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Taylor: I think he was frustrated because you had left, and he was just taking it out on me. I handled it.

Sharlene: Well, I am going to talk to him.

Taylor: You don't have to do that.

Sharlene: Taylor, he has no right to do this to you. I'm going to find the congressman and tell him a thing or two.

Taylor: No, Sharlene, you're not.

Frankie: Where have you been?

Ryan: Hey, don't get on my case. Technician here yet?

Frankie: Yeah, but he wants to talk to a badge. Can you handle this for me, Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah, I hope so. What I'm asking him to do is unauthorized.

Frankie: But legal.

Ryan: Yeah, well, listen, I know this tech. His name is Nat Warden. He loves red tape.

Frankie: Ryan, we have got to get these tests run today.

Ryan: Just let me do the talking. Hey, Nat, remember me?

Nat: If you've got a work order, leave it with the secretary.

Ryan: Listen, I need some tests run on the hair samples from evidence bag 65437-jmk, rush job.

Nat: Work order?

Ryan: They're cutting it up at the office right now.

Nat: Come back when you have it.

Ryan: I'll have it by the time you finish the tests.

Nat: The D.A.'s office phones in the rush job orders. No one has called me.

Ryan: Maybe she's tied up in court or something?

Nat: Too bad.

Ryan: Come on, Nat. This evidence is for the trial that she's in the middle of right now. It is unbelievably important for us to have these results.

Nat: And who's she?

Ryan: She is my assistant.

Nat: Where's your badge?

Ryan: Look, let me talk to you privately for a little bit here. Nat, I'm going to come clean with you. The problem is, I screwed up.

Nat: Yeah, you did. You know I can't do jack without a work order, Harrison. I've been through this with you guys before.

Ryan: Listen to me. I was supposed to have those test results yesterday, and I completely forgot. You understand, yeah? Come on, I need a favor.

Nat: My butt is on the line here.

Ryan: So, I'll take the fall. This is my problem, not yours.

Nat: You got that right.

Ryan: I'll owe you one, Nat. I promise you, if you do this for me, I will never forget it.

Nat: You cops can't get everything you want.

Ryan: Nat, do I have to beg?

Nat: I'll start the test, but you don't get the results without the work order.

Ryan: Thanks. Here you go.

Nat: Are these the hair comparisons?

Ryan: Mm-hmm. I owe you one, Nat.

Nat: I won't forget you said that.

Ryan: It's a happening thing, Mary Frances.

Frankie: Yes! You're the best.

Vicky: You don't have to steer me like a horse, Carlos. Just tell me where to go and I'll go.

Carlos: Wait here.

Vicky: Where would I go?


Morgan's voice: Describe what you observed on the night that Jake McKinnon was shot, Mr. White.

Vicky: Holy cow.

Chris: Well, Jake had his music turned up real loud for a long, long time. I went over there and told him to knock it off.

Morgan: So, other than the assailant, you were the last person to see Jake before he was shot?

Cass: Objection. The witness has no way of knowing that.

Judge Woods: Sustained.

Morgan: After you spoke to Jake, did he turn the music down?

Chris: No, he didn't. He was all wound up, kind of tense. Anyway, I let off steam and went back to my apartment. But the music was still blasting.

Morgan: What did you do next, Mr. White?

Chris: I went out and took my trash to the incinerator chute.

Morgan: Which is where?

Chris: Right next to Jake's loft.

Morgan: And you still heard the music.

Chris: Yes. Then the door opened.

Morgan: And what did you see, Mr. White?

Chris: I saw her coming out of the loft.

Morgan: Who did you see?

Chris: Ms. McKinnon.

Jake's voice: Hi, I'm Jake McKinnon, the man behind Visions. I know what you want, I know how to give it to you. The day before yesterday and the day after tomorrow -- in a way you will never forget. Jake McKinnon -- you'll never need anybody else. [Echoing] You'll never need anybody else. You'll never need anybody else.

Morgan's voice: Let the record show that the witness has just identified the defendant. Now, what time was this, Mr. White?

Chris: I'm not sure. Before 10:30.

Morgan: Would you say between 9:30 and 10:30?

Chris: Yes.

Morgan: Now, did you hear any other sounds coming from the loft that evening?

Chris: Well, there was a lot of screaming and yelling. But that was nothing new.

Morgan: And what did you do after you saw the defendant?

Chris: I dumped my trash in the incinerator and went back to my apartment, but the music never was turned down and I was getting really mad. So, I went back there, knocked on the door, and it was open.

Morgan: And that was when you found Mr. McKinnon?

Chris: Yes.

Morgan: What was his condition when you found him?

Chris: He was slumped over the table. There was a lot of blood. That's when I called the police.

Morgan: One more question, Mr. White. Did you say anything to Ms. McKinnon as you saw her leaving the loft?

Chris: Yes. I called out to her, but she ignored me.

Morgan: Do you think that she heard you?

Chris: Oh, I'm sure. She looked like she was in quite a hurry to leave.

Morgan: Thank you, Mr. White. Your witness.

Cass: Chris, when you were being questioned by the police immediately after the shooting, did you have the opportunity to see Marley McKinnon and her twin sister Victoria Hudson side by side?

Chris: Yes, I did.

Cass: Would you please tell the court what you said to the police when you saw them together?

Chris: I said I couldn't tell them apart.

Cass: So just now, when you identified Marley McKinnon as the woman you saw leaving the loft, you were lying?

Morgan: Objection.

Judge Woods: Overruled.

Chris: I'm not lying.

Cass: But the woman you saw leaving could have been Victoria Hudson, for all you know. Am I right?

Vicky: Come on, Chris, spit it out.

Chris: I -- yes, I guess so.

Michael: Good.

Cass: Now moving right along, Mr. White, you're on the board of the building in which you live. Is that correct?

Chris: Yes.

Cass: Isn't it true that Mr. McKinnon alerted you that he would be leaving town, right before he was shot?

Chris: Yes. He said he wanted to sublet.

Cass: For how long?

Chris: He didn't say.

Cass: When was he going to leave?

Chris: He said it could be any day.

Cass: Did he happen to say where he was going to?

Morgan: Objection. I fail to see the relevance of this line of questioning.

Cass: I have no further questions.

Judge Woods: Any redirect, Ms. Graves?

Morgan: Yes, your honor. One more time, Mr. White. Before you discovered Jake McKinnon bleeding from a gunshot wound, who did you see leaving the loft wearing this coat?

Chris: Well, I thought it was Marley, but her sister --

Morgan: May I remind the ladies and gentlemen of the jury that this coat belongs to Marley McKinnon -- not to her sister, Victoria.

Cass: Objection.

Morgan: And that the blood on the hem of this coat is Jake McKinnon's.

Cass: Objection, your honor. Counsel is not supposed to be rehearsing her closing comments, weak as they may be.

Judge Woods: Sustained. But please avoid the editorializing. You may continue.

Morgan: You may step down, Mr. White.

Judge Woods: Do you have another witness, Ms. Graves?

Morgan: Yes. The state calls Victoria Hudson.

[Gallery murmuring]

Vicky: Show time, folks.

Olivia: I don't want to go.

Sam: I know, but you have to tell Liz sometime.

Olivia: I know, but her hair is going to stand straight up.

Sam: [Laughs]

Olivia: You know, there is one good thing about telling her.

Sam: Yes, and what's that?

Olivia: She is finally going to realize how wrong she's been about you -- that you really are serious about --

Sam: I am serious. I'm very serious.

Olivia: Wish me luck.

Sam: You don't need it.

Olivia: I love you -- bye.

Sam: Hurry back.

Olivia: I will.

Sam: Whew.

[Phone rings]

Sam: Hello.

Paulina: Sam, it's Paulina.

Sam: Hey, Paulina. What's up?

Paulina: Amanda's going to kill me when she finds out I'm doing this.

Sam: What's wrong? Is it Alli?

Paulina: No. Amanda is writing a story about Jake's shooting.

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Paulina: Well, she's meeting this creep who says he's got information.

Sam: Where?

Paulina: Well, that's the worst part. At the cabin.

Sam: Alone?

Paulina: Yes. I tried to go with her, but she wouldn't let me and now I'm really regretting it. Sam, will you track her down?

Sam: What, is she crazy?

Paulina: She wouldn't listen to me. She even told me this guy sounded really weird. I have a bad feeling about this. She'll listen to you. Will you go?

Sam: I can't do this every time she gets in a mess.

Paulina: Sam, remember when she trashed Evan's suite? She's very self-destructive right now. I'm worried about her. Please, just go after her, ok? I don't feel good about this.

Sam: Ok, ok. Look, thanks for calling, Paulina.

Iris: How nice of the Judge to call a little breather. He must have seen you sweating at the back of the courtroom.

Paulina: Drop dead.

Iris: Is that what you said to Jake?

Carlos: I can't believe I let you talk me into this, Harrison.

Ryan: I need an impartial witness to prove that the tests are on the up-and-up, Carlos.

Carlos: You're going to get nailed for this.

Frankie: What else is new? What if we prove Marley didn't do it?

Ryan: We may have stumbled upon something really big here, Carlos.

Carlos: Yeah. And if you're right, the D.A.'s office is going to look like a bunch of idiots.

Frankie: So what? They didn't do their homework, so we did it for them.

Ryan: I need to go to the station house and get a release form for that bozo tech, Nat. Can you hang out here with Frankie for a little bit?

Carlos: Then what?

Ryan: Well, maybe Nat will like you more than me and he'll give you the test results without a release form.

Carlos: You know, it's going to look funny you not being at the trial with your girlfriend on the stand.

Frankie: What?

Ryan: What did you just say?

Carlos: I wasn't -- oh, hell. Vicky was subpoenaed this morning.

Frankie: By Morgan?

Carlos: Yeah. I took her to the courtroom myself. She's up this afternoon.

Ryan: I have got to get to the courtroom. You're going to have to get these results without me.

Carlos: What about the release forms?

Ryan: We do not have time. Look, I want you to get Nat down to that courtroom even if you have to drag him in there by his ear. Do you understand me? This whole case is riding on this.

Frankie: We'll get those results to the court, Ryan.

Won't we, Carlos?

Michael: Cass, where's Victoria?

Cass: I haven't seen her. I think Morgan's got her under wraps.

Donna: How can she do this?

Cass: Just hang tight. We'll get through this. Now, are you ok?

Marley: Cass, don't grill Vicky, please.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge Woods: Be seated. [Bangs gavel] Is your witness ready, Ms. Graves?

Morgan: Yes, your honor. Bailiff, please show Victoria Hudson to the stand. And, Mr. Winthrop, in order to avoid confusion on the part of the jurors, I'd like to have the defendant wait in the anteroom. She can listen to the testimony over the intercom.

Cass: Actually, I have no objection with that.

Judge Woods: Good, let's proceed.

Taylor: Thank you, for waiting, Sharlene.

Sharlene: It's all right. I'm sorry I upset you.

Taylor: No, no. That's all right. I'm sorry that I was cross with you. This whole thing with Grant, it just makes me so angry.

Sharlene: I wish you'd just let me set him straight. I want him to know he can't go around tormenting my friends because of me.

Taylor: I don't want you to give it another thought. I handled Grant. I really did. And I especially don't want you seeing him anymore.

Sharlene: There's nothing between us. It doesn't matter if I see him.

Taylor: It matters to Sharly.

Sharlene: There is no Sharly.

Taylor: I know. I also know that you're very worried about the possibility of setbacks.

Sharlene: Taylor... everything is fine with me. John is so excited about the baby. And did you know that he's agreed to see a specialist about his leg?

Taylor: He told you that?

Sharlene: He -- he told you?

Taylor: I helped him find Dr. Garvey.

Sharlene: Oh, I didn't know that. He tells you a lot.

Taylor: I thought he was going to surprise you.

Sharlene: No. Why would he want to surprise me? This is a very, very important decision. If he agrees to this procedure, it could be very complicated. This is something that we should discuss, Taylor. How did it go?

John: Dr. Garvey is very confident.

Sharlene: He thinks he can help you?

John: Yes, he does.

Sharlene: Oh!

John: I don't mind telling you that I'm very scared.

Sharlene: Of course you're scared.

John: What if this doesn't work?

Sharlene: If it doesn't work, then we'll handle it when we get there.

John: Just think, Sharlene, I may be able to carry our baby home. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

Amanda: Gary, here. If you can get the name of the woman that Jake was talking about, I'll triple what I just gave you.

Gary: Great. You don't tell no one, though.

Amanda: No. I won't.

Gary: You sure no one saw me come in here? I hitched to the end of the road and walked.

Amanda: No, I'm sure. Don't worry about that. Listen, there's a couple of things I want you to be able to straighten out --

[Car approaching]

Gary: Who's that?

Amanda: I don't know.

Gary: I'm out of here.

Amanda: No. Gary, wait, wait, wait.

Sam: Was that him?

Amanda: What are you doing here? Him, who?

Sam: Are you ok?

Amanda: Don't I look ok?

Sam: Did this guy hurt you?

Amanda: You just scared away my source. Paulina called you, didn't she?

Sam: Yes, and you should be grateful she did.

Amanda: For what?

Sam: You are unbelievable. What if he had tried something in there?

Amanda: He was harmless.

Sam: Oh, yeah. That's why he ran off like a shot when I came up. That's why he had to meet you in a secluded place like this. Yeah, harmless.

Amanda: What I do with my life is none of your business.

Sam: When are you going to stop taking chances? What, do you get off on being in danger?

Amanda: Go to --

Sam: You are just like you were when you ran off to New York before we got married.

Amanda: Go home, Sam.

Sam: Listen to me --

Amanda: I didn't call you here. I didn't ask you to come here. I don't need to be rescued. And I didn't need you in New York either. So go home!

Sam: I am not through with you, Amanda! Let me --

[Car speeding away]

Sam: Hey! What the -- hey!

Morgan: Thank you for joining us today, Ms. Hudson.

Vicky: Like I had a choice.

Morgan: I'd like to have it entered into the record that Ms. Hudson is a hostile witness.

Vicky: Polite way of putting it.

Morgan: I'm sorry?

Vicky: You had some questions for me?

Morgan: Indeed. Why was your sister going to break off her engagement with Jake McKinnon?

Vicky: She didn't like the ring he gave her.


Morgan: Ms. Hudson.

Vicky: I don't know. She wasn't in love with him anymore.

Morgan: When did she fall out of love with him?

Vicky: You should have told me to bring my date book; I could have looked it up for you.


Judge Woods: Ms. Hudson, you are not on stage here.

Vicky: You should remind her of the same thing.

Morgan: On October 25, did you know that your sister was on her way to Jake's loft to break up with him?

I'm sorry, Ms. Hudson. Nods can't be recorded in the transcript.

Vicky: Yes.

Morgan: Very good, Ms. Hudson. At this time, were you aware that your sister was dating your ex-husband?

Vicky: I wouldn't call it dating.

Morgan: Oh. What would you call it?

Vicky: They were friends.

Morgan: Ah, friends.

Vicky: Foreign word to you?


Morgan: Was Jake aware of the fact that your sister and Jamie were friends?

Vicky: Oh, I doubt it. He was too busy sleeping with everything in a skirt within a 50-mile radius.

Judge Woods: Just answer the questions asked of you, Ms. Hudson.

Morgan: Was Jake aware of the fact that Jamie and Marley were in Nice together, at the same hotel?

Vicky: Ask him.

Morgan: Obviously, I can't.

Vicky: Yeah. But it was just a coincidence, so --

Morgan: How about you? How did you feel when you discovered that your sister and your ex-husband were on the Riviera together?

Cass: Objection. This is totally irrelevant.

Morgan: I can relate it, your honor.

Judge Woods: Do that. Soon. You're overruled, Mr. Winthrop.

Morgan: This was a pattern for your sister, wasn't it?

Vicky: What?

Morgan: She had done this again and again, hadn't she?

Cass: Leading the witness.

Morgan: I'll rephrase, your honor. Had your sister done this to you before?

Vicky: Done what?

Morgan: Come on, Ms. Hudson, you're under oath.

Vicky: I don't know what you're asking.

Morgan: Just tell us what we want to hear.

Vicky: What do you want to hear?

Morgan: This wasn't the first time that she stole a man from you, was it?

Cass: Objection.

Morgan: Was it?

Sam: Real nice crowd you hang out with there, Amanda.

Amanda: I'm sorry he stole your car.

Sam: You're sorry...

Amanda: Only because that means that I'm stuck here with you. I can't believe my car doesn't start.

Sam: That usually happens when you have an empty tank of gas. I cannot believe you didn't look at the tank when you were on your way up here.

Amanda: I didn't check anything, ok?

Sam: Yeah, because you were too busy playing Nancy Drew. Hey!

Amanda: I hate you.

Sam: I hate you back, you little brat.

Amanda: [Screams] You rat!

Morgan: Ms. Hudson, were you and Jake McKinnon ever married?

Vicky: No.

Morgan: Were you lovers?

Vicky: A long time ago.

Morgan: But then he and your sister fell in love and he married your sister instead of you. Right?

Vicky: Yes, but I was already over --

Morgan: But then you married Jamie Frame, right?

Vicky: Yes.

Morgan: And your sister, while she was still with Jake, once suggested that she and Jake could raise the child that you'd had with Jamie Frame, right?

Vicky: Yeah, but you're not --

Morgan: And then she left Jake and went after your husband.

Vicky: That's not really --

Morgan: She was in love with Jamie Frame, yes?

Vicky: We weren't married anymore.

Morgan: Yes or no, Ms. Hudson.

Vicky: I don't know.

Morgan: You don't know? How must it feel to have your own sister take away every man that you love?

Cass: Objection.

Morgan: I'll withdraw the question. How do you feel about your sister, Ms. Hudson?

Vicky: I love my sister.

Morgan: Did you love her when she took Jake away?

Vicky: Stop.

Morgan: When she went after the father of your child?

Cass: Your honor, I object.

Morgan: Are you telling me that you actually like it when your sister has taken away every man you have ever loved?

Vicky: No, I hated her for it.

[Door opens]

Nat: These are the results. Where's my work order?

Frankie: Nat, baby, this is Officer Carlos Morales. He's authorized to take the results to the D.A.

Nat: Not without a work order, he's not.

Carlos: If Harrison said he'd get the papers, he'll get the papers. I need those results, Nat.

Nat: What, are you crazy, too? No way! Hey!

Carlos: That's police business.

Frankie: Oh, my -- Carlos, look at the bottom line, for Pete's sake. We have got to get those papers to the court right now! This could change everything!

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