all the problems she's already had.

Lucas: Maybe I shouldn't be in your life either.

Felicia: That's not what I'm saying.

Lucas: If you don't like who I am, what the hell am I doing here anyway?

Grant: All right, let's just say that you might trip Jake’s memory.

Ryan: No, I am going to. He will remember, Grant.

Grant: It's just possible his condition might get worse, and he might not be able to answer any questions. And if that is the case, Morgan’s going to be all over you. And she's not going to stop until she has you fired.

Ryan: Well, I'm just going to have to take that risk. I mean, there are too many unanswered questions in this case. I'm not going to stop now.

Paulina: Aren't you at all concerned that both Marley and Vicky left town at the same time rumors started about Jake waking up?

Ryan: What I'm curious about is why you're still around. I mean, I thought you were discharged from the hospital, weren't you?

Paulina: I had to come in for a follow‑up.

Grant: I hope that satisfies your curiosity?

Paulina: Besides, Jake’s is like a bad movie. You want to leave, but you can't stand not knowing how it's going to come out.

Ryan: This isn't a movie, Paulina.

Iris: She's here for damage control. When Jake wakes up and starts talking.

Paulina: And what are you here for, Iris?

Iris: You know very well why I'm here. "Brava" is planning an article.

Paulina: Give me a break.

Ryan: Excuse me. I'm going to talk with Jake.

Grant: Well, easy does it, Ryan. Your career may be on the line, you know.

Iris: Why are you so jumpy, Paulina?

Paulina: Will you get off my back? You know, every time Ryan’s around, I notice ‑‑

Iris: What? What? Oh, why on earth did they let a convicted felon out of prison?

Donna: That's none of your business, Iris. But since I'm the one that's going to prison for shooting Jake, I would like the chance to face him.

Ryan: All set, John?

John: Not really, but go ahead and give it a try.

Ryan: Thanks.

John: I'm warning you.

Ryan: I'll be easy on him. I promise.

Ryan: Hey, Jake. It's me, Ryan. I'm back.

Jake: Ryan.

Ryan: So you were ‑‑ you were a little ‑‑ a little out of it before. But you're all right now, aren't you?

Jake: I'm feeling better.

Ryan: That's good, because I have a couple of questions to ask you. You were in a coma for a little while there, huh?

Jake: How?

Ryan: How did you get into a coma? October 25. It was night. Planning on leaving town, bags were packed? Plane tickets were all bought.

Jake: I was leaving.

Ryan: Yeah, remember? Remember?

Jake: No.

Ryan: You don't remember anything? Nothing?

Jake: No. Yes.

Ryan: What, Jake? What were you remembering?

Jake: It was ‑‑

Ryan: What?

Jake: The best thing that ever happened.

Ryan: That's right, that's right. Keep on going.

Jake: Best thing.

Ryan: I need you to remember about that night. A whole bunch of people visited you, remember?

Jake: Yeah.

Ryan: I need you ‑‑ I need you to remember that night. If you can recall that night ‑‑ it's very important, Jake.

John: Now, Jake, you were shot. You were brought here, we patched you up, and then you lapsed into unconsciousness.

Jake: October?

Ryan: It's March now.

John: You've been in a coma for several months.

Jake: I was shot?

Ryan: Yes, and we need to know who did it.

Jake: Marley.

Ryan: What?

Jake: Please.

Ryan: Jake, listen to me.

Jake: Please.

Ryan: Are you telling me that Marley shot you?

Felicia: Well, you're back very early.

Dean: Yeah.

Jenna: Yeah.

Dean: Look, if ‑‑ did we interrupt something?

Felicia: Oh, no.

Dean: I'm sorry.

Felicia: That's all right. Don't worry about it. I just thought you kids would stay at the video loft for, well, most of the evening anyway.

Jenna: We decided to come back early.

Dean: Yeah.

Jenna: We want to get started on some lessons.

Felicia: What lessons?

Jenna: Music theory.

Felicia: With him?

Jenna: Yes.

Felicia: Well, I don't want to keep you, and I have to go out anyway. But I could be back very soon.

Jenna: Well, I'll be fine.

Felicia: She better be. Ok?

Dean: She definitely thinks I'm bad news.

Jenna: No, she's just overprotective of me. That's all.

Dean: All right, let's get started. Shall we?

Jenna: Yeah, sure, ok.

Dean: All right. Hey, we can do this another time if ‑‑ if you want.

Jenna: He just seems so wrong for her.

Dean: Who does?

Jenna: Lucas. He's hurting Felicia. I know he is.

Dean: Well, if she ‑‑ if she loves the guy, I mean ‑‑

Jenna: Well, how could she? I mean, they have nothing in common.

Dean: Hey, look, I thought ‑‑ I thought we were supposed to be working on changing your image here, right? Is that right?

Jenna: Right.

Dean: Right.

Jenna: I'm sorry.

Dean: That's all right.

Jenna: What should I do?

Dean: Ok, well, I ‑‑ what I think the key is for you, is to turn men's heads. Right?

Jenna: I mean, not all men. Just Matt's.

Dean: Well, we turn them on and Matt's head will definitely follow, no?

Jenna: I guess.

Dean: No, don't guess. What do you mean, "guess"? Don't guess. You know. You know that.

Jenna: But I don't know.

Dean: Ok, all right, ok. What we need to do here is get the positive energies flowing, ok? We need to do that first and foremost. We need to get you feeling positive. We need to get you feeling confident. We need to get you feeling gorgeous, ok? And a little, uh, a little uncomfortable.

Jenna: What's in here?

Dean: Jeans. I figured that if ‑‑ if I picked the size out right, you're definitely going to be unable to breathe in those.

Jenna: You bought me jeans?

Dean: Yeah, well, I figured you didn't own any. Am I right?

Jenna: Yeah, you were right.

Dean: Right.

Jenna: But why would you do something like this? I mean ‑‑ wait a second. They're a size too small.

Dean: Exactly. Exactly. Now you ‑‑ you put those on, and I'll take care of the rest, ok? Here you go.

Jenna: What are you doing?

Dean: I'm going to need scissors, ok? And I'm going to need to look at all of your earrings. All your own earrings.

Jenna: My earrings?

Dean: Yeah, preferably the dangly, long ones. You got any of those?

Jenna: No, I ‑‑ all I have are these clothes. That's all.

Dean: Oh, they're not going to do. They won't do at all. Ah, I better check out Felicia's collection, ok? An artist needs the proper materials to work with. Am I right?

Jenna: Dean, wait! Dean!

Cass: Frankie? Dean!

Frankie: Where were you?

Ryan: Jake, listen to me. Are you saying that Marley was the one?

Jake: I can=t.

Ryan: Can't what? Can't what?

John: Ryan ‑‑

Ryan: What were you going to say, Jake? Come on!

John: Ryan, come on. That's enough. More of this and I'm going to throw you out of here.

Ryan: No, he's ‑‑ he's remembering. He's coming around. What?

Jake: No.

Ryan: No, what? What, Jake? Jake, are you saying Marley wasn't? She didn't do it? What?

Jake: I can't remember. I don't know. Call her.

Ryan: Well, Marley's ‑‑ Marley's not in Bay City anymore, Jake. She's out of the country.

Jake: Where?

Ryan: She's in Nice with Jamie. Now I want you to go back to that night.

Jake: No.

Ryan: Come on, Jake. It's very, very important. I need you ‑‑

Jake: No!

Ryan: To recall that ‑‑ Jake, listen to me!

John: That's it, Ryan! That's it. That's enough.

Ryan: Damn it, John!

John: Come on.

Ryan: We are so close.

Jake: Later.

John: That's it.

Ryan: What?

Jake: We'll talk later.

John: Yeah, maybe. Maybe. Come on, Ryan. No, Ryan, come on. That's it.

Jake: John.

John: Yeah.

Jake: Marley. How is she?

John: You just rest, Jake. You're lucky to be alive.

Jake: I hope I'll be.

Michael: Jake, it's Michael. I'm here.

Jake: Michael?

Michael: Yeah. Just me and you. Nobody else knows I'm here.

Jake: What do you want?

Michael: What do I want? That's a very interesting question, Jake.

Jake: Marley.

Michael: No, I ‑‑ I don't think you should say Marley's name.

Jake: I love her.

Michael: No, no. John says you don't remember anything. But he says your memory will come back. And you'll remember what you did and what you said. And when you do, you and I will have a little talk about it. You and I will talk about how you slept with my wife and raped my daughter... and tore my family apart. And after you tell me how sorry you are, Jake, I am going to make you sorrier. I am going to show you what real pain is all about, Jake. I am going to make you pay.

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