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Another World Transcript Tuesday 1/16/07

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Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Hi, you wanted to see me?

Amanda: Guess what?

Sam: I can't, I can't.

Amanda: February's sales are up.

Sam: Great. I knew you were a little worried about that.

Amanda: Marketing says it's the new cover that did it.

Sam: Really?

Amanda: Oh, Sam, it's wonderful.

Sam: Thanks, but I'm not sure I can take all the credit for that.

Amanda: Why not?

Sam: Well, romance, love -- those things always gonna sell.

Amanda: Yeah, sure, maybe you're right. But I still think nobody understands that better than you.

Olivia: "Fold in three eggs." Fold in three eggs. How do you fold an egg?

[Knock on door]

Olivia: Please be Julia Child.

Hi, Caroline, hi.

Caroline: Good grief, where did you get that Mother Hubbard?

Olivia: I'm baking.

Caroline: Should have known.

Olivia: What are you doing here?

Caroline: It's Valentine's Day, darling. I've come here to save you from yourself.

Vicky: Are you sure? Well, yeah, I know, but the phone hasn't rung all afternoon. Yeah. Thanks. Oh, shoot.

Bridget: I knew the phone was working because your Uncle John phoned to tell us about the new baby.

Vicky: Yeah, I know.

Bridget: Ryan's going to call, dear.

Vicky: I don't think so. Why am I so stupid?

Bridget: I don't think I'm going to answer that. [Chuckles]

Vicky: Besides you and Dad, the only person who has stuck with me through this whole mess has been Ryan. Why do I act like such a jerk?

Bridget: Because you love him.

Vicky: I mean, the minute he walked out that door, I wanted to beg him to come back.

Bridget: But you didn't do that, did you?

Vicky: Mm. I called this morning, he wouldn't talk to me. So I didn't give up. I sent him flowers with a mushy card, doughnuts -- wonderful jelly doughnuts in a fancy box -- even shorts with little red hearts on it.

Bridget: That didn't do the trick?

Vicky: No. He sent everything back by messenger except for the doughnuts. I guess he was hungry. I think I really blew it this time, Bridget.

Bridget: He's going to get over it. Why don't you just wait a little this time?

Vicky: He's not gonna come around all by himself. You didn't see the look on his face. But, it's Valentine's Day, so I need to be creative.

Dispatcher: One-Adam-19.

Ryan: That's us.

Dispatcher: 211 in progress at 73 Knollwood, Hampton Hills. See the lady.

Carlos: Armed robbery? In that fancy neighborhood?

Ryan: Yeah, that's Vicky's home. Let's roll.

Jenna: "For a special friend." No, that's not gonna work. Uh...

Jenna: "To a guy who I would like to get to know better." Hmm, that's true, but it's too forward. Let's see, "Happy Valentine's Day." "A very special Valentine for someone very special." Yeah, I like that. Ok. Let's see -- Love, Jenna. No. Jenna? No. Cordially? No. Oh, let's see --

Matt: Valentines, huh?

Jenna: Hi, Matt.

Matt: Ooh, serious Valentines.

Jenna: Oh, you're trying to embarrass me. It's working.

Matt: For some guy you used to know?

Jenna: Uh, yeah, right.

Matt: You never told me you had a boyfriend.

Jenna: Um, I never thought it was any of your business.

Matt: Come on, let me see.

Jenna: No.

Matt: Are they really disgusting?

Jenna: No.

Matt: Come on, let me see.

Jenna: Matt, come on --

Matt: Let me just see one.

Jenna: It's private. Please? Come on, Matt, please.

Matt: Oh, my goodness.

Jenna: Come on!

Dean: Oh, hey. Time out.

Jenna: Uh, Dean, I didn't even know you were here.

Dean: Yeah, well, Matt and I were up at the library.

Matt: Yeah, it was a nice experience for Dean. He always wondered about those buildings with the lions in front.

Dean: Oh, funny man. Funny man.

Matt: Hey, when you learn to read, it will be a lot more fun, right?

Dean: Well, I can read a watch, and my watch says that Lindsey is waiting at Tops for the two of us, right?

Matt: Oh, boy.

Dean: We're late.

Matt: You're right. How did it get so late?

Dean: Listen, listen -- let's hurry up before your credit card cools off, please?

Matt: Right. Are you sure you don't want to come with us?

Jenna: Um, yeah, I'm sure. Go, have a good time.

Matt: Ok, if you're sure. I have to change. Wait a minute, hey. And I want to talk to you about all that equipment you're trying to order.

Dean: You know, you're starting to sound a lot like Ward Cleaver, you know that?

Matt: Well, get used to it. I'll see you later.

Jenna: Bye. Happy Valentine's.

[Doorbell chimes]

Jenna: Lucas.

Lucas: Happy Valentine's Day.

Jenna: Thank you.

Lucas: This is for you.

Jenna: Thank you.

Lucas: You're welcome.

Jenna: Come in.

Lucas: Well, I promised Felicia that I would stop by and see how everything is going.

Jenna: She's coming back soon, isn't she?

Lucas: Not as soon as I had hoped. They wanted to hit a couple of more cities and I said, "go ahead," that I'd come by and make sure everything was ok with you.

Jenna: Oh.

Lucas: You do like it here, don't you?

Jenna: Um, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Lucas: Jenna, if there's something wrong, I wish you would let me help you with it.

Jenna: Do you really mean that?

Lucas: Of course I do.

Jenna: I'm having trouble understanding guys.

Lucas: Oh. That's what you want me to help you with. Look, I'm hardly an expert on kids' problems.

Jenna: But you're the only one that I could talk to about this with Felicia gone. And, well, you were a guy once, right?

Lucas: Oh, sure...in the stone age.

Jenna: So would you help me, please?

Bridget: Policemen are very busy men.

Vicky: In Bay City? Come on. There's like one murder a year, usually committed by a member of my immediate family.

Bridget: How do you even know that Ryan is going to call you?

Vicky: Because I checked your police scanner, and he's patrolling in this neighborhood. Do I look distraught but adorable?

Bridget: Why are you pushing this?

Vicky: I'm scared, I guess.

Bridget: Of losing Ryan?

Vicky: Or of getting him, but I've got to find out. Do you hear sirens?

Bridget: You know, he's going to know this is a trick. Then what are you going to do?

Vicky: Think fast, I hope. At least he'll be in the room and I'll have a chance. Oh.

Is that enough?

Bridget: No. Yes!

[Vicky laughs]

Bridget: Oh, dear.

Vicky: Oh. Oh, I hate to rely on cliché stuff, but I'm desperate.

Bridget: Look, Victoria. Ryan just got his job.

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Bridget: Now, maybe he's going to go someplace where he's needed. I mean, where he was really needed. Now, how do you suppose he's going to feel when he finds out that you've kept him away from his duty?

Vicky: I said I was desperate, ok?

Bridget: Yeah, but if he's still angry --

Vicky: Bridget, Ryan is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I blew it. I've got to have a chance to tell him that. I never would have said the things I said to him, or slapped him, but I just had had a fight with Marley, and I was --

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: It's him.

Officer: Somebody report a burglary in process?

Vicky: What are you doing here?

Carlos: You're losing it, man.

Ryan: I don't think so.

Carlos: That was our call. Instead, you don't even start this heap and radio in for another unit.

Ryan: Why do you keep on telling me what I've done? I know what I did!

Carlos: That's your girlfriend, and somebody just broke into her house.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's going to be a false alarm.

Carlos: How you know?

Ryan: I know.

Carlos: I don't get it.

Ryan: Well, it's not important that you do get it.

Carlos: You know, you broke all the rules in the book for this woman.

Ryan: Yeah.

Carlos: Got yourself suspended.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Carlos: You -- you practically almost lost your job.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Carlos: And now you won't go over to her house when she's in trouble.

Dispatcher: All units in the vicinity of 73 Knollwood, backup is not required. The call has been canceled.

Ryan: Told you so.

Carlos: Oh, I get it, man.

Ryan: All right, good for you, good for you.

Carlos: Yeah, you two had a fight, and now she's trying to get you to go back there, right?

Ryan: Yeah, right, but it's not going to work this time.

Carlos: Mm-hmm, why not? What's wrong with kissing and making up?

Ryan: Everything.

Carlos: That woman is beautiful. She's rich. She has good taste -- incredible doughnuts. I think you're crazy.

Ryan: Well, I don't. It's over between us. This time, it's gotta be.

Olivia: What do I do?

Caroline: Right. First thing, get rid of all those nauseating little greeting cards you've probably got stashed everywhere.

Olivia: How did you know about the cards?

Caroline: [Clears throat]

Olivia: Check.

Caroline: Then I want you to get rid of this disgusting apron, shower, put on a drop-dead gorgeous dress -- do you have one? Probably not, I'll lend you one.

Olivia: No, I do, I do. And then, what do I do next? I sit here and I wait for Sam to call, right?

Caroline: Oh, darling, you're not waiting for anybody. You're coming with me.

Olivia: What?

Caroline: You're not going to be here when Sam gets home.

Olivia: Where am I going?

Caroline: You're going to be in the company of a devastating young man whom I'm going to introduce you to.

Olivia: Ah, no, uh-uh. That won't work.

Caroline: Oh, ho, it certainly will.

Olivia: No, it won't. If Sam finds out about it, he won't like it.

Caroline: Yes, and he won't let you out of his sight next Valentine's Day. What do you say?

Sam: You're right. This is a great improvement.

Amanda: We've had three calls from members of the Board this morning, nice calls.

Sam: Well, if the new cover made a difference, I'm glad.

Amanda: Oh, it did.

Sam: Amanda, you went out on a limb to get me this job, and I knew you were counting on me, so...

Amanda: Hey, I believe in you.

Sam: I appreciate it.

Amanda: I knew how much pressure you've been under, and how hard you worked just to get this issue out.

Sam: I really like what I'm doing, Amanda. I'm glad I took this job.

Amanda: I'm glad you did, too.

[Door opens]

Paulina: Amanda?

Amanda: Paulina.

Paulina: Hi, Sam. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were busy. The secretary said to come right in --

Sam: No, no, no, come on in. It's ok, we're all done. Talk to you later.

Amanda: Right.

Paulina: I'm sorry for interrupting.

Amanda: It's ok.

Paulina: I got the message that you called.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. I brought your mail from the house that was addressed to you.

Paulina: Oh, great. Thanks a lot. So how are you? How're things with Sam?

Amanda: All business. We're getting along.

Paulina: Well, that's good. What is this? Mind if I open it here?

Amanda: No.

Paulina: I miss talking to you, Amanda. I really do. Oh, my gosh.

Amanda: What is it?

Paulina: There's a ball at the French Embassy in Washington, and I'm invited.

Amanda: Did Grant Harrison arrange that for you? Paulina?

Paulina: I can't believe this.

Amanda: You said you miss talking to me, right?

Paulina: I do.

Amanda: So why don't you do a bit of that right now?

Paulina: Do you want to know how I got this?

Amanda: I'd rather know the reason that you moved out of the house. The real reason.

Dispatcher: One-Adam-19.

Carlos: Oh, I knew it. Right before we go off duty, right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Dispatcher: Unit has been issued a priority call.

Ryan: 10-4, Gracie, this is one-Adam-19, lay it on me.

Gracie: Do a routine check on the Mayor's weekend home. See that all security is intact.

Ryan: This is a joke, right?

Gracie: You know I don't joke.

Ryan: What's the 10-20?

Gracie: About an hour from here, Mount Pine.

Ryan: Oh, no, come on. We're about to go off duty in about ten minutes.

Carlos: You know, there's been a string of B&Es in that Mount Pine.

Ryan: 10-4. I don't believe it.

Carlos: Come on, let's just get it over with.

Ryan: What, babysitting the Mayor's weekend place? I mean, this is harassment, man, flat out harassment.

Carlos: Come on, we'll just go there, jiggle the doorknobs, and come back, big deal!

Ryan: No, no, no. I did not become a police officer just to become a security guard.

Wait a second.

Uh, Gracie, this is one-Adam-19. Where did that priority call come from?

Gracie: Someone in the Mayor's office, no name.

Ryan: 10-4.

Carlos: Hey, look at it this way. At least it's easy, right?

Ryan: I tell you what, why don't, um -- why don't you just go home?

Carlos: What?

Ryan: Yeah, I'll, um -- I don't know, why don't you -- I don't know, take your wife out to dinner or something? Something you haven't done in a long time.

Carlos: Did something happen that I just missed?

Ryan: Well, this is -- this is one call that I'm sure that I can handle alone.

Bridget: Where do you think you're going?

Vicky: Stephen's with Jamie. Ryan's mad at me. I thought I'd take off, do a little skiing.

Bridget: The last time you went skiing, you almost broke your leg.

Vicky: I know, but I bagged Jamie. No tricks like the old tricks.

Bridget: Oh, Victoria.

Vicky: Just think positively. With any luck, I'll never hit the slopes. Bye.

Jenna: So I'm doing all these things I've never done before.

Lucas: Things? What -- what things?

Jenna: Like arranging to be where I know he'll be, or buying Valentines.

Lucas: Oh, those things, ok.

Jenna: I mean, what if I totally embarrass myself? What if he just thinks of me as a friend?

Lucas: Well, why don't t you let him make the first move?

Jenna: What if he doesn't? Or what if he does, and I miss it?

Lucas: Well, how could you miss it?

Jenna: Well, I don't know that much about being someone's girlfriend. I mean, picking up on little things here and there. Aren't mothers and fathers supposed to teach you that?

Lucas: Jenna...

Jenna: Lucas, I'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me. It's just that I like Matt, a lot.

Lucas: I know. What kind of signals do you think you might have missed?

Jenna: Well, he asked me to go to Tops with him tonight.

Lucas: Well, that's -- that's serious.

Jenna: No. He had a date with this girl, named Lindsey. He probably asked me just to tag along with them. You know, he invited his friend, Dean, too.

Lucas: Uh-huh. Well, did you say you'd go?

Jenna: No. I would have, if it weren't for Lindsey.

Lucas: Well, what is this Lindsey like?

Jenna: She's probably somebody who was born knowing how to impress a guy and be their girlfriend. I mean, I'm sure she'd never have a conversation like this.

Lucas: You know something?

Jenna: What?

Lucas: I was wrong. You like Matt, you tell him.

Jenna: You don't think he'll laugh?

Lucas: No, I don't think he'll laugh.

Jenna: What about Lindsey?

Lucas: You give her a run for her money.

Jenna: Ok, ok.

Lucas: Ok.

Jenna: Ok, I'm going to go change my clothes, so can you please tell Matt that I'm gonna go?

Lucas: Sure. That's what you wanted to hear, isn't it?

Jenna: I think so. I just hope you're right.

Lucas: Oh, please let me be right.

[Doorbell chimes]

Grant: Hi.

Jenna: Hi.

Grant: I'm here to see Paulina Cory.

Jenna: Um, I'm sorry. She doesn't live here anymore.

Amanda: You have to level with me, Paulina.

Paulina: I have been. Look, Amanda, I can't just demand to be a part of the family, as much as I want it. I realized that when your mother broke up with Ken.

Amanda: Why then?

Paulina: Because what she needed was to be with you and Matthew and Jamie. I don't want to push things right now.

Amanda: Well, you didn't mind pushing things before.

Paulina: Yeah, well, things change. Look, I've got to go, ok? I've got a date with Grant. Thanks again for this.

Amanda: My mother won't talk about you, either.

Paulina: Why would she want to talk about me? She's upset with Ken.

Amanda: And right after they broke up, you moved out.

Paulina: I already explained that.

Amanda: Jamie doesn't buy your explanation. I have to admit that I don't buy it either.

Paulina: Well, if you're gonna listen to Jamie --

Amanda: Nobody is talking to us, Paulina. We're a little sick of it.

Paulina: What do you want me to say?

Amanda: You were involved with what happened between Ken and my mother. I want to know how.

Vicky: You should learn how to knock.

Ryan: I should also arrest you for breaking and entering.

Vicky: Go ahead. Put the cuffs on, let's see what develops.

Ryan: You arranged this whole thing, right?

Vicky: Right. Did it work?

Ryan: So how did you get the Mayor's place, huh?

Vicky: He's a friend of my father's. You still didn't answer my question.

Ryan: I was ordered to come here and make sure everything was safe. And it is. Make sure the damper to that fireplace is open. Come on, Vicky.

Vicky: No. There's a thing about this Mayor, you see. He has eight children, and he likes his privacy. So guess what? The door locks from the inside.


Ryan: Come on, Vicky, give me the key.

Vicky: Come and get it.

Ryan: Oh, come on, don't mess with me! You made yourself loud and clear yesterday. I'm not gonna kiss and make up just so you can slap it off my face. Just whenever I don't go along with your plans.

Vicky: I won't do that.

Ryan: Give me the key.

Vicky: Ryan, I was crazy. I blew it. Everything I said was garbage yesterday.

Ryan: Give me the key.

Vicky: Will you cut it out with this key?

Ryan: No!

Vicky: Oh, come on. What do I have to do? I sent you some great doughnuts and beautiful flowers. I even sent you boxer shorts, they're the ones with the hearts on them.

Ryan: Because you've got a big mouth, ok? You do things that hurt me. You can't buy your way out of it.

Vicky: I can't?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: I know. And that's one of the things I love about you. I really do love you. And I don't know what I'd do if you walked out that door.

Ryan: You'd go on, just like you always do.

Vicky: But I don't want to live like that. I don't -- I don't want to be someone who doesn't know how to love.

Ryan: Doesn't know how to love?

Vicky: Will you help me?

Ryan: No.

Vicky: You are so stubborn!

Ryan: And you are so full of it!

Vicky: Ryan, I am baring my soul to you.

Ryan: You bare your soul in the same way that you bare the rest of you -- to get what you want! "I don't know how to love?" That is -- this is not driving a car. This is not learning how to cook Chinese. You don't have to take lessons to do it. This is -- it's like breathing, you just do it.

Paulina: I think your mother kind of thought of Ken and me together. She met us both at the same time. Ken knew my mother. Now she and Ken have broken up, and it's hard for Rachel to face me, too.

Amanda: And that's why you left?

Paulina: Yes.

Amanda: I think that's a crock.

Paulina: Well, you're obviously not gonna believe anything I tell you, so I'm wasting my time.

Amanda: Paulina.

Sam: I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?

Paulina: No, that's all right, Sam. It's my turn to leave now. Thanks again, Amanda.

Amanda: Those flowers...

Sam: Yeah.

Amanda: They're beautiful.

Sam: Yeah, they're nice. Look, I went by and I actually called Hilda and she said Alli was tired. She was in bed, so...

Amanda: Oh, really?

Sam: Yeah, would you mind if I dropped by my Valentine for Alli tomorrow? I got her candy, is that all right?

Amanda: Sure. It's Valentine's Day, nutritional bets are off.

Sam: Great.

Amanda: Well, look, I know you're probably anxious to get home.

Sam: Yeah, I should -- I should be getting home.

Amanda: Right. Good night.

Sam: Good night.

Amanda: Happy Valentine's Day.

Caroline: Grant.

Grant: Well, Caroline. How are you?

Caroline: Very well. This is my friend, Olivia Matthews. Congressman Harrison.

Olivia: Very pleased to meet you.

Grant: Likewise.

Caroline: We're actually meeting people, but we'd love it if you could join us.

Grant: Oh, I don't want to interrupt your little party, Caroline.

Caroline: Darling, there is always room for you in my plans.

Grant: [Chuckles] Thank you, but actually I'm meeting someone here. Maybe next time?

Caroline: Oh, any time.

Olivia: Bye.

Grant: Bye-bye, nice meeting you.

Olivia: Uh, Caroline, do you always talk to men like that?

Caroline: If they can come in handy in the future, I do. Follow me.

Hi, darling. Are we late? Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ben: I never mind waiting for a beautiful woman.

Caroline: Ah. This is my friend, Olivia Matthews.

Ben: Very nice to meet you, I'm sure.

Frank: I'm Frank Russell, Ben's partner.

Olivia: Hi, Frank.

Caroline: Yes. Ben and Frank have their own architectural firm.

Olivia: Oh, that's nice.

Caroline: And Olivia's a dancer.

Ben: Really?

Frank: I could have guessed that by the way you move.

Olivia: No kidding.

Frank: Are you with a company?

Olivia: No. Well, I mean, no, not really.

Caroline: Oh, look, come on, you're just being too modest, aren't you? Tell them about "Romeo and Juliet."

Lindsey: Matthew, hi.

Matt: Hey, how you doing?

Lindsey: Hello, Dean, Jenna.

Matt: I invited them along, ok?

Dean: [Clears throat]

Lindsey: Of course.

Dean: And the more, the merrier, right?

Lindsey: I've got us a table right down here.

Matt: Great.

Lindsey: I'm sure the waiter won't mind setting two more places.

Matt: Fantastic.

Dean: Having fun yet? Come on.

Paulina: Happy Valentine's Day.

Grant: Hi.

Paulina: You look funny. Am I that late?

Grant: No, no, it's not that. I -- we got our signals a little crossed. I came by the Cory house to pick you up.

Paulina: You did?

Grant: Somebody there said that you had moved out. What happened?

Paulina: And I just decided that living with a bunch of people isn't really my thing.

Grant: But that's the Cory mansion. I mean, you make it sound like a dorm.

Paulina: But somebody was always asking me where I was going, who I was going with, when I'd be back.

Grant: That's how families are, you know.

Paulina: I know. I don't know, maybe I'm just not used to it. It's not a big deal, is it?

Grant: No, it's not that. It's just that -- well, I guess I'm just a little bit surprised, that's all. I mean, I know how much living in that house and being a Cory means to you.

Paulina: It does mean a lot to me. I'll probably move back in there sometime. I mean, I'm still a member of the family. I'm just one who's free to come and go as she pleases.

Grant: So where are you living now?

Paulina: A hotel. I got the invitation today.

Grant: What invitation?

Paulina: To the French Embassy ball, silly.

Grant: So now you want to come to Washington.

Paulina: I'm going to wear the most beautiful dress you have ever seen in your life. And you'll have to tell me the other parties we'll be going to --

Grant: Paulina. I'm sorry.

Paulina: Why?

Grant: Because I -- I can't take you to Washington with me. I'm going to be working the whole time that I'm there.

Paulina: The whole time?

Grant: Mm-hmm. See, a bill is -- is coming up for a vote that I'm sponsoring. And I'm going to be working night and day to make sure that it comes out of committee exactly the way that it went in.

Paulina: Well, I could go along anyway. We could see each other when you're through with work.

Grant: After work, I'm going to be having business dinners. You'd never see me. And I can't go to any parties. It just wouldn't be that much fun for you.

Paulina: I guess not.

Grant: Look, we'll do it again. I promise. I'm sorry. I can tell that you're disappointed.

Paulina: Don't worry about it.

Matt: You should see all the equipment he wants. He -- this guy's trying to be Phil Spector or something.

Dean: Mm. Phil Spector only had a wall of sound, thank you.

Matt: And you want a fortress, right?

Lindsey: With Matthew's money?

Matt: Well, I know what I'm doing, Lindsey.

Lindsey: Well, I know you do, I just hope Dean here appreciates that.

Dean: Hey, hey, hey. I am a solo of gratitude, ok? And when I'm the new Michael McDonald, thank you...

Matt: Ooh.

Dean: He'll learn -- he'll learn to appreciate it.

Lindsey: Michael McDonald, you?

Matt: You should hear his songs. He's very good.

Dean: Thank you.

Lindsey: I'm sure he is. You haven't said too much, Jenna. Aren't you into music?

Jenna: Actually, I don't know that much about modern music.

Lindsey: Mm-hmm.

Matt: Ask her about Bach or Handel. She will blow you away.

Lindsey: We could give Jenna an education.

Jenna: What?

Lindsey: Well, there's this little bar over on 12th Street. It's kind of sleazy, but it only books the best bands.

Dean: Yeah, Sloopy's. It's a wild place.

Lindsey: It's definitely the place for us. What do you say we finish up here and head on over?

Matt: Ah, uh -- mm, I don't think that's a good idea.

Lindsey: What's the problem?

Matt: Well, we haven't even eaten yet, right?

Lindsey: We can pick up something. I mean, Tops is ok, but it's a little staid. Sorry.

Jenna: Um, look, guys, excuse me. I'm gonna go see if anyone's heard from Felicia.

Lindsey: Did I say something wrong?

Matt: Well, you insulted this place, and Felicia is her friend.

Lindsey: I said I was sorry.

Matt: Listen, guys, you shouldn't be talking about Sloopy's in front of Jenna.

Lindsey: Why not?

Matt: She's only 17. She can't get in the door.

Dean: So that means none of us can go now?

Matt: Listen, I don't think it's very considerate.

Lindsey: Well, I'm sorry, Matthew, but I was under the impression that we had a date. Just the two of us.

Matt: Jenna is going to be with us for a few more days, that's all. And I would appreciate it if you two could just back off until she's gone, all right?

Dean: [Clears throat]

Matt: Jenna. Hi, what's up?

Jenna: Hi. Guess what? Lucas left me a message, and Felicia's coming back tonight, so I'm gonna go to the airport to pick her up.

Matt: You have to go?

Jenna: Um, yeah, so have a nice time, ok?

Lindsey: Oh, we will.

Matt: Say hi to Felicia.

Frank: Those are the only champagnes you stock?

Caroline: Oh.

Waiter: You could speak to our manager. We have a private reserve.

Frank: Good. I want something special for tonight.

Caroline: Oh, that's very nice.

Ben: And I would like to make sure that I get the bill. If you'll excuse me.

Caroline: Well, come back soon.

Ben: Don't worry, we will.

Caroline: Well, you're doing very well. Frank appears to be smitten.

Olivia: Wonderful.

Caroline: I just wish Sam could walk in right now and see you.

Olivia: Why? That would hurt his feelings.

Caroline: But it'd also make him sit up and pay attention.

Olivia: I just should have stuck with the cake.

Caroline: What?

Olivia: Look, Caroline, I'm getting out of here.

Caroline: What do you think you're doing?

Olivia: I can't do this, Caroline. I can't be like you. It may be a great strategy, but I -- I hate every second of it.

Caroline: You're going to be sorry.

Olivia: Maybe I will. Maybe I will, but I love Sam. And it's Valentine's Day, and -- I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm going home.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Come in.

Lucas: Hi.

Amanda: Lucas, what are you doing here?

Lucas: I'm delivering this. Happy Valentine's Day.

Amanda: Thanks. That's so sweet of you.

Lucas: So how are you doing?

Amanda: Well, to tell the truth, do you want to know what I was doing when you came here?

Lucas: Sure.

Amanda: I was just starting to edit an article entitled, "How to Make Your Marriage Last Forever."

Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry.

Amanda: Well, obviously they didn't cite me as one of the experts on the subject.

Lucas: You're going to be all right.

Amanda: Yeah, I think I am. I mean, hey, here I am, right? Working away like crazy. Despite the fact that Sam stopped by, loaded down with red roses, which are my personal favorite flower. And they were going to Olivia.

Lucas: You're tough, kid. I respect that.

Amanda: Thanks. You know, I don't know why you are so nice to me, but I want you to know I really appreciate it.

Lucas: Well, in that case, maybe you can do something for me.

Amanda: All right, name it.

Lucas: Are you free for dinner?

Amanda: Absolutely.

Lucas: Good.

Vicky: This is nice, isn't it?

Ryan: You know, um -- if you think that I'm over yesterday, you're wrong.

Vicky: I know. I have a lot to make up to you.

Ryan: I have thought about having an evening like this with you for a long time.

Vicky: Now you're here. And it could be so right, but you're still mad.

Ryan: I'm not that mad.

Vicky: I was hoping you would say that.

Ryan: Oh, really?

Vicky: Mm-hmm, really.

Ryan: This is serious, Vicky. That's why I walked out yesterday. Because what we have shouldn't be taken carelessly.

Vicky: I know that now. I promise you I do. Ryan.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: I really am sorry about yesterday.

Ryan: I'm not.

Vicky: That's not what you just said.

Ryan: Yeah, I know. But as long as it means that we can be together like this. Right now, I don't care.

Vicky: I love you.

[Jenna playing piano]

[Music stops]

Dean: Hey.

Jenna: Dean. Hi.

Dean: I thought that you were going to the airport.

Jenna: I thought that you were going to Sloopy's.

Dean: Yeah, well, uh, Lindsey let it be known that she's not too fond of third wheels. I figured that the stuff about the airport was a dodge, so here I am.

Jenna: Well, I don't lie very often, so I guess I'm not very good at it.

Dean: You heard Matt and Lindsey arguing, huh?

Jenna: Yeah. I can't blame her, you know. I mean, she thought she had a date with the guy. She didn't want to baby-sit.

Dean: Ah, no. Look, she's all wrong for Matt. Just don't -- don't listen to a word that she says, ok?

Jenna: I don't think she's all wrong for him. I think they're perfect for each other.

Dean: Oh, yeah? Then why are you sitting here crying?

Jenna: I'm not crying.

Dean: Come on, Jenna, cut it out. I can see, anybody -- you're crazy about the guy. And you're crying, probably, because he treats you like a kid --

Jenna: Look, why are you saying all this? I mean, why did you even come here?

Dean: Because I had you figured that you give up too easy, you know, so...

Jenna: There's nothing to give up.

Dean: Did you hear the way Matt was defending you to Lindsey? Did you hear that?

Jenna: He was being nice.

Dean: No, come on. Come on, he wasn't gonna let her say anything about you, nothing, and she knew it. You could get him away from her, if you just gave it half a chance, an effort.

Jenna: You do care.

Dean: Sure.

Jenna: Why?

Dean: Because I'd like to see things work out for you. And because I think that Lindsey needs a -- a guy that understands her a little bit better than Matt.

Jenna: So you want to take Lindsey away from Matt?

Dean: See, that -- that shows what you know. No, I'm trying to get Matt to see the light about you.

Jenna: How?

Dean: Maybe by helping you come out of your shell a little bit. You know, I can do that. I'm good at that, if you want. And -- I don't know, if Lindsey happens to need a shoulder to cry on when Matt dumps her for you, I guess I wouldn't mind it if it was mine.

Jenna: So you want to change me.

Dean: No, no.

Jenna: Is that it?

Dean: No, no. See, I'm -- I'm just talking enhancement here, see? And I can do it, Jenna. I can do it. Look, within six months, you could have him eating out of your -- your little lily-white hand, ok? Next Valentine's Day, it could be you sitting with him at Tops. It could. What do you say? [Chuckles]

Grant: Paulina, I meant what I said earlier. There will be other trips.

Paulina: Oh, sure there will.

Grant: Is something else bothering you?

Paulina: Nothing I can't handle.

Lucas: To next Valentine's Day., Hopefully we will both be with someone we love.

Amanda: When is Felicia coming back?

Lucas: Not for a few days. They added a few stops on her tour.

Amanda: Who did that? I'll have them fired.

Lucas: Oh, no, that's ok. I can wait.

Amanda: You're lucky. At least you know who you want to be with next Valentine's Day.

Lucas: And you don't?

Amanda: Sam has made a commitment to Olivia. It's a fact. I think it's time that I faced that fact and move on.

Lucas: To you.

Olivia: Sam? Sam?

I don't believe it.

[Door opens]

Sam: [Whistling] Olivia, what are you --

Olivia: Hi.

Sam: Hi. You look beautiful.

Olivia: Thank you. Where have you been?

Sam: Just down the hall, getting a vase.

Olivia: Why?

Sam: Well... I went to the florist and I bought them out and I didn't know where to put all these roses.

Olivia: Are those for me?

Sam: I wanted to have them all set up before you got home. Happy Valentine's Day.

Olivia: Oh, Sam, they're so beautiful. Thank you. No one ever gave me roses on Valentine's Day before.

Sam: You are so dressed up. Where have you been?

Olivia: It -- that doesn't matter. The only place I wanted to be was right here.

Sam: Give me these. Come here, you, let's sit down. Oh, what's this? Ah.

Olivia: Oh, that's from me. I have to warn you, it's pretty hokey.

Sam: Well, let's take a look.

"Will you be my Valentine?"

Olivia: I told you it was hokey.

Sam: Very. By the way, the answer is yes.

Olivia: Oh, Sam.

Girl, when the moon across the water starts to rise I'll be looking for tomorrow and I -- I'll see it in your eyes girl though the strongest heart will shatter in a storm now we got this love that we can run to tonight, I'll keep you warm

Man to woman: When you're lying next to me

Man to woman: Girl, you're everything I need hold on, we'll always be always you and me

Hold me close

You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've known

I can feel the fire that burns inside you

Look how this love has grown

Man to woman: When you're lying next to me

Girl, you're everything I need hold on, we'll always be always you and me

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