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Another World Transcript Monday 12/11/06

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Cass: Excuse me. Hi, the other day you dropped some flowers off in Jake McKinnon's room, do you remember?

Nurse: Oh, yeah, I remember.

Cass: Did you ever find out who they were from?

Nurse: No.

Cass: Ah, I see. Would any of the nurses know? Someone must have dropped them off at the Nurses' station, a florist delivery person?

Nurse: The station was empty when the flowers showed up. Sorry.

Cass: That's all right. Listen, if Jake should have anything else delivered to him, would you please let me know? Here's my card.

Nurse: You know, he had a visitor earlier today.

Cass: He did?

Nurse: Another patient, Vicky Hudson, saw her.

Cass: Did anyone recognize this visitor?

Nurse: Vicky Hudson said it was a woman -- glasses, big hat.

Cass: Thank you.

Ryan: I wouldn't take too much stock in that, Cass.

Cass: Oh, you wouldn't, why not?

Ryan: Well, Vicky has been sedated, she is suffering from nervous exhaustion.

Cass: I don't care. If she says she saw someone in Jake's room, I want to know about it.

Ryan: All I am saying is that the information might not be that reliable.

Cass: And it would not look very good for you, would it?

Ryan: What is that supposed to mean?

Cass: If the person who really shot Jake started hanging around.

Rachel: Hi. Nice picture of her, isn't it?

Ken: No doubt she is a Cory now.

Rachel: You play your cards right, you're going to wind up being a picture on my table.

Ken: I'm working on it.

Rachel: Funny, isn't it?

Ken: What?

Rachel: I spent the whole last year wondering about the two of you, and now it would seem as though we're going to be a family.

Frankie: What a coincidence. If it isn't the lady D.A.

Morgan: I was just leaving, Mrs. Winthrop.

Frankie: Ms. Frame. But you can call me Frankie. I just got back from St. Louis, of all places, and I'll be damned if I didn't keep running into people who knew you.

Morgan: Good night.

Frankie: Oh, don't leave. I haven't told you about my trip yet.

Morgan: I have a full day tomorrow.

Frankie: You don't want to miss this, Morgan, believe me.

Morgan: Shouldn't you be home commiserating with your hubby on his imminent disbarment?

Frankie: Give the lady D.A. whatever she is drinking. In fact, give her two. You may need it.

Donna: This had better be good.

Stacey: It isn't good at all. Cass may be disbarred.

Donna: I know that already.

Stacey: Well, he has asked me to take over Marley's case.

Donna: You can't be serious.

Stacey: He already spoke to Michael about it.

Donna: What?

Stacey: Donna, you better do some serious thinking, because I have no intention of representing Marley if I can't reveal what I know about your affair with Jake.

Felicia: Ok, honey, now he was just standing there? You didn't hear him come in?

Jenna: I just came out to get a glass of water. And there he was, typing.

Felicia: Typing? The burglar was typing?

Jenna: Badly, with one finger. He didn't even see me at first.

Felicia: Oh, honey, were you frightened?

Jenna: No, because he wasn't really a burglar.

Felicia: How do you know that?

Jenna: I just had a feeling.

Felicia: Jenna, look, when a person breaks in, he is a burglar.

Jenna: But he was typing.

Felicia: So, he is a typing burglar. You're sure you're all right? He didn't hurt you, did he, in any way? You're sure?

Jenna: No; I didn't think he would.

Felicia: How could you know that?

Jenna: I just had a feeling.

[Knock at the door]

Felicia: Jenna, honey, you have got to learn to be more careful. You have been so protected in the boarding school, and now you are in a city and -- well, what do we have here?

Man: I found this punk hiding in the basement.

Dean: Ow, ow, ow. Man, you're hurting me.

Man: I think this might be your intruder, Miss Gallant.

Dean: Could you tell this guy to please let go, please?

Felicia: Please, would you let him in here please?

Dean: Thank you. I wasn't going to steal anything, all right? All I was --

Felicia: Jenna, is this the person who broke in? Ok, all right. Why don't you go to your room, all right? Go on. Thank you, you can wait outside.

Man: Are you sure you'll be all right?

Felicia: Yes, I can handle this, thank you. So, it was you.

Dean: Look, if you just let me explain everything --

Felicia: Oh, I will. But not to me. I'm going to call the police and Cass, and in that order.

Dean: All I was doing --

Felicia: Don't give me "all I was doing." You broke into my apartment, and there is no reasonable explanation in the world that is going to make that fine and dandy.

Dean: The -- the -- the door was open. I wasn't going to take anything.

Felicia: What were you doing in here then, typing the great American novel?

Dean: No, all I wanted to do was leave my tape.

Felicia: Well here, good, your tape.

Dean: I was just going to leave my tape, and that was it. I was going to split.

Felicia: You know, you have a very original way of going about things, Dean.

Dean: Everything else I tried was useless. I didn't know what else to do.

Felicia: I can certainly understand why you drive Cass crazy.

Dean: I drive him crazy because he doesn't understand me, all right? But I thought that you would, if you got to know me.

Felicia: Oh, I can't wait to get to know you.

Dean: Because you are an artist, you know what it means to need to do your thing, to express the passion that is inside you, to be desperate for a chance to prove yourself. And to know that if somebody ever did give you that chance, you would work your butt off just to prove that you were ok. You know what that's like, don't you?

Ryan: I am being straight with you, Cass. I just got back from Vicky's room. She told me about the woman in Jake's room.

Cass: So, there was someone there?

Ryan: No.

Cass: What do you mean, no? You just said that she told you about someone --

Ryan: I'm worried about her, Cass. She's been under a lot of pressure lately, a lot more than any of us know. She's hallucinating.

Cass: She's seeing things?

Ryan: Yes.

Cass: What kinds of things?

Jamie: Maybe I can explain, Cass.

Cass: What?

Jamie: He has a right to know. Vicky says that she saw Jake in her room.

Cass: She what?

Ryan: That's why I'm worried about her. Not only did she see him, but that he was standing over her bed, that he put his hand over her mouth.

Jamie: It was so real, Vicky is convinced that Jake is faking his coma.

Ryan: She even went over to his room to prove it herself.

Cass: But is that possible?

Jamie: Cass, he's on life support. He couldn't disconnect and reconnect himself. Now, he has shown some signs of improvements, but he is still comatose. The monitors don't lie.

Cass: Can we have the machines checked?

Jamie: They are checked every day. I will have them rechecked if you want.

Cass: No, that's all right. Ok, I will buy her seeing Jake as some kind of a hallucination, but maybe this strange woman was really in his room.

Ryan: No, I checked with the staff. The only woman they saw was Vicky.

Cass: But it is not impossible that someone was there.

Ryan: No, it is not impossible.

Cass: I mean, Vicky hasn't totally lost touch with reality, has she?

Jamie: No, no, she hasn't.

Cass: Then it would be very awkward for the D.A. If, all of a sudden, there was another suspect.

Ryan: What's that supposed to mean? That's not why I'm saying this.

Cass: No? Then why?

Ryan: Are you going to question Vicky?

Cass: Yes, of course I'm going to question Vicky.

Ryan: I'm serious, Cass. I think she might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I don't want her upset.

Cass: What do you think, Jamie?

Jamie: I think she needs a great deal of rest.

Ryan: Can you leave her alone for a week?

Cass: We're being very protective here, aren't we?

Ryan: I care about Vicky, you know that.

Cass: Yeah, you care that she might ruin your case now.

Ryan: Oh, that's not true.

Cass: Vicky wouldn't be in this hospital if it weren't for you and Jake and what you did to her sister. Now, if there is another suspect out there, I'm going to find her.

Frankie: Here's to you, Morgan.

Morgan: Whatever you're up to, it won't work.

Frankie: What could I possibly be up to?

Morgan: Cass deserves to be disbarred, and I'm going to make sure that he is.

Frankie: D.A.s who live in glass houses shouldn't press charges.

Morgan: Oh, I guess this falls under the heading of empty threats.

Frankie: St. Louis was real interesting. People there are so impressed with you.

Morgan: That's nice.

Frankie: Not surprised, though, far from it. They remember your rise through the ranks. "Meteoric" was the word I heard most often.

Morgan: Something wrong with that?

Frankie: Not a thing. Not a thing. I did hear a couple of comments about how you are a grand-stander in the courtroom, but of course, I put that down to sour grapes, knowing how you hate theatrics in court.

Morgan: Well, I certainly hate the cheap theatrics that your husband indulges in.

Frankie: I didn't know whether or not to believe that story about you and the Superior Court Judge, though. You wouldn't use your body to further your career, would you?

Morgan: I didn't do anything wrong.

Frankie: I didn't say you did.

Morgan: You know, men have been advancing their careers through contacts and connections since time immemorial. A woman does it, it's a scandal.

Frankie: Contacts and connections, I like that one. That's a nice little euphemism.

Morgan: I wonder if you will be as amused when your husband is out looking for a new way to make a living.

Frankie: You know who Shana Barr is, don't you?

Morgan: Yeah, she is that ridiculous gossip columnist.

Frankie: Yep, that's her. She's looking for a new angle on this case. A lady D.A. with your male contacts and connections would make some pretty good copy, don't you think?

Morgan: She couldn't find a thing on me.

Frankie: Oh, honey, she can find dirt in anything, especially the lives of people with political ambitions. But that isn't you, is it?

Morgan: Don't mess with me, Mrs. Winthrop. Not unless you are absolutely sure that you have nothing to lose.

Donna: Why on earth would Cass want you to take over?

Stacey: Because I'm the logical choice. I have been listed as co-counsel and I've been working for Michael.

Donna: Oh. Well, what kind of work have you been doing?

Stacey: He didn't tell you?

Donna: I know about the trip to Utah, which uncovered nothing.

Stacey: I've also been helping him investigate possible suspects, namely Iris.

Donna: You and Michael are working together.

Stacey: So, Michael has come to trust me, and when Cass suggested that I take over the case --

Donna: Michael just jumped at it.

Stacey: He had no objections.

Donna: I can't believe that all of this has been discussed without me being present.

Stacey: Let's quit the righteous indignation, all right? Let's figure out what's best for Marley.

Donna: I don't need you to tell me what is best for Marley.

Stacey: I can't possibly help with that case if you tie my hands.

Michael: Donna?

Donna: Michael, hello.

Michael: Hi. Oh, hi, Stacey. Actually, I am glad you're here.

Stacey: I was just explaining the situation to Donna.

Michael: Look, I just had a long conversation with Marley. She has agreed that if Cass is taken off the case, you are to take over.

Frankie: Tell me you're leaving.

Morgan: You go home and tell hubby that his little ploy didn't work. I haven't done a damn thing and I will not be intimidated.

Frankie: Cass knows nothing about this. And as far as you having done nothing wrong, well, neither has Cass.

Morgan: I'll see you at the hearing.

Frankie: Oh, now would you look -- this is some night for coincidences.

Morgan: Get your hand off of me.

Frankie: Do you know who that is?

Morgan: Who?

Frankie: Shana Barr's assistant. He and I go way back. Share tips, you know?

Morgan: Who cares?

Frankie: The people who listen to Shana Barr do. They hang on her every word. Funny how she always goes after women, have you noticed that? She had a field day with the twins, but this "Sisters in silence thing" is getting a bit old. Remember that expose she did on that assembly woman who was supposed to have been having an affair with the state minority whip? Poor lady. I hear she is sweeping up in a beauty parlor now. "Sex and the Superior Court," how does that sound? Better still, "Sex with the Superior Court."

Morgan: I have never done anything like that. Now, if you were a decent P.I., you would know that.

Frankie: I do know that. I also know how destructive rumors can be. Listen, I have seen you and Grant Harrison at a couple of fund-raisers, what's the real scoop there? Don't tell me he doesn't want you on his staff, you've got so much experience.

Morgan: I have always thought of you as a flake, but I was wrong. The truth is, you're quite dangerous.

Frankie: The truth is, I'm quite serious. Shana Barr has broken better people than you, Morgan. So, do we have a deal?

Morgan: A deal?

Frankie: Yeah, you leave Cass alone, and I don't give Shana anything to be excited about. What do you say?

Morgan: You would do this? Even knowing that there is absolutely nothing in my past?

Frankie: I would do anything for Cass, short of murder.

Morgan: Let Cass keep his license. What difference does it make? I will destroy him in court anyway.

Ryan: Cass is wrong about me. I am just trying to help Vicky.

Jamie: How?

Ryan: At one time, you thought that Vicky was the one that shot Jake. I heard you say it to her, Jamie.

Jamie: Yes, I did.

Ryan: So, do you think it is still possible that she shot Jake? Me either. But --

Jamie: But what?

Ryan: She's hiding something, something big. She's coming apart at the seams. She's so strong, and to see her come apart like this --

Jamie: I know you don't expect that from Vicky.

Ryan: So, do you think I'm wrong? Do you think it's possible that she did see someone in Jake's room?

Jamie: I don't know, Ryan. I don't know.

Paulina: Excuse me.

Jamie: Paulina?

Paulina: Hi, I couldn't help but overhear.

Jamie: Oh, is that right?

Paulina: There was a woman.

Ryan: What?

Paulina: In Jake's room. There was a woman.

Jamie: You saw her?

Paulina: Yes.

Ryan: What did she look like?

Paulina: Well, I didn't get a very good look at her, she had a hat on and she was turned away from me.

Ryan: What, you were just passing by?

Paulina: No, no, I came by to visit Jake and when I saw someone was in his room, I decided to get a coffee first.

Jamie: You were here visiting Jake?

Paulina: Yes.

Jamie: Why didn't any of the nurses see you, Paulina?

Paulina: I don't know.

Jamie: None of them saw this woman either.

Paulina: Maybe they were busy. Look, I wouldn't have mentioned it, but I heard you talking and I thought it might be important.

Ryan: It just might be.

Paulina: Wouldn't it be something if the person who shot Jake was a complete stranger?

Ryan: Somebody with an axe to grind. Someone that none of us would've thought capable of shooting Jake.

Felicia: Oh, come on, Cass. Pick up.

Dean: Well, I guess he's not there, huh?

Felicia: Yeah, and I'm sure you're disappointed.

Dean: Actually, I am, yes. I'm disappointed in you.

Felicia: Oh, this is going to be really good.

Dean: See, I thought you were this cool lady that appreciated ambition and creative thinking, but I guess I was wrong.

Felicia: I love creative thinking. I just don't happen to think breaking and entering falls into that category.

Dean: How else was I going to get to you?

Felicia: Oh, don't give me that "how else" bit, please. I'm sure Bonnie and Clyde used it. "How else were we going to get all the money?"

Dean: Well, if I thought that you would have talked to me, ok?

Felicia: How did you get in here anyway? I mean, how did you get past the doorman?

Dean: I told him the truth.

Felicia: Oh, what, that you wanted to break in to my apartment, and he said fine? What did he do, show you the elevator?

Dean: No, I told the guy that I had a tape with some new, hot talent on it and I had to deliver it to Felicia Gallant.

Felicia: And he bought that?

Dean: He let me in the building.

Felicia: And then what did you do?

Dean: I walked up the stairs.

Felicia: What else did you do?

Dean: I used the old credit card trick, all right? To jimmy your lock.

Felicia: Oh yeah, the old credit card trick. How fun for you.

Dean: Come on, I'm sure you've bent the law once or twice in your life.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Dean: For a good cause, of course.

Felicia: No. Not for any cause, ever.

Dean: Oh, really? How did you ever get your first manuscript read?

Felicia: I -- it doesn't matter.

Dean: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Felicia: That has nothing to do with this.

Dean: Why not? It's the same exact thing. Look, all I'm asking you is to please listen to my tape, please.

Felicia: No, I am not rewarding this behavior. What I am going to do is call my car and have him send you to Cass this minute. You know, you should be grateful I am not having you thrown in jail.

Dean: I wasn't trying to cause any problems. Hey, would you help me out here, please? Would you?

Rachel: I've made up my mind, you know?

Ken: About what?

Rachel: No more doubts.

Ken: Really?

Rachel: Really.

Ken: Rachel.

Rachel: Hmm?

Ken: What are we talking about?

Rachel: You and Paulina.

Ken: Ah, still on that subject.

Rachel: Why not? It would be a tremendous relief.

Ken: What do you mean?

Rachel: Well, you have to admit, both of you arrived here under very mysterious circumstances. It was an enormous leap of faith for me to trust you.

Ken: Yes.. I know it was.

Rachel: Made it more difficult by the fact that I liked you both enormously. You especially.

Ken: I hope that never changes.

Rachel: I hope so.

Man: Excuse me. Your maid let me in.

Rachel: I can see that.

Man: I have a subpoena for you from the D.A.

Rachel: A subpoena? I am to appear at the trial, Marley's trial. I thought this was declared a mistrial.

Man: No, not anymore. The trial resumes in three days.

Cass: Stace? Ok, I'll talk to your stupid machine. I want you to put on some gumshoes and do a little sleuthing for me. You remember the mystery flowers Jake received, the ones that are virtually untraceable? Trace them. I have to know who bought them. It is absolutely imperative -- hello?

Frankie: That is one phone call you do not have to make. Your number-one very private investigator is back on the case.

Cass: Welcome back, number one.

Frankie: Oh, you look good out from behind bars.

Cass: I feel good.

Frankie: Oh, you sure do.

Cass: Where were you, what were you up to, and why didn't you tell me?

Frankie: St. Louis, talking to people, and you don't have a phone in your cell.

Cass: St. Louis?

Frankie: Yeah. I couldn't sit and do nothing while you were in jail.

Cass: What's in St. Louis?

Frankie: The complete and unexpurgated story of our beloved D.A., Morgan Graves.

Cass: What do you mean?

Frankie: There's a possibility that Morgan did not rise to her present exalted position on her own merits.

Cass: Well, I knew it wasn't her personality.

Frankie: Ah, that's where you may be wrong, counselor.

Cass: What?

Frankie: It seems there were some male colleagues who helped Morgan along the way. Could be innocent, could be not so innocent.

Cass: Don't tell me --

Frankie: Hot stuff, huh? If you imagine Morgan in flagrante delicto.

Cass: The mind boggles.

Frankie: There's no proof of anything actually happening, mind you, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, there is this one Judge who must have been particularly appreciative because our Morgan rose from humble clerk to Assistant D.A. In about a nanosecond.

Cass: Wait a minute --

Frankie: And did she take advantage. This woman took such advantage, she stepped all over --

Cass: Wait a minute, Frankie.

Frankie: What?

Cass: How did you know enough to go to St. Louis in the first place?

Frankie: I did some investigating.

Cass: Where?

Frankie: Morgan's office.

Cass: You broke in, didn't you?

Frankie: Security in that place is terrible.

Cass: Frankie!

Frankie: Wait, you haven't heard the best part yet. I just came back from talking to Morgan.

Cass: You what?

Frankie: Yeah, you would have loved this, Cass. I made up this whole story about how I was going to blow the whistle on her. I told her I was going to tell Shana Barr the whole sordid story of her rise to the top. And the miracle is she bought it.

Cass: She bought it?

Frankie: Yes. She's terrified I'm going to tell Shana Barr. So, guess what? She made a deal. She is dropping her petition to have you disbarred. Cass, are you going to say anything?

Cass: Yeah, I'm going to say something. I hope you're joking, Frankie.

Frankie: What's wrong?

Cass: You broke into the D.A.'s office, you're blackmailing her, and you're asking me what's wrong?

Frankie: Yes. I would have thought you would be happy.

Cass: Well, I'm not happy. I'm not at all happy, Frankie. What could have possessed you to do something so foolish?

Dean: Hey, would you tell her, please? Would you?

Jenna: Tell her what?

Dean: That I didn't think anybody was home, that I didn't attack you, that I didn't steal the silver, that I'm a good guy. Look at this face, huh? Look at this face, is this the face of a burglar? No. I am a musician, a good musician, a great musician. And someday, I'm going to be big news.

Felicia: Well, you're big news around here already, believe --

Dean: If you would just let me explain it to you, ok?

Felicia: Get out. Go on, out.

Dean: I'm a very talented guy, and I need your help.

Felicia: Oh, and this is how you ask for a favor? You blast your music in my restaurant, and now you come waltzing into my home? You know, these are not wonderful ways to ingratiate yourself to a person that you want a favor from.

Dean: I didn't know what else to do.

Felicia: You scared my house guest to death. Let me tell you something, you know, I don't stick my neck out for many people, but when I do, it's usually people that I really like. And I generally do not like, call me crazy, like people who break into my apartment and use my typewriter without asking.

Dean: Hey, thanks a lot, all right?

Felicia: What, you're gonna make her feel guilty now?

Dean: Listen, I'm just going to leave my tape right here for you.

Felicia: You don't have to, because I'm not listening to it.

Dean: Let me tell you something. If you do, you'll be breaking down my door, all right?

Felicia: Yeah, right.

Dean: Thank you.

Felicia: Oh, what a -- that is what you call chutzpah. Can you believe this guy? He really expects me to listen to this and then probably swoon all over it. Dean Frame demo tape. He's out of his mind. This is ego, my darling. Ego. Would you like some hot chocolate, honey?

Jenna: Yeah, sure. That would be great.

Donna: Oh, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael. You know, I have some reservations about Stacey taking over for Cass.

Michael: I'm sure you do.

Donna: Well, for one thing, you know that you and I can certainly afford a lawyer with a national reputation. And, for another, well, Stacey, you know how I feel about you.

Michael: Donna, is this about the custody hearing?

Donna: Yes, it is.

Michael: Because I want Stacey precisely because of the way she handled that custody hearing.

Donna: What?

Michael: She was tough as nails.

Donna: Yes, that's right.

Michael: And she's on our side this time.

Donna: Oh, just how do we know that?

Michael: I'll tell you what, why don't we clear up a few things, and then we can concentrate fully on Marley?

Donna: What things?

Michael: Why don't you tell me what really happened between you and Stacey back then?

Stacey: Michael, I think it's a little premature for that.

Michael: Why?

Stacey: Because we don't even know if Cass has been disbarred.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: I'll get it. Excuse me.

Michael: But I'm not talking about --

Donna: Jamie.

Jamie: Donna, hi. I know it's late, but I was on my way home --

Donna: No, no, no, no. How's Victoria?

Jamie: She's asleep. She's going to be fine.

Donna: Good, good. Come in. Stacey's here.

Jamie: Then I guess you told them?

Donna: Told us what?

Jamie: Why I behaved the way I did at Tops, I wanted to be sure that you understood.

Donna: I don't know what you're talking about. What happened?

Jamie: Well, I was going over to Michael's table when Stacey stopped me and told me that Morgan was there.

Stacey: I acted like we had this big thing going on --

Jamie: That's why I left so quickly, I just hope that she saw us.

Donna: Why?

Jamie: Well, I think that she believes or is trying to say that Marley and I are lovers, and that we both wanted Jake out of the way.

Donna: What?

Jamie: She talked to me at the hospital, she's questioning my ethics.

Michael: That's ridiculous.

Jamie: I know, I know. She even implied that I might have tried to kill Jake off in surgery.

Donna: Oh, you saved his stupid life.

Jamie: She says she has expert testimony that my techniques were too radical.

Donna: I hate that woman.

Michael: Jamie, can she prove any of this? I mean, this is outrageous.

Stacey: It's also slanderous. I hope the next time she makes one of those cracks, there are witnesses around and we'll nail her.

Michael: I've got to say that you were right to leave Tops, Jamie. You had no business being seen in public with my daughter.

Jamie: I know. I am going to stay as far away from Marley as possible. I don't want to jeopardize any of her chances here.

Michael: Good. Look, I know this may be rough on you, but it is for the best for now that you stay away.

Stacey: Not necessarily.

Michael: What do you mean?

Stacey: I think I have a way that you can be close to Marley.

Paulina: Hi, you two.

Rachel: Hello, honey.

Ken: Hello, Paulina.

Paulina: Everything ok?

Ken: Rachel has been subpoenaed by the D.A. to testify at Marley's trial.

Paulina: Really?

Rachel: I'm trying to figure out why.

Paulina: You don't think it's because of me, do you?

Rachel: No, why?

Paulina: Well, Cass has been trying to lay this on me. I just hope the D.A. isn't after me, too.

Rachel: I don't think it has anything to do with you.

Paulina: Yeah, of course, you're right. What do you think it's about?

Rachel: Well, I expect it's about Jamie's relationship with Marley.

Ken: I hope the D.A. doesn't try that angle.

Rachel: Well, it's no secret that Jamie wanted Marley away from Jake, and now the D.A. is probably going to make as much of it as she can.

Paulina: What are you going to tell them?

Rachel: The truth. It won't help Jamie to lie. The truth always comes out. Doesn't it?

Ken: Yes, it certainly does.

Rachel: Excuse me, I'd better call Cass and tell him that this has arrived.

Ken: Are you all right?

Paulina: I just came from the hospital.

Ken: Jake?

Paulina: Vicky thought that she saw him in her room. She thinks he's faking the coma.

Ken: Faking the coma?

Paulina: Jamie said it was impossible, but he did say that Jake has been showing signs of improvement and they're going to start working on it.

Ken: What does that mean?

Paulina: Michael Hudson is bringing in all of these fancy doctors. They think they can bring Jake out of his coma.

Ken: No wonder you're upset.

Paulina: No, no, I can't be.

Ken: Are you thinking about what Rachel said about the truth?

Paulina: She's wrong. I'll be damned if I'm going to let anything happen to ruin things for me now.

Felicia: Ok, here you go. Careful, it's hot.

Jenna: Thanks.

Felicia: You ok? I mean, you know, we could sit and talk for a while.

Jenna: I'm fine.

Felicia: I know he scared you, honey.

Jenna: I'm fine, Felicia, really.

Felicia: I'm sorry, I'm doing it again, aren't I? I'm fussing over you like a mother hen.

Jenna: It's just that I'm used to being on my own.

Felicia: I know, I'm just used to overdoing everything. I'm afraid I never do things the easy way.

Jenna: Is it because you think I'm some sheltered little child that can't deal with anything?

Felicia: No. No, it's not that. It's that I've lost a lot of important things in my life and I'm not going to let that happen again.

Jenna: You mean your daughter?

Felicia: And Luke. You know, we were separated when we were very young and, well, we lost a lot of important time together.

Jenna: He's so different than you.

Felicia: [Laughs] I know. I think that's why he's good for me. You know, it's good to sort of shake up what you're familiar with, you know? You're not very comfortable with him, are you?

Jenna: Not yet. My mother used to write to me about you, and she wrote that you were married to a man named Mitch.

Felicia: Yeah, I was. Mitch was a wonderful man. It's just that our life together just didn't work out.

Jenna: Is it because Lucas stole you away?

Felicia: No. No, it wasn't anything like that.

Jenna: But you were married.

Felicia: I know. I don't know, maybe it -- it's because my heart always belonged to Luke, ever since the moment we first met.

Jenna: Love is confusing.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. But it's the greatest thing that can happen to you. Take it from me, I know. So tell me, have you ever been in love?

Jenna: Felicia --

Felicia: Oh, come on. You can talk to me about it. You know, they call me "the queen of romance."

Jenna: I liked a boy once.

Felicia: Did you?

Jenna: He never knew that.

Felicia: Why?

Jenna: I guess I was just too shy. I mean, how do you know you're really in love anyway?

Felicia: Oh, honey, you know it. Believe me. Something happens, some feeling deep, deep down inside you. It's almost as though you don't feel alone anymore. It's as though they know you better maybe than you even know yourself.

Jenna: Do you think that it could happen to everybody?

Felicia: Oh, yeah. I know it can.

Jenna: I mean, even if someone is sort of --

Felicia: Shy? Yeah, you see, that's really the great thing about love. It can happen to young people, old people, and shy people.

Jenna: Well, I was just asking. I mean, it's interesting to know the opinion of a romance writer.

Felicia: Of course, I understand. Hey, listen, do you think it would be going overboard if I gave you a little hug goodnight? Good, come here.

Frankie: Why are you so angry? Why won't you talk to me? Would you please talk to me?

Dean: Hey, Frankie. How you doing, Cass?

Frankie: Don't ask.

Dean: Were there any phone calls for me?

Frankie: No.

Dean: Any phone calls about me?

Frankie: No.

Dean: Oh. Well then, I guess there's no point in putting it off. Cass, something bad happened.

Frankie: Dean --

Dean: Something kind of bad --

Frankie: Dean, not now, ok?

Dean: Is there something wrong here?

Frankie: Don't you have things to do?

Dean: Uh, yeah, yeah, I do. I'll be up in my room and then maybe -- see you later.

Frankie: Cass, you were in trouble. You were going to lose your license. I couldn't let that happen.

Cass: First of all, you don't protect me. I protect you, you got that?

Frankie: What, pray tell, is second of all?

Cass: I took a calculated risk. I'll fight my own fights.

Frankie: Cass --

Cass: And third of all, for all I know, you got us both into real trouble.

Frankie: You were in trouble before. Your career was almost over, but it's fine now. I got Morgan to back off. I took a risk and I won.

Cass: Yeah, great, terrific.

Frankie: Is that what you're so angry about, that I'm the one that took the risk? You're not the only one allowed to do that, counselor.

Cass: You shouldn't have gone after Morgan, not like that. She'll wait for a chance to get back at you.

Frankie: I can protect myself, thank you. If you wanted a meek little hausfrau, you should never have married me.

Cass: I did not want a meek little hausfrau.

Frankie: You're all steamed up because I helped you out of a jam. What's next, you gonna lock me in my room and tell me to keep my place?

Cass: I didn't know you were so unhappy being my wife.

Frankie: I had no idea you were such a Neanderthal about marriage. Did Kathleen take this from you?

Cass: What the hell are you talking about?

Frankie: Maybe there is only room for one strong woman in your life.

Cass: You're not making any sense. Frankie, this is crazy.

Frankie: Fine. Then this discussion is over.

Cass: Kathleen has nothing to do with this.

Stacey: We simply have to convince the press and the public that you got a new girl.

Jamie: Stacey, I hate that idea.

Stacey: Even if that new girl was me?

Jamie: You?

Stacey: Yeah, why not? It would take some of the heat out of Morgan's case.

Donna: Yes! Oh, what a brilliant idea. Don't you think so, Jamie?

Jamie: I'll do anything if it helps Marley.

Stacey: Well, what do you think, lover boy?

Michael: Stacey, I'm really grateful that you want to help Marley this way, but I don't think that --

Donna: She wants to do it, Michael. When do you start?

Jamie: Tomorrow, I guess.

Stacey: Tomorrow? Tomorrow is going to be here in a couple of hours. I have work to do, I gotta get out of here.

Jamie: Yeah, me, too. I'll take you to your car.

Stacey: Ok, great.

Donna: Arm in arm.

Jamie: Arm in arm, yes.

Donna: Good night, you two.

Stacey: [Laughs]

Donna: Well, my goodness, that was very sweet of Stacey, and you know that she's going to be much more help to us pretending with Jamie than she would have been replacing Cass.

Michael: Yeah, um, would you come over here and sit down?

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: There's something we have to discuss.

Donna: What?

Michael: I've debated about how to tell you about this, but we have to face this together which means that we have to come to a decision together.

Donna: Michael, you're frightening me. What is it?

Michael: I talked to Marley about why she ran away.

Donna: What did she say?

Michael: She said she did it to protect Victoria.

Donna: Well, why would she have to do that?

Michael: Because Marley believes that Victoria shot Jake.

Ken: Just don't get careless.

Paulina: Things are going to be all right.

Ken: Well, I hope so.

Paulina: Rachel believes in me. And now I have the police believing there's a new mystery suspect.

Ken: How did you manage that?

Paulina: I said I saw a woman hanging around Jake's hospital room.

Ken: Paulina.

Paulina: I don't want them pointing their suspicious fingers at me anymore.

Ken: Did you get a hold of Cass?

Rachel: No, I just left a message on his machine.

Paulina: Well, good night, you two.

Rachel: You're leaving?

Paulina: Yeah, I'm going out for a little bit.

Rachel: It's a little late, isn't it?

Paulina: Oh, I'm just going to meet Grant for a drink. I won't be long.

Rachel: Congressman Harrison?

Paulina: Yeah, we really hit it off. Isn't that something?

Rachel: It is. Well, enjoy yourself.

Paulina: Thanks, I will. You have a good night, too.

Ken: Good night.

Rachel: Congressman Harrison?

Ken: Seems we've been underestimating Paulina.

Rachel: I should say.

Ken: Maybe we've been underestimating ourselves, too.

Rachel: About what?

Ken: Rachel, I've been thinking about the way I proposed to you.

Rachel: So have I, quite a bit.

Ken: I don't like it at all.

Rachel: I did.

Ken: It's so dam qualified. Why the hell didn't I just get down on one knee and say, "Rachel, will you marry me?"

Rachel: Because you didn't want to.

Ken: I love you, and I want to be with you. So why the hell should we wait? Elope with me, Rachel. Tonight.

Rachel: Elope?

Ken: Why not?

Rachel: Tonight?

Ken: Now. This minute. The sooner, the better. Give me my ring back, please. The hell with being proper. The hell with waiting for the family's approval, the hell with worrying about getting my picture on the damn piano. What I want is to make a commitment to you, right now, for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me, Rachel? Tonight, tomorrow, how ever long it takes us to get to a Justice of the Peace someplace where we don't have to wait.

Rachel: Yes, I will.

Ken: You mean -- you will?

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: She will. She will.

Donna: Victoria offered herself as a suspect to take the attention away from Marley. That must be what this is all about.

Michael: Donna, I don't know. All I know is that Marley lied to the police.

Donna: About what?

Michael: She left the loft that night. She went straight to Victoria's and she told Victoria that Jake tried to rape her. Victoria was furious and she left and went back to Jake's loft. Marley couldn't stop her.

Donna: Oh, no. Have you talked to Victoria?

Michael: Yes. And she admitted that she went back to the loft and she says that Jake had already been shot by the time she got there.

Donna: What else did she say?

Michael: Nothing. She collapsed before she could tell me anything else.

Donna: We -- we can't tell anybody.

Michael: What do you mean?

Donna: Victoria has had a hard life, Michael. She's never had a break. She was abandoned as a child. We cannot abandon her now.

Michael: We also cannot choose between our daughters.

Donna: Oh, Michael, neither of them did it. I know.

Michael: How? How do you know?

Donna: Because I'm their mother. I know.

Michael: I wish that would hold up in a court of law, Donna, but it won't. This means I have to find the person who really shot Jake. It's our only chance.

Cass: Hey there, nurse.

Nurse: Mr. Winthrop. What are you doing back here so late?

Cass: I'm still checking up on our mystery lady.

Nurse: I asked everyone who'd been on duty, and no one saw her.

Cass: Vicky Hudson says she saw her.

Nurse: She may be right.

Cass: What do you mean?

Nurse: Someone was in Mr. McKinnon's room.

Cass: How do you know?

Nurse: I was in there a few minutes ago and I noticed there were new flowers. The old ones had been thrown out and new ones were put in their place.

Cass: Did these have a card?

Nurse: No, but there was florist paper in the wastebasket. It's still there.

Cass: Thank you. "Your favorites and Rosemary for remembrance." No signature. Who are you?

Ryan: I hear congratulations are in order. Could I get a club soda please? Well, the word at headquarters is that Morgan has dropped her complaint against Cass.

Frankie: She works fast.

Ryan: What's wrong? You won.

Frankie: No, I lost.

Ryan: Why?

Frankie: Cass is furious with me, Morgan is out for my blood, and Marley is in deeper than ever.

Ryan: Well, not all the news is bad.

Frankie: How so?

Ryan: A woman visited Jake's room. Somebody nobody knows, a mystery guest.

Frankie: Oh, who cares? We have suspects coming out of our ears.

Ryan: Boy, I wish.

Frankie: Iris, Paulina, Donna, but there is no proof, is there, Ryan? And the trial is marching on.

Ryan: I know. I'm on the witness stand as soon as court reconvenes.

Frankie: What is Morgan going to start with, you think?

Ryan: Verification of physical evidence, I guess.

Frankie: Oh, good old physical evidence. Every shred of it belongs to Marley.

Ryan: You know, something has always bothered me about that.

Frankie: What?

Ryan: There were at least seven hairs found on Jake's clothing.

Frankie: I just re-read the lab report. There were only three.

Ryan: No, only three were tested.

Frankie: What?

Ryan: Yeah, as soon as they found a match for Marley's hair, they stopped.

Frankie: So, the first two they tested weren't Marley's?

Ryan: Could be.

Frankie: And the other four, we don't know whose they are because they were never tested.

Ryan: That's right.

Frankie: I don't believe this. Wait a minute. So, what if we could prove that someone else was in Jake's room that night and got close enough to get her hair on his shirt?

Ryan: That's a good point, Frankie, a very good point.

Frankie: Damn straight it is, because if just one of those hairs belongs to someone else and we could figure out who it is --

Ryan: It will be a whole different ball game.

Frankie: Oh, Ryan Harrison, I love you!

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