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Another World Transcript Tuesday 11/28/06

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Dean: What are these, the keys? These the keys to that studio you were talking about -- the video studio?

Frankie: Yeah, we're holding on to them until we hear from Jake's uncle.

Dean: Mm, how come?

Frankie: Because we might need this ok, before they auction off all of his stuff.

Dean: Ugh, sounds like the guy is dead already.

Frankie: Yeah, well, we don't know how long he's going to be in that coma, and he's out of money.

Dean: Just doesn't sound fair. There's got to be a better way for the poor guy.

Frankie: Yeah, I know.

Dean: Hmm. Is this what you were looking for?

Frankie: Yes. You know, it's funny. I didn't visualize it there, but thank you very much. Look, I have to go.

Dean: It's ok.

Frankie: You think positive thoughts today, ok?

Dean: Oh, I will. Don't worry. Video...

Bridget: It's round. It should fit. How does that boy do it?

Vicky: Bridget, these earrings are Marley's, don't you think?

Bridget: Victoria, do you really want to know what I think?

Vicky: Only about the earrings. At least I know Mom gave these to Marley. I don't need any more jewelry surprises.

Bridget: You have enough to worry about.

Vicky: Don't start, Bridget.

Bridget: Look, your Mom and Dad are finally getting suspicious, especially your Dad.

Vicky: I know. That's why you have to keep him away from me.

Bridget: Oh, come on now. I'm only your Scottish nanny. I'm not 007.

Vicky: Bridget, you are better than you think you are. Besides, it won't be for much longer.

Bridget: Have you heard from Marley?

Vicky: No, not yet.

Bridget: What about Jamie?

Vicky: No.

Bridget: Well, does that mean --

Vicky: It means that I'm going to court today as Marley, or everything I've done so far will have been wasted. Now, Bridget, you said you were gonna stand by me.

Bridget: Child, I am afraid for you.

Vicky: Well, keep it to yourself or you're gonna blow my cover.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Hello. Jamie, is that you?

Jamie: It's me. I found her, Vicky.

Vicky: Where -- you -- you found Marley?

Jamie: Yes.

Vicky: Oh, this is the best news. Um, how -- how is she? Is she all right?

Jamie: Yes, she's fine.

Vicky: Well, where are you? When are you going to bring her back? Jamie?

Paulina: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you.

Matt: No, it's not you. It's me. I can't -- can't concentrate.

Paulina: Really? I heard you were an "a" student.

Matt: Well, you must have been really impressed.

Paulina: I was. What's bugging you?

Matt: If it's not in a book, I don't know anything about it.

Paulina: There's nothing wrong with an education, Matt.

Matt: All I do is study. Look at Josie and Reuben. They are out in L.A., they're working towards their careers, taking risks, facing real life.

Paulina: Hollywood is not exactly real life.

Matt: You know what I mean. They know what they want to do. My friends know what they want to do. They're sending applications for master's programs -- med school, law school.

Paulina: And you're not?

Matt: How can I? I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, and I'm running out of time.

Paulina: Well, you could always work at Cory.

Matt: Oh, no, no. I want to do something on my own.

Paulina: Well, what interests you the most?

Matt: I don't know. That's the bonus question. I don't have an answer. I know one thing, though. I cannot sit around here forever and think about -- figure it out.

Paulina: What are you talking about? Are you planning on moving out or something?

Matt: I don't know. I might not be the only one.

Paulina: What do you mean?

Matt: I mean, Jamie came back here to be with Mom after Mac died. So did Amanda.

Paulina: So?

Matt: So, he'll probably get married again, so will Amanda, and then they will be gone.

Paulina: Well, not me.

Matt: Not even for the guy who kept you out all night, Christmas eve?

Paulina: How do you know about that?

Matt: There are no secrets in this house. That's another problem, by the way.

Paulina: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Matt: Well, you might be the only one.

Paulina: Well, your mother's planning on moving out, too?

Matt: [Laughs] Well, she and Ken are getting pretty serious. And living in this house -- I don't think that's exactly Ken's style.

Paulina: Well, that's just great. That's just great. I finally find my family and have a home. I don't want anything to change.

Matt: Things change whether we want them to or not.

Paulina: I guess I'm living proof of that, huh?

Matt: Whatever happens -- wherever we live or end up, you're part of the family now.

Paulina: I hope so.

[Phone rings]

I'll get it.

Paulina: Hello.

Dean: Paulina. Hey, I was hoping I'd catch you in. It's the man of your dreams.

Paulina: Hi, Dean.

Dean: Yeah, listen. Grab Matt, grab a limo, and meet me in front of Cass and Frankie's house right now.

Paulina: Why?

Dean: I have just come up with the most incredible, insanely brilliant plan of my entire life, and I'm letting the two of you get in on it. And it's a one-time offer, if you act now.

Rachel: Well, if you don't remember an answer, maybe it's because I don't remember a proposal.

Ken: You don't?

Rachel: No. Not a down-on-one-knee, will-you-marry-me kind, no.

Ken: Ah, no -- well, no, it wasn't that.

Rachel: See.

Ken: No, but I know you. See, you'd turn me down flat if I pressured you like that.

Rachel: Would I?

Ken: Rachel, this -- this is an I-love-you, I-want-to-plan-a-future-with-you proposal.

Rachel: What's the difference?

Ken: This way, you've got a chance to -- to get used to the idea that life with me will be nothing like life with Mac.

Rachel: Is that what you think I want?

Ken: I just want to get this on the record.

Rachel: Go on.

Ken: I'll probably never be wealthy. I will surely never be a pillar of the community.

Rachel: Wait a minute. I'm not looking for another Mac Cory. There isn't one. Any more than there is another Maria or another you.

Ken: Let me get this out, ok?

Rachel: Sorry.

Ken: [Sighs] I'm not even sure that I can handle living in your house. And I've never camped in one place for a year voluntarily until now.

Rachel: So where does that leave us?

Ken: It means we both have a lot to work out before either of us is ready to walk down the aisle.

Rachel: Boy, you can really sweep a girl off her feet.

Ken: I want both your feet firmly planted on the ground when you give me your answer. You've got to know what you are getting into.

Rachel: You're a real romantic.

Ken: Have I blown it already?

Rachel: Depends on what you want -- whether you want to talk me out of this or talk me into it.

Ken: Maybe I should start over.

Rachel: Why don't you just tell me about the ring?

Ken: The ring is my way of saying that I love you, that I'm not going anywhere, and that someday I would very much like for you to be my wife. So what do you say? Will you wear it?

Jamie: Everyone in Marquesa lied to me. I showed her picture all over town, and no one would admit to me that they had seen her. If I hadn't heard the church bells on Christmas and if I hadn't gone into the church, I never would have found her.

Vicky: Was she happy to see you?

Jamie: Not at first.

Vicky: You didn't buy that, did you?

Jamie: No. Vicky, she's refusing to come home.

Vicky: What? Jamie, she doesn't have a choice.

Jamie: She thinks she does.

Vicky: Well, talk to her.

Jamie: I tried. Vicky, she wants you to tell Cass that she's left the country for good.

Vicky: Well, she can just forget about it. I'm going into that court today as Marley, and I will be there every day as Marley until this trial is over.

Jamie: You'll never pull it off.

Vicky: Yes, I will.

Jamie: Vicky, what if they call you to testify? You can't be Vicky and Marley in the same court at the same time.

Vicky: Jamie, that's isn't going to happen.

Jamie: You'll go to jail.

Vicky: Fine, then I'll do that. I will be Marley all the way to the slammer if I have to be.

Jamie: You just may have to go as yourself if the D.A. catches on.

Vicky: Jamie, does Marley know I'm doing this?

Jamie: Yes, I told her when I tried to convince her to come home.

Vicky: What did she say?

Jamie: She wants me to make you give it up.

Vicky: Let me talk to her.

Jamie: She's still sleeping.

Vicky: I don't give a damn if --

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: Oh, that's Ryan. Shall I get the door?

Vicky: Not -- not yet. Jamie, listen to me. I've got to go. Marley won't be able to handle this without her family. She is not gonna be able to do this alone.

Jamie: Vicky, she's not alone.

Vicky: She hasn't convinced you to be a fugitive with her, has she? Jamie, what about Steven? Jamie?

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Oh, my God.

Bridget: What happened?

Vicky: She, um -- I got cut -- cut off with him.

Bridget: Well, what about Marley?

Vicky: Uh, she -- she's refusing to come home.

Bridget: Oh, my dear.

Vicky: Just get the door, Bridget.

Bridget: Oh, yes, all right. All right. Oh, come in, Ryan.

Ryan: Thanks, Bridget. Marley.

Vicky: [Imitating Marley] Hi.

Ryan: I was sure I heard Vicky's voice outside.

Marley: Jamie.

Jamie: Good morning.

Marley: How long have you been there?

Jamie: Not long. You were dreaming.

Marley: Oh, I was. I dreamt that you flew here. But we weren't here in Marquesa, we were in Nice.

Jamie: I've had that dream myself.

Marley: You're real, aren't you?

Jamie: Last time I checked.

Marley: Come here and let me check. Oh, yes. You are very real.

Jamie: I'm not going anywhere without you -- not even in my dreams.

Marley: What time is it?

Jamie: Around noon.

Marley: Noon -- it's noon? How could you let me sleep until noon?

Jamie: You needed it.

Marley: Well, what have you done all morning?

Jamie: A lot of things, including calling Vicky.

Marley: Did you tell her what I told you to?

Jamie: She won't give up, Marley. She's on her way to court right now pretending to be you.

Marley: That is insane. She cannot bluff her way through the trial.

Jamie: You try telling her that.

Marley: Jamie, I can't go back.

Jamie: Well, you can't make Vicky stop pretending to be you, either.

Marley: Why didn't she just leave this alone? This was my decision.

Jamie: It's still your decision. What are you gonna do?

Ryan: I know I heard Vicky.

Vicky: [Imitating Marley] Oh, because of the yelling?

Bridget: Oh, well, now Marley is very upset.

Vicky: There are so many reporters outside. You saw them. And I keep getting calls -- it's just kind of hard to stay calm.

Bridget: And she has to be in the courtroom in less than an hour. Now, come on, do you mind? Leave her alone so she can get dressed in peace.

Ryan: I didn't make -- didn't mean to make things worse. I just need to talk to Vicky.

Vicky: Why?

Ryan: Well, I'm going off duty and I want to talk to her before I crash. I'm worried about her.

Vicky: Oh. Well, she took Steven to the doctor's.

Ryan: Oh, is he ok?

Vicky: Yes, he's -- he is fine. It's just a routine checkup.

Ryan: Oh, ok. Just tell her that I was here, ok?

Vicky: I will.

Ryan: Uh, good luck today.

Bridget: Uh, Ryan, you know Victoria did hear -- hear you on the police scanner last night, and she was very pleased.

Ryan: That's good. At least I know one way to reach her.

Vicky: Ryan, no matter how crazy things get with the trial, Vicky cares about you. Remember that.

Ryan: Well, if we can get through this, we can get through anything, right?

Vicky: Oh, I agree. [Groans]

Bridget: Victoria, if you let that young man get away, you are crazy.

Paulina: This is what you want to show us?

Dean: Yes. This is great. Nobody's home.

Paulina: Of course nobody's home, Jake's in the hospital.

Matt: Listen, I think the cops left everything the way it was when Jake was shot.

Dean: Wow, this is such a great setup.

Paulina: Can we get out of here, please?

Matt: Wait, wait, wait --

Dean: This is even better than I imagined.

Paulina: Don't go in there.

Matt: Listen, Dean, I don't think we should be here. There's a police line here.

Dean: Would you guys chill out, please? The cops' investigation is over. And Cass told me they're auctioning off all this stuff and the place is going on the market.

Paulina: With Jake still in a coma?

Matt: What -- can they do that?

Dean: I don't know. He's in debt or something, ok? And that is where we take over.

Matt: We? We?

Dean: Yeah, yeah. We open our own recording studio. Ok, we start off small, let the business grow. Meanwhile, I'll work on my demo.

Paulina: A music studio?

Dean: Yeah, it'll be perfect. It'll be perfect. We can even get a little bit of, uh, press from the whole trial thing.

Paulina: You are kidding, right?

Dean: No, no. We'll call it "The Shoot-Out." No, or "One-Shot Studio" or something like that. As long as the people know that Jake was gunned down here and that, you know -- I don't know. We'll work with it.

Paulina: That's disgusting.

Dean: Well, it may not be pretty, honey, but, you know, the people will remember us. That's important.

Matt: Wait, wait, whoa. What's all this "us" and "we" stuff?

Dean: What, I need associates. I need associates.

Matt: You want me to be your partner?

Dean: You would be perfect, man. You'd be perfect, and so would Paulina.

Matt: Why, because you need money?

Dean: Associates with cash would be a definite plus, yes.

Matt: Oh, and you thought of us. Well, listen. I have heard like three bars of maybe one of your songs.

Dean: I've taken care of that. I've taken care of that. I've got free samples.

Paulina: I said don't go in there.

Dean: Why not?

Paulina: Because that's where Jake was shot.

Matt: How do you know?

Rachel: You're a difficult man to figure out.

Ken: I hope that's good.

Rachel: Just a while ago, you were trying to walk out of my life.

Ken: "Trying" is the operative word. You notice I'm still here.

Rachel: What changed your mind?

Ken: You did -- being with you. I realized that loving someone is making a choice. I mean, part of it, sure, you can't help it. It overtakes you. But you can fight it or you can go with it.

Rachel: And you were fighting it?

Ken: But then I realized I couldn't stop thinking about you. I couldn't stop making plans. There are things I wanted to share with you, like my life.

Rachel: Pretty scary for a confirmed loner.

Ken: Very scary. But then I thought, what's so wrong with being scared? Some of my best memories were when I was scared stiff. I mean, I'm supposed to be an adventurer, right? I'd like you to wear this.

Rachel: I will wear it as a token of the adventure we've started.

Ken: I couldn't have said it better myself.

One of these days, when we are both ready, I'm going to move that to the other hand.

Paulina: I know this was the spot because I -- I heard it on the news, all right?

Dean: Oh, right by this console? Ew, what did they -- what did they do, shoot him in the back?

Paulina: From what I hear, it was through the chest.

Matt: You seem to know a lot about this, Paulina.

Paulina: Matthew, I worked with him, all right? Right here.

Matt: Dean, I think we should clear out of here. Paulina is getting a little upset.

Dean: I just want to play the tape.

Paulina: Can we not do that some place else?

Dean: Well, why not? We're here already, right? It's not that this guy Jake is going to mind or anything. [Chuckles]

[Music playing]

Dean: Plus, where are you gonna find sound equipment like this, huh?

Matt: You wrote this?

Dean: Yeah. I practiced on the synthesizer that Cass and Frankie bought me for Christmas.

Matt: Sounds pretty sad. What are the lyrics?

Dean: I was trying to get the feeling of someone who is used and thrown away.

Matt: Some pretty heavy stuff, man.

Dean: Sometimes life is full of love gone wrong, lovers who betray you. Haven't you ever been dumped on?

Paulina: I don't understand. You did buy a ring today, didn't you?

Jake: For Marley. I bought the ring for Marley.

Paulina: Jake, didn't you tell me that you'd broken up with Marley and that it was all over and that she was going away?

Jake: I lied.

[Paulina screams]

Frankie: Here you go.

Cass: So what kept you?

Frankie: You sound worried.

Cass: Well, I'm not crazy with the way jury selection is going.

Frankie: Why?

Cass: Well, for one thing, I didn't get as much feedback out of Marley as I had hoped.

Frankie: Nothing, huh?

Cass: She's just sitting there dying for the Judge to call for a recess so she can go rushing out. I mean, the jury is going to read her as indifferent, blasé.

Frankie: Or guilty.

Cass: You got it. Would you do something for me?

Frankie: Sure.

Cass: Watch the jury watching Marley. Tell me what you think.

Frankie: Ok. Just don't ask me to explain anything. It might not make any sense.

Cass: Hey, right now I'm ready to put intuition above intellect.

Frankie: Ok, listen. I'm gonna go sit down and soak up the atmosphere, get myself centered, and I'll see you in there, ok?

Cass: Do it, baby. I'm counting on you. Thanks for this.

Vicky: [Imitating Marley] Cass.

Cass: Oh, good.

Vicky: Hi.

Cass: I'm glad you got here early. How are you feeling?

Vicky: I'm ok. I'm better.

Cass: Good. There are some things that we have to go over. First of all, this could be the final day of choosing the jury.

Vicky: Which means the trial is going to start.

Cass: Which also means that this is our last chance to change your plea to self-defense.

Vicky: I won't do that, Cass. I didn't shoot him.

Cass: Ok. Then we have to talk.

Vicky: About what?

Cass: If I have to, I think you should let me put you on the stand.

Vicky: Why?

Cass: So that you can testify to the fact that Jake raped you.

Vicky: What?

Cass: Now, I know how hard that is for you to face. That's why you haven't told anybody that that's what really happened.

Vicky: Cass --

Cass: And I also know that testifying about it will be enormously difficult.

Vicky: It would be impossible.

Cass: But I have seen Morgan's case. She's going to make a big thing about the fact that you and Jake struggled. Now, if you testify that you were trying to stop him from raping you and then that attempt failed, then the case would be blown.

Vicky: I see.

Cass: Will you do it?

Vicky: I don't know.

Cass: Marley, are you all right?

Vicky: No, I am not all right.

Cass: Marley?

Vicky: Damn you, Jake! Why didn't you tell me he raped you, Marley? Why didn't you tell me?

Dean: Why are you so jumpy?

Matt: Man, shut up, Dean. Are you ok?

Paulina: Yeah, I guess so. It sounded like a gun went off.

Matt: Sit down here for a minute.

Paulina: No, I'm all right. I'm really ok.

Dean: I'm sorry. I forgot you had a thing for Jake.

Matt: I think we've been here long enough.

Paulina: Yeah, I know I have. I'm getting out of here.

Dean: When are you gonna listen to the rest of my story.

Paulina: We'll do it later.

Matt: Let me take you home.

Paulina: No, I'll grab a cab.

Dean: Listen, what about tonight? I'll call you tonight --

Matt: Dean, would you shut up? Some guy was shot here and all you think about is your music.

Paulina: Matt, I'm gonna grab a cab, ok? I'll see you later.

Matt: No, you stay here. I'll grab a cab and I'll be right back.

Dean: I'm sorry I was such a clod.

Paulina: Why do you write music like that, anyway?

Dean: Hit a little close to home?

Paulina: You like making people upset or something?

Dean: Paulina, I just asked you to listen to it. I didn't ask you to like it.

Paulina: I'm sorry, Dean. You know I love your music. You don't really think life is as sad as this song says, though, do you?

Dean: I am not into romance and happy endings and fairy tales and all that kind of garbage.

Paulina: It's not garbage.

Dean: Well, it is to me. It is, ok? Hey, what happened? I thought that you're a Cory, nothing shakes you up.

Paulina: It's just being here. It just reminded me of Jake, and I -- I'd rather not think about him.

Dean: That guy really did a number on your head, I think.

Paulina: You know, I had a feeling all along that he didn't really care about me, but he kept telling me I was wrong. Of course you never want to believe things like that.

Dean: That really stinks.

Paulina: Yeah. He was planning on marrying Marley all along.

Dean: Must feel like a dunce, though -- I mean, you shouldn't.

Paulina: Well, you must know all about that, huh?

Dean: What, me? No, I don't know -- I don't --

Paulina: You can't write music like that without experiencing some kind of heartbreak.

Dean: No, no, no, no, I -- I don't know.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, you've never been hurt by a woman, right?

Dean: Well, I just don't let them, you know, get that close to me so they could hurt me.

Paulina: Then how do you do it?

Dean: It's kind of simple. I've just been stomped on enough by life.

Jamie: It's so good to hold you.

Marley: Don't let me go.

Jamie: I don't plan to.

Marley: Jamie, leaving you and coming here was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I left you in that restaurant thinking that I was never going to see you again.

Jamie: Did you think I'd really let you walk out of my life?

Marley: I was just thinking of the pain I was going to cause you if I stayed.

Jamie: Marley, do you know how frantic I was when I finally figured out that you had run away, when I thought you had given up on us?

Marley: Why would you think that?

Jamie: What was I supposed to do?

Marley: I don't know. I -- I'd hoped that you would understand. Jamie, that night was perfect, and I wanted it to be enough. I wanted it to get us through the rest of our lives. I needed it to be enough.

Jamie: Marley, you can't live in memories.

Marley: I know that. I came here and what did I think about? I thought about you and our night together and dancing and you giving me that beautiful bracelet.

Jamie: When I did, I told you it was for strength and courage and love.

Marley: I know.

Jamie: And you said you would never take it off.

Marley: And I won't. But, Jamie, I can be stronger here. And I can love you better from here.

Jamie: How? Marley, that's crazy. You're thinking about Vicky.

Marley: Everything is falling apart. Do you know that? I left Bay City in the first place so nobody would have to go through the grief of a trial. I wanted to leave so that nobody would get hurt.

Jamie: I don't think that's possible. Marley, what do you want to do?

Marley: I don't know. I'm trying to make a decision.

Jamie: Well, whatever you do decide, I'll be with you. I mean that --

Marley: Jamie, please.

Jamie: I'm not leaving you.

Marley: No. I love you for coming here and being with me, but I can't take your life away from you.

Jamie: My life is with you.

Marley: And what about -- what about Steven? Who's gonna teach him to sail and to play baseball, or teach him how to ride a bike or tie a tie? Jamie, you know what it's like to lose your father. And you could never do that to Steven and still be happy.

Jamie: Vicky would bring him to us.

Marley: And that wouldn't be enough -- you know it. Jamie, this will not work.

Jamie: Marley, how am I supposed to live without you?

Marley: You'll have a life. You -- you'll have your life as a doctor and with your family. And you will -- you'll know that you did the right thing. And someday you'll find somebody else.

Jamie: No.

Marley: Jamie, you can't stay here, and I can't go back.

Jamie: Why not? You have a life there too, Marley. Why can't you face this thing directly?

Marley: Do you want me to go to prison?

Bridget: Victoria, what happened?

Vicky: She should have just killed him, Bridget. Jake deserves to be dead.

Bridget: You don't mean that.

Bridget: I do mean that. I've never hated anybody more than I hate that man.

Bridget: I'm going to get Cass.

Vicky: No. No, no, no.

Bridget: You are going to have a nervous breakdown.

Vicky: Bridget, I have more reason now that I ever have to pull this thing off.

Bridget: All right, now you turn around and you tell me something. Something is changed, and I want to know what it is.

Vicky: All you have to know is that my sister is not going to suffer again.

Bridget: Vic -- what about you, Victoria? What about you?

Dean: See, I knew it. I knew the super would see it our way.

Matt: He is not doing you any favors. Who else would want this place?

Dean: This is a great place. What do you mean?

Matt: With a rotten past -- which is the only reason I got him to lower the rent.

Dean: Well, that's good. I'm glad someone's looking out after our money.

Matt: Our money? Our money?

Dean: Ok, your money, your money. But if you choose to invest, you are investing in me, right?

Matt: If I get involved, it will not be as a silent partner.

Dean: Matt, buddy, if you choose to invest, then you call it anything you like.

Matt: Ok, ok, ok. Just tell me how you see it.

Dean: All right. We start off with sessions, you know, recording sessions. Well, nothing too big at first. We do jingles, radio spots, local commercials -- they pay the bills.

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Dean: Then, after a while I'll work on my demo, and how that goes depends, you know -- I don't know -- we could go a number of ways, actually.

Matt: Such as?

Dean: Well, we could -- we could keep the place as a private recording studio, or we could sell it off at a profit.

Matt: Wait a minute, wait a minute -- one question. What if your demo flops?

Dean: All right,

Matt. I don't know. That's a chance we're gonna have to take, all right? I'm taking all the risks here.

Dean: Matt, all you can lose is money, pal. That's all you can lose. You got plenty of it. If this thing doesn't work out, I don't have a whole lot of options.

Matt: Stardom or nothing, right?

Dean: I'm not just gonna play somebody else's music in a piano lounge, waiting for my big break in life. I'm not. This is a chance you take. And the way I see it, this is a chance for both of us.

Matt: How do you see it?

Dean: I see it that you've got a lot of money and you got a lot of time and you've got -- you don't do anything with it.

Matt: I go to school.

Dean: You go to the right school, with the right friends, and the right clothes. And right after school, you go over to the health spa and then you go over to the Country Club. I mean, you are living life like a -- like a middle-aged man.

Matt: Why don't you stop making judgments on people, then you -- you might make some friends.

Dean: I don't need friends. I need a backer, ok? And you need to do something in your life that your family is not that excited about.

Matt: Like what, invest in you?

Dean: I don't know. Just stir up your life, man.

Matt: Listen, I do not like being called middle-aged.

Dean: I didn't say that you'd like it. Look, my tape is right here. Listen to it. Give me a call.

[Music playing]

Rachel: Touché. You know what I'm going to have? I'm going to have a pile of messages from -- Iris, very irate.

Ken: You see -- you see, I have it easy. When I'm not at the Odyssey, everything just falls apart on its own.

Rachel: Yes. Why did you insist on driving over here with me, bringing me home?

Ken: I'm a gentleman.

Rachel: You didn't want to work.

Ken: That, too. It's too cold for a dive. Besides, my only other project is an expedition to the Middle East.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Ken: Yeah, I've been planning this one for a long time.

Rachel: You like the idea of being a hostage?

Ken: I think I already am one.

Rachel: Mm. That was sweet. What were we talking about?

Ken: We were discussing my next expedition. I vote in favor of tabling that discussion and taking up the subject of what we're going to do New Year's eve.

Rachel: Um -- I already made plans for us. I'm sorry. Well, I had to. It was Jamie. I mean, it's his benefit at Tops for the clinic.

Ken: All right, fine. After that, what do you say we go back to that inn I found?

Rachel: Oh, yes, we never really did take advantage of that place, did we?.

Ken: My sentiments exactly.

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Paulina: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

Rachel: Oh, Paulina, it's all right. It's all right. I'm -- I'm glad to see you, honey. Listen, how would you like to go to the spa with me? I was just thinking of going over there and getting -- are you all right?

Paulina: Yeah -- yeah, I'm fine. And -- and I would love to go to the spa with you. Is Amanda going?

Rachel: Um, no. No, she isn't, honey. She has a deadline. It will just be the two of us.

Paulina: Sounds wonderful.

Rachel: Ok, I'll call Maurice and tell him we are on our way.

Frankie: I'm trying to find out if a Gloria Norris filed a will. I see. Could you tell me how I could find out his name? Ok. Thank you very much.

What are you doing here?

Ryan: I was called.

Frankie: You were?

Ryan: Well, if the lawyers select a jury, then they are gonna want go to trial. I'm the D.A.'s first witness.

Frankie: Guess that make sense. You are the arresting officer.

Ryan: You know, as far as you are concerned, I'm always going to be the enemy.

Frankie: That's not it, Ryan. But the fact is, you're not gonna help Marley's case, are you?

Ryan: I'm just doing my job. I care about Marley and Vicky. You know that.

Frankie: Have you seen Vicky?

Ryan: Not since before Christmas. How does she seem to you?

Frankie: I haven't seen her, either.

Ryan: Wasn't she supposed to go to dinner with you all at the -- at the farm?

Frankie: Yeah, that was the plan, but Steven got sick.

Ryan: I was supposed to see her, but she was at the doctor's with Steven.

Reporter: Are you happy with the jury?

Second reporter: Do you think you're going to win this case?

Morgan: I feel very confident that the men and the women of this jury can be fair and impartial, and that they want justice for Jake McKinnon.

Reporter: Why did the Judge adjourn until after the New Year?.

Morgan: We're not after blood. We just want the members of this jury to be able to give their full attention to the trial.

Reporter: Why hasn't your sister been here, Mrs. McKinnon?

Second reporter: Is she avoiding the trial?

Cass: Ignore them, Marley. Excuse me. Stop badgering my client.

Reporter: Let her talk, Cass.

Bridget: What do you think you are doing? Get out of my way. Does your mother know what you are doing? She would be terribly ashamed of you if she knew.

Reporter: These sisters in silence may not be as close now as they once were. One twin seems to be missing. The question is -- why?

Ken: Well, I trust you had a happy afternoon.

Paulina: We did. You look happy. Wouldn't have anything to do with the ring on Rachel's finger, would it?

Ken: It might.

Paulina: I thought you were going to wait to give it to her.

Ken: I changed my mind.

Paulina: Hmm. So does this mean you're officially engaged?

Ken: Not officially. We made a few promises to each other about the future.

Paulina: Any talk about the past?

Ken: No.

Paulina: Interesting.

Ken: After the trial, when things settle down, we're gonna talk about getting married.

Paulina: I suppose I should have expected this.

Ken: Aren't you happy for me?

Paulina: Not really.

Ken: Why? You got what you wanted.

Paulina: I don't trust you, Ken. One of these days, you're gonna get an attack of guilty conscience and spill your guts.

Ken: I'm not gonna say anything.

Paulina: Well, you might not have to. If Jake wakes up, he's gonna blab what he knows to anyone who will listen.

Ken: Now, take my word for it. Ratting on whoever shot him is going to come first.

Paulina: Fine. Then he'll go after me, just like he did before.

Ken: Hey, cheer up. He might die.

Paulina: Oh, that's a very nice thing to say.

Ken: That's what you're thinking, too, isn't it? Admit it.

Paulina: What I'm thinking is that we still have a lot to deal with here. There's Iris. What about the tapes that Jake made? What about that letter he got from the adoption agency? What if they find that?

Ken: That's a very long shot now. The police have already been over his place with a fine-tooth comb.

Paulina: It's still not safe, Ken. How could you ask Rachel to marry you at a time like this?

Ken: I love her.

Paulina: Well, I thought you couldn't live with a lie.

Ken: I had to choose between two lies. One was about the past and the other is about the future.

Paulina: What is that supposed to mean?

Ken: I love Rachel. To deny that, to walk away from her now -- that would be a lie. I tried to do it once. It didn't work. So I'm gonna live with our lie about the past. It is the only way that I can have the future that Rachel and I both want.

Jamie: You are looking at this as an all-or-nothing situation. There are other alternatives than prison or life in exile.

Marley: I'm just trying to be realistic.

Jamie: Marley, I know the trial scares you. But I'll tell you what I've told everyone else. You are stronger than you know.

Marley: Is that why I ran away?

Jamie: You panicked. Forget that. I know if you spoke from your heart to the jury, they would know that you are innocent.

Marley: Jamie, I cannot tell them everything.

Jamie: Why not? They should know that Jake raped you. They should know everything. It is the only way.

Marley: That's not what Cass thought. Cass wanted it to look like something different was going on with us.

Jamie: You can beat this. I know it.

Marley: How?

Jamie: You could win the trial.

Marley: Oh, Jamie.

Jamie: Jake could come to and tell everyone who really shot him. There is a lot of room for hope here, Marley. But only if we go back. Because if we stay, we shut that door forever.

Vicky: There. All right. Oh, is it the round one? Now, where does the round one go? Where did you get it from? Bridget, he knows something's wrong.

Bridget: I know he does.

Vicky: Do you think Jamie could do it? Do you think he could stay away from Steven forever?

Bridget: He loves that little boy. He'll do the right thing.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I thought Marley was gonna do the right thing, and look what happened. What if they stay away? What if I lose both Marley and Jamie?

Bridget: Better you should be thinking about Steven. What's going to happen to him when they put you in jail?

Vicky: I can't think about that right now.

Bridget: My dear, you've done everything you can for Marley. You've got to stop this. You know that District Attorney? She never takes her eyes off you in the courtroom.

Vicky: I can't give up, Bridget.

Bridget: Well, I'm going to put Steven to bed. I don't like him seeing you like this, so upset. Come on, Steven. Come on, darling.

[Doorbell rings]

Bridget: We better go to bed.

Vicky: Go get your jammies on.

Bridget: Do you want me to get that?

Vicky: No, I'll get it.

Bridget: All right, here we go.

Vicky: Ok.

Bridget: Away we go.

Ryan: Marley.

Vicky: [Imitating Marley] Ryan.

Ryan: I didn't mean to bother you, but I thought I'd wait for Vicky.

Vicky: You don't give up, do you?

Ryan: She's walking away from everyone, Marley -- even her family.

Vicky: Well, she's feeling very alone right now, but that's the way she keeps it together.

Ryan: If she would just let me see her, I could help.

Vicky: Yeah, maybe -- maybe.

Ryan: Looks like you could use a friend too, huh?

Vicky: [Sighs] I sure could.

Ryan: You got to believe that this is all gonna turn out right. You know that.

Vicky: That's what I keep telling myself.

Ryan: Marley?

Vicky: It's -- it's really crazy how you and Vicky keep missing each other. You're gonna have to set up an appointment or something. At least it's a good thing she got your message on the scanner.

Ryan: What?

Vicky: The L.O.C.

Ryan: How do you know about the L.O.C?

Vicky: Television. I watch a lot of --

Ryan: There's no such thing as an L.O.C. on TV. My partner and I made it up.

Vicky: Well, I was -- I guess Vicky told me about it, Ryan.

Ryan: I knew it.

Vicky: What?

Ryan: It's no use. The game's over. Vicky.

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