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Ken: I spoke to Amanda. She said maybe if I tried again, you would listen.

Rachel: She was wrong.

Ken: Look, I can't go on like this. You can yell at me and throw things if you want, but let's keep talking.

Rachel: That's just what Paulina has been doing.

Ken: Talking about me?

Rachel: Yes. It's been very helpful. It's helped me figure out what to do.

Sharlene's voice: The Snowflake Ball was our first real date.

Taylor's voice: How did that go?

Sharlene's voice: It started out to be a total disaster, but it turned into one of the most romantic nights of my life, because we went back to my house and we talked and talked and talked. And I hadn't let myself get close to anyone, and there we were in each other's arms. We didn't take our eyes off each other. I felt like John could see right inside me. It was wonderful.

Taylor's voice: I see.

Taylor: You were in love.

Sharlene's voice: We both were.

Taylor's voice: That's what I meant.

Taylor: [Turns off tape recorder] Poor Sharlene. Nothing ever seems to work out for you now, does it?

Donna: I'm getting worried.

Michael: Cass is, too, Donna. He was hoping that Paulina would really do some damage to herself in court.

Donna: So was I. Little liar. Where's Marley? She's supposed to be here by now.

Michael: Honey, don't worry; everything will be all right.

[Knocking at the door]

Michael and Donna: Oh, maybe that's her.

Michael: I'll get it. John.

John: Damn reporters. They're all over the place.

Donna: Where have you been? I've been going out of my mind.

Michael: I didn't know you were bringing Marley over here.

[Knocking at the door]

Donna: Who is this?

Michael: Who the hell are you?

[Knocking at the door]

Frankie: It can't be. Kathleen is dead. It's her. How can this be? Dead people do not visit their cousins in the hospital -- not in human form anyway -- so this has got to be somebody else who looks exactly like my husband's dead wife -- unless I'm seeing things. There's only one way to find out. [Dialing] [Taps her fingernails]

[Phone rings]

Dean: Hello, lawyers are us.

Frankie: Dean.

Dean: Hey, Frankie.

Frankie: Is Cass home?

Dean: Uh, no.

Frankie: Have you seen him?

Dean: Haven't you?

Frankie: Would I be asking you where he is if I had?

Dean: Hey, Frankie, be cool. He's shopping, ok?

Frankie: Shopping?

Dean: Yeah.

Frankie: Is that what he said?

Dean: What -- you don't believe it?

Frankie: I -- I'm surprised, that's all.

Dean: Hey, what's wrong? He's getting groceries.

Frankie: Ok.

Dean: Frankie, you're acting like he's sneaking off with another woman or something, huh?

Frankie: Why did you say that?

Dean: Say what?

Frankie: That thing about Cass being with another woman?

Dean: Frankie, I was kidding.

Frankie: Right, right, of course you were. Why else would you say something so stupid? Listen, Dean, I need you to do me a favor.

Dean: Are you ok?

Frankie: Absolutely. I need you to bring me Cass' photo album. You know the one?

Dean: Uh, sure, sure, the one with all the pictures of his girlfriends.

Frankie: Right. Bring it to me at the hospital.

Dean: You're at the hospital? How come?

Frankie: It's a long story. I'm in the security room in the basement. A guard will tell you how to find me. Bring it as fast as you can.

Dean: What's going on, Frankie?

Frankie: I can't tell you right now.

Dean: Why not? I'm not doing anything.

Frankie: Dean, will you bring me the damn album?

Dean: All right, all right, all right, I'll do it.

Frankie: Thank you.

Dean: Hey, little Valentine's day surprise in the works for hubby, huh?

Frankie: Can't fool you, Dean.

Dean: No sweat. I won't say a thing, ok?

Frankie: I knew I could count on you. Now, when are you leaving?

Dean: I'm on my way, ok, I'm on my way.

Frankie: Bye-bye now.

Cass and Dean: Oh!

Dean: I'm sorry; I didn't see you.

Cass: That's all right -- whatever. Hey, that's my excuse. I'm the one that's carrying all the stuff.

Dean: Yeah, well, I feel bad.

Cass: Hey, you going somewhere?

Dean: As a matter of fact, yeah. I was -- I'm -- I'm going to -- I was --

Cass: Like, out for the night?

Dean: No -- well, actually -- see, right now I'm running an errand and --

Cass: Oh, and you're going to come back here after the errand?

Dean: Sure, sure, sure.

Cass: Why don't you stop off at a concert in Chicago on the way home or something equally time-consuming?

Dean: You -- you just gave me a hundred bucks?

Cass: Yeah, surely you can get lost on that.

Dean: You planning a pretty exciting night there, huh?

Cass: Yeah, you could say that, Dean.

Dean: Ok, this is too much. It's like a Doris Day movie around here.

Cass: Can we say good night now?

Dean: Yeah, yeah, good night.

Cass: Hey, good -- ok.

Dean: Have a blast.

Cass: Get out of here, Dean.

Dean: Woo-hoo!

Taylor: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

Taylor: I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time. I wanted to return your plate.

Sharlene: No, come on in. You didn't have to do that.

Taylor: Of course I did. They were delicious, by the way.

Sharlene: Good -- oatmeal chocolate chip, Josie's favorite.

Taylor: They'd be mine, too, if I could make them taste like that. I always manage to burn them on the bottom.

Sharlene: I don't believe that for a minute. John says you're a marvelous cook.

Taylor: I can cook; I can't bake. There's a big distinction.

[Sharlene laughs]

Taylor: What are you making?

Sharlene: Just some simple little butter cookies. Very easy. You're going to like them.

Taylor: Ok, well, see you later. Thanks.

Sharlene: Look, wait -- y, take your coat off. Stick around for a second. I'll teach you something. Go ahead, come on, come on. You are going to put this on. And I'm going to put some tea on, which calms the nerves.

Taylor: Better make it strong.

Sharlene: [Laughs] This is going to be the simplest cooking lesson you've ever had.

Taylor: Ok, what do I do?

Sharlene: First, you put this on. Now, listen to me. One of the first things you have to know is that you can't learn by watching. You have to do it yourself so your hands remember.

Taylor: Ok.

Sharlene: There, you're on.

Taylor: Thank you.

Sharlene: Come here.

Taylor: So, what do I do first?

Sharlene: First, the butter and the sugar are already in there. Now mix that up until there are no lumps, ok?

Taylor: Ok. Does John like to cook, too?

Sharlene: Well, sometimes he does, but he's not, uh -- cooking really isn't his element.

Taylor: [Laughs] Uh, let's see. Well, he fixed Christmas dinner.

Sharlene: Well, yeah, he did that with Josie's help, but when I first met John, his idea of a well-balanced meal was just having anything hot out of the can.

[Taylor laughs]

Sharlene: Cold pizza is his favorite, you know? He's not fussy.

Taylor: That's true. I do see him eating in the cafeteria an awful lot.

Sharlene: Ah, see what I mean?

Taylor: Mm. You two are so different. Uh, how's that look?

Sharlene: That looks just beautiful. Now, you put the eggs in, teaspoon of vanilla.

Taylor: Ok, do both of these at once?

Sharlene: Yeah, just put them together.

Taylor: Ok. Did you and John -- you met here, didn't you?

Sharlene: Yeah, we did. We met right in this kitchen. I used to live my entire life in this room.

Taylor: Must be a nice memory.

Ken: And what are you going to do?

Rachel: Well, I'm not going to go to the police, if that's what you're worried about.

Ken: I'm worried about you.

Rachel: Well, you can stop that right now; I'm just fine, although I don't think I'm going to be able to get beyond this.

Ken: Rachel, I know it's difficult, but can you try?

Rachel: Try? I've had so many doubts all along about all of this, but I chose to ignore them. I listened to you, I tried to convince myself that there was some good reason for everything that didn't make sense, and so I trusted you and this is the result.

Ken: I made a terrible mistake.

Rachel: Yeah, you sure did.

Ken: But that doesn't change the good things we have.

Rachel: Oh, yeah, that's exactly what it does, because you conned me and I allowed it.

Ken: Only in the beginning.

Rachel: Oh, please. I don't want to hear any more of this, ok? Especially not on the heels of what Paulina has just said.

Ken: What did she say that made you so sure?

Rachel: Oh, well, why don't we just drop it?

Ken: No, I'd like to hear. I'm losing the first woman I've allowed myself to love in years.

Rachel: Love?

Ken: I'd like to know why.

Rachel: You didn't love me enough to tell me the truth!

Ken: Paulina, could you leave us alone, please?

Rachel: No, Paulina, you don't have to.

Ken: Rachel!

Rachel: Paulina wasn't allowed to come to me, apparently, and tell me the truth, because you dragged her into this scheme so that she would lie to me.

Ken: That's what you told her?

Paulina: I couldn't keep lying for you, Ken.

Ken: No, of course not.

Rachel: I -- I don't think I want to talk to either one of you anymore. You know where the door is. You may use it.

Ken: Rachel, there are some things I have to say before I leave.

Rachel: Look, you've both been lying to me. What else is there to say?

Ken: I didn't want you to be hurt.

Rachel: Well, I am. So, now what do you want to do? You want to just go on and on and tell me a different version of what happened? I'm not interested.

Ken: No, no, can't you see what loving you has done to me? It made me believe that our love could withstand all of this.

Rachel: Yeah, maybe it could've, if you had come to me in the beginning and told me all of this, but you didn't, and now I can't trust you, Ken.

Ken: I've told you everything now.

Rachel: Oh, man, haven't I heard that an awful lot?

Ken: I had a lot to learn.

Rachel: Yeah, so did I. It took me so long to open up to you.

Ken: I know.

Rachel: Where am I now? That's the gift you've given me. You did help me get over Mac's death... by making me believe it was possible to love again, and that was the cruelest lie.

Paulina: I told you to keep your mouth shut. You wouldn't listen to me.

Ken: I created a monster, didn't I? And her name is Paulina Cory.

Michael: Would you please just leave us alone? My daughter is really exhausted.

Reporter: Is she going to change her plea to guilty?

Michael: I don't know. She's very tired.

Reporter: Got any last-minute strategies?

Michael: Yeah, I'm going to close the door. Unbelievable.

John: Thanks for helping us out, Diane.

Diane: Oh, I didn't mind. Jamie's done some favors for me.

Michael: I got to say, that reporter really believed you were Marley.

Diane: Well, I couldn't have pulled it off if John didn't get me through all those reporters. Is the TV crew still out there?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Listen, how do we get Diane out of here?

Michael: Well, actually, we have a delivery entrance in the back. There's an elevator that goes right down to the basement. I'll show you where it is.

Diane: Great.

Michael: Look, I know Marley really appreciates what you're doing for her.

John: Well, that worked better than I expected.

Donna: I'm -- I'm delighted, but where is Marley?

John: She's with Jamie -- or, at least, she soon will be.

Donna: Oh, John!

John: She's going to meet him at the Cory cabin.

Donna: That's not safe.

John: Of course it is. Morgan's people and the press all think she's here.

Donna: John, she's taking a real chance.

John: Donna, it's not a problem. They need to be together. You can understand that.

Donna: If Morgan finds out that she's with Jamie tonight, tomorrow during --

John: Nobody is going to find out. Look, they need to be together. It will be good for her.

Donna: This is crazy. Who's covering for Jamie?

Michael: Actually, Diane said that Jamie had taken care of all that himself.

Donna: Do you think we can trust her?

Michael: Well, Diane is Jamie's friend.

John: As far as anyone in the hospital knows, Jamie is in the lab doing research.

Donna: Oh, John, something could go wrong.

Michael: Donna, come on, give them this night together.

Donna: Tomorrow is the last day of the trial. She can be with him tomorrow night; tonight she should be here resting.

Michael: Yeah, well, maybe the only thing that helps sometimes is being with the person that you love.

John: It's what she wants, Donna.

Michael: Donna, we taught her that love can overcome anything. We taught her that. Maybe we ought to give her tonight to find that out for herself, huh?

[Car approaches]

[Car door shuts]

Marley: Hey.

Jamie: Hi, come on in. No one followed you?

Marley: I don't think so. I doubled back over the last five miles and I didn't see any lights.

Jamie: Good, good, let me take this off.

Marley: Oh, Jamie, this is lovely. Wow.

Jamie: I wanted a fire; I just hope the smoke doesn't give us away.

Marley: Oh, it won't.

Paulina: You screwed things up for yourself, Ken. Why should I?

Ken: So, you're going to just keep right on lying, is that it?

Paulina: I'll do what I have to.

Ken: Even if that means stabbing me in the back? No regrets?

Paulina: I have regrets, believe me, but it doesn't make any difference, because I'm not going to throw my life away for you.

Ken: It didn't have to be this way.

Paulina: What other way could it have been? It was either swim alone or sink with you. Rachel is not going to forgive you, Ken. She wouldn't forgive you. I told you that. She wouldn't forgive me. I don't know what's going to happen now, but I have to take that chance, because I'm not going to go back to where I came from.

Ken: No, no, you've moved on to big-time cons now.

Paulina: If I have, it's because I learned it from you. You made me a liar the first time you came to my door.

Ken: I should've left you slinging hash in that truck stop. You were a lot better off as a poor little orphan girl. You could do less damage that way.

Paulina: Am I supposed to feel badly? What is this? What do you think you've done to me?

Ken: The looks of things, you're doing pretty well yourself.

Paulina: Because I know how to survive.

Ken: I'll say.

Paulina: You hurt me, too, Ken. I believed that letter you told me came from my mother. I thought that every prayer I ever said was answered, until I found out that it was just a bunch of lies so you could get what you wanted.

Ken: I'm not going to argue that.

Paulina: That's right, you're not, because you can't. You are in no position to judge me. I finally have that family that I dreamed of.

Ken: The truth is going to come out someday, Paulina.

Paulina: Not if you go away.

Ken: Oh, I see, you've got this all figured out.

Paulina: There's nothing left for you here.

Ken: What about you? You still have Iris and Jake to contend with.

Paulina: Rachel won't believe them.

Ken: I think that eventually Rachel will figure out that you're not the innocent child that you pretend to be.

Paulina: You just let me worry about that.

Ken: Well, you better worry about it. Look, for your own sake, go to Rachel, tell her everything now, and beg her to give you another chance.

Paulina: I am not looking back, Ken, so you can just forget it.

Ken: You -- you think you've won.

Paulina: That's right, I know I have.

Ken: This is going to haunt you every minute of every day for the rest of your life. You'll never be safe, and I know that's the one thing you want more than anything.

Paulina: Go away, Ken.

Rachel: Well, you're still here?

Ken: I was just leaving.

Rachel: Paulina, I want to speak to you.

Marley: This is so lovely -- everything I was expecting, some more canned stew. What happened? How did you manage this?

Jamie: I had some help.

Marley: You didn't have to do that. All I wanted was for you to show up.

Jamie: I would've done a lot more than this to be with you.

Marley: I guess so, if you came to Marquesa.

Jamie: We did the right thing coming back, Marley.

Marley: I know.

Jamie: I've been sitting in that courtroom watching you be tortured, having to pretend that I was just some innocent bystander.

Marley: I know it's tough.

Jamie: I feel terrible for you.

Marley: I know, but I can't tell you how much it helps me just to have you there. And it helps me to not have to explain everything to you in detail, especially when we don't have much time together.

Jamie: How much time do we have?

Marley: Not enough. We have until about 9:00. I think that's usually when the reporters leave my parents' and Vicky's.

Jamie: I can't stay much longer than that myself. Let me get some wine.

Marley: Ok.

Jamie: So, tell me, how are you?

Marley: I'm -- I'm fine, really. I'm fine -- kind of.

Jamie: Mm. I had to see you. I couldn't keep watching you from a distance.

Marley: This is so beautiful. And so difficult.

Jamie: Difficult?

Marley: If the case goes to the jury tomorrow, this could be the last time we see each other without a wall between us.

Jamie: Don't say that.

Marley: Jamie, it's -- it's a reality that we have to face.

Jamie: Marley, we'll face it if it happens -- not before.

Marley: Ok.

[Knocking on door]

Dean: Hey, Frankie, you in there?

Frankie: What took you so long? Did you come by way of Cleveland?

Dean: I am here, aren't I?

Frankie: Yes, you are.

Dean: Yes, I am.

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Dean: There you go.

Frankie: Thank you.

Dean: What has got you so riled up, huh? Huh? What are you doing in a hole like this anyway? Oh, look, a little monitor. What, do the guards get to watch a little movie when they are off duty?

Frankie: It's for security tapes.

Dean: Oh, that's cool. What's this got to do with Cass' album?

Frankie: Nothing.

Dean: What was the big rush then? I don't understand. You got a couple of weeks until Valentine's day, right?

Frankie: Yeah, I know.

Dean: Is this yours?

Frankie: Yeah, take it with you, ok?

Dean: Sure. Hey, you never even told me what you were doing here.

Frankie: A couple of people have seen a woman no one recognizes going into Jake's room. I was hoping to get him on tape.

Dean: Oh, kind of like a bank robber, huh?

Frankie: Yeah, exactly.

Dean: Did you get to see her?

Frankie: No, I haven't seen her.

Dean: Didn't see her, huh? Do you think she's the one that plugged Jake?

Frankie: I don't know, Dean.

Dean: Well, if she is, if she is, then that's probably going to get Marley off the hook, huh?

Frankie: And even if she didn't shoot him, she might know something about who did.

Dean: She might know about all the equipment, too.

Frankie: That's right.

Dean: Wow, well, hey, did you ever get through to that aunt, by the way?

Frankie: What?

Dean: Remember, there was a person who signed for all his stuff? It was a woman, her name was McKinnon, and you guys thought it was the aunt.

Frankie: That's right, that's what we thought.

Dean: Did you ever talk to her?

Frankie: No, no. Honey, you have to go, ok?

Dean: Well, if you ever find out anything, you've got to tell me about it, ok, because Matt and I were hoping to buy that stuff cheap.

Frankie: Ok, look, honey, I really appreciate what you did.

Dean: I can tell.

Frankie: Yeah, bye.

Dean: See you.

Frankie: The hair is different, but it's her.

What do I do? I'd tell Cass, even if she's a phony, which she probably is. She has to be.

Kathleen: This is everything?

Man: My boys emptied out the loft like you asked.

Kathleen: You did it quietly, I hope.

Man: No muss, no fuss.

Kathleen: Ok, thanks for everything. It's what we agreed on. Look, I need some time alone, please.

Man: Are you looking for something special?

Kathleen: I'll find it.

Man: Just lock the door when you're finished.

Kathleen: You got it.

Ken: You may need me some day, Rachel.

Rachel: Oh, I hope not.

Ken: If you do, I want you to call.

Rachel: You really think I'm going to keep track of where you are?

Ken: Because I'll come no matter where I am. I mean it. I owe you that much. I love you, Rachel, and I always will, no matter how you feel about me now. Some day I'll make up for what I've done.

Paulina: I'm sorry.

Rachel: Don't, please.

Paulina: If there's -- if there's anything I can do.

Rachel: I'm still trying to figure out how I let you take me in.

Paulina: You took me in because you knew that I was Mac's daughter.

Rachel: Well --

Paulina: Just like I know it.

Rachel: We are certainly going to find that out now, aren't we?

Paulina: Good, I hope you do.

Rachel: Because even if I wanted to drop it, Iris will never drop it.

Paulina: You told her what Ken said?

Rachel: Yes, some.

Paulina: I'm sure she loved that.

Rachel: Don't you fish for sympathy from me.

Paulina: I wasn't.

Rachel: Paulina, when you were going through all that emotional turmoil, when Iris was making all sorts of accusations against you, I defended you. This is absolutely inexcusable.

Paulina: Ken wouldn't let me say anything.

Rachel: Oh, please. You can't blame all of this on him. You are an adult, you had a choice. You could have chosen to return some of the trust and friendship I was offering you, but instead you chose to lie over and over again.

Paulina: I was planning on telling you.

Rachel: Oh, yeah, sure. When?

Paulina: I was, when I had absolute proof.

Rachel: Well, we may never have that proof, Paulina.

Paulina: I know that.

Rachel: We may never know for sure whether or not you are Mac's child. But, you know, it doesn't really matter who you are. You took advantage of my family. You have been in collusion with Ken all along.

Paulina: I was frightened.

Rachel: Of what, me? Ken?

Paulina: Of losing you, of losing my family.

Michael: John, I can't tell you how happy I am that Dr. Garvey said he'd operate on your leg. How do you feel?

John: I was kind of surprised at how much I really want this operation. I am trying not to get my hopes up. Listen, I'll be in the courtroom with you tomorrow. I don't want you to have to go through this alone.

Michael: Well, thanks.

Donna: Thank you.

Michael: I got to tell you, I never really appreciated before what you and Sharlene must have gone through at Felicia's trial.

John: Well, there's no way you can know until it happens to you.

Michael: Well, I still think I should have been there for you more, and I wish I had been a better brother.

John: Oh, shut up. You're a great brother. Well, I really feel that there are good things going to happen tomorrow.

Michael: Well, after talking to you, I'm kind of optimistic myself.

Donna: I wish I felt as good as the two of you.

John: Well, I'm running late. I'll see you later.

Michael: Good, I'll see you tomorrow.

Donna: Bye.

John: Bye-bye, Donna.

Michael: Aw, come on. Donna, we have a lot to be grateful for.

Donna: We do?

Michael: Yeah. We are each with the person that we love. Can you imagine going through this alone?

Donna: No, I don't even want to think about that.

Michael: I have got to say, there's been so much else going on, I'm sorry I really haven't had the time to show you how much I love you.

Donna: That's all right, I haven't either. We've both been involved with Marley.

Michael: So maybe tonight we should take Marley's lead.

Donna: And do what?

Michael: Maybe shut out the rest of the world.

Donna: And then?

Michael: And concentrate on the person that you love.

Donna: Michael, I love you.

Michael: I love you, too.

[Cass humming]

Frankie: Cass, I just saw Dean driving away --

Oh, Cass. How am I going to tell you? Cass, I just saw your wife on videotape. Your former wife. I'd sound like a lunatic.

And that's not the problem. The problem is, I don't want to tell you.

Cass: Hey, I thought I heard you out here. Who were you talking to?

Frankie: Myself. I hope you weren't eavesdropping.

Cass: Now, would I ever do a thing like that to you? Wouldn't you rather talk to me?

Frankie: I'm not sure.

Cass: Hey, baby, what's wrong? Huh?

Hey, did this upset you?

Frankie: No, it's great. Why did you do it?

Cass: Could we have a little enthusiasm here?

Frankie: Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry. It's -- it's really very beautiful.

Cass: The problem is, we forget to do things like this, so that's why I did it, to remind us.

Frankie: Come again?

Cass: Well, I was sitting in my office today, and I was thinking about how much I'd been neglecting you.

Frankie: Cass, I understand that you've been very busy --

Cass: Sure you do, but that's no excuse.

Frankie: We cannot be in love, head over heels in love, every minute.

Cass: I know. I just think we can have more minutes like that. This is one like that -- at least, I hope it is.

Frankie: It's rapidly becoming one.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: Come here, let me check.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Uh-huh.

Cass: She is getting the idea. I love you, Frankie.

Frankie: I love you.

Cass: Would you still love me if I failed miserably as an attorney? That could very well happen tomorrow.

Frankie: Just stop saying that. And yes, I would love you.

Cass: Even if it does happen, I'd still be lucky because I have you.

Frankie: I'm not going anywhere, no matter what happens.

Cass: Do you know what's great about us?

Frankie: Everything?

Cass: Yeah, above all, we are a team, professionally and personally.

Frankie: I agree.

Cass: I have a real difficult decision to make, and I need your input.

Frankie: You got it.

Cass: How do I handle Marley? I could manipulate her into testifying about the rape.

Frankie: It would make the jury very sympathetic. They would never convict her if they knew what Jake did to her.

Cass: What about what I would be doing to her? I wouldn't even consider this if I didn't think things were really going against us.

Frankie: I know that.

Cass: I could let it go, just play it the way she wants me to, and spare her the pain of testifying.

Frankie: Is Marley going to go to jail if you play it her way?

Cass: It sure looks that way.

Frankie: Does she understand that? Have you made it clear to her?

Cass: I've tried to.

Frankie: So, do you do what your client wants you to do, or do you do what you know is right?

Cass: That's the question, isn't it?

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Cass: I'm not sure. The only thing I'm sure about right now is you, what I feel for you. I love you, I love this house. I love our life. Don't go spreading this around, but I've even grown fond of young Dean.

Frankie: Uh-oh, I'm hearing things.

Cass: I know, it surprises me, too.

Frankie: Why are you saying all of this now?

Cass: Because I was reading my appointment book from last year, and you wrote all that crazy stuff in it that happened.

Frankie: Oh, you mean about how you rescued me from the collapsing building, and --

Cass: Kidnapping.

Frankie: And myriad fights.

Cass: Those, too. I cherish all of them. But suddenly I realized that I have been taking what we have for granted. I never want to do that.

Frankie: Because you've lost your loved ones before?

Cass: I'm not thinking of Kathleen. I'm thinking of you. I loved Kathleen, but she's in the past now.

Frankie: Right.

Cass: What were you so upset before about? You never told me.

Frankie: It can wait.

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: This can't.

Rachel: Yes, Iris. Yes, Ken was here. He's left now. Oh, as well as can be expected. Yes, she is. Right. Yeah, I'll call you as soon as I can. Thank you.

Paulina: What did she say?

Rachel: Paulina, no matter how I feel about you, I have a responsibility to my family, and to the young lady, whoever she is, who is Mac's child.

Paulina: It's me, I know it is. Ken wouldn't have come to me if he didn't believe that I was for real. You can't find one thing that says that I am not his child.

Rachel: Well, you know, we're going to look real hard this time. I have to admit, that there is every indication that you are Mac's child. But if we find one shred of evidence that you are not, you will not be entitled to share in his estate. Because, you see, that would be defrauding his heirs, and I can't have that.

Paulina: I see.

Rachel: I identified with you, Paulina. And you knew that and you used it against me. And I find that overwhelming. It's going to take me a lot longer than just tonight to deal with all that.

Paulina: Are you going to tell the rest of the family?

Rachel: No, I think maybe I'm going to have to talk to an attorney first.

Paulina: I still don't know what you want me to do.

Rachel: When I know, you'll know.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: Oh, it smells like cookies in here again.

Taylor: Sharlene was just giving me a major baking lesson.

John: Well, you are learning from the best.

Taylor: Maybe I will open up my own franchise.

[John laughs]

Taylor: Well, I will leave you two to your evening.

Sharlene: And you won't leave here without some cookies. You are taking some of these with you.

Taylor: Sharlene, you are giving me back that plate.

Sharlene: Yes, I'm giving it back, and then you can come back and return it again, and maybe get a new lesson.

Taylor: Ok, that's a deal.

Sharlene: Here.

Taylor: All right, well, thank you. Good night.

Sharlene: I'm glad you came by.

Taylor: Thanks.

John: Bye-bye, Taylor.

Sharlene: Come here.

John: Alone at last.

Sharlene: I hope you don't mind. I worry about her. She's lonely.

John: I know, I know. She is so absorbed in her work. Somehow you don't expect that from a shrink.

Sharlene: Well, how are Michael and Donna?

John: Not great. They feel pretty helpless.

Sharlene: I'll bet they do. Oh, John. Did you have dinner?

John: I had something at Mike's. I'm really not hungry, thanks.

Sharlene: Good, because I had too many of the cookies. I'm not very hungry, either. Don't worry, I had some cottage cheese for dinner, too.

John: I didn't say a word.

Sharlene: You never do. You've been very good. You know that. What's this?

John: What's what? Oo, holy smoke! So, I guess this is for after the baby is born, hmm? Sharlene? Know how you feel about the marriage, and I know you. And I also know that you can cause an awful lot of trouble if you set your mind to it.

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