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Another World Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07

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Vicky: Mm, mm. Where are you?

Ryan: I'm here.

Vicky: Oh, I wasn't dreaming.

Ryan: Uh-uh.

Vicky: Mm.

Ryan: Last night was very, very real.

Vicky: It was.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. Last night was, um... I had always imagined what it would be like making love to you, and I was half afraid that it wouldn't live up to my fantasy. Oh, boy was I wrong.

Sharlene: Look at all that hair. Where did you get that? You know, your sister, Josie was completely bald for almost a year; she was. And look at that nose. Where did you get that cute little nose?

John: From me, he got his cute little nose from his Dad.

Sharlene: I knew you would claim the nose.

John: Not that his mother doesn't have an adorable little nose, but that is definitely a Hudson schnoz.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

How's that leg?

John: It, uh, smarts a little, that's all.

Sharlene: Are you sure you should be up and around, John?

John: Shouldn't I be asking you that?

Sharlene: Hey, we're fine. We're fine. Isn't he gorgeous?

John: Yep, not that we're in the least bit prejudiced, mind you.

Sharlene: Oh, I'm being perfectly unbiased.

John: I am so proud of you.

Sharlene: Oh my, what did I do?

John: Well, you gave birth to this little guy for one thing.

Sharlene: Oh, piece of cake, John.

John: How'd last night go?

Sharlene: Well, we get an A+ for the 2:00 feeding, don't we, Gregory? You are so good.

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: Did you find out? Can I get out of here today?

John: Well, under normal circumstances, uh, yes. But after a birthing experience like yours, they'd like to keep the baby in for an extra couple of days. But the good news is, since I'm a doctor, they will let us take him home. We can watch him there.

Sharlene: Oh, Gregory, I like knowing people in high places.

John: And how about you, you ready to go?

Sharlene: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

John: Well, I just thought that after that ordeal in the warehouse, you'd still be exhausted.

Sharlene: Nope, I'm fine, really, and he's great, too.

John: Well, that doesn't mean that you can't stay for an extra day, you'll be waited on.

Sharlene: John, I don't need to.

John: All right.

Sharlene: Unless --

John: What?

Sharlene: Maybe you don't trust me, is that it?

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: Maybe you don't think I'm up to taking care of Gregory.

Cass: You're really going through with this, huh?

Frankie: Oh, you scared me. I thought you had to run over to the office.

Cass: I thought I'd hang in here until you left for the airport. That is if you're still determined and bound to go to San Antonio.

Frankie: I have to. Mama is expecting me.

Cass: Why didn't you invite Emma here instead?

Frankie: You almost said that with a straight face. Oh, look, I will be back before you know it.

Cass: Packed for a year as usual, I see.

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: Your suitcase is running over here. Frankie, I've never seen this one before. When did you get this?

Frankie: Let me finish packing, honey, ok?

Cass: Frankie, that's not even your style.

Frankie: Well, of course it's not my style, I bought it for Mama.

Cass: A designer dress?

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: For Emma?

Frankie: Yeah, I'm trying to liven up her wardrobe.

Cass: Lousy job, but somebody's got to do it.

Frankie: Cass.

Cass: Kidding, just a -- just a mother-in-law gag.

Frankie: I want to give my Mama some style.

Cass: Good luck.

Frankie: You were saying?

Cass: I was saying how lucky I am to have you in my life. Which reminds me, what am I going to do without you?

Frankie: I will call you every day, twice a day.

Cass: What if Emma and I get along better this time?

Frankie: Yeah, right.

Cass: No, I mean, if she came here to visit, it would only be for a few days, right?

Frankie: Wrong.

Cass: And this would give her a chance to see John and Sharlene's baby.

Frankie: Well, I think that Sharlene has plans for that a little further down the road, and besides, Mama's having a really good time with the, uh, with the Texas Frames.

Cass: So she doesn't really need you there, but I really need you here.

Frankie: Cass, please.

Cass: Frankie, can you give me one good reason why you have to do this today?

Stacey: Watch it, watch it, watch the pastries.

Michael: Wait a minute.

Stacey: Oh, my gosh.

Michael: What?

Stacey: Something smells intense in that bag. What is in there?

Michael: Those, my dear, are fresh onion bagels.

Stacey: Fresh, in Bay City? I don't think so.

Michael: No, I had them flown in from New York.

Stacey: No way.

Michael: Yeah, I sure did.

Stacey: Oh, my gosh.

Michael: What do you got, uh, what do you got in there?

Stacey: Well, I got everything that I could find that was as fattening as possible. I got eclairs, napoleons, brownies, cookies. Let's see -- yeah, here's a -- here, let me show you an example of what I got.

Michael: I thought you swore off sweets.

Stacey: I did.

Michael: You did?

Stacey: Until two hours ago.

Michael: Until two hours ago, that makes sense.

Stacey: You think we overdid it?

Michael: No way, no, are you kidding? You think John and Sharlene want to be out, uh, shopping when they could spend time with my nephew?

Stacey: You're absolutely right. Wait a second. Is this your first nephew?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Stacey: No way.

Michael: Yeah.

Stacey: Oh, congratulations, uncle.

Michael: Well, thank you. Gosh, I can't believe John's got a son.

Stacey: I know, you know, it's very lucky -- it was very lucky for both of those, Sharlene and the little baby, how they're doing, considering everything that they've gone through. I mean, I can't believe that story.

Michael: I've got to tell you, that's not the strangest thing that happened.

Stacey: It got stranger?

Michael: The reason Sharlene went to the warehouse was because she got a phone call, an anonymous call from a woman who said that she knew who shot Jake and that she could prove it.

Stacey: What?

Michael: Sharlene told me last night when I was visiting her.

Stacey: Who's the woman?

Michael: When Sharlene got to the warehouse, it was empty, and then she got locked in.

Stacey: Wow. What do you make of it? You think it's some sort of prank phone call, or it might be an actual lead?

Michael: To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I have no idea.

Stacey: Well, I'll tell you what. After we get everything set up, I'll go down to the warehouse and I'll talk to people down there --

Michael: No way, no, no, no.

Stacey: Michael --

Michael: Look, you're not going to that part of town by yourself. That's all there is to it.

Stacey: I am a big girl now --

Michael: Yeah, well, so -- Sharlene's a big girl and look what happened to her. I'll tell you what, you just wait and I'll go with you, all right?

[Car engine slows]

Stacey: Wait a minute, did you hear that?

Michael: Yeah, but that couldn't be John and Sharlene. They're not supposed to be back from the --

Stacey: Are you sure?

Michael: Yeah.

Stacey: Well, you told me --

Michael: No, I called -- I called the hospital, they told me they weren't going to be here until this afternoon.

Stacey: So, who is it then?

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Hi. I guess we both had the same idea.

John: Why would you think that?

Sharlene: Because of that look on your face.

John: What look?

Sharlene: Why don't you want me to go home?

John: Sharlene, I thought you just might want to rest.

Sharlene: Well, I don't. I'm perfectly fine.

John: Well, have your doctor release you.

Sharlene: All right, I will.

Sharlene: It's ok, all right. Oh, I know. Are you mad at me?

John: What?

Sharlene: Are you mad at me for going to the warehouse alone?

John: I know that you're only trying to help Donna. You do believe that I know that?

Sharlene: There's something I haven't told you, John. Taylor doesn't think I ever got that phone call.

John: What does she think?

Sharlene: That it was Sharly coming out and going to her old stomping ground.

John: Sharly.

Sharlene: Yes.

John: Do you remember getting a phone call about Donna?

Sharlene: Yes, I do.

John: Then Taylor is wrong, isn't she?

Sharlene: Well there are more things that I haven't told you about, John, that I should have.

John: What things?

Sharlene: That nightgown, for one thing, the sexy little number you thought I bought for after the birth.

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: I didn't buy it.

John: You didn't?

Sharlene: I didn't, I don't know, it just showed up in the kitchen. I have no idea how it got there.

John: Did you try to find out?

Sharlene: Yes, I tried to find out. I went to the store where it came from and the clerk there told me that it had been charged on a credit card. She looked it up in the computer, and the name on the account was Sharly Watts.

John: Oh.

Sharlene: So I've been a little scared, John, and I was afraid to tell you.

John: Have you had any blackouts?

Sharlene: No, no, I've felt just fine. Everything's been very clear to me. I just don't know how these things happened, and there was another thing, John. A real estate agent called on the phone and it seems that a Sharly Watts called about an apartment.

John: Is there any block of time that you can't account for?

Sharlene: No, but, John, I have to be sure about these things for Gregory's sake and for yours. What if Sharly is coming back?

John: Come here, let's take a look at our son.

Sharlene: You aren't worried, John?

John: Sharlene, we both know that your recovery took a lot of time.

Sharlene: Yes.

John: So, we shouldn't expect that Sharly would just vanish after a few months.

Sharlene: I was so sure she was gone, she's part of me.

John: Maybe these are just, you know, random episodes because of your apprehension about the baby.

Sharlene: I don't feel like I did before. Even with everything that's happened, I don't. I don't feel like I could -- I don't feel like I would let her take over, I wouldn't.

John: In any pregnancy, with all the hormonal changes, there's bound to be a bout of anxiety and perhaps even some behavioral changes. Maybe that won't happen anymore now that he's here.

Sharlene: So, you're really not upset?

John: I'm concerned, I'm concerned because you are, so I won't ignore what's happened. This may not be a medical opinion, but I know in my heart that right now, you are strong and you are in control.

Sharlene: You trust me to take care of him?

John: More than I trust anyone in the world.

If there comes a time when things get tough, then we'll deal with it. We will get you the help you need.

Sharlene: All I need is to be home taking care of him and you. That is the best therapy on earth for me.

Frankie: What am I forgetting?

Cass: You're forgetting to answer my question.

Frankie: Cass, I haven't seen Mama in months.

Cass: So give her a few days alone with the relatives, and then have her fly up here.

Frankie: Oh, and have the two of you at each other's throats for a few weeks, no way.

Cass: A few weeks?

Frankie: You know how Mama hates to fly.

Cass: I do?

Frankie: Yeah, she's the original white knuckle. We'd never get her on a plane after just a couple of days.

Cass: Look, maybe we could, you know, share her with John and Sharlene.

Frankie: They just had a baby.

Cass: Who better to take care of the little lad?

Frankie: Oh, she probably wouldn't let them anywhere near that kid, and the last thing they need is my Mama telling them how to do everything.

Cass: But, Frankie --

Frankie: Cass, why are you being so strange about this?

Cass: I don't know. I guess I am making a fool of myself, aren't I? I'll stop. I'm just going to miss you, that's all.

Frankie: I'm going to miss you, too. But if I don't get going, I'm going to miss my plane.

Cass: You'll be back in time for the christening, right?

Frankie: Oh, of course I will.

Cass: Let me get my coat. I'll drive you to the airport.

Frankie: Cass, I called a cab.

Cass: Why?

Frankie: Because they're expecting you out at Sharlene's.

Cass: Oh, they won't miss me.

Frankie: Of course they will. Oh, wait till you see this little baby, he is so sweet. Now between me and you, he favors the Frames.

Cass: Oh, that's purely objective, right?

Frankie: Yes, of course.

Cass: Yeah, yeah, you're really running a risk here, Mary Frances.

Frankie: How so?

Cass: Suppose I see this great-looking kid and start getting ideas.

Frankie: I think it might be a little soon for those ideas.

Cass: Oh, you do, do you?

Frankie: Don't you?

Cass: I'll let you know after I see the bambino.

Something wrong?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Come on, Frankie, come on.

Frankie: I love you, I love you so much, and I'm going to miss you, that's all.

[Car horn honks]

Frankie: There's my cab.

[Car horn honks]

Cass: Wait, wait, wait.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Well, you didn't write down a number where I can reach you.

Frankie: Oh, uh, right.

[Car horn honks]

Cass: Be right there!



Frankie: Yeah.

[Car horn honks]

Cass: Coming!

Ryan: Are you ok?

Vicky: Am I ok? I'm fine.

Ryan: Oh, no, you're much more than fine. You are the most incredible woman that I have ever known, and we are going to be together forever.

Vicky: Oh, Ryan, Ryan.

Ryan: Now why am I such an incredibly lucky person? To spend the rest of my life, like this?

Vicky: Ryan, oh, it feels so wonderful, I would hate to disappoint you.

Ryan: Oh, I don't think that's possible. You know what we need, hmm?

Vicky: No.

Ryan: Food.

Vicky: Food?

Ryan: Food, food, food.

Vicky: It's not exactly what I was thinking of, you know, but ok.

Ryan: We need some food. Um, I already checked out the kitchen, and it's a no-go, so --

Vicky: So, what are you doing?

Ryan: I'm going to go down to that little restaurant as you're coming into the village, and I'm going to buy the place out.

Vicky: Oh, you are?

Ryan: Mm-hmm. Now, I want you to stay in bed.

Vicky: Oh.

Ryan: Keep it warm.

Vicky: All right.

Ryan: Save my spot.

Vicky: You got it.

Ryan: Don't go anywhere, and --

Vicky: Do you need help getting dressed?

Ryan: No, I'm fine. I've been needing help getting undressed. Did I say I loved you this morning?

Vicky: Uh-uh.

Ryan: I do...love you.

Vicky: I love you, too.

Stacey: What timing, huh?

Michael: I wish she'd give it a rest.

Stacey: Why don't I just go?

Donna: Not on my account, I hope, Stacey.

Michael: Stacey, don't leave.

Stacey: All right. Maybe I'll make some coffee. Would anybody like some?

Donna: No thanks.

Stacey: Ok, well, I'll make myself some coffee. Excuse me.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Donna: Being a friend.

Michael: Oh.

Donna: Sharlene was wonderful to me when I was in jail. I'm returning the kindness.

Michael: You know how lucky Sharlene and her baby are to be alive?

Donna: What are you talking about?

Michael: Sharlene got locked in a warehouse last night.

Donna: What?

Michael: John got there just as she went into labor.

Donna: What was she doing in a warehouse?

Michael: She was trying to prove your innocence.

Donna: I -- I don't --

Michael: Donna, she got a phone call from a woman who said that she knew that you didn't shoot Jake and she knew who did.

Donna: Why would anybody do that?

Michael: The point is, don't you think you better tell the truth before someone else gets hurt?

Sharlene: John, come over here.

John: Is he waking up?

Sharlene: Just a little, but look, I swear it's a smile.

John: You're kidding.

Sharlene: No, but look, he's doing it again.

John: What an extraordinary child.

Sharlene: You think so?

John: What do you suppose he's thinking about?

Sharlene: Oh, a full tummy and dry diapers.

John: I hope it's always that easy to keep him smiling.

Sharlene: Yes, I know, I know. You know, I always wondered what it would be like to raise a son.

John: Looks like we're going to find out.

Sharlene: I want him to be able to count on us, John. I mean, really count on us.

John: He'll be able to. You scared?

Sharlene: Well, I don't know. You?

John: Yeah, sure wish these guys came with a book of instructions.

Sharlene: You're going to be great.

John: I hope so.

Sharlene: Hey, you. We are going to give you a wonderful life, we promise. You want to go home and see your room? I got it fixed up just for you.

Taylor: Excuse me.

Sharlene: Taylor.

John: Hey, Taylor.

Taylor: Well, I figured you'd be pretty busy this morning.

Sharlene: You're right. It took me an hour and a half just to get him dressed good.

Taylor: Oh, isn't he adorable.

Sharlene: Isn't he sweet?

Taylor: Oh, look at that.

Sharlene: I wish -- oh, see, he is waking up. Maybe you'll get to see those eyes. I keep hoping he'll wake up.

John: Say that at 3:00 this morning.

Taylor: So, you really are going to go home today.

Sharlene: Ah, yes, isn't that terrific?

Taylor: I mean, you think maybe you're just pushing it a bit?

Sharlene: No, I don't.

John: Hey, Taylor, we talked about it. We think it would be best for Sharlene to be at home with the baby and her family. I'll be there to help. Josie will be by in a few days.

Taylor: Ok.

John: So, it'll work.

Taylor: You know what's best.

John: Then we can take good care of this guy.

Nurse: Get in, new Mama. It's time to blow this joint.

John: What do you say we take this guy home?

Sharlene: Shall I get him?

John: No, I will. I'd like to carry our son out of here -- that is, if you don't mind.

Sharlene: You think you should?

John: After what you've been through this past couple of days? Sharlene, this will be a piece of cake.

Come on, little guy. What do you say? You want to help your Dad test out his leg, hmm? All right, let's do that. Well, are you coming?

Ryan: I was in luck. There's a doughnut shop down around -- on the corner.

Ryan: Vicky?

Vicky: Hi.

Ryan: Hi, uh, you're -- you're supposed to be under the covers.

Vicky: I know, but I've got to go.

Ryan: Uh, where?

Vicky: I'm leaving.

Ryan: Oh, uh, do you mind if I ask why?

Vicky: Please don't.

Ryan: Uh, why the hell not? I mean, we made, um, we made love last night, remember? I told you that I loved you.

Vicky: Yeah, I know.

Ryan: Uh-huh, so I think I have a right to ask. I mean, you got me up here for -- so we could spend a weekend together, remember?

Vicky: Yes.

Ryan: So -- so what is this? Did your family call? Is there bad news?

Vicky: No.

Ryan: So, what's happened?

Vicky: What happened is exactly what I thought would happen.

Ryan: Uh, excuse me?

Vicky: Making love to you was really wonderful.

Ryan: Well that's -- that's the way that it's supposed to be.

Vicky: But I -- I never should have asked you to come up here. And I should have just left things the way they were.

Ryan: Why?

Vicky: Because now I'm scared.

Ryan: Oh, come on, that's just a reaction.

Vicky: It's not.

Ryan: Well then, did I do something wrong?

Vicky: No, Ryan, you are so wonderful and sweet. You are much too good for me.

Ryan: Look, wait, this is crazy, what --

Vicky: I'm going to ruin it. Don't you understand? I'm going to do just what my mother did and my sister did.

Ryan: That has nothing to do with us.

Vicky: I couldn't handle it.

Ryan: Ok, let me get this straight. What -- what you're saying is that you're afraid of losing me later, so you're going to give me up now. Is that it, Vicky?

Donna: We've been over and over this, Michael. What do you want from me?

Michael: I want the truth from you, damn it!

Donna: I've told you the truth. I confessed to everything, we're going to plea bargain, and that's that.

Michael: No, that is not that, Donna. You're going to go to jail, and the person who really shot Jake is walking around loose.

Donna: Oh, look who's here.

Sharlene: Oh, I don't believe it.

Donna: Hi.

Sharlene: Oh!

John: What are you two doing here?

Donna: We're welcoming you home, of course.

Michael: Hi, hi, Taylor.

Taylor: Hi, Michael. Hi, Donna.

Michael: Uh, is -- is that my, uh, my nephew?

Donna: Hi, Taylor.

John: Uh, it sure is.

Michael: Uh, you think maybe I could take him off your hands while you maybe change your coats or something, or take them off, or do something?

John: Ok.

Sharlene: Maybe you could. Gregory, this is your uncle Michael.

Michael: Oh, he looks like a keeper to me. Look at that face.

Donna: Hi. Look at that beautiful baby.

Michael: Look at that hair.

Donna: Look at this hair.

Michael: I can't believe I'm holding your son.

John: Well, it's -- it's hers, too.

Sharlene: I know what he meant.

John: How did you two know that we were going to come home from the hospital this morning?

Michael: I called the hospital.

Donna: We're not going to stay long, don't worry, we know Sharlene needs to rest.

Taylor: Yeah, she does.

Sharlene: Oh, no, I'm too excited to rest.

Stacey: Hey, is that who I think it is out there?

Sharlene: Who's that?

Donna: Stacey.

Michael: Uh, Stacey's here. Uh, Stacey, you want to come out and meet my nephew?

Stacey: Oh, you bet, I'll be there in a second.

John: Actually, he's much better looking when he's awake.

Sharlene: Which isn't much of the time at this point.

Donna: Oh, I think he's perfect. How much did he weigh?

Sharlene: Over eight pounds.

Donna: Eight pounds.

Taylor: And she did not have an easy time with it.

Donna: I know you didn't, I'm so sorry.

Sharlene: No, don't worry about me, I'm fine.

Taylor: No, let's get you off your feet, ok?

Sharlene: I'd love it.

Stacey: All right, how about a little more nourishment for you guys?

Donna: Ah, look at what we've --

Sharlene: Look at what you people have done.

Stacey: No, do not look at it. Please, eat it. There is so much.

Sharlene: Ah!

Taylor: Ah!

Stacey: You wouldn't believe what's in your refrigerator, Sharlene. Michael and I went shopping, Donna went shopping. Come on you guys, eat.

Sharlene: Eat up?

Stacey: Yeah.

John: Well, we done good, huh?

Michael: You done real good. Hey, I didn't notice, hardly, in all the excitement.

John: Well, you were pretty preoccupied with your nephew.

Michael: Your cane, no cane!

John: I still have a little limp, but I think that will be cleared up with some therapy.

Michael: It was a success? The operation was a success?

John: Yeah, it was.

Michael: Oh, brother, I'm so happy, that's terrific. Whoa. Uh-oh.

John: Uh-oh?

Michael: Um, I have a feeling this little guy needs a member of the immediate family.

John: Ok, well, I can take care of that. Come on, come along, buddy. I can handle everything, except for dinner.

Michael: Don't feel left out.

Donna: Oh, he's so beautiful.

Michael: Yeah, sure he is.

Donna: Watching you hold him just --

Michael: What, Donna, just what?

Donna: Makes me wish that you'd had the chance to raise our daughters from birth.

Michael: Makes me wish I'd had the chance to raise my son.

Kathleen's voice: I know what you're doing. Stop following me before we all get hurt. Frankie, just let it go. For all our sakes, just let it go.

Cass: Oh, Frankie, how could you forget your tarot cards? No one can survive a day without these. I guess I better call Emma and find out where to send them.

What do you mean "this number is no longer in service"?

Vicky: I love you, Ryan.

Ryan: And that's all we have to worry about.

Vicky: But what if love isn't enough anymore?

Ryan: All right, all right, so you've lost your faith in love. You've had a rotten time.

Vicky: I've had the worst time of my life.

Ryan: Yeah, but I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here, Vicky, and I'll never let you down.

Vicky: But what if I let you down?

Ryan: I don't know, I'll dangle you over a balcony or something.

Vicky: Ryan, this isn't a joke. Ask Jamie, we thought we would be together forever.

Ryan: Why are you doing this?

Vicky: Because you want me to pledge undying love to you, and I can't do that.

Ryan: That is not what I'm asking for.

Vicky: Ryan, it's not going to work. You may feel great now, but in the long run, you're going to end up hating me and you're going to want --

Ryan: That is garbage! Now, you love me and I love you. Now stop tap dancing around and tell me what's wrong.

Vicky: I'm scared, ok? That's what's wrong.

Taylor: Sharlene looks so happy. So do you.

John: I hope you know how much it means to us to have you here today.

Taylor: Well, it's important to me, too. Thank you.

John: I don't think that I ever thanked you properly.

Taylor: What for?

John: If it wasn't for you, this might never have happened.

Taylor: Well, I just don't want her to take too much on today.

John: I'll make sure she doesn't.

Donna: All right, darling, I really must rush, I have a million errands to do.

Sharlene: Well, I appreciate you coming by here.

Donna: Thank you. You've been such a wonderful friend to me.

Sharlene: Did anybody tell you about the call I got?

Donna: Yes, and I'm so sorry. You should have called and checked with me. I could have told you it was a prank call, and I just hate it that it led you into so much danger. I'm really sorry.

Sharlene: No, Donna, it was just --

Donna: But I have to rush now. I'm grateful that you're all right. You take care of yourself and that beautiful little boy. Bye-bye, say bye to John.

Sharlene: Take care.

Stacey: Oh, Michael, I know how hard this must be for you.

Michael: I'm just happy for Sharlene and John, that's all.

Stacey: Listen, I need to tell you something. If I'd known you a year ago as well as I know you now, I wouldn't have taken on the Millers' case.

Sharlene: I don't even know who it is.

Cass: I know, Frankie told me to get something practical, so here it is. No, I saw this guy in the toy store and I had to have it.

Sharlene: I love him.

Cass: Well, he's not for you. It happens to be for Gregory John Hudson, wherever he may be.

John: He happens to be sleeping right over there. How are you, Cass?

Cass: Ok.

Sharlene: Listen, would you and Michael do me a favor and set up the nursery monitor? That would be a big help.

John: Sure, no problem.

Sharlene: Come on in.

John: Hey, Mike.

Michael: Yeah.

John: I've got a project, you want to give me a hand?

Michael: Sure, sure, no problem.

Sharlene: Oh, get some food, meet the fellow over here.

Cass: Look at him. Oh my, oh my. And you look great, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Why, thank you. I just feel wonderful, I'm so glad you could come by.

Cass: Are you kidding? This is quite an occasion.

Sharlene: Where is Frankie?

Cass: Didn't she tell you?

Sharlene: No.

Cass: Well, she went to visit Emma.

Sharlene: Voluntarily?

Cass: I know, I wonder why she didn't tell you.

Clerk: Excuse me just a minute. Still raining out there?

Frankie: Oh, no, it stopped.

Clerk: We've had more rain this year, you ever remember a wetter winter?

Frankie: Uh, no, I'm not from around here.

Clerk: No? What brings you down our way?

Frankie: Well, I was in a hotel in Chicago and the valet returned this dress to me by mistake, and I could see from the label that it came from this shop.

Clerk: Uh-huh.

Frankie: And I could tell that it was a designer original.

Clerk: Designed it myself.

Frankie: Oh, you're Luanne.

Luanne: Guilty.

Frankie: Well, it's a beautiful dress.

Luanne: Well, thank you. Were you interested in something similar?

Frankie: Actually, I was wondering if you could remember the name of the person who bought it so that I could return it to her.

Luanne: You came all the way from Chicago to return a dress?

Frankie: No, no, uh, it's an incredible coincidence. Uh, an old friend of mine from high school invited me down to San Antonio and, anyway, I thought, since I was here, if you could remember her name and address, I would --

Luanne: Oh, that won't be necessary. She's a very good customer. I'll see it's returned.

Frankie: Well it won't be any trouble, I'll be driving around seeing the sights and --

Luanne: You just enjoy yourself, honey. I'll take care of the dress. I was about to close, I can drop it off on my way home.

Frankie: Are you sure it's no problem?

Luanne: Oh, no trouble at all. She's about two blocks from my house.

Frankie: Oh, great.

Luanne: This was real sweet of you. I know she'll appreciate it.

Frankie: As I said, I was on my way down here anyway.

Luanne: Well you have yourself a good time with your friend.

Frankie: Thank you, and very nice meeting you, Luanne.

Luanne: Likewise.

Vicky: Ryan. Yes, it may be crazy, I don't know, but I'm afraid and your telling me that I shouldn't be doesn't make it go away.

Ryan: Ok, why don't we talk about this rationally? We both agree that last night was wonderful.

Vicky: Too wonderful.

Ryan: See, that's not rational. There's no such thing as "too" when it comes to wonderful.

Vicky: It is not going to last, Ryan. Look at my track record.

Ryan: Why don't you let me be the one who worries about that?

Vicky: All right, I'm going to tell you why, and I'll try to make it rational.

Ryan: Fine, tell me.

Vicky: I love you, you love me.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Which means you have a power over me.

Ryan: And you have a power over me.

Vicky: I don't like being out of control, can you understand that?

Ryan: I understand that you had a really bad time, that all of your relationships turned out to be disasters, but ours is different.

Vicky: No, maybe for now it is. You just wait until I do this to you five or six more times and I swear --

Ryan: No, but I know you, and I'd buy the whole package. I love you, and I know that you love me.

Vicky: For how long?

Ryan: I know what really is scaring you. You think that you're going to commit to me, and then I'm going to leave you.

Vicky: Maybe.

Ryan: Well, it's not going to happen.

Vicky: It cannot be as serious as it is. I think we should see other people.

Ryan: This is insane! I mean, after all we have been through that we should -- that we're just going to become casual dates? All right, I love you, and I want all of you. I want all of us, and if I can't get it, then I walk.

Vicky: I can't. I could never give you what you want.

Ryan: Oh, you've done it to us, Vicky. What you were most afraid of, you've done. Congratulations.

Donna: Hello, this is Donna Hudson.

Man: Mrs. Hudson, what can I do for you?

Donna: I just want to make sure that you keep doing what you've been doing. Did you get my last check?

Man: Right on time.

Donna: All right now, I know there's been a lot about me in the papers lately.

Man: Yeah, you're news, all right.

Donna: Well, that's why it's absolutely vital that you continue to keep silent about that night.

Stacey: I don't see it, I mean, I know you walked in with it.

Michael: You know what? It's in the kitchen. I'll be back in a second.

Stacey: Cass, hey.

Cass: Stace.

Stacey: How are you doing?

Cass: I haven't talked to you in a couple of days, what's up?

Stacey: I know, I've been crazy at the office.

Cass: All right, paying clients?

Stacey: The kind that say the check is in the mail, remember those types?

Cass: Oh, yeah, unfortunately I do. Well, at least Donna's good for a couple of months rent.

Stacey: Yeah.

Cass: How's the plea bargaining going?

Stacey: Oh, it's not, I'm trying to stall.

Cass: Why?

Stacey: Well, I have some reason to believe that she didn't shoot Jake.

Cass: You think she was covering for Marley.

Stacey: I don't know. I mean, Michael is positive that she didn't do it, and he's determined to prove it.

Cass: You keep me posted, ok?

Stacey: Yeah, I will.

Cass: Can I give you a hand? I'll help you with your coat.

Stacey: Yeah, I'm going to get my -- ha, thanks.

Cass: I'm not trying to get rid of you or anything. You and Michael have been working on this together?

Stacey: Mm-hmm. Do you think that's weird?

Cass: Yeah, considering that you've known about Donna's affair and even used it to win Mikey's custody case.

Stacey: Cass, you're not angry with me, too, are you?

Cass: I think it was a pretty crummy tactic, yeah.

Stacey: Could you look at it from my side?

Cass: I've tried.

Stacey: Wouldn't you have used the tape?

Cass: That's beside the point. Once Marley was arrested, you should have told me the whole story.

Stacey: She made me promise not to say a word. I told her to talk to you. I told her over and over again.

Cass: Why didn't you tell me?

Stacey: I don't know. Sometimes there aren't clear-cut answers. You should know that above everybody else.

Michael: Well, uh, all set.

Stacey: Ok.

Cass: See you guys soon.

Stacey: Let me grab my things.

John: You guys leaving?

Michael: Yeah.

Stacey: Uh, I've got a ton of work to do.

Michael: Actually, I do, too. I tell you what, kiss my nephew good-bye for me, would you?

Sharlene: I think we will. I'll see you all out the door, come on.

Stacey: Great.

Sharlene: Will you watch over that little fellow?

John: Are you kidding me? Sure.

Taylor: Why don't you go outside with your family? I'll watch Gregory.

John: No, Taylor, that's no problem, unless you don't mind.

Taylor: No, no, not at all.

John: Ok, great, thanks.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Hi there. Do you have a little smile for your Mama? Huh?

Sharlene: Wait a second. You know something? It just occurred to me. San Antonio, that's where you said Frankie went?

Cass: Yeah, why?

Sharlene: To visit Emma?

Cass: Yes, apparently she's there seeing some relatives.

Sharlene: Cass, that's very funny, because we don't have any relatives in San Antonio.

Kathleen: Thanks, Luanne.

Luanne: Happy to do it, honey.

Kathleen: Can I ask you a question? The woman who brought it, what did she look like?

Luanne: Well, kind of tall, pretty, red hair.

Kathleen: And she brought the dress from Chicago.

Luanne: That's what she said. She also said she wanted to return the dress in person to you, but I told her I always protect the privacy of my clients.

Kathleen: I really appreciate that, too, Luanne. I really do.

Luanne: Like I said, no problem. Well, I better get along.

Kathleen: Ok.

Luanne: You take care now, you hear?

Kathleen: You, too. Bye.

[Doorbell rings]

Frankie: I have come a long way, Kathleen, and I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what you're doing.

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