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Another World Transcript Friday 12/1/06

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[Monitor beeping]

Frankie: Any change?

Cass: No.

Frankie: How long can he stay like that?

Cass: You want to hear something crazy?

Frankie: Sure.

Cass: I'd like to shake him until he wakes up.

Frankie: That's pretty crazy --

Cass: I mean, he knows. Whoever it is that shot him, he saw that person. If he'd just come out of this, he could clear Marley.

Frankie: You hope.

Cass: Since when don't you think Marley is innocent?

Frankie: Since you told me he raped her. I -- I don't mean that I think she did it. I just mean that I would understand if she did.

Cass: Yeah, well, so would the jury, but I can't afford to speculate now.

Frankie: That's right.

Cass: I've got to go before that jury and set the stage for my entire case, and I can't even use the one fact that I know would save Marley.

Michael: Donna.

Donna: Michael, you startled me.

Michael: I just left Angela.

Donna: Did she and little Michael get on the plane all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: Thank you for going to the airport. I -- I didn't think I could face it.

Michael: Why of all places did you come here?

Donna: Oh, I just -- I wanted to be here alone for a little while. This room -- [Sighs] It's -- it's been very hard.

Michael: Donna, we lost one child in this courtroom. I swear to you we won't lose another.

Ryan: Can't vouch for the coffee.

Vicky: You mean the hotdog stand didn't have freshly brewed coffee? I don't think I'll survive. Thank you.

Ryan: What, for the coffee?

Vicky: For staying with me.

Ryan: Hey, I'd stay up all night with you anytime.

Vicky: Anybody ever tell you you're a good guy?

Ryan: All the time.

Vicky: Mm.

Ryan: Sun's way up over there. Court will be convening soon.

Vicky: I'm gonna have to go back and get ready.

Ryan: So what are you gonna do?

Vicky: What I've been doing. I'm gonna walk into the courtroom and try to convince the world that I'm Marley.

Ryan: I see.

Vicky: Is it a waste of time? Are you gonna give me away?

Michael: Our family doesn't have such a good batting average in this courtroom.

Donna: Cass is very good. He's shrewd and he's smart. And I know the D.A. is underestimating him. We just have to have faith in him.

Michael: Well, you didn't last time.

Donna: Michael, don't. Don't --

Michael: Don't what, Donna? I just put Mikey on an airplane. Come on, I've got to know that what happened in this courtroom last time isn't gonna happen again. How do I know that?

Donna: Of course it isn't gonna happen again. We're going to win.

Michael: Well, we were winning last time, Donna. Cass was gonna win that custody hearing.

Donna: Michael, I've explained this to you a million times. I simply realized that we were wrong to be keeping little Michael from the Millers. And I was right. You saw what a happy little boy he is.

Michael: Yeah, I saw.

Donna: I mean, I know it's hard sending him back home. But, I mean, we got to spend a little time with him.

Michael: I got to spend time with him hearing him call me "Michael" instead of "Dad."

Donna: Michael, please. Just don't start on this now. We have to concentrate on Marley.

Michael: Well, I would like to concentrate on Marley. Some of it -- I tell you, the two are connected somehow.

Donna: I wish that none of us had ever laid eyes on Jake McKinnon.

Michael: Well, I'll agree with you there.

Donna: Oh, I'd give anything. I'd -- I'd give my life if I had to to keep our daughter from going to prison.

Michael: I believe that you would.

Donna: You don't know how much I wish that we could just make all of this go away.

Michael: Stacey, uh, can I help you?

Stacey: Um, Cass is on his way over here and I was just gonna help him set up.

Donna: Why are you looking at me like that?

Stacey: Well, I thought that you would be at Tops.

Donna: Why?

Stacey: Well, Frankie wanted you to have breakfast with her there. I guess she didn't reach you.

Donna: I left the house very early. But I certainly can't meet anyone anywhere, I have to pick up Marley.

Stacey: I'm surprised. She said it was very important.

Michael: Well, wait a minute. What -- what's this about?

Stacey: Well, it has to do with the case.

Michael: Well, I -- look, I'll pick up Marley.

Donna: Oh, I'm sure that Frankie has some new theory based on the position of the planets or something.

Michael: Tell you the truth, I don't care what it's based on. We can't ignore it at this point.

Stacey: I'm sure it won't take long, Donna.

Donna: All right, I'll go.

Michael: Donna, you said you -- you said you'd do anything.

Donna: And I will. It just had better be important.

Frankie: Good luck today.

Cass: You're coming with me.

Frankie: Well, I'll see you there later. I have a breakfast date I can't afford to break.

Cass: You're up to something, Frankie.

Frankie: Me?

Cass: Talk to me, Frankie.

Frankie: I'm, uh, hosting a little get-together.

Cass: For whom?

Frankie: The woman in Jake's life.

Cass: Oh. Keep me posted.

Frankie: I'll see you in court as soon as we're done.

Cass: Ok.

Frankie: Ok, you've got your briefcase.

Cass: Check.

Frankie: Your conservative tie.

Cass: Check.

Frankie: Your lucky black tourmaline.

Cass: Check.

Frankie: Good. Give them hell, counselor.

Cass: I'll do my best. See you.

Pretty flowers.

Nurse: Yeah, aren't they?

Cass: Did they come with a card? I mean, you should save it for when he wakes up.

Nurse: I looked. There wasn't any.

Cass: Really?

Nurse: Obviously, someone cares.

Cass: Yeah. Someone who doesn't want her name on anything. That's interesting.

Ryan: Ok, I'm gonna go over this one more time.

Vicky: Why, you think a little sunshine and a cup of coffee would bring me to my senses?

Ryan: Go to Cass. Tell him what you've been doing. Tell him where Marley is and why. Let him decide what to do.

Vicky: I'm not telling anyone I can't.

Ryan: It -- it's Cass's job to protect Marley.

Vicky: I'm protecting her.

Ryan: For how long?

Vicky: Long as you keep your mouth shut.

Ryan: You haven't listened to a single word that I've said all night.

Vicky: Yes, I have. I listened when you told me that you love me.

Ryan: That's the truth, and that's why I'm trying to still get you out of this while it's still possible.

Vicky: And what about Marley?

Ryan: She's made her choice.

Vicky: So I'm supposed to just sit back and -- and let her live with that?

Ryan: What does it take to get through to you?

Vicky: You got through to me last night when you told me you love me. I -- no man has told me that in such a long time.

Ryan: Well, it didn't seem to matter to you.

Vicky: Ryan, do you have any idea what it's like to be a twin?

Ryan: No, but I wish I did because then maybe I would understand you a little bit better.

Vicky: It's like there's a constant voice inside me telling me to take care of my sister no matter what.

Ryan: Has it always been like that?

Vicky: No, the same voice used to tell me to nail her any chance I got.

Ryan: Do you always listen?

Vicky: Well, I did this time. Marley's life is at stake.

Ryan: Well, I guess I shouldn't be so hard on you. I -- I mean, I'd go to the wall for Grant and I don't even like the guy.

Vicky: It's still not the same. Marley's my twin. It -- it's like we are a part of one another.

Ryan: I don't want either one of you to get hurt.

Vicky: Then let me be Marley today.

Ryan: Please, Vicky --

Vicky: I can be her. I can save her.

Ryan: But it's going to blow up in your face.

Vicky: I can pull it off.

Ryan: With my help.

Vicky: I -- I know it's a lot to ask.

Ryan: I am an officer of the law. I'm going to be under oath.

Vicky: The D.A. isn't gonna ask you about this. She doesn't even know what's going on.

Ryan: She will if I tell her.

Vicky: Oh.

Ryan: Just go to your father. I mean, he's a smart guy. Ask him what he thinks of what you're doing.

Vicky: No. This mess has already put him through enough grief.

Ryan: If he loves Marley as much as you do, just see what he has to say.

Vicky: It wouldn't matter. It's a done deal, Ryan.

Ryan: I just -- I just hate to see you have to go through this alone.

Vicky: Who's alone? I got to get ready for court.

Ryan: What do you do now?

Vicky: We'll both do what we have to do. I'll see you later.

Sharlene: Good morning, sleepy head.

John: Well, good morning. I don't remember the last time I slept this late.

Sharlene: Well, you need your rest.

John: [Sighs]

Sharlene: And you need your vitamins.

John: Sharlene --

Sharlene: No, John, I don't want any back talk. One of the first things I noticed when I came home was how tired you looked.

John: I'm fine.

Sharlene: No. You've been working too hard.

John: Sharlene, I want to tell you something. This morning when I woke up and you weren't there, just for a minute, it felt like you were still gone.

Sharlene: I'm here, John. I'm not going anywhere. The only trip I have planned is to the hospital. That's because I don't believe in rustic home deliveries. I want all the modern conveniences.

John: You know that all I've been able to think about lately is you and this baby.

Sharlene: You can trust me, ok? We are gonna be together forever.

John: And ever, and ever, and ever. That sounds good, doesn't it?

Sharlene: Sit down. Let me fix you some breakfast. I'll fix you anything you want.

John: No, really, I don't have any time.

Sharlene: John, it's 9:16.

John: No, I've got to get to the hospital. I have a few patients that I want to see and then I've got to get to the courthouse.

Sharlene: All right, I'll meet you there.

John: No, you don't have to do that.

Sharlene: No, of course I do. Your family is my family. And besides, maybe you'll be hungry by then and -- and I can convince you to eat something. John, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna baby you whether you like it or not.

John: I like it. I'll call you before I leave the hospital.

Sharlene: I'll be waiting.

John: Oh, hi, Taylor.

Taylor: Hi, John.

John: Come on in.

Taylor: Thanks. Hi, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Taylor, hi.

John: Do you need to see me?

Taylor: No, actually I came to see Sharlene.

John: I'm on my way out. Have a nice session, see you later.

Taylor: Bye.

Sharlene: Well, I am surprised to see you.

Taylor: I thought we had agreed you'd have one last session today.

Sharlene: I know about that.

Taylor: My service told me you canceled your appointment.

Sharlene: Yeah, I did.

Taylor: I'd like to know why.

Michael: Honey, your Mom will meet us in court. I'll pick you up.

Vicky: Um, no, I would -- I would really like to go alone, really. I can get myself there.

Michael: Will you bring Vicky?

Vicky: Won't leave home without her.

Michael: Good. Look, Marley, you just hang in there.

Vicky: I'm trying.

Michael: Cass will clear you. In no time at all this whole thing will be behind you.

Vicky: That's what I keep thinking about.

Michael: I love you.

Vicky: I love you, too. Bye.

Michael: Bye.

Stacey: Michael, did you see the headline?

Michael: Oh, this rag. This rag would print anything to sell newspapers.

Stacey: This whole thing's wearing on you, isn't it?

Michael: Yes, my daughter is about to go on trial for attempted murder. It's wearing on me.

Stacey: Is there anything at all that I can do?

Michael: Short of guaranteeing an acquittal?

Stacey: Only wish I could.

Michael: Why don't you give it to me straight, Stacey? What are our chances?

Stacey: Uh, they're not bad. The evidence is circumstantial.

Michael: Well, that's good.

Stacey: Right. So the burden of proof rests on the D.A. Juries can be pretty exacting about that. It also has to do with mood and impression. You know, how -- how the jury responds to Cass and Marley. Whether they think that the D.A. is being heavy handed.

Michael: Good, because I'm sure that Marley will give a good impression. They'll take one look at her and they'll know that she couldn't shoot anybody. If only I could have come up with one piece of solid evidence.

Stacey: I just can't believe it. That somebody shot Jake, and there's not a -- a trail, no evidence at all? It doesn't make sense.

Michael: I think about that a lot. Someone is sitting there lying through their teeth and watching my daughter go through hell.

Iris: Oh, good morning, Donna.

Donna: Frankie invited you?

Iris: Ostensibly to help Marley, but I've told the police everything I know.

Donna: Oh, I'm sure.

Iris: Well, I know what Frankie wants with me, but I'm wondering why are you here?

Donna: Frankie obviously needs me to verify the facts for her. I hope it doesn't take too long. I have to get to court.

Iris: Oh, yes. You must be sick with worry.

Donna: I just want it over with. I know that Marley is innocent. The jury will, too.

Iris: What that poor child has been through. If there is anything I can do --

Donna: Save the phony grief, Iris. This table is set for four.

Paulina: Good morning, Mrs. Hudson. Iris.

Iris: Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Now my morning is complete.

Paulina: Frankie called you, too?

Iris: Well, you don't think I arranged this little soiree, do you?

Paulina: I wonder what she wants.

Iris: Well, whatever it is, I'm afraid I can't wait to find out.

Donna: You're leaving?

Iris: Yes, I am not a lady of leisure, and if Frankie wants to talk to me, she's gonna have to learn to be on time.

Frankie: Oh, stay, Iris. The party's just begun. Sorry I'm late, everybody.

Donna: Well, I should be in court with Marley.

Frankie: I'm hoping you'll do her more good here. Sit, sit.

Iris: And just what do you think is going to happen here?

Frankie: We are all going to have a little talk about Jake.

Iris: I've already given my statements to the police and to Cass.

Paulina: I'll do anything I can to help Marley.

Donna: Thank you.

Paulina: After all, she means so much to Jamie, and Jamie is a member of my family.

Frankie: You all knew Jake differently -- saw different sides to him.

Iris: Yes, we all knew him for the lowlife that he is.

Frankie: But talking together like this might give us a few more pieces of the puzzle. Give us a better idea of what happened the night Jake was shot.

Iris: Don't the police know what happened?

Donna: Of course they don't, or they wouldn't have arrested Marley.

Frankie: I agree. So, why don't we just start talking?

Iris: Look, I'm afraid that I've got better things to do --

Donna: Don't you care at all about helping my daughter?

Iris: Of course I do, Donna. I just can't do anymore than I've already done.

Paulina: You keep trying to leave, Iris. One could almost think you have something to hide.

Sharlene: It's my option to cancel, isn't it?

Taylor: Of course, it's -- it's just -- are you all right? Is it the baby?

Sharlene: Taylor, really. Everything's fine.

Taylor: Ok, good. Well, that's what I wanted to know.

Sharlene: Well, I appreciate your concern, I do. But there's no problem.

Taylor: It's just it's not like you to cancel the session.

Sharlene: I woke up this morning and I realized there were so many things that I had to do.

Taylor: Well, like what?

Sharlene: Like I don't have a single thing in the house for the baby yet. I haven't even unpacked. And, uh -- and I just didn't feel like dropping everything and heading into the hospital.

Taylor: Sharly hated hospitals.

Sharlene: This is Sharlene speaking. It was my decision.

Taylor: You know, it's been two months, Sharlene. You have had no therapeutic support whatsoever.

Sharlene: Yeah, I know, and it's funny. I haven't missed it at all.

Taylor: It's important that we work and go over that time period together to help you make this transition back to your old life.

Sharlene: You see, Taylor, I know that's what you think, but I disagree. I'm starting a new life, and the transition, or whatever you call it, is already over.

Taylor: Look, we could have a session right now.

Sharlene: No, Taylor, you don't understand. I told you I don't want to resume therapy, and I mean it.

Iris: Listen, I am not scared of anything.

Paulina: Mention the word Jake and you act like somebody yelled fire.

Iris: I just -- just don't see what's to be gained by all of this.

Frankie: I am trying to avoid what I'm sure you'd all like to avoid.

Paulina: What's that?

Frankie: Having Cass put you on the stand.

Paulina: Why would he do that?

Iris: To try and make us look like possible suspects, correct?

Frankie: Let's just say, considering what's at stake for Marley, we are going to explore every possibility.

Donna: Yes, well, of course you have to do that.

Frankie: I'm glad you agree, Donna. Why don't we start with you?

Donna: Me?

Iris: Yes, you. I'd adore to hear the story.

Donna: Down, Iris. Frankie and Cass have no intention of casting suspicion on Marley's own mother.

Frankie: Let's start with why you left Visions?

Donna: To spend more time with little Michael.

Iris: That's nonsense. Lots of women juggle career and family.

Donna: We didn't agree on how the place should be run.

Frankie: So Jake forced you out.

Donna: No, he -- [Sighs] The business wasn't doing well. I was more than happy to let him drown in a sea of red ink all by himself.

Iris: Donna, that's not true. Last summer, Visions was very profitable.

Frankie: And how would you know that?

Iris: Because the contract we gave Jake for "Sophisticate's" tape -- it was -- it was lucrative.

Donna: Oh, that was only one job, Iris, and you hardly pay top dollar.

Iris: I was prepared to give Visions much more work, and you must have known that before you left.

Donna: Oh, well, now that's very interesting, Iris, considering the fact that you told Michael that you were very disappointed with Jake's work, and that you'd stopped giving him Cory business.

Paulina: Maybe Donna doesn't know about the biggest project Iris had going with Jake.

Iris: Just what are you jabbering about?

Frankie: Which is it, Iris? Were you working with Jake or weren't you?

Paulina: Must have been real hush-hush. The project, I mean, because I worked in the office and I never heard a word about it.

Frankie: Did Jake talk to you, Paulina?

Iris: Oh, did he talk to her? [Chuckles] He was sleeping with her.

Paulina: How would you know about that, Iris?

Frankie: You've already admitted that you had a crush on the man.

Iris: Yes, and we know you didn't do things from afar. It's just not your style. I mean, you see a rich family and you get in there.

Paulina: If anybody was having an affair with Jake, it was more likely you.

Iris: [Scoffs] Please, I'm eating.

Paulina: I don't know, maybe he bugged only the phones of the women he was, you know.

Iris: Hmm. Don't be ridiculous. He bugged Donna's phone, for heaven's sake.

Donna: This is taking much longer than I planned, and I really have to be with Marley.

Frankie: One more question and I'll let you go.

Donna: What?

Frankie: What did Jake have to do with what happened in Mikey's custody case?

Ryan: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Ryan.

Ryan: Have you, uh -- have you talked to Vicky this morning?

Michael: No. No, I haven't. Why?

Ryan: Well, I spent the better part of last night trolling with her on the docks.

Michael: You take my daughter to the nicest places.

Ryan: Well, she's been under an awful lot of stress lately.

Michael: Well, what would you expect?

Ryan: I just thought it might help her if she had a chance to talk to her father.

Michael: Well, you're concern for my family is very heartwarming.

Ryan: I care about Marley and Vicky. I just don't want anything worse to happen to them.

Michael: What does that mean?

Vicky: Oh, boy. Bridget: Oh, I hope Ryan tells him all about the -- about the charade.

Bridget, you handle my father. I'll take care of Ryan.

Bridget: All right.

Vicky: Let's go. Hi.

Michael: Oh, hi.

Vicky: Uh, Ryan, could I speak with you for a moment please?

Ryan: I'm kind of busy right now.

Michael: You want to tell me what's going on? Hi, Bridget.

Vicky: Well, Ryan upset Vicky and she won't come to court today.

Michael: Wait a minute. She missed the jury selection. Now she's not going to come to the trial?

Ryan: Listen, Vicky's strong. If she wanted to find a way to get here, she -- she'd do it.

Michael: What the hell is going on here?

Bridget: Wait, Marley hasn't been quite herself lately.

Ryan: You can say that again.

Vicky: I'm getting kind of hot.

Cass: Oh, good, you're here.

Michael: Cass. Look, you all set?

Cass: Yeah. Everything's fine. The Judge would like to start a little early.

Michael: You ready to go, honey?

Vicky: Is Donna here yet?

Michael: Uh, she's on her way.

Ryan: Good luck.

Morgan: You're up right after the opening statement.

Ryan: Can't wait.

Cass: Just remember what I told you, ok? Look the jurors right in the eye, show them you're not afraid of them.

Vicky: I will.

Cass: That a girl.

Bailiff: All rise. The Superior Court of Bay City is in session. The Honorable Roland Woods presiding.

Judge Woods: Be seated.

Bailiff: The State versus Marley McKinnon. The charge, attempted murder.

Donna: Jake testified on my behalf at the hearing.

Frankie: But you had had a parting of the ways.

Donna: We weren't enemies.

Frankie: You were hardly friends. There was open hostility between you two over Marley.

Donna: Well, Jake wasn't right for Marley and he just wouldn't accept that.

Frankie: Yet he took the stand and gave a very moving account of what a wonderful mother you are.

Donna: The Millers called Jake, hoping to discredit me. Jake behaved like a decent human being for once in his life and told the truth.

Frankie: All out of the goodness of his heart.

Donna: Frankie, I think you're being very cruel.

Frankie: I am not trying to be cruel, Donna, believe me. I am just trying to help Marley.

Donna: Oh, by making me talk about losing little Michael, in front of them. This is an awful day for me, Frankie. I'm sorry, but I find that cruel.

Frankie: And I'm sorry, Donna, but I had to ask.

Donna: I'm late for court.

Iris: Handled with the sensitivity of a drill happy dentist.

Frankie: Oh, I am so sorry to have offended you, Iris.

Iris: Look, it wasn't only in bad taste. It was a complete waste of time.

Donna: One more question and I'll pick up the check.

Iris: You certainly will, dear.

Frankie: Why did you withdraw a quarter of a million dollars on the day Jake was shot?

Taylor: Sharlene, you're about to give birth. Now, that's a traumatic situation for any woman.

Sharlene: Look, Taylor, after the baby's born, if I feel like I need to talk to you, I will. I really will, but right now I don't want to be in therapy.

Taylor: What led up to this decision?

Sharlene: [Sighs] I'm so tired of my world revolving around me. My problems, my therapy. I -- I've been so wrapped up in myself, I've forgotten about what's -- I've lost sight of what's really important to me.

Taylor: Well, like what?

Sharlene: John, Josie, my baby, my family, Taylor.

Taylor: But they have always understood.

Sharlene: Yes, and I don't want them worrying about me anymore. I -- or taking care of me.

Taylor: But that's part of loving you.

Sharlene: And it's time I gave some of that back, especially to John, Taylor.

Taylor: Well, I can see that your mind is absolutely made up.

Sharlene: You mad at me?

Taylor: No. I want you to be happy.

Sharlene: I am. I really am and it's -- it's gonna work out. Everything is, you'll see.

Taylor: Well, therapist or no therapist, I'm always available as your friend.

Sharlene: And that means a great deal to me. It does.

Taylor: So, what are you going to be doing on your first therapy-free day?

Sharlene: I'm going over to the courthouse to spend some time with John. I -- I really feel it's important to.

Taylor: You sure that's a good idea?

Sharlene: Why?

Taylor: Well, you have some history in that courtroom.

Sharlene: Yes, I know. Felicia's trial.

Taylor: That's where you first admitted your past as a prostitute.

Sharlene: I know that, Taylor. I was there.

Taylor: It's just -- you know, that incident might have been exactly what triggered Sharly's return.

Sharlene: Well, even if it was, that's all behind me now.

Taylor: I hope so.

Morgan: Marley McKinnon admits that she was at Jake McKinnon's loft that night. Her statement to the police places her at the scene at the time of the shooting. A strand of Marley McKinnon's hair was found on Jake's shirt. Fibers of her clothing were found under his fingernails, and blood, his blood, was found on her coat, no one else's. All these things point to a violent struggle. The state intends to demonstrate that for Marley and Jake McKinnon, the road to true love was never smooth. Their marriage initially failed when Marley accused Jake of infidelity, and so he agreed to the divorce that she wanted. After a long separation, Marley approached Jake and asked her ex-husband to resume their relationship. Again, Jake agreed and they became engaged. Somehow, this didn't seem to satisfy Marley. The state will show that during this time, Marley changed her mind about Jake, again, and became involved with another man. Now when she went to the loft that night to break off the engagement, there was an argument. When Jake refused to let her easily out of his life, she shot Jake with his own gun. It's hard to believe, yes, that Marley McKinnon shot this man who lies wasting away in a coma? After all, she's attractive, well-dressed, comes from a respected family. This is a young woman who was raised with every advantage. Well, perhaps that was her undoing. Perhaps this poor little rich girl truly believed that she could make up the rules as she went along, that she would not have to answer for her actions. I submit to you that we are here to let her know that she was wrong. You see, even if Jake McKinnon lives, he may never recover completely. There's very little we can do for him, except to insure that justice is done. Now you can do that, ladies and gentlemen. You can do that by returning a verdict of guilty against Marley McKinnon.

Lawyer: All right, boss.

Morgan: Wasn't bad, was it?

Judge Woods: Mr. Winthrop, your opening statement.

Cass: Thank you, your honor.

Cass: Much of what the District Attorney has told you is true. However, she has skillfully woven the facts into a tapestry that presents a very different picture than what really went on on the night of October 25th. Marley McKinnon did go to see Jake, her intention was to break off their engagement. They did argue. The state would lead you to believe that Jake was justified in his anger, but the way in which he responded can never be justified. In a blind, brutal rage, he attacked Marley McKinnon. The hairs on his shirt, the fibers under his fingernails, the blood on Marley's coat all substantiate Jake's violent act. But even this is not the issue here. The issue, where fact diverges completely from the story that the District Attorney has told you, is that Marley McKinnon simply did not shoot Jake. There is no proof that she did. No eyewitness, no fingerprint on the gun, no nothing. When Marley McKinnon ran out of that loft that night, Jake was alive and well. Someone else entered the loft after Marley left. Someone else shot Jake. But the question is, who? Jake McKinnon is a man that had many enemies. He conducted his personal and professional lives with an air of arrogance and deception. He pushed people to the limits, and on the night of October 25th, someone pushed back. The defense will show you that there is no way to prove that Marley McKinnon is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That there is no shortage of potential suspects -- people who had the motive and the opportunity to enter that loft that night after Marley left and attempt to kill Jake McKinnon. The District Attorney suggests that my client's privileged upbringing left her a willful, spoiled brat. I will show you that nothing could be further from the truth. Marley McKinnon is a very sensitive young woman with a strong sense of responsibility and morality. The prosecution's case is built on nothing but half-truths, assumptions, and innuendo. There is not one single shred of concrete evidence to prove that Marley McKinnon shot Jake. If at any time you have even the slightest doubt that she pulled that trigger, you are sworn to set Marley McKinnon free. The District Attorney has said that we are here to insure that justice is done. I agree wholeheartedly, and that's why I'm confident that you will return a verdict of not guilty for Marley McKinnon. Because there can be no justice in the conviction of an innocent woman.

Iris: Where do you get your information from?

Frankie: I have my sources.

Iris: You have no right to go poking around in my private affairs.

Frankie: You haven't answered my question.

Iris: I bought something.

Frankie: What?

Iris: Not that it's any of your business, but it was a significant work of art.

Frankie: With cash?

Iris: Well, you obviously have no idea how business is handled in the art world.

Frankie: Do you have proof of this purchase, Iris?

Iris: Will a dated receipt do?

Paulina: You know, it's funny. The business was always broke, but Jake always seemed to have a lot of cash on hand.

Iris: I don't know what you're doing harassing me and Donna. Paulina was the one who was jilted.

Frankie: Did you sleep with him?

Paulina: That's nobody's business but mine.

Iris: I rest my case.

Frankie: Well, um, thank you for coming.

Iris: Oh, you mean the inquisition is over?

Frankie: Yes, I have to get to court. I'll pick up the check and, again, thank you.

Paulina: You were paying Jake off. He tried to hold out on you so you shot him.

Iris: Don't push your luck, dearie. You're on dangerous ground as it is.

Taylor: John, I'm glad I caught you.

John: Taylor, I didn't expect to see you here.

Taylor: I have a hearing down the hall.

John: Oh, well, how'd your session with Sharlene go?

Taylor: There was no session.

John: Why not?

Taylor: Do you realize that she's decided not to follow through with therapy?

John: What?

Taylor: On one level I think it's a good sign. It means she's feeling happy and confident.

John: But?

Taylor: She also may have some feelings that she doesn't want to face. Her integration is -- is still pretty fragile.

John: Will she be all right?

Taylor: I would prefer she had at least some professional support.

Sharlene: You didn't waste time spreading the news, Taylor.

Taylor: I had some business here, Sharlene, but I do think that John should know about your decision.

Sharlene: I would have told him about this.

John: Do you think this is a good idea?

Sharlene: Can we talk about this later?

Taylor: Didn't we agree that coming here might be stressful for you?

Sharlene: Well, the more I sat at home, the more I realized that what I need is to be here.

John: Are you sure?

Sharlene: Yes, I'm sure.

John: Ok. Excuse us.

Taylor: Sharlene, I really just want what's best for you.

Sharlene: I know that. I know.

Donna: How are you, darling?

Vicky: I'm -- I'm all right.

Donna: Oh, well, I'm sorry I'm late.

Michael: Donna, how did the meeting go?

Donna: Oh, it was a complete waste of time. How's it going here?

Michael: Well, the D.A. was a little intimidating, but Cass was brilliant. Don't you think so, Marley? Marley?

Vicky: Yes. I -- I think he was terrific.

Sharlene: Marley, hi. How are you?

Vicky: Sharlene, welcome back.

Sharlene: Thank you.

Donna: You're looking wonderful.

Sharlene: Thank you.

John: How's it going, Mike?

Michael: Uh, it's going fine, actually. In terms of opening arguments, I'd say we're winning.

John: Well, that's great.

Sharlene: Where -- where's Vicky?

Donna: Oh, that's right. Where is Victoria?

Vicky: It's a long story.

Donna: Well, I would certainly like to hear that story.

Vicky: I really have to use the ladies room before the recess is over.

Donna: All right, I'll come with you.

Vicky: No, thank -- I just need some time to collect myself, ok?

[Monitor beeping]

Iris: That's right, Jake. You just lie there peacefully while my whole world falls apart. You and your greedy little schemes. Jake! Jake, can you hear me? Jake, can you hear me? Your hand moved, I saw it. It moved. No. You're in a coma. Of course, you can't hear me.

Frankie: Excuse me. Cass.

Cass: Hi.

Stacey: I'll talk to you later. Hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Hi, Stace. Did you give your opening statement?

Cass: Yeah, the Judge wanted to start early.

Frankie: Oh, were you brilliant?

Cass: Yeah. Yeah, real brilliant. How about you? Did you get anything we can use?

Frankie: Half a croissant, if you're hungry.

Cass: Ah, a bust.

Frankie: They were nervous as cats. I'm sure they were all lying.

Cass: I need more than that.

Frankie: I would bet my crystal ball one of them shot Jake.

Cass: Unfortunately, Judge Woods frowns on the crystal ball defense. I need something concrete.

Frankie: Hi, honey.

Bailiff: All rise. Court is in session.

Judge Woods: Please be seated.

Cass: What did I tell you about being on time?

Vicky: I know. I'm sorry, Cass. I'm sorry.

Judge Woods: Call your first witness, Ms. Graves.

Morgan: Yes, your honor. The people call Detective Ryan Harrison.

Bailiff: Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Ryan: I do.

Bailiff: State your name.

Ryan: Ryan Harrison.

Morgan: Please state your title.

Ryan: Detective, Bay City Police Department.

Morgan: Detective Harrison, you were on duty the night that Jake McKinnon was shot.

Ryan: Yes, that's right.

Morgan: Please tell us all what happened.

Ryan: The call came in on the police emergency line on October 25 at 10:25 pm.

Morgan: And who made this call?

Ryan: A woman called and said that a man had been shot and gave the address. She hung up before she could identify herself.

Morgan: This call -- where did it come from?

Ryan: The phone company verified the fact that the call came from inside Jake McKinnon's loft.

Morgan: Did you receive any other calls?

Ryan: Yes, a man called -- Mr. Chris White. He's Jake's neighbor.

Morgan: And what did he report?

Ryan: Exact same thing. He also gave us Jake's name.

Morgan: And so then you went to investigate?

Ryan: Yes, immediately. We arrived at the scene at approximately 10:45 pm.

Morgan: Go on.

Ryan: When we got there, Jake was being treated by the paramedics. He had sustained a bullet wound to the chest.

Morgan: What condition was the loft in?

Ryan: There had been a struggle. There was blood on the floor next to the editing console where Jake had been shot.

Morgan: And then what did you do?

Ryan: I called in a team of forensics and questioned Mr. White.

Morgan: What did he have to say to you?

Ryan: He said he knew who shot Jake.

Cass: Objection -- hearsay.

Judge Woods: Sustained.

Morgan: Had he seen anyone coming out of the loft?

Ryan: He stated that he saw a woman running out of the loft shortly before he found Jake's body.

Morgan: And was he able to positively identify this woman?

Cass: Objection. If counsel wants Chris White's testimony, she should put Chris White on the stand.

Judge Woods: Sustained. The jury will disregard prior line of questioning. Proceed.

Morgan: Detective, after you finished questioning Mr. McKinnon's neighbor, what did you do?

Ryan: I went to question Marley McKinnon.

Morgan: Why?

Ryan: I had reason to believe that she had been at the loft that evening.

Morgan: Did you, in fact, question the defendant?

Ryan: I spoke with her twin sister, Victoria Hudson.

Morgan: But where was Marley McKinnon?

Ryan: Her sister stated that she was upstairs, sleeping.

Morgan: Did you explain to Miss Hudson the gravity of this situation?

Ryan: Well, I asked her to waken her sister so that I could talk to her.

Morgan: Did she comply?

Ryan: Well, Vicky -- Miss Hudson is very protective of her sister.

Morgan: Just answer the question, detective.

Ryan: When I asked Miss Hudson to waken her sister, she refused.

Morgan: So she refused to cooperate with a police investigation?

Cass: Objection.

Judge Woods: Sustained.

Morgan: All right. Did Miss Hudson finally get her sister for you?

Ryan: No.

Morgan: Why?

Ryan: While I was arguing with -- while I was arguing with Miss Hudson, the door opened and Marley arrived home.

Morgan: -Hmm. So she wasn't really upstairs sleeping, was she?

Ryan: Apparently not.

Morgan: Let me be perfectly clear about this. The woman who walked in the house that night, if she's in this courtroom, would you please point her out for us?

Cass: Objection, these melodramatic tactics are right out of Perry Mason.

Judge Woods: Overruled.

Cass: Your honor --

Judge Woods: The element of twin sisters in this case could prove confusing. I'll allow the District Attorney a degree of latitude.

Morgan: Detective, the woman who walked in the house that night, is she in this courtroom?

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