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Paulina: Morning, Hilda. Oh, those look delicious. Has Mrs. Cory been down for breakfast already?

Hilda: Mrs. Cory went out with Mr. Jordan last night.

Paulina: And she isn't back yet? Did she say where she was going?

Hilda: No, she didn't.

Paulina: Hmm, interesting.

[Doorbell rings]

We seem to be out of coffee, do you mind getting some more? Thanks.

Hilda: This gentleman is here to see you.

Man: Are you Paulina Cory?

Paulina: Yes, I am.

Man: Then this is for you.

Paulina: The defense wants me to testify at Marley McKinnon's trial? This must be a mistake.

Man: Nope. Have a nice day.

Ken: Hi. Sleep well?

Rachel: Are we there yet?

Ken: Almost.

Rachel: Are you really ready for this?

Ken: Actually, I'm not.

Rachel: You're not.

Ken: There's a few essential details to take care of first, but I'm about to remedy that.

Rachel: Well, wait a minute.

Ken: I won't be gone long. What -- you're not having second thoughts, are you?

Rachel: Are you?

Ken: Me? Absolutely not. I just hope you're not going to miss being a Cory.

Rachel: Oh, I'm not worried about that.

Ken: Well, I am. Your life is going to be so different.

Rachel: As your wife? Yes, who would have thought?

Ken: I'll be right back.

[Banging on door]

Cass: Frankie! Come on, Frankie, open up! I know you're in there. Frankie!

Sharlene: Cass.

Cass: Where's Frankie?

Sharlene: What's wrong? She's not here.

Cass: Don't cover for her, Sharlene. She has to be here. She didn't come home last night. Frankie!

Sharlene: She didn't?

Cass: Honey, I forgive you. You can come home now.

Sharlene: Cass, what happened?

Cass: Of course, I didn't get any sleep at all last night. But it's all right. Everything is all right.

Sharlene: Listen to me.

Cass: Frankie, did you hear me?

Sharlene: Cass!

Cass: I love you, Frankie!

Sharlene: Cass!

Cass: What? Frankie!

Sharlene: Cass!

Cass: I said, "what?"

Sharlene: She's not here.

Cass: Well, then -- where was she all night?

Frankie: Are you positive Dr. Hudson knows I'm waiting for him? Maybe you should page him again or something.

Nurse: He -- he got your message. He just got out of surgery.

Frankie: Oh. Well, good.

Nurse: Are you all right?

Frankie: Do I look all right?

John: You look a little frazzled to me.

Frankie: Oh, yeah? Well, how am I supposed to look after no sleep?

John: Well, I don't know. What's going on?

Frankie: Oh, nothing. I just spent the past 24 hours blackmailing the D.A., losing my husband.

John: Oh, are you and Cass fighting?

Frankie: Yes, but I can't talk about that now.

John: Then, Frankie, just slow down.

Frankie: No, I can't slow down, John. I need your help. I've come up with something that might clear Marley.

John: Why don't you start from the beginning?

Frankie: Remember when the hospital lab tested the blond hairs found on Jake's shirt?

John: Yeah.

Frankie: Guess what?

John: What?

Frankie: There were at least seven strands recovered, but only three were tested.

John: Says who?

Frankie: I can't say. But what I was wondering is, why only three?

John: I don't know. Standard operating procedure is to test a representative sample until a match is made with the defendant's hair -- unless a total analysis is ordered.

Frankie: And who does the ordering?

John: Probably the D.A.'s office.

Frankie: And so, of course, they would only test a few hairs until they found one that matched Marley's. But the other hairs could be compatible with one of our other suspects. John, you've got to get that hair under a microscope fast. They might not be Marley's.

John: Have you talked to the police?

Frankie: Oh, I tried. I spent the whole night down at City Hall trying to convince the officer on duty.

John: I wouldn't think that you would get very far. I mean, after all, it is evidence.

Frankie: Oh, tell me about it. This guy lectured me up and down about how you need a release to look at case evidence, how that takes time, how the wheels of justice grind slowly -- yada, yada, yada, yada, yada -- and then it hit me.

John: What?

Frankie: That the hairs might still be here.

John: Oh, no.

Frankie: At the lab.

John: No, no, I really doubt it. I mean, they must have been sent back to the police with the report that ID'd Marley.

Frankie: But were they?

John: I -- they -- they must have been. They had to have been. The D.A. needs them. She was going to introduce them as evidence.

Frankie: The lab is overworked and maybe somebody forgot it, or didn't do it. John, they might still be here.

John: Come on, Frankie, we're talking about a few strands of hair.

Frankie: Hair which could implicate somebody other than Marley. You have access to the lab. But, John, you should --

John: All right, all right, come on. We'll go to the lab and take a look. Come on.

Frankie: Thank you.

Taylor: Oh, no.

Jean: [Laughs] Here, let me give you a hand.

Taylor: Oh, Jean, it's all right, really. Thank you.

Jean: It's no trouble. This is Sharlene Hudson's file.

Taylor: Uh -- yes, actually, it is.

Jean: I thought you were off her case.

Taylor: I am, officially.

Jean: Then why are you carrying this around?

Taylor: Thank you.

Jean: Is Mrs. Hudson starting therapy with someone else?

Taylor: Uh -- I'm not really sure, although I -- I recommended it.

Jean: How is she?

Taylor: I wish I knew. She is feeling so much better that she's convinced she's fully recovered.

Jean: Obviously you don't agree.

Taylor: No, no, I don't.

Jean: Multiple personality, you don't just get over that.

Taylor: Jean, I obviously can't force her to continue treatment, but I'm thinking that maybe someone else would have better luck.

Jean: Someone else?

Taylor: Her husband. I want John to suggest --

Jean: I'm surprised he hasn't insisted on it.

Taylor: Well, so far he's backing her up.

Jean: He feels she's doing that well?

Taylor: Well, he's so happy that she's back, and he wants her to get well.

Jean: You think he's in denial?

Taylor: He keeps insisting everything is fine, but frankly I feel he is setting himself up for another setback, another problem.

Jean: Have you told him?

Taylor: How can I? I'm not his doctor.

Jean: No, you're not. You say you are not Sharlene's, either, but you still seem awfully involved in her case.

Taylor: I can't believe she's doing this to John.

Jean: John?

Taylor: That man has been through hell. I mean, how long can he just keep taking it?

Jean: Taylor, listen to yourself. You're more emotional about John's problems than Sharlene's.

Taylor: But he -- I mean, he -- he's my friend.

Jean: Be careful, Taylor, you're walking a very fine line.

Taylor: But he is an innocent victim here. I mean, when Sharlene left, he confided in me. And -- and that man, he was completely demoralized. Now, another setback, it -- it could -- well, if it happens, it could be a lot worse than the first one. And I am fairly certain he will not see it coming.

Jean: You feel she's going to have another episode as Sharly?

Taylor: Sharlene kept Sharly back for 20 years. Now, I feel that she is not fully integrated.

Jean: Which is why you are staying involved.

Taylor: I'm their friend.

Cass: Frankie was afraid that the D.A. was going to have me disbarred.

Sharlene: Could she have?

Cass: Oh, yeah, she could have. But without even talking to me she went way out on a limb.

Sharlene: Oh, Frankie goes out on some crazy limbs, Cass, you know that.

Cass: Sharlene, she dug up some dirt on the District Attorney. She could have landed in jail.

Sharlene: She didn't.

Cass: Yeah, well, not yet anyway.

Sharlene: Look, Frankie pulls off things that most people would never dream of even trying.

Cass: We hope.

Sharlene: She's just like you.

Cass: Like me?

Sharlene: She -- she does things. She takes risks for people that she really loves. You would have done the same thing for her.

Cass: I never would have broken into someone's office just because they were threatening me.

[Sharlene sighs]

Cass: Well, maybe I would have, but I have more experience at that sort of thing.

Sharlene: Frankie knows what she's doing. Don't try to change her.

Cass: We've argued before, but never like this. I think I hurt her.

Sharlene: Well, people who really love each other can survive almost anything.

Cass: What happened with you and John was different.

Sharlene: And if we can make it through that, you can learn to live with Frankie's --

Cass: Complete unreasonableness?

Sharlene: Ok, right. And she can learn to forgive your --

Cass: Overprotectiveness.

Sharlene: If you say so.

Cass: What else could it be?

Sharlene: Nothing, you're absolutely right.

Cass: I just -- I just don't want her to get hurt, that's all.

Sharlene: Of course you don't want her to get hurt. And maybe she was completely unreasonable because she was trying to save your case. But the most important thing hasn't changed, Cass. You love her, she loves you.

Cass: I hope so.

Sharlene: You know so.

[Knock on door]

Donna: Hello?

Sharlene: Donna.

Donna: Is this a bad time? I was on my way to the hospital to see Victoria.

Sharlene: No, no, come on in.

Donna: Oh, good.

Cass: Morning, Donna.

Donna: Cass, we have to talk. These were little Michael's. I want you to have them.

Sharlene: I don't believe you did this, with everything that you've got on your mind.

Donna: Well, I just want somebody that I care about to have his things. You have a few minutes?

Sharlene: Sure, I have a few -- you want a cup of coffee or some juice?

Donna: Coffee, yes.

Sharlene: Cass?

Cass: No, thank you. So, what's the word on Vicky?

Donna: They want to keep her in the hospital for a little while, force her to rest.

Cass: Good.

Donna: You know, I was going to call you later. We have to talk about Stacey taking your place as Marley's lawyer.

Cass: Well, I'm not sure that that's going to be a problem after all --

Donna: Shh -- I don't want to discuss it here.

You didn't say anything to her about the baby shower, did you?

Cass: What baby shower?

Donna: The one your wife is throwing for Sharlene tomorrow afternoon. She was adamant about keeping it a secret.

Cass: You spoke to Frankie about a party?

Donna: Yes.

Cass: When?

Donna: This morning. I'm helping organize it.

Cass: I don't believe it. I don't believe it.

Donna: What? What's wrong?

Cass: Well, now I guess I know where her priorities are.

Donna: Where are you going?

Cass: She can't even bother to phone me? She can forget it. She can just absolutely forget about it. I've got lots that I can worry about, too, that -- that's more important.

Donna: Woo.

Ken: Paulina, this could blow up in your face. You could be named an accessory. You've got to come with me to Rachel. Do the right thing.

Tell Rachel the truth. You know I'm right. I will take the blame. You get on with your life.

Paulina: I could be Mac's daughter. I mean, there is still that possibility, right? I know I'm a Cory.

Ken: Paulina, there is no way of knowing who Mac's daughter is. It's a lie. I made it up. Living with a lie like that is hell.

Paulina: Hilda, are you sure you don't know where Rachel and Ken are?

Hilda: I'm sorry, I don't. Where are you going?

Paulina: I've got some business to take care of. Something that should have been taken care of a long time ago.

[Mechanical sound]

Sharlene: Where's Cass?

Donna: Oh, he left. I don't know, he was muttering something about his priorities. I don't know.

Sharlene: He and Frankie had some sort of a -- a fight. I think it was their first major blow out.

Donna: Well, I guess everybody's been under a lot of pressure with this trial.

Sharlene: Well, that's what he said the fight was about.

Donna: Do you know that he may have to step down as Marley's lawyer?

Sharlene: Yes, I heard.

Donna: Nothing's going right. I get very frightened sometimes.

Sharlene: Donna, I know neither Vicky nor Marley could have done it.

Donna: Well, thank you for saying that. Marley's really discouraged. Victoria's completely exhausted.

Sharlene: I know, John told me that she was admitted. This trial has just been so hard on everyone.

Donna: Did Cass say anything else?

Sharlene: No, no, he just asked about Frankie. He's taking the fight so hard.

Donna: Oh, Michael and I have had so many fights. You know, I don't know that I can remember what our first fight was about.

Sharlene: I know, I tried to tell Cass that they would get through this. We all do.

Donna: But right now I just -- I have to concentrate on getting Marley and Vicky through this trial.

Sharlene: Donna, is there anything that I can do?

Donna: I don't even know what I can do. You know, I just -- I keep acting like nothing is different and everything is gonna be all right. Um, hey -- you want to take a look?

Sharlene: Yes, I'd love to. I can't believe all this stuff. Wow, look at -- how did the visit with Mikey go?

Donna: Oh, it was -- it was fine. It was too short. You know? We had a lovely time, though. Oh, I'm really sorry that you missed him, I really am. He has grown. He's really grown.

Sharlene: It must have been very hard -- sending him back to the Millers.

Donna: Well, you know, I ought to be used to it by now. It's just -- you know, having him with us, it just seemed right. You know? Like this horrible trial -- custody hearing -- it never happened.

Sharlene: Donna, you've been through so much. Are you sure you're ready to go through all this and part with --

Donna: Oh, don't be silly, don't be silly. I want you to have them. I -- I want to do the things I would have done, you know, if I hadn't lost him.

Sharlene: Let me go through this another time, all right?

Donna: No, no, it's just -- I don't know. Seeing his toys and -- talking about fights. You know, sending little Michael away again brings up a lot of awful memories.

Sharlene: You made a hard choice.

Donna: I wonder if Michael will ever understand.

Sharlene: Well, you had so many people's feelings to consider.

Donna: Yes, I did.

Sharlene: Donna, nobody really understood why I had to leave and be by myself for a while.

Donna: That's right, they didn't.

Sharlene: It was especially hard on John.

Donna: I bet that he wanted to be the one to make everything all right, didn't he?

Sharlene: He did. And when he couldn't, it just -- it hurt him so much. It just didn't make sense to him. But I knew. I knew what was right for myself, and I knew what was right for my baby. And I did it.

Donna: Sometimes that's all you can do. Whether or not anybody understands.

Frankie: Oh, come on, Cass, pick up. Not the machine again -- damn!

Oh, hello, Paulina.

Paulina: Hello, Frankie.

Frankie: Going visiting?

Paulina: No, I was looking for Jamie, actually.

Frankie: And you think he's in Jake's room?

Paulina: No, why would I think that?

Frankie: Looks like you're headed that way.

Paulina: No, I wasn't.

Frankie: I happen to know that Jamie's at the clinic. You'd know that, too, if you'd called first.

Paulina: Well, I was in pediatrics, reading for the children.

Frankie: Oh, you like kids that much, huh?

Paulina: Yes, I do. Matthew and Amanda do it, too.

Frankie: Oh, I see. Get your subpoena yet?

Paulina: I would have appreciated you warning me about that.

Frankie: Still not wanting to talk?

Paulina: Got nothing to say.

Frankie: Hmm. Wait until you're under oath. By the way, Cass is great at getting people to say things they hadn't planned on saying.

Paulina: I don't know what you're talking about.

Frankie: Sure, you do. You and Jake did not have an amicable break up. It's not in your nature.

Paulina: And how would you know that?

Frankie: I've been checking up on you with someone who knows you real well.

Paulina: Really? Who?

Frankie: The woman who raised you in foster care. She had a whole lot to say about you, and I'm afraid most of it was not very flattering.

Paulina: Yeah, I'll bet. The woman hates me. She'd say anything she can to ruin me.

Frankie: Maybe. She did say one thing that rang true, though -- she said you have a temper. And I'd be willing to wager this "sweet young thing" act is a bit you put on for the Corys.

Paulina: I don't know who you think you are, talking to me like this. But I am not on trial here.

Frankie: Cass is going to put you on that stand, and everybody is going to see you for what you really are.

Paulina: Look, Frankie, I'm getting really tired of you and your insinuations. So why don't you just tell me what you think I'm hiding?

Frankie: A lot. It is a drag getting dumped, Paulina, especially by some low-life like Jake. You just had to get back at him, didn't you?

Paulina: No.

Frankie: Oh, come on. I know the kind of neighborhood you grew up in. Getting stabbed in the back does not go unrewarded.

Paulina: I have changed neighborhoods. Haven't you noticed?

Frankie: Yeah. But you are not fooling anybody, Paulina. Now keep trying to imagine that night.

Paulina: What night?

Frankie: The night Marley told Jake it was all over. He's in a rotten mood, and then you turn up.

Paulina: You have a wonderful imagination, you know that?

Frankie: He's furious with you because he figures it's your fault that Marley knows he was sleeping with you.

Paulina: Who said I was sleeping with him? And why would I go to Jake's? What would I want from him?

Frankie: I wonder. Anyway, as I see it, the two of you have a terrible fight and since you used to work there you know exactly where Jake used to keep his gun.

Paulina: You know, I don't give a damn what you say or what you think because I'm not on trial for shooting Jake, Marley is. And you and your accusations aren't going to change that.

Frankie: No, maybe not. But, uh, some new evidence we came across just might.

Paulina: What evidence?

Frankie: Oh, I'm not really at liberty to say.

Paulina: You're bluffing.

Frankie: If you're innocent, why do you care?

Come on.

Rachel: I was wondering where you were.

Ken: Well, I got sidetracked by this.

Rachel: Oh, Ken. Oh, they're beautiful.

Ken: Every bride should have a bouquet. And every bride and groom need these.

Rachel: They're perfect.

Ken: You sound surprised.

Rachel: I just didn't expect you to be so traditional, that's all.

Ken: Oh, one more important thing.

Rachel: What is that?

Ken: Directions to the Justice of the Peace.

Rachel: Oh, you really are going to go through with this.

Ken: I can't wait to see that ring on your finger. You haven't changed your mind, have you?

Rachel: No. Wait.

Ken: All set?

Rachel: Yes.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Well, um, you know, maybe they're not home.

Ken: He's gotta be home. Hello, anybody here?

Man: What's all the ruckus?

Ken: Good morning.

Rachel: Good morning.

Man: Well, good morning to you, too.

Ken: Are you Judge Polemus?

Judge: I am. Nice flowers.

Rachel: Thank you.

Judge: How can I help you?

Ken: We'd like to get married.

Judge: Really?

Rachel: Really.

Ken: Right away, if that's possible.

Judge: Is this some kind of an emergency?

Ken: We have our parents' permission, if that's what you mean.

Judge: [Laughs] Well, that's not the problem.

Ken: I didn't realize there was a problem.

Judge: Well, there is. I'm booked. I'm on my way to another wedding.

Ken: When?

Judge: Right now.

Ken: Well, all right, we can wait till you come back.

Judge: No, that won't work either.

Rachel: Why not?

Judge: One a day is my limit.

Ken: You only perform one wedding a day?

Judge: Keeps me sincere. It's easy to get burned out in this business.

Rachel: So you'll make no exceptions?

Ken: Listen, this -- this is very important to us.

Judge: Well, then it can wait.

Ken: Please. Look, we'd like to get married today. Couldn't you go over your limit, just this once?

Rachel: Please?

Cass: Hi. My name is Cass Winthrop, and I'm trying to locate someone who may be crucial to a case that I'm handling. I was wondering if you could help me.

Cashier: I'll try.

Cass: Good. I'm looking for a woman who bought some flowers here last week and then again yesterday and either had them delivered, or brought them herself, to a patient named Jake McKinnon. Ring any bells?

Cashier: Oh, it's the guy in the newspapers, right?

Cass: Yeah, that's right.

Cashier: I do remember a woman buying him flowers. Paid cash.

Cass: So you didn't get her name? But if you were to see her -- well, tell me. Was it any of these three women?

Taylor: John?

John: Hi, Taylor.

Taylor: Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the other night. I -- I really enjoyed myself.

John: Yeah, we did, too. Tell me, how did it go later on with Glenn?

Taylor: Oh, as it turned out we -- we never went for a drink.

John: Oh, why?

Taylor: Well, he realized he had some early appointment, and that was that.

John: Ah, well, he'll call.

Taylor: What do you mean?

John: Well, I just happen to know that he is very interested.

Taylor: John, I do not want you fixing me up.

John: But I'm not. I just know that he'll call. He'd be crazy not to.

Taylor: Why?

John: Because you're beautiful, intelligent, easy to talk to -- not to mention the fact that you're a good cook.

Taylor: Well, he doesn't know that.

John: He will.

[Taylor laughs]

John: Come on, Taylor, get real. Who wouldn't want to go out with you? Look, I've got to run. I'll catch you later, ok?

Taylor: Yes, sure.

Paulina: You owe me a big apology, and I expect to collect after the trial.

Frankie: And what if I don't? You going to do the same thing to me that you did to Jake? He owed you, too.

Paulina: Can I ask you a stupid question? You don't know me, and I've never done anything to hurt you. So why are you attacking me like this?

Frankie: Let me spell it out for you, Paulina. I am going to be all over you until you start telling the truth.

Paulina: I have done that.

Frankie: Suppose you tell me about this mystery woman that you say you saw in Jake's room.

Paulina: Why do you care? You've already decided that I shot Jake.

Frankie: I just find it a little bit odd that only you and Victoria Hudson have seen this lady.

Paulina: Yeah, well we did.

Frankie: This has got to be great for you, right? I mean, another suspect. This has got to be the answer to your prayers.

Paulina: Just back off, Frankie.

Lori: My name's Lori Louis. I called and left a message for a nurse, but no one called me back. The number I left is the Southside Baptist Church Adoption Agency, where I work. Maybe the message got lost. Could I see Jake McKinnon?

Nurse: Oh, no -- well, I'd have to check on that because his visitors are restricted.

Lori: Could you do that for me?

Frankie: She's trying to get in to see Jake. Maybe there's a mystery woman after all.

Excuse me, I just heard you asking about Jake McKinnon, and maybe I can help you.

John: Here you are, Frankie. Can you excuse us just a moment, please?

Frankie: Ok. Don't leave, ok? Wait for me. What did you find out?

John: It seems that inefficiency pays off big sometimes. The hairs are still in the lab, in the original police envelope that they arrived in.

Frankie: Oh, this is great.

John: But, now here's the deal. Officially they can only be released to the Police Department.

Frankie: Ok, I'll work on it. Oh, this is incredible news. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack.

John: I just hope it helps.

Frankie: Oh, boy. Me, too. Now if I can just find Cass and get him to forgive me.

John: Now tell me, what's this big fight all about?

Frankie: Oh, Cass is not used to having people help him when he's in trouble.

John: Well, he'll be thrilled with what you did for him today.

Frankie: Yeah, I tried thrilling him before -- like last night, and it backfired on me.

John: Well, here's where you say "good luck."

Frankie: Thank you. Ooh, John, one more thing. If we're going to run tests on these hairs, we need other hairs for comparison, right?

John: Yeah.

Frankie: Oh, boy.

John: Why, is that a problem?

Frankie: Have you ever tried to snatch a hair from Iris Wheeler without her noticing?

John: You think that Iris is in on this?

Frankie: It's a possibility, along with a lot of other people, including that woman who was just--

John: What woman?

Paulina: We can talk over here.

Lori: About what?

Paulina: Jake. I heard the nurse giving you the run-around when you were asking questions about him. I felt sorry for you.

Lori: You did? Why?

Paulina: Well, I know how it is.

Lori: What do you mean by that?

Paulina: Well, Jake had a lot of girlfriends. Do I know you from someplace? You look very familiar to me.

Lori: Why would you?

Paulina: Well I worked with Jake at his studio.

Lori: Oh, I've never been to Bay City. I met Jake at my office.

Paulina: Oh, really? Where's that?

Lori: Chicago. The Southside Baptist Church Adoption Agency. We were supposed to have dinner together. But then he never called and I figured, "oh, well, I've been snowed before then I saw his picture on Shana Barr's show, and I couldn't believe it. He'd been shot.

Paulina: Well, don't feel too badly. I mean, the guy was no good.

Lori: He wasn't?

Paulina: Apparently he was stringing along a lot of women. And every single one of them that walks in here gets questioned by the police.

Lori: Why? Haven't they already arrested his ex-wife? I heard that on the news.

Paulina: Doesn't matter, they're doing it. I've seen it.

Lori: Seen what?

Paulina: Every woman who walks in here who is young and interested in Jake -- presto -- she's down at headquarters answering questions.

Lori: Wow.

Paulina: Yeah. Of course, if you have some information that could help the police --

Lori: No, I don't. I don't know anything about him, really.

Paulina: Well, then, for your own good, I wouldn't hang around here. So far you're lucky, the detective is out on a coffee break. There's a patient elevator over there you could use. Right over there.

Lori: Thanks so much.

Paulina: Hey, don't mention it.

Lori: What are you doing here?

Paulina: Oh, well, my brother is a doctor. He works here.

Lori: Lucky for me.

Paulina: You're not kidding. So long.

Lori: Thanks again.

Paulina: Ok.

Judge: All right, my wife called the couple I was supposed to be marrying and told them I'd be a little late.

Ken: So then you can marry us, too?

Judge: No, I didn't say that. Why in the world are you two in such a big rush?

Ken: We want to be married.

Judge: Well, you have a license?

Ken: I thought we got that from you.

Judge: Are you sure you're ready to be married?

Ken: Yeah, why?

Judge: Well, it seems to me maybe you're in too much of a rush. Marriage is supposed to last forever. It can wait a day. If it can't, it's going to end badly.

Rachel: He's right.

Judge: You both go home and think it over. Then, if you still want to get married, you come back next week with a license. But first, make an appointment.

Ken: Wait a minute, there must be some --

Rachel: It's all right, it's all right.

Ken: I don't know what to say.

Rachel: Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

Frankie: Oh, man, what is going on today? Nobody's home. Sharlene, it's Frankie. Could you do me a favor? If you see Cass, could you tell him I'm trying to find him? Thanks. Paulina?

Paulina: Yes, Frankie.

Frankie: Did you happen to see what happened to that woman who was looking for Jake?

Paulina: No, sorry, I didn't notice.

Frankie: Didn't notice? You were staring right at her. Do you recognize her from someplace? Maybe Jake's loft?

Paulina: No, never seen her before in my life.

Frankie: It's funny, another woman looking for Jake. I wonder how many of them there are? Excuse me, do you know what happened to that woman who was looking for Jake McKinnon?

Nurse: I -- you know, maybe she went to the flower shop.

Frankie: Ooh, that is a very good possibility. Thank you very much. And where did you go, by the way? Were you pushing the book cart, donating an organ?

Paulina: No, no, actually I went to see Jake.

Frankie: Ah, you -- you're all heart. You know that, Paulina?

Paulina: Well, thank you, Frankie. You know, the doctor said that the doctor that Michael brought in -- the specialist -- he said it was important for Jake to have company. So I've been reading to him.

Frankie: Funny, I don't see a book.

Paulina: Well, that's because I left it beside his bed.

Frankie: Just in case he wakes up and can't wait to read the next chapter, right?

Paulina: It's important to him to hear voices. The doctor said that, too. You know, he also told me that sometimes comatose patients -- they wake up, and they can remember whole conversations that went on in their room.

Frankie: I wonder what stories Jake is going to have to tell when he wakes up?

Paulina: Me, too. It's the one sure way to get you off my back.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: Oh, hi.

John: How are you?

Sharlene: Fine.

John: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Hello.

John: How did your appointment go?

Sharlene: Oh, I don't know. It's in about ten minutes, I'll let you know.

John: I'll walk you over there. Have you seen Vicky yet?

Donna: I'm just on my way there now.

John: Well, she seems much better today.

Donna: Oh, what a relief.

John: Yeah, the anemia has been corrected.

Donna: Well then, when do you think she can come home?

John: Well, Jamie will want to see the latest test results. He'll let you know.

Donna: Oh, if all she needs is rest. Well, she can do that at home.

John: I think that Frankie has some news that would cheer her up -- and you.

Donna: What? Tell me.

John: Apparently there's some new evidence. Evidence that will implicate someone other than Marley. Cass and Frankie will be giving you a call.

Donna: Oh, that's wonderful news.

John: I'll let them give you the details.

Donna: Ok, well, thanks for letting me know.

Sharlene: That is wonderful news. We better go.

Donna: Well, can't you tell me something?

John: Aah -- I'll let Cass do that.

Donna: Hmm.

Sharlene: But thanks for the ride over. I appreciate it.

Donna: Well, it's really nice spending this time with you. I mean that.

Sharlene: Well, I know you do. You give Vicky my love.

Donna: Thank you.

John: I'll stop by and see Vicky after I drop Sharlene off.

Donna: Ok, I'll see you later.

Taylor: Hello, Donna.

Donna: Hello, Taylor.

Taylor: Thank you for inviting me to Sharlene's shower.

Donna: Shh. You haven't said anything to her, have you?

Taylor: It's not a surprise, is it?

Donna: Yes, yes, she doesn't have any idea.

Taylor: Did you talk this over with John?

Donna: No, should I?

Taylor: Well, I'm just not sure that a surprise party is the best thing for Sharlene right now.

Donna: Why do you say that?

Taylor: Donna, pregnancy is stressful for a -- well, for a normal woman. And Sharlene is still recovering from a very serious illness.

Donna: Oh, it's just a small party, you know -- just a few of her close friends.

Taylor: Well, Sharlene has been doing awfully well.

Donna: Yes, she has, hasn't she?

Taylor: For the most part.

Donna: What happened?

Taylor: Oh, nothing significant. It's just -- it's going to take her time to be 100%.

Donna: What are you trying to say?

Taylor: Nothing, nothing. A shower is a lovely idea. But why don't you tell her ahead of time, let her be prepared for it? It -- it's an emotional event.

Donna: Oh, well, you're probably right. Sharlene seems so happy, but I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize her progress. I'm sure Frankie will agree.

Taylor: I'm going to be seeing Sharlene later. Would you like me to tell her?

Donna: Would you?

Taylor: Oh, sure.

Donna: I'd really appreciate that. You know, I just have a lot on my mind.

Taylor: I'm sure. Um -- what time is the party?

Donna: It's tomorrow afternoon, at four. At Frankie's.

Taylor: Ok, I -- I'll see you there.

Cass: Do any of your staff recognize these ladies?

Cashier: No, the woman was wearing glasses and a big hat.

Cass: Ok. Well, if she happens to come in again, would you please let me know? Thanks a lot for your help.

Frankie: Hi, I'm looking for a friend of mine. We got separated, and I thought maybe she came down here. She's got brownish --

Cass: Frankie, what are you doing here?

Frankie: Working. I didn't know I was obliged to report in to you. This woman has brownish hair.

Cass: Don't you care about me anymore? We spent the night apart from each other, and you're as happy as a clam?

Frankie: I am not happy as a clam.

Cass: Sure, you are. You're going around planning baby showers, and looking for friends in florist shops.

Frankie: And possibly solving your case for you.

Cass: Oh, again?

Frankie: Although I'm not sure why I bother. Look, lady, this woman --

Cashier: Excuse me, I'm taking my break.

Frankie: Oh.

Cashier: I have to close up.

Cass: Oh, certainly. No problem. You go ahead, and we won't let anybody in till you get back. Don't worry about a thing. Your flowers are safe with us. We have to talk.

Frankie: Who talks? You? Will I listen to another lecture on what a lousy wife I am?

Cass: Oh, would you be quiet for just a minute?

Frankie: No, I will not.

Cass: Well, there's only one other thing for me to do.

Frankie: Cass, I --

John: Continue him on the same medication. 500 milligrams BID PO, ok?

Glenn: Hey, John.

John: Hey, Glenn.

Glenn: Hi. Hey, listen, thanks again for inviting me over the other night. Sharlene is great.

John: Yeah, she sure is. So tell me. How did it go later, with, uh -- Taylor?

Glenn: Oh, it was -- it was very strange.

John: Why?

Glenn: [Laughs] Well, we were going to go for a nightcap.

John: Yeah, I remember.

Glenn: We got outside, she changed her mind. Gave me a major brush-off.

John: She did?

Glenn: Yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one surprised.

John: Oh, no, no, it's not that. It's just that -- she told me that it was the other way around, that you had changed your mind.

Glenn: Maybe she was trying to protect my ego.

John: Yeah, yeah -- maybe.

Taylor: Sharlene! Hey, what's the report? How are mother and baby doing?

Sharlene: Wonderful. I just heard the baby's heartbeat again. It's very strong and healthy.

Taylor: That's wonderful.

Sharlene: Yeah. How are you?

Taylor: I'm fine, I'm glad I caught you. I -- I'm on a mission from Donna and Frankie. They're putting together a baby shower for you.

Sharlene: No. They -- they are?

Taylor: Yeah. Now, they weren't going to tell you, and they decided to tell you because they thought you might have more fun looking forward to it.

Sharlene: I don't believe this. When is it?

Taylor: Ah, it's at four o'clock, the day after tomorrow, at Cass and Frankie's.

Sharlene: Well, Frankie can keep a secret -- huh?

Taylor: [Laughs] Are you free?

Sharlene: Yes, of course I'm free. I just -- God, I never would've suspected it.

Taylor: Aw.

Sharlene: Well, anyway -- you know, look how things have turned around. John and I have never been happier. Now I can put my energy into this baby, and our friends can be happy for us. I just -- I just want to tell John. I'm going to go get him.

Taylor: Ok, I'll see you there. Now, the day after tomorrow.

Sharlene: You got it. Thanks a lot, Taylor.

Taylor: Ok, bye.


Donna: Oh, Taylor.

Taylor: How's your daughter?

Donna: She fell asleep.

Taylor: I -- I just saw Sharlene, and I told her about the shower, and she's thrilled.

Donna: Oh, good. So we're all set, then, for tomorrow afternoon?

Taylor: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Everything's taken care of.

Rachel: Well, you hardly said two words all the way home.

Ken: Well, I've been thinking about what you said -- that we didn't get married today because it wasn't meant to be.

Rachel: I just thought that the Judge said a couple of -- made a couple of good points.

Ken: You want to think this over?

Rachel: No, I've already thought about it. Let's have a real wedding with family and friends.

Ken: You mean that?

Rachel: Yes. I didn't think I'd feel that way, but I want my family involved.

Ken: As long as you want me there.

Rachel: You don't mind?

Ken: Of course not.

Rachel: I thought maybe you wouldn't want to be on display.

Ken: Well, a while ago you were accusing me of being "Mr. Traditional."

Rachel: Yes, I thought it was a temporary lapse.

Ken: Rachel, we'll do whatever you want, as long as I get to be the groom.

Rachel: All right. Then let's do it right. Let's show everybody how happy we are.

Ken: You know how much I love you.

Rachel: Well, you could give me a rough estimate.

Ken: I'll try.

Rachel: That's pretty good.

Paulina: Rachel?

Rachel: Yes, Paulina?

Paulina: Where have you two been? Everybody's been looking for you.

Ken: It's a -- it's a long story.

Rachel: We almost got married.

Paulina: What?

Rachel: I'll let Ken explain it to you. I have to go call Jamie.

Paulina: What are you doing?

Ken: I am enjoying my life for once.

Paulina: Well, you better do that while you can. Because this whole house of cards is getting very shaky.

Ken: What happened?

Paulina: I was subpoenaed today. I was right about Cass and Frankie. They're trying to railroad me.

Ken: They don't have any evidence to do that.

Paulina: Well, Frankie seems to think they do. And then this girl from the adoption agency showed up at the hospital today.

Ken: What?

Paulina: She was there to visit Jake.

Ken: Did anyone else see her?

Paulina: I managed to get rid of her. But we can't be everywhere. How long can we hold this thing together?

Ken: As long as we have to.

Paulina: It's out of our hands. I mean, Jake can wake up any minute and tell everybody how you found me. This girl could show up anytime. Iris is on my back. Frankie is after me, she's convinced that I shot Jake.

Ken: Paulina, don't panic.

Paulina: I keep trying to tell myself that everything is going to be ok.

Ken: Everything is going to be ok. We can't talk about it here.

Paulina: I know. I'm sorry.

Ken: Hey. Well -- I told her.

Paulina: Wow, I wish you two all the happiness in the world.

Ken: Thanks.

Rachel: Thank you. We should set a date.

Ken: Do you have one in mind?

Rachel: Yes, it shouldn't take too long to prepare. How about next month?

Cass: Come on, Frankie. I said I was sorry, come on. Hey -- I was a total moron. Come on. You're the best wife in the whole world, and the solar system, and the entire cosmos. Come on.

Frankie: I should never have bolted. But if I hadn't bolted, I wouldn't have run into Ryan. And if I hadn't run into Ryan, I would never have found out about the four hairs that the lab never tested.

Cass: There were hairs that were found on Jake's clothing that the lab never analyzed?

Frankie: That's right. Ryan's known about it all along. Those hairs are not Marley's. The test will confirm that. And look what I have got.

Cass: Ohh.

Frankie: A long blond piece of Paulina Cory.

Cass: Which you are going to compare to the hairs that the lab didn't test?

Frankie: You catch on fast, counselor.

Cass: You're incredible, Frankie.

Frankie: I am glad you are finally beginning to appreciate that. There's more. The mystery visitor has returned.

Cass: Are you sure?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Oh.

Frankie: But there was a woman trying to get in to see Jake this morning. A new woman. It may be the one that Vicky's seen, maybe not. I was hoping that she was down here, that's why I came down.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: I hoped she was the one buying the flowers. What?

Cass: I love you.

Frankie: Good, then listen to me. It's very important what I have to tell you.

Cass: But right now, this is the most important thing of all.

Frankie: Cass, listen to me.

Cass: Frankie.

I never want us to fight again, Frankie.

Frankie: Good, then listen to me --

Cass: I never want to spend another night away from you, you understand that? Promise me we'll never do that again, that we'll always make up before we go to bed.

Frankie: Ok.

Cass: I love you, Frankie.

Frankie: I love you, too.

Cass: Frankie, you mean so much to me. I can't stand it when we're apart.

Frankie: Look, Cass, I know I went overboard with Morgan. I surprised even myself. But when it comes to you, I --

Cass: We're just a great team. Right, Mary Frances?

Frankie: Yes.

Cass: We are.

Frankie: We are.

Cass: Aren't we?

Frankie: Yeah.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: Hmm?

Cass: I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you.

Frankie: You're not going to. Not ever.

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