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Another World Transcript Wednesday 12/13/06

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[Door opens]

Felicia: Jenna, honey, where are you? Can -- can you give me a hand here?

Jenna: Yeah, right here.

Felicia: Great. I can't see you through these boxes.

Jenna: Here, let me give you a hand.

Felicia: Oh, oh, thank you. How are you doing -- you ok?

Jenna: Yeah.

Felicia: What have you been doing here all day, anything? Here, give them to me.

Jenna: Just thinking. Isn't that ok with you?

Felicia: Wait till you see all the adorable stuff I got for Sharlene's shower.

Jenna: Looks like you bought the whole store.

Felicia: Almost, now look. The shower is at 4:00. You think you can be ready in time?

Jenna: I don't think I want to go.

Felicia: But --

Jenna: Please understand.

Felicia: Honey, uh, it would be good if you got out of the house, wouldn't it?

Jenna: Well, yeah, but --

Felicia: I mean, you said you wanted to.

Jenna: I just -- I don't want to be with you today, ok, not today.

Frankie: I wish you could've seen me snag that hair off Paulina's shoulder yesterday. I was brilliant. I really think everybody is going to enjoy these watercress and tempeh sandwiches, don't you?

Cass: Well --

Frankie: Now, the next thing we have to do is we have to find that blond wig that Donna was going to wear. I hope she hasn't returned it to the shop yet. Could you bring me that ice bucket, sweetie? I hope I made enough ice. Now, what was I talking about?

Cass: You were talking --

Frankie: Uh, Donna, right. Ok, look, if she has returned it to the shop, you have to help me track it down, ok? Now, are you listening to me?

Cass: Ok. What else could I be possibly doing?

Frankie: Do you think this place looks festive enough for Sharlene? I mean, I want everything to be absolutely perfect.

Cass: Everything is just fine. But you've got to slow down or you're going to implode.

Frankie: We have a lot of work to do, Cass.

Cass: Just make a nice baby shower for Sharlene.

Frankie: But listen to me.

Cass: You can't do everything, Frankie. I don't care how many yeast shakes you drink each day.

Frankie: Cass, you have got to track down that wig and get a strand of its hair.

Cass: I will.

Frankie: Ok. It's really hard to believe that Donna could have done it, don't you think?

Donna: Hello, Frankie. What do you think I might have done?

Taylor: Karen?

Karen: Hi.

Taylor: Have you seen Dr. Hudson?

Karen: He had two surgeries back to back.

Taylor: Oh.

Karen: He's sleeping in the resident's quarters.

Taylor: Oh, I see.

Karen: Well, don't you look nice today, Dr. Benson.

Taylor: Oh, thank you. I'm on my way to a baby shower.

Karen: Is it Dr. Hudson's wife's?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Karen: He's so excited to have her back, he --

Taylor: Sharlene!

Sharlene: Hi.

Taylor: What are you doing here today?

Sharlene: Well, John worked all night and I thought I'd -- I'd come over and surprise him.

Taylor: Well, um, uh, he's -- he's not here right now. You're too late.

Sharlene: I'm too -- what do you mean?

Taylor: He's out on a consultation. He won't be back for hours.

Sharlene: Oh.

Amanda: Hi.

Rachel: Hi, you ready?

Amanda: No.

Rachel: I thought you were coming home early so that you could go to the shower with me.

Amanda: Well, yeah, but I've got plenty of --

Rachel: I don't think so.

Amanda: Oh, I guess I'm running a little slower than I thought I would.

Rachel: Well, honey, should I go ahead?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

Rachel: Ok.

Amanda: Don't -- don't wait for me.

Rachel: All right, because I don't want to be late.

Amanda: Just let them know that I'm on my way, ok?

Rachel: Yeah, I will. Oh, listen, um, tell me how is, uh, the piece on Jake's shooting coming along?

Amanda: Oh, it's real exciting. I think I've got some very good leads.

Rachel: All right, well, you be careful. Don't take any chances.

Amanda: Yes, Mom.

Rachel: Honey, we're talking about Jake here. There's no telling what he was involved in. He got shot. I don't want you to be in any danger, ok?

Amanda: All right, I'll be careful.

Rachel: Oh, hi, Sam.

Sam: Hi, Rachel.

Amanda: Bye, Mom, thanks.

Rachel: I'll see you later.

Amanda: Hi, Alli's waiting for you. Why are you looking at me like that?

Sam: What was your mother just talking about?

Amanda: It was business.

Sam: Jake's shooting is business?

Amanda: Why do you care?

Sam: Because your mother was telling you to be careful and I have to agree with her --

Amanda: That is my own business, Sam.

Sam: Oh, wait a minute now, Amanda.

Amanda: End of subject.

Sam: Amanda.

Amanda: Dress Alli warmly.

Felicia: What, uh, exactly did you have planned for today? Anything?

Jenna: I don't even know this woman who's having the baby.

Felicia: Oh, Sharlene -- oh, she's wonderful. You'd love her.

Jenna: But I don't want to be with your friends today. Can't you understand that?

Felicia: Yes, ahem, actually, I can. I -- I'm sorry, honey.

Jenna: Thanks for asking though.

Felicia: So, I repeat. You have any plans? Anything you want to do?

Jenna: Is this Sharlene's first baby?

Felicia: No, uh, it's her first baby, though, in a long time, and the first one with this husband.

Jenna: Dr. Hudson, right?

Felicia: Right.

Jenna: Trying to keep everyone straight.

Felicia: I think you're doing very well.

Jenna: I've never really been around a baby before. I mean, the youngest kids at school are about 6 and 7. But I don't even know what I looked like when I was a baby.

Felicia: You were beautiful. I mean, you must have seen the photographs your mother had at the apartment.

Jenna: No, she never showed them to me. I mean, I was only there a few times, but there were never any pictures around.

Felicia: Honey, would you like to go there now?

Jenna: I'd have too many questions. There's really no one around to answer them for me.

Do you, um, do you think about her?

Felicia: Your mother? All the time.

Jenna: Uh, I meant your daughter.

Felicia: Of course. I think about her often.

Jenna: Do you miss her?

Felicia: I miss the fact that I never knew her. I don't really know what you call that, not really. I know when she enters my thoughts, I feel an emptiness. But I don't really know how to describe it.

Jenna: You feel like there's a part of you missing. And you know you're never going to get it back.

Felicia: Yes, that's exactly it.

Jenna: Sort of the same way I feel about my mother. It's the same thing, really. Well, I've got some letters to write. So, have a nice time at the party.

Felicia: Ok.

[Door opens]

Luke: You're -- you're pacing.

Felicia: I know she wants to open up to me. I know it, Luke, I know it. I can feel it. But her -- her heart, it's so badly broken that she -- hi, sweetheart.

Luke: Seriously, go ahead.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Luke: What happened?

Felicia: Do you think I'm selfish?

Luke: No.

Felicia: Are you sure?

Luke: Ask anyone.

Felicia: Yeah, anyone except Jenna.

Luke: Jenna said you were selfish?

Felicia: I brought her here, didn't I? I took her away from that boarding school and the only home she ever knew. And she doesn't like it here. I mean, I know that. And I keep asking myself, why did I do this? I -- I -- did I do it because it's right for Jenna? Or did I do it because I'm trying to feel less guilty?

Luke: Look, maybe -- maybe she just needs a little more time.

Felicia: Luke, I can't ask her to -- to fit her life into mine. She doesn't want that.

Luke: What do you want?

Felicia: I don't know. I'm not sure. I know that Gloria wanted me to help Jenna. I'm just -- I'm not sure that I can.

Frankie: It's hard to believe that you had the time to help me organize this shower, right, Cass?

Cass: That's what we were just saying, yes.

Donna: Oh, well, it's good to have something happy to think about.

Frankie: Yes.

Donna: Especially now.

Cass: Yes, it is.

Donna: Cass, I, um --

Frankie: Oh, I'm sorry.

Donna: Ok. I want to thank you. I know that you were covering for Marley and Victoria's switch. I'm very grateful.

Cass: Well, I just hope it worked.

Donna: Well, it certainly saved them both from being in very deep trouble. That's something I won't forget. I'm just sorry that you had to spend a night in jail because of it.

Cass: Well, no big deal. Jail has actually gotten fairly cushy since I was last in.

Frankie: We just don't want anyone to pay for something they haven't done, right, Cass?

Cass: That's right, Frankie. Well, if you'll excuse me. I would love to stay and chat, but baby showers give me, um, an allergic reaction, so --

Donna: Oh, Cass, John mentioned something about some new evidence.

Cass: Yes, but I'm not ready to explain any of that just yet --

Donna: Oh, well, you can certainly tell me.

Cass: But I'll let you know as soon as I get some more facts. I'll tell you all about it. Have a good shower.

Frankie: We will. Um, you have good luck with your project, ok?

Cass: Yes, I will. Oh, by the way, Donna, how's Vicky feeling?

Donna: She's still in the hospital. She's resting, but she's going to be fine. Both of my daughters are going to be fine.

Cass: Well, I'm doing everything I possibly can to make sure that's true.

Donna: You do everything you -- you can, everything you have to do. Please.

Cass: I'll call you later?

Frankie: Ok. So, um, would you like to help me bring out some more tea sandwiches?

Donna: Sure.

Frankie: Great.

Dean: Ahem.

Cass: Hey.

Dean: Hey.

Cass: You better make yourself scarce, unless you like finger sandwiches -- watercress and tempeh.

Dean: Ew, no, uh-uh. Thanks for the tip, Cass.

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Dean: Listen, have you -- have you seen Felicia lately?

Cass: What do you mean by "lately"?

Dean: Well, the -- the day before yesterday, as a matter of fact.

Cass: Why do I sense that I'm really going to hate whatever it is you're about to say to me?

Dean: Now, all right, just promise me you won't get mad, all right?

Cass: No.

Dean: I knew you were going to say that.

Cass: What did you do to Felicia?

Dean: It's not like I did anything to her. I sort of got in her way, a little bit.

Cass: In English please, Dean.

Dean: In English? Um, I -- I broke into her apartment.

Cass: You did not.

Dean: Now, now, now, don't -- don't blow a blood vessel or something, all right? I wasn't -- like, I wasn't there to steal nothing, all right?

Cass: What were you there to do, Dean? And this had better be very good.

Dean: All right, all right, all right. I -- I wanted to leave her my demo tape so maybe she would listen to it, fall in love with my music, and maybe put me on her talk show. What? Look, I -- I walked up, right? I -- I walked up, Cass, and -- and the door was barely locked, man. And -- and the voices in my head were going, "go for it, Dean, go for it, Dean!" So all right, so anyway, so I go inside, and I -- I put the tape down on top of her typewriter, and I'm composing a little note there, on the typewriter. And this girl walks in. Like she's a house guest or something, I don't know.

Cass: Jenna.

Dean: Whatever, whatever, whatever. So, uh, so I sneak out, right? And Felicia, she sneaks in, or comes in, and she calls security. She goes nuts. And they nab me down in the basement.

Cass: What is it with you and basements, Dean?

Dean: So, I don't know. I described the whole thing to her. She agreed, she won't call the cops, whatever. But she calls you, at home, and you weren't there. What? Why aren't -- why aren't you saying anything?

Cass: Huh -- I'm not sure there are words to express the emotions that I'm experiencing at this moment, young Dean.

Dean: Aren't you -- aren't you proud of me?

Cass: Pardon me?

Dean: Well, it's like, I came out all honest and everything, straight out.

Cass: Oh, you want praise!

Dean: Ok.

Cass: Felicia's my best friend, you nimrod! Why didn't you just ask me to give her the stupid tape, for crying out loud?

Dean: I didn't want any special favors or anything.

Cass: Special favors? Why do you always insist on doing everything the hard way? You know, you actually have some connections here in Bay City, thanks to Frankie and me, now. And you do something stupid like this?

Dean: Well, I -- I --

Cass: Do you actually think Felicia is going to be favorably disposed to liking your music now?

Dean: I would -- I would --

Cass: Do you think that she liked having some punk break into her home?

Dean: Punk? Hey, could you not call me a punk, please?

Cass: Hey, no problem. Just give me one reason, someday soon, why I shouldn't, and I won't, ok?

Dean: I'm sorry!

Cass: All right.

Dean: All right?

Cass: Yeah, but before you do anything this harebrained again, talk to me first, will you? Contrary to popular belief, you can trust me.

Dean: All right, well, thanks.

Cass: You nimrod.

Stacey: Hiya, boys!

Cass: Hi, Stacey.

Dean: Hey, Stacey.

Stacey: What are you doing? Hoping to sneak into the party?

Cass: No, we were just leaving, weren't we, Dean?

Dean: Yeah, uh, Felicia is coming to this little bash, isn't she?

Stacey: Yeah.

Dean: Oh, yeah, well, maybe I'll -- maybe I'll go and have a little finger sandwich for myself.

Cass: Dean!

Stacey: I don't blame you. Hey, what are you up to today?

Donna: So, tell me, Frankie. Does all this talk about babies give you and Cass any, you know, immediate ideas?

Frankie: No, we haven't talked about it in specifics in a while. I'm not really sure I think it's right to bring too many children into this world.

Donna: Why?

Frankie: Well, I think it's irresponsible. Overpopulation is still an issue. They don't talk about it the way they did in the seventies, but the problem hasn't gone away.

Donna: Oh, well, maybe you can have one child and love him enough for 10. It can be done. I did it.

Frankie: You know, I think, um, part of the reason I'm hesitating about having kids is because I'm not sure I'm strong enough to handle it if I were to have a child and something would happen to take him away from me. You're stronger than most, aren't you, Donna?

[Door closes]

Stacey: Ahem.

Taylor: Are you still here?

Sharlene: Yeah, I thought I'd wait for John to get back from his consultation.

Taylor: Oh, he is back.

Sharlene: He's -- he's back?

Taylor: But he's in surgery again.

Sharlene: You're kidding.

Taylor: No, I just heard.

Sharlene: All right, well, I tried.

Taylor: I'm really sorry you're having such a hard time. You want me to drive you home?

Sharlene: No, I -- I've gotta go get something to eat. I thought that, uh, I thought John would go with me, but, uh, oh well, no big deal. Are you going to be able to make it to my shower tomorrow?

Taylor: I wouldn't miss it.

Sharlene: Good.

Taylor: But I want you to take it easy.

Sharlene: I think I can handle opening a few blue and pink packages.

Taylor: Sharlene, it's a very emotional occasion.

Sharlene: I think you're the one who should be careful.

Taylor: What do you mean?

Sharlene: I mean that John and I were talking this morning. He told me about the research project you've been doing. And you told me about the fellow that's been bothering you. And they are connected?

Taylor: That's right, yeah.

Sharlene: Yeah. So John is going to be keeping an eye on your house for you when he's not working.

Taylor: How?

Sharlene: This was my idea, because I thought if we just let John play bouncer, that it would give me an excuse to come by and chat.

Taylor: Chat.

Sharlene: Yes, since I'm not your patient anymore. You know I always thought of you as my friend, not my doctor. And, uh, I miss talking with you.

Taylor: Oh, well, I -- I miss it, too.

Sharlene: Besides, it will give us a chance to catch up on all the dirt.

Taylor: Dirt?

Sharlene: Yes. [Whispers] With you and Glenn.

Taylor: Sharlene, there is no dirt.

Sharlene: I hear that you don't think Glenn was attracted to you, and John tells me that Glenn feels it was the other way around.

Taylor: Uh, look, it just didn't -- didn't work out.

Sharlene: He just seems like such a nice guy.

Taylor: Sharlene, I'm really, I'm not -- I'm not interested in relationships right now. I'd -- I'd much rather work on my friendships, like the one I have with you, and with John.

Dean: Yo, before I started my job here, you know back where I came from, I was like famous, sort of, a little bit, well, sort of. I had fans and stuff, you know --

Matt: Hey!

Dean: And people would -- hey! Stay here, I'll be right back. What's happening? You look like, uh, I don't know -- something out of "GQ" or something.

Matt: Oh, thank you, I'll take that as a compliment.

Dean: You shouldn't. What's up, what's happening?

Matt: Well, you -- you're your normal, charming self I see.

Dean: Uh-huh.

Matt: We have a meeting.

Dean: Yeah.

Matt: Why you looking at me cross-eyed, Dean?

Dean: I don't -- I don't do meetings, you know?

Matt: Why?

Dean: What is this -- what is all this stuff you got, what?

Matt: Good, I'm glad you asked. I did a little homework.

Dean: You did?

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Dean: Mm-hmm.

Matt: I figured if we're going to have a strategy meeting, I'd better show up with a strategy.

Dean: Sweetie, stay right there.

Matt: Now these are nine weeks' sales figures.

Dean: Yeah.

Matt: The top 15 records.

Dean: Yeah.

Matt: Geographically located, of course.

Dean: Mm-hmm.

Matt: Here we go.

Dean: Where did you get all this stuff?

Matt: Dean, do you want to talk about my plan or do you want to talk about where I got my materials?

Dean: Yeah, it's just I feel -- I feel like I'm in economics class or something -- go ahead.

Matt: What, like what?

Dean: It's your little briefcase and, you know, you're just so cute, man, like a little businessman -- let me fix that tie --

Matt: Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Dean: Ok.

Matt: I'll do my job my way. You do yours your way.

Dean: Mm-hmm.

Matt: I know -- I know about creative temperaments, and I can handle anything you throw at me.

Dean: Ok, all right. Come on, let's go on. Be serious.

Matt: Ok, well, I figure we should, well, look at the big markets.

Dean: Right.

Matt: And go after that. As for --

Dean: Wait a second, wait. Does this -- you -- you mean that I have to go out there and imitate some other geek's record, something like that?

Matt: Did I say that? Did I say that?

Dean: I don't know. I'm asking -- I'm asking you.

Matt: I'm saying that we have to know what sells those records. We have to draw the audience in.

Dean: Right.

Matt: Once they're in, they're yours. Because your music's that good.

Dean: Yeah, really? I mean, do you think that -- that it's that good?

Matt: Yes, I think it's that good.

Dean: Yeah, listen, I -- I -- I, uh, I think I messed up a big connection the other day.

Matt: What, what, what? What are you talking about?

Dean: Well, to make a long story short, I broke into Felicia Gallant's apartment, and I -- I -- I, uh, I dropped off my demo tape, you know? And -- but I got snagged by this little girl wearing a bathrobe.

Matt: You're making this up, aren't you?

Dean: No, I don't have the head to make up something like that. Believe me, it's true.

Matt: Felicia found you out?

Dean: Well, if her little house guest could've just shut her mouth for another five minutes, I would've been out of there. But no, you know? You should've seen her. She was like white as a ghost, this kid. She was scared, I don't know, she was scared --

Matt: Dean!

Dean: What?

Matt: Dean, do you know who Felicia Gallant is?

Dean: Yes, I know who Felicia Gallant is. Why the hell do you think I did it?

Matt: Felicia Gallant was married to my father, brainiac. She loves me, she'd do anything for me. She'd probably put you on her show for a month --

Dean: Oh, yeah, right.

Matt: If I asked her to.

Dean: Right, right, right.

Matt: How could you do something so lame? How could you do something so lame?

Dean: It wasn't lame, Matt, it wasn't lame. It was -- it was a well thought-out thing. It was clever and it almost worked.

Matt: I don't believe you.

Dean: What, she's probably already forgotten about it, ok?

Matt: Oh, I'm sure.

Dean: No, really, no, really. She -- she has. If I knew it was going to turn out to be such a big thing -- I don't know. I didn't think, I wasn't thinking.

Matt: Do you ever?

Felicia: When Gloria handed me that key, she gave me Jenna. You know what I mean, Luke. And what? I -- I can't just pretend that this kid doesn't exist; I can't.

Luke: Honey, it is not your fault that Jenna doesn't accept what you want to give her.

Felicia: No, I don't know. Maybe I -- maybe I'm just not handling her right.

Luke: She has known nothing but the convent life and a mother who -- who sporadically visited her and never really committed.

Felicia: But now?

Luke: But now her mother is gone. And she's away from the home that she's known and you keep seeing our daughter in her. No matter how hard you try not to.

Felicia: You're right.

Luke: What are you going to do?

Felicia: I'm going to see if she wants to go back to the -- I'll go see if she wants to go home, ok?

Luke: Ok, mm. [Clears his throat]

[Knock on door]

Felicia: Jenna? Jenna? Luke, she's gone. She's gone.

Luke: What?

Felicia: The service entrance door is unbolted and her coat is gone.

Luke: Well, do you want me to call the convent and see if she's done this kind of thing before?

Felicia: No, you know what? I think I know where she might be. Come on, let's go.

Stacey: Ahem. Frankie's out in the kitchen making some herbal tea.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Stacey: You did a nice job with the streamers.

I think that you should tell Michael what you know.

Donna: What did you say?

Stacey: He's getting closer to the truth every day.

Donna: Oh, well, is that because you're leading him there?

Stacey: No.

Donna: Well, you know, maybe if you didn't take a meeting with my husband every other day, the temptation to ruin my life wouldn't be so strong.

Stacey: Oh, Donna, you were lucky! You were lucky that the Judge decided that Cass would continue with this case. Because if he hadn't, I'm sure that Michael would have found out the reason that I was against representing your daughter.

Donna: It's a moot point now, isn't it?

Stacey: No, there is nothing moot about it. Michael still wants to know why you gave up your son.

Donna: Because of you. You want me to tell him that?

Stacey: Do you know anything else? Any other information that you haven't told the police?

Donna: About what?

Stacey: I think you know something else. And you're terrified that your affair with Jake is going to come out if you let go.

Please -- anything, anything at all. Even if you think it's insignificant. For Marley's sake.

Donna, look, I know that you love your children. I saw what it did to you when you lost Mikey.

Rachel: Is there a party here?

[Door closes]

Stacey: Hi.

Rachel: Hi.

Cass: Hello?

Store clerk: Boo!

Cass: Oh, you do that again and I'll take your 1,000 points of light --

Store clerk: I'm sorry. How can I help you?

Cass: Let me get my heart rate back down to normal and I'll tell you.

Store clerk: I sold a lot of these this Halloween.

Cass: Uh, well, I guess I'm not the kinder, gentler type.

Store clerk: Not into presidents, huh? I got movie stars. I got a Robert Redford that's to die for.

Cass: No, I'm not interested in a mask or a costume either.

Store clerk: Oh, props?

Cass: A wig.

Store clerk: A wig?

Cass: Mm-hmm, that's what I said.

Store clerk: A wig.

Cass: Right.

Store clerk: Anything particular strike your fancy?

Cass: Yeah, let's say I wanted to be Greta Garbo. No, not -- not me exactly but, you know, my wife.

Store clerk: Oh, yeah, sure.

Cass: So, you got the wig?

Store clerk: Depends on what movie we're talking. Her hair changed color every picture.

Cass: Yeah, well, my wife got this idea for a costume from an acquaintance of ours who got her wig here -- Donna Hudson.

Store clerk: Oh, yeah, I remember her.

Here you go, for your wife.

Cass: Yeah, you just happened to have it under the counter, right?

Store clerk: Oh, it's not the same wig, but it is.

Cass: Come again?

Store clerk: Well, it's the same make, same model.

Cass: I don't think you understand.

Store clerk: Understand what?

Cass: I need "the" wig.

Store clerk: Well, you can't have it.

Cass: Why not?

Store clerk: It's gone.

Matt: I thought Cass was a better judge of character than this.

Dean: Yeah, meaning what?

Matt: Meaning no wonder he has a problem with you, Dean.

Dean: Oh, all right. You know, I don't like your attitude very much.

Matt: I don't like your tactics.

Dean: Oh, yeah?

Matt: And another thing. If you so much as think of making a move like this again, you can kiss my support good-bye.

Dean: Mm.

Matt: No secrets. You need to get a tape heard. We have to discuss strategy. If you make a deal, talk to me first. Have you got it?

Dean: Yes, I got it, I got it.

Matt: Good, jeez. Are you ready to look over this demographic chart I drew up on last week's top 40?

Dean: You know, Matt, you know what -- you know what? You could take this demographic chart of yours and your self-righteous preppy routine, ok? And your money, all your money, your inherited money, I might add. And you can shove it where the sun don't shine. How's that, all right? Am I understood?

Matt: Is that supposed to scare me?

Dean: I wouldn't be surprised.

Matt: Oh. [Smacks briefcase on table] You're a little sn --

Dean: Be careful there, be careful there, Matt. Someone might hear you say a naughty little word.

Matt: Do you think you could do this alone? So far you've screwed up big time.

Dean: Yeah, yeah, I do. I think I can do it alone. You want to know why?

Matt: Enlighten me, Dean, enlighten me.

Dean: I will enlighten you. I can do it on my own because that's the way I've always done it.

Matt: Hmm, and look at all it's brought you. Fame, fortune, and the respect of your peers. What more could a guy want, right, Dean?

Dean: You don't know anything about me, all right?

Matt: I know more than I want to.

Dean: Oh, yeah? You want to know what you look like without teeth? Do you want to see that, huh?

Sharlene: Matt? Dean, Dean, is that you?

Dean: Aunt Sharlene, what are -- what are you doing here?

Sharlene: Uh, I -- I just thought I'd come by and -- and see you. And I'm glad I did. What's -- what's going on?

Dean: Nothing.

Matt: Nothing, nothing. Um, I'm going to go over and apologize to Felicia.

Dean: [Whispering] You didn't do anything, so don't bother, all right?

Matt: I'm apologizing for you.

Dean: [Whispering] Don't do me any favors, thank you.

Matt: Trust me, I won't.

Dean: [Whispering] All right.

Matt: I'll call you later.

Dean: I'll hold my breath.

Sharlene: Hi, Matt.

Matt: Bye.

Sharlene: Bye.

Dean: So what do you think? Am I as bad as my father told you I'd be?

Jenna: Mama, why?

[Knock on door]

Felicia: [Muffled through door] Jenna? Honey, I know you're inside. Please, open the door. Jenna, please. I need to talk to you, honey.

I was worried about you.

Jenna: Why? You knew exactly where I was.

Felicia: Don't you know how much I care about what happens to you?

I just wish I had brought you here myself. I -- I just felt it was too soon. Jenna, talk to me. How do you feel about being in here? Honey, you have to talk and tell -- tell me how you --

Jenna: Why? Why did my mother keep me away from all this? Why didn't she let me into her life?

Was she ashamed of me, Felicia?

Felicia: How could she be, honey?

Jenna: How could she leave me alone? I mean she could've had me here with her. We could've been together.

Luke: Jenna, honey, there's a lot we don't know about your Mom. But if you let us, we'll help you try and find out.

Felicia: Luke, let me -- let me have a few minutes alone with her, ok?

Ok, there's something that I want you to know. So you listen to me. You cannot, under any circumstances, ever think that you did anything wrong that would make your mother keep you out of her life. You didn't do anything wrong, Jenna. Do you hear me?

Jenna: I've always done as I was told.

Felicia: That doesn't surprise me.

Jenna: I do my schoolwork, my chores. I follow the rules. I listen to the sisters at school, Felicia. I pray when I'm told to. I pray when I don't have to. I mean I always try to be good!

Felicia: Honey, you've -- you haven't done anything wrong. I know that you know that.

Jenna: Well, where has all this good behavior gotten me? I mean I have so many questions now.

Felicia: I know, I do, too.

Jenna: But I'm not her client, Felicia. I'm her daughter. And now she's gone. And I've got nothing left but these pictures and her books.

She skied. I didn't know that, did you?

Felicia: No.

Jenna: And who's this woman in this picture with her?

Felicia: I don't know that either.

Jenna: I mean, is she a friend or is she related to me? And who are all these men? I mean, is one of them my father? God, she didn't love me at all!

Felicia: Honey, honey.

Jenna: She sent me away. She kept me out of her life. She died alone because that's the way that she wanted it. And now I have no choice but to be as lonely as she was.

Felicia: No, no, no, no. That's not true, Jenna.

Jenna: Don't you see? That's what my mother has left me -- her loneliness. And I have no idea how to get rid of it!

[Door closes]

Cass: What do you mean it's gone?

Store clerk: Look, buddy, this wig right here is the exact same thing. In fact, this is brand-new, so it's in better shape. It's real hair, too, good stuff.

Cass: Does the other one have real hair?

Store clerk: Sure it does. But it's lost a strand or two. [Using Garbo accent] That's vhy your vife vill like this vun even better.

Cass: She won't, she's very fussy. I need the other one.

Store clerk: What are you, thick? It's gone.

Cass: Well, tell me where it's gone to.

Store clerk: The back room.

Cass: You're joking.

Store clerk: That's where I keep all items that I -- I have a hold on.

Cass: You're giving me a hard time, and the wig I want is in the -- in your back room?

Store clerk: On hold.

Cass: On hold for whom?

Store clerk: The Mayor's wife.

Cass: Oh, please.

Store clerk: I'm serious. Some January ball thing.

Cass: Well, give her this one.

Store clerk: She wants that one.

Cass: So do I.

Store clerk: Well you're not the Mayor's wife.

Cass: Well, you're not a nice person.

Store clerk: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.

Cass: Ok, this is deteriorating. I'm sorry, too. Do me a favor. Go get the other wig and let me compare them. And if there -- there truly is no difference, I'll take this one. How am I going to do this?

[Phone rings]

Cass: Oh, thank you so much.

[Phone rings]

Cass: Ahem.

Store clerk: See.

Cass: Aha.

Store clerk: You can't tell them apart.

Cass: Hmm.

Store clerk: Brockway costumes. Yeah, yeah, we got Gorbachev. The thing on his head, the whole bit. Uh-huh, well, come on in. I'll show you what we got. Ok, thanks. Ok?

Cass: You're right, I -- I feel so very foolish.

Store clerk: Forget it. You had your heart set, I understand. Can I write this up?

Cass: Absolutely. My wife will be very pleased.

Amanda: [Gasps] Hi. I didn't know you were back.

Sam: Yeah, Alli, uh, got sleepy. So I brought her home early.

Amanda: Is she ok? Sam, is she ok?

Sam: Yeah, she's fine, uh, and she's not sleepy. I came back early because I wanted to apologize.

Amanda: What for? Thinking you have the right to control my life?

Sam: You know, just for once, don't be so damn -- [Sighs] I was way out of line with Liz -- about Liz. And I had no right to lay into you the other night. And I'm sorry.

Amanda: It hurts when you don't believe a word that I say.

Sam: I want to. It's still very hard.

Amanda: You know what I wish? I wish you would just try to remember the good times.

Sam: I do, I have a lot of very good memories, Amanda.

Amanda: Well, I never thought I'd hear you say that.

Sam: Every time I look at our daughter, I see you. Sometimes she gets this look in her eye or she tilts her head a certain way and she looks exactly like you, it's scary.

Amanda: Yeah, but she holds her crayons like her Daddy.

Sam: Really?

Amanda: Oh, come on, you never noticed that? She even throws them down when she's frustrated, just like you do it. It cracks -- really cracks me up.

Sam: Well, I guess we'll always share each other through her.

Amanda: I never thought of it that way, but yeah.

Sam: You know, I'm not as hardhearted as you may think, Amanda. I -- well, I care. I mean, like, when you were up near the cabin and you got in that accident, I -- I was really worried.

Amanda: But I'm not your responsibility anymore so you just shut your feelings off?

Sam: Of course, it's not that easy. It takes time. We were connected. It takes time to stop thinking and feeling certain ways that were familiar.

Amanda: I know.

Sam: We can do something for each other.

Amanda: What?

Sam: I've got a proposition for you.

Jenna: Hello.

Matt: Hello, hi, these are for you.

Jenna: Oh, pink roses are my favorite. How'd you know?

Matt: I didn't -- lucky guess.

Jenna: Mm.

Matt: Uh, actually they're to say I'm sorry for what my, um, partner, Dean, did the other night. I hope you weren't too scared.

Jenna: Oh, I was fine, really. He's your partner?

Matt: Yeah, if we don't kill each other first.

Jenna: Yeah, you two seem really different.

Matt: We are, but I've been thinking about it, and I think that's what will make us work as a team in the long run. Anyway, I'm glad you like the roses.

Jenna: Yeah, yes, I do. Thank you so much.

Matt: Um, are you doing anything right now?

Jenna: I -- well, I was just reading.

Matt: Think I could tear you away from your book?

Jenna: Now?

Matt: Yeah, I've had a crazy day and I could, you know, use someone to talk to.

Jenna: Mm, me, too.

Matt: Would you go out with me?

Felicia: There, you got it? Oh, thank you. Hi, everybody.

Frankie: [Mumbles indistinctly]

Felicia: Is, uh, Sharlene here yet?

Donna: No, she's not.

Felicia: Good, I thought I was late.

Frankie: Felicia, you think you have enough presents?

Felicia: Oh -- have you got it?

Frankie: Oh, no, I'll take it.

Cass: Frankie, look what I -- oh.

Frankie: Cass.

Cass: Don't mind me, ladies. I'm just passing through.

Felicia: Yeah, Mr. Winthrop, you get out of here, right now.

Cass: I will, Felicia Gallant. But first, uh, Frankie, honey bunch, can I talk to you for a second?

Frankie: Sure, sugar.

Felicia: Well, do -- do you have those? Ok, well, don't you just hate newlyweds?

Cass: Hey, here's the wig, and it's real hair.

Frankie: Great. Get a few of those hairs tested.

Cass: And then we've got ourselves a new suspect. Although part of me hopes it's not true.

Frankie: Yeah, me, too.

[Door opens]

Frankie: Oh, Taylor, hi.

Taylor: Hi.

Frankie: Come on in. Sharlene's not here yet.

Taylor: Oh, well, I'm sure she'll be here any minute. I saw her earlier today and she's really excited about the party.

Frankie: Oh, great. Let me take your coat.

Taylor: Oh, thanks.

Sharlene: Matt's no fool. You were -- you were real smart to ask him to be your partner.

Dean: Yeah, well, I hope you're right.

Sharlene: I am.

Dean: About that.

Sharlene: You've got a hot head, like your father. He misses you.

Dean: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he does.

Sharlene: Yeah, he does. He asked me to, uh, give you a message for him. He'd -- he'd like to hear from you.

Dean: He knows exactly where I am, all right? And I -- and I -- I'm sure he knows how to dial a phone last time I checked.

Sharlene: You're so bitter.

Dean: He ditched me, aunt Sharlene, ok?

Sharlene: No, no.

Dean: Don't -- don't defend him, ok?

Sharlene: If --

Dean: Just don't -- don't do that.

Sharlene: He thought he was doing what was best for you.

Dean: Fine, fine. What -- what is it? Is there a message, what?

Sharlene: Message is, uh, here's his number, and, uh, just in case you didn't have it --

Dean: I already had his number.

Sharlene: Oh, ok.

Dean: I got it from your friend, the, uh, congressman guy.

Sharlene: Yeah, I know Grant had it. I just, uh, your father moved hotels since then.

Dean: Oh, that sounds familiar. Is he a little down on his luck again?

Sharlene: Will you just give him a call?

Dean: Right.

Sharlene: Ok?

Dean: Well, like I said, he knows how to dial. Wait a second, wait a second. Aren't you supposed to be at your baby shower right now?

Sharlene: No, my baby shower's tomorrow.

Dean: No, it isn't.

Sharlene: Yes, it is.

Dean: No, it isn't. No, it isn't, Sharlene. I -- I was at Frankie's a while ago, and she was making little sandwiches and doo-dads for you --

Sharlene: No, you're kidding.

Dean: She's having a party for you today.

Sharlene: No.

Dean: Right now!

Sharlene: How can --

Dean: Right now.

Sharlene: How can that be? I don't -- uh, now?

Dean: You're late for your own party.

Sharlene: Oh, I have got to go.

Dean: All right.

Sharlene: I can't believe -- are you kid -- listen to me, listen to me. I know what it's like to be separated from someone you love. Now, I -- I got a second chance. You go call your father before it's too late.

Matt: Here.

Jenna: Uh, where are the restrooms?

Matt: Right over there. Can't miss 'em.

Jenna: Ok.

Matt: Hey, listen, relax. This is -- it's fun. This is a fun place.

Jenna: Ok.

Matt: I'll get a table.

Jenna: Great.

Matt: Hi.

Dean: Hi. Um, a really nice lady told me that I should be thankful to have a partner like you. So I guess, uh, guess I'm going to have to take her word for it.

All right, well, I guess we should, uh, celebrate?

You are here with the convent girl?

Amanda: Thanks, Hilda.

Sam: [Claps his hands]

Amanda: Hi, sorry, Alli has been a little clingy lately.

Sam: Hmm.

Amanda: You said you had a proposition for me.

Sam: Yes, um, I think we should stop talking about each other the way we used to be. Every time we get together, we seem to do that.

Amanda: Oh, that's what you think.

Sam: Well, I think it'd be better off in the long run, don't you, Amanda?

Amanda: Well, I know ways that we can avoid each other.

Sam: I don't want to avoid you.

Amanda: It'll be a lot easier, you know. I'm not going to be at work that much since I'm back into reporting again.

Sam: Well, you know, and that is another thing. Do you think this is really something you should be involved with?

Amanda: What?

Sam: Jake's shooting is not solved. And there's a lot of people that are saying it's a cover-up.

Amanda: You're actually telling me what to do -- now? Who do you think you are?

Sam: You're right, I'll back off.

Amanda: Thank you.

Sam: There's something else I wanted to tell you, but I wanted to make sure you heard it from me first.

Amanda: What's that?

Sam: I'm going to ask Olivia to move in with me.

Frankie: Watercress and tempeh?

Taylor: Oh.

Donna: Oh, I'm not hungry.

Taylor: Mm, no thanks.

Frankie: Oh, ok, uh, Stace?

Stacey: Yeah?

Frankie: Watercress and tempeh?

Stacey: Oh, yeah, tempeh, huh?

Frankie: Yeah, watercress and tempeh?

Rachel: Tempeh?

Felicia: Tempeh.

Frankie: Yeah.

Rachel: Never had it -- interesting.

Frankie: Oh, I hope you like it.

Stacey: Uh, listen, I hate to say this, but I gotta go. I got an appointment. Here, thanks anyway. I'd eat it.

Rachel: I'm worried about Amanda. She said she was following me, but she's not here yet.

Felicia: Well, I'm sure she's coming. Oh, here's --

Frankie and Donna: Hi, Sharlene!

Donna: Hi!

Sharlene: Oh, hi!

Frankie: Are you all right?

Sharlene: No, I thought the shower was tomorrow! I thought -- you told me the shower was tomorrow.

Taylor: I'm sorry, you're right. I -- I -- I must've had the wrong day.

Frankie: Oh, uh, no harm done. You're here now, right?

Felicia: Right, right. In fact, why don't we just eat and, uh, go to these presents?

Rachel: Yeah.

Donna: Sharlene, we're really glad you're here.

Frankie: Now, I'm going to bring out the tea now. Does anyone want to help me?

Felicia: Oh, yeah, I will.

Sharlene: I'm sorry -- I'm --

Felicia: Don't be silly.

Sharlene: I'm s -- [Whispering] Come here. Why did you tell me this thing was tomorrow?

Taylor: I didn't.

Sharlene: You what?

Taylor: I didn't. I didn't want to embarrass you, but I know I told you it was today.

Sharlene: You --

Taylor: Sharlene, I'd stake my life on it.

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