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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/24/07

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Jamie: Marley, look at me. Marley, what's wrong? Marley.

Marley: Don't touch me.

Ada: Hilda tells me you didn't touch your dinner.

Rachel: Hilda talks too much.

Ada: Ken's on your mind tonight.

Rachel: Ken's been on my mind a lot lately.

Ada: I know.

Rachel: I'll be all right, Mom.

Ada: I know. But in the meantime, you're unhappy. You've had enough unhappiness already.

Rachel: These things take time, Mom.

Ada: This is true, especially when there's more to the story than meets the eye. I know that you broke up with Ken because of Paulina. You want to talk about it?

Rachel: No.

Ada: You'd feel better if you made a decision about Paulina.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel, I hate it when you ignore me.

Paulina, you have an incredible sense of timing.

Kathleen: I'm sick of hotel rooms. Why couldn't we just stay in the house?

Joe: You're the one who let her ex-husband's wife come into our home.

Kathleen: I didn't let her do anything. She followed us to San Antonio.

Joe: We should have never gone to Bay City. I should have never let you go back.

Kathleen: How many times can we do this? I can't start my life over every three weeks.

Joe: It is not your decision to make! It is mine! Now, we are moving, and it is your fault. I am through letting you have your way every time you stamp your foot. It is time you did as you were told.

Frankie: Honey, we have to --

Cass: I think we better talk. I guess we both have something that we need to say.

Frankie: I know I do.

Cass: Go ahead.

Frankie: It's about Kathleen.

Cass: What about Kathleen?

Frankie: Remember when we were in Chicago?

Cass: That was my fault.

Frankie: No, Cass --

Cass: Yes, it was. I said that being in the places that I'd been to with Kathleen wouldn't make any difference, and it did, for both of us. I was wrong.

Frankie: Cass that's --

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Should I let the machine pick up?

Cass: I don't want us to get off track here.

Frankie: I'll get rid of whoever it is, ok? Hello?

Ryan: Hi, Frankie, it's Ryan.

Frankie: Hi.

Ryan: Listen, I've got some really big news. Can we talk?

Frankie: Not really.

Ryan: Oh, ok, well, then just listen. I think I might know why Kathleen has been hiding out. Can you meet me at Tops?

Frankie: It sounds like I have to.

Ryan: Hurry, ok?

Frankie: I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm sorry.

Cass: Who was it?

Frankie: The Police. There's a new lead in the case I'm working on.

Cass: And they need you now?

Frankie: Start dinner without me, ok?

Cass: No, I'll wait for you.

Frankie: Good, I won't be long. I love you.

Cass: I love you, too. Be careful.

Frankie: I will.

Rachel: I don't know what we have to say to each other, Paulina.

Paulina: I just really needed someone to talk to.

Rachel: You have something specific you want to talk about?

Paulina: Uh, well, things aren't going very well with Grant and me, for one thing.

Rachel: I already told you how I feel about Grant.

Paulina: Jake might come out of his coma any day.

Rachel: What does Jake have to do with Grant?

Paulina: It's just complicated things.

Rachel: Why?

Paulina: Jake was horrible. When I found out what he did to Marley, and then the affair he had with Donna -- we were all victims of his.

Rachel: Yes, I suppose so.

Paulina: I've been very upset.

Rachel: Yes, well, with good reason.

Paulina: I cant sleep, Rachel. I haven't had a good night's sleep since I moved out. I used to feel so safe here. I slept so soundly.

Rachel: Well, maybe that's a good sign. Maybe it means you still have some conscience left.

Paulina: Can I take you out for a drink?

Rachel: No.

Paulina: I just think we might be able to talk a little bit better if we were away from the house.

Rachel: I don't want to go for a drink with you, Paulina.

Paulina: I didn't think you could be so --

Rachel: So what?

Paulina: So cold.

Rachel: Well, now you know.

Paulina: I know about the meeting you have planned for tomorrow. You're going to tell everybody that you don't believe that I'm Mac's child. You've already made up your mind.

Jamie: What's going on, Marley?

Marley: I'm sorry.

Jamie: Don't apologize to me. Just talk to me. Did I do something?

Marley: It's not you.

Jamie: I thought this is what you wanted.

Marley: So did I.

Jamie: Ok. Maybe we built up to this too much. Maybe I put too much --

Marley: I said, it's not you.

Jamie: Marley, we can take this as slowly as you want. We can wait. We can get some help.

Marley: I don't need help.

Jamie: Were you thinking about that night with Jake?

Marley: Yes.

Jamie: And you know that he's getting better.

Marley: I don't want to talk about it.

Jamie: Marley --

Marley: Jamie, there's nothing you can do to change the way I feel. I just need some time to work these things out on my own.

Jamie: No one should have to -- no one should have to go through this alone. Marley, I love you.

Marley: I'm sorry I led you on.

Jamie: Led me on? Marley, please listen to me. I want to help you through this. No pressures, no deadlines.

Marley: I just need some time alone. Please understand.

Jamie: Marley, you can't just shut me out. I won't let you.

Marley: Jamie, I love you, and I don't want to lose you. But if I don't straighten some of these things out then I'm not going to be able to be with you again. You said, no pressure.

Jamie: And I meant it.

Marley: Ok. Then let me go.

Jamie: Damn you, Jake.

Rachel: I haven't decided anything about anything yet, Paulina.

Paulina: Sorry.

Rachel: I'm sure that makes you anxious, but I really have nothing else to say on that matter.

Paulina: You had papers drawn up to disinherit me.

Rachel: Yes, I did, in case I need them.

Paulina: Well, don't I have a right to know? You're treating me like I don't exist.

Rachel: I'm treating you with a great more objectivity than I feel.

Paulina: I didn't mean to push.

Rachel: As soon as I've made up my mind about all of this, Paulina, you will be the first to know. Now, in the meantime, I am supposed to be taking care of Alli for Amanda tonight.

Paulina: How is Alli?

Rachel: She's just fine, but since I have so few opportunities to be alone with her, this really is important to me.

Paulina: I understand. Thank you for seeing me.

Good night, Ada.

Ada: Next time, call before you come over, ok?

You all right?

Rachel: I'm sorry that I brushed you off earlier.

Ada: Oh, forget about it. Do you want to talk now?

Rachel: I haven't told anybody about this.

Ada: That's why you're having such a hard time with it.

Rachel: Ken apparently was lying to me about a whole lot of things, and he told me, and so I broke things off with him.

Ada: Go on.

Rachel: A lot of it had to do with Paulina.

Ada: I thought so. What about Paulina?

Rachel: Ken, uh -- selected her records from an orphanage, found her, fabricated a letter from her mother, convinced her that she was Mac's child, and sent her to us.

Ada: That's how he just happened to know her mother.

Rachel: Paulina didn't know he was lying when she got here.

Ada: But when she found out?

Rachel: She didn't come to us.

Ada: She's not Mac's daughter.

Rachel: Ken thinks she still may be, and she's convinced of it.

Ada: But there's a chance that she isn't.

Rachel: Yes, but there's something about her.

Ada: Like what?

Rachel: I don't know. It's just a feeling I have. I guess I still believe that she may be Mac's child.

Ada: You do?

Rachel: It's not rational. It's just a feeling.

Ada: What do you do with it?

Rachel: I don't do anything with it, do I? I mean, I can't act on my feelings. I can't even trust my feelings.

Ada: Don't do that, Rachel. I know it's hard, but don't give Ken that kind of power.

[Doorbell rings]

Rachel: Excuse me.

Bridget: You'd better make your call before you break the phone.

Vicky: Would you mind your own business?

Bridget: You mind your manners.

Vicky: Sorry.

Bridget: That's not good enough.

Vicky: What do you want, flowers?

Bridget: You know, you're still not too old. I could take you over my knee.

Vicky: I'm on edge.

Bridget: Oh.

Vicky: I don't -- I don't know what to do.

Bridget: Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you dumped the man.

Vicky: I didn't dump the man.

Bridget: You told Ryan that you couldn't be in his life anymore.

Vicky: Yeah.

Bridget: Isn't that dumping him?

Vicky: I'm confused.

Bridget: All right. Why?

Vicky: Because I've never had someone -- all of these feelings -- I like him a lot.

Bridget: You love him.

Vicky: No, I didn't say --

Bridget: You love him.

Vicky: I don't know what love is. Do you?

Bridget: It doesn't matter what I think. Ryan's in love with you.

Vicky: So he says. And that night he showed me --

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, please, I don't -- no, please.

Vicky: Sorry.

Bridget: Oh. Ryan knows you.

Vicky: What?

Bridget: Mm-hmm. He knows you better than any other man that you've ever been involved with, including your ex-husband. Am I right?

Vicky: Well, that's a pretty big statement.

Bridget: Well, it's a true statement and one you're terrified of making.

Vicky: You know, he's not exactly sitting around waiting for me.

Bridget: What do you mean?

Vicky: Well, the night after we were together --

Bridget: Yes?

Vicky: I saw him having dinner with Amanda Cory.

Bridget: So.

Vicky: So he is not sitting at home, listening to Anita Baker, and clutching a picture of me to his chest.

Bridget: You mean you're jealous of him because he had dinner with Amanda Cory?

Vicky: Oh, please. Amanda likes me about as much as I like her.

Bridget: Which is not at all.

Vicky: Exactly.

Bridget: Well, I think you're putting too much emphasis on this dinner with Amanda.

Vicky: It looked pretty darn cozy.

Bridget: My dear, they had dinner after you told Ryan that you didn't want him in your life. You broke his heart.

Vicky: Bridget, I never meant to hurt him. That's why I left.

Bridget: What?

Vicky: If I had stayed -- if -- when we broke up, it would have gotten much worse.

Bridget: Didn't you ever think about the fact that it could all work out very nicely?

Vicky: Never.

Bridget: Oh, Victoria, if you avoid being hurt by never taking chances, fine, but don't you lead your life that way. Go ahead and do it. I mean -- oh --

Vicky: I happen to be a woman who always takes chances.

Bridget: In everything, except something that really counts.

Vicky: I see. So what, in your opinion, is something that really counts?

Bridget: My dear, if you don't know that now, you're in very deep trouble. If you don't learn, you're going to be alone and frustrated and lead a very empty life, no matter how much money you spend trying to pretend it isn't so. Do you know how fast things are taken away from us? Do you know how quickly life just passes us by? You know, you've got to get your act together, child. Hand me my bowling ball. Please, hand me my bowling ball. Don't you ever not take this chance. You have the power to change it, you know. You really do -- so use it, you silly little fool, use it.

Marley: Excuse me, could I have a brandy, please?

Man: Hi.

Marley: Hello.

Man: Cold out, huh?

Marley: Mm.

Man: I'm Ron Gelb. I'm here on business from Florida, so I feel like I'm in Siberia. Is it always this cold this time of year?

Marley: Colder.

Ron: Oh, great, then I guess I'm lucky. I think I know what you need. You're not going anywhere. Bartender, another for the lady, please.

Ken: Can we talk for a few minutes, please?

Ada: Rachel?

Rachel: Uh -- yeah -- it's all right.

Ken: Thank you.

Rachel: I don't know why you're doing this. We're not going to accomplish anything.

Ken: I miss you.

Rachel: Oh, please.

Ken: Look at me.

Rachel: Don't talk like this, all right?

Ken: You miss me, too.

Rachel: Yes. Yes, I do. But you know what I miss? I miss the man that I thought you were. I miss him a great deal and I feel like a fool.

Ken: You knew who I was from day one.

Rachel: Oh, no, I didn't.

Ken: I told you I was different. You knew damn well I was nothing like Mac. That's what you liked best about me, wasn't it?

Rachel: What do you want from me?

Ken: I want -- I want you to admit you still have feelings for me.

Rachel: If you knew me as well as you think you did, you would know I couldn't possibly go on with a relationship where you've been lying to me from the very beginning.

Ken: You know what I finally realized what you are so afraid of revealing about yourself, Rachel?

Rachel: Well, you know what? I don't care.

Ken: You see yourself in me and you can't accept that.

Rachel: That's ridiculous.

Ken: Is it? In the old days, before you had your husband's money to keep you warm at night, what did you have besides your own instinct for survival?

Rachel: I think you better leave.

Ken: You haven't even told the family about what happened, have you?

Rachel: That's my choice, Ken.

Ken: What are you afraid of?

Rachel: I'm not afraid of anything. I'm protecting someone.

Ken: Yeah, yourself, maybe.

[Door slams]

Rachel: No, I'm protecting Paulina. You are one in a long line of disappointments in her life, and maybe for once, she's going to get a fair shake.

Ken: From you?

Rachel: No. Certainly not from you, though.

Paulina's Voice: Dear Rachel, I don't know how to be any sorrier than I --

Rachel, I've been thinking about everything that's happened, and I don't really know what else to do but go away. [Whispers] I took the last one. Just need to sleep. Why can't I sleep? Want me to stay here while you go to sleep?

Paulina: No, it's all right.

Rachel: It's all right. Move over.

Paulina: You really don't have to.

Rachel: I know I don't.

Paulina: I'm so tired, Rachel. I want to come home.

Bridget: Ah, Victoria.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: Jamie.

Jamie: Hi, Bridget. May I come in?

Bridget: Well, of course you can, dear.

Jamie: Thank you.

Vicky: You look terrible.

Jamie: Is Marley here?

Vicky: No, I thought she was with you.

Jamie: No, she left.

Vicky: She left her own apartment?

Jamie: Vicky, has she called?

Vicky: Jamie, what is wrong?

Jamie: I think Marley is in big trouble.

Bridget: Oh, Jamie, that's understandable after everything she's been through, dear.

Jamie: I think she is close to a nervous breakdown.

Vicky: You think it's that bad?

Jamie: Jake has hurt her more than any of us could realize, Vicky, and I don't know how to fix it.

Ron: My brother lives in Saint Louis and he's always telling me how much fun the snow can be, but all I can see is that, you know, it snows and it looks nice for a while, and then it just --

Frankie: Talk to me.

Ryan: I had a hunch, so I ran a check on the staff at that little hick town police force in Alaska.

Frankie: Right.

Ryan: Remember Tom Cunningham?

Frankie: The only cop who knew anything about Kathleen's plane crash.

Ryan: The guy that said he was retired and didn't leave a forwarding address.

Frankie: What about him?

Ryan: He's not retired. He's years away from retirement.

Frankie: What?

Ryan: Yeah, he's still an active member of the police force.

Frankie: They lied to us?

Ryan: Yep.

Frankie: Why?

Ryan: They're covering for Kathleen.

Frankie: You think Kathleen's involved in something illegal.

Ron: The only time I really liked the snow is when I was in Colorado and I went skiing there. It was beautiful --

Marley: I really need to be alone.

Ron: I'm sorry.

Marley: It's ok. I just need this time.

Ron: You do seem like you're upset about something. I don't mean to pry, but if you'd like someone to talk to -- hey, your hands are shaking and you look awfully pale. Would you like me to call somebody?

Marley: Don't touch me.

[Glass shatters]

Ron: Here, let me help you with that.

Marley: [Screaming] Just get off me! Just get off me and leave me alone! Please, don't touch me! Get away from me -- stop! Alone.

Frankie: Marley, Marley? Marley, honey, listen, it's Frankie. It's me, honey. It's me. It's ok. Honey, it's Frankie. It's ok. We're here now. We're here.

Marley: He wanted to hurt me. He wanted --

Frankie: Ryan.

Ryan: Did you do anything to her?

Ron: She just freaked out. She just lost it.

Ryan: It's all right. It's ok. Why don't you let us take care of her now?

Ron: Do you know her?

Ryan: Yeah.

Ron: What's a matter with her? I didn't do anything.

Ryan: I know. I understand. She's going through a really tough time right now. Just walk away, ok? No harm done.

Ron: She needs help.

Ryan: Yeah. Why don't you bring Marley down to my car, ok?

Frankie: Ok. Honey -- honey, we're going to take you home now, ok? Come with me. It's ok now.

Ryan: I'll call Vicky and tell her what happened.

Frankie: All right.

Cass: Right -- well, I could use your help, you know? You could start by giving me the name of the investigating officer in charge. Tom Cunningham? Would you mind telling me where I might be able to reach Tom Cunningham? No, that's not understandable or satisfactory even. Fine -- that's fine. You want to just send me the damn file on Kathleen Winthrop? Go ahead. But if I have to come up there to Alaska in person and talk to you people, believe me, I will. Yeah, thanks a lot.

Kathleen, are you out there?

Kathleen: Could we at least stay in Texas?

Joe: Two months ago you hated Texas.

Kathleen: Changed my mind.

Joe: We are gone by morning.

Kathleen: We never had to go so far before. What's changed?

Joe: Are you serious?

Kathleen: Yes.

Joe: Frankie Frame knows you're alive. She's probably already called Winthrop who's probably already on his way here to see you for himself.

Kathleen: Frankie has not told Cass.

Joe: Why wouldn't she?

Kathleen: Because she is afraid of losing her husband.

Joe: To you -- is that what you think? Is that what you want? Baby, you can't go back to him -- not after everything you've done.

Kathleen: She has no idea about any of that. She thinks that he will drop her in a second if he knew I was alive. And she's probably right.

Joe: You are out of control.

Kathleen: What are you doing?

Joe: We're out of here tonight.

[Phone rings]

Joe: Yeah? Mm-hmm. Yeah, I got it. Yeah, once again, I owe you. That was Tom Cunningham, again.

Kathleen: What did he want?

Joe: He got a phone call from Cass Winthrop.

Kathleen: No.

Joe: Yeah -- wondering if anybody up there knew anything about the possibility of his wife surviving a plane crash a few years ago. He knows.

Kathleen: She told him.

Ryan: Let me get you some tea or something.

Marley: You're a very nice man, Ryan.

Ryan: I care about what happens to you.

Marley: I'll be fine.

[Knock at door]

Marley: Could you get that for me, please? I'm just going to go splash some water on my face.

Ryan: What do you want me to tell Vicky?

Marley: Just ask her to give me a minute.

Jamie: What happened, Ryan?

Vicky: Where is she?

Ryan: She's inside. She was at Tops. This guy started hitting on her a little bit, but he seemed normal enough. She -- whatever he said to her made her snap, so she hit him.

Jamie: Oh, no.

Vicky: All right, I'm just going to go in there alone.

Jamie: Vicky --

Vicky: Jamie, I've got to do it alone. Just trust me, please. Excuse me.

Vicky: Marley? It's me.

Ken: Rachel, Mac taught you how to forgive. You did tell me that. You said he was able to look past certain things and forgive you and love you.

Rachel: I don't want to talk about Mac.

Ken: Well, I do. I want you to think about Mac. I want you to be able to draw on his strength and his compassion and be able to do the same thing with me.

Rachel: You're dreaming.

Ken: Rachel, why can't you see that no matter what I did, no matter how wrong my choices were, I always loved you? Because I loved you so much, I came clean. I told you everything because I couldn't live with that lie between us. Damn it, why can't you forgive me?

Rachel: Because I'm not Mac. And because I knew you were lying to me and I chose to believe in you anyway.

Ken: Then why can't you get past this?

Rachel: Because you've made me a fool, haven't you? I thought you had noble motives for doing what you did, and it was nothing more than venality and treachery. Ken was just leaving.

Ada: I knew that. Ken?

Ken: I haven't given up on you.

Rachel: You never will?

Ken: I will. I will.

Ada: We're going out.

Rachel: Are you kidding?

Ada: Nope. First Paulina, then Ken -- who's next?

Rachel: I think we've run the gamut. I don't think anybody else is coming over.

Ada: Well, let's not take a chance. Why don't we get a change of atmosphere?

Rachel: I don't want to, Mom. Thanks, but I want to go up and see Alli.

Ada: Alli has been asleep for an hour.

Rachel: She has?

Ada: Yeah, Hilda's watching her. Now, get your coat.

Rachel: I don't really want to, Mom. I want to go upstairs and go to bed.

Ada: No way. Come on, let's go.

Paulina: I didn't take that many.

Hilda, its Paulina.

Hilda: Yes?

Paulina: I need to speak to Rachel. Tell her to come -- I'm scared.

Hilda: Mrs. Cory's gone out. I'm sorry, Paulina.

Paulina: No, no, no, no. She's not -- she told me she was minding Alli tonight. She's there.

Hilda: I'm watching Alli.

Paulina: Where is she?

Hilda: She's at Tops. Paulina, what's wrong?

Paulina: I need the number for Tops. [Gasping] I can't breathe. I can't breathe.

Vicky: Hi.

Marley: You didn't have to come.

Vicky: I know.

Marley: Well, I'm all right now. You don't have to stay.

Vicky: Marley, I know what happened. You know, it's going to be ok.

Marley: Sure, I know.

Vicky: No one's going to pressure you anymore.

Marley: Have you been talking to Jamie?

Vicky: Well, I -- he came to the house. Marley, he's really worried about you.

Marley: He shouldn't be. He didn't do anything. It was all me.

Vicky: Hold it. You didn't do anything, either.

Marley: Vicky, you don't know what it's like. Nobody knows what I'm going through.

Vicky: You're right, but I know it's going to get better. And I'm here and you've got me. All you have to do is ask and I'll be back in your life.

And you've got Jamie. And he loves you so much.

Marley: I don't believe anything anymore.

Vicky: Come on, Marley, don't give up. You were the one who could always see the bright side of things.

Marley: I just grew up.

Jamie: Let me help you.

Vicky: I'll be waiting in the hallway.

Marley: Why do you stay? Why do you put up with all of this?

Jamie: You know, Marley.

Marley: Jamie, Jake raped me.

Jamie: I know.

Marley: He ruined everything for me that night, and I didn't even realize it until now.

Jamie: Marley.

Marley: He said he knew what I needed. He said what he was doing was because he loved me. He held me down, and I said no. I said no.

Jamie: I know you did.

Marley: He killed something in me that night.

Jamie: He didn't kill it. He didn't kill us either. I'm going to get us our future back, Marley. I promise you.

Vicky: Thank you for looking after us.

Ryan: Us?

Vicky: You take care of Marley, you take care of me.

Ryan: I care about -- I'm glad I could help.

Vicky: You did. Thank you for calling me.

Ryan: You're welcome.

Kathleen: I didn't think she'd do it, Joe. I didn't think that she would tell Cass.

Joe: You thought wrong. I don't want to argue about it. We're going to move, but we can go anywhere you want. I mean, it makes no difference to me, all right? So, your choice. You got any ideas?

Kathleen: I'd like to go to New Orleans. I was happy there, once.

Frankie: Thanks for rescuing this for me.

Man: No problem.

Frankie: Hi.

Ada: Frankie, hello.

Frankie: You ok?

Ada: Yeah. How are you?

Frankie: Good.

[Phone rings]

Man: Good evening, Tops.

Paulina: [Gasping] Rachel,

Man: I'm sorry, I'm afraid you have to speak up. Who?

To whom do you wish to speak?

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