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Another World Transcript Thursday 1/25/07

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[Doorbell rings]

Cass: Felicia.

Felicia: Well, I was right. You are a wreck.

Cass: It shows, huh?

Felicia: Only to those who know you best.

Cass: So you finished with your dinner party?

Felicia: All finished, right down to the last crudité.

Cass: And you have nothing better to do tonight than worry about me?

Felicia: No, not a thing.

Cass: What a sad state of affairs. Look, I know you think I've gone off the deep end. But Kathleen is alive, I know it.

Felicia: You haven't told Frankie?

Cass: No, not yet.

Felicia: Honey, wait. Wait until you're really positive.

Cass: I am really positive. And not just because of what I saw on that security tape, but also because I have a feeling.

Felicia: Cass, come on. This doesn't make any sense.

Cass: Felicia, marrying Frankie has taught me to trust my intuition.

Felicia: Well, at least Frankie would be happy with that.

Cass: I doubt if she'd be happy that my intuition is telling me that Kathleen is alive. Felicia, I even have a clear picture of where she is.

Joe: It's all set. We'll pick the tickets up at the airport.

Kathleen: Joe, I don't want to go tonight.

Joe: Kathleen, do not make this difficult.

Kathleen: Jake isn't even conscious yet.

Joe: We're only going as far as New Orleans. We can keep tabs on him as easily there as we can here. Now, you know we've got to go, don't you, baby? Now, you better start packing.

Kathleen: When does the flight leave?

Joe: In three hours.

Kathleen: I hate this.

Joe: It doesn't get any easier.

Kathleen: That's not what I meant. I was talking about Jake. Donna didn't shoot him.

Joe: Oh, yeah? Well, who did?

Kathleen: I think I know. And I'm not going to let it rest until I find out.

Jamie: Don't run from me, Marley. I know you're hurting.

Vicky: You don't understand. Marley would die before she would create a scene in public.

Ryan: Jamie's in there with her now. She'll be ok.

Vicky: Well, maybe Jamie can't handle this.

Ryan: Look, I understand that you're upset about this.

Vicky: Do you know what she told me?

That Jake raped her to prove that he loved her.

Ryan: And she believed him?

Vicky: That's what he believed. That's what he said before he did it.

Ryan: Ugh. Then he's a lot sicker than I thought he was.

Vicky: I should've killed him when I had the chance.

Ryan: Vicky, what do you mean by that?

[Knock on door]

Iris: Open the door, Paulina. I know you're in there. I checked at the desk.


Iris: Paulina! Paulina, this is your last chance. The family meets tomorrow to throw you out on your backside!

Cass: I keep thinking about her.

Felicia: Of course you do. Now, you said you know where she is.

Cass: She's in New Orleans.

Felicia: Why New Orleans?

Cass: When we went on our extended honeymoon, that was the first place that we went. We stayed in this beautiful, quaint, little guest house in the French quarter. And on our last night there, Kathleen said to me that if anything ever happened to me or to us, that that would be where she'd want to go.

Felicia: Honey, you had a fabulous time with her there, didn't you?

Cass: Yes.

Felicia: You know, Cass, reality is tough. Memories are great. You -- you get to choose the ones you want, and you can pick to remember only the good ones.

Cass: No, not me. I live in the present.

Felicia: Ok, all right. Let's say that Kathleen is alive. Tell me why she didn't let you or her family or her friends know that she wasn't dead.

Cass: I've thought about that.

Felicia: And?

Cass: Maybe something happened to her in the plane crash. Maybe she got out of the wreckage but she lost her memory, or she was so badly hurt that she didn't want to be a burden. You know how proud she was.

Felicia: No. No, no. Not this woman, not now. Not if it's the woman that you saw on that tape, because that woman was able to come to Bay City and see Jake. Now, tell me why she didn't see you. And how did she even find out about Jake? Tell me that.

Cass: I don't know! I don't know!

Felicia: You know what I think you should do? I think you should call Vince and Mary.

Cass: I can't, not until I know something.

Felicia: They may already know something.

Cass: How do I find out? "Hello, Vince, it's Cass. Just a quick call to tell you that Kathleen is alive. Has she been in touch with you?"

Felicia: Come on, you jerk. You'll know what to say. Who better to know about Kathleen than her parents?

Cass: If they knew anything, they would tell me. They know how I felt about Kathleen. No one would be that heartless.

Franco: Mrs. Cory, you have a telephone call.

Rachel: Oh, thank you.

Rachel: Hello? Hilda? Yeah. Paulina? No, no, she didn't call here. She did? All right. No, thanks for tracking me down. Yeah, I'll take care of it. Thanks.

Ada: Something the matter with Paulina?

Rachel: Yeah, she called the house. She sounded weak and out of breath.

Franco: I had a call like that earlier tonight.

Rachel: You did?

Franco: Yes, but I couldn't understand what the woman was saying.

Rachel: The call was for me? It must have been Paulina. Paulina Cory's room, please. It's busy.

Frankie: What's the matter with Paulina?

Rachel: Oh, Frankie. It's complicated. Look, I'm driving over to the hotel. Are you coming with me?

Ada: You bet I do. I don't want you going around that neighborhood by yourself.

Rachel: Excuse us.

Frankie: I hope she's ok.

Rachel: Yeah, I'm sure she is.

Ada: Thanks. Bye.

Rachel: Oh, hurry. I have this awful feeling that she's in trouble. Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Iris: "Dear Rachel, I've been thinking about everything that's happened." Little hustler! You planned all this.

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Good night.

Lucas: Hello.

Frankie: Lucas, hi.

Lucas: Are you leaving?

Frankie: I was, yeah.

Lucas: Come on, stick around. I have a surprise in the works.

Frankie: Lucas, I've had all the surprises I can handle, really.

Matt: Hey, Frankie, you're just in time for the party.

Frankie: Matt, hi.

Woman: Hi.

Frankie: Honey, hi.

Woman: I'm Lindsey.

Frankie: Hi, very nice to meet you.

Matt: Let's get rid of these coats, guys.

Lucas: Franco, Franco -- is everything ready?

Franco: Ready and waiting.

Lucas: Wonderful. Thank you for handling this. I know it's not easy with her. You know, she knows everything.

Franco: [Laughs]

Frankie: Would you mind telling me what's going on?

Lucas: It's Felicia's birthday.

Frankie: Oh, my gosh. It is. I completely forgot.

Lucas: So did I.

Frankie: Lucas!

Lucas: I know. Well, I'm not very good with dates, and we haven't been seeing each other that long.

Frankie: Well, did she remind you?

Lucas: No, she didn't. She thinks everybody forgot. I wonder why.

Frankie: Oh, I feel terrible.

Lucas: So do I, but I'm going to salvage this day before it's over.

Frankie: Ok, what's the game plan here?

Lucas: Well, Felicia already had a dinner party planned.

Frankie: Right.

Lucas: And I'm planning to do an impromptu birthday party. So I wanted you and Cass to stop over. It would surprise her, ok?

Frankie: Uh, where is she now?

Lucas: She's with Cass.

Frankie: She is?

Lucas: Yeah, I left a message for her to meet me here.

Frankie: Ok.

Matt: Well, you sure know how to push your luck.

Dean: Hey, look, don't rub it in, Matt, all right? If you hate the idea, just say it. I'm used to it, I can take it.

Matt: Ok.

Lucas: What idea?

Dean: Oh, uh -- I was gonna play my tape for Felicia.

Lucas: Oh. On this P.A. system?

Dean: Yeah. Well, it's a mellow one. You know, I'm sure she'd love it.

Lucas: Yeah, well, mellow or not, those speakers are off limits, do you understand?

Dean: Cool. I'll wait till she begs me.

Lucas: Well, that's a good plan.

Frankie: Yeah, real smooth, Dean.

Lucas: It's getting late. Why don't maybe -- should we forget about the caviar and just go with the chocolate cake and the champagne?

Lindsey: No, no, I love caviar.

Dean: I think they were talking about Felicia, not you, Lindsey.

Lindsey: Well, what do you think, Jenna?

Jenna: Well, I'm a little upset that I didn't know it was her birthday. I mean, she's given me so many things, and I don't have anything for her.

Lucas: Felicia won't mind.

Jenna: Well, I mind. I mean, I'm tired of people keeping things from me.

Dean: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Where are you going?

Jenna: I have to do something.

Dean: I understand. It's because of Matt and Lindsey, right? She's hitting on him. I told you -- your own fault.

Jenna: My fault?

Dean: Well, I gave you a chance to help you make an impression on Matt, but you backed out.

Jenna: Well, look, I'm not going to change myself for him or anyone, ok?

Dean: I'm not talking a complete overhaul, ok? Just a few minor adjustments.

Jenna: Please don't.

Dean: Oh -- Jenna, you're missing out on the chance of a lifetime. Believe me. She could've been hot.

Iris: "The gorgeous clothes I put on every day -- I hardly recognize myself." What drivel! Say something about how you engineered this scam.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Paulina --

Iris: Well, she --

Rachel: Oh, my gosh, what happened?

Iris: I -- I just got here.

Rachel: Paulina?

Iris: I think she took an overdose. I've been trying to find the bottle.

Ada: Is she breathing?

Rachel: Have you called 911?

Iris: Well, yes. They're sending an ambulance.

Rachel: When?

Iris: Well, as soon as possible, but, I mean, you know, these things take time.

Ada: I thought you said you just got here.

Iris: I did! I just got here. But they asked me what sort of pills she took, and I've been trying to find the bottle.

Ada: Let's call them again.

Rachel: No, the car's downstairs. Let's get her to the hospital ourselves, all right?

Ada: Ok, good idea.

Rachel: Somebody help me. Somebody get some of the pills.

Jamie: What happened tonight -- was it because of me?

Marley: No.

Jamie: I've wanted you so much, Marley. Did I push you before you were ready?

Marley: Jamie, it wasn't that. This is all because of Jake.

Jamie: I never should have let you go to see Jake alone.

Marley: You did that because I asked you to let me handle it on my own. I thought I could.

Jamie: I should have talked you out of it.

Marley: Jamie, this isn't about you! It's about me. It's about Jake and me. You are not responsible for Jake raping me.

Jamie: I should have been with you.

Marley: Do we have to talk about this anymore?

Jamie: Marley, it affects both of us. And talking about it is the only way I know how to get through it.

Marley: It's not that easy.

Jamie: I never said it was easy. I said we had to do it.

Jamie: Do you remember when we were in that church in Marquesa?

Jamie: I promised you that I would be with you always, till death do us part. Do you remember that?

Marley: I remember.

Jamie: Good. You and I are gonna spend the rest of our lives together, and I am not gonna let this come between us. I don't care how long it takes.

Vicky: I'm going in there.

Ryan: Why don't you let Jamie take care of it?

Vicky: Because she's my sister and she needs me.

Ryan: Well, you're not going anywhere.

Vicky: Ryan, don't pull this cop routine with me.

Ryan: Can't you just explain to me what you meant when you said, "I'm sorry that I didn't kill Jake"? What does that mean?

Vicky: It means I hate him. And I have wanted to shoot him or strangle him push him off a bridge many times before, but never more than I do right now. What do you care?

Ryan: What, you have to ask that?

Vicky: Well -- you're over me, right? So what happens to my family doesn't matter to you anymore. Unless, of course, you're back on the case.

Ryan: You know, sometimes you can --

Vicky: Don't say it. What -- what's going on? How is she?

Jamie: The hospital beeped me. Paulina's collapsed. They're bringing her in.

Vicky: So you've got to go?

Jamie: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Marley: If it's something serious, call me and let me know?

Jamie: I will.

Marley: You and Ryan don't have to babysit. I'm fine.

Vicky: Marley, I'm not leaving you alone.

Ryan: Vicky, we haven't finished our little talk yet. I'll be at Tops if you want to drop by later, ok? Take care, Marley.

Marley: Well, thank you.

Ryan: Sure.

Marley: For everything.

[Dishes clatter]

What was that?

Vicky: It was just me being a klutz.

Marley: How long was I asleep?

Vicky: About an hour. I made you some tea. And it's really strong, just the way you like it. I don't know how you drink it that way.

Marley: It's perfect. Thank you.

Vicky: Are you feeling any better?

Marley: A little. Not really.

Vicky: It really makes me crazy to know that Jake's gotten to you like this.

Marley: I can't make him go away. Believe me, I've tried. When Jamie touches me, I see Jake. I feel Jake's hands. It's disgusting.

Vicky: Does Jamie know?

Marley: Of course he knows, Vicky. I can't make love with him.

Vicky: Are you afraid of him?

Marley: I don't know what I am. Jake hurt me. It's -- it's like my body remembers. I thought it was something I could keep private. I thought it was something that Jamie didn't have to find out about. But I was wrong. You should have seen me in Tops. It was like I was crazy.

Vicky: Marley, forget about that. The guy was a jerk.

Marley: He wasn't a jerk. He was nice. It was me. I was the lunatic. I hit him!

Vicky: What happened was completely understandable.

Marley: What if I'm always like this?

Vicky: Marley, you won't be. You can -- you can go to therapy, or you can get into a support group or something. And you've got Jamie, and he's gonna help you through it.

Marley: I wouldn't need help through any of this if you had told me the truth about Jake and Donna! I wouldn't have gone near Jake.

Vicky: I know.

Marley: And I would be with Jamie, and we would be happy. We would be happy.

Vicky: I was just doing what I thought would protect you. Marley, I never imagined that anything like this was gonna happen. Can't you please forgive me?

Cass: Hey, hello, Vince. It's Cass. Now, don't you go hanging up on me, Vince. I got some good news for you. Jake seems to be on the verge of regaining consciousness. Oh, you already knew that. Well, look, Vince, I just wanted you to know that I took on Marley's case because I believed she was innocent. And now that Donna has confessed, everybody else believes it, too. No. Look, you -- can we put that behind us? So, are you or Mary or any of the family gonna come to Bay City and give Jake a hand? Oh, that would be fine. That would be nice. Let's keep in touch, ok, Vince? Regards to Mary and the family.

Felicia: Well?

Cass: Vince doesn't know anything.

Felicia: He didn't say anything that would indicate --

Cass: He can't lie to save his life, especially not about Kathleen.

Felicia: Well, honey, I'm afraid I have no more advice.

Cass: There's got to be more to this. Why would Kathleen come back to Bay City three years later just to see Jake? If she didn't want anybody to know that she was alive, why risk being seen?

Felicia: Well, maybe Jake was more important to her than we think. It's possible maybe she knows why Jake was shot.

Cass: You think he's in the middle of this?

Felicia: No. I didn't think anything a minute ago. I'm only following you.

Cass: He's in the middle of something. I just wish I knew what was really going on.

Joe: The Hudson woman confessed. It's over, baby.

Kathleen: Joe, I knew Donna. She's a snob, but she would not let her own daughter go on trial for something that she did.

Joe: If she says she did it, she did it.

Kathleen: Joe, you know as well as I do that things aren't always that simple.

Joe: Fine. You're probably right, and it's all the more reason for us to get the hell out of here.

Kathleen: I'm almost finished.

Joe: I've made all the arrangements. As soon as he comes out of that coma, we will get a call. You will be one of the first ones to know.

Kathleen: How? From miles away? How?

Joe: We're already miles away. What difference does it make?

Kathleen: None to you.

Joe: I go out on a limb for you, and you have been giving me trouble every step of the way. Now, this isn't about Jake, is it? It's about Cass. I should've never told you that he suspects you're still alive.

Kathleen: Joe, I was married to him. I can't erase everything.

Joe: You still love him, don't you? You really love him.

Jamie: You gave her the charcoal and pumped her stomach?

Doctor: Yeah, but this isn't just an overdose.

Jamie: Looks like she's got a rash. What was her B.P. the last time you checked it?

Doctor: 90/60.

Jamie: It's 70/palp now. She's going into shock. Get her on a monitor. Turn her fluids wide open. Push some Benadryl, an EPI I.V., Stat.

Rachel: Is she going to be ok?

Jamie: I don't know. She's getting worse.

Rachel: Did she try and take her life, Jamie?

Iris: I'm sure she never meant for this to happen.

Jamie: What was the name of the drug she took?

Doctor: It looks like arcopam. The nurse is looking it up in P.D.R.

Jamie: Doesn't anybody have the bottle?

Iris: Oh, I tried to find it, but I couldn't. I brought some pills.

Ada: Here, I have the bottle.

Iris: You have it?

Ada: Yes, it was right in front of me.

Jamie: These are from the clinic. Five milligrams. Even if she had taken all of these, she shouldn't have these symptoms.

Iris: Well, what is wrong with her?

Jamie: A drug reaction, a severe one.

Ada: Is that like an allergy?

Jamie: That's exactly what it is. What is her pressure now?

Rachel: Let me see the bottle. Jamie, Mac was allergic to this.

Jamie: Are you sure, Mom?

Rachel: I'm positive. Remember when he couldn't sleep? They prescribed this stuff to him. He took one one night and he couldn't breathe, and, remember, we took him to the hospital.

Ada: Yeah, I do remember. It scared us all to death.

Jamie: Are you sure it was the same medication?

Rachel: I'm positive. Can this be inherited?

Iris: You don't inherit allergies.

Jamie: Some you do, Iris.

Iris: Daddy swallowed one of those sleeping pills. Paulina swallowed a whole lot of them.

Jamie: Not enough to make her this sick. She has a rash and a wheezing in her chest. Excuse me, I have to write some stat orders.

Iris: Even if she is allergic to the same thing that Daddy took, it doesn't prove anything.

Ada: Would you calm down?

Iris: It doesn't prove that she's Daddy's daughter.

Jamie: Come on, Paulina.

Rachel: Jamie, could this be hereditary?

Jamie: I don't know yet. Maybe.

Rachel: She came to the house tonight. She was upset.

Jamie: About what?

Rachel: I don't know. If I had talked to her, maybe she wouldn't have done this.

Ada: Rachel, nobody is responsible for what happened except Paulina.

Rachel: Jamie, the pills -- they came from the clinic?

Jamie: Yes, she and Ronnie were doing a medication count. Paulina was asking all sorts of questions.

Iris: Well, it doesn't look like an accident to me.

Jamie: You think she was planning to kill herself?

Iris: I think that's what she wanted everybody to think.

Jamie: Look, please, clear the room. Get some coffee or something, ok?

Rachel: Can I stay?

Jamie: Mom, this place is going to be crawling with doctors in about 30 seconds. Please.

Ada: Come on, Iris, let's get some coffee. Jamie will let us know what happens.

Iris: You know, Rachel, she's doing it again. It's just another of Paulina's ploys.

Rachel: Iris.

[Women's muffled voices]

Matt: Do you have another shirt? Do you own another shirt?

Dean: This is your shirt.

Ryan: Frankie, I didn't expect to find you still here.

Frankie: Well, Lucas is throwing a surprise party for Felicia. And I'm not so sure I want to go home yet.

Ryan: Have you told Cass about Kathleen yet?

Frankie: I don't know what I'm going to do, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey, I'm sorry. I'll back off, ok?

Frankie: I'm the one that's sorry. How is Marley doing?

Ryan: She's got some serious problems.

Frankie: Of course she's got problems. She was raped.

Ryan: Yeah, that scene that we witnessed is -- was a delayed reaction.

Frankie: Poor kid has been through so much, and I haven't even asked her how she's doing.

Ryan: Well, it wouldn't have mattered. She just won't talk about it.

Frankie: She still needs the support. I've been so wrapped up in my own problems that I haven't been able to help anybody with anything.

Ryan: You were the one who cleared her, Frankie.

Frankie: Well, I don't know about that. If Donna hadn't confessed, I think -- well, it's pointless to speculate now, isn't it?

Ryan: Do you think Marley would have gone to prison?

Frankie: It wasn't looking too good for her, was it?

Ryan: Do you believe Donna?

Frankie: Do you?

Ryan: I want to. Because if she didn't do it, the only reason that she'd take the rap is to protect one of her daughters.

Frankie: You think Donna lied to get Marley off?

Ryan: Or someone else.

Frankie: What?

[Cheers and applause]

Cass: Hey!

Dean: Happy birthday to you

Felicia: You did this.

Lucas: Happy birthday. And don't pretend to be mad.

[Cheers and applause]

Dean: Happy birthday to you

Felicia: I thought you had forgotten.

Lucas: Well, if I had, it's only because you keep looking younger.

Felicia: Oh, I love when you say things like that. I love you so much. Thank you. Oh, what is this? Chocolate cake?

Matt: Yes, and caviar and champagne.

Cass: I thought you were supposed to be at the police station. What happened?

Kathleen: This is not about Cass. It's about me. I'm tired of all these lies, of not having a real home, and never being able to see my family.

Joe: You're alive, aren't you?

Kathleen: I can't live like this.

Joe: Kathleen.

Kathleen: Every time we start to settle somewhere, Joe, something stupid happens and we have to move all over again. I'd just like a friend, you know? Just one friend.

Joe: You've got me.

Kathleen: I don't want to do this anymore, Joe. I can't.

Joe: No one forced you to do this. It was your choice, remember?

Kathleen: I didn't realize what I'd be giving up.

Joe: You're too involved to turn back now.

Kathleen: I know. I know that.

Joe: You're too involved, in more ways than one. Come on, think about it. Think about what could've happened. It's been worth that, hasn't it?

Kathleen: Don't ask me that right now.

Joe: You're not saying you would do things differently if you could, are you?

Kathleen: No. Of course I wouldn't. It was the right thing.

Joe: It was. And there's no turning back. Understand? Understand?

Felicia: Are you sure?

[Champagne cork pops]


Frankie: What I said is that I'm working on a case, which I am, and that I had to talk to the police, which I am doing.

Cass: Suddenly he's the police? Doesn't he have a name?

Frankie: Don't do this.

Lucas: We're gonna have a toast here. Come on.

Frankie: What's bugging you?

Felicia: Ok, all right.

Lucas: Does everyone have a glass?

Dean: Yeah.

Felicia: Where's Jenna?

Jenna: Here I am.

Felicia: Oh.

Jenna: Happy birthday.

Felicia: Thank you, darling.

Jenna: Look, this is for you. I wrote it a few days ago and, um -- well, you can read it.

Lindsey: Oh, how sweet.

Jenna: Actually, I didn't know it was your birthday, Felicia, until Lucas said so. So I don't have a real present for you.

Matt: Well, let's hear it, let's hear it.

Jenna: No way. It's for Felicia. It's private.

Felicia: It's beautiful.

Jenna: Happy birthday.

Felicia: Thank you, darling.

Jenna: Now, is someone gonna make a toast?

Lucas: I was, yes. Get a glass. This is for you. To Felicia, the love of my life. She brings happiness into every life she touches.

Matt: Cheers!

Lindsey: Cheers!

Matt: Hear, hear.

Lindsey: Don't forget to cut the cake.

Felicia: Yes.

Dean: She has to light some candles first. You gotta light some candles first.

Matt: Well, let's get lighting, let's get lighting.

Dean: Ok, get some matches.

Lindsey: I'll come with you.

Cass: Frankie and I are going to take off.

Felicia: No cake?

Cass: I'm sorry. We have a lot to talk about.

Felicia: I know. You're going to tell her, aren't you?

Cass: Happy birthday.

Is this a private party, or can anyone crash? I'm going home. Are you coming?

Frankie: I should've been home a long time ago. I was about to tell him about Kathleen when you called.

Ryan: Well, good luck.

Frankie: I think I'm going to need it.

Cass: So you decided to pull yourself away after all, huh?

Frankie: I don't question you when you work.

Cass: Were you talking to Ryan about this missing person?

Frankie: Partly that.

Cass: Frankie, ever since you started tracking down this mysterious Mrs. Collins, you've been acting differently. And I want to know why.

Marley: Excuse me for being blunt, but forgiving you is not the foremost thing on my mind right now.

Vicky: All right, I guess I deserve that.

Marley: I don't even know if I can have a real relationship with Jamie. I don't know how I'm going to stomach Jake coming out of his coma. And in case you've forgotten, our mother is on her way to prison.

Vicky: You think all I can do is think about myself, huh? Maybe you're right. I need you. And you need me.

Marley: I'm not so sure about that. Are you going to the sentencing tomorrow?

Vicky: I haven't decided.

Marley: Well, you should be there. After all, you're Donna's ally. Without you, she couldn't have kept her big secret.

Vicky: You really hate me.

Marley: I don't hate you. I just don't want to talk to you anymore.

Vicky: This is always your solution -- to hide.

Marley: Vicky, I don't want to hide! I just want to rest.

Vicky: Fine. But this is all gonna be here when you wake up.

I want to ask you something.

Marley: What? What?

Vicky: Why do you think Mom shot Jake?

Marley: We'll know soon enough, won't we?

Vicky: We will?

Marley: Jake's coming out of the coma. Isn't that great?

Jamie: Check those results for me. I'll need to get them --

Iris: I wouldn't put it past her.

Jamie: Iris, this is no time for arguments. Whatever Paulina's motives were, she's in serious trouble.

Ken: Paulina couldn't die from this, could she?

Jamie: Yes, she could.

Iris: Well, how did you know she was here?

Ken: I called the hotel where she's staying. The manager told me that she'd been taken to the hospital.

Ada: Jamie had a good idea when he said get a cup of coffee. Come on, Iris.

Iris: I'd rather stay here.

Ada: Do you know that you and I haven't had a nice, long talk in ages?

Ken: I can't believe this.

Rachel: Did she ever talk about killing herself?

Ken: No. Not to me.

Jamie: Is this about Miss Cory?

Doctor: No, Jake McKinnon.

Jamie: This is what I've been waiting for. Jake's C.T. scan.

Frankie: Dinner is cold, but I could heat up some soup if you like.

Cass: No, thank you.

Frankie: Oh, that's right, you never eat when you're angry.

Cass: Why did you lie to me?

Frankie: I did not lie. I just didn't tell the whole truth, for obvious reasons.

Cass: What's that supposed to mean?

Frankie: You have this irrational dislike of Ryan Harrison, and I'm getting sick of having to deal with it.

Cass: Irrational? The man kidnapped you on our wedding day!

Frankie: And he has more than made up for that. He helped us over and over again with Marley's case.

Cass: Against his better judgment, I'm sure.

Frankie: He cares about us, Cass. He gave me information on Morgan that helped me get her off your back.

Cass: Ryan was involved in that?

Frankie: And it paid off, didn't it? You didn't get disbarred, did you?

Cass: You went behind my back then, too. How long has this been going on, Frankie?

Frankie: There is nothing going on! What is the matter with you?

Cass: What were the two of you talking about when I walked into Tops?

Frankie: Oh, this is terrific. You're interrogating me now, right?

Cass: Well, it seems I need to if I'm going to get the truth out of you.

Frankie: Let me get one thing perfectly straight with you. I do not have to clear what I do with you. You hear that?

Cass: Who said anything about clearing? I'm talking about lying.

Frankie: Anytime I do anything on my own, you go bananas! Do you have a problem with me being independent?

Cass: No, no problem.

Frankie: I thought you loved independent women. I thought that was one of Kathleen's many wondrous qualities.

Cass: Wait a -- this is not about Kathleen! And I'm getting sick of you dragging her into every problem that we have!

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Cass: You know, for once I'd like to think that you believe in me, that you believe in us.

Frankie: I do.

Cass: Well, then act like it and stop throwing Kathleen in my face every chance you get.

Kathleen: Joe, you go on ahead. I'll be down in a minute.

Joe: Kathleen --

Kathleen: Just one minute.

Joe: Five minutes, and then I'm gonna come back to get you.

Kathleen: You won't have to.

Kathleen: Hi, it's me. Is there any change? Did you take care of Jake's things like I asked? Listen, I'm going to be giving you a new number soon. I want you to call me as soon as Jake gets out of the coma. And tell me exactly what he says, word for word.

Lindsey: I thought I was the only one who ate cake for breakfast.

Felicia: No, no. In fact, I think I've done it on my talk show. If I haven't, I should.

Jenna: Yeah.

Lindsey: Oh, I love your talk show. And I can't believe I'm at your birthday party. I feel so honored.

Matt: She's not kidding. She's thrilled.

Felicia: Well, I'm delighted you could make it.

Jenna: I said that was private.

Dean: Well, it's beautiful. Felicia was right. You should've let her read it out loud, Jenna.

Jenna: No, I couldn't.

Dean: Well, it's good stuff. It is, and I'm not just saying that.

Matt: Hey, you guys. We're taking off.

Dean: Oh, yeah?

Matt: Yeah.

Lindsey: Yeah, I'm in the dancing mood.

Matt: And you can't let that go to waste, you know.

Dean: Well, have a good time, you guys.

Matt: Good night, Jenna.

Jenna: Good night.

Lindsey: Bye-bye.

Dean: Well, I guess, uh -- I guess I should be hitting the road, too. Everybody's gone.

Jenna: Um, Dean? You know what we talked about earlier? Can you still help me?

Dean: What, helping Matt like you? Is that what you're talking about?

Jenna: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so.

Dean: Well, I think he already likes you. I just think it's a matter of helping him realize it. You know?

Jenna: No. What do you mean?

Dean: I don't -- Jen, you gotta start showing off, you know, your good points. You got a lot of great raw talent.

Jenna: Well, I mean, do I have to be more sophisticated or something?

Dean: No, no, I don't -- see, you're an original. I can see that because I think I'm an original, too. You know, it's why -- I don't exactly fit in anyplace, so I have to make a place for myself, see?

Jenna: Yeah. Well, can you help me do that?

Dean: Yeah, I think so. I think so. See, first -- first you gotta figure out who you are, ok, and you gotta make that part shine. Make it shine. Then you play up all your strengths. You think that this just happened? This -- my image -- you think it just, like, happened?

Jenna: Well, no, I guess not.

Dean: Right, well, it took a lot of hard work. I mean, you think you're up to it?

Jenna: Yeah.

Dean: Yeah?

Jenna: Yeah, if you are.

Dean: All right.

Jenna: Ok.

Dean: Deal?

Jenna: Deal.

Felicia: Thank you. I --

Lucas: What?

Felicia: Oh, I don't know, it's crazy.

Lucas: What?

Felicia: Well, I thought you had forgotten.

Lucas: I did.

Felicia: You did forget?

Lucas: Yes. Well, Franco reminded me, and I threw this together at the last minute.

Felicia: I see.

Lucas: It's because everything's so special with you. I guess I'm going to have to get used to being so happy.

Felicia: I love you.

Lucas: I love you, too. This is going to be a great year for us. I promise.

Felicia: What do you have in mind?

Lucas: You'll find out. I have big plans for us.

Ryan: I didn't expect you to show up.

Vicky: I have something important to tell you.

Ryan: Is it about Jake?

Vicky: No, it's about me. Now, I don't want you to think that this is a spur-of-the-moment decision. I've been thinking about this for a long time, actually.

Ryan: Skip the buildup, Vicky. What is it?

Vicky: I'm moving.

Ryan: Well, good for you.

Vicky: To Chicago.

Ryan: Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that Jake's coming out of his coma, now, would it?

Vicky: No, no, I couldn't care less about Jake. I'm just sick of Bay City and everyone in it. I have a feeling the feeling is mutual.

Ryan: What about Steven?

Vicky: I'll work that out. And I do think it would be easier for you and me.

Ryan: You might be right.

Vicky: Well, I thought you would agree.

Ryan: So when do you leave?

Vicky: As soon as I can.

Ada: Are you sure you called the paramedics as soon as you found her?

Iris: Of course I called them. Did you think I was going to let nature take its course?

Ada: Well, you'd have solved a lot of your problems.

Iris: Ada, I may not be Paulina's greatest fan, but there is no way I would stand by and watch her die.

Rachel: Is she going to survive?

Jamie: We'll know in the next few hours.

Rachel: Jamie.

Jamie: It could go either way, Mom.

Rachel: I want to stay here with her.

Jamie: I'll let the nurse know.

Rachel: Thanks.

Ken: I should've left her where she was. Slinging hash looks pretty good compared to this. I filled her head with so many dreams.

Rachel: Some of those dreams were her own.

Ken: Not the one about being Mac's daughter.

Rachel: Which she may be. And if she is, she belongs here with her family.

Ken: Has something changed?

Rachel: I don't know. It just might have. If it's not too late.

Jake: Isn't this the greatest joke? Paulina, you and I are about to change places.

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