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Another World Transcript Monday 11/20/06

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Ryan: Bridget, Bridget, are you being straight with me, or is that what Vicky told you to say? Well, then where is she? Just out. Yeah, well, um, if you could give her my message, I'd appre --

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Wait, I think that's her now. Yeah. Thanks, Bridget.

Iris: Merry Christmas, Detective Harrison.

Taylor: [Humming]

John: Well, what do you think?

Taylor: I think it's perfect. Everything about tonight. It's perfect.

John: Our first Christmas together.

[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]

[Phone ringing]

Taylor: Hello.

John: Ah, Taylor, hi.

Taylor: John, I was just thinking about you.

John: This is the first free minute I've had to get to a phone.

Taylor: Oh, I've made the most wonderful eggnog. Now you better get over here soon, or I'm going to drink it all myself.

John: Actually that's why I'm calling. I'm not going to be able to make it tonight.

Taylor: Oh.

[Paulina gasps]

Cass: Paulina, fancy meeting you here.

Paulina: I was just leaving something. A Christmas present for Jake.

Cass: For Jake?

Paulina: Is something wrong with that?

Cass: Well, it just makes me kind of wonder, if maybe you have a guilty conscience.

Taylor: I don't understand. I thought Dan was covering for you tonight.

John: Oh, he is. But it's been crazy. I haven't had a break since I got here.

Taylor: You must be exhausted.

John: I still have a lot of paperwork to do before I can take off.

Taylor: John, you know, we don't have to trim the tree. Why don't you just stop by for a drink?

John: I'd be lousy company.

Taylor: You shouldn't have to go home and cook. Why, I'll make something for us.

John: Actually I got a sandwich on the run. I, uh, really want to get Sharlene a Christmas present.

Taylor: Sharlene?

John: I have to believe that she's going to be home before Christmas.

Taylor: Look, John, we've talked about this.

John: I know, I know, Taylor. But, look, the real reason I'm calling, I was wondering if I could get a rain check on the tree trimming.

Taylor: Sure. I mean, we just kind of arranged it spur of the moment and --

John: How about tomorrow night?

Taylor: Maybe.

John: Good. I'll call you.

Taylor: Ok. Bye.

John: Bye.

[Scraping noise]

John: Grant: Well, doc, don't you ever get a break, or do you live here now?

John: Congressman, you seem to be spending more time at the hospital now than when you were a patient.

Grant: Well, with good reason. You see, the Harrison family is donating a wing to Bay City General.

John: Surprise, surprise.

Grant: Well I'm hoping to accomplish a lot once I get seated on the board.

John: Good luck.

Grant: Surely you don't expect that your family is the only ones to, um, see how this hospital is run.

John: No. No more than I expect you to stay the hell out of my life.

Grant: And I would imagine that the hospital is probably uppermost in Donna or Michael's mind right about now?

John: Grant, if you want to cause me trouble, that's fine. I expect it from you. But you stay the hell away from my family.

Grant: Wait a minute, doc, do I hear a threat maybe?

John: Marley has enough problems without your interference.

Grant: I don't know what you are talking about.

John: You bring up her case every time there is a press conference.

Grant: I just want to see that justice is served.

John: Well, then go back to Washington, Grant. Do whatever it is you do there.

Grant: And just let crimes go unpunished?

John: I wonder how quick you'd be to condemn her if you knew what she had done for you.

Grant: For me?

John: If it hadn't been for Marley McKinnon, you might not be alive today.

Ryan: Why, Mrs. Wheeler, I didn't know that you cared.

Iris: Oh -- it's -- it's not from me.

Ryan: Oh?

Iris: It's from your father.

Ryan: Hmm, what are you doing with it?

Iris: Well, he asked me to deliver it to you.

Ryan: Where do you know my father from?

Iris: Oh, I -- I don't really know Spencer. I ran into him at the VIP lounge, Kennedy Airport, and we got to chatting.

Ryan: Oh, did you?

Iris: Yes, I was waiting for my flight, and he was making a connecting flight to San Francisco.

Ryan: San Francisco?

Iris: Well, maybe it was San Diego, I don't know. It was one of those places out west. Anyway, we got chatting and, uh --

Ryan: So he's back in the states?

Iris: He spoke very highly of his sons.

Ryan: Of me or Grant?

Iris: Of you.

Ryan: Oh, I don't think so. I know him a lot better than you do.

Iris: He's a very charming man.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, that he is.

Iris: In any event, he -- he asked me to give you this gift and brought one for Grant as well.

Ryan: Why don't you -- why didn't you call? I could have picked it up.

Iris: Because I had to pass this way on my way from the airport.

Ryan: Diamond cufflinks.

Iris: How did you know?

Ryan: Because I get these on even-numbered years. On odd-numbered years I get the pen set. Solid gold pen set. Nothing but the best for Spencer.

Iris: Are you serious?

Ryan: Yeah, see for yourself. Pen set. Cufflinks. Pen set. Cufflinks. At least he's consistent.

Iris: My father's gift to me was always the most precious one I received every Christmas. I'm sorry.

Ryan: Well, thank you for dropping by, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Why don't you call me Iris?

Ryan: I do. Just behind your back.

Iris: I see.

Ryan: Well thank you very much, Mrs. Wheeler. And have a merry Christmas.

Iris: I know what I wanted to ask you. Didn't Marley's trial start today?

Ryan: Yeah it did.

Iris: How is it going?

Ryan: Well, it's hard to tell. They haven't even picked the whole jury yet.

Iris: Well, I just hope it doesn't drag on.

Ryan: You know, it's funny. All the people in this town, they really want this trial to be over and done with. I wonder why that is.

Paulina: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Cass: I'm saying that I find it a little strange to see you visiting a man who ostensibly hurt you so badly.

Paulina: I don't hold grudges.

Cass: Hey, I guess not. Not only are you visiting him, you are leaving Christmas presents for him.

Paulina: I didn't make a special trip. I was handing out presents to all the patients. It's a Cory tradition.

Cass: You're really getting into being a Cory, aren't you?

Paulina: Now what's that supposed to mean?

Cass: Nothing.

Paulina: For God's sake, Cass, it's Christmas. I have a new family and a lot to be thankful for. Jake's going to be getting his Christmas dinner through a tube. So yes, I feel sorry for him, even though he dumped me.

Cass: I feel sorry for Marley because she's going -- she's facing going to prison for something she didn't even do.

Paulina: You know, you are just like everyone else. You don't care what happens to anyone, just as long as Marley goes free.

Cass: Worrying about you taking a little heat is not a major concern of mine, you are right.

Paulina: I wasn't talking about hurting me. I'm talking about Jake.

Cass: Jake?

Paulina: Amanda told me that you used to be married to his cousin.

Cass: Kathleen.

Paulina: And you were real close to the McKinnon family.

Cass: Yeah, so what?

Paulina: So you are trying to get Marley free by making Jake look like garbage. Is that the way you treat a man who used to think of you as family?

Frankie: Hi. What's going on here?

Paulina: See you around.

Frankie: Did I detect a note of hostility in her voice? What was that all about?

Cass: Kathleen.

Grant: What could Marley McKinnon possibly have to do with me?

John: She was in France with Dr. Frame. She helped him locate Dr. Hiver, acted as a translator, helped convince Dr. Hiver that you were a perfect candidate for the treatment.

Grant: I had no idea.

John: Well, tell me something, Grant. If you had an idea, would it change anything?

Grant: Paulina.

Paulina: Hello, congressman.

Grant: Please call me Grant.

Paulina: Ok, Grant.

Grant: I was thinking about you this morning.

Paulina: You were?

Grant: Yeah, yeah. There's a spot on my volunteer staff for you.

Paulina: Oh, of course. I should have called you. Maybe after the holidays.

Grant: Sure, sure. I'll be counting on it.

Paulina: Ok.

Grant: What are you doing here?

Paulina: Oh, I was just playing Santa's helper, but I'm on my way out now.

Grant: Can I give you a lift home?

Paulina: Actually, I wasn't going home. I have to go some place to clear my head.

Grant: Well, exactly where do you go to do that?

Paulina: Wherever I can have a good time.

Grant: Well, what do you say maybe the two of us go together? It's been one of those nights.

Paulina: You're on.

Grant: Great, let's go.

[Phone rings]

Nurse: Fifth floor nurses' station. Uh, yes, he's here right now in fact. Dr. Hudson.

John: Yeah.

Nurse: Phone for you.

John: Thanks, hello?

Taylor: John, oh, John, thank God. You -- you've got to come over here right away.

John: Taylor, what is it, what's wrong?

Taylor: There is somebody outside my door. He's trying to get in.

Cass: But she's a cool one. You got to hand it to her. Even when you know you've gotten through to her, she just looks you in the eye and gives it right back to you.

Frankie: She really brought up that you and Jake had been family?

Cass: Yes.

Frankie: And how did that make you feel?

Cass: Not great.

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Cass: What for? I was married to a McKinnon. Jake and I were family. That's a fact.

Frankie: I'm sorry she upset you.

Cass: I've been thinking about Mary and Vince anyway. How do I explain to them all the things that I'm saying about Jake?

Frankie: Jake is not a pillar of society. You are telling it the way it is.

Cass: I've got to call them. I -- I should have talked to them before now.

Frankie: This isn't only about Mary and Vince. You are thinking about what Kathleen would have thought.

Cass: Oh, that's not the case.

Frankie: I know you, Cass. Come on, talk to me. We were always going to be open with each other, remember?

Cass: Kathleen would have denied to the end of time that she couldn't be objective about this.

Frankie: Objective about her family?

Cass: The McKinnons weren't like the Frames. Mary left Kathleen when she was pretty young. And Kathleen and her father, they had their problems.

Frankie: Why?

Cass: They were too much alike, mainly. Kept everything inside.

Frankie: Was it that way between Kathleen and her father when she died?

Cass: No. Mary had come back. Kathleen and I had gotten married. The hurt went away. Vince and Kathleen found each other again.

Frankie: So they were a real family.

Cass: The last Christmas we spent together, Kathleen went a little overboard with the Christmas decorations as usual. The Christmas tree was so huge that nobody else could fit into the parlor with it. And most of the family was there, including Jake. We sat around singing Christmas carols and drinking mald wine and exchanging gifts. I looked around and I noticed that Kathleen wasn't in the room. She had gone into the kitchen because she didn't want anybody to know that she'd been crying.

Frankie: But you knew.

Cass: Yeah. I knew. And when I asked her why, she said, "I finally have a family. A real family."

Frankie: That one Christmas was all she had.

Cass: And now she's gone. And Jake, what happened to Jake?

Frankie: You are going to have to figure that out. And you are gonna have to bring it out at the trial.

Cass: Yes I do, if I'm going to get Marley off.

Frankie: Are you sure you can handle all of this, Cass?

Cass: I'm not sure what you are talking about, Frankie.

Frankie: You are so involved, the same way you were with Felicia's case.

Cass: Look, I hate the fact that one of Kathleen's relatives could cause grief to himself and to Marley like this, but Paulina is not -- she's wrong. I can handle this.

Frankie: Ok. Ok, you do whatever you have to do, the way you want to do it.

Cass: I'm just glad that Kathleen isn't here to see him like this. And I'm happy you are here.

Frankie: You know what? You are going to be even happier when you hear what I have turned up for you.

Cass: What?

Frankie: One of our suspects is coming back into town.

Cass: Iris.

Frankie: Due in tonight. In fact she may be here even as we speak. Whoa!

Iris: Are you implying that I had something to do with what happened to Jake?

Ryan: Are you inferring that that's what I just said?

Iris: Don't you play word games with me. You are the one who arrested Marley.

Ryan: Hmm, it's true.

Iris: I assume that now that the trial has started, you don't have any doubts about what really happened.

Ryan: Not true. I have a whole lot of doubts. Also have a lot of questions. Including some about you and Jake.

Iris: I've already told you that my -- my relationship with Jake was strictly business. How could it be anything else with a man like Jake?

Ryan: Yeah, that's what you said.

Iris: I presume if you had heard anything on those tapes that you'd -- you recovered you would have told me by now.

Ryan: It's interesting. You left town almost immediately after my partner and I told you about those tapes.

Iris: It was sheer coincidence.

Ryan: Oh, is that so?

Iris: I like you, Ryan. I'd like us to be friends. Good friends. I don't really think I'm the kind of woman you want as an enemy.

Ryan: Well, thank you for the advice. And thank you for your concern, oh, and thank you so much for dropping by that present. Now, merry Christmas.

Iris: Are you still seeing Vicky?

Ryan: Why do you ask?

Iris: Well, now that the trial's started, things must be very tense. Did she behave herself in court today?

Ryan: She wasn't in court.

Iris: How very strange. Vicky and Marley have got so close since all this has happened. What do you suppose the reason is that she stayed away? Is it because she is feeling guilty?

[Knock on door]

Taylor: Hi.

John: Hi. You are fine.

Taylor: Yes I am.

John: Checked all around the house. If somebody was out there, he is gone now.

Taylor: John, there was no one there.

John: What do you mean?

Taylor: It must have been -- it must have been this branch hitting the window.

John: Oh, the branch?

Taylor: I feel so stupid.

John: Taylor --

Taylor: I'm so --

John: A branch hits your window and you --

Taylor: I panicked; I called you. I nearly called the police department.

John: That's all right. Forget about it.

Taylor: No, I -- you rushed over here. I can't just forget about it.

John: Listen, you were scared. You called a friend. There's nothing to apologize for.

Taylor: I tried calling the hospital; you had already left.

John: Taylor, it's all right. Really.

Taylor: Ok. I mean, normally something thumping the window wouldn't have made me panic so, but it's just --

John: What?

Taylor: You know this project, the one I've been doing down at the docks?

John: Yeah.

Taylor: Last night somebody followed me home. A man I'd been observing. I guess he got the wrong idea.

John: Why didn't you tell me?

Taylor: Because it turned out to be nothing. He was harmless.

John: This time, maybe.

Taylor: Look, John, I don't want to add myself to your list of worries, see?

John: Taylor, have you ever thought about just dropping this project?

Taylor: Look, I'm sorry that I made you come over here. I know you had a lot to do. I know you wanted to go shopping. You wanted to get some rest and -- and I really -- I can take care of myself.

John: Let's trim the tree.

Taylor: What?

John: Why not? I'm here. The nog is here.

Taylor: Yes, but --

John: Come on, what are we waiting for?

Taylor: You might have to do the tricky stuff. I'm still a little shaky.

John: Oh, let me tell you what. You hand me the ornaments and I'll place them, ok?

Taylor: Are you sure you are not too tired?

John: No, no, I'm catching a second wind.

Taylor: In that case, ok.

Grant: It's nice and quiet in here tonight, isn't it?

Paulina: Mm-hmm. I could use a little quiet.

Grant: Yeah, so could I. Listen, why don't you wait right here. I got to make a telephone call, and I'll be right back, all right?

Paulina: Ok.

Grant: Don't run away.

Paulina: I'll be here.

Grant: Ok.

Grant: Brad. No news? Well, it doesn't matter. You heard me. Because I just don't want to live this kind of a life anymore. That's why. The lady doesn't want to be found, so be it. Look, you have a good Christmas, huh? The search for Sharlene is canceled.

Man: Hi. Is this seat taken?

Paulina: Yes it is.

Man: No problem, I'll sit over here. Name's Gordon, what's yours? Ok, I'll guess. Um, Candy.

Paulina: Would you get lost?

Gordon: Hey, come on, Candy. Don't be a sour lemon drop.

Paulina: You idiot.

Gordon: Hey, you know, if you'd just cool out a little bit, maybe we could have a good time.

Paulina: You know something?

Gordon: No, you tell me.

Paulina: You are kind of hot.

Gordon: Mm, now you are talking, baby.

Paulina: Which is why I think it's time you cooled off.

Iris: Vivien, I'm home. Vivien.

Vivien: What took you so long? Your bags arrived over an hour ago.

Iris: Oh, yes, well I had them sent on. I didn't want to wait around the airport.

Vivien: There's something I had to tell you.

Iris: Uh-huh, what's that?

Vivien: Oh, welcome home, Mrs. Wheeler!

Iris: Thank you, Vivien. It's always nice to be home.

Vivien: It was something important.

Iris: What's that?

Vivien: That thing I had to tell you about. How was your flight? Did you bring me any of those little nut things they always give you?

Iris: Well, yes I did, now tell me what was important.

Vivien: Oh, you missed a storm.

Iris: Vivien.

Vivien: It will -- the wind was blowing so hard, it rattled the windows.

Iris: Vivien.

Vivien: I bet it was really nice where you were -- the sky-blue, warm water, sunshine, palm trees.

Iris: Vivien, I went skiing.

Vivien: I remember. The terrace.

Iris: What about the terrace?

Vivien: That about it.

Cass: I'm glad you had such an enjoyable trip, Iris. Hopefully, it's put you in the holiday spirit.

Iris: I hope you have a very good reason for being here, Cass.

Cass: I have a most excellent reason.

Iris: What's that?

Cass: Come now, Iris. I've served you with a subpoena before. Merry Christmas.

Gordon: Oh, great.

Grant: [Chuckles] Brava. Brava.

Paulina: You saw that?

Grant: Oh, I was riveted.

Paulina: I'd like to leave, Grant.

Grant: Why?

Paulina: Because I've made a scene here, and I just want to go.

Grant: The guy was giving you a hard time. You just -- you just acted decisively. That's all.

Paulina: I acted like an idiot.

Grant: What?

Paulina: I should have acted like a lady and just walked away from it. I'm sorry.

Grant: A lady?

Paulina: I just can't stand it when these jerks assume that they can get whatever they want from me, you know?

Grant: Now come on. Jerks always assume that -- that they can get anything that they want from any woman. Here, sit down.

Paulina: Well, not every woman. Not Rachel Cory.

Grant: Not who?

Paulina: Rachel, Amanda. You know them.

Grant: Oh, I don't think Rachel Cory ever --

Paulina: If I had any class, I would never have dumped that drink in his lap.

Grant: Now wait a minute. Why are you being so hard on yourself?

Paulina: I need another drink.

Grant: Look, I mean, you keep talking about not having any class -- whatever that means.

Paulina: Where is that waiter?

Grant: Look, I happen to think that you are really terrific.

Paulina: Why?

Grant: Well, I mean, because you're -- you're spirited, you're fun, you're direct.

Paulina: I don't want to be fun.

Grant: Oh, I suppose you want to be serious. You want to be -- you want to be self-important. You want to be boring.

Paulina: Yeah, maybe.

Grant: Well, you know what? You are wasting your time because you can never be any of those things. Not with that beautiful smile, those sparkling eyes.

Paulina: Why are you looking at me like that?

Grant: Because you remind me of somebody that I was very close to once. She was -- she was fun. She was direct. Tough, too, and a little bit insecure.

Paulina: Sharlene Hudson.

Grant: Yeah. She was everything to me.

Paulina: Was?

Grant: Anyway, there's no point in talking about that. I -- I want to tell you something, all right? I don't want you to change. 'Cause I think you are great just -- just the way you are, right now.

Iris: Vivien, when are you going to learn to say no?

Vivien: The new doorman let them up.

Cass: Hey, leave Vivien alone.

Frankie: Yeah.

Vivien: You try keeping those elevator doors closed.

Iris: All right, Vivien.

Vivien: He didn't get anything out of me.

Frankie: Not even a cup of tea.

Vivien: I observed strict maid-mistress confidentiality, all the way.

Iris: All right, Vivien. Thank you, that will be all.

Vivien: My lips were sealed. I was a clam. They didn't get nothing out of me.

Iris: I said that will be all. Thank you. What's the meaning of this?

Cass: The usual. I want you to testify in court again.

Iris: Why? What could I possibly say that would help your case?

Cass: I know there's something about Jake that you are hiding.

Iris: Oh, you know that, do you?

Cass: And you are going to tell it in court under oath.

Iris: You did this to me once before, remember?

Cass: You're just gonna have to stop hanging around with riffraff like Jason and Jake. It will get you into all kinds of trouble.

Iris: You put me on the stand and you ruined my relationship with my father.

Cass: You did that all by yourself, Iris.

Iris: Daddy died soon after that. And we never made it up. And my testimony was for nothing. Because it was your little fiancée who was the murderer. I will never ever forgive you for this.

Cass: Yeah, well, I'll just have to live with that, won't I?

Iris: If you think you are going to drag me through this sordid mess, you are very, very mistaken.

Bridget: Oh, detective --

Ryan: Hello, Bridget.

Bridget: Harrison.

Ryan: Ryan. My name is Ryan.

Bridget: Oh, yes, Ryan.

Ryan: May I come in?

Bridget: Uh, why?

Ryan: Because it's chilly out here, Bridget. And also because Vicky is in there.

Bridget: Oh no. She's not in here.

Ryan: What is with you tonight, Bridget?

Bridget: Nothing. I'm here alone.

Ryan: You are the world's worst liar.

Bridget: I'm not lying.

Ryan: Vicky's car is parked right out in the driveway. And don't give me any story about her going for a walk, because Vicky never walks anywhere.

Bridget: Well, yes she is here.

Ryan: Well, then would you please tell her that I've come to see her?

Bridget: No, I won't.

Ryan: Well then, why the hell not?

Bridget: Now will you watch your language?

Ryan: Sorry. Why the heck not?

Bridget: Because she is with -- she's with Marley and they don't want to be disturbed. Ryan.

Ryan: What is going on, Bridget? First, Vicky doesn't even show up at the trial. Then she doesn't even return any of my calls.

Bridget: She's under a great deal of stress.

Ryan: Oh, come on. Vicky handles stress better than anyone. Why is she cutting me off? Why is she cutting everyone off? Bridget, I'm worried. Come on, Bridget. I know you know. Come on. You can trust me. Tell me, Bridget.

[John chuckling]

Taylor: What's so funny?

John: Oh, this reminds me of last Christmas.

Taylor: Why, what happened?

John: I was in the kitchen having a cup of coffee. I heard this loud noise, this crash from the living room. Followed by "oh no, John!" Of course, I got up and I ran into the living room. There were Sharlene and Josie standing there, looking at this tree that was laying in a lump on the floor. And the looks on their faces. If you could have seen Sharlene, she looked so hurt, so sad. Like she was about to cry. She was horrified.

Taylor: I can imagine.

John: Well, she wasn't nearly as horrified as I was. I mean, I'd put so damn much work into trimming that tree.

Taylor: It just -- it just fell over?

John: Yeah, apparently it got a little top-heavy and just, whoosh, keeled right over. But we managed to get it back on its feet rather quickly. Then we all started laughing. I really think that's one of those stories that's only funny in retrospect.

Taylor: Well, you are doing a fabulous job on this tree.

John: I think we need to put a couple of these guys right down here.

Taylor: Look, why don't we just take a break, have another glass of eggnog or something?

John: Oh no, not for me, thanks. It's late. I got to drive home.

Taylor: Right now?

John: As soon as I finish this up, yeah.

[Ornament shatters]

John: Uh-oh, what happened?

Taylor: I'm so clumsy. I was just trying to hand you an ornament and -- I am going to go get a broom.

John: Taylor, what's wrong?

Taylor: Nothing.

John: Taylor.

Taylor: It's stupid. I was staring at this tree. I -- and I started thinking about that guy.

John: Who?

Taylor: Ray. Ray, the guy at the docks.

John: Taylor, sit down for a minute.

Come on.

Taylor: There's more to the story than I told you.

John: I had a feeling there was.

Taylor: Ray is the man who followed me home last night. He said that -- he said he didn't like me talking to his girls, asking them about being prostitutes. He threatened me. He said if I didn't stop my project, he said he was going to come after me.

John: Why didn't you tell me this?

Taylor: Because I didn't want to take it seriously. I thought he was just exercising some kind of macho prerogative.

John: Taylor, the guy is a pimp. He's used to beating up women.

Taylor: You think he might really be out there?

John: It's no wonder you are so upset.

Taylor: John, you can't tell anybody at the hospital.

John: Well, why would I?

Taylor: Because they pulled my funding.

John: I know that.

Taylor: And I am not even supposed to be working on this --

John: Taylor, Taylor, listen to me. I'm not going to say anything to anyone. Relax.

Taylor: I don't want to involve you in all this. You've got a million things on your mind. You have long days at the hospital. Your Christmas shopping. You need to go home. You need to get some rest.

John: I'm not going to leave you alone. Not when you are this upset.

Taylor: I'll be fine.

John: No arguments, Taylor. I'm spending the night.

Ryan: Tell me, Bridget.

Bridget: All right, all right, I'll tell you. See, she's -- she's so worried about the trial.

Ryan: Oh, come on. Don't give me that stress stuff again.

Bridget: I'm not giving you anything. And is it so surprising that she wants to spend as much time as she can with her sister?

Ryan: If that is true, then -- then how come she didn't show up at the trial?

Bridget: Well, because Marley asked her not to. She asked her to stay away.

Ryan: Marley asked her to?

Bridget: Yes. She did and that's all there is to it.

Ryan: It wouldn't have anything to do with me, would it?

Bridget: What -- what do you mean?

Ryan: Why Vicky is so upset.

Bridget: Oh, no.

Ryan: See, today at the trial, her family made it pretty clear that they blame me for all of Marley's problems. And I -- I would -- I pretty much understand why. And I wouldn't blame Vicky for never wanting to see me again.

Bridget: No.

Ryan: I mean, she won't -- she won't see me, she won't return any of my calls.

Bridget: Look, she does care about you. She really does. In spite of everything. I want you to remember that, no matter what happens.

Ryan: It's -- it seems a little bit strange, Bridget.

Bridget: What?

Ryan: "No matter what happens."

Bridget: Oh, but I didn't mean it to sound like that, you see. It's just that she cares about you. Yes. And she wants to see you, she really does. But now, it's just not the right time.

Ryan: Ok. I'll leave quietly.

Bridget: Yes.

Ryan: But I'm going to be back first thing tomorrow morning.

Bridget: First thing?

Ryan: Yeah, first thing tomorrow morning. I'm not going to take no for an answer. I'm going to see Vicky.

Bridget: First thing tomorrow morning? Oh. Oh, dear.

Cass: Mac broke with you because of what you did to Cory Publishing, not because I made you testify to it.

Iris: You had no right.

Cass: I had every right. You were hiding something then, and you are hiding something now. You are just gonna have to learn to live with the consequences, honey. I'll see you in court.

Iris: You --

Frankie: Good night, Iris.

Iris: You think you are so smart. You think you are so clever. You better be very sure that you want to put me on the stand.

Cass: I am sure.

Iris: Because I just might know something about Jake that I haven't let on about.

Cass: Great, the court will hear all about it.

Iris: And what I know might just hurt your client and your case.

Frankie: How?

Cass: She's bluffing, Frankie.

Iris: Am I?

Frankie: How would it hurt, Iris?

Iris: Ask Marley.

Cass: I'm asking you.

Iris: I tried to warn Marley about Jake. Just before the shooting.

Cass: Marley says that you wanted to talk to her, but you never had the chance.

Iris: That's Marley's story.

Frankie: Why would she lie?

Iris: I have no idea. But I do remember the conversation very clearly. Marley was very unhappy about what I had to say. In fact, she was livid... but not surprised. You really want me to stand up in front of that jury and tell them that your sweet little client found out the most disgusting things about Jake, which made her very angry, very upset, incensed even, just before Jake was shot?

Cass: Like I said, I'll see you in court.

Iris: Damn you, Jake. Damn you for hounding me.

Vivien: You ok?

Iris: Just fine, Vivien. Peaches and cream.

Vivien: You need an alibi, don't you?

Iris: What?

Vivien: For that night that he was shot. You can't say where you were, but I could come up with something if you need me to.

Grant: So you were like a real little tomboy, huh?

Paulina: Mm-hmm. I started playing basketball when I was 10. Of course I was the only girl on the team.

Grant: I bet you were pretty good.

Paulina: I was pretty good. I would have been really good if I was just a little bit taller.

Grant: You know what, I am really impressed. Really.

Paulina: When I have kids, they are going to do everything. I mean baseball, basketball, hockey, football, the whole bit.

Grant: What is that look for?

Paulina: Nothing. It's just -- it was really nice of you to ask me to come out tonight.

Grant: I didn't ask you to -- to be nice.

Paulina: Here I am, out with a congressman.

Grant: You don't act like you're enjoying it very much.

Paulina: I just wish I hadn't acted like such a jerk before with that guy.

Grant: Oh, come on, Paulina.

Paulina: But I -- I'm getting better at it, I am. I'm really working on those things.

Grant: Listen, like I told you before, I mean, I -- you -- there are so many things about you that I -- that I think are great. I mean, the Corys could take a few lessons from you, if you ask me.

Paulina: Yeah right.

Grant: I mean that.

Paulina: Well, I'm very flattered.

Grant: I'm not saying it to be flattering. I'm telling the truth.

Paulina: You know you are nothing like I thought you would be.

Grant: How's that?

Paulina: I don't have to pretend anything with you, do I?

Grant: No, of course you don't. Not at all. I just hope you don't get caught up in the status of your new life, Paulina. You know, I grew up in that world. And everything I achieved, everything that happened to me was because of -- because of me, because of who I really am, not because of my name.

Paulina: Are you talking about Sharlene?

Grant: Sharlene couldn't give a damn about the name Grant Harrison.

Paulina: What do you think is going to happen with Sharlene?

Grant: I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that she'll never come back to me. But you know what? I think we better think about getting home, don't you?

Paulina: Yeah, it is getting late. Listen, thanks again.

Grant: Sure, it was my pleasure. Oh, Paulina.

Paulina: Hmm.

Grant: I almost forgot to tell you something.

Paulina: What?

Grant: Merry Christmas.

Paulina: Merry Christmas, Grant.

John: Here, let me give you a hand.

Taylor: Well, if you need another blanket, there is another in the hall closet. Maybe you would like another pillow, in case you want to read?

John: No, the pillow is fine. It is fine. Everything is just fine.

Taylor: Am I worrying too much?

John: Way too much.

Taylor: It's just, I feel -- I feel guilty making you stay. You are exhausted.

John: Taylor, I will get a very good night's rest right here on the couch, and when I wake up in the morning, I'll no longer be exhausted. It's as simple as that. The only thing that could possibly wake me up tonight would be my beeper going off. And let's just pray that that doesn't happen, but if it should, you want me to let you know that I'm leaving?

Taylor: Please come and tell me. I'd like to know if you leave.

John: Ok, I will do that. Now, all the windows and the doors have been checked and locked and they're secure, ok?

Taylor: Thanks, thanks. You are going to sleep with all your clothes?

John: Taylor, I'm so tired, I could sleep in a suit of armor.

Taylor: Ok, then I guess I'll say good night.

John: Good night.

Taylor: I love my Christmas tree.

[Door opens]

Sharlene: Hi. Thank you so much for seeing me so late.

Doctor: No problem, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Thank you. Listen, I know my next appointment isn't until next week, but I'm going to be traveling, so I -- I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok before I leave.

Doctor: Well, you're not flying anywhere I hope.

Sharlene: No, no, I'm not. I'm -- I am going back to Bay City.

Doctor: Oh? I thought you wanted to stay away from there.

Sharlene: Well, that was before, when I was confused. But now I know who I want to go home to.

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